photo  - Stuart Dike - discovered July 22, 23 '08 South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire

The first part of a new crop circle at South Field- Wiltshire, England appeared on July 22nd which is 10 days before a solar eclipse on August 1st.
Then a second part appeared on July 23rd, 9 days before the August 1st, 2008 solar eclipse

Strobe Lighting provides a flicker of hope in the fight against Alzheimer's - Dec. 7, 2016

Jeremy Rifkin - The Zero Marginal Cost Society - 2014

The Mandelbrot Set

  Mozart's Flute and Harp  Concerto in C

By the way, I am not surprised that the formation grew overnight. That is what embryos do, they grow! The early, multi-cellular stage of an embryo is called a morula and morula.

Notice the faint outline of a membrane around the growing morula. This crop glyph is also inside a sort of membrane. In one of the aerial shots you can see that it has been laid down inside the faint outline of an ancient structure that was once there, centuries ago, but that has been worn away and eroded down with the passage of time. You could also conceptualize this visible outline in the field as a sort of egg shell, inside which a baby bird is now gestating.

Given the emphatic avian motif, I suspect that we are dealing here with a distinctly avian intelligence, maybe with the phylogenetic over-mind of the birds of this planet. Who knows? But clearly the message is that a seed has been planted and fertilized and it is now in an early, embryonic stage and growing. We shall see what "hatches out" in the coming days, months and years.

Will this formation grow again? Stay tuned!

Richard Sauder- Newest Crop Glyphy - Cell Division

August 2008 - Crop Circle Connector

Neuroscience for Kids

I Get a Kick out of You

An Experiment with Time  J.W. Dunne


The theory that color affects our lives was eloquently developed in 1840 by famed philosopher and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His book on color theory, Farbenlehre, was considered the definitive work on the subject until the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1921, Rudolf Steiner, a Goethe scholar and authority on the subject of color, stated in his notebook:

To live in colour :
From the colour only the representation spread out in the organism.
From the representation of colour, feelings.
From the felt and represented colour, impulse.

Steiner clearly states that colors give rise to the feelings that lead to our actions. Color has always been the thread that weaves us into the fabric of life, for all color is light, and light is life itself.

Light, Medicine of the Future Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D. (9)

All periods of global cooling have coincided with increasing cosmic rays and cloud formation. 
James A. Marusek - Natural Global Cooling Theory- July 2007

Maunder Minimum - 1645 - 1715

Though Aimee Norton appreciates the practical benefits of being able to predict the sun's activity, solving some of the star's mysteries that relate to the big picture are more compelling. Norton is a program scientist on the solar observatory's SOLIS (Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun) facility at Kitt Peak.

Part of what we're trying to understand is how the magnetic field regulates or moderates the energy that is transported in the atmosphere," Norton said. "Because one of the mysteries of the sun is, it's hotter in the upper atmosphere than (at the surface). So there is energy being transported. Some people think the magnetic field is somehow magically getting that energy out there."
Norton said she's hoping for a powerful cycle, noting, "It would give us more things to do research with — either that or no cycle at all, which would be similar to the Maunder Minimum."

She said she figures there's little chance of a completely dead cycle but added, "Wouldn't that be fascinating if the solar system managed to offset our contribution?

Aimee Norton - Kitt Peak - 2008

Plasma Antennae

Mantis Scrimp

Is doughnut shaped universe spinning about a central axis of quantum singularity?  Finite universe

"If you encapsulate the wavelengths of vibrations in the universe into a complex algorithm, you will realize that the higher dimensions are in play. The universe is finite but the interplay of higher dimensions make it look like infinite."

Healing Powers

Stem Cell Research Center

Center for Global Food Issues

Conscious particles- etheric body

"In recent weeks we've witnessed wave after wave of utterly destructive tornadoes wreaking havoc all across parts of the U.S. The media refuses to report that the fact that the storms are the result of unusually frigid air coming south from the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas of the hemisphere even as spring arrives, and running head-on into sun warmed air headed northward." May 2008

Hemp 4 fuel

Fractals of the Creator     
Fractal Evolution

Embracing the understanding that what we call physical existence is, as it were, computer modeled by means of fractal mathematics is a key to the reconciliation of Western religion and science--of metaphysics and physics. Whatever label we might care to give the implicate order doesn't really matter, so long as we have a reasonably accurate understanding of the way it all works. The Christ message and the New Physics message point in the same direction, toward participatory Creatorism.

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  fractal geometry                                                                                                                                                              

Animated Koch's Fractal by Yehuda KatzThe process of iteration,... reveals itself as a central mathematical feature linking chaos theory and fractal geometry... One of the simplest fractal shapes generated by iteration is the so-called Koch curve, or snowflake curve. The geometric operation consists in dividing a line into three equal parts and replacing the center section by two sides of an equilateral triangle, as shown below. By repeating this operation again and again on smaller and smaller scales, a jagged snowflake is created. Like a coastline, the Koch curve becomes infinitely long if the iteration is continued to infinity.   Fritjof Capra (8) The Web of Life                                                                                  

The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D 

The scientific and spiritual implications of psychic abilities illuminate our observation that we live in a profoundly interconnected world. The most exciting research in quantum physics today is the investigation of what physicist David Bohm calls quantum-interconnectedness or non-local correlations. It has now been demonstrated repeatedly that quanta of light that are sent off in opposite directions at light speed, maintain their connection to one another, and that each little photon is affected by what happens to its twin, many kilometers away. This surprising coherence between distant entities is called non-locality. In writing on the philosophical implications of nonlocality, physicist Henry Stapp of the University of California at Berkeley says these quantum connections could be the “most profound discovery in all of science.

Dr Gerald Hawkins' Elusive Fifth Theorem!                                                                                                       
                                                          New geometry theorems I-V discovered by astronomer and mathematician Gerald Hawkins Diagrams  1995 by Gerald S. Hawkins.        
  Beyond Stonehenge 
by ilyes May 30, 1997 

'Sunspot Cycle more Dud than Radiation Flood' - Dan Sorenson - 5-19-2008

All of this places humanity, and each one of us, squarely in front of a very difficult and topical problem; the creation of a revolutionary advancement in knowledge which will require a transformation of our thinking and being equal to this never-before-seen phenomena now presenting itself in our world. There is no other path to the future than a profound internal experiential perception and knowledge of the events now underway in the natural environment that surrounds us. It is only through this understanding that humanity will achieve balance with the renewing flow of the PlanetoPhysical States and Processes. 

Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev ( 57) Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life

Lots of Life in one place

Climate change in Thermosphere

Methane Bubbling from Arctic

TWM - Breakthrough Tech

Just what are these crop circle glyphs anyway?

and let it be bound with iron and brass among the grass without, and let it be sprinkled with the dew of heaven
Daniel 4:20
ancient Sumerian wheat farmers eternal return for spring planting, harvest moon and listening to Gaia's pain
  fifth root race Atlantean elders communications echoing past 12,000 years history to present about our future
human's psycho kinetic resonating frequencies evolving within our conscious holographic phenomenon
 Crop Circles are a possible residue left by asteroids, meteors and/or space dust as is hypothesized by

Dr. W. C. Levengood of Pinelandia Labs in Grass Lake, Michigan,USA
 Oliver Lodge(1851-1940) English meta-physician returns hypothesizes Englishman Colin Andrews 
 plant pool fields used by Martians leading humanity to unified field theory of consciousness
John Lennon with some friends, Druid Dudes, lifting the veils of time and space laughing
environmental warnings about our world, from above and not easy to understand
our soul's  meteor matter mirror dust mixed with the elements of Earth
William Shakespeare's original cast of a 'Mid -Summer Nights Dream'
Christos clouds consciously communicating through crop glyph art
angelic Jupiter beings working with genetics of wheat & grains
 Mother Nature's Mind playing in life, light, air, water, plants
water tables wobble to celestial songs of transformation
our future selves echoing in our new geometry
departed atmospheric physicists on joy rides
Atlantean Cro Magnon Basque ancestors
water sprites playing with Angels
 mana for our times, seed stock 
the dance of life shimmering
our inspired luminosities
all of us awakening now
Thomas angelic Doctor
our ancestor shamans
English folks souls
dog gone Dogan
water's memory
our evolution
Irish jokes 

 Woodborough Hill (3), nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August 2000 Image by Steve Alexander

Thus, we return once more to man, who represents a new sixth stage of contradiction. Man must overcome his animal nature, must contradict it, in order to be man. Only thus can he achieve his self-consciousness. In the knowledge of self-consciousness, man makes himself the master of space, time and causality, through being able in freedom to set his own goal and destiny before himself. In self-consciousness the concept becomes immediate reality. If here logic can still be spoken of, its basic axiom must be: The ego creates itself out of what is other than it. Man appears in space as a six dimensional being. In man the creative force that appears as dimensions in the other beings in space grows conscious of itself. Now man must strive beyond himself in order to fulfill himself as a creative being. Immediate creative force can be designated as the seventh dimension, but as the culmination of contradiction it is, at the same time, undimensionality, possibility and source of appearance. Up to this point the principle of contradiction leads us in the knowledge of the beings in space. Here philosophy ends and anthroposophy begins.

Carl Unger ( 7 ) 


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