Dominic Arena Daley

written December 3rd, 2000 ~ through November 16th, 2001

Dedicated to the people of New York City, Washington D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania Sun Warriors.

Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) German ~ Canon in D

he speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, the speed of thought ~ faster!

Then what gives the objects of knowledge their truth and the mind the power of knowing is the Form of the Good. It is the cause of knowledge and truth, and you will be right to think of it as being itself known, and yet as being something other than, and even higher than, knowledge and truth. And just as it was right to think of light and sight as being like the sun, but wrong to think of them as being the sun itself, so here again it is right to think of knowledge and truth as being like the Good, but wrong to think of either of them as being the Good, which must be given a still higher place of honor....

The Good therefore may be said to be the source not only of the intelligibility of the objects of knowledge, but also of their existence and reality; yet it is not itself identical with reality, but is beyond reality, and superior to it in dignity and power. [508e-509b, Lee translation, p.273.]

Plato ~ The Republic

The Sun Path

"Hola, my name is Sunny Neutrino Fullerene, a Basque immigrant who grew up in Los Angeles with my parents Sebastian and Felicia Fullerene. In 1962 I was 14 years old, Elvis 'the Gypsy' from the hills of Tennessee was making movies in our new homeland after starting rock and roll, it is told, back in the town of Memphis, Tennessee in 1956. A few other inspired and gifted musicians like blues man Robert Johnson out of Mississippi recorded his sounds back in 1936, '37, meeting 'early death' in 1938. He was the seminal point of this sound I learned, then came Chuck Berry and Little Richard to take it up anew. Elvis then exploded on the scene like a white, bright supernova by the mid '50's. Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis were carried along in the flash of the radiating waves, echoing across the countryside of America then. Rock music like New Orleans Jazz and New York City Broadway showtunes 100 years before, would again vibrate a radiant energy of tones, tunes and melodies across the oceans finally spanning the entire planet. America's gift of music was an invigorating flood of fun adrenalin shared with the entire free world. All this and much more I would learn about and experience growing up in Los Angeles, California." 

President John F. Kennedy was the first Irish American Catholic elected to the nation's highest office, my parents, devout Roman Catholics thought that was as it should be. The dusty city on the coast, brown and green, covered with scrub oak, palm trees, Valencia orange trees, Seville grape vines, flowers of every kind and chaparral, looked like the coast and mountains of my homeland in Spain. The same colors, plants and trees I used to see growing up in the mountains of the Basque region of Spain. The population of Los Angeles was 2 1/2  million people and me, Sunny Neutrino Fullerene the 14 year old immigrant was one of them. My parents keeping to our traditions provided me with guitar lessons from a Flamenco guitar teacher named Jerry Villa, a fellow Basque. My father Sebastian had been a Civil Engineer working in the extensive tunnels that honeycombed the Pyrenees Mountains from Spain to France and crossing right through the center of our Basque homeland in Northern Spain. In America he found work as an insurance salesman while my mother Felicia was a housewife cooking the Basque cuisine of varied lamb and chicken dishes, loved to play cards with her new American friends and most importantly watched over me like a hawk. The US of A is full of promise and hope, living in our new pink one story stucco house at 1555 Salon."

My father liked to say:

"Brave Angel Hearts in the Ancient Lands of Lore, the Americas.
Wild horses running in the wide north mountain's funnel, running into the deep south valleys ."

"After immigrating to California in 1960 we discovered that life is 'swell' in the United States of America. I played Little League Baseball at Poinsettia Park in Hollywood across the street from the M G. M. studios. I remember him, his son Jesse played on our team. He was a great pitcher and no one could touch him. His father was at all our games, a big man with a rough complexion. His dark tanned face and accent led my father to believe he was South American. He never sat in the stands rather stood back by the ping-pong tables in front of the entrances to the office and gym. One day while playing at our home during an overnight stay Jesse injured his pitching hand. My parents called his father who showed up with two uniformed U.S. military men, his father was dressed in civilian clothing. They stood there in the front hall of our home for only a few minutes, exchanging some words then leaving with Jesse. As a result of this injury the index finger of his right hand became permanently constricted. Jesse lost a great fastball and a promising future on the pitchers mound. Not since his 1963 World Series victories against the New York Yankees would I see better pitching until I went to see the Dodgers play with my father and saw Sandy Koufax throw his perfect game in September of 1965 against the Chicago Cubs. I would then see a more dominating pitcher than Jesse Norays. That first year in America was magical for the Fullerene family."

"In 1962 my father took me to see Cassius Marcellus Clay fight Archie Moore in the old Los Angeles Arena. I remember the full moon looked like a big bright photograph. The sun light reflected off the moon like a mirror, down on us as we drove to the boxing match. My father, in his late 70's, thought he would treat me to an outing on the town that night. He was serious about my seeing the young fighter and Archie before he retired, getting some of the Macho Way into my system. Like a shot of testosterone for a young bull, my father was concerned about waking me up to the facts of life living in the physical world. His thinking was that I needed to see and understand the world of aggressive contact, as his advanced age and my Mother's coddling would soon seal my fate regards coping with the world at large from within my own physical space. As my genetics would have it, I grew to over six feet tall and 300 pounds. As time passed I learned about foods, diet and the miracle drug, water and leveled out at 215 lbs. as I matured into a full grown man."

"Once inside the old L.A. Arena, we found our seats up in the 2nd tier. As the fighters entered the ring I noticed, drawn in by, how big he was. Then how handsome Cassius Marcellus Clay was. I was young but from the opening bell of the fight I could see that he had the fight won from the first 15 seconds into the round. He carried Archie into the fourth round then knocked him out. Archie was a great Champion in his own right and the person I thought was supposed to win the fight. However Cassius Clay was like a mountain in the ring that night. It seemed he was bigger than the ring, and was only held within the ropes by throttling down his own rpm's, otherwise he was damn near going to float right out of the ring. His hands were so fast that his punches seemed to be heard hitting Archie before they landed, faster than light. Gravity seemed suspended as caught in a mirror levitating the young fighter off the ring floor as he pelted Archie with punches. I never forgot the applause when the fight ended, the sound carried you up and beyond, like the punches of Cassius Clay, the din of the many hands clapping was faster than light. The man I saw fight that night was bigger than life, he was the once and future King of the ring... Cassius Marcellus Clay later to be known as Muhammad Ali and around the world simply as the 'Greatest'. Going home after the fight I felt the love I held for my father and knew we both experienced something very special. We saw the 'Greatest' 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee'! It was all so good bouncing along the roads on our way home, the moonlight had our 'green lizard', a`58 Oldsmobile Chief Pontiac glowing in the night florescent as the slip of a Calla lily's new leaf."

"Marilyn Monroe met 'early death' in August of 1962 at home in Los Angeles. The papers said suicide first, then changed their story to her doctor having over medicated her on a house call. As teenage boys Marilyn Monroe, then Jane Mansfield and later Sophia Loren were the goddess' of a new found religion. The Mother Mary of Rubens and Raphael had been transformed on our silver screens into these full bodied, round beauties. In November of 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated meeting 'early death' in Dallas, Texas. The Beatles would come to America in 1964, with the technology revolution meeting rock and roll. Folk singer Bob Dylan would put his acoustic guitar down going day glow electric rock. And like a salve for a wounded Nation their music brings a healing back to the great fruited plains in the lands of milk and honey. The City of Angels dream factory hit the big time, wide open to the government suits, sporting life politicians, military and organized crime figures. The ‘celebrity culture' like a carnival was now firmly visited upon the American psyche." 

"It was a cool fall in 1963 but the October colors seemed brighter as the Yankees were coming to town that year for the World Series. The new Los Angeles Dodgers were transplanted from Brooklyn in 1958 along with a fast balling, over the top, lefty named Sandy Koufax and the red headed Irish announcer from the Bronx Vin Scully. Together we all would meet the New York Yankees in the World Series in our new homeland of Southern California.  We 'swept' them in four straight but it seemed like time stood still as the white stones you could hold in your hands captured our imaginations. The Series started in New York City for games 1 and 2. Sandy Koufax faces legendary Yankee Whitey Ford in game 1. The greatest pitcher in the bigs in my mind was Sandy Koufax, his record that year was 25-5. As luck would have it I got to see Bob Gibson, Warren Spawn, and Juan Marichell pitch in those early years of the Los Angeles Dodgers and in my book the 'lefty, over the top, fast baller' was the best. He had a heater that could give heart burn a good name and his laser control allowed him to cut the corners to both sides of the plate with ease."

"The New York Yankees are legends in baseball. Casey Stingle was just retired as their manager since the season of 1949 but Yogi Berra stood in the wings of the dugout, coaching and in a few seasons he would be managing the Yankees. Casey Stingle would return once again to baseball as the New York Mets first manager in the National League and I was lucky enough to get to see him manage his new ball club several times in Los Angeles before he retired from the game. He was like a lucky charm you put in your pocket. I felt lucky just to get to see the famed manager standing on the stairs of the visiting Met's dugout looking out over the Los Angeles Dodger's infield, stoic and totally charming, like a visual lucky charm you never want to forget. Everybody loved the New York Yankees, it was simple, they were baseball."

That early October 2nd day Sandy Koufax 'the Koo' would dominate the game and strike out a new World Series record 15 hitters, with the last one coming the last pitch of the game. The following day in New York City on that early October 3rd day Johnny Padres the old Brooklyn Dodger great of the `52 World Series beats the Yankees and Al Downing 4-1. As the Dodgers take a 2 game lead, it was a religious experience for me and my parents. We listened to the radio as a rich voiced Vin Scully announced that the Los Angeles Dodgers win the 2nd game of the 1963 World Series and would be flying home to Los Angeles for games 3 and 4. It was a voice I would grow up with over the years and still, to this day, can hear on warm summer nights, moving through homes, business's, parks, cars, carrying through out the wide open spaces of Los Angeles and all Southern California."

"I remember the two games in Los Angeles like it was yesterday. The days were cool but the Yankees seemed to warm new Dodger Stadium up with stars like Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, Elston Howard, Joe Pepitone,  Clete Boyer, Tom Tresh, Bill Skowron and Al Downing. They were still a presence to be reckoned with. Don Drysdale started the 3rd game for the Dodgers. He had help from Tommy Davis, the Dodger left fielder who had just captured his second straight National League batting title that year and drove in the only run of the game. The Yankee's Jim Bouton walked Jim Gilliam in the first inning, who moved to second on a wild pitch. Tommy singled him in and that's all that side-armed, fierce presence on the mound needed to beat the Yankees 1 to 0." 

"About Mr. Don Drysdale, the 'Big D'. He always kind of scared me when I watched him pitch. I was only 15 years old, big for my age but to me he looked to be a very big man. Standing on the mound he looked like a giant. His side arm delivery seemed a cruel joke to all right handed hitters who faced him. You see my grandfather's seats were twenty rows up from the playing field so I was close by, directly mid distance between home plate and first base. Sometimes he would stare up in the stands, a scowl on his face, and I would think to myself:" 

"'I hope he don't throw that ball at me'. It was a very distinct, chilling feeling I got whenever he looked up our way. Only Gibson and Marichell came close to Drysdale but Don was the most fierce competitor I would ever see up close on the mound."

"The games were far better than most any Sunday Mass I had ever attended in my life, the only exceptions would be Christmas Day Masses. They were very far better than the stupid stuff we had on TV in those days. Shows like 'Life of Riley' and 'Mr. Ed' which could only spell doom for regular viewers down the road of life. Even the race track at Santa Anita where my mother liked to go once a month during the racing season and taking me along. She soon stopped taking me as I grew older, could see I liked watching those horses. But the pitching of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale , 'the lefty, righty duo' could not be beat. The Dodger's beat them twice again with the help of Maury Wills, Johnny Roseburo and a Frank Howard home run out of Dodger Stadium. Maury Wills, the little shortstop with blinding speed, who the year before set the record with a 104 steals in the '62 season doing it so taped up he looked like a banged up halfback or even a matador for that matter, lunging ahead legs first, arms first, all in great pain to finally reach his historic record. I know, I was there to see it!"

"Sandy Koufax and Whitey Ford would face off in the final game four. The Dodgers and the 'over the top' lefty would prevail and being there to see it was .. wild as the running horses they played like in my imagination! By the score of  2-1 the Dodgers in only their fifth year in Los Angeles won the World Series. The Dodgers sweep was something the Yanks never were able to do to the old Brooklyn Dodgers or now the new Los Angeles Dodgers. Life was good in the fertile lands of Southern California yes it was! As the years unfurled it was hard to believe my good luck at being in the right place at the right time. Seems I worked out the where and when of my next life in Heaven , before I was even born. Times were that good. Little did I know how fast things can and would change over the next few years."

Narration: 1967 was a year of magic and promise in the United States of America. The world was coming together, the stars perfectly aligned for something better in the promised land and the planet. The X -15 rocket plane set a new speed record flying at 7 times the speed of sound, still not surpassed. The Beatles release their album "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" while in San Francisco 50,000 Americans were exploring consciousness. The Jefferson Airplane were telling us we needed somebody to love and The Beach Boys were chasing California Girls and surfing. A movement was afoot in the Nation to find new meaning in our existence and understanding our relationship to the earth. Marijuana and a robust sex life were seen as gifts from Mother Nature, peace was the keynote, love the message. Many communities were established with counter culture lifestyles, scaling back upward mobility choosing instead to live life simply. This new found 'mindfulness' in community was a magnet for like minded individuals seeking meaning in their own lives through shared experiences with kindred souls. For a second time in the history of the USA, the spirit of Transcendentalism, the mid 1830's to the late 1840's philosophical movement that first occurred in eastern Massachusetts, was once again occurring on the West Coast of California. For the first time the Information Age and revolution allowed American's to find their own communities that shared common values. Community lives once again in the old Judeo- Christian American landscape, like new species of flowers in a bold and fresh new world. Sunny was still living with his parents but the world they had known as America of the early 1960's was transforming into a new and different culture. It appeared to them as a new bloom from the familiar U.S.of A. root stock.

"In April of 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated meeting 'early death' in Memphis, Tennessee. It did not make sense that the home of Elvis the supernova of rock and roll could also be the place where the father of the civil rights movement in America was sucked into a black hole, ripped from the face of the earth in an instance of assassination. I was playing baseball in college like I was raised to do but...then my life, the country and the world would start to change in ways that only a handful really would anticipate. We peaked as a team and nobody could stop us, NCAA Champions in America. Then the USA fell into a slow, spinning whirlpool, mired in white noise, China white and uniforms. Richard M. Nixon becomes the 37th President of the United States as the Vietnam War spins out of control, 15,000 American soldiers lost in this year alone, and the wholesale war on drugs begins...! In June 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated meeting 'early death' in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The war on cancer was announced by President Nixon as I lose my moorings, awash in the American cultural shockwaves pulsing through these uncharted waters of the Nation at the age of 19. 1968 was not a good year for marriages, with divorces peaking at 28% or barbers as we let our hair grow, American leaders with visions for a better country or the fighting of cancer, as it only spread. The deceit meter was off the scale now! It all happened so fast, the hand was fasten than the eye, most American's could not help but feel that something was not right in the 'Land of the Brave and the Free', if so many of our countrymen were getting shot up or meeting 'early death'."

"The Sea Change in the Nation's outlook was dramatic, the loss immeasurable with all our lives changed forever! It was wild, as if we were just meat machines being exposed to this Roman Forum of a  public execution of our future leaders! I remember the rock and roll singer Janis Joplin belting out: 'Piece of My Heart' with the heart and soul of an injured lioness. She would meet 'early death' in the fall of 1970. The consensus and shared perception of our country was crossed, mixed, as the heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine begins to wash over our shores like a fetid tidal wave. The pens oiled, a press writing in invisible ink, here today, gone tomorrow, proving once again that the hand is quicker than the eye. Memories of our own countries history, no matter how resent would fade into grays and blacks mixed in reds like a fall season, here then gone. As the waters become real slick a precedent is set just beneath the surface of the exceptional Nation's foundation, the destiny, the mission for a better world is grabbed and changed in mid stream. Like hydrogen gone real cold, frozen in route, we the people of the great Nation were frozen out of the picture. The whole picture we would have to figure out for ourselves, picking carefully whose shoulders we choose to stand upon to gain a perspective of the world and life in general. We discover that it's pretty much a 'figure it out for yourself time' from here on. Knowing the truth had become like finding a needle in the haystack. The leader as fuhrer, waves to the crowds, a straight arm extended at about a 145 degree angle, smiling to the people we recognize him, having seen him on television many times. Four years later and two weeks short of his resignation in August of 1972, he was pondering declaring martial law in the land of the free and brave. As the Wild Turkey passed through his system Richard M. Nixon the 37th President of the United States decides to resign instead. The inevitable, that 'good, truth and beauty' reign supreme in the universe and that this metaphysical fact was standing right outside the White House windows embodied in the anti-war protestors calling for his resignation finally struck home. We were still going to Mass every Sunday but the TV... we watched it religiously. It had proven itself to be an invaluable source for what we needed to know, and it seemed, even more than we needed to know." 

"Americas collective destined future's mortgaged to the dumbing stimulus of a popular, consumer culture reflecting less on were it had just been as a robust Nation, deferring now to a handful of "ringers as experts." Only a 'metaphysical zeitgeist' separated us from catastrophe as the country slid into a shifting' ethos', with all the substance and vitality of a pale gray quicksand. Massive nuclear arms build ups along with conventional weapons were made available around the world to those with the ready cash. This blind ease of availability and purchase makes the planet a dangerous place. Environmental damage spoils our water, land and air, while injecting our children with an education modality more akin to a Prussian military school than anything having to do with the inspired curriculum of  a world super power. This wave of calculated intellectual robbery affects even the weather systems of the country and planet with a diarrhea of short sighted thinking with 'little thought'. A nation of workers, not thinkers spreads like a germ with a 'modus operandi' eating away at any planning for the future while infecting the frontal lobes and etheric webs of all forward thinking individuals."

"Like aluminum an economics theory springs up made to cover all like a rain of good will called the 'trickle down theory'. But like starlight still glimmering long after the orb has died the economics of this melding of capitalism and communism were doomed, rifled clean by the first ones in line, the 'robber barrens'. It turned out to be the twinkle, twinkle little star expanding universe theory and not the global economy at all. Some years later it's discovered that the universe is expanding, but not the planet's resources as they were running out! As the old growth forest, clean air and water become scarce many got busy doing 'our thing' over the next decades and in turn many learned about "doing the right thing while doing our thing" but this lesson came at a great price. Like finding clean waters not filled with chemicals and industrial waste, fertilizers and farm animal's waste to swim in, it was self evident that the country was changing. The nuns put pants on while B. F. Skinner the behaviorist said that if pigeons had memories and could learn to change we humans could do the same. We flew the coop but many seemed to lose their ways in the malls and a burgeoning products culture, while starlight was relegated more and more to a sound and light stage. Then the first men to orbit the moon, Americans, in the Apollo 8 spacecraft powered by hydrogen, send us a Christmas Eve telecast back to earth."

"Three days later after an incredibly full life of love, work and knowledge my father Sebastian Fullerene, meets 'old man death' in his sleep and together they go on to the other side. He died content but just a little befuddled by his beloved new, young homeland. Uncle Sam, strike up the band, bells, whistles, the great traveling minstrel and medicine show known as the U.S.A. with something for everyone is back in town! His last words were:"

"Brave Angel Hearts in the Ancient Lands of Lore, the Americas.
Wild horses running in the wide north mountain's funnel, running into the deep south valleys ."

"The years passed. I traveled a great deal, spending time in Rome as a seminarian, working on ships and fishing vessels around the world nourishing the romantic in me while at the same time feeling the arrival of the adventurous spirit I was to become. I spent 4 years living in Cape Town, South Africa and worked at the Karoo Desert National Botanical Gardens located a hundred and fifty miles out of Cape Town. It has a unique collection of succulent plants found no where else in the southern hemisphere or the African continent. I worked in the plant store that had over 500 native and indigenous species of plants from mostly the arid regions of South Africa. I sold rare bulbs and  succulents and gave tours of the gardens. Now in my 50's, the Basque who's early childhood was spent growing up in a town found high in the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain, is back in Southern California after wide ranging investigations of the abyss and its mechanics over the last 33 years. I now work as a spiritual investigator of paranormal phenomena throughout the world and have learned to read my dreams seeing into the future. The town I grew up in has an existing culture that is 10,000 years old, one of the oldest cultures found in Europe still and rivaled in age by the existing civilized site of ancient Jericho. I also have developed the unusual ability to be in two places at once, able to use a consciousness beyond my own physical location. Over the years I became a chef of a unique Basque cuisine, using only fish and fowl, grains, vegetables and fruit. I smoke an occasional Cuban cigar and have a pet African Grey parrot named Ouske. He has been a pet in our family Fullerene for 70 years. My friends call me 'Neut'", the precious little energy wrote big!"

"I live on the coast of Southern California in the house my mother Felicia Fullerene left me when she met 'old man death' one day while playing a hand of bridge, together they went to the other side. My gardens flourish as I am very enthusiastic working with the plants, planets and persons in their many splendored forms and systems. I love life and spare no expense keeping my gardens a living space that can be read and communicated with when one walked or worked in them. It is good medicine. I have three homeless persons and a few friends keeping the vegetables planted, maintained and in the Goethean tradition, observed and charted, all matter living and dead is of interest. For me this is the matter of meaning found. As a bio-dynamic gardener, I am out to participate in the protection of the plant kingdom, being engaged in a participatory creationism. You see I use my psycho-kinetic abilities to aid in the preserving, growth and propagation of present and new seed and plant species. Seed species diversity, the Peruvians have 80 species of corn, we have 5 or 7! I planted a male Avocado tree here when I was just a child, 16-17. It stands next to a female Avocado tree I planted later on that now produces fruit. The fruit is a complete food source with all the minerals and vitamins found in our food today. You could say I had developed the patience of a saint via my family tree. I can watch a Grapefruit tree grow from seed and be content with the time spent over years watching the development unfold, then eventually relishing it's colorful, fruitful bounty for many more years to come. The system's of plants, planets and persons, and the transfer of energy to mass and back again was the matter that mattered to me. From the Sun to the Plant to the Person then back to energy, or as I see it, the Mind reflected on to the Grey Matter of my brain inspiring me to develop new seed species while protecting the old ones for our 21st Century seed chest."

As a soft warm breeze blows along the coast, a big black Cadillac slowly draws itself up the road. It is Jean, a high ranking churchmen. Four motorcycles running in front, ridden by darkly dressed body guards, two smaller cars follow behind. Jean is big in the church. Sunny has known him for many years meeting him as a seminarian in Rome while studying for the priesthood. He was 'Sunny' then and Jean his teacher and mentor, was to become 'The Sun' then ladder part of his life "the Seventh Sun'.

They greet each other on Sonny's front porch overlooking the ocean hugging each other a long time. Jean wears a cloak, baby blue with an embroidered yellow sun shinning out of a blue sky, squarely placed on his shoulders. He was very old, his health and disposition gentle, his posture stooped. He was very happy to see his old seminary student once again. The others surrounded the house and stood watch.

"Come my friend, so good to see you again, let's walk in the gardens, they are so cool this time of day." 

"Yes Sunny it is most important that we meet and see what you have communicated about to us. We are given signs in Rome about these matters and your communications made it necessary for us to meet after all these years. Please tell me about this ancient text 'The Sun Path'."

Walking in the well tended grounds Sunny begins to tell his old friend about the ancient text.

"'The Sun Path'is an ancient phenomenological text, that I have experienced as a 'Christ physics', or the 'physics of a conscious universe' found in the quantum vacuum of space. In this small, sheep skin covered papyrus parchment text is a simple technique to experience the deep wisdom of  this Sun Path. Only much later was this knowledge brought to the attention of the world by Jeremias in 628 B.C. and subsequently called Monotheism. Jeremias was not received well back then, meeting an untimely death as you know. This text was viewed with the same distain and kept in the dark by a handful of authorities for thousands of years to follow. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit or a threefold God was an ancient belief embodied in one God. Seems the one God survived but the threefold aspect of the human soul, living in the spirit of a conscious universe, and found in the human being got put aside. How it survived is simply a miracle really."

"The universe is conscious, seen as spirit, you say?" he says this sounding more like he was begging for mercy. "Oh man the College of Cardinals is never going with this. Some would rather fight about it then shout halleluiah about it." Sunny when hearing this drops his head, saying nothing.

"I would settle for humanity being conscious but the universe, that is miraculous. This 'Sun Path' was Jesus  aware of this technique or knowledge?" 

"The last human being destined to receive the direct influence of the Sun was Jesus of Nazareth. The time was such that it was closed off from others receiving it. We can still find traces of this wisdom in the Gospels but in our finest church tradition it is often misinterpreted. The Gospels tell of the time Jesus went to the river Jordan to be baptized by John the Baptist. At that moment a dove descended from above, a symbol of the Sun influence, this was the Sun Being that entered into Jesus. But Jesus of Nazareth was the last to receive this Sun wisdom, found on the Sun Path, the rest of humanity at  that time just could not stand the energy and power of this knowledge residing within their own consciousness and physical bodies." (6)

"Jesus of Nazareth realized that not only does the Moon influence the human being but the Sun also rays an influence upon human beings. Jesus taught that we human's have a soul within us and this 'soul consciousness' can change the human being during his or her lifetime because we all have a will . This was the old star knowledge of the East and Asia being transformed. The Wise Men of the East followed a star to the birthplace of Jesus, they did not follow the light from the Moon, that is a significant fact." (6)

"Well then if this is the case it would seem that in potential humanity is very able to treat his fellow human being in a conscious manner, able to change course with political and economic policies, for the better of all concerned. On this Sun Path there is to be found a consciousness and a will to change, so there is hope after all Sunny. Possibly even I stand a chance of surviving  after..., oh never mind, you know Sunny, what do Cardinals really need to know about a conscious universe anyway. When even the 's' question, do we have a soul, is still hotly contested among many of them, this information about a 'conscious universe' and a 'Sun Path' would just set them off the deep end I'm afraid... Tell me now, how did you came upon this ancient text." 

"I discovered it while in Ethiopia, visiting a friend of mine. It was in his rare books collection but he did not have the foggiest notion where he had come upon it or what it's origins were. Perhaps an estate sale in Britain, or possibly a rare books buyer and seller in New York City. When he uncovered it in his home in Addis Ababa, capitol of Ethiopia, he did not know what he had so asked me to examine it next time I was on the continent and see if I could make any sense of the document. Upon returning to the U.S. I  took it to a Middle East scholar I know here in Los Angeles, a Professor at U. S. C. She identified it as being from ancient Jericho, in the Jordan river valley. She told me that it was from the Natufian culture long since gone dating it back to at least 8,000 years, or 6000 B.C.. The text is a total of 56 words and has a sub text title 'Sun Warriors' and appears to be written in free verse. She translated the text for me, that's when I contacted your office at the Vatican.  I have it here in my library ready for your examination."

They walk through the cool gardens catching up on old news, admiring the plants and fountain. The sun glows brighter as they walk in the well tended gardens that overlook the great expanses of the Pacific Ocean. The length of the garden was bordered in yellow, orange, pink and red colors with a lemon tree, an orange tree, a grapefruit tree and a tangerine tree. "My nuclear medicine chest, lemon juice at the ready in case the unforeseen nuclear accident should 'god forbid' occur. The juice is an excellent cleanser of radiation poisoning." " I shall remember that, any tips for protection from volcanic gases besides saying the rosary, Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily is not behaving well lately." "If the winds should carry it's ash, fumes and gases North across the Tyrrhenian Sea up into Vatican city and Rome, just stay indoors, don't breathe the air and if you have to leave the Vatican, wear a surgical mask, the fumes can be taxing on the respiratory system, even deadly in some cases." Jean quietly nods his head and they continue walking in the gardens. The fruit trees are full of fruit. Several people were harvesting the fruit, filling baskets that they then carried to a small processing building where it was converted into juice, dried fruit, canned or boxed. 

A peach colored rose garden is established in the direct high noon sunlight and situated next to a large herb garden dominating the center of the garden. An eight leveled flow form fountain waterfall runs along side the herb beds down the gentle slopping landscape. The water spirals in figure eights down the falls providing energized water for his drinking and the gardens that is run through a drip irrigation system. One white fig tree, an olive tree, a persimmon tree and a dwarf date palm tree bordered the far end of the garden. A large vegetable garden runs the length of the yard with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus ready to harvest. Daffodils, lilies and succulent plants were scattered through out the grounds. 

Pointing out to the ocean Sunny turns to his old friend and says: " you know Jean this planet could shut down every nuclear plant, coal mine and reduce the 'greenhouse gases' by just using the water of the oceans for producing hydrogen. We can also use this hydrogen for our energy needs, and I might add, our fresh water needs as well. That technology is called desalination, removing the salt from the seawater, while also powering turbines for our electricity needs, thus providing both fresh water and clean energy for the entire planet. (3) The Petrochemicals cartel could come clean, switch to the hydrogen fuel and pvc piping, drip irrigation and greenhouse business's. The world could be wrapped around 3 times plus with recycled plastics alone to water these newly built greenhouses, planted ground cover and croplands. Desert's could be reclaimed, watered with this new found water supply while disposing of the plastics that now choke the earth's landfills. The planet would be freed up from the Petrochemicals albatross found around the fertile orb's neck at this time, to develop this clean burning fuel for automobiles like BMW is producing today."

Jean looked out to the ocean for a minute or so then turned to his friend and in his thick Italian accent said,: "Wild. That is very wild man, you mean the oceans and this hydrogen could really do that for God's children today?" Sunny smiles at his old friend, nods and says: "yes Jean it's the truth". Jean was clearly shaken by this revelation. When he spoke again it was with a very subdued voice, Sunny thought he noted a tinge of rancor in its tone.

"Seems God's great bounty is only outmatched by human beings fear of the unknown. 'New Ideas' for a better world for all are a threat to those who see themselves as superior, better than the rest of us because they have accrued great wealth. This wealth is often accrued by paper loans with the world bank and developing nations or developed nations. I know, I see the church books with huge commissions being paid to these enlightened individuals for simply being the middle person. They are as connected at the hip to the cash spigot money machine. But it is this wealth that holds the world back from a 'in potential' paradise for all you know Sunny".

"Yes I understand fully Jean. It is a problem of keeping the basket small while increasing the eggs I'm afraid. As nations default on these huge loans they lose resources, and small, weak, representative governments lose their say, and these assets, established in public private partnerships get swallowed up by deeper pockets than the nations, states or cities can afford to take on. Soon these deep pockets of wealth will control a world economy, slicing up the resources of the world like an angel's food cake with a bitter after taste."

"Yes Sunny but they will come face to face, this state- ism that I have seen from the Vatican, that ends up owning everything, face to face with the thread bear facts found in their own coats of superficiality and no longer appropriate extravagant lifestyles. That the planet Earth has become dysfunctional due to their lack of consciousness and retro- grade monetary policies causing a pocketing of enormous wealth in the hands of a few. It is a primary cause of creating world tensions. A new world is not a moderated one world government". 

"I am told as I walk and work in my gardens that we are all babes in the arms of the universe just taking our first steps into the infinite and eternal expanses of 'beingness'. Illusions will be shattered when these handful of 'old school thinkers' realize the error of their ways, but it will be to late for many, they will return to the earth they helped create, an earth of fear, toil, with species and environments impoverished beyond repair. Then it will dawn upon these 'children of the universe' that the only bank account worth having is one of spiritual knowledge, with coins minted in the first hand experiences of life gathered here while living on earth. We are here to learn from our mistakes and grow, experience and purification, it is that simple. Either we learn to cooperate on a shrinking planet brought closer together everyday or we will ...go the way of the Dodo bird."

Sunny hands Jean a handful of  bulbs.

"The planet united can withstand most any challenge but divided as we are means a world of have's and have not's, the weight of this imbalance alone could pull large portions of the planet down if we do not start caring and doing something about it. We are two droughts away in our countries bread basket from a world famine. Here plant some daffodil bulbs in my garden Jean, they will be a reminder to me of your visit for the years ahead." Together they plant the bulbs, and say a prayer for 'rain, grain and a global brain' that can adapt to the changing environments now being experienced by all countries on the verdant globe of planet Earth.

"Just harness the ocean's energy, plant more crops and ground cover, develop the hydrogen fuel industry, and we could aid in our clean air and energy needs while cooling the earth and feeding the world's population at the same time. Providing water in the middle East would do more to calm the tensions than any amount of money for arms could ever do. Letting people starve or die of thirst due to their belief systems, no matter how primitive, backwards or 'god forbid' ancient only engenders hate. Water and food countenance reflection, an attitude of gratitude is seeded for the others good will. How hard is that to understand?" 

"If America, the great Nation state still, wakes up it can show the way with business taking the lead Sunny. You are bordered by two great oceans and have the manufacturing capability to build these desalination plants and hydrogen powered automobiles. Life would be better for more people and bring in an era of peace around the world. Help teach China and the developing world how to grow these ground covers cooling and reclaiming the earth and crops to feed their growing populations. China could teach America and the world at large what healing herbs to grow for what ailments and inform the world about ancient practices of medicine. This will reduce the tensions and inherent hegemony China holds towards America and help to build good will for the future. The world must change soon my friend, we both know this, but people's minds and hearts have to change first."

"Perhaps these idea's are to simple in this world of artificial, human made complexities that we find ourselves in now, or not profitable enough for big business and the handful of individuals who control the purse strings of the planet. New Ideas for a better world for all take courage, not a keynote of the worlds oligopolies.(3) The balance of power and geopolitics dominates all forward thinking on the planet today. We are stuck with primitive, warring mindsets in a world that needs inspired economic and technological policies and innovations rather than more secret weapons, chemical weapons and ICBM missiles. Putting pressure on the oil companies to re-think anew their strategies for the 21st century is a start but they are so wealthy I'm afraid their fat heads don't lend themselves to listening very well. How do the farmers afford those big new trucks by the way?"

"Loans, loans against their future harvest, all while the earth gets hotter and the croplands disappear. So I agree with you Jean, we need to simplify and downsize, and like I said, I think more crops grown would result in a cooling of our weather and the earth. Like new Ideas for a better world  these crops would reflect back the suns heat into the atmosphere, more then even the trees of a forest do, for two to three months out of the year. When this is considered from both hemispheres of the earth, this could bear a significant effect upon the cooling of our planet."

They stepped into Sunny's house.

                                                       Angel by Rembrandt

                                    Crop Circle image by Steve Alexander Copyright 2001 entitled 'The Angel'

"Here have a piece of bread, Manna from Heaven, from the crop circles of Britain and the British Isles. I get the milled flour from researchers and friends over there, Lucy and Linda, two ace paranormal investigators, and then prepare this bread. It does wonders for the nervous system, I call it  the 'Host of Angels Heart.'"

Jean took a piece of the bread and ate it. Sunny did the same as they sat down in the dinning room. Sunny had prepared an avocado and spinach salad earlier in the day for his friends arrival.

As he served his friend he said: "Fresh out of the garden, spinach 49% protein, cauliflower 40% protein and the incredible avocado with white olive oil might keep us well long enough to see our planet through its present trauma with our help."

"Back to the Garden of Eden through the Garden of Eaten I suppose" the guest said, the men laughed.

"After my mother passed I slipped into a deep depression, panicked that I had not done enough for her in her last days. The doctor I saw, knew his pills real well and recommended Prozac, then I went on to Paxil, Luvox, Serzone, Effexor, Anafranil, Fenfluramine, (Fen-Phen and Redux), Deseryl, Meridia, all of them to increase the Serotonin released in my brain to help me with my sagging self esteem and depression. In time I was not sure if it was me or my mother that was getting altered and feeling good again. By the end of this drug induced folly my bowels were about to decompose and he had some more pharmaceutical recommendations. It was then that I figured when proctology began creeping into the psychological medicine bag that it was time to, well you know the expression, so I got off the toilet and called it quits. I was at my wits end though, suicidal and homicidal, I mean I wanted to tear someone's head off, mine or anyone's for that matter. Talk about hell Jean, but prayer, sitting in the sun, drinking lots of water, along with some research on the Internet, I discovered that simple exercise, the natural laws of nature and diet could do more to release this neurotransmitter Serotonin into my bloodstream then all the good doctors pills."

"So you came to some realizations about this Garden of Eaten before you got eaten?" They laughed and he continued. "The temple of the spirit, your body, is connected to the mind and if this communion of the two the mind and the body are not taken seriously by the prescription pads then there is going to be an eruption of the emotions that is inevitable. You were lucky my friend, in the nick of time, grace prevailed."

"Yes Jean, I discovered that between panic and pills I had some bad chemistry going and was moving ever so gently into a dysfunctional state. It was then that the realization about the simple things of life and this crop circle wheat, the 'Host of Angels Heart' as I like to call it, were better for me than all those prescription drugs. They only made me emotionally flat, no up's, no down's, just feel good and flat, until that is, I about went crazy on the stuff, then it was a very bad ride, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes Sunny I am familiar with the transpersonal properties of grain, if that counts. I ate some moldy rye bread once when I was a young seminarian in Florence, Italy. That got me talking to God, the angels and Michangelo for what seemed days on end, so I think I know what you mean my son. As this modern world culture spreads over the earth the stress and sheer panic to acquire more things drives people to deny the up's and down's of such materialistic pursuits as though depression is not a part of the equation of living in this material world today. People want all the perks but none of the downs, it does not work that way, as we live in a world of blacks and whites meeting somewhere in the grays, as stinking as that may be. The healing blues of the Madonna saves us from despair if we ask for her intersession. My prayers and petitions to the Mother of Nature gave me the strength to accept this world's vale of tears. I think this is better than trying to change our perceptions of the world we live in with these powerful mind altering drugs, that in the end deny the individual the real essence of living a natural life, and robs the soul of formative experiences going through the ups and downs of a life time."

As Jean finished his salad Sunny said to him: "Come in my study now, I will let you read the text you have come so far to see." As they walked to the study Jean noticed a print of J.M.W. Turners Queen Mab's Cave hanging on the wall in Sunny's living room.  Jean stopped walking and looked at the print for a few moments and then turned to Sunny and said "tell me about the man who painted this wonderful painting."

Mab's Cave

"J.M.W. Turner, Englishman born 1775, died in 1851. The print you see here is titled Queen Mab's Cave and was painted when 'fairy paintings' were popular in England. See them flying about Jean?" Jean nods in agreement as Sunny continues. "Turner was the son of a barber, grew up impoverished, attended school in Margate where he came to discover the sea and never lost his love for it's majesty. At age 14 he was accepted into the Royal Academy Schools and he also studied watercolor painting with Thomas Malton. His first exhibit of paintings was held at the Royal Academy in 1790 at the age of 15 and by the year 1802 he had become a full member of the academy. It was art that he loved, academics were not his 'cup of tea' so to speak. He was virtually illiterate, a terrible public speaker and appeared to be almost feeble minded when attending dinners held in his horror. He loved painting stormy seas and sun light, Venice, Queen Mab's Cave or just studies in color and light. His passion was light and his pallet revealed colors not seen in painting before him, he especially liked the soft orange, yellow, peach sun colors. He was and is a treasure to the world of color found in our world. He painted colors of the soul I like to think. The last morning of his life as the sun light poured through a window into his room he said : 'the sun is God.' " (4)

"The greatest gift a human can share with others is a knowledge of the soul, the true and ancient self. No job is more important except the raising of children to be good and strong citizens of our challenged planet. All leaders, in potential, should be asked these two questions I think. What is your understanding of the human soul and how are your children doing? This is the arena where the quest for knowledge about our existence is won or lost. Life is a prize-fight, and no fame, money or power will ever replace the value of these hard fought for and won gifts. I can see that Mister Turner was a visionary in the world of color. He must have freed the imaginations of many individuals to see through the world of color into the world of the human soul. He is clearly touching our imaginations today a hundred and fifty years after his death with his paintings. Let us go into your study now Sunny, I am very interested in reading this text 'The Sun Path.'" 

As they continue on to the library a voice is heard in the background. It has a scratchy, distant sounding quality about it.

"What is that?"

"That is an E.V.P or an electronic voice phenomenon recording. I am tuned to a London spiritualist radio station in London. It is a pirate radio station. Very wonderful stuff, voices from the other side. I have a recording of Oscar Wilde perhaps you caught whiffs of it in the background, it is reverberating in the etheric plane all around, we enjoy our E.V.P. radio station very much around here, play it a lot. Endless entertainment I can assure you. But I won't go in to it any further as I understand your position on such 'spiritualist matters'.

In his deep Italian voice he tries out his new and current vernacular for such occasions. Knowing this offer might present to his mind ecology something 'racy' the churchman known as 'the Sun', says: "Randy, I can just imagine what this spiritualist communication from Oscar Wilde has to say about heaven or... hell,..  more likely hell I would imagine." 

They laugh as they walk into Sunny's library. It had more books and collections of books then looked humanly possible, or safe to have in a room that size. From the floor to the ceiling the walls were lined with books and a few scattered pieces of art. A copy of the Book of Kells, the gem of Irish Monks, created around 800 A.D., originating on the Isle of Iona, Scotland’s holy island, rested on a bookstand next to the large bay window that looked out on the gardens. Sunny motioned to his friend to sit down as he went to a table set against the near wall of the library just inside the door leading into the study, library, research center that Sunny had developed in this room over his fifty plus years of living.

"This is a pirate radio station out of London, as I said, seems the spiritualist movement in Britain is alive and well, if not a bit persecuted, I'm afraid to say."

In his best dead pan voice "Oh you don't say! I know no thing about that, swear to Buddha." They laugh both knowing the Church did not tolerate the spiritualist movement anymore than it tolerated the women's priest movement in the old Roman organization.

Sunny tunes in a screaming, squelching station that sounded more like bad satellite communications than anything of a spiritual nature. Suddenly this voice booms over the radio system, it is an electronic voice recording of Oscar Wilde the poet, playwright, and satirist in all his sartorial glory. "He is commenting on a particular person he knew while living in London. She spent a lot of time swatting flies".

Oscar Wilde spirit communication E. V. P. electronic voice phenomenon recording "We seem to have all the beauty and loveliness of nature without the petty irritants. No more swatting flies! Oh, I used to know a woman once, who used to love sitting all the afternoon in a chair with a swatter, and she had a swatting afternoon! I often wonder what she must be doing here without a swatter, without the flies to swat! Oh, a long time ago, things have changed. I look at London and hardly recognize it. Thank God, I lived before my time!"

end of spirit communication from Oscar Wilde

"Probably most  important what we do with our time here on earth, as it appears we could be doing it on the other side as well. Appears to be a self made world this other side or paradise."

"Yes by all means, that is what I believe too. Act as if the world could be paradise and the odds are in your favor that is what you will see around you, paradise. That paradise could be potentially boring, that is a terrible thought. Please let us move on now to more important matter's Sunny or Ouske will invade our worlds next with his take on the state of the world". He did not look at the parrot as he said this, nor did Sunny as he walked over to a wall of books. 

He went to a specific section of his collection and after a few moments brought Jean a small, sheep skin covered, papyrus parchment text. He handed it to the churchman called the "Sun" and then walked to a chair in the far corner of his study opposite the Book of Kells.

Sunny took our his Flamenco guitar from its case and softly played a tune while Jean read the ancient text. As he played he began to view the fields around his old friend the 'Sun' and saw what an incredible journey the churchman had been on the last 24 hours.

As Jean read the title "The Sun Path", Sunny felt Jean's memory impressions recorded from his flight into the city last night. Sunny said to himself : "I can see the coronal mass ejections, C.M.E.'s solar storms illuminating the early morning sky. The Northern Lights looked like sheets of peach, green waves with the electricity currents flowing over and through the early morning cloud cover cloaking the city, illuminating it like a far north village in the Arctic Circle. If you did not know that the sun was at a solar maximum with solar ejections of electrical currents now occurring daily you would have thought the sky was falling, or someone or something had released an unexplained energy or frequency into the air. That night Jean was sleeping at a church house when I could see the Lions of the Lord appeared circling his bed. The alarm system was set off then, C.M.E.'s, coronal mass emissions reeking havoc on plans of the devil and electrical systems, voices where heard out in the hallway. Then it was quite for several hours but the field around the 'Sun' revealed in his dream state a team of players, Watchers, pacing around the bed while the house alarm was set off again. Seems someone did not want Jean to meet up with his destination. Sunny followed the Machiavellian terrain of Jean's journey through his nights sleep right up to his own doorstep. His old friend had many hidden enemies. The Church and the State had many intrigues and battles not known by most people today."

Suddenly Ouske called out: "Ignatius is here, Ignatius is here."

Sunny looked over to the old Grey parrot and said "so you see him do you Ouske?"

The parrot replied "Ignatius is here, Ignatius is here," Sunny and Jean laughed.

"See Sunny you can't get away from him and his kind, never a moments sleep do they take." They smiled at each other and said nothing for the next ten minutes, sitting rather in a quite, eyes closed, silent communication with all present members. 

"My explorations of the abyss have revealed that evil does destroy evil, imploding in upon itself. Like a black hole that rays out radiation and a light propulsion force that does provide for a counter trajectory away from the pull of the black holes gravity. A positive consciousness rising above the black hole into the light. This projective geometry, with a trajectory calculated, can pull us into a pool's pull of reversed time into a multiverse. We can go there now, it is being done Jean. The thing that most people do not understand is that we spend more time on the other side of the life and death equation, matter and anti-matter if you will, than we do here on earth enmeshed in this slower frequency as material carbon based living life forms and beings. Our souls continue on in the pastures of freedom, like wild flying horses with big brown eyes. Another thing, we can only work on ourselves, improving ourselves and evolving while here on the earth,  not on the other side. When we get there it's down time, a time for mending and preparation for our next life here in the material world. So I reached the conclusion that it is better flashing a supernova here in this world of matter by living and stating your peace than being pulled into a black hole of fear, conformity and negativity."

"Yes my friend, like your gardens, we are all from paradise, yet at birth we are separated from this garden. The self cuts itself off from this source when it rejects these origins and separates itself from the source with secret weapons programs for war or allowing entire peoples to perish because they are seen as different, well this is sin. The seed of paradise in the soul is uprooted from our consciousness, the memory of our connection to paradise forgotten. We see this 'back to nature' movement found now around the world with 'freedom seen as a mission' for all as the great philosophers have told us through out history." 

"This document 'The Sun Path' confirms the origins of the light experience far into antiquity. The Sun, a focal point in my own life, is seen as the Source of our being and the One Way into the troubling times ahead. The love and light of this 'Christ physics' lives in the Word or the Logos and is now heard and seen to the ends of the Universe. Today it is this light found in our hearts and minds on 'The Sun Path' that can free the human being. Yet even my Mother Church is staggered, with the gay contingent of our clergy coming at a great cost to the institution itself. The issue of this inherent light within, like the sun in our hearts or the human soul written of here, is not an issue understood by many churchmen today. They are too busy being boys to think about the nature of their own souls, but they do try to do the right thing, and very often they succeed, but sometimes the flesh is weak! I don't know that they are even aware of what is approaching in our world, or if they have prepared themselves for it."

The Sun Path

                                                                                        Sun Warriors

"God has 3 Suns, 1st Sun is a white- yellow orb, 2nd Sun is the soul, 3rd Sun is in the dark web of spirit
Father of nature, Son Christos in free spiritual activity, Mother star fields awakened in Spirit free of body
Look to human-universal Michael, Mani, Enoch, Gilgamesh as seas shields and swords of Sun Warriors."

"Out of this experience 10,000 yrs ago man has progressed to it's current spiritual religious condition. This is our Judeo-Christian- Islamic contribution to the world of thought. Much like rings, concentric circles that expand like the numbers 3,6,9,... from a Beginning the Word rings through a very much alive Universe,  and with this revelation comes a very clear warning. Awaken now! As did ancient Sumer, Jericho and the Israelites of the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, continuing West with the lost 12th tribe of the Israelites, the Celtic-Irish, the Druids to finally illumine in England's King Arthur and his 'knights of the Round Table'. The tale of these 535 A.D. individuals was authored in 'The Tales of King Arthur' many times over the following centuries. It calls to the human being to be civil and chivalrous towards woman and children with a code of conduct calling for all humans to be treated with respect. The appropriate dignity afforded and fit for the children of this conscious, threefold, interconnected 'God of light'. 

"The White Stone of The 'knights of the Round Table' was a symbol for this threefold intelligence found in a conscious evolving universe. Found in 'three distinct spheres' the first sphere is- 'death belongs to the sphere of a one 'Godhead'. Then the passage through death and beyond to another sphere' is the second sphere. 'The awakening in spirit to yet another sphere' is the third distinct sphere." (6) The text reveals that humanity knew of this conscious 3 fold universe and communicated with it in balance perhaps 40 thousand years ago right up to the present time with the Sun Warriors . If humanity does not begin to cooperate as 'human-universal' life forms (6) and get along better evolving in mind, body and soul, wars will be the consequence of humanities ignorance, imbalances will continue with the resultant divisiveness. It is a great revelation Champ."

"However Sunny you know that many foot soldiers turned away from my Mother Church along the way, just doing the "right thing" with no religious affiliation at all, perhaps holding this White Stone of the 'knights of the Round Table' you speak of. Yet we also see nations on the planet today that choose Atheism as their over riding philosophical belief system. Then the Theist and Deist, looking into the many faces of God, are experiencing epicenters of their own, internal realities found in nature, as a Universal Mind reflects upon their intellects and warms the hearts of these seekers. The light within moves in these hallowed grounds of the individual's own inside jobs now found in the 'Terra Incognito'. It is clear that a New Earth of ethereal energies and frequencies has dawned upon us and the planet Earth." The Sun knew the world of religious beliefs were changing under his slippered feet like the shifting sands of time.

"The fat cats of industry, governments and many churches, yours included Jean, are nervous about this today. They wish to keep humanity unimaginative, unenlightened and uninspired like fat church mice on a harvest moon, obedient, marching to the tunes of 'group think'.. Like a life force, gone to decomposition of humus, food for the earth and their gardens of plenty. So it is no wonder that this ancient text out of Jericho, like waters from other worlds, would never see the light of day. Seems the 'Christ physics' on the 'Sun Path' of love and light were known long ago, even before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This knowledge was viewed as a threat to the established religious institutions of his time as it was even long before his lifetime here on the planet Earth. The killing and wars continued unabated. Today oligopolies and uncompromising nationalism are leading humanity on a crash course, I'm afraid, with a wall of unconscious fixations on singular points rather than being able to look at the whole picture as the "human universal." 

"The One interconnected Way of this etheric mind or Universal Mind that connects all life seen and unseen is what the Dogan tribe of Africa knew of back in the cradle of our current civilization in 40000 B.C., the Aborigines knew about this connecting web of life in 30000 B.C. and the Phoenician knew of it in 20000 B.C. while sailing the ocean currents and navigating the ice sheet edges to the Americas for trade and who are believed to have shaped Glastonbury's great "holy Graal table" four thousand years ago. The Pueblo Indians on the high desert plateaus of Arizona and New Mexico knew this interconnected universe in 15000 B.C.. Then on to the beginnings of once again so called modern civilizations, first the ancient Sumerians in 8000 B.C. who saw the sun, moon and stars as gods then on to the oldest civilized site still found on the planet now and established in 6000 B. C., the city of Jericho where ancient walls still stand. Continuing on into central Turkey by 5000 B.C. this luminous light of a 'Christos physics' passes from the last Ice Age and like a fire of the soul, burns bright in this ancient seat of Monotheism. Long before the life of our savior Jesus Christ the Sumerians would build ziggurats while the Egyptians in 3000 B.C. build pyramids while the peoples in the British Isles build thousands of stone circles accompanied by mysterious golden orbs while the Irish build stone towers channeling the celestial light from above down upon the ground turning it fertile. Arriving in Ancient Greece, Athens in 3000 B.C. this luminous light is found anew with the birth of logic, an inner council is discovered within the self, illumined is this starry night yet cloaked in the dark night's sky. The Universe was alive to these people and they lived in accord with it's rhythms and revelations. They knew instinctively, reflectively the relationships between the moon and sun and their own personal lives. To them the mind of nature reflected on to their intellects, like the sun shinning on the moon, the golden Sun and the silver Moons of their own reflecting minds. They saw life as a liquid force and not one of fixity, then finally entropy. Rather life was a fluid dynamics with a trajectory to the periphery thus separating itself from the decay and pull of the old earth, instead going into the world of 'spirits flowering' then raying upon the earth this eternal light of life."

The two old friends are quite for several minutes now then Jean speaks up saying: " Monotheism, a belief in one God, today can be seen as this quest for a unified field theory in physics. As you have explained to me, new discoveries in physics tell us that everything comes in quanta, all time and all space and is connected.(1) Such wisdom can now be seen as the Creator's handwork and discovered once again by an enlightened science in this modern age."

Sunny is listening to his old teacher then says after a moment of reflection: "With quantum gravity and quanta consciousness we can be riding this radiating light repulsed from a black holes suction into the worlds of cosmology and light. We can surf these cosmic seas, riding the waves of God's creation, all in a state of consciousness, using this 'Christ physics' for our guidance system from matter into the world's of anti-matter. Quite remarkable really, that this text managed to survive into this 21st century."

"A positive trajectory, or prayer, will have long lasting consequences into all our future's. Consciousness does play a role in our prayers and the world of physics both seen and unseen, in our world today, in fact consciousness plays a key role.(1) Like my gardens responding to the physics of the sun, just look out there Jean, all that life call's out, speaks to our own common ground. We are children of the universe as you said, and we are about to stand up, reaching for this source of life, the sun, as if drawn from above like trees held in the etheric space of life and not their small root balls. Reaching out with limbs, arms, discovering, touching our full potential as human beings held in this physics of a conscious light, 'Christ physics' for the spiritual minded among us, 'physics of conscious light' on this 'Sun Path' for the believers who prefer generalist explanations for spiritual phenomilogical experiences." 

"The One Way, a positive trajectory, sounds exactly where we need to be headed! No more of this old muddle that is stewing in the world now, let's get this world moving into the Light Sunny, everyone knows it's in need of some direction so let's shine our Light on this sad passing parade. The world has become like that dream I have of being lost in the Vatican and not sure how to get back to my room or where I am even walking to. The 'physics of conscious light' is fair, though I prefer 'Christ Physics', you understand my position...say your crop circle bread is...delightful, may I partake of some more?"

"Sure, gets the old glow on, with heart felt tidings of good will for all" while breaking off a piece of the bread that he takes from his coat pocket.

Sunny smiled at his teacher and friend, admiring his courage, thinking to himself: "Jean was a great religious figure of the 20th and 21st centuries. As a youth he wrote poetry and plays firing the imagination, intuition and inspirations of his fellow countrymen. His impact on his country no one questioned, his place in the history of the church was being written as the two men pondered the consequences of man's actions on the planet and it's environment today. For this reason he was know as a Sun among men."

Ouske called out: "I Am the Greatest", I Am the Greatest."

They laughed: the 'Champ', let's go man, let's go see the 'Champ'."

Sunny who had come to know the Greatest-Cassius Marcellus Clay-Muhammad Ali over the years while living in Los Angeles said:" I spoke with him and said you were in town. He has extended an invitation for us to come over anytime today, so we are on my friend."

"Ali" "Ali" praise God and all his angels, my good man Sunny, we are going to see the 'Champ'!"

Ouske called out: "going to see the 'Champ', going to seeee.. the chaammmpppp...!"

"Guess the parrot goes to, never forgive me if I don't, loves the 'Champ', can call all his fights, let's not get him started. I'll just take him with us, he will be smitten and thus quite unless spoken to" Sunny says.

"To deny a Fullerene is never a pleasant sight" adding: "better to be spared a scene now or later" then to deny Ouske a visit with the Champ. They somehow show up anyway!"

"Before we leave I want to take another walk in the gardens with you Jean, there is something I want to show you. They have been in the gardens since the arrival of the 'Sun Path' text." 

They walk out of the library into the gardens and the first thing Jean notices is that the fruit trees seem to have more fruit on them. As they walk along the path he notices the helpers are so non descript looking as if neither male nor female, smiling and picking the fully laden trees as though nothing was out of the ordinary. In what seemed no more than a couple of minutes they were in a spot in the gardens when Sunny said "stop here".

"Look now straight ahead at the Persimmon tree, now look at the oblique angel off to the right, see some movement ever so slight out of the corner of your eye, now come back to straight ahead, now go back to the right oblique, see it flickering, then start to come into focus?"

"Yes I do, it is a closed loop, a ring,... like a bubble mirror in a river, a bubble, yes a bubble in a river of many bubbles."

"Yes, you have it, now look inside the bubble inside the river bordering the next bubble and just a hairs lash away, a centimeter.. here in the oblique angle of your vision, just inside the corner of our eyes, we now see the 'monks'? The brown, black and peach colored robes?"

"Oh yes, there they are, how amazing! They look Asian, yes Tibetan and European, three,.. no four of them?"

In a very low voice: "Yes four. They are very interested in the gardens here but it is the Sun Path that brought them to my door. They first appeared in my dreams about the same time I received the copy of 'The Sun Path'. Curiously they asked me to demonstrate this Christ physics, so I shone like a sun for them, and they just smiled, then they asked me how I did this. So in the dream I instructed them about the spiritual practice called the Sun Path."

"Seems you have taught them well Sunny, just look how illumined they are becoming, how remarkable. As if to demonstrate for us that your instruction and the techniques of this ancient Sun Path are 'human universal' and they wish to demonstrate such. Oh my Good Shepard the light is spilling out from the loop into the gardens now. This is a miracle, like some incredible movie or t.v. show from heaven.

"No they say their favorite hypnotist if they ever needed one would be Dr. Frock and that baby and child care should be left to Mr. and Mrs. Frock and not our t.v.s"

"Dr. Spock they mean, the child psychologist, they like him?"

"No a Mr. Frock of Star-Trek they say. He is their idea of a beta being and does not hypnotize them unwittingly when they see him on the t.v. sets. They tell me that a lot of television is little better than inviting a hypnotist into your home and if they did not understand meditation and prayer so well they too would easily be fooled into thinking the world of t.v. was the real world and that the real world was just the imitation. They say watching to much t. v. can be a cause of sickness in humans, seems it confuses the mind of the viewer, and can set off  biological clocks in the body especially amongst our children and older generations."

"I understand, sometimes I think some of our Italian political parties are really just television soap opera cast members, with speeches scripted specifically to the huge soaps audience to manipulate our voters at election time. So the Cinema then, that's it Sunny. The Cinema would really get the word out around the world. Faster than the politicians telling us or even the Church." He then turned his head and out of the corner of his eye he stood there staring at the four 'monks' who were glowing so bright now that it filled the evening twilight with a glow that mixed with the light of the setting sun filling the garden now.

"The monks explain that it's Ideas that move the world along. They have repeatedly told me this. Ideas move the wave of change on the planet, without them we stagnate like ponds without fresh water running into them, the same is true of great art as well. When they learned about the Sun Path text they decided to come here for a visit and learn about the technique from me for themselves. The art of life and love are the greatest art forms on the planet today Jean, we know that. Human lives are moving so fast today that it has become necessary to inform people about this technique of the Christ physics so that people will not get lost in diversions such as wars, drugs and consumerism. They say that is social engineering, that we need to paint life in a better light. Seems our mind's eye is the greatest theatre on the planet today and our attitudes color the canvas of the planet." 

"Sunny your world is luminous. How fortunate you are to have gained this wisdom in these perplexing times we find ourselves in now. Perhaps you should get a movie going about all of this, I think the world needs some truth, Lord knows we have enough debunking and heinous genetic manipulations going on to rival ancient Atlantis. Did I just say that, oh God this light must be a truth serum as well. Let us take leave of all this now and go see the 'Champ'." The Sun was dazzled by of all these wonders found at Sunny's home and needed a change of venue this late evening. Soon it would be 7:00 p.m. and he was real ready to see the 'Champ'.

Jean turns from this closed yet radiating loop and starts walking towards the house ready now to get out of Sonny's gardens and house. As he walks towards the house the light does not dim, again he notices how much fruit is still on the trees and the pickers standing amid full baskets of red, orange, yellow and red fruit, they stop and wave to him as he is walking back into Sunny's house. They seem so peaceful... and somehow so far away from him even as he is walking past them along the garden path. The gardens were only 50 yards deep by 25 yards wide yet the gardeners appeared to be miles away from him. They kept waving to him but he could barely make out their hands and arms as he stepped inside

They left Sunny's for Muhammad Ali's house. As they drove through the city in Jean's limo Sunny begins to tell the churchman about a trip he had taken along a river up in Montana. It was a site where the Nez Pierce, Blackfoot and Flat Head Indians had gathered for potlatch 5000 yrs ago.

"Sunny please," slightly exasperated, :"perhaps you could hold the tale until we get to the 'Champ's', I need to rest up for our visit. I am sure 'the Champ' would love to hear about your experience as well."

"Sure". The traffic was moving at a brisk pace as the roads seemed to open up allowing for unfettered travel. The old parrot kept them entertained for the ride to the city.

Ouske was doing his favorite Howard Cosell imitation calling the Champ's February 25th 1964 World Heavyweight Title fight against Sonny Liston, that had been held in Miami Beach, FL. The parrot was repeating the announcer in perfect pitch: "the bell rings to start the seventh round,..." then Ouske begins to yell: "he's not coming out, he's not coming out, Sonny Liston is not coming out, Muhammad Ali is the new heavyweight champion of the world". The old friends laughed and found it uncanny how well Ouske mastered the voice infections of the great sportscaster.

"Such an entertaining Basque parrot you are Ouske, you have learned your lessons well." The churchman smiles as the parrot begins to nibble at his ear. Jean looks out his limousine and notices that his motorcycle riding guards are strangely different, their hair long, and their black military outfits are now jeans and black leather jackets. Before he can say anything his driver turns to him smiling, it is the Tibetan monk he had seen in Sunny's garden just, what seemed, minutes earlier. His own driver was now sitting between the four monks. Then from between the five men in the front seat up appears a big headed silver skinned gray, otherwise referred to as an alien. His mouth is in a fixed position thus confusing Jean as to his disposition but quickly he hears a voice inside his own mind that says: "it's alright, we are your friends, here to help your kind". 

Ouske screamed out: "you did it now Sunny, you did it now!"

Jean turns to Sunny and before he can say anything out of the corner of his eye he notices that the two smaller cars that followed him up to Sunny's that day have disappeared. Instead he sees what look like a herd of caribou running in a snowstorm that is lit up with thousands of sparkling flashing flakes. The impression that came to Jean at once was that of Santa Clause and his reindeer pulling his sled. Only Santa was in front of the caribou that ran beside and behind him. It appeared that space was spiraling slowly in a reverse flow, time was standing still, as this smiling being and herds of caribou thundered just behind them about three feet off the road. 

Jean turning back to Sunny:  "dead ancestor communications, your are seeing the caribou of the shamans, intelligent life that populates our dual sunned universes and the transpersonal monks of earth, plus a little muscle up ahead. They all care about our future's which are also their future's. We are them and they are us."

Ouske screamed out once again, flying from side to side in the big black limousine: "you did it now Sunny, you really did it now!" 

"You mean their is intelligent life in this conscious universe as well? Sunny the church is going to kill me if I report back to Rome all this paranormal phenomenon that seems to be part and parcel of your very soul."

"Don't worry Jean it's the web of life you are seeing now, like I said we have some muscle in this operation as well, we are protected. Just keep your peace, loose lips are a vexation to the reflective powers of consciousness. Don't snivel about the Cardinals my good Shepard, leaders of humanity don't snivel about changing fortunes they just grow and learn from the experience. Remember it's the web of life, your soul, my soul, all of it is just manifestations of this universal consciousness we here on earth call God."

The gray in the front seat pops up again and now in an audibly clear voice similar to an E.V.P. recording says to Jean the churchman: "yes just grow with it, you are taking your first steps into the conscious universe. Focus your intention on the higher ground." The gray then disappears back into the front seat of the limousine sitting on the lap of one of the monks.

The scenery and flora outside changed from palm trees to mountain pines then to elms and chestnut trees. The lands now stretched out before them for miles. The big black Cadillac limousine was now a bark of many timbers, many colors, as it rolled along seemingly sailing, floating, over the passing lands winding below them on their way to the 'Champs'. They were all filled with a sense of peace as a magnificent skyline appeared before them off on the horizon. Then after what seemed no time, a beacon of light shone through a stand of stately old oaks in the evening light. 'In the twinkling of an eye' and like an echo sounding from far off,  Jean hears Sunny say: "Here we are Jean, the 'Champs'. He  looks forward to seeing you again".

As they got out of the limousine Jean noticed they were now in New York City. They walked through a small, vest pocket park, 'Lincoln's Gap' to the Champ's residence. As they walked towards Muhammad Ali's front porch he noticed that a hanging lamp lit the front door entrance in a soft yellow hue. It seemed they had traveled thousands of miles and arrived there in only minutes. It was a strange feeling, slightly dizzying, tingling, but he had his balance about him and his enthusiasm for seeing the Champ was greater than any confusion or wonder he might have been experiencing from the journey through the vortex. His house was an old brick Tudor style with ivy growing up the sides. Some palms were set in the entrance portico, a fountain's splashing water filled the cool air creating a soothing, calming effect. It felt like a middle-eastern oasis. As they approached the front door to the house it opened and they were greeted by Muhammad Ali and his daughter Hanna Ali. Others surrounded the house but as Jean turned back to look at them one last time he saw only burly bikers standing there, the others were no where to be seen.

They were led into the 'Champ's' study where many mementoes of his monumental career decorated the walls. In the house at large very little of his life as the World's Greatest adorned the wall space. Here was the inner sanctum of The Greatest and the guests felt dully honored to be in this "holy of holies" with the 'Champ' himself. The 'Sun', Muhammad and Sunny were Lighting the room up now.

Ouske unable to restrain himself called out: "I Am The Greatest" "I Am The Greatest". The three men laughed, as Ouske then in a moment of sheer awe at being in the presence of Muhammad Ali went silent. He tucked his beak under wing and slowly looked up into the eye's of Ali.

"No you the greatest" their host said to the parrot, they all laughed, even the parrot.

Sitting down Sun said "how are you 'Champ'?"

Muhammad Ali said: "you know 'Sun' we are still the slaves and they are still the enslavers, just living on the global corporation's plantation now, colonists of the corporations, still not free, the Greatest wins equality, but the price is great. I'm like that old sun, black and tarnished, to hot to handle. Just another.. well you know..."

Jean was clearly touched by Ali's feelings, his heart went out to him, he too was a black sheep in his own house, treated with superficiality and duplicity in a now close to "wind swept house". He continued: "listen my great friend we are here to share something with you. Something that can change all our lives forever."

Ali knew the gravity of this gesture, smiling at the churchman he turned to Sunny saying: "These clowns need some serious help! Me! The Greatest! got sucker punched by my own country! Some serious soul searching is needed now, not right wing hate mongers! That civil war is over but the hate continues you know. Hate has no place here on this small planet anymore, let Mindfulness reflect upon our heads like the sun of Allah."

The three of them smiled, "here, here" they chimed and looked at each other now remaining quiet for a minute or so. Sunny looked at the decorated walls, while the Sun just looked at Ali and smiled like a child in the company of a good friend. He loved the 'Champ' and was a big fight fan. He was in the presence of "The Greatest" and he could feel the warmth of his presence. The 'Sun' seemed to warm their hearts, the Host of Angels Heart is experienced by the three friends. They smile and laugh like orbs of light at a Golden Ball Hill reunion party in the English countryside.

Sunny got up and walked over to the fireplace that was burning brightly on this cool, slightly overcast day. He stared into the fire for a minute and then turned to his company and said: "look at the fire, how it pulls us into it."

"Not to close, unless you are real quick, 'Neut', like gone and back, faster than fire or like those crazy prescription drugs you told me about, you could lose yourself, breathing fire, starved for air, then gone in a purple haze!" Ali said as he flicked a slow motion jab into the air.

"Right 'Champ', fast, real fast, I saw the light and backed off that crapper of bad medicine! Anyway I drove up in the Piquet Indian country driving to some hot springs. As I was driving through Eastern Washington a White Crow, started flying right along with me to 133 miles out of Yolo Hot Springs in Montana."

"Good Medicine my friend, you were close to death and your guides were watching and the Angels were keeping an eye on you."

"Yes it was a threshold experience for me, my guides and a white winged witness were with me on The Sun Path as I underwent the baptism of fire and freeing myself from those powerful drugs. The journey got more interesting as I got closer to the hot springs. As I set up camp for the night, I could see far up on the mountain ridge a Piquet Indian on a white horse, he watched me as the sun set. In the morning I awoke to find him and others high up on the mountain side, watching. It was telescoped, the Indian was far away on a ridge line yet looked very close, shimmering like a star, close then far, the dreaming tribe. I got in my vehicle and drove back into Washington heading back to Seattle and the coast. The White Crow followed me to exactly the place it had first joined up with me, then looked at me one last time before it flew off."

They sat silent for several minutes staring into the fire and drifting in and out of their mind's eye about the details of this phenomenological experience just shared by Sunny Neutrino Fullerene. Now The Sun clapped his hands, the sound carried quickened, reverberating through the room. The bend of time and space of the Universe revealed a trajectory, carrying all within hearing range of his clapping into a spiral of sound. The Churchman was into sounds and frequencies to alter consciousness. Music was dominant in his Culture and used as a tool for communing with the Spirit of God. The music of clapping was an ancient tradition, they used it to shift from time to timeless in the eternal present of now.

"'Champ' I just read a text given to me by our friend Sunny. I would be honored to tell you the revelation that is contained in the document."

"Spread the Light around my friend, I am honored!" He was clearly moved by the gesture and fell back in his chair, silent. 

Very old now, he began speaking: "The text is out of ancient Jericho. It is called 'The Sun Path'. The sun is spoken of as a presence, a light that they can materialize using only their thoughts, using the physics of a conscious universe. The form of this text is in free verse, similar to your poetry Champ. It speaks of a Christ presence long before the birth of Jesus Christ." 

The Sun Path

Sun Warriors

"God has 3 Suns, 1st Sun is a white- yellow orb, 2nd Sun is the soul, 3rd Sun is in the dark web of spirit
Father of nature, Son Christos in free spiritual activity, Mother star fields awakened in Spirit free of body
Look to human-universal Michael, Mani, Enoch, Gilgamesh as seas shields and swords of Sun Warriors."

The three men sat silent deep in thought. The study was quite then Sunny broke the silence speaking to both his old friends. 

"Out of this experience 8,000 yrs ago man has progressed to it's current spiritual religious condition. This is our Judeo-Christian- Islamic contribution to the world of thought. Much like rings, concentric circles that expand like the numbers 3,6,9,... from a Beginning the Word rings through a very much alive Universe,  and with this revelation comes a very clear warning. Awaken now for from ancient Jericho and long before in the ancient East then onto the Israelites and continuing with the lost 12th tribe of the Israelites, the Celtic, Irish and Druids, then to the English and King Arthur with the accompanying authoring of this tale set in 533 A.D. of his 'knights of the Round Table' and 'the white stone' for many centuries to come."

"These 'knights of the Round Table' call upon all humans to treat each other with respect and with the dignity fit for the children of this interconnected 'God'. The Father, Son and Spirit of a threefold conscious universe. 'Three distinct spheres' 'death belongs to the sphere of one Godhead' then the passage through death and beyond to another sphere' and the awakening in spirit to yet another' sphere."(6) The text reveals that humanity knew of this conscious 3 fold universe and communicated with it. If humanity does not begin to cooperate as 'human-universal' (6) and get along and evolve in mind, body and soul, wars will be the consequence of humanities ignorance and divisiveness. It is a great revelation Champ."

"Now that is something but are we more humane to each other today because of Christianity or any other organized religion? Now that I think about it, probably we are, but man just look at all the suffering on this planet now. This light, like a sun within the spirit, in reach of our own thoughts and feelings must of got dimmed on the way to the marketplace or church... the wars continue, the hate, the pride, still destroy cultures and third world nations around the planet. I must admit though that these thoughts are powerful, kind of calming, like my prayers I would say to Allah before a fight. What I have been through from fighting the government, to being lead astray by my own handlers and friends is more than most humans could have handled! I think I'll try this 'Sun Path' meditation technique for some peace, seems that's what it's about really, that and a will to change our attitudes." 

"Here 'Champ' while you try the technique eat some of this bread, it is from the grains of a crop circle, I think you will like it. Good for the heart."

"Oh yes I know about that stuff, man I look at those crop circles on my computer, Hanna gets them up on the screen for me, The Crop Circle Connector updates their site daily with the newest circles, some just hours or days old before being published on the Internet. You told me about that site Sunny and I owe you a great thanks of appreciation for that. Definitely other worldly if you know what I mean! Give me another piece of that Manna, I'm ready for some heart medicine! I think that's the problem around this country anyway, maybe we got a cure here for what ails the countryside, broken hearts! Understand 20% of American's are taking depressants now, perhaps they should try some of this host of the angel's heart."

"Come over here to my work bench and computer. I will show you this site Jean that Sunny put me on to several years ago, the Crop Circle Connector". 

He clicked on his bookmarks and down fell a file of 30 or so sites. He selected Crop Circle Connector, clicked on the site, then they were looking into his 16 in. monitor at the latest crop circles for that day, week, month of the current season. For August alone they saw 11 images that were posted that day. All exquisite. It was hard to imagine any humans making them. 

"Who or what was making these circles learned their lessons well while living here upon the Earth probably, and are just continuing their work and education on the other side." They looked at some of the formations on the 'Champs' monitor.""Crop Aug.10, 2001                    Aug.6, 2001                       Aug. 4, 2001                  Aug.4, 2001
All photos above are the sole property of the Crop Circle Connector. com web site


    Aug.12, 2001                    Aug.5, 2001  

"Look at them, so geometrically perfect. I have learned from my research on the Internet that over 2,000 crop circles have appeared over the last 33 years in over 24 different countries. They start appearing in the cereal crops of Britain as soon as the crops are tall enough to hold a design, usually May continuing right up through August into September sometimes. Their season ends then, gone until next spring. Sunny what do you make of these things, you seem to be the expert about such matters. Are crop circles fakir, little joke there, or are they trying to communicate something to us from another dimension?"

"No they are real 'Champ', some say 10 - 20% fall into the 'fakir' category, but if only 20 % are man made then we are seeing the work of a conscious intelligence with the other 80%. I have come to the conclusion that they are souls in spirit who are doing this angelic art work night in and night out over the course of the growing seasons throughout much of the world. Or putting it another way an intelligent consciousness, part of the galactic federation if you will. These glyphs are made so fast and furious during the periods when they appear that really no humans could keep up their trickery under the cloak of night at such a pace. They move in lightning speed, in a time not understood by us here on the earth, like the 'no time no space' of the Tibetan Buddhist monks or the quiet reflective lives of the Christian monks of the 12th through the 15th centuries of Europe."

"So you think these glyphs or crop art are the product of conscious intelligent life forms?"

"I do. For example take the Christian monks. Without them there would not be science as we have it in the world today or agriculture for that matter. Put the two together, a sacred geometry and crops what do you get?"

"Wheatears for aliens? No I understand what you are saying. That there has to be a connection between these glyphs, the region's history where they appear, agriculture and a consciousness that was dealing with transcendental ideas, math, geometry, a creative life force, at some time in the past. But why not military satellites? Or the devil for that matter."

"These circles have displayed a level of spiritual insight that the military as a whole does not possess. They are doers not thinkers for the most part, as it should be for consensus thinking. The devil is not into airy fairy geometry either, pentagrams perhaps but non Euclidian geometry forget it, not a clue. If you look at the history of Europe you see a pattern. It was transformed by the monks building hospices for the sick and dying, while establishing libraries and schools for the people as far back as the 12th century. By the 14th century the Christian monks were the dominate force on the planet regards education and keepers of the spiritual traditions of ancient antiquity. 'Most of the great discoveries of science were made by the monks and Copernicus himself was a very highly placed figure in the Catholic Church. During this period in history most of the education was conducted by the Christian monks'."(6)

"You are right Sunny and you have to remember that the monks of the Middle Ages and their monasteries were not well received by the Church. Seems they had preserved a lot of the ancient knowledge like you said, that the church attempted to have done away with or keep to themselves. The monks kept the traditions of sacred geometry, astronomy and this ancient Star Wisdom knowledge alive. The Church viewed many of the monasteries as havens for heretics and they were not dealt with kindly I'm afraid."

"Yes Jean that is right and by the 17th and 18th centuries this knowledge was all but wiped from the face of the earth. Wiped off the slate, with the monks, as you said, treated as heretics, many tortured and murdered for speaking or writing about such Star Wisdom or this sacred geometry we are now seeing once again in the crop glyphs and art. The Middle Ages were dark for the multitudes, the uninformed, but the 'secrets' of antiquity were kept alive among these quiet but busy individuals often at risk to their own lives. The 'Christ physics' upon the 'Sun Path' of the Earth was the greatest secret that had come down to humanity from the Stars but was intentionally kept a secret from the people.(6) I think our crop art makers are the monks of the Middle Ages, the 10th Hierarchy of angels, the illustrators of holy books, now returning with a text for us about our world's transcendent history. They are the evolved human souls returning to do what they did long ago, reveal the secret Star Wisdom of this Christ physics and reveal once again the 'son of the sun' found in the hearts and minds of all humanity ringing like echoes through out time and space."

The room was quiet as Sunny thought to himself : "working to understand this phenomenon of the crop art while at the same time experiencing the 'Christ physics' of  the 'Sun Path' with the greatest, Muhammad Ali and Jean 'the Sun', was as good as it would get for him until the day he would look into the face of Archangel Michael." Sunny now observed the room brighten as they stepped away from the computer monitor returning to the comfortable chairs in the study. 

"Life can be good for all humanity" Sunny says to the others, "only human minds, hearts and wills can prevent it from being so. See the time pass, 10 seconds..., no longer, that is as long as we have been here as a species on this planet. Just glimmers in the 15 billion year old universe, as floating mote in the much older Eye of Creation. Babes in the arms of an expanding conscious universe. We can feed the world, seems that is part of these crop circle messages. We can develop the use of alternative energy sources like hydrogen from ponds of blue green algae or from our oceans. We can create a global economy that rids the world of poverty allotting housing, food and medical care for the world's populations today with out enriching the already rich. We we heal cancer through diet, prayers and the oxygenation of the blood stream, and provide all Americans with a Universal Health Care Coverage. With our advanced medical knowledge and also using traditional medicines found around the world we can give to those dieing of AIDS around the world the help they so badly need to make their lives less miserable and painful! Civilized Nation states on a conscious intelligent and civilized planet Earth. From our genetic codes to the edges of an expanding universe we are now mapped, a known quantity. We could do ourselves proud as human beings from here on out. Working together in a 'human-universal' consciousness celebrating the beauty of difference while at the same time accepting the differences of that beauty."(6)

"Is that a joke or you just going global village on us here. Remember this planet is looking more like a plantation now everyday, and we all are the surfs working towards some master plan for a one world government. With no 'difference of kind' or for that matter 'consciousness of kind' rising from the mix won't that pretty much nail the coffin? I know we are old but really, our brains are still intact, you don't see them falling out our ears yet do you, or you just another 'fakir' along the roads to Rome? The beauty of difference is a tough one in the world today as it brings up so much contention. Capitalism verses communism, socialism verses free enterprise, the 'god fearing' verses the 'devil be dammed' crew, all vying  for the top dog spot or at least some degree of an acknowledged acceptance. So on the face of it the elements of our planet today that wish to keep us in tow to some grand plan for this global village appear to have all the right reasons for attempting such an idea, but many wrong headed ideas can spring from such a world plan that will not include the average citizen in the mix of this global, one world government. The consequences of this global one world vision I'm afraid do not bode well for humanity at large. Like population reduction for one, environmental degradation for another, holy wars- theirs and ours, and health care for the masses that is really only 33% effective right here in America!"

"No joke there Champ, you are right but so am I. In potential it can go either way, we still have time to save this thing but it will take vision and a will to not let it go down the tubes.10 to 30 years is all the time we have according to the scientists who are not sleep walking. The environmental damage to the earth is leaping ahead of our ability to cope with it. Soon it will be time to pass on to a higher ground of consciousness or else it's all going 'to hell in a hand basket' I'm afraid. When I look around I can't help but think that God is a closet comedian because his creation, the human being is so very slow on the uptake, thus easy marks for the humorist and the global 'zinging' Aristotle's or St. Augustine's living on the planet today. We just don't get it. I wonder if they even heard of Plato or have read his writings on the Nation state in his Republic or even care about that today. Apparently we human's are still very unconscious!"

"Could blow the lights out in a room just telling human's the truth about how pig headed and mean spirited we have become as a species. Hard on the electrician's work load but great for shocking humanity into the grim realities we have created for ourselves over the last 40 or 50 years."

"Maybe that's their plan, armed in 'secular humanism' as a guiding principle, many leaders in America and abroad allow themselves the easy way out, the delusion that the spiritual side of the human being is a joke. My Muslim brothers and sisters of the world don't think it's a joke, you Christians of the world don't either, nor do any of the other religions found on the planet today. So I think this one world order is just another name for a one world atheism and government!"

The three men sit quietly in deep thought, shaking their heads in agreement. 

"I agree 'Champ' with his iron cast education system and a Western science that tells us that life proceeds from matter, and not the Ancient Wisdom Way, The Sun Path, the conscious universe way, that matter proceeds from life. Only the jokers who promote such mechanistic thinking or this secular humanism could possibly believe it. The 'City of God' is where we all came from and not some socially engineered mad hatters scheme of a ruling 'one world' elite. If those who propose such ideas were evolved human beings that is one thing but often they are greedy and see themselves as superior to the rest of humanity. Pillage and plunder under the name of progress will only play so long until you run out of human and natural resources. Then the world is gained for a few but at the expense of the human souls they exploit." 

"Long live Plato and The Republics of the world" the 'Champ' called out hoisting his clasped hands into the air, as the others repeated the call. "Long live Plato and the Republics of the world", "long live Plato and the Republics of the world, hear, hear!"

The three old friends smiled, sensing that Sunny was on to something, then he called out to those seen and the others unseen. "Let us clap our hands to my father's favorite words." Slowly at first, the three old friends begin to clap as Sunny repeats his fathers old saying.

"Brave Angel Hearts in the Ancient Lands of Lore, the Americas.
Wild horses running in the wide north mountain's funnel, running to the deep south valleys ."

 They clap louder and in synch with each other as Sunny repeats the phrases a second and then a third time as the clapping becomes louder and now they are in perfect synch with each other.

"Brave Angel Hearts in the Ancient Lands of Lore, the Americas.
Wild horses running in the wide north mountain's funnel, running to the deep south valleys ."

The three sat there in synch with each other, their energies linked, as beads on a string,  pulsing 'diggery do' in harmony with the earth's pulse and awash in the river of life. They were of one heart now. For a fleeting moment the chain of humanity glowed bright in the light on the Sun Path.

At this point the three were walking the Sun Path. They saw each other, waving and smiling, they were completely at ease in the lap of an unfolding multiverse in the expanses of this realm of expanded blessings. There was nothing terrifying about their shared vision, quite the contrary. Time in the space of their minds was moving backwards now and the sensation was one of relaxed concentration and slightly, ever so gentle, sensual. The bending of time and space allowed them entry to a neighboring multiverse. Only difference from where their bodies were seated was that time was moving backwards, a quantum gravity was pulling their quanta perceptions and mutually shared experiences backwards now. Things, then wisps of things passed quickly, loud retorts rang out but once they orientated to this experience they began to lock-in a trajectory and enjoy the ride together.

Slowly a great structure appeared before them. It was the Hall of Wisdom and Records, the DNA and  RNA codes, the phantom DNA and phantom particles making up our plural selves or souls. Ancient repositories of life and existence where the spiritual potential of the human being is located and unfolds. The three men knew they were in a very positive energy, a share vision that had a duration that was continuing into the seconds, perhaps a minute of Father's Time, awash in the Mother's Milk of the Milky Way's Crucible. This was the web of the Universal Mind and the three souls were as points of light in this great web of God! Fine white filaments covered them connecting everything as far as they could see. The species of humanity was mutating, they were as points of light newly lit. God was light and they were flowing along in the river's wave now.

"Guess now I can get the answers to my questions about what the crop circles are and do they portend warnings about our world's environmental conditions found here on planet earth today and are the crop circle grains a food for transubstantiation and transmutation into an Angelic Consciousness as some scholars of the transpersonal now think?"

"I want to ask of Allah why is there so much suffering and hate in our world today and is war usually not holy? And music, the sweet celestial sounds from above, Jazz, Blues, those Spirituals we sang in Church, classical and the new sounds of Rap. Are these sounds for the souls of a people's hearts, that so needed a voice, sometimes not so sweet, but a vibration to carry them upwards and out of pains punch!"

"I will ask The Mother if she knows of the conditions that her children find themselves in today living on the earth and will she and her angels intercede?"

This Celestial School appeared before them, the akashic records of renown, our future's, as real as Ouske now calling out: "Ignatius is here, Ignatius is here."

The three of them turned to look at each other, then 'Sun' says seriously: "Heaven is not Heaven until all are here!" "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He continues: "to all who have lost their way may you now go into the Treasury of Light. To all who would seek Justice, come now into the Light of Lords Good."

Once again they were back in this repository of human evolution and potential.

"No big spenders here, all of us, everyone, doormen, churchmen, chimneysweeps, Virginia farm boys, bugged bar flies, even that venal fibber McGee's scores, and amazing grace the atheists are here too! All of those who simply did "the right thing" with some degree of regularity through out their lives are flush, aglow like the butterfly stung, rising to the Sun! There is the Prophet with Gabriel the Archangel! Man this feels good! Look at that, from the oblique angle, in the corner of my eye, falling right to left, I see light flashes falling through the air, can you see them  now flashing across the wall over there? Must be thousands of them!" 

Narration: As the sun gets hotter with rockets or the space shuttle going up almost weekly now, we see the quest for space and a secret weapons program like some old re-run of the Atlantis movie with the evil scientists back to destroy our atmosphere and eventually the planet with bio-spiritual stupidity and chaos. With the tearing of more holes in the ozone layer, the result will be a sun that radiates more heat upon the earth's surface. The earth will then reflect back hotter temperatures through the protective layers of our atmosphere, ripped away by more and more rocketry, back to a hotter sun. If the U.S.A. can not afford to find the money to continue with this science venture, a moratorium would be prudent. Save money and possibly the planet. Looking for more funds to destroy the environment's protective atmospheric layers surrounding the Earth qualifies as madness. Do an experiment and see. No space shuttle runs for three years, does the ozone hole improve? Plant ground covers and crops, do temperatures drop? If so the moratorium continues indefinitely and the planting accelerates. Call it science with a vision and purpose. If the world does not get creative soon it will be a grand design that did not manage to get it right. Some would have us believe that human beings are nothing more that an accident of nature. The only accident of nature is what human beings are doing to the ecosystem of the planet, not our ancient soulful origins. Our lives will cease to feel good and the natural and good natured among us will disappear into the mists of another time and place.

Narration: So if we are to conduct a space arms race that is not fool hardy, and that is questionable, we have to stop giving our top secret technology away, unless that's the program, then such a program is a moot issue and in fact is totally fool hardy. Even the angels fear to tread here, so why man? Here on earth we will see temperatures reach 115 degrees and hotter for days at first, then weeks on end, many will die. Next, large parts of the Great Lakes will freeze over come winter, followed by more intense summer heat waves with failing crops come harvest moons. So the few who bothered to get busy and teach us about the souls nature, shortcuts to it, and its makeup, like Sunny Neutrino Fullerene, will, in the end, be the most valuable assets found on the planet. If they march to their own drummer, so be it. The world has grown cold, sterile and lacks the essential component of all self aware, intelligent life- a joy and enthusiasm filled with God for life. Life on earth today is showing all the signs of a corpse. Those who bring water, many wish they would just go to hell. Perhaps that is where the planet is already heading, into the bowels of hell, we just don't know it yet. When and if it does get there, those who carry the water will be there too, helping those who are lost, confused, angry. They will be calm, unafraid and freedom will be theirs as they learned of it in the dream school of our Creation.... So it is probably best to just let them bring the water as most humans today can hardly think due to the stresses of just keeping up with an unraveling 19 th century world in the 21st century maelstrom we find ourselves in today. You see 'consciousness is entangled in all nature, visible and invisible. It is in the birds, the rocks, the flowers, the rivers, the oceans and even the Big Bang,' all tangled up like a big old giant we can't even see. (1) That is what we all are, and now we all are fighting for the lives of our souls.

The room was now filled with small flashes of lilac colored light, falling like meteors, an 'etherisation of the bloodstream' (4) was now occurring and visible for minutes seen falling quickly against the pastel surfaced walls before passing out of their sight. "Look at the flashes of light, I can see them, lots of them out of the corner of my eye, look you can see their flashing across the wall over there! Lilac- violet colored flashes, now that is something else" the Champ said excitedly as he was pointing to the wall. 

"What we are seeing is the etheric web of life. In the heart there is a continuous transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance which streams up into the head and glimmers around the pineal gland". (5) This process is called the 'etherisation of the blood' and can be seen in the human being all the time during his or her waking life. It can also be seen as a streaming of flashes or rays from outside into the brain and pineal gland then into the heart. That is what we are seeing here. It carries iron into our bloodstream and gives us confidence to overcome any anxiety we may have about the future."(5)

 Popocatepetl the Mexican volcano 40 miles out of Mexico City exploded with its biggest eruption in 1000 years that night. One week later two feet of snow fell in the pan handle of Texas over the Christmas Holy Days into the New Year 2001. It snows in Buffalo, New York three weeks straight... Over the following weeks the people of Mexico returned to their homes as the volcano continued to billow volcanic ash and gases into the atmosphere just as the weather systems changed up on the planet Earth... Record summer high temperatures followed that summer and into the next summer...Mt Etna the largest volcano in Europe located on the island of Sicily erupts that next summer for a month straight... 11 years later in 2012 the next Solar Maximum will begin warming the upper atmosphere again.

Sunny, Jean the 'Sun' and the Greatest trajected into a multiverse for 10 seconds, seemed like minutes. Their lower frontal lobes were erupting in joy. In a new found Terra Incognito discovered just a millimeter away with their laughter discovered regions of the mid frontal lobes of their own brains that allowed them a  new found insight. The 'Sun Path' lit up in their minds like fractal snowflakes, many splendored caught in the moonlight, falling through space, connected in the web of life, Becoming Angel Hearts. The Communion with this crop circle grain was the Host for this Angel's Heart phenomenon. Seemed hell froze over that night, if only for a second or two during this holy night. Inside out was the only way from here into the Season's of the Eternal Return and communication with the Four Archangels. A Festival of Human Lights in a Universal Conscious World of Nations! 

They laughed and cried, long into the night, their faces ached. The 'Champ's' daughter kept a watchful eye on them. They were in a new, finer, quickened vibratory rate of being now, yet their three, old, war wearied bodies still sat in the Champ's warm study. They were singing silent the praises of Freedom found in Light, Life and Love, the glues of the Universe. In the Big House of the Sky, the Living Universe is laughing with them now and all of us. The Divine Comedy looms large in  God's Complex for all who are able to see. Most is revealed and much learned this night in the Champ's fire warmed, comfortable study. We are growing up! A Civilized Nation on the 'Sun Path' with Sunny Neutrino Fullerene and his enthusiastic Angel Hearted Friends! 

The Sun burned bright, as love and hate flashed around the small world called Earth, as bees and the grass swayed in the warm gentle breezes night and day. Human's were now on the steep learning ladder of evolution, the climb was becoming steeper by the numbered days, the loads heavier. The half truths were of little substance, the whole truth was bigger than anyone had imagined.

 Next Morning

J.M.W. Turner
Angel Standing in the Sun

The three old friends were sitting in the same places they had been for the last 8 hours. As the sun was rising they began to stir. Still silent but eyes open, quietly reflecting on their thoughts and imaginings, they slowly greeted each other with warm smiles, then a few words of 'morning'. Sunny broke the 'still reserved waters of just coming back' found in this cosmic egg of the just returning from the dead of sleep.

"Alpha Centauri is very nice, 'ey mates?" The three screamed, laughing in agreement as Sunny continued: "did you see all those green planets, must have been 21 or more of them, with green trees and grass, bees and birds, oceans? Just like us only more bees. I like that place, seemed real peaceful."

"I swear, I do swear I saw it too!" the 'Champ' exclaimed!

"Yes, as God is my savior I too saw them, these beautiful green planets, with blue oceans and white, billowy clouds. Much like the clouds in the paintings of Raphael and the Masters, full, round and filling the sky. I saw you both as well. We walked together shoulder to shoulder in this New World, this New Jerusalem. It was real as real."

"Looks like Yellowstone National Park with all the thermal activity, geysers and large hot ponds. Pools of boiling red salts with the blue and yellow sulphur gases rising from the limestone walled ponds. The inner being of the 'Nature-forces moving as if compelled in the spring on into the summer with a world-therapy', life in the light principal".(2)

"Man it was, is, beautiful, still can't get it out of my mind. Seems so you think? Oh man Sunny that crop circle grain is way better than any of those psycho active fire balls you were talking about. Never got there from that pill hell launching pad." The 'Champ' is now pointing towards the north, the three friends  smile at each other.

Sunny the youngest in his 50's now realized that all three of them had just visited an inhabitable Universe somewhere in there minds eye and their souls vision.  And they had all seen each other there and now the next morning they could hardly believe their experiences...and yes their good fortune to have experienced such a thing in the first place while sitting in the 'Champ's' study last night.

The door opened and it was Hanna carrying a silver tray with tea cups, a tea pot of hot water and some bagels with cream cheese on them. There was two small bowls, one of  pitted dates, the other dried figs. The serving tray was covered with a bright yellow cloth that the bowls and accoutrements sat upon. She set it on the table that was set in the middle of the study between the chairs and the three friends who were now moving and stretching as they got up and walked about in the study. 

"Well you guys sure burned the mid-night oil, I went to bed about 11:00 and was surprised to see you all still here this morning. Like minds attract heat, guess you just got stoked and just kept on stoking. Only one sleeping last night was Ouske I see. They looked at the parrot that was laying flat on it's back in a chair in the far corner of the study. Its legs jutting out at about a 145 degree angle from its supine, feathers ruffled body, dead to the world, lost in a deep sleep.

"Ouske is like the pirates of old or bikers, very cool with the invisible when the phantoms appear, you understand. It is only Ignatius, especially if Ouske has had a martini before hand then if Loyola should happen to pass through, well he loses it entirely. Be it the good or the bad, only Loyola gets him lose in the sphincter. The Jesuits have been a formidable force in the invisible worlds for 500 years, like the Tibetans before them for the last 1,000 years. The Universe is not a benign creation, warriors with yogic protections and spiritual allies are a part of this web's equation. No doubt these warriors, guides and presences were around watching and assisting us with our transpersonal experience. Would short Ouske out however if the Jesuit showed up."

"Tell me about it, I can't get the black robes out of my dreams if I wanted to. They never rest! What is the problem with a little color along with these dream visits. I am surrounded in color why not them? Enough to make a sober man drink!" Jean smiled to the two friends who smiled back to the Sun.

"Hanna you would not believe what we saw last night. As Allah is my judge, I swear it to be true." 

"Dad I'm all ears, at bowed attention, what did you see last night."

As the champ was about to go into some details of their experiences last night Jean called out to no one in particular: "the painter, who was that painter?"

Hanna was surprised by the comment from the usually smiling and reserved churchman. "No painter came here last night, unless you let him in after I had retired last night."

"No the painter we saw standing outside the cave, Queen Mab's Cave, the painting you have hanging in your living room Sunny, the one by the Englishman Turner, why that's it. Remember Sunny he said to all three of us that he was painting it, kept saying that he was 'painting it'."

Hanna excused herself saying: "I think I hear something in the kitchen, see you boys later, if there is anything I can get for you just ring the buzzer." The three men nodded and continued their discussion.

As the Champ was accepting a cup of tea poured by Sunny the yellow cover of the tray caught his eyes and then he remembered seeing the color yellow last night, it was like sunlight. "I remember him Jean, he  was painting the yellows, and when we walked up to him he told us, yes I remember now, "I am painting it" he kept repeating that as he pointed to the beautiful sun yellow colors of this place.

"Yes it is all coming back to me now, the painter and standing outside the cave, and the yellows, yes I too remember him. The soul of  J.M.W. Turner is now at a Queen Mab's Cave in Alpha Centuri  painting the colors he sees anew while in this spot of paradise in our conscious universe, how wonderful! How absolutely wonderful."

"The ponds and lakes and...Autumn was her name. Flew about like a little sparrow, do you remember her, in a cloud of tiny meteors?"

"Yes Champ I do remember her" Jean said, "so lithe and iridescent, an angelic being yet more like a flying sylph with an accompanying fairy band."

"Elementals my friends, that is what we saw. We are mirror images of the spiritual world and have within us the shadow-images of the great Universe and the Divine Beings.(5) Out of Michael's heart Autumn's showers of meteors rain upon the earth. A philosopher named Rudolf Steiner says the iron that enters our system's with these meteor showers in the fall do combat in the blue, yellow sulphur rising from the hot springs and pools we discovered below at the cave. The meteors provide us with needed iron in our bloodstreams, an 'etherisation of the blood' occurs. Archangel Michael with nature fading away is a 'selfless self consciousness' We saw this just last night here on the walls of the 'Champs' study. Remember Summer? with all it's planets trailing around it and the Archangel Uriel as it stopped and spoke to you Jean? Asked if you knew of the fresh water springs? It was surrounded in nature's full bloom, plants, trees all in full growth. Lots of happy dispositions with the bees, they were only allowed in with entirely new wiring specifications in their genetic codes. They ran the honey concession and were very happy in this portal into the bubble of the webs super string all just a centimeter away from another bubble and super string. No flies were even seen unless desired for by frogs or gnomes maybe, but for the most part never seen. Then Winter with all the elementals united in the earth, working in it's interior, and covered in roots with Archangel Gabriel many babies crawling around him, through the roots and many tunnels that ran through the hillsides. Then Spring arrives with nature's riot of color everywhere is budding and takes hold of the earth and there is 'Archangel Raphael standing on spring limestone cliffs. They give carbon and water to the plants', are full of 'vitality', the elementals are very active now, the atmosphere is excited, bees, butterfly like sylphs fly by. All of these elementals flitting about us, doing the work of Creation and Archangel Raphael. I think we caused quite a stir with our appearance as I recall." (2)

"Yes Sunny I do remember Summer, so bright and attentive to my every thought, laughing, setting the whole surroundings aglow. She was beautiful floating free of gravity, shimmering like a silver mirror. The springs.. Archangel Uriel did speak to me, I remember now, yes the waters were so clear they reflected our images."

"The elementals and the four Archangel's are neither male nor female. The elementals are the life forces differentiated by the season's of the year they work in and the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. They appear feminine to us because we are men. Yet they are more precisely its than he's or she's. They were all there to assist us along our way."

"The great Archangel standing in the sun, holding the sword above it's head, surrounded by angels and humans do you remember that Sunny?" Jean asked.

"Yes that was Archangel Michael, holding the iron sword forged from the meteors that give humans 'self consciousness from nature consciousness'.(2) The ancient text we read 'The Sun Path' tells us that we all have this light within us and the universe we are a part of is conscious. We are beings of light and evolution is only half understood by most people today. The animals evolved over millions of years from the ground up preparing a vessel for the human spirit to reside in. Then evolution took on a spiritual thrust from above out of an etheric mind or universal mind to reside below within this human form that physically had been distilled from the apes in the trees over a relatively short period of time, perhaps 5 million years. From Enoch to Arthur to the United States of America the stone of freedom has passed. Humanity as a whole is leaving this childhood behind and beginning to move up the ladder of evolution from the 9th Hierarchy to the 10th Hierarchy, from the animal human into a human angelic consciousness, Knight's of the night for freedom of the soul. Our D.N.A. is like nano ufo's taking us to higher ground through our bloodstreams. Steared by nano-psycho-naut traveling the ancient Tree of Life streams, rivers, seas swimming against the currents, then down river, flush in fluids, ripe to die back into surging life once again, renewed, reclycled relative to our white stone quantas, as the quantum gravity of the old river of life twists on its way, like a pretty repeating pattern, tearing us along in self repeating heart beats carrying us along like a celestial zipper to greater visions and the experiences of our souls writing our 'Book of Knowledge'."

"'The Sun Path' confirms the existence of the Light experience experienced even in worlds beyond our own. Heaven we call this world in the Church. The Sun has always been a symbol for the living light of life or the soul. The love and light of  Christ is shared with all of us is a mystical fact, that we all can see it shining in the dark matter of the universe as you explained it to me at your home. The Word of the Gospels or the Logos of the Ancient Greeks, components of the fabric of creation. Like the waters from another world seen around Queen Mab's Cave and illumined with the hearts of Archangel Michael and the three other Archangels 'standing in the sun of the metaphysical dimension of birthrights and futures'."

"I remember too, this being of light, Allah is my witness. The artist was painting this light being as well, and now I too understand that we are this light and like a lantern upon a path illumined in the dark night of soul we can experience this light in the worlds leading us beyond this battle field found here on the Earth today. And the Prophet Mohammed was with the Archangel Gabriel surrounded by scribes covered in little dust whirl winds as they argued amoungst themselves, as if they were trying to get it right. Say 'Neut' you got any more of that crop circle bread or as you call it, the Host of Angels Heart?"

"Never underestimate the power of good will. The spiritual land is open to those who feel this in their hearts and come to know this fairyland found in the light streams of the Archangels, angels and the light elementals beings moving towards us all like a river of life in this conscious universe." reports a bright coronal mass ejection billowed away from the Sun July 5th 2001 in the shape of a heart ! Brave Angel Hearts in the Ancient Lands of Lore, the Americas, sharing a global common humanity.

Sunny reached into his jacket pocket and took out three pieces of the bread, they looked like three white stones. He handed them to his friends. As they ate the crop circle bread the room filled with sunlight that was now streaming through the windows into the 'Champ's' study. The sun exploded with a heart field that rayed warmth, joy and light filling the solar system. It filled New York City passing right through the 'Champs' home that day. Like a sunrise over the Hudson river shimmering out across the entire city, the glow touched and filled every heart, mind and soul far and wide. The angels danced, played and greeted visitors to the sun. Sunny Neutrino Fullerene the once, not long ago, 12 year old Basque immigrant, now with his brave angel hearted friends the 'Champ' and 'The Seventh Sun' sat in the warm glow of the sun's rays falling on The Sun Path'. The light and love ran out beyond the solar system across the Milky Way Galaxy and through the many conscious Universe's of our shared and dual sunned 'human-universal' existence. Into these islands and lands of many lights and celestial sounds music is heard. Here is found in the balance of scales an ancient being, a Republic, established as states of mind located in Justice and Good, the etheric heartlands of grace called Shamballa.

- In the Pursuit of Truth -

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