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1. A sacred object having the power to preserve a city or a state possessing it. 2. A safeguard, especially one viewed as a guarantee of the integrity of social institutions: 'the Bill of Rights', palladium of American civil liberties. [Latin, from Greek Palladiom, the fabled statue of Pallas Athena that assured the safety of Troy as long as it remained within the city, from Pallas (stem Pallad-), Pallas (Athena).]

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

Gamma Waves - Dec. 2016

The Palladium
'the threefold Mystery of the Sun'

The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History

Physically it appears as though the sun gives the planets light, but in reality it is the planets that radiate light to the sun and the sun is the reflector. As such it was recognized by the wise men of ancient Persia with their instinctive wisdom, and in this sense the sun was regarded as the earthly source of Light and not indeed as the source itself, but as the reflector of the Light. Then, among the Egyptians and Chaldeans, the sun became the reflector of Life and among the Greeks, the reflector of Love.

But when, under Constantine, Christianity was secularized, the Palladium was taken away from Rome. Constantine founded Constantinople, and he caused the Palladium to be buried in the earth under a pillar erected there by his orders. Thus it transpired that in its further development Roman Christianity was
deprived of the knowledge of the Sun-Mystery by the very Emperor who established Christianity in Rome in its rigid, mechanical forms. In the secularization of Christianity brought about by Constantine, the cosmic wisdom was lost to Christianity and this comes to expression in the removal of the Palladium from Rome to Constantinople.

In certain Slavonic regions -- people always interpret things according to their own conditions -- a belief reigned for centuries, lasting indeed until the beginning of the twentieth century. That in none too distant future the Palladium will be removed from Constantinople to another place -- to a Slavonic town, as the people believed. At all events the Palladium is waiting, expecting to be removed from the darkening influence shed upon it by Constantinople to that locality which, by its very nature, will bring it into complete darkness. Yes, the Palladium goes to the East, where the decadence of the ancient wisdom still survives but is passing into darkness. And in the further evolution of the world, everything depends upon whether -- just as the sun is the reflector of the light bestowed upon it from the universe- -the Palladium-treasure is illumined by a wisdom born from the riches of the knowledge living in the West. The Palladium, the ancient heritage brought from Troy to Rome, from Rome to Constantinople, and which, as it is said, will be carried still farther into the darkness of the East -- this Sun-treasure must wait until it is redeemed spiritually in the West, released from the dark shadows of a purely external knowledge of nature. Thus the task of the future is bound up with the holiest traditions of European development.

Legends are still extant, even today, among those who are initiated into these things -- often they are quite simple people going about here and there in the world. These legends tell of the removal of the Palladium, the treasure of wisdom, from Troy to Rome, from Rome to Constantinople when Roman Christianity was secularized; they tell of its future removal to the East when the East, denuded of the ancient wisdom, will have fallen into utter decadence; and they tell of the necessity for this sun-treasure to receive new light from the West.

The Sun-Mystery has disappeared into the nether regions of human existence. Through spiritual-scientific development we must find it again. The Sun-Mystery must be found again -- otherwise the Palladium will vanish into the darkness of the East. It is wrongful today to utter a saying as untrue as Ex Oriente Lux. The light can no longer come from the East, for the East is in decadence. Nevertheless the East waits -- for it will possess the sun-treasure, even though it be in darkness -- it waits for the light of the West. But today people are groping in darkness, arranging conferences in the darkness, are looking expectantly towards -- Washington! Only those Washington's that speak with the tones of the spiritual world -- not conferences looking for the darkness that surrounds the Palladium, for an open door for trade in China -- only those conferences will bring salvation which are conducted in the West in such a way that the Palladium can be kindled once again to light. For like a fluorescent body, the Palladium, in itself, is dark; if it is suffused with light, then it becomes radiant. And so it will be with the wisdom of the East: dark in itself, it will light up, will become fluorescent when it is permeated by the wisdom of the West, by the spiritual light of the West.

But this the West does not understand. Only when the Palladium legend is brought into the dear light of consciousness, only when people can again feel true compassion for one like Julian the Apostate who felt constrained to ignore the age in which the light of freedom could germinate in the darkness, who longed to preserve the old instinctive wisdom and therefore met with his death — only when humans realize that Constantine, in giving an externalized form of Christianity to the Romans, took from them the light, the wisdom, and sent Christianity into the darkness — only when people realize that the light whereby the Palladium can again be made to shine must be born out of modern nature-knowledge in the best sense — only then will an important chapter of world-history be brought to fulfillment. For only then will that which became Western when the Greeks see Troy on fire, become Western-Eastern. The light that flamed from Troy is present even to-day; it is present but it is shrouded in darkness. It must be drawn forth from the darkness; the Palladium must again be illumined.

The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History by Rudolf Steiner, November 6 - 1921

Galactic Center in constellation Sagittarius

The Milky Ways Galactic center

The Crowning of Nature

The Green Lion- alchemy web site and virtual library

  peach blossom

When like Goethe, we look through the prism at a white line on a black ground, the rainbow colors appear. The white line is then entirely changed into color, red, orange and yellow coming from above, and then green, light blue, dark blue and violet below. These are the same colors as seen in the rainbow and in the same order, but seen through the prism they have a dazzling intensity. They are the seven colors of the spectrum as generally recognized. Changing the white line on black for a black line on a white ground, we find a different group of colors. Here the darkness is in the center, and the first image seen will probably be that of a dark purple, shading above through deep blue to turquoise, and below through red and orange to yellow. By changing the angle of the prism slightly we narrow the image, yellow and turquoise grow stronger, the purple narrower till at length the purple darkness entirely disappears, leaving only a glowing pink-magenta color which we name 'peach-blossom'. It is difficult to find anything more nearly corresponding to it in Nature. The best example is the color in the glowing cheek of a very young child. The prismatic image is now yellow, peach-blossom and turquoise, not the rainbow color range, but a kind of invisible completion of this, or as we may call it, the other side of the rainbow.

Thus a new color appears when darkness is transformed to light. The dark line disappears and glowing peach-blossom takes its place. It is the color of resurrection. In such ways the color-scale becomes living, the language of color becomes intelligible and light and darkness, color and negation of color, bring their spiritual message.

As the soul of man lives in color, so the soul of the world lives in color- in the colored world of Nature. As man pictures the life of his soul and of the soul of mankind in his creations in painting, so he also reads into the soul of Nature by perceiving its life in color and he himself is bound up with it in its development. Color arises between light and darkness, between the light of spiritual life and the utter darkness of spiritual death. Between earthly darkness and divine- spiritual light is set the Rainbow of Promise. Man may feel cut off from the spiritual world, but he is never forgotten and the pathway of return is open to him.

If as artists, we bring light into darkness we are creating in picture for m a world of color, and through our color-imagination we transform the world about us.

Gladys Mayer
Color and The Human Soul (18)

Living Earth - Rudolf Steiner - Theosophy of the Rosicrucian - 1907 (33)

The Splendor Solis images provided by Andre Le Sage to the alchemical web site and virtual library

Thus on the Sun we are concerned with a Sun-body, as it were, a body of the Sun planted with Ego-Spirits, who are Fire Spirits, and with a Regent of the Sun, the most highly evolved, the Christ. While the Earth was the Sun, this Spirit was the central Spirit of the Sun: when the Earth was Moon, He was more highly developed, but he remained with the Moon; when the Earth was Earth, He was very highly developed and remained with the Earth. He forms thus the highest planetary Spirit of the Earth. The Earth to-day is His Body as at that time the Sun was. Therefore you must take St. John's words literally: "Whoever eats my bread, treads me under foot." For the Earth is the Body of Christ. Take these words quite literally, as all religious documents must be taken. Only one must first know the true meaning of the letters and then seek for the spirit.

Holographic consciousness

What a powerful model! Holographic consciousness provides for a change made anywhere in the system becoming a change everywhere in the system. Even with six billion-plus people now sharing our world, we all benefit to some degree from the choices of peace and healing that are held by just a few. I can say that with certainty because we've witnessed this principle at work. Through our knowledge of the Divine Matrix, we now have everything we need to embrace our power to create and apply what we know to the great challenges of our time.

Greg Braden- The Divine Matrix - 2007 (60)

Thinking Feeling Willing Adam in free balance by Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts

In our earthly existence, we stand between two opposite poles. Above us spread the stars. From there radiate the forces which are connected with all things calculable and regular in Earth-existence. The regular alternation of day and night, the seasons, longer cosmic periods are the earthly reflection of the real process in the stars.

The other pole radiates out from the interior of the Earth. Irregular activities are at work in it. Wind and weather, thunder and lightning, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, are a reflection of this process of the inner Earth.

Man himself is an image of this existence of the Stars and Earth. In his Thinking system lives the order of the Stars; in the Willing system of his limbs the chaos of the Earth. In the Rhythmic system he experiences in consciousness his own earthly being, in free balance and interplay between the two.

"I am eager to report the glory of the universe." - Henry David Thoreau - (1817 - 1862)

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