A work of fiction about our Consciousness Soul

Dominic Arena Daley

Started February 10, 2002 ~ September 27, 2002

last edits February 23, 2007-June 30, 2011


The poet's eye, in a fine frenzy rolling,
Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven,
And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet's pen
Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream – 1595 (12)

Love will stream forth from all things,

and it is the mission of the Earth evolution to develop this love (4)


Like an air born spore this rise of consciousness greeted the New World of North America in the year 1776. First spreading its waves of change in France, then this powerful Idea carried Freedom's fire, a fecund cloud, unbridled, then checked and unchecked, spreading to many parts of Europe. Like seeds of a bountiful harvest change began to happen in the staid, war torn, Old World of Europe. In some places it landed, took and became as new life spawned from above. Freedom's rings rise to light our way, swelling to the farthest stars of our solar system, the great planet Jupiter and going clear out to embrace the Milky Way Galaxy.

John 'Jup' Colter teaches part time at Cabrillo Trade Tech, a small, coast town, trade school. He teaches three classes a week. An Astronomy class, a Celestial Mechanics and Navigation class and a Technology for the twenty-first century class. He is married, his wife is Mari Rosa Colter and they have two children. Io their son is nine years old, their daughter Europa is twelve years old, both named after moons of Jupiter. John Colter was a fanatic for his study and research of the great and distant gas giant, hence his nickname 'Jup', short for Jupiter.

Mari Rosa Colter grows much of their food she prepares for meals in the gardens they planted in their back yard. She has an asparagus bed that is in now twenty years old. Break off a spear and a new one grows back in a week depending on the time of year. The Colter's have come to call it the 'gas- giants patch' because over the years it spread its root system over much of the garden, growing like weeds. Their house had been in her family for over forty years. She met Jup at the big rock of Point Mugu up the Pacific Coast Highway just out of Oxnard. That afternoon she was watching large schools of dolphin swimming up the coast line just at the time that Jup drove up. Getting out of his car he walked over to to the overhanging ledge to have a look as the locals liked to do back then. When he saw the dolphins, looking at them very carefully, his first thought was how small they looked, then how slowly they were making their way north against the prevailing southerly currents. His attention then wandered to the woman fixed on the large schools, watching them for minutes without taking her eye's off of them,.. until he spoke to her. They were married nine months later.

On a warm June night the Colter family is sitting outside watching a meteor shower. Jup set up an observation station with some outdoor patio furniture out in their garden, a pitcher of home made grape juice sits on a small table beside him. Each has their own seat set in favorite viewing spots for the night's show. Together the Colters have been watching meteor showers with the Associate Professor John 'Jup' Colter for as long as any of them could remember. It was a family tradition. Suddenly about eleven that night while they were looking up at the sky dome they see passing before them a comet as big as Jup's extended fist, which he held up to its passing arc judging it's size. The falling comet was fixed in all their gazing as it passes slowly by. The comet's color is light and dark browns, colors so rich that none of them had ever seen them before. The texture was an amalgam of molten metal, sharp and rounded rocks mixed with ice giving it the appearance of some ancient life form. The evaporation it left behind in it's passing vapor tail filled the air in a perfectly boxed column of smoky mist of ice vapors and fluorescent gas, shimmering in the air.

"Did you guys see that?" Jup asked his family still looking through his binoculars as he turned to them. His children laugh at his childish antics.

"Sure did dad, that thing was humongous awesome, could see the star dust in its tail... it sparkled!" Io yells.

"I saw that too, Io."

"I saw it too, mom, Io!"

"That was so strange, ... so very beautifully strange wasn't it ..." Jup says turning to look back into the night sky.

They sat quiet for a moment, as meteors, small, faint distant flashes fell every few minutes. Then Jup broke the silence.

"That my trusted collegues was a comet. The evaporated mist seemed to glow, looked like the entrance to some dark theater of the...universe" then he sat quiet, thinking, reflecting upon what they had just seen, holding the memory of the comets fresh passage firmly fixed in his mind's eye. Tumbling the fresh experience like a stone for future edifying reflections upon, this jewel of an observation they had just shared together.

"Looked like a cloudy floor didn't it" Mari shares, "that meteor's tail left a trail of glory behind it, just for a long moment I felt like I could just step right into it and go into the next dimension, then like fairy dust it just evaporated."

"Dad maybe we just saw the aliens landing a probe."

"Another probability Europa, 'sooo..' I guess it could be a possibility, but I think it was a close encounter with a comet."

They laugh as Io yells out into the starry night, "a close encounter with a comet!"

"Close enough to touch, it seemed to me. I don't think I have ever seen a comet that close before, did you see the glow coming from that thing, bright orange and that dark red, looked like ..well hell."

The others smiled at Europa assuring her it was a thing of beauty and not to be afraid. Soon after they turned in for the night.

The next day Associate Professor John 'Jup' Colter drives his white 1975 four- door Dodge Dart sedan to Cabrillo Trade Tech. His car has a slant-six engine fitted with a Fisher carburetor allowing him to get fifty miles to the gallon of gas. He purchased it a few years ago from his friend Freeman Ports who owns a used car lot in Venice Beach. Jup is also a bicycle enthusiast, a three-wheeler, and waves to the 'slow glows' bikers as he drives north past them along the Pacific Coast Highway. They are the distinct individuals of the road seen riding along the streets or up and down the coast highway on their sometimes flower draped, always brightly painted, old three-wheeler bikes. Jup rides his own three-wheeler along the wide public beach sidewalks on warm evenings through out the year.

Jup walked around his Astronomy classroom this morning at Carrillo Trade Tech. passing out some reference material for the class this morning while asking,

"Did anyone catch the meteor shower last night?" A few students reply yes and still others ask if it will continue that night so they might catch some of it before it passes by Earth. "Did anyone see the comet that passed by last night as well?" No one saw it. Jup continues with his class.

"A scientist named Robert Foot from the University of Melbourne speculates that many comets might be made of a matter he calls "mirror matter". It is a new matter not yet discovered and it does not give off light. He theorizes that comets contain very little ordinary matter. He speculates that they evaporate after passing by the Sun, leaving an invisible core of this "mirror matter". I have it referenced in your notes I passed out today. Has a book out, it's mentioned in there."

Referring to the image up on the overhead screen, "this is a picture of Jupiter's Northern Lights aurora good students."

The colors were soft pinks and watery blues and gave the aurora a soft water bed appearance.

"Your assignment was to read the chapter on Jupiter in your textbook. I would like to hear now what you gleaned from your reading."

Sara Chen raised her hand and said: "Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is a gas giant. It is twice as big as all the other planets in our solar system combined."

"Thank you Sara. What else?" Tycho of Trancus raised his hand sharing the following:

"The orbit of Jupiter is 778,330,000 km around the Sun or 483,426,788 miles. The diameter of Jupiter is 142,984 km at the equator or 88.793938 miles.

"Good Tycho. Anyone else?"

Adam Waters raised his hand. Jup called on him.

"Jupiter has a very distinguishing feature that is called 'The Great Red Spot'. It is caused by a great windstorm that has continued for centuries and does not seem to be dying down. Another thing I learned is that Jupiter is ninety-five percent gas and has about a five percent hard rocky material core, similar to a meteor and is about ten to fifteen times the size of Earth."

"Good Adam's Ale, ... a rocky material core similar to a comet, five percent of its mass, now that's interesting, isn't it." Jup liked the nick name he gave Adam. Always brought a smile to Adam's face.

Another student Wendy Willsun raised her hand then shared.

"Jupiter's gravity in it's upper atmosphere is about 2.5 times greater than the Earth's gravity at it's surface."

Ric Ens shared some history about Jupiter.

"In 1610 Galileo Galilei was the first person to study Jupiter with a telescope. Up until that time the view of the universe was the eleventh century theory of Ptolemy who lived in Alexandria. His model or theory of the solar system was that all the stars and planets moved around the Earth. Then Galileo made his discovery of four moons that revolved around Jupiter and this discovery agreed with the Copernican heliosentric theory of the universe. That theory of the Polish astronomer in the 1500's stated that the planets revolved around the Sun. Galileo advanced this Copernican theory and created the modern world view we now hold about our solar system today. The four largest moons of Jupiter are Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto. They are named after him and called the Galilean satellites. Today the total number of satellites discovered around the gas giant is forty according to the International Astronomical Union."

Then he told the class about the weather of Jupiter.

"Jupiter's internal heat source is hot hydrogen- and helium-rich air. It rises up from the depths of the planet then condenses to form wet clouds and rain. It creates clear, cool air up in the atmosphere's upper layers."

Another student spoke some more about the clouds of Jupiter:

"The gas and clouds of Jupiter travel at high speeds due to Jupiter's high rotation rate. And that these gases and clouds travel at faster rates at the equator than at Jupiter's higher latitudes."

Jup smiled at the students, acknowledging their many contributions, then asked for any other comments.

Once again another student raised her hand and explained to the class that "Three distinct layers of clouds are found on Jupiter. They consist of ammonia ice, ammonium hydrosulfide and a mixture of ice and water."

"Jupiter radiates out more energy into space than it receives from the Sun and the interior of Jupiter is very hot with the core temperatures reaching about 20,000 K. Also Jupiter's magnetic field is the biggest thing in our solar system -- larger even than the Sun. It's effects are neutralized in our upper atmosphere. But it is largest, ubiquitous phenomenon in our solar system by far."

The class was silent as Jup looked around the classroom at his students this late morning then in a serious tone, with gravity seemingly beyond the significance of the information, he shared his impressions about this fact.

"That's something isn't it. Jupiter's magnetic field is the biggest thing in the solar system, greater than even the Suns. Good, I can see we have learned some things from our reading assignment, some interest in the 'gaaas...giiiant'... I see," whiffing his nose as he said it.

"Jupiter with it's now discovered sixty moons is an astronomical "mini solar system" controlling comets and even asteroids called Trojans." (21) (22)

Any other contributions from anyone?"

Another student raised her hand. Barbara shared that Jupiter had one ring. Jup thanked the student for her contribution asking for any other comments. When none were forthcoming he continued with his class lecture. He used the classroom overhead to project a NASA photo of Jupiter on on the overhead screen at the front of the class room.

"This is a x-ray photo showing us an electrical pulse, coming from the north pole of Jupiter."

Showing the class the NASA photo from the Science at NASA website the class gasped as the picture came up on the screen. It was the aurora borealis of Jupiter's north pole projected up on the screen, one animated gif on the page would pulse an x-ray lighting the sky. He walked to the back of the room then said,

"Our Sun, Earth, Jupiter, and comets are the only known sources of x-rays in our solar system. The moon shines by fluoresced sunlight and so is not really a source of x-rays. Cosmically speaking these x-rays are very weak. Back in 1979 NASA's Einstein x-ray satellite first detected Jupiter's x-ray glow. Now we are seeing its north pole pulsing every forty-five minutes varing by a few degrees with every cycle. It's the regularity of this very mysterious phenomenon that our NASA scientists are attempting to understand. Now we are seeing the shock waves from outbursts on the Sun brighten the auroras on Jupiter even more." as the animated aurora pulsed on the overhead screen.

Tycho of Trancus raised his hand. Professor 'Jup' Colter called on the eighteen-year-old student.

"The 'Sun reflecting back Jupiter's pulsations' is what the article online says. My questions are what if this 'excess energy run-off' as referred to has been going on for say 25,000 years. I agree it is significant what the Hubble Space Telescope and all the world's other satellites are letting us see in outer space now. Still it does not mean that these phenomenon are something new. We are just seeing them for the first time, do you agree?"

"Yes I do Tycho, your point is well taken." Jup allowed the class to discuss amongst themselves for a few minutes what they were seeing on the overhead screen. The class began expressing different ideas, even joking a bit about the x-ray photos, this pulsing beacon they were looking at.

The students looked at the x-ray pulsing beacon for a few more moments then a student said: ' it's a line of magnetic force'. Then again another said: 'it's just excess energy run-off like the NASA report says here on the overhead.. 'I got it, it's Jupiter's aura' the class again laughs. Then again another student says: 'yes that's it, it's Jupiter's consciousness' to again more laughter. Quiet now Jup walks around the classroom waiting for some more responses to the animated gif up on the overhead projector.

'How about a gel cell for the incubation of a new world's consciousness' the class laughed again.

It's a quantum code for quanta man'; Tycho of Trancus shared once again. Then the class was quiet until Iroquois Sun spoke up.

'It's a materialization of a conscious solar system's celestial mechanics awakening, opening like a flower at the cosmic center of our universe. Waves carried along through the Cosmos to our Milky Way Galaxy right on through to the poles of our own solar system's gas giant Jupiter and on into the earth's own electro-magnetic fields and poles. The ancient Egyptians measured the beginning of the winter solstice by the suns rising position in relation to the morning star of the east - Sirius- the star of Bethlehem. The fixed star's position at sunrise allowed the Egyptians to learn about the Nile river's flooding cycles as well as our Mother Earth's fields of force. Life to the ancient Egyptians was like poetry,.. reading the stars, building the great pyramids, understanding the Nile's seasonal flooding patterns, all from the wisdom of the stars then used here on earth. Think about that. Maybe that's all this is...spirit's nature knowledge."

Now the class grew very quiet thinking about what Iroquois Sun had just shared with them. Jup shook his head in agreement with these observations and smiled at the taciturn Native American before looking at the other class members for any more contributions before he continued with his class lecture. A student raised his hand, when called on he said.

'I know what it is, it's Jupiter getting excited...' The class laughed loudly now as though relieved from the strain of trying to figure out just what they were looking at. Then a student yelled out: 'it's the gas giant's way of relieving pressure' class laughing as another joked: 'it's our solar system's birth canal."

The class laughed real loud then it grew very quit. Martin Porres the fourteen year old wiz kid raised his hand. Jup smiled at him then calling him asked : what do you think it is Martin'?

'Dogan Sirius dude, serious as blue diamonds!' that was real good Iroquois Sun, I liked that, 'like a flower opening up at the center of our universe',...nature's knowledge,... very good!"

The class agreed and grew quiet, curious what Martin thought of the overhead projection of Jupiter's x-ray glow.

"I think 'it's the Galactic Federation's beacon' announcing the Aquarian age. It's the sub atomic world of particles, electro magnetic geometry and our universe all turning in this Creation's urn. I think this is the 'astrophysics of the imaginable world'. The constellation of Aquarius is aligning in the sky now with our Sun and Earth. We are witnessing the world of quantum physics, the world of the small, and as the big-macro world of the gas giant Jupiter evolves life in the small- micro waves world of the quanta world, filling with life at it's small five percent rock and comet snowball core, we are about to discover that humans play an important part of the micro/macro worlds unfolding. We are caught in the net of Aquarius now and if we want, we can communicate and participate with this 'world of the fleeting small' 'in the unfolding expanding universe. This Galactic Federation is 'in potential' happening now, we just have to imagine it. And like Aquarius it can bring us water for a New Age here on planet Earth for all the people to drink of and...yep, like Iroquois Sun says, flower in."

Martin sat down and did not say another word for the rest of the class. Having said his peace he sat there quietly smiling. His smile seemed to ray out a calming effect that the others could feel.

"Martin... Dogan Sirius"

(17) Tycho of Trancus calls out, the others laughed. Martin was unique and everyone liked the guy. The entire class chimed in now, "Dogan Sirius,.. serious as blue diamonds and stars!"

The possibilities lacked only in time to think them up, bubbling to the surface, so many ideas, no lacking for imaginations ....someone yelling: 'it just is what it is, that's all, nothing more!' and like a pack of English fox hounds on the scent they had to be called off so that Professor John 'Jup' Colter could continue.

&qu920ot;Our imaginations run havoc I know" Jup calls out, waving his arms flaying at the air above his head as to contain the many snakes swirling about his many 'ideaed' head, the students laugh at his animated gestures then go quite. It seemed few of the student's were fooled into thinking it meant nothing at all or reduced to trivial with: 'it just is what it is, that's all, nothing more!'.

The class took his comments seriously as it was his ability to see things from a slightly different angle and cast in a different light that made John 'Jup' Colter provocative and one of Cabrillo Trade Tech's most popular teachers. Slowly he continued with his now more serious lecture

"As weather changes continue to occur on Earth we can see them as a barometer for our planet's health. A 'becoming self evident' phenomenon of our planets stasis or balance. Clearly our planet and possibly even our solar system are more responsive to humans than we could have imagined just ten years ago. Look at our Sun" he says going to the NASA - Current Solar Images site observed from the SOHO satellite. He projects up on the overhead screen the Extreme ultraviolet imaging Telescope image of the Sun. The class looks at the image of the burning solar flares on the sun then he changes the image and puts up on the monitor a Solar Terrestrial Activity Report.'

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Last update June 29, 2002 at 04:45 UTC.

"Our Sun is now coming out of a double-peaked solar cycle as El Niño's warming trend returns to our ocean's currents. The last Ice Age occurred twenty-five thousand years ago, ending just twelve to ten thousand years ago. The Earth's rotation axis is not fixed but is more like a spinning top, slowing, it wobbles like a slowing wheel turning through the twelve astronomical wheels of constellations seen in our nights galactic sky dome. The Earth transits the entire 360 degrees of the celestial pantheon, the twelve signs of the zodiac, in about 25,920 years. So the Earth about 2,160 years ago moved out from under the constellation of Aries into which constellation class?" waiting for the answer a few students called out,

"Pisces" to which Jup replied "correct".

"Our Sun rises the first day of the spring equinox in the constellation of Pisces visible overhead in the night sky, so it is called the Piscean Age. And how long would the Earth be in the starry constellation of Pisces' light before passing under the star light of the next constellation" looking to the class for an answer.

A student answered, "2,160 years passing into the constellation of Aquarius." "Correct... The last Ice age occurred twenty-five thousand years ago. The Earth passes through the full 360 degree procession of the equinoxes passing through the twelve signs of the zodiac under their corresponding constellations overhead every 25,920 years."

"Again the Earth's orbit around our sun is not static but wobbles. And the tilt of the planet is currently decreasing, moving from an elliptical orbit to a more circular orbit by about 0.00013o per year. The dates during the year when the equinoxes occur also varies and gets about one day later every seventy years due to this wobble in earth's orbit. A scientist named Milankovitch in the Thirties wrote that these variations as if cyclic brought on changes in sunlight by season and latitude on the Earth and gave rise to the cycle of glacials and interglacials." Jup stopped his lecture for a moment and looked at his students before starting to speak again.

"Atmospheric scientists have been arguing his work ever since. Some argue that the energy fluctuations are not enough to bring on ice ages. Still others argue that 'positive feedbacks loops like carbon dioxide and volcanic aerosols' can trigger ice ages and that changes in the sun's radiation can upset the apple cart- so to speak. Cause or effect these variations are looked to for answers.... 'If the root causes of ice ages then we are clearly heading back to the next glacial period, in fact we are sort of over due!' (16)(direct quote- refer to references below)

"For your information the largest of the four solar flares occurred at 4:57 a.m. eastern time on Thursday, March 29, 2002, rated as an X-class flare, the most potent designation and as it turned out they were the largest Coronal Mass Ejection we have seen in the last ten years. The eruption sent a cloud of electrified, magnetic gas towards the Earth causing some great auroral displays when it struck earth's upper atmosphere that following Friday night, lit the night sky up for the rest of the weekend, it was spectacular."

"I have a graph up now with a Solar Terrestrial Activity Report that charts the sunspot number and the solar flux activity of this just passed double peaked solar max Cycle 23. We can see that it peaked on May 5 of 2002. Double-peaked solar cycles have been recorded to periodically precede both the shorter interglacial periods as occurred between l645 and 1715 in Europe, called the "Maunder Minimum" and the much longer glacial periods of 25,000 years or the ten or twelve thousand year interglacial cycles. Both happening many times in the Earth's four-and-a-half-plus + billion year geological history. During this last 'little ice age' six straight solar cycles passed with very little sun spot activity reported. Are we about to see this pattern repeat itself again? Would reducing the carbons in our atmosphere be a good idea, to be on the safe side?"

The class sat real quiet as he walked slowly around the class, you could have heard a pen drop. Then he spoke in a serious, very low voice,

"Would some study of the Earth, our Sun and our planets, like 'the gas giant' Jupiter,"....

smiling wide as he said 'the gas giant' moving his hand slowly past his nose and making a slightly sour expression as he continued with his lecture, the class sat quiet, smiling, even laughing at his gestures.

"possibly provide us with the opportunity to learn something that would allow us to better navigate the terrestrial and celestial times ahead for our planet Earth. Are the relatively mild climes of the last eight thousand years here on 'God's green Earth' about to come to a close with a climate flip occurring sometime during our own life times?...and just happens to correspond with the procession of the equinoxes into the constellation of Aquarius from the constellation Pisces interestingly enough? We will be fully into the constellation of Aquarius, one degree, around the year 2013. Again just coincidence that the Mayan Calendar ends in the year... 2012 and the next solar maximum is 2012-13. Is there more to this time we live in now then we might have ever suspected or even dared to think?" He was quiet for a minute then said,

Sooo... once again I say..." Jup looked at every student in the classroom for a moment before he slowly, softly said along with the class,

"Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected."

"Good, that's it."

Not a word was heard from the class as they smiled at their beloved teacher. To a student they just looked at Professor Jup Colter. He was a unique teacher and his long hair and big smile made him look like Albert Einstein. His students loved his class lectures.

"Look at this graph of the past solar maximums over the last fifty or so years. Study it for a minute and tell us all what springs out at you."

The class was quiet for a few moments before Tycho of Trancus raised his hand saying

"The double solar max Cycle 23 is the biggest sign wave on the graph, can even see it's double peek in fact.."

"Correct Sir Tycho of Trancus. A good observation is made by the young scientist today. All take note of what the good young scientist has just shared" running his pencil along the out line of the red line, over both humps of the double solar max portrayed up on the screen.

"Look at the two first humps of the double solar max, right here." His pencils outline tracing the undulations of the double solar max twenty-three cycle for the class to see.

As he was doing this he noticed the red line as it progressed showed a second hump that appeared to show the Sun attempted a double-double solar max cycle. He could see it just fell short of that astronomical feat. But it was clearly the case here.

"It has happened on rare occasions during the history of our Sun and our solar system, but it was generally agreed that a double-double solar max is a very rare phenomenon indeed. They occurred and will occur again is about all anyone really knows about them. Cycle 23 came very close to being just that" he thought to himself as he marveled at the graph.

Tycho asked Jup

"Does this mean that you think the earth might be heading into a climate flip like we have discussed. And that our intuition might be our best guide to understanding what's going on here on the Earth today."

"Yes using research coupled to an informed intuition is really the only way out from here with the dilemmas we face on the planet today. It is to big an issue for our six o'clock news cycles to get their minds around in three minute reports. The news print mediums are about selling papers, so grim and grimmer are duly represented there but not solutions for these perplexing problems we face on the planet now. So we become perplexed about our world or the corporate motivations we see around us today? Who isn't? Our research allows us an informed intuition leading us to the conclusion that our planet is in a significant cycle of biospheric and atmospheric declines and that world governments and corporations seem helpless to respond to these impending collapses."

Tycho of Trancus raised his hand again. When called, he spoke up impassioned.

"I think the significance of all this is the role that our Sun plays in our lives. Size alone would dictate that. If the Sun is the size of a small orange then Jupiter by comparison is the size of a cherry pit. I understand that Jupiter's electro magnetic field is the biggest thing in the solar system as you point out. But face it our atmosphere catches most of it like you also said and the x-rays amount to a visit to the dentist. How much of an effect is that? Now the Sun on the other hand is like a powerful reflecting cosmic jewel set out there in space and the great giver of life for us here on Earth."

Jup smiled at Tycho as he said the word "the great giver of life for us here on Earth" as he looked sky ward, acting as if he was basking in the sun's rays as Tycho continued.

"Look at what we have learned here today. It is our Sun's position at the spring equinox that tells us we have moved into a new constellation of the zodiac. And that the Sun is actually a reflector of Jupiter's x-ray energy pulses, reflecting it back to Jupiter and able to even illuminate the giant planet's north pole auroras. Those facts alone and that the Sun reflects back light from all our planets makes the Sun like a huge mirror. I wonder what the significance of that is, our sun a huge reflector in our solar system?" Tycho sat quiet now, the rest of the class looked at Jup waiting for his response.

"Yes Tycho is correct. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system yet it is still second to the sun regards it's influence in our solar system."

Joan raised her hand replying to the comments just made about the sun.

"From an individual point of view does not the moon have even a greater role to play in our lives than even the sun? Reflecting the sun's light at night, effecting our tides at full moon and even the moon as a metaphor for our own minds which are made visible by the light of our self awareness like in our dreams."

Jup smiled at Joan and said "yes thank you Joan, you make some very good points about our moon and it's affect on our earth and our minds. Full moons and madness are inextricably linked in both the records of medicine and law enforcement. Some even believe that full moons and the sun can effect the earth's tides, adding or removing water, subsequently effecting pressure on the earth's tectonic plates bringing on earthquakes. So your point is well taken Joan."

Ric Ens raised his hand and when called upon spoke about the Age of Aquarius and the period of a Consciousness Soul dawning on the Earth.

"Maybe that's the awareness our planet's people need to open up to, then like a brilliant diamond caught in the sun, or the moon illumined by the sun's light, we will discover our place as members along with the extraterrestrials of both Mars and Jupiter in a greater solar community that then hooks up with this even greater Galactic Federation."

Jup responded immediately.

"Extraterrestrials on both" emphasizing 'both' as he spoke, "Mars and Jupiter our young scientist Ric Ens theorizes. Then branching out from the interplanetary species of our solar system we join up with interstellar species." He went quiet looking at the class, then smiled at them.

The class smiled back but were silent, looking at Jup. His hair graying, scraggily, hanging down his head to cover his ears, giving him all the appearance of a younger Albert Einstein. After a long pause Jup said,

"sounds reasonable with what we have learned over the course of the year about our solar system and the greater universe eighty-eight constellations large... The wonders of a star nations community."

The class laughed at his slow infection 'wooonders' . They got the drift of his sentiments and understood the facts he presented them with during the lecture. That the universe could be self aware with intelligent life was enough to make anyone pay attention. They listened intently to what he was about to say to them.

"To think that our own body, our hearts and minds can reflect star light out, back to the stars.... like a diamond caught in the sun's light is...uplifting. Like the Sun, that reflects stars light back to their source still burning or gases gone cold, the Ages will come and go, constellations long passed through in earths rounds of 25,920 years, do once more return again. Like eternal flames, these burning returning reflections of life's lights call out to us for a response."

The class was still, still as young deer caught in the headlights glare. Not sure what he had just said, they all sat perfectly still. Then a voice called out from the back of the class room.

"Son of the Sun or Sun of the Son, either one works for me. Mine is a far ranging faith" Iroquois Sun says this while stretching his arms over his head like the arc of a diver then fans them out opening up like the tail of a peacock.

The students laugh at his gestures, finding his thoughts deep, probing for meaning. Smiling at his student Jup then from the graph of the double solar max twenty-three cycle he switched the picture on the overhead back to the aurora borealis of Jupiter's north pole. Continuing with his class lecture:

"What you are looking at on the screen good students is... evolution. Our solar system is not unique in our galaxy and is subject to the same laws as the rest of the universe. Sure there may only be one planet or world out there with life as we know it in our entire Milky Way galaxy but in the great expanses of the Universe the odds are good that intelligent life does exist elsewhere. It's just to big to be otherwise. What the laws of physics are beyond our world's Newtonian physics we are just now learning about. Einstein's world of quantum mechanics added to by the world of super- string theory has us moving into 'new world views' and thinking about our physical universe. Japanese-American Astrophysics pioneer Dr. Michio Kaku has calculated that there are other intelligent life forms in our universe and he thinks possibly even in our own galaxy. Currently we are classified as a Type Zero civilization. He calculates we are about 100 to 200 years away from being a Type One civilization according to his theory of species evolution. It is only my opinion here but I think our solar system is getting ready for one of two...inevitabilities."

"The two inevitabilities that I see clearly taking shape for us here on Earth are 1) utopia, or 2) catastrophe."

"Either we step up to the physical materializations of a Type One civilization as exemplified by the f hydrogen economy like Iceland is now unfolding, cancer research downsizing with the recognition of the immune system of the human being being the first line of defense against most if not all illness with renewed emphasis directed at diet, water, sunlight and a thankful attitude those gifts of our hearts and minds. All biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction are destroyed, banned from the planet. All war is out-lawed. A cashless society is established. " Jup was quiet for a moment looking at the class then continued.

"The second inevitability - failing to maneuver the Earth into these quantum leaps of a civilized and a unified planet this Age of Aquarius will arrive and like water come to bear on a dry planet our collective consciousness will have missed this opportunity and we will have learned nothing of the meaning of life or what a community is. Just a failed spiritual, electrical, biological experiment."

He walked around the classroom looking at the NASA photo of Jupiter's aurora at it's north pole from different vantage points in the classroom. They had the Science at NASA site up on the overhead screen clicking on the story about the 'Puzzling x-rays from Jupiter' then Jup logged off the website keeping the story up on the screen for the students review.

"Let's all of us observe Jupiter for a few more minutes on the projection screen up front." The students are quiet as they read the sites article and observe the animated gif of Jupiter's north poles aurora lighting up. Jup had taught his science classes over the years at Cabrillo Tech the Goethean mode of observation. These periods of quiet reflection were part of this learned observation technique. Five minutes later Jup breaks the quiet.

"It is so strange" he continues. "The notion that something is being communicated here with regularity, a record of an event, clear as a bell, visible to us,.. is really a gift, a jewel for the study of science and humankind."

Mr. John 'Jup' Colter asked if any of his students had some observations, questions or comments that they would like to share with the others.

"I have a question sir. Clarify for us the differences between a Type Zero and a Type One civilization." It was Tycho of Trancas asking the question.

Jup answered saying, "According to Dr. Michio Kaku a Type Zero civilization is harnessed to the wheel of oil and dead plant life for it's energy needs while a Type One civilization has harnessed the power of the planet for it's energy needs. Using the wind and windmills producing energy, while also running hydrogen processing plants and using the pure water by product for a thirsty planet's needs, using the sun's energy as well. They can control the weather and oceans while even keeping earthquakes and volcanoes in check."

"Is there a Type Two civilization and if so what are it's distinguishing features?" another student asked.

"Yes there is a Type Two civilization and a Type Three civilization as well. A Type Two civilization has learned to harness the power of it's sun or a star. A Type Three civilization is a member of the galactic federation and has colonized stars in their galaxy. Possibly their is a Type Three civilization in our own Milky Way Galaxy."

Another student raised his hand asking, "Is their any difference between Jupiter's aurora and Earth's aurora?"

"Good question. On Earth the electrons and ions are part of the solar wind or from our ionosphere. On Jupiter they are produced from volcanoes. Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active moon in the solar system. It can fill the planet's magnetosphere in ionized sulfur and oxygen. Then particles, ions from the moon Io are speeded up in the local electric fields and expand geometrically towards Jupiter's aurora zone."(1)

"Anything else?" "O.K. read up on Wormholes in your text. It there are no more questions then this class is dismissed." He put his books and papers into his large school bag then walked out of the classroom saying goodbye to his students as he left.

Once outside he walked to his car, got in and started to drive home. Leaving the college parking lot to get onto the coast highway he saw the 'slow glows' biking their way north up the highway. As he watched them he thought to himself how small they looked, like specks of dust caught in the shimmering waves of heat floating off the highway. He recalled a poem from his childhood, 'Three Gypsies' by Lenau. As he drove onto the highway he recited the poem aloud.

Three Gypsies

Three old gypsies once I found
Under a willow - tree - weeping;
When my wagon in sandy ground
Over the moorland was creeping.

Held the one for his own delight
Fiddle-bow in his fingers,
Played in the evening's rosy light
Many a song that lingers.

Held the second a pipe in his hand,
Watching the smoke that receded,
Happy as if in the whole wide land
Nothing at all were needed.

And the third contentedly slept,
While his guitar lay near him;
Over its strings a wind's breath crept,
Dreams were sufficient to cheer him.

And in their clothing carried the three
Holes and bright-colored patches.
But they scorned, so fiery and free,
All earth's destiny - scratches.

Gypsies three showed me this that day:
Is life dark? Do not mourn it!
Well, one can play, smoke, sleep it away,
Thrice can despise and scorn it!

Driving onward, I long looked back,
Musing on Gypsy races,
Long wild locks, unkempt and black,
Dark brown eyes and faces.

Soon he reached the ramp to Santa Monica Bl. passing under the great native Sycamore trees lining the streets soon he arrived at his small, three-bedroom stucco house in the beautiful coast town. His front yard gardens were filled with yellow and orange California Poppies and a small scrub Oak tree grew just off the front porch. He greeted his wife and children as he walked into the house.

That night the Colter family ate dinner together and talked about the days happenings. Io and Europa attended Franklin Middle School the local public school just down the street from their house. They were busy this year, Io with a fun Botany class that was growing garden plots and Europa with her Biology class building a terrarium for a pair of green tree frogs. They asked if Martin Porres their friend was taking his Astronomy Class this semester.

"Yes Martin Porres is taking the class this semester" to which his children cheered. They loved their friend very much, and called out:

"Dogan Sirius.. Martin Porres!"

"Alright children time to eat your asparagus.

"You mean from the "gas- giant's patch to our pants' asparagus, the more you eat the more you..."

"That's enough Europa. It's very good for you and it's from our garden, so just be thankful for the gifts of Mother Nature and don't complain."

Io called out laughing: "about gas in your pants Europa."

"Now that's enough Io." The children in fact liked the asparagus but their embarrassment with their occasional gastric reactions to it was a souse of some embarrassment for them. They coped with humor and Mari understood that.

After dinner the children finished their homework and Jup did some research in his study. At nine o'clock the children went to bed. Soon after Mari and Jup turned in for the night as well. They both fell into a deep sleep soon after laying down.

Jup dreamed he was with his wife and children celebrating Mari's birthday just a few weeks before, amid much laughter, kissing her warm round face with cheeks warm as goose down pillows. Then the dream scene changes with the children running in the gardens asparagus patch which was as tall as them, farting and laughing to their heart's content. They call out: 'the gas giant's patch in our pants' 'smells like gas but so good for you mother says.' Then Jup is sitting by his fireplace with his family feeling that there is 'no fireside like your own fireside'. Sitting in the fires glow the dream ends.

At eleven that night Jup got up and went to the bathroom. He poured himself a glass of water then walking back to his bedroom he remembered a technique that a friend of his wife named Adrian had shared with them for remembering out of the body experiences. As he sat on the bed he decided to try the technique. While drinking the water Jup looked up at the bedroom ceiling with only his eyes moving, his head remained fixed straight ahead facing the bedroom wall. His eyes however now at a ninety-degree angle looked at the spray painted ceiling of Jupiter's gray clouds, blue oceans and ice fields reflecting back into his uplifted gaze. He drinks half the glass of water then as instructed he sets the glass on the night stand next to their bed, all while his eyes remain fixed on the bedroom's ceiling and Jupiter's image. Then switching off the small night light he gets back under his covers, laying there thinking about his beloved planet Jupiter.

Asleep in about fifteen minutes he is immediately out of his body looking at himself and his wife Mari, both of them sleeping soundly. He looks at the celestial ceiling painting and then in an instant is moving into Jupiter's world set out before him this night like a huge park fit for exploration and now a point of destination. He smiled and said to himself,

"I'm going to Jupiiter" looking back one last time at their sleeping forms, as he was carried along in his drop of dream experience into world's of potential. He saw a sleeping Jup smiling wide as he turned his gaze to gray thick air rolling in clouds over huge waterfalls deep in the Congo world of this Garden of Eden. Elephants, lions and the native inhabitants of this place moved in and out of the thick jungles. Then he became aware of Martin Porres standing before him. Somewhat relieved to see Martin he called out to him,

"Yo - Dogan Sirius... Martin it's you!"

Martin his student from Cabrillo Trade Tech laughed as he looked at Jup. The fourteen year old African-American, his hair in dread locks, dressed in a brown frock up to his thighs and barefoot. He wore a string of shells around his neck. Together they walked in this dark, great forest in the Earth's past some fifty thousand years ago. From the caves many fires illumined the figures of the Cro-Magnon walking in the shadows, the lights flickering shadows and forms passing in and out of the bright fires light. Modern human and it's many civilizations to follow moved about.

"See Jup, here is the spiritual world, free from the gravity of Earth, this is the 'conscious sub-atomic world'. Here is the dream bark of our D.N.A. code Professor. You can feel the stuff of this place, the fineness of it brushing your face as we walk along the river. Feel it Jup? we are made of that fine waterfalls mist rising into the warm astral lights of the comet's tail sparkling the mirror matter into the 'invisible world' of 'dark matter and energy'.. Remember Professor Foot of Australia, this is his 'dark matter universe of mirror matter'. It's real Professor and you are here now." (15)

Standing beside this great waterfall I catch a large meteor falling overhead that seemed to look a lot like the meteor I had seen with my family just the night before. As by reflex I hold my hand up to the falling body closing my fist to judge the objects size. The meteor was as large as my fist as it moved slowly overhead. It was the dark rich brown, and misshapen metal object with that eerie orange red glow seething from it's core that so scared Europa the night before. Behind it the column of billowy evaporated gases and white ice water clouds sparkled like mica and silicon chips caught in the light of the meteor's gas glow. Then I heard Martin speaking to me.

"As you step through the waterfalls mist and the meteor's mirror matter into the dark matter of these 'invisible micro-sub-small' worlds Professor, you will see nothing but dark matters glowing outlines of this 'invisible world' at first. Your vision will adjust to this 'invisible world' then you will see the new Earth Jupiter the world of our futures Professor. Progressing all the way from our Creation through our evolution here on the Earth to finally find that shared meaning of life in the multi-verse of Creation."

"Yo - Dogan Sirius... serious as blue diamonds and stars!,.. see ya Professor. Stay real small in there, helps with your navigation."

I turned away from him and walked into the fog of the waterfalls. Mixed in the mist of the meteor's dust clouds swirling like irregularly spinning tops around me in a boiling froth. I looked down to a singular still point just a step away at my feet that was illumined like a spot light and about three feet wide. As I stepped into this still spot of light a huge beautiful world opened before me. It was just as Martin had told me. Dark with just faint outlines of lights, the dark energy strung out like moisture drops caught on the spider's wet morning web. Like flacks of mica sparkling, flying floating in this sea all around me I understood what Martin meant by 'stay small'.

As my vision adapted to the darkness I could see great wet clouds of this meteor dust mingling in the rain filling the air, sparkling like billions of fish scales swimming along in this wide river of air and water. There I was, as incased in a drop of clear rain water, sailing in the great clouds of this 'invisible' world. It was so cool in this new Earth Jupiter world's upper layer's of atmosphere that I was actually cold at first. Then I could see for the first time the giant planet. It looked like our own solar system but with many more bodies circling it, controlled by its gravity. Comets and asteroids filled the great spaces with the great billowing clouds rising, swelling like the waves of a great ocean. As I fell through the sky deeper into this world, the clouds seemed to move even faster carrying me along into a great descent. The distinct order of ammonia that had at first filled the air was now replaced with the fresh scented atmosphere of cool ice, water and hydrogen.

Falling like a drop of rain I had not the slightest sensation of fear but rather began seeing intelligent life forms working all around me in this world. At first they were mostly invisible to me but I could feel that something was going on all around me. A feeling of good will or even...love streamed from and through this atmosphere of water and ice, this immense fluid world of hydrogen, oxygen and gases.

Aerial photograph © 2002 by Lucy Pringle located Aug 15, 2002 over the hill from the great cathedral in Winchester, south of England - alien carrying a digitally coded dish

They looked like the 'g forces' had shaped their features, angled, small slits for nostrils, yet their heads big, rounded with chiseled chins and brows. Their stature from what I could make out was running about four to five feet tall, most thin, yet a few were as plump as honey bees. Shape shifting forms first out of focus moving around my bubble then came into clear view before me. Small individual hominid shapes, fixed expressions on their faces, great big, seemingly emotionless black eyes, looked almost like 'skinny telle tubys' in their shape as they floated by me in this new Earth Jupiter. All around us it was dark, yet sparkling gray clouds full of this meteor dust was allowing me to see into the world's invisible darkness. I could see a vast world unfolding before me now. It was full of life forms, bees, dragon flies, sparkling, glowing in the comets dust that filled the clouds. Floating and flying through the atmosphere flashing on and off, anti- matter, matter, visible then invisible, the insects seemed to do the labor in this world. And nothing seemed fixed, or not exactly fixed, rather it was a gray, fuzzy kind of fixed as these insect clouds would move off and in great swarms of activity go about building huge electric webs in the sky. The outlines of these great forms were like irregular halos I could see but what they did I did not know. I observed that individuality was present in these beings and that the animal kingdom of the insects seemed condensed into a collective consciousness that communicated with and worked for these beings and like a single great wave of new matter they surged to the task at hand, then returning back to a stillness or pause, clustering again around the conscious 'tele tubby' beings who seemed to run this world and were not in the least bit threatening. Then again as the beings of this world had an idea, the insects like wild animals would surge into a collective activity, pulsing into collective mass action once again.

This was the new Earth Jupiter that Martin Porres had led me to, this-new world of robust life in what I could only describe as a world of 'astralized fluids', 'comet dust'. Caught in this comet's dust were these mirror worlds, I could see the intelligent life forms moving around in these gray clouds. An incredible array of colors in the light spectrum were apparently used as healing tools by these beings. Set beside huge pools of a blue green algae the rising gases were trapped in huge domes that used the hydrogen mists to power entire complexes, waterfalls filled the air with ozone smelling odors as the water run was caught in great catches that looked like great calm reflecting lakes. Then I began to observe that these: "aren't like the solids, liquids and gases that we learned about in school. Odd as it seemed now they were not even vaporous, not hard, not fluid. Indeed, there are no ordinary words to describe them because they come from another world. More a phenomenon of physics than any resemblance to earthly life forms." (5)

"And the odor in this world 'pouring out of them something that I could only identify as 'the fragrance of blissful love' mixed in ozone saturating even the rain drop bubbles mist I was sailing in. (4)

It was mingled in the physical aspects of this world, along with the hydrogen and sulfuric acids, all of it mixing in great billowy clouds all around me. Then the fragrance seemed strangely familiar to me, I thought of Mari for a moment. Then I stood on a clearing upon a great snow plateau, great brown rocks with beautiful colorful bands running through them covered the hill sides. Terraced gardens were being maintained by what seemed to me a hundred or more of these beings. They looked at me and communicated amongst themselves about my presence as they continued working. I noticed that the plant life grew at a much faster rate than on earth and their leaf structures had a far greater variety with fruits and vegetables of every color found in the rainbow. The air was full of this fine mica like comets dust, I saw bees and dragon flies swarming all about. The wind was blowing like a gale high up above, yet it seemed very still here in this clearing where I stood with all this activity going on around me. These conscious beings then seemed to be studying me. I saw one of them, with a thin, sharp featured face like a bee stepping forward. It was holding what looked like a round shield, or a dish. As he came closer I could see that it had a circular digital code engraved on it. It carried the disc on it's left shoulder. When it was ten feet from me it stopped and in what sounded like a mechanized voice spoke to me in English saying:

" The future success of Earth's mission was dependent upon the following circumstances occurring. That love will stream forth from all things and it is the mission of the Earth evolution to develop this love and that love will flow through everything just as wisdom now reigns in everything upon the Earth" (4)

As if pulled from a whirlpool, Jup awoke.

As the rays of sunrise poured into the Colter's house, the morning light filled Jup's eyes as he looked out the bedroom window. He repeated the technique he started the night before, finishing the glass of water that sat beside his bed. Then turning to his now stirring wife he said gently,

"I was there last night, I remember being there."

Sleepily she replied, "where?"

"Jupiter. It's beautiful Mari...beautiful... I used Adrian's technique for remembering out of the body experiences during our sleep just before going to bed last night. Then I saw the 'Dogan Sirius' Martin Porres standing at the gate to this world of ...mist or astral fluids, mingled in the dust of a meteor's dust. As I entered this world there were intelligent beings that I could hardly make out at first but were full of this fragrance... like a fragrance of blissful love is the only way I can describe it Mari."

"Really! I can't seem to remember anything when I do that technique. Astral mist made from meteor dust? sounds possible, who is this 'dog star' by the way? You really think you were on Jupiter last night and communicated with intelligent beings there? The reek of sulfuric acid was," smiling as Mari said it, 'blissful love'. All in your dreams, right?"

"Not exactly but yes. I think I actually astral traveled somewhere between here and there, a new Earth Jupiter world full of gardens and water surrounded in this... astral mist of meteor dust is the only way I can explain it Mari." They lay in bed for a moment, neither saying a word before Mari spoke again.

'Gardens and water, astral mist made from meteor dust, and a dog star communicated with you'? Jup just shook his head to his wife's question.

"Don't tell the kids just yet, I think we need some growing into this first."

"I understand."

Turning to his wife in the early morning light Jup puts his arm around Mari's shoulder kissing her cheek gently. Slowly he moves his warm body towards her until they become as one. Held in each other's embrace they begin to make love as only lovers can. Jup's mind once again is filled with the scent of his nocturnal journey. Ten minutes later 'the fragrance of blissful love' fills the air enlivening their senses and hot beating hearts. Together they experience world's beyond coming into focus, then opening like the lotus lily releasing a fragrance that fills the air with the unmistakable scent of 'blissful love'...they lay still holding each other for long moments afterwards. Then begin gently rubbing their warm cheeks together, felt 'soft as goose feather pillows' Jup thought. Finally Mari, breathing deep, says to Jup: 'now that is the fragrance of blissful love', as they both laughed loud. Jup got up to take a shower. Once in the bathroom he hears a knock on the door. 'Come in'. It was his son Io.

As he walks in he looks at his father and says, "Dad I saw Jupiter last night in my dreams." Jup smiled at his son then said, " beautiful Io, very beautiful."

As he walked into the kitchen his twelve year old daughter Europa asked: "Good night's sleep Dad?"

Jup looked at Europa and for a moment flashed to his journey last night, then replied, "just fine Europa and you, was your sleep sound?"

"Yes father."

As Jup drove to Carrillo Trade Tech in his white 1975 Dodge Dart for his Celestial Mechanics and Navigation class he thought about his dreams last night. Martin, the great waterfalls and volcanoes and Jupiter, he had seen them all, sure as he was now driving to his teaching job. Seemed so real, the conscious beings swarming together seemed like a bee hive of life to him. Driving down the ramp to the coast highway he spotted Davey Crocket an actor driving up the ramp, age seemed his mistress. Then he saw the producer with his ''Star' plates, love it. As he continued driving up the coast he saw Bo slowly flash by as he drifted in and out of his nocturne journey visiting new Earth Jupiter last night. As he pulled into the parking lot he noticed a school of Bobwhite quail running into the chaparral thicket and sage brush disappearing, squeaking softly.

When everyone was in the class room he passed out an Introduction to a theory by a Russian Scientist Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev. The title of the paper was Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life, it was published in Russian ten years ago originally. It had recently been translated into the English just a few year earlier. The students take the next twenty minutes to read the document quietly, questions were taken at the front of the class with Jup answering them quietly while sitting at his lab table.

Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life, Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev

Alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes.


Current, in process, geological, geophysical, and climatical alterations of the Earth are becoming more, and more, irreversible. At the present time researchers are revealing some of the causes which are leading to a general reorganization of the electro-magnetosphere (the electromagnetic skeleton) of our planet, and of its climatic machinery. A greater number of specialists in climatology, geophysics, planetophysics, and heliophysics are tending towards a cosmic causative sequence version for what is happening. Indeed, events of the last decade give strong evidence of unusually significant heliospheric and planetophysic transformations [1,2]. Given the quality, quantity, and scale of these transformations we may say that:

The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth (through a tightly connected feedback system) are directly impacted by, and linked back to, the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System. We must begin to organize our attention and thinking to understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or link, in a whole chain of events taking place in our Heliosphere.

These deep physical processes, these new qualities of our physical and geological environment, will impose special adaptive challenges and requirements for all life forms on Earth. Considering the problems of adaptation our biosphere will have with these new physical conditions on Earth, we need to distinguish the general tendency and nature of the changes. As we will show below, these tendencies may be traced in the direction of planet energy capacity growth (capacitance), which is leading to a highly excited or charged state of some of Earth's systems. The most intense transformations are taking place in the planetary gas-plasma envelopes to which the productive possibilities of our biosphere are timed. Currently this new scenario of excess energy run-off is being formed, and observed:

In the ionosphere by plasma generation.
In the magnetosphere by magnetic storms.
In the atmosphere by cyclones.

This high-energy atmospheric phenomena, which was rare in the past, is now becoming more frequent, intense, and changed in its nature. The material composition of the gas-plasma envelope is also being transformed. End of Introduction.

After the class reads the paper's Introduction Jup begins his lecture for the day.

"1.0 - Transformation of Our Solar System- has the following observations about our sun's twenty-third solar cycle and the 'interplanetary environment' with the 'growth of Jupiter's systems heliospheric function'. From his paper section 1.3.3 'Concerning the energy of solar cosmic rays', Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev writes," the very beginning of this cycle provided evidence of the large-scale events to come; especially in relation to an increase in the frequency of super-flashes. The situation has become extremely serious due to the growth in the transmitting qualities of the interplanetary environment and the growth of Jupiter's systems heliospheric function." After pausing a moment he asked his students,

"What does this mean to the average person driving up and down the coast now? Not very much, right?.. wrong! We are, all of us, being changed molecularly and biologically everyday now with "a growth in the velocity, quality, quantity, and energetic power of our Solar System's Heliospheric processes."(2) These charged particles streaming from our sun, the stars and planets of our solar system, even the universe itself, all are changing and having their way with our planet Earth now,... and us." He was quiet as he walked around the room.

"I had you read the Introduction of Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev's paper 'Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life' to give you some background for this idea. In my Astronomy class several days ago which some of you take I showed this NASA photo of Jupiter" he got the site online and showed the x-ray photo of Jupiter's auroas again for those who did not take his Astronomy call. "I stated that I think we are looking at evolution here with this picture of Jupiter... and I do believe it is just that my good friends,... and we are all part of it.... know it or not." The class was quite as his facial expressions now queried his students seeking out questions or comments. A student finally raised his hand then asked Jup,

"So is this good news or bad news, you know the Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev's paper 'Planetophysical State of The Earth and this beacon from Jupiter?"

"Civilization can now move up to the next level of cooperation as we catch this wave of transformation or humanity can lose this great opportunity and may not be had again for a very long time into our collective futures. One school of thinking says that we might just roll back, devolution rather than evolution, to a more primitive state of affairs here on Earth in the future."

Adam Waters raised his hand then said, "So what this paper says and the phenomenon of Jupiter's north pole lighting up every forty-five minutes, you think that maybe this is some sort of evolutionary beacon alerting us about something that is happening in our solar system now and has been since at least 1979 when it was first detected by NASA?"

"Yes I do Mr. Adam's Ale" smiling as he said it, then continuing. "It is our medium sized sun, the four-and-a-half billion year old star  and Jupiter's north pole pulsing, illumined by the suns solar flares that has caught my attention." He looked at the class, his expression begins to get serious as he begins his lecture again.

The earth's electro magnetic field which has been getting weaker now for the last thirty years. Our compass needles fixed on the north polestar's position by the iron in our own rocks and the volcanic magma found in the oceans. As this magma cools and fixes lines of the magnetic field of Earth in the lava beds of the oceans, it is here that scientists have seen the magnetic pole flip recorded in the ocean floor of hardened lava rocks. What happens to our aircraft and the pilots flying those planes? Pole flips have happened many times. In fact every 500 thousand years here on Earth it occurs. What happens with militaries, mariners and fishermen, pilots, satellite techs, G.P.S. monitors, those manning EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] missile sites aimed at other countries satellites, etc.. when the pole shift in the electro magnetic field of the Earth' happens? Are we prepared for such an event? And the cancer rates that go up due to increased radiation exposure, would a heads up be of benefit for us?" He looked at the class long and hard. He was bone chilling serious now.

"Yo - Dogan Sirius, serious as blue diamonds Professor!" someone finally called out to him. He smiled continuing with his lecture.

"Is life protected from the solar bursts that are raining in on us everyday now? If we don't have an electro magnetic field for three days for our protection what might happen? Cancer rates will increase, and we will we find ourselves in harms way if we work outdoors? These are the questions being asked now in the scientific community and found in the literature. You, as hands on technicians in this bold new technology that the world is evolving to, will have to think about these natural phenomenon happening on your watch. Your livelihood and company or government might depend upon your understanding, and handling them effectively in time as they are occurring" looking around the classroom as he said this.

"Let me read the quote from Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev's Introduction to you once again."

"It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes." The class was quiet for a minute. Then Jup spoke again.

"The renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes,' and 'the adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth'.

"Those my friends are the challenges we face now and for the foreseeable future here on the planet Earth. These are the changes from our slower material physical world vibrations into the faster electro-magnetic frequencies that are occurring now in our solar system. We are moving from a physical-chemical world into an electro-magnetic world. Just look at all the technology we are enmeshed in, couple that with the activity of the sun and the effects it has on the planet's ubiquitous electronic webs of technology and our own health and you better understand what we are facing as a planet."

"Any other questions or comments about what we have discussed today? If not then let me close class early with the following quote."

"Evolution=Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness=Union effected", it is from the now passed Jesuit priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard De Chardin in his book "The Human Phenomenon".

He was quiet for a moment then dismissed the class..

"You all have a nice weekend and enjoy this great weather. Any of you in my Technology for the twenty-first century class next week please read Chapter Twelve in your textbook on Alternative Energy with emphasis on 'Windmills, Electricity production to hydrogen power production'. If you are in my Astronomy class please read Chapter Eight on Wormholes for class next week... 'surf's up!' ". He figured reading Dmitriev's writing was enough for a days class work and being Friday catching the two o'clock ride out at Malibu was good for class moral.

As he drove home that warm afternoon he noticed once again how beautiful it was. The great Sycamore trees towered above the streets, chrysanthemums and geraniums filled the many planter boxes. The vegetation seemed animated, alive to being appreciated. Buildings, trees, gardens and lawns all sharp, clean like a dream world, sparkling as a wind blown day. Then he thought of new Earth Jupiter... seeing the massive volcanoes and the great water falls of the Congo, the sulfuric gases swirling like great rivers... the rolling, returning cells of light, pouring out from the volcanoes... He then noticed how beautiful the passing buildings colors were. He wondered how any one could get complacent in such a place, seemed beyond the scope of Jup's mind that afternoon as he drove home to be with his family.

At dinner that night Jup asked his children what they had learned at school this week. The twelve year old Europa speaks up saying,'

'El Niño's warm waters are replacing La Niña's cold waters now in the world's ocean currents. That's what I learned in Science this week Dad."

Jup was quite for a minute thinking about what Europa had just said to him. Mari smiled at Europa then said to the children;

"alright let's get that asparagus, fresh out of the garden, eaten please."

Io yelled: "fresh out of the 'gas- giant's patch' " They all laughed at this old family joke.

The children get to eating while Jup sits quietly eating, thinking a loud to himself.

"This last solar maximum cycle was double peaked and only now beginning to burn out. The Earth's weather patterns are changing rapidly as winter did not know it was spring in the northern hemisphere and where it did heat records were being set. All while world governments still pushed for nineteenth century energy solutions with out a word of mention given to hydrogen production, ethanol corn fuels or even windmills. Algae ponds was a Berkley day dream and the water solution with hydrogen production just idle speculation. It seemed to him that children's minds were fluid enough to grasp both the changes happening on the planet now and the relatively simple solutions for fixing these immense problems now facing the planet."

Sometimes Jup felt like a small baby squid floating in some great foam of a celestial volcanoes eruption, bubbling up, swimming along with billions of conscious white light cells in a river of life.

"Yes Europa El Niño's warming currents are returning again. You are correct El Niño is the result of warming ocean currents. Very good young lady, I think we have a scientist in the making here. Keep up the good work Europa."

Io the younger brother had noting to add, just smiling at his older sister affectionately as he ate his pasta and asparagus.

After dinner the children finished their homework and Jup did some research in his study. At nine o'clock the children went to bed. Soon after Mari and Jup turned in for the night as well. They both fell into a deep sleep soon after laying down. Jup dreamed he was with his wife and children celebrating Mari's birthday just a few weeks before, amid much laughter, kissing her warm round face with cheeks warm as goose down pillows. Then the dream scene changes with the children running in the gardens asparagus patch which was as tall as them, farting and laughing to their heart's content. They call out: 'the gas giant's patch in our pants' 'smells like gas but so good for you mother says.' Then Jup is sitting by his fireplace with his family feeling that there is 'no fireside like your own fireside'. Sitting in the fires glow the dream ends.

Saturday morning

That morning as the family was eating breakfast Europa noticed that Poncho their dachshund was confused running around in the living room in circles and then did something it had not done since it was a puppy, it peed on the carpet. Io laughed as Europa called out,

'gross Poncho what is wrong with you dog?"

The old dachshund, gray around the muzzle did not seem to respond to Europa's disgust, in fact it did not seem to know who was even talking to him. But what it did next was really what caught everyone's attention. Poncho the family pet for twelve years ran into the back door completely missing the doggy door that was set into the back door for his use. He miscalculated the doggy door entirely and now lay flat on his stomach barking at the door.

"Something is wrong with Poncho dad, can't seem to keep his balance either" Europa said.

Io spoke up now and said better take him to the Porres dad, let them fix him."

Jup called the dog, "Poncho, come her boy, come here Poncho." The dog lay on the floor not moving, just staring at the door. "Poncho, come here" but the dog just laid there not moving a muscle and ignoring all the prompting from Jup to come to him. Then Poncho finally got up and walked to the corner of the kitchen and seemed to get stuck in the corner unable to walk to the table where the Colter's were sitting or even remove himself from the corner. He was in fact stuck in the corner now, boxed in, unable to figure his dilemma out.

"Look dad Poncho is stuck" Io called out to his parents.

Mari turned to Jup and said I think Europa is right Jup I think we better take Poncho to see the Porres I think he is sick."

"I think you are right Mari" he called out to the dog once again "Poncho, come here boy" but the dog did not respond to his call and in fact did not even seem to recognize Jup or the others.

"Alright maybe Martin will be there today, it's Saturday and sometimes he helps his dad at the office" Io said. "Martin might be there" Europa said excited as Io with this possibility.

After breakfast they climbed in their white 1975 Dodge Dart and drove down to the veterinarian office of Dr. Luther Porres an African- American who has been the Colter's vet for Poncho's entire life. He was seventy years old, a tall man with gray hair, many thought he looked like an actor. It was a small office with a lab and operating room in the back of the building. As they walked in Martin Porres was sweeping the floor and preparing the office for the days business.. He was fourteen years old and helped his father at the clinic on Saturdays. He knew the Colters and greeted them warmly. Then turned to the old dachshund.

"Poncho you dog you," Poncho did not respond to his salutations. "Dog you must be sick." "Let me get my dad. Martin walks back to the back of the pet clinic and calls his father Dr.Luther Porres. They return back to the front of the office together and find Poncho standing at the front door of the clinic, hinge side, scratching at the door to get out.

"Well what do we have here Poncho, let's have a look here" Dr Luther Porres says gently. He calls the dog but no response, still standing at the hinge side of the door Poncho continues scratching, trying to get out.

Martin Porres calls, "Poncho what's up dog, you don't like us anymore, someone hurt your feelings, you hiding in the shadows of your mind now dog?"

"Oh no, look dad, Poncho is peeing on the floor" Io said with a smile on his face. Something about Poncho's standing at the wrong side of the door, peeing on the clinic floor struck nine-year-old Io as funny... but it was really more sad and Io knew that. The little gray dachshund was not it's self today.

Dr. Porres turned to the family and said Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) or what we call Alzheimer's with humans. What Poncho is going through now is a failing of his brain and nervous system. It is brought on by physical changes in their brains, a chemical imbalance."

Jup looked at the Martins and said, "you mean Poncho is suffering from Alzheimer's disease like many of our seniors in the country today?"

"He shows all the symptoms Jup. I presume he has been house broken for a long time now correct?"

"Yes that's right, but this morning he urinated in the house for the first time in I can't remember how long."

"Sleeping more during the day, ignoring you when you call him, not recognizing you or the family when he looks at you, not sucking up for petting or snacks?"

"That's right Luther, do you really think he has Alzheimer's disease? I would have never thought dogs could come down with that."

"Man's best friend can come down with anything that his master can contract unfortunately" Dr. Porres replied." Can you leave him with us for the weekend and I will give him some blood and urine tests and a physical to see if we have a correct diagnosis but from the looks of it I'm pretty sure that is the problem."

"Sure Doc whatever you think is best" Jup replied.

"Martin, clean up Poncho's mess and put her in the examination room would you son."

"O.K. dad" Martin quickly went to the utility closet and retrieved a mop. As he mopped up the floor he was singing under his breath a song he had written. He bent down to pet Poncho and for the first time the dog recognized someone. He barked at Martin and began wagging his tail, then Poncho looked at the Colter's and recognizing them ran up to Io and jumped up on his leg, wagging his tail quickly now and looked him right in the eye.

"Look dad Poncho knows who we are now."

"Well I be" Jup said, "seems Martin has healed our little friend for the time being."

"I will prescribe a drug for Poncho that will increase the dopamine in his brain. It will not hurt him and will help if the symptoms return."

"Happens all the time" little Martin said, "I have a way with the animals don't I dad?"

"Yes you do son, yes you do."

"Oh Mr. Coulter I was wondering if you could make a donation to a charity that I collect money for. It's the 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation' a very good cause and does help a lot of inner city children who have reading disabilities."

"Sure miracle worker, you helped old Poncho, so fair is fair, I will gladly help with your reading drive."

"Thank you sir, I appreciate it very much." Martin smiled at the Colter's and then turned to Poncho saying," come here Poncho" the dog ran over to Martin and rubbed up against his legs. "See he's all better, just needed some attention and the 'light of love' right dad.

"Right you are Martin."

Europa and Io called Poncho and he quickly ran over to them and barked. Martin continued with his tasks happy that Poncho was well again as Jup fished some money out of his wallet and put it in a jar that sat on the counter. The sign in front of the jar reads, 'Reading is feeding minds for life'

As the Colters were driving home when Tycho of Trancus pulled into the parking lot. He got out walking into the clinic, he was concerned about his Sun Conyer pet bird. As he entered the clinic he immediately met Martin Porres. He was sweeping when they greeted each other warmly. Tyco immediately said,

"Maritin you got to heal Picas here. His skull is bruised, caught him in the dumb as doors car door if you can picture that, gland I didn't chop his head off.."

Handing the bird gently to Martin he stepped right up to his friend and closely watched what he had seen so many times before. Martin would heal the animal. He had a knack, a gift for these things, it was well known through out the local community. It first came to peoples attention when the animals that stayed at the Porres Vet Clinic over night seemed to have a high rate of cure, seemingly miraculous. Martin Porres was the fourteen year old healer of animals who worked at his fathers Vet Clinic and a fellow classmate at Cabrillo Trade Tech.

"Picas has a contusion running along both sides of his skull just above his hearing lobes, lucky there, probably where he got banged by the door when flying the coop." He was quiet and held the birds head in his hands. He went into a prayerful state, being quiet for three minutes, slowly massaging the birds head. Tycho was quiet and watched his friend proceed to heal his very injured bird.

The bird began to move slowly in his hands. It slowly raised his head and looked at Martin. Martin rubbed his head and handed him back to Tycho of Trancus. The bird jumped up on his shoulder as Tycho hugged his young friend shouting out loud,

'St Francis got nothing on you, Dogan Sirius serious a blue diamond stars! Martin pointed to the fund jar smiling at his old friend.

"No problem man I will make a donation right now" Putting ten dollars in the jar he said to his friend while he was leaving, "thanks Martin,

"Yo - Dogan Sirius, serious as blue diamond stars!" Tycho says as he leaves the Porres's clinic with his pet Sun Conyer bird.

Martin smiled at his friend as he closed the door behind him, then he started sweeping the floors again. Seemed that's usually what you saw him doing when ever you went there, that or holding, petting or holding his hands over animals. Martin had the gift of healing animals, someday he would even raise a dead man back to life.

As the Colters ate dinner that night Europa asked Jup to tell them a story about his childhood growing up in Hollywood and in particularly his memories about Albert Einstein. Her father liked to tell of his childhood growing up in Hollywood during the Fifties. He grew up across the street from Walt Disney's business manager and just down the street from Albert Einstein's financial advisor. As a result they were in the neighborhood occasionally.

"I remember one day walking home from St. Ambrose school. I was ten yrs old walking the three blocks to school now with my friends. On the way home one afternoon just around the corner from my house I stopped to look at some robins pulling worms out of the neighbor's front yard. They were so active, pulling the worms up from their wormholes by the bucket it seemed to me. As I was watching them this elderly gentlemen joined me, standing at the fence to watch the hungry robins.

"Unable to hold my excitement I said to him, 'they are so hungry!' "

As I lived around the corner I was comfortable speaking to the old man knowing he was probably not going to catch me if I had to run from him. In this beautifully landscaped neighborhood of pomegranate, fig, date and lemon trees running through yards that had front yards full of Birds of Paradise and sweet flowering gardenia bushes my father told me and my three younger brothers to be cautious around strangers. In a minute or two it was apparent that he was a kind person

"Yes the sun is warming the ground up and the worms are coming up to have a look and when they stick their skinny little heads out of their wormholes they become easy food for our friends" he said to me.

"Looks like the robins are hungry" I said back laughing.

"Yes like strings of spaghetti." He was quiet for a moment then he said to me, "the Sun is so nice today John."

"I was surprised that he knew my name as I answered him."

"Yes the Sun is wonderful, I lay in it at the beach when my parents take me to the ocean or when we go to a swimming pool.... I love to play and lay in the Sun"

"I watched the robins, watching their every rubbery seizure." The children laughed.

"I had a little rhyme I used to say as I watched the robins pull up the worms from their wormholes, can't remember it now. But I remember the robins pulling up big, fat worms, like I could not believe. I was surprised by the robins complete success with their hunt catching the fat squirming worms pulled from the bright, well tended, green lawn. The robin's red chests announced that spring had arrived so summer was not far behind."

"Then I remember he said to me:

"Yes I too love the Sun John. It warms the earth feeding the red chested robins their worms they pulled from the worms holes."

"He would say this to me many times over the next couple of years whenever I would see him. I was always happy to respond that I too loved the sun, its warmth and especially loved seeing the bright robins catching their worms."

Europa asked Jup "did you ever think he might be the scientist Albert Einstein dad?"

"No Europa, I had no idea who he was at the time. When I was ten my father told me that he was Albert Einstein. I think he talked to my mom once and told her that I was very bright....and I think she hated me from that day forward" he said laughing. "She never mentioned his comments to my father, just kept them as her own little secret I guess."

They laughed, eating quietly now. Io spoke up after a few minutes. "Dad tell about the pine trees."

Jup smiled at his son and said sure Io. "I was walking home one day and there he was I could see him standing there a long ways away. Blue sweater and great head of gray hair looked like a lamp post standing at the corner of Orange Grove and Selma. As I approached he greeted me."

"Hello John, how was school?" he said. "I was familiar now with his question as he asked it whenever I saw him. Answering quickly I said: "Fine sir" then asked "you looking at the robins too?"

'Oh yes John and the beautiful trees' "he said this excitedly and smiled at me looking back down the tree lined street as he smiled. Then he said to me,"

"It looks like the Apian Way John, such pretty old Pine trees you have along the road here. These trees could be older than me John."

"He smiled at me, his long gray hair moving gently in the breeze. Turning again he looked down the street at the four large pine trees. They had thick trunks and great limbs that over the years had grown to hang over the sidewalk."

"I smiled and looked at the trees with him for a few minutes before continuing on my walk home. Eight years later I would visit Rome, Italy with my family on a summer vacation. Together we would drive out of the Eternal City passing its small, wind bent pines of all shapes, tall old cypress and huge cedar trees lining the ancient Apian Way riding in our rented van driving to Naples in the south of Italy."

"Does your family like music John?"

"Oh yes, my father listens to Nat King Cole, Ella, Jelly Rolls Morton, Louie Armstrong, Fats Waller, Big Spidersback, all that jazz stuff."

"Ask them if then have any classical music to play. I can recommend a record for you John."

"What's that sir?"

"The Planets by Gustav Holst. It is classical music, so beautiful. Do you think you can remember that name John?"

"Sure 'The Planets' by Gus Holds right?"

"Almost John, 'The Planets' is right, the composers name, the man who wrote this music is Gustav Holst. He pronounced the name several times until I could repeat it back to him." The Colter's sat at the table listening to Jup as if he had told the story for the first time. Then Io spoke up.

"And we listen to it now, don't we dad!" Io yelled out as he had many times before when he heard the story. He never tired of it

The Planets by Gustav Holst would become Jup's favorite symphony and Jupiter was his favorite piece from the work. It would become Io's favorite piece as well. Io could play it over and over never tiring of the tone poems expansive quality feeling like he was sailing to the great gas giant as he listened to the music. Mari monitored the record player like a conductor. Usually his third attempt at listening to the Jupiter composition would be foiled and the symphony would be silenced for the day. This went on for years in the Coulter's household.

That night as Jup was sitting on the edge of his bed drinking a glass of water, he looked up at his ceiling. The ceiling art of Jupiter pulled his vision up as he faced the bedroom wall. He drank half the glass of water putting the glass on the nightstand before turning the light out and getting into bed with Mari. They were asleep soon after.

Jup was dreaming. He was aged, gray haired and the landscape was dry and looked like Mexico. Missing where many of the tall trees and ornamental shrubbery replaced by sprawling sage brush and a heat chocked dust. It was his Southern California home thirty years in the future. Then he was in the mid-west caught in a draught, barren land with many empty farm houses. Then he saw the rivers on the East Coast at their lowest levels ever recorded. He saw the far North of Canada and it was rich in wheat and prosperous in what appeared to be a fair clime. He saw great glaciers forming along the East Coast and the Great Lakes regions. Humanity for all our creativity and ingenuity had not solved the conditions that brought on these global weather changes. The North American continent was 'rewrit' and he could see the inhabitants migrating like flocks of birds seeking better land. Then he was back in the present early dawn of the twenty-first century in the lush Southern California coastline town of Santa Monica. He was awakened in the early morning by the crows harsh cawing from the small oak tree outside their bedroom window. He sat at the edge of his bed, turned to the nightstand and drank the remaining half glass of water while he stared up at his ceilings painting of Jupiter. It was seven A.M. as he walked to the bathroom to take a shower. He was the first up this morning.

'Everyday should be Saturday' he thought to himself as he stood in the warm shower.

Sunday morning

That morning the Colters went to St Dennis Cathedral for eleven o'clock Mass. The priest Father Ernest Frank was a very sincere thoughtful speaker. Jup and Mari liked his sermons, even discussed them after mass occasionally. They both grew up going to Sunday service, continuing the practice was not out of the ordinary for either of them. To boot 'something to talk about' that alone made it worth going and contributed to keeping these family shared activities going as a desired continuum.

Father Ernest Frank walked up to the pulpit and looked out over the congregation smiling then began his sermon. His voice could of charmed wild ponies Jup often thought when he heard him speak.

"Why are we not living life to the full? All of us, peace to all of good will. Remember we humans are an organism that is four-and-a-half billion years young as our Earth, the stuff of stars headed out into a thirteen to fourteen billion year old universe. The journey of life in the world's of the living animals began for us just five million years ago. Climbing down from the trees and slowly walking out of the jungles of Africa just a short eighty thousand years ago. You could argue we have only been conscious about as long as we have had chins to take punches from those who disagreed with us or hold in our hands while deep in thought, and that is about eighty thousand years ago. Facts still hold, through toil, trial and error we have come to a point in our lives from the Neanderthal to the Cro-Magnon to the Homo Sapien-Sapien, that today we can live free and have some fun enjoying just being alive. That is a unique experience and concept, 'having fun', for our species evolution, I think all discerning minds would agree. So do it now my friends we have earned our freedom from the vicissitudes and sadness of life. Enjoy life just being alive as a conscious personality. Creation needs to see us enjoying our lives and reaching out to life. Our world needs to see this."

He paused pointedly then continued. "If not now my friends, soon. Don't worry though because we all have lots of time to do it, don't worry about that. Life is not 'winnowing down to a precious few days,' in fact 'life is spiraling out to eternity' now. This realization is depressing for the Cosmologists but very 'good news' for those in humanity today who believe they are souls. Do you get what I'm saying here good parishioners? We are immortal souls and life is a long wondrous journey. So put your stepping out shoes on and get with it. Life is the long haul as walls fall away replaced by spaces of the face of the Creator and it's many creations. In closing I say, long live, the long lived phenomenon we call human beings. God bless us all in the Sun light of Christos."

Father Frank stepped back to the alter to continue saying the mass.

After mass as they were driving home Europa says, "I liked Father Frank's sermon. 'Four and half billion years young and headed out into a thirteen to fourteen billion year old universe' now that is good."

"I see you been doing some talking about the Milky Way and the universe while playing cards with the good Father and the guys Jup" Mari said. They laughed but before Jup could say anything Io was screeching at the top of his voice,

'Four-and-a-half billion years young, now we can really have some fun. I can hardly tell you how good that sounds."

Mari looked at Jup and they both laughed at Io's enthusiasm for the sermon that morning. They drove home in their fifty miles to the gallon, Fisher carburetor fitted, white 1975 Dodge Dart sedan. His friend Freeman Port's car lot down at Venice Beach sold nothing but vehicles with slant-six engines that his mechanic partner Luis Carbon fit with Fisher's if the customer desired. Word spread over the years about fifty, seventy-five miles to the gallon of gas because of Luis Carbon's magic so usually the Fisher's were part of the package for most buyers. Freeman had Arrows, Aspens, Belvederes, Coronets, Darts, Diplomats that could be bought for cheap, Dusters, Swingers of course, Twisters, Valiants and Volares. Anything with a flat head six block, they were all as gold to Luis and Freeman.

That afternoon Jup decided to take a bike ride. The 'slow glows' were getting together for a barbeque in a small park overlooking the coastline that evening. He thought he would take a bike ride down there and see them. Visit, enjoy the nice weather and get a little exercise, all in an afternoon's outing. He was in the garage pumping some air into his back tire. When he finished pumping up the tire for the five-mile bike ride to the park he heard someone enter the garage. It was Mari.

"Say hi to Gypsy and the guys. Any particular time you think you might be home?"

"Sometime tomorrow morning. I don't have any classes Monday just a few student meetings in the afternoon, so I just might sleep out there tonight."

"Be careful, not like it was twenty even ten years ago out there now Jup. You don't want to get stabbed by some crazy out there I don't think."

"No, our health care plan might not even cover it, moral reasons, we would be hurting for certain then."

They laugh while Mari hugs her husband. "You be real careful 'Jup' I'd hate to have to go to Jupiter to bring you back." As she said this she noticed that Jup was hooking up the wagon to his bike. She then noticed that he had one of his many telescopes out.

"Are you taking a telescope out to the park with you tonight."

"Yes I thought I would show the guys the setting Sun, the Moon, some stars.. Jupiter tonight."

"That's nice. They will love it. Don't let Silver look to long at the moon, he just might have a travel episode and not come back, know what I mean."

"I do Mari, Silver's time will be real limited."

Jup rode his three wheeler down Santa Monica Bl. to the seaside park. The traffic was backed up so his presence was not minded in the afternoon's maddening herky-jerky traffic mix. His bright colored cart was painted in red, white and blue stars. Children who rode by waved to him while smiling and pointing to his cart. His bike was day glow orange with a silicon coat that gave it a bright shine. No one minded, even noticed with some curiosity the telescope in it's case carried on his wagon. Figured he was just another eccentric from the V.A. hospital just up the road. Or an eccentric with a passion for the stars with a very fixed income. Or even a 'star', not unusual for the area really. As a result he biked to the rendezvous site without a single person flipping him off or yelling at him. Slow traffic or get caught out there while riding the three wheeler could incur the wrath of road rage in it's most justified and virulent form. As he pulled into the circular drive overlooking the Pacific Ocean he saw the 'slow glows' bikes parked together at the far end of the drive. The four bikes were all colorful and decked out in mementos from their coastal travels riding from Mexico up into the Oregon coast. A small outdoor barbeque pit was being used to prepare some chickens cooking now on the grill. Baked potatoes were baking in the coals of the fire.

"Living it up I see" Jup says as he pulls his bike up to the camp site.

"Oh yes professor we do 'style our times' keeps those blues away, somewhere way out there" pointing to the ocean. Everyone laughs real loud, they all seemed to like to laugh and laugh loudly.

'We do 'style our times' just look at us Jup. Holes in our clothes overlooking this beautiful coastline getting ready to eat some good American-Mexican fried chicken while talking to our own professor." They cheer their good fortune to a man and Jup joins in the cheering. As the cheering died down Jup spoke up.

"Live and have some fun gentlemen of the 'Gypsy three-wheelers society'. In honor of the event I have brought my eight-inch lens telescope for some magic tonight."

They drew around Jup's trailer, standing quiet, they all looked at the telescope. Finally Silver looked at Jup and asked, "does that work for land as well Jup?"

"Sure does Silver, got something you want to look at?"

Until sunset they looked at the swimmers, bathers, soakers of rays with undying interest. As the evening twilight set in and the sun worshipers were long gone Jup set the telescopes sights on the horizon of the evening sky.

Knowing that the solar winds from the coronal hole on the Sun were streaming through the high-altitude of the planet now Jup knew that the the auroras might be visible this night. The 'slow glows' had probably seen their share of Northern Lights in their time but the telescope would allow them a close up view. He put an ultraviolet filter on the telescope and then got the Sun in its sights as it was about to set. Bringing the sun into focus he then turned the telescope over to Gypsy.

As he looked at the setting sun he said, "Oh my lands that is the Sun. My oh my, Jup what is that big dark crack at the top of the Sun. Looks like the thing is splitting or something?"

"That's a coronal hole in the surface of the sun from solar flare eruptions that exploded there. Solar flares are the source of the solar winds that are hitting our upper atmosphere right now Gypsy. These solar winds produce the Northern Lights which I know you all have seen." They all laugh in agreement as Jup continues. "These dark coronal holes have been visible on the Sun now for the last four consecutive twenty-seven-day solar rotations, the last 108 days."

"Now that's something, holes in the Sun. Wonder if the Sun has a headache Jup?" they laugh at the childish thought.

"No just a mid-life crises probably," Jup says. They laugh real loud as they liked to do while enjoying the professor's company. Silver the camp cook for the night serves Jup some chicken and a plain baked potato- no butter, no anything, just a baked potato. Each of the five 'slow glows' got repeated turns to look through the telescope at the setting Sun and then the full Moon, that really got them going. The roar of the pounding coastline covered their loud laughter as the night drew on.

"How is it Jup that we can see the Moon so clearly, it is dark out there you know and last I heard the Moon was not a luminous orb."

"We can see the Moon and planets in our solar system because the suns light shines on them, reflecting it's light on the celestial bodies" he replied.

"Luminous orbs, celestial bodies, well I do believe I know what you mean" Sparky said smiling at the others, they all laughed loudly.

"Look at all the satellites up there now Jup, looks like spiders spinning their webs. You can see them with the naked eye." The others giggled at the very word. Gypsy continued. "In another lifetime I was a new accounts representative for an internet provider. When ever anyone wanted to be disconnected from our online provider service we were instructed to give them one month's free service. After the free month's service if the customer still wished to be disconnected we were instructed to ignore their wishes rather just sell them products that had nothing to do with our online service. In the end I figured the business model this company was using amounted to 'once in never out', with no one getting disconnected. Just could not take lying to one more old lady or hapless internet surfer any longer. Took my forty pieces of silver, bought my three-wheeler and never looked back."

"Churn and learn mate. Guess you offered them the options package they just could not refuse." Silver, a one time stock broker said this then laughed loudly. "Like 'out of the money' expired options that are sold anew months later until they finally finish 'in the money'. Only problem is that it's the executives of the company and in a few cases the employees that make out financially. The share holders of the company gain nothing as the options cipher sucks their profits away up to as much as four percent of the stock's value for the business year."

"All while the Cheshire cat dined on herring and lapped up Napa valley wine I suppose," Jup added then infectiously laughed loudly..

That night beautiful auroras filled the Southern California sky. Though rarely seen this far south, tonight the sky glowed emerald green. The six men watched the light show as it ebbed and flowed across the sky like the ocean tides below them. The stars were bright as diamonds then a bright blue star caught their attention. It was not a star at all but Jupiter named after the Greek god of the sky. As Jup focused in on the giant planet the others listened to Drummer as he talked about his life before he became a 'slow glow'.

"I used to work for a record company years ago. Jupiter's Sounds, we called it 'rain maker records'. Never met an artist they did not use. We would record them, press them, sending the product from the loading docks to the warehouses. Here fortunes fires covered our tracks making everybody rich. If not by fire then by water, whether the the records and c.d.'s were loaded into furnaces or on to the back decks of merchant ships in cargo containers meeting the deep six marketplace, they served their purpose. Either way the art took on creative book keeping qualities. My job as an accountant was to keep the books looking right. Product out, laundered money in, cash deposited into the accounts with so many units accounted for. Worked like a charm until the artists wised up, then they started using us, filling up their own warehouses, hiring arsonists to do the dirty work, knowing something stank to hell with our whole accounting system so why not play the game too."

They each took turns looking at the waning Moon. This early April night the Moon was just receding from a full Moon allowing them to view most of the Earth's satellite through Jup's telescope. Jup explained to them a few things about the cratered surface of the Moon.

"The bright area's are the ancient crust of the Moon's highlands and the dark regions are the newer area's made from lava after asteroid impacts. Near the southern limb of the Moon you can see the young bright crater Tycho. The light area is ejected material from an asteroid impact that occurred over a hundred million years ago. Now look to the right and near the center of the Moon, that is the Sea of Tranquility. The dark plain was once filled with molten lava from an asteroid impact that occurred billions of years ago. At the edge of this formation is where the Apollo 11 astronauts landed."

As Silver looked at the Moon he said to the others, "it's so close, lets go, I'm ready to explore." He steps away from the telescope and heads towards the edge of the cliff, the others catch him before he walked over the ledge.

"That's a big step up or down Silver. What looks so close through the telescope is really 240 thousand miles away."

Silver laughed, shaking his head, "guess I lost my bearings there for a minute,... must be that old moon nectar."

"Those luna tides were pulling you out to sea" Sparky calls out laughing.

Pointing first down to the coastline below them then to the shinning Moon above Gypsy added, "Sea to Luna seee," laughing loudly at his play on words.

"Bugs as bugs" Sparky added.

They laughed but not so loud this time as insects were generally not liked by any of them. 'Bugs' was a funny expression and its appropriate use was universally appreciated by these 'folk of the road'. They continued looking at the Moon through the telescope long into the night, laughing, standing there on the banks.

"Let's have a look at Jupiter our largest planet in this here solar system of ours." Jup sets the sights of the telescope on the gas giant planet. Gypsy is the first one to look at the planet after Jup has the sights and lens set on Jupiter. Quiet for a minute then says to the others:

"Now that is something, looks like a great big marble with covered with colorful bands of brown, pink, blue, orange, yellow, red..."

'Marbles', 'marbles' the others chimed. Marbles was a favorite word of theirs, that Jupiter looked like colorful marbles was enough to get them excited, looking at the largest planet in our solar system was now looming large for the rest of the 'slow glows' then.

As they take turns looking at Jupiter through Jup's telescope, it is the beautiful rings of color around the planet that get them all in turn exclaiming excitedly: 'marbles', 'marbles', 'marbles!'

Jup finally said: "God plays marbles I guess!" The 'slow glows' laughed real loud repeating the words into the night, "God plays marbles',... 'God plays marbles'.

"Probably just a kid at heart that old God" Gypsy says loudly. They laugh as the ocean breaks loudly crashing on the shoreline. The auroras of the Northern Lights filled the sky within waves of green light shimmering across the sky during the night.

"I think God is green" Gray says philosophically,: 'that's why Earth's cradle is green'. The others repeat the phrase: "God is green." Laughing they repeated the words: 'God is green' while watching the auroras rise up, glow and fade before them, then to rise again to fade away. It was three o'clock in the morning before they were all in their sleeping bags tucked under the thick Rhododendron shrubbery. They and their bikes were safe, out of public view, a well selected camp site by the 'slow glows'. They had learned their lessons well and seemed able to blend into the surroundings when they wanted to.

Early the next morning just after sunrise Silver was awakened by the sounds of a crying puppy. Silver got up and went out looking for the animal. Following the dogs cries he quickly discovered a small boarder collie curled up in the Rhododendron bushes not far from their camp. He could immediately see that the dogs leg was misshapen and appeared to be broken. Then he heard some roller bladers approaching them from the far end of the promenade.

Coming down the lane skating quickly were Tycho Trancus and Martin Pores . They recognized Jup and stopped to say hello.

Tycho said: "Good morning Professor, thought it was you. Camping out for the light show last night? I see you brought out your telescope, the auroras were awesome last night weren't they?"

"Yes it was great viewing. It's good to see you guys." Turning now to Martin he said: 'We have a puppy here that needs some attention. Do you think you could have a look at it Martin?"

"Let me see what I can do here Mr. Colter." He walks over to Silver and Gray who are holding the dog. Martin takes it in his hands and for a moment it seemed to pass or die there in his hands, then just as quick brought back to life. Moving in starts in Martin's hands the dog finally stood up after what seemed only two minutes. Breaking free of his hold the dog started running around them hardly believing it's good luck. The amazing healer of animals had done it once again.

The 'slow glows' just stared at the young man Martin as Jup smiling at him said: "Yo Dogun Sirius, serious as blue diamond stars!". Smiling again at the fourteen year old Martin Pores he then says: "see you in class tomorrow." The two left continuing to roller blade along the coast towns sidewalks and roads to their school Cabrillo Trade Tech College.

"Got a name Jup" Drummer asked.

"Sure, name him Marty that's as good as any for your lucky little mutt. They liked the name and Jup heard them calling out to Marty as he was leaving.

Shortly after Jup said his goodbyes, loaded his telescope into the wagon and rode his bike home.

As Jup walked into the Colter residence after putting the telescope away in the garage, his wife greeted him. Then she requested that he immediately take a shower. She was glad to see him home, he was happy to be there. Mari started to prepare breakfast for the family. Europa and Io were just rousing from their nights sleep. As Jup showered he thought about the beauty of our little place in the sun on this planet. Pancho their dachshund barks as the children are getting up, dressers slam shut, then the children are heard running down the stairs. Amid barking, laughing and words he hears the family greet each other this morning. Then he hears The 'Jupiter suite' symphony playing softly.

Fresh in clean clothing he walks into the kitchen greeted by his children and Poncho's barking. He walks to his place at the table and seats himself.

"Well dad how was sky gazing last night?" his twelve year old daughter Europa asked him immediately.

"Good morning children. Yes the sky was fantastic last night. Jupiter was clearly visible and the guys really got a kick out of viewing it."

His daughter had something else on her mind this morning however. "Did you hear dad that in the Middle East- Israel and Palestine went to war with each other. It happened while you were out last night! Dad can you tell me why humans and religions fight so much? Just call Palestine old and Israel wise, that would settle it once and for all."

Pausing just long enough for both his children to be paying attention he answered Europa.

"It is because humans live on a warring planet and many of us behave as unruly children. The complex social interactions between humans go back tens of thousands of years, eighty thousand years ago we were in the Congo walking with lions, elephants and swimming in pools beneath huge waterfalls. But humanity has to take a step up 'Jacobs ladder' out of the 'urban jungle' to the next level of civilization. For old McDonald's farm to 'survive as the old and prosper as the new young universal organisms we are becoming the world will need to seize the opportunity now."

Io sat looking at his older sister and Jup very seriously. After a moment he smiles saying: 'unruly children need to listen to some good music while eating some good food on old McDonald's farm'.

Mari, Europa and Jup laugh. Europa gets up from the table to help her mother serve the breakfast. When served and all seated at the table they say a prayer for the Earth and its people then begin to eat. They enjoy each others company on this windy bright morning as jets stream overhead.

'Survive as the old and prosper as the young organisms we are becoming', I like that dad. May use that in my Biology paper I have to write. Along with: 'the adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth'. That I got from your resent class handout by Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev. Anyway dad I like what you say but back to Israel and Palestine. Don't you think a home land for peace would pretty much end this fight?"

"I do Europa and there are accords and agreements on the table, as well as support from the Arab States for just that."

"Then for the sake of us children let's just call it a time to grow up, cutting out the religious wars and back stabbing to get on with the long future ahead of us... guys!"

They all laugh then nine year old Io yells out:"' ya.. feed 'em' and 'free 'em' ...learned that in my Farms and Food class."Io let out a fart and before Mari could say anything he yelled; 'fuel, give 'em corn fuel' learned that in class too."

"That's enough Io, eat your corn and no more rude manners at the table please!"

The Colter family chimed together: "feed em and free em". That morning after breakfast Jup walked the children to their school Franklin Middle School. As they walked along they stopped to look at some robins pulling worms up from their wormholes in a neighbor's front yard. As the three of them watched nine-year old Io said to them:

"Look they have shields of sun, look how bright orange the chest of robin is, 'bright as oranges'" he yelled out the last words, then laughing and yelling it out again looking at the robins:

'bright as oranges'.

The robins were not even phased. He stared at the robin's chests, watching them hop about, looking more like mechanical bugs than birds to him. He was convinced they were from another world, designed, now hungry from a long journey.

"Yes Io they do have shields of sun don't they. 'Bright as oranges' yes so very bright!" The three of them watched the robins hop in three step and never missing a pick.

"Robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes" Io said under his breath. Then he said it again louder now, "Robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes."

Jup heard Io and repeated his words Then he remembered it was the little rhyme he used to say as a child when he watched the robins catch worms.

"Robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes" Jup said back to Io. They looked at each other for a moment or two then Jup smiled at Io and Europa as he repeated the words while they continued walking to their school.

"Robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes."

Together they repeated the phrase several more times walking to their neighborhood Franklin Middle School. Watching his children walk into their school Jup then retraced his steps back the two blocks to their house. He walked around the side of the house and entered the backyard through a gate where he found Mari working in the garden. He walked into the gardens, greeted her, and started helping her weed. After a few minutes he began to repeat the rhyme he had just been saying with his children.

"Robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes."

"What's that?" Mari asked him.

"That's the rhyme I said as a child with Einstein. Io said it on our walk to school this morning as we were watching some robins plucking about for worms. I had forgot it until he said it, then it came back to me."

Mari said: "Sounds like you helped him to remember it so he could help you to remember it."

"Guess so Mari. Wonder if Albert's helping us remember something too."

"It's probable that anything is possible Jup, you know that by now."

"Sometimes it seems to me that the world allows for the probable more than it attempts the possible Mari." Quiet now they continue pulling weeds in their backyards garden, in the overgrown neighborhood of Santa Monica, California.

Jup helps Mari weed for an hour in the gardens then goes into their house. Cleaning up he then retires to his study. Seated at his computer he goes online and types in the browser search engine window: 'this springs crop circles' as he sings to himself the Beatles standard 'Here Comes the Sun'. As the first crop circles of the spring season like some cosmic clock work appeared on his monitor Jup wondered aloud to himself: "I wonder if the Sun is conscious and is making these crop circles?"

In his study Jup turned the TV. on to channel 14 the NASA feed. He followed developments at NASA closely and was always disappointed with Congress and their reticence to accept satellite data that confirmed that droughts and weather change were occurring on the planet changing the very face of Earth. The budget committee was discussing the fiscal 2003 NASA projects when the discussion moved to global weather change, wind and ocean currents.

The chairman of the appropriations committee clearly had a lot on his plate. Being from farm country he was understandably concerned about 'free trade', 'asteroids', 'solar power in space', but ironically not with global warming. The chairman shared his insights with those gathered.

"Listen global warming from what I have been able to glean from my lay persons pursuit to understand this complicated issue is that the Earth's mean temperature is up one degree Fahrenheit over the last hundred years and is recorded at night. I don't think we need to rework the internal combustion engine because of a one degree Fahrenheit temperature change on the planet."

Members of the committee and the hand full of reporters in the audience listened passively as he scrabbled about cobbling his logic together.

"I think a study of global warming is of no value, we have to think about the tax payer here." Jup listened in amazement to the words of the good natured congressman but he seemed totally out of synch with the geo-political -environmental world we lived in today.

A committee member who was still able to think clearly spoke up to the chairman.

"If you just acknowledged that global warming is a reality on the planet today then we would not need to discuss the spending of billions more researching the phenomenon."

The room, as though relieved of an unnatural tension, broke off laughing loudly. Jup thought to himself: "as they were laughing a third large iceberg is reported breaking free of the Antarctic ice shelf down at the south pole while the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers are flooding, while late spring, early summer record temperature highs are recorded virtually daily in North America. Up at the north pole the Artic Canadian Inuit with a 5,000 year cultural heritage see a robin for the first time not even having a word for the bird. Jup understood the gray cool ambience found in the conference room. Then he heard Mari's words ringing in his mind.

'It's probable that anything is possible Jup, you know that by now.'

A global wind and cloud monitoring system and the benefits of wave monitoring and reporting is discussed at the NASA meeting. Benefit's for coastal communities, and as an aside the chairman jokes that: 'surfers will benefit too' from this proposed wind monitoring service for the public. Jup knew the cavalier attitude of the chairman for matters serious could spell trouble for the Earth, but his students would like the 'heads up' on the approaching wave swells to be provided by NASA. However the expressions on the faces of the committee members and the reporters revealed their concern for the clearly hard working politicians thought processes regards the health of our environment. Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' had nothing on this unfortunate situation really. 'Stupid group think', like the past ivory and slave trades of the Congo and England can have dire consequences for natural resources and our humanities quality of life. The U.S. Congress has a tacit responsibility to steer committees into able hands. Slavers chained to committees they don't care about allow for the pillaging of the planet's resources to continue, all while the 'world of nature' on Earth evidences a writhing in painful contortions.

The news that the Galileo Mission at Jupiter now scrubbed the Europa orbit and exploration came as 'a blow out of the blue' for Jup. Why? The explanation given on the Galileo Mission web site was that the hydrazine propellant used by the spacecraft for it's antenna to stay pointed towards Earth was running out. Jup knew that one of Galileo's discoveries was the possibility of a melted saltwater ocean beneath Europa's icy surface. Was the possibility of life on Europa to unsettling for the Appropriations Chairman and our Congress to grapple with so the plug was pulled? Or the timing for such a discovery and announcement just not right yet. Mentioned at a fiscal '03 appropriations budget meeting in early May for NASA, a scientist tells of the discovery that the 'universe is expanding' as 'a result of negative gravity' made with NASA's explorations of the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope. The Chairman's enthusiasm for his post unfortunately displayed a negative gravity for most issues regards our environment. 'Go along to get along' is no way to run a government Jup thought. Realizing finally that between incompetence and corruption is the devil's playground and with only a handful of Democratic Republics existing in the world today, the Congressman went ahead and did his job, doing what 'we' ' the people' who vote and write letters to our representatives ask him to do, then getting it done. He saw the good man sitting on a 'wet lands prairie appropriations committee' for North Dakota and able to strike up an 'eco-tourism business' for a unique region of America.

Jup sat there in his study and day dreamed of having an energy producing windmill farm in South Dakota, organizing a farmer's windmill cooperative and building an intra state energy grid gaining financial freedom for an entire previously hurting industry. Then running for Congress, winning the election he goes on to become America's first 'Hydrogen President'... Or he just might write a song about it and give it to his singer friend Free Willie Waters to sing and rally the nation. It would be about this guy who starts a 'windmill energy to hydrogen power business' way up in Minnesota somewhere then expands to include other land owners in South Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas saving America from big oils tapped wells and nineteenth century ways.

Jup sees the windmills power the entire North American continent with cheap electricity while the Great Nation is able to ponder the possibilities and benefits derived from a developing hydrogen economy. Using wind power and windmills as the energy source for cheap electricity, it also powers turbines for hydrogen production with its clean water by product. Business discovers it as a cheap change over using the existing oil companies infra-structure to store, move the hydrogen across the nation to the distributors. He returned from his revelries to the crows cawing outside his study, he heard Mari calling him.

"John would you like a salad for lunch in a while?"

"Sure Mari sounds great." He turned the weather channel off, which he loved to watch, and returned to his computer monitor. The season's crop circles were coming in now and like a warm wind from the sun they were illuminating the fields of England again.

"Looks like Earth and some pranksters are having a bad day" Jup thought as he looked at the image up on his monitor. The image photographed by Charles Mallett was one of the season's first glyphs. He clicked on the link for a better look at the form in the cereal crop.

'They will only get more unbelievable over the next three months, guaranteed' he thought laughing to himself.

"Such a bitter pill for many people to swallow, crop signs from above, not to mention the bad taste in Gaia's mouth really about the 'condition of her condition' as well" he thought.

He hears his wife calling out to him from the kitchen.

"Honey would you like some tea with your lunch?"

"Yes, some green tea would be fine- thanks."

That afternoon they had a spinach, onion and tomato salad out of the garden with an olive oil sauce made from the fruit of their olive tree. Along with a blood red Borscht soup from garden beets and completed with a rhubarb pie - also from the garden.

The next day Jup was preparing for his class lecture on wormholes for his Astronomy class. As he was surfing the web he came upon an article he thought appropriate for his Technology for the twenty-first century class titled 'Antarctic ice melt poses worldwide threat'. He decided that the article was important enough to bring to the attention of his Astronomy class as well.

Jup found the article on the National Snow and Ice Data Center website. He clicked on the Cryospheric News link and reads the following May fifteenth online article. Out of Hobart, Australia by Michael Byrnes the Reuters- headline reads: 'Antarctic ice melt poses worldwide threat' (6)

The articles first three paragraphs set the stage for a well researched and balanced report regards the changing Antarctic ice sheet.

"The Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves are cracking up, and on the face of things, it is the most serious thaw since the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago."

"The breakup of the ice shelves in itself is a natural process of renewal, but the size and rate of production of icebergs ? some the size of major cities ? is alarming scientists, who blame global warming."

"The break-off last month of a 500-billion-ton chunk of the Larsen Ice Shelf ? 650 feet thick and with a surface area of 1,250 square miles ? is the second big break since a giant iceberg broke away in 1995 and is well beyond normal activity, scientists said."

That afternoon Jup is standing up in front of his Astronomy 101 class. He puts a moving image up on the overhead. As it is spiraling, draining away Jup says: "this good students is a wormhole throat joined by two black holes."

He walks around the classroom passing out a paper titled 'Antarctic ice melt poses worldwide threat' It reported significant warming in the Antarctic with huge icebergs caving off the ice shelf into the Southern Ocean. He continues with his lecture.

"Long term, next hundred years we are looking at the meltdown of the 'grounded West Antarctic ice sheet' which could cause the worlds oceans to rise seventeen feet.<">...After what seemed a minute Jup said: "short term I think it would be a good idea to understand pole changes here on Earth and their relationship to our Earth's crust. Gravity, the pushing and pulling of the forces in our solar system, all the stresses on the mantel and plates of our planet, all are like the pressures on an egg shell. If the path of the pole shifts fifteen degrees, the stresses across the tectonic plates of the planet cause a cracking of the imagined egg shell's thin crust. Resulting in earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves that put Wooly Mammoths from temperate zones of our past with buttercups in their mouths washed up on a new north pole frozen in a glacier."

He is quiet for a minute as the students read the paper. He then calls their attention to the moving gif up on the overhead. He continues with his lecture.

"In the year 1905 Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity which states that time and space are a continuum and that time passes at different speeds depending on how fast you move through it. In 1915 Einstein with his General Theory of Relativity brings gravity into his theory describing gravity as the curving of space and time by matter. In 1935 Einstein and Nathan Rosen theorized the Einstein-Rosen bridge suggesting the possibility of portals in the curved space-time universe using two attached black holes.1957 John Wheeler called these spinning conjoined black holes wormholes'. (7)

"Now I wish to change the subject for a bit. NASA tells us about the resent discovery that our 'universe is expanding' as 'a result of negative gravity', made with the instruments aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. What can a wormhole as represented here tell us about this new discovery of negative gravity? Anyone?"

Tycho of Trancus raised his hand and says: "The symmetry of matter to anti-matter and its transforming nature."

Jup replies 'excellent start' as he walks over to the green board and writes, "1. symmetry- matter to anti-matter and its transforming nature." Joan, one of three girls in the class raises her hand saying:

"Epicenter, a state of stillness in the center, yin and yang."

"Good Joan, I like that very much" writing ' 2) epicenter, state of stillness in center, yin and yang' up on the board, repeating the words as he did so.

A third student spoke up saying: "It's the spiritual geography of Northern California and Southern Oregon as the magnetic poles shift and the earth moves under our feet and the stars overhead look like they are sliding up the longitude line of the earth by twenty degrees."

Jup found the comment about a centered point on the skin of the Earth, like a spiritual geography, intriguing, as he wrote, '3) spiritual geography' on the board.

Martin Porres raised his hand waiting to be called on. Jup smiled and nodded to Martin for his contribution..

"It's an epicenter, as Joan mentioned, a door. See the throat, then the choke point, that's where you can find the still point or resting point. Imagine falling through a spiraling pool of water yet your in a state of 'creative indifference' like a still point of conscious... light as a feather, then as a point of singularity you build a bridge and connect to the other side in a parallel universe." The class was quiet as he continued.

"We can all experience it and have the ability to navigate through the still point" as he points to the throat of the spiraling gif. up on the overhead.

"See it up there?" pointing to the narrow throat of the spiraling black hole.

"For me that's the slip stream. You know that place where we can enter into the higher vibes of life. Working with animals I have discovered that the line between the physical body and non physical, you know the electric- magnetic fields is very thin. Animals just like kids really are sensitive to our thoughts, vibrations and impressions. It's really fine like silk, and moths flying in the moonlight, slipping along."

The class was again silent. Martin sat there smiling at his classmates who were as warmed in the glow of his sun like expression on this cool and rainy afternoon.

"Yo Dogan Sirius." It was Tycho of Trancus Martin's avid supporter and friend.

The class was quiet again, many thinking about what Martin had just said. The overhead displayed the wormhole spiraling in and out of form. Jup walked to the back of the classroom, looking out the window wondering if any student would add surfing to the list of observations. After a few more moments Jup walked back to the front of his class as a student raised his hand, it was Ric Ens.

As Jup was writing Martin's contribution on the board '4) a still point' he called upon Ric Ens.

"It's like surfing" the student said then smiled at a few of his buddies in the class then sat silent looking at his teacher.

"Yes good I'll add that to our list here" Jup said as he continued writing on the green board. He went into his surfing imitation as he spoke to the class while writing ' 5) surfing'.

"Catch a wave, ride that fulcrum, on that sweet spot of balance."

The class laughed and obviously enjoyed their teacher's hip approach to the core class subject matter of Astronomy 101.

A student raised his hand and shared: "in gravity time traveling to antigravity and realizing that the universe is expanding as a result of this same negative gravity,".

"Yes!" Jup called out to the entire class. He repeats his question and his student's words: "What can a wormhole as represented here tell us about this recent discovery of negative gravity? Able shares with us," writing on the board ' 6) in gravity time traveling to antigravity' then continues to speak "realizing that the universe is expanding as a result of this same negative gravity."

After a moment he said: "guess we have been time traveling all along, just did not have atomic clocks back then to prove it. In 1949, the National Bureau of Standards built the first atomic clock using ammonia molecules for the source of vibrations. In 1967 the astronomical time keeping method was replaced with the cesium atom form of a clock. The planets most stable cesium form of a clock was built in 1968."

Iroquois Sun raided his hand then said: "In 1967 the astronomical time keeping method was replaced with this cesium atomic clock but I think it would be a big mistake to not remember that the Mayan people kept time very accurately with their calendar for thousands of years before this invention."

The class is quiet as he continued. "It is so important to dream, imagine better futures for life here on Earth as elsewhere. Yes I agree with you, that the Mayan calendar should continue to be studied by scholars regardless of our modern worlds inventions. It is becoming clear that there is more to the creature we call a human being than meets the eye and the spirit of humanity spans far greater periods of time then most of us are aware of. Might as well go forward into our futures rather than returning like robots, machines, trapped in behavioral feedback loops rehashing the past. The cost of wars, plagues and famines will eventually tear continents and eventually the world apart." The class was quiet.

"O.K. if any of you are in my Technology for the twenty-first century I want you to read Chapter twelve from your textbook- Alternative Energy Production with particular attention given to the section on '''Windmills, Solar power, Water and Hydrogen for energy production.' Be ready to share your opinions, ideas, insights from your reading next class. Class dismissed. Drive safely please, it's real wet and windy out there this afternoon."

As Jup drove home that afternoon in his white Dodge Dart he thought about Martin's words. They ran through his head for the entire drive, sounding as clear as when they were first said.

"Into the intact fabric of the Universe, the home of the angels." The refrain of an old song rang in his head. "

He understood that the world's nuclear weapons and wars could easily tear this fabric of the Universe if unleashed...and that this fabric is the home of angels. As he got out of his car he saw some robins pulling worms up out of their wormholes in the front yard. They did not even stop to look at him as he walked by on his way to the front porch. Jup figured they lived in their own world and probably did not even see him walking by. Or so it seemed anyway. As he stepped on to the front porch he turned back to look at the birds who were still busy with the worm's holes when he hears Martin's words again.

"Into the intact fabric of the Universe, home of the angels."

He looks at the robins for a minute then sees the Sun come out from behind the rain clouds bringing a rainbow along with it. Like a bridge across the divide Jup feels the warmth of the Sun's rays warming his cool face. Looking at the robins who now for the first time acknowledge him standing there and start to hop and fly over to him, landing about ten feet away from him. They look at him for what seemed a minute or so then begin to pull worms up out of worm holes once again.

He heard the words clearly now as the robins took off in a red flash. He watched them fly up into the sky overhead when he heard Io's and Europa's voices calling out to him. They were just arriving home from school. Happy to see them Jup greeted his children and saw the robins flying back around, then flying right over them and back around them in wide robin form as if to have one last look before flying off.

"How was school you guys?"

"Great!" Europa yells. Io just smiled at his father and saying nothing. The rainbow was still visible in the sky and the three of them stood there looking at it together. As they were looking at this rainbow bridge in the sky Mari comes to the front door and opens it. Seeing her small tribe she calls out to them.

"I see my three angels under a rainbow, now I have you in my mind's eye pictured there, standing at our doorstep. And what a pretty picture it is." They turned to greet her, then together they all walked into the house.

After dinner that night Jup went to his library and took a book from his bookcase to read. It was 'The Tutankhamun Prophecies by Maurice Cotterell. He turned to Chapter Four: The Sacred Secret: Reincarnation pg. 175 and began to read the following paragraphs quoted directly from the text.. (8)

"The Amazing Lid of Palenque shows many scenes explaining the process of reincarnation, enlightening us about the various destinations of the dead. The holy books, Bhagavad-Gita, of the Brahman, the Dhamapada, of the Buddhist, and Bible of the Christian, similarly acknowledge that souls that have lived a good life (which have increased in voltage) will ( if the voltage is high enough) return to God. In this way God will grow, achieving the objective of divine growth. Even if these souls are not quiet good enough to return to God, after one lifetime on earth, the next time they return they will do so to a higher-voltage body, which would be healthier, better bred, better fed and more privileged than the one in the lifetime before. They will be 'rewarded' for loving their neighbor in the previous life."

"The reduced-voltage soul will not be repatriated to God on physical death and will automatically return to earth for another chance at purification, although during the next lifetime the reduced-voltage soul will be attracted to a reduced-voltage, inferior, less privileged body and so will suffer for the hate in the previous life. These possibilities accommodate the notion of 'Karma', which asserts that all sins will be paid for either in this life or the next."

"Perfectly purified souls, saints who wear haloes of light, who radiate light from their heads ( those with 144,000 written on their foreheads ), will of course return to God on death of the physical body to experience the reward of everlasting life."

When Jup finished reading the chapter he turned the lights off and retiring for the night went upstairs, brushed his teeth and went to bed. He said a prayer for the earth, his family of man and their mortal souls. He prayed for wisdom and a planetary will for peace and cooperation to lead humanity through the troubling times ahead.. Seemed a higher order of communications was the only way for the world to move ahead. He sat on the edge of his bed drinking a glass of water, staring at the wall in front of him, he raised his sights to the ceilings painting of Jupiter and it's moons. He drank half the glass of water while he looked at the great planet and it's moons then set the glass on the nightstand beside their bed before joining his wife in their warm bed for the night. As he closed his eyes he could hear Martin's words once again.

"Into the intact fabric of the Universe, the home of the angels." Then he heard ''it's a materialization of a conscious solar system's celestial mechanics, it's a line of magnetic force' it was Iroquois Sun's words that he heard clearly as he fell asleep. About three that next morning Jup was dreaming.

He was looking with his telescope at the sun. Then some bees flew around him as he was looking at the star. Through his telescope he could see a great nine layered hive on the sun. It's mathematical hexagon was clearly defined with the angles of thirty, sixty and ninety degrees (30 + 90 = 120). The bee's seemed to worship the sun "achieving a spiritual realization free from the troubles of everyday existence" busy with their tasks. (8)

Next morning at the Porres house Martin and his father Dr. Luther Porres an African- American vetenarian where up for the day. Dr.Porres had a business in Santa Monica with a house set behind it. It a nice piece of property three fourths of an acre he had bought after serving in the Mariners as a medic during the Korea campaign. Martin was staring out the window in the kitchen as a big honey bee flew up to the window. He observed how large the bee was then two more oversized bees joined it all of them bouncing against the window. Martin called his father over to come look at them.

"Dad come here, look at these bees, they are like...huge!"

His father came over to the window and take a look at the bees. They have increased their numbers to the about ten now. He looks at them closely for several minutes without saying a word as he sips his cup of green tea. Then finally says to Martin not taking his eye's off the bees.

"Some tea is ready on the stove, got some juice in the frig, help yourself."

They watched the bee's together as they bumped up against the windows of the kitchen in the backyard of their overgrown backyard. Finally Dr. Luther Porres spoke up.

"Solar radiations seem to be disorientating the bees directional sense. They want to head south but the house is in the way. The solar radiations seem to be agitating them as well. Another thing I notice is these bees are as you say 'huge' for such young spring/summer bees. I think the increased sun's activity is in fact agitating and causing short term mutating these bees DNA code and as a result making them bigger."

"That's is possible isn't it dad. I see a lot of bees on the cool side of the house and they never this hyper. Must be getting out of the solar radiations that relaxes them. We have seen a lot of solar flare activity on the sun this past year. Could be affecting the bees who use the sun's rays to navigate by and Solar Maximum solar rays could in fact be affecting their genetic codes. I think your right dad."

"Yes it very well could be that Martin, sure as heck could be. Chart your observations, write it up, and submit it to the Western Bee Keepers Association or some other journal that follows bee and insect behavior. Publish or perish scholar." They laugh.

"It's bee's isn't it dad. They are so...other worldly if you get what I mean, honey, queen bees, warriors, and workers. To study their behavior you could learn a lot about our world and the environment. If you observe changes in the honey bees then its probably occurring with us to we just don't notice it yet. It's like the bee's and nature are giving us signals we just have to pick them up."

"Yes they are very special Martin. Lots of room there for study and work. Perhaps you will widen your horizons and branch beyond the animals and study the world of bees and insects too. I really could not pick a better insect to study than the honey bee, I must agree with you on that."

Martin was quiet for a moment, then said to his father: "guess we got the buzz going on here this morning, huh pops."

"Sure looks that way Martin. Luther sings a line from a song popular in the '60's, 'something is happening, but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?" They laugh a little then Martin says:

"Well I got to get to the clinic and see some animals that need my attention, then it's off to school. So I will be seeing you later dad."

"See you son, have a good day. I fed the dogs and cats already, before you were up. You can check their water and turn the radio on, calms Ouske, Sunny Fullerine's pet African Gray parrot we have in now. That parrot must be eighty years old now. Keeps calling the Liston -Ali fight, the bird is driving me to some serious distraction son.. The clinic is closed today Martin, Wednesday remember? Freeman is taking Jup and me sailing. We are sailing up to Santa Barbara this afternoon, have some lunch then sail back. I will be back in time for supper tonight."

"Will do, have a good sail, say hi to Freeman for me would you. See you tonight. Love you dad."

Martin had a peach in his hand as he walked out the kitchen door crossing the backyard to the back door of the clinic to let himself in. As he passed through the overgrown backyard the bee's seemed to follow him as though they were following the rays of the sun. He was not bothered by the young bumble bees even as he ate the succulent peach, juice dripping between his fingers, running down his hand. The bee's keeping a respectful distance from him... Martin never ate much for breakfast, in fact he did not eat much at all. Drank lots of water and walked slowly, that's what most people observed about him. As he stepped into the clinic the bumble bees flew off to their new hive that unbeknownst to the Porres the bees had been building in the large old lemon tree filled with fruit and some late blooming blossoms growing in their backyard.

Later that morning Dr. Luther Porres drove down to the Water Door Marina in Santa Monica. It had a great sign painted in Medieval lettering over the marina's entrance. There was a small sailor's compass set in a gyroscope painted in the second o of the word door. Below the marina's name painted in small print was a sailor's poem asking for good sailing.

'Let all our sailing be safe in these waters of life upon this great pond. And pray to tell of currents, tides and winds all so kind to far beyond. Returning wiser and better souls, as a salty, wind soaked, vagabond'.

As Luther walked down to Freeman's boat the 'Fisher King' he passed the dock masters office. Dan was sitting at his desk watching a pre-game show for the day's baseball game. Luther did not follow the game anymore, burned out on it after a semi-pro and college career. He was not sure if it was an Angels or Dodgers game. A double header, he heard the announcer's words. He waved to Dan in passing. Approaching the thirty-six-foot outboard/inboard catch he is met by Freeman and Jup. They all greeted each other in familiar seaman's parlance.

"Ahoy captain, hello Jup, permission requested to board 'thee' vessel" Luther asked looking at Freeman decked out in his sailing cap and a black windbreaker.

"Permission granted, good to see you Dr. Luther. Ready to sail the drink with us for some refreshment" Freeman asked the handsome, graying veterinarian.

"Sure are Freeman, think I can use a little charge, my batteries start to run low when I'm land locked to long. Start to hear animals talking to me about animal rights and diet issues."

Freeman's auto dealership built on selling used cars with slant-six engines. He sold Arrows, Aspens, Barracudas, Darts, Diplomats they could be bought for cheap as the rumor had it, Swingers of course, Valiants and Volares. Anything with a flat head six block, they were all as gold to Luis Carbon and Freeman Ports. Their ace up the sleeve was fitting them with Fisher carburetors increasing the auto's gas mileage by as much as 200 percent with his customers getting between fifty to seventy-five miles to the gallon of fuel. As his clientele were those who had little or no credit the added gas mileage was naturally a strong selling point. His mechanic Luis Carbon was a native of Mexico City. Jewel of a mechanic, who knew the Fisher carburetor inside and out. The partnership of Luis's mechanical skills and Freeman's salesmanship abilities made them both rich over the next thirty-five years. As a result Freeman became an avid sailor eventually buying his own vessel. He was a single man known to be a free spirit and something of a character. Freeman Ports was definitely the captain of his own ship and ready to sail away at the drop and coiling of a mooring line.

Freeman had known Luther for twenty-five years, first meeting him when he took his Rhodesian ridgeback into Luther's clinic for a distemper shot. The dog survived to see his master eventually purchase his boat. When the dog died at the ripe old age of twenty-one years Freeman had it stuffed standing on a one foot mount standing on its hind legs. He then placed it inside his office standing by the bay window looking out over the car lot. He had a sound system installed that was heat sensitive and triggered the mimicked barking of a ridgeback with a few taped back fires that sounded a lot like gun shots mixed in when anyone stepped on to the lot after hours. It worked well for most first time, would be, car thieves. They heard the loud barking, then would see this great big dog standing in the office window that looked to be all of eight feet tall. The thieves usually left the lot real fast, never to return. His auto's were, well let's say downtown, regardless of Luis Carbon's gas mileage magic with the Fisher carbs., not even thieves of some brazen mettle were willing to take the risk of prison time for one of them.

The three men set sail for Santa Barbara at 10:30 that morning. As they slipped out of the boat basin they could hear the announcer calling out 'play ball' as the fans cheered in the background. The trip up the coast to Santa Barbara was smooth sailing and uneventful. The ocean was smooth as glass, calm and almost as tranquil as the doldrums of the equator. As they pulled into the port of Santa Barbara at 3:00 p.m. that afternoon four and a half hours after setting sail in Santa Monica they once again could hear the ball games announcer calling the games ninth inning of a nine-to-eight ballgame.

"Man that is a slow game, better be paying those umps overtime for that double header from hell." Freeman said this as he slid the 'Fisher King' into the boat basin of Santa Barbara looking for a mooring slip to tie up at.

"Better check the fans" Luther Porres added "or if some of the fans are in need of..." smiling at his mates for a moment then said.." fans for this afternoons second game. Baseball in the hot, dog days of summer could get real serious if you know what I mean."

"The game with the fastest velocities has incredibly become the slowest game to watch. Got to be an oxymoron in there somewhere" Jup concluded.

Freeman added: "business my good men, got to sell the soap, automobiles and all that insurance somehow. Doing business takes time, and keeps the great American pastime profitable. Come playoff and World Series time we will all be watching. A Dodger - Angel World Series, that would be baseball heaven for me."

The others agreed with Freeman about that, and like cars the man did know his baseball. He got the Santa Barbara Harbor Master on the horn (radio- C.B.). as Jup and Luther got the mooring lines ready to tie the 'Fisher King' up when it pulled into slip.

"Yes slip thirty-three is open over at dock C. Just follow the letter signs atop the pilings they are marked alphabetically. Here for the night?"

"No just be here an hour or so, going to grab a bite to eat then shove off, sliding back down the hump to Santa Monica this afternoon."

"Fine, enjoy your stay here in Santa Barbara, over and out."

"Thanks, over and out" Freeman steered the vessel to slip thirty-three at dock C and his capable crew tied the 'Fisher King' off. Getting off the vessel they walked up to the boat basins cafe 'The Whales Tale - Bar and Cafe' for a good, hot bowl of clam chowder.

An hour later they were sailing back down the coast. As they slipped out of the boat basin they could hear the announcer calling out over the sailors radios and tv's and the roar of the crowd: "play ball" for the second game of the double header. Soon they were out on the open sea and only the sounds of the sea filled their ears, and the smells of the swells filled their lungs. Soon it became overcast, then very quickly they were caught in a thick fog, not uncommon for this time of year along the California coast line. Freeman an able seaman watched his compass closely, holding a steady coarse, six miles off the coast line. To break the somber mood that came in with the thick coastal fog he started talking about his electronics- a favorite subject of his.

"Check this out mates, it's a sonar depth finder or fathom meter that I had installed this spring. Helps when the visibility is cut way down due to fog or storms, then I know just how deep the water lane is that I'm sailing in. He turned on his new and very expensive piece of electronics. And this here baby is my fish finder, use it when I'm following and fishing for some tuna up or down the coast, run about seven knots, seems to be their running time. Have snagged my fair share for lunch and dinner. That's some good eating. Personal use only mates with no dolphins the wiser.. get my drift." They laugh, knowing Freeman was making a little joke about his fishing exploits, the commercial car salesman was not a commercial fisherman.

"Anyone like to take the wheel for awhile?"

As he turned all the electronics on. It had become totally fogged in by then, they declined the offer. But if that was not unsettling enough what they were about to see on the 'etch a sketch' scroll fish finder and then hear on the sonar equipment would seal their unease. The sonar began to pick up a sound that was nothing short of .. eerily nerve wracking. From the shallow Channel Islands bottom came a sound that could only be described as a 'bloop' sound.

"Do you guys hear that" he asked the others as he turned up the sonar's volume.(10) 162K wav file (The recorded signal has been sped up sixteen times)

"Guess I need to get that electronics guy out again. Now there is a racket for you. Pay a fortune for the stuff and then pay them again to get it working right." Listening to the sound he said to the others: "I have never heard anything like that before. Well Jup Mr. gas giant what's your take on this, do you think it's of man or nature."

Listening intently Jup replied, "Good grief if your sonar equipment is working right then it sounds real big and you know it does sound like it is a venting of sorts. But it's not underwater volcanic venting, I've heard recordings of that before and this is not that, the timing and rhythm is entirely different."

"Sounds like something in need of some gastro- intestinal relief that's for sure" Luther Porres adds laughing a bit nervously.

As they were listening to the strange sounds Freeman looked at the fish finder and about lost it.

"Oh my 'lands of light' look at that" pointing to the image now immerging on the fish finder screen.

The three of them looked at an image etched out on the paper scroll that looked to be all of 500 feet long and 150 feet in width at the head. Then the wake of the surf began to imperceptibly at first beneath the vessel.

"Notice anything?" All three men sat quietly noticing now how quiet it had become, the thick fog seemed somehow thicker and the water beneath them did seem to be disturbed but only slightly, nothing unusual really about that. Then Freeman spoke again.

"It's under us swimming along with us" as he watched, the image on the fish begins to move to the surface of the water... heading right for them.

About that time back home in Santa Monica

Image by Steve Alexander 2002

Martin Porres was just returning from Cabrillo Trade Tech. He made his rounds in the clinic to see that all was well then walked out the back door and started to the house. As he was walking through his backyard to the house he saw a very tall figure standing under the lemon tree. It was a man with a long beard who looked Middle-Eastern to Martin. He thought he had seen a picture of him once in the Bible or some holy book but he could not place him. He was wearing a long robe and wore sandals and seemed to stand about nine feet tall. Then the ancient looking figure spoke to Martin.

"Your father is in grave harm now Martin, you must pray for him and his friends. They are about to enter into the underworld and can only be protected with your prayers. Call the angels of the Lord to surround them with his celestial light now. I will aid you in your efforts"

"Who are you and what are you doing here" Martin asked the tall figure.

"I am Melchizedek the King of Salem, the King of Righteousness and Peace."

"Salem...you some kind of witch or something?"

"No Martin, Salem is the town that later was to be called Jeru-salem. I am the first "priest" of your Christian Bible and served my people in a time of strife and great corruption."

"So you don't say. Listen you got me real worried about my father. Why you doing that? And how do you know he's in trouble now? You with the galactic federation that's running that beacon on Jupiter now?"

"Yes Martin I am part of the 'galactic federation on high' and as I brought Abraham a message from on high down to the plains of Mamre and appeared to Joshua at Jericho, I am now bringing you Martin Porres a message from the 'galactic federation on high' about your father's fate as well as his friends. If you heed my words now you can save them from great harm."

"So you are like a Prophet, a Priest and a King all rolled into one...wow. O.K. what can I do to save them Mr. Melchizedek?"

"Pray Martin, pray with all your heart and soul now sending them the light of the sun and all the stars to illumine their way home. Send the bees to cover them in the pollen of the lemon trees flowers and sting it with their medicine. This will assuage the great sea monster that they are about to encounter and protect them from its many tentacles."

"Assuaged, sea monster, tentacles, what are you taking about?"

"Taming the beast within humanities unconscious mind Martin is what we must do now... or your father and much else will be lost forever."

"Forever you say, I think I understand. You mean like an anger bug that needs to be tamed, so that it can help rather than hurt, and the bees are going to help us to tame or drive off this sea monster that is really our own selves."

"Yes Martin you are so very wise. So now standing here under this old lemon tree before their hive let us say together in a most solemn prayerful way the following words. Repeat after me:

"On to these bees a comets tail dust falls, so they can help the whole of creation. Upon these troubled waters of life carry this star dust along the wise rays of the sun's peace."

"Now Martin say this little prayer nine times while at the same time asking the bees to fly to the aid of your your father and his friends."

Martin did what the Prophet asked and began saying the short little prayer nine times. The bees began to fly off in the direction of the coast then they headed north. Then bees from all around the area began to follow them. Soon a great swarm of bees was traveling up the coast towards the 'King Fisher'. Motorist's driving up the coast saw the great, dark swarm and thought it was a flock of starlings at first and pulled over to the roadside to have a better look, as many had never seen such a great mass of flying nature in all their lives. Now 144,000 strong, the bees filled a large part of the afternoon sky flying north for the 'Fisher King'.

"Again Martin, say the prayer nine times aloud so that the bees hear it, so that the angels hear it, so the great sea monster of humanities unconscious mind hears it too."

Martin as in a deep state of contemplation said the short prayer nine times again.

"On to these bees a comets tail dust falls, so they can help the whole of creation. Upon these troubled waters of life carry this star dust along the wise rays of the sun's peace."

Back aboard the 'Fisher King' Freeman was now straining to hold his course.

"Whatever it is it's starting to breach, look at the fish finder. This could be serious mates. Jup go down in the foxhole and get the life jackets out."

Jup retrieved the life jackets and handed them to the others. They could see a great image on the 'etch a sketch' rendering being recorded on the fish finder was rising at a steep rate of acceleration now and the little thirty-six foot vessel could neither out run it or escape the possible turbulence created by the thing. For the first time the three men were showing fear on their faces. Freeman got on the radio and put out an S.O.S. call.

"Vessel 'Fisher King' in duress, this is the captain Freeman Ports, request help, my location is 34:28:00 N latitude and 119:01:00 W longitude heading south at six miles per hour. I am thirty miles south of Santa Barbara, I repeat, SOS, this is the vessel 'Fisher King' in duress- request help, my location is 34° 28' North latitude, 119° 01:00' West longitude on a south heading. I am six miles off the coastline. Repeat.."

At this point all the electronics went dead. Though still under power they had no way of communicating with the Coast Guard or any other boats or ships who might have been able to rescue them. The fog was now so thick they could not see beyond the bow or stern of the vessel. Then it happened.

"As God is my judge I think it's surfaced and is looking at us now. Look to the starboard side."

Off to their right hand side of the ship about fifteen feet away from the 'Fisher King' a great eye peered at the three men. The eye alone was about as big as the vessel and it's green iris and black pupil did not move off its gaze of the three mariners. Then it rose to just under the shallow channels surface and continued swimming along side the boat. It was a giant squid. One so large that it had never been seen before.

Jup thought to himself "Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected" then turning to his ship mates he said "hold on, this could get rough".

"This has got to be some kind of revenge for all of the Plum Islands of the world, our brave new twenty-first century 'rite real big" Freeman yells out.

"Bad bug diet... will get you every time" Luther said seriously.

For what seemed an eternity the 'Fisher King' was trolled along side the giant squid, as though they were being observed by the fish. For it's great size it swam amazingly fast, smoothly cutting through the water like a great knife, in it's course hardly a wake was left behind ...Again it struck them that the creature was playing with them, surfacing and looking at them longingly with it's great large green eye, first from the port side, then submerging only to rise again from the right side to look right at them again with that great green eye, as if to be saying "hello" once again from the left side of the boat. Then it let out a venting that sent a vibration through the water that hurt their ears so bad it felt like their ear drums would shatter. The pain was so excruciating that they all realized that the sea creature could simply sound it's call a little louder and it would cause them all irreparable hearing damage. But strangely it did not cross that pain threshold in their heads but coming just to the edge of their human endurance, it then backed off as if it could monitor their pain.

"This is a conscious intelligence we are dealing with here...In my seventy years of life here on this planet and forty of them working with animals I would never have thought such a thing possible" Luther Porres said to the others.

"It could kill us at any time yet it's not doing it. Seems more interested in our reactions then anything else."

It called out once again with what could only be described as a 'blooping' sound. This time the decibels were so loud and sharp that it burst Freeman's left ear drum. He screamed out in pain. Blood began running down the left side of his face from his shattered ear drum. Jup had to take the wheel while Luther tended to Freeman.

"Did you have to say that Luther I think this thing reads minds" Freeman said to Luther. The Vet took a bag of ice from the ships freezer and held it up against the left side of Freeman's face to ease his pain.

"I think you're right Freeman, let's just stay calm as we can be then maybe it will lose interest in us and swim off."

The giant squid broke the surface of the water now swimming through the water at just their speed, as it looked at the mariners for what seemed to them long minutes, like it wanted to again feel the captain's pain and observe the others reactions to it's ominous presence.

"He is definitely playing with us" Jup said as he struggled at the wheel, trying to keep his course and not get pulled into the squids enormous tentacles. It was not easy ignoring the great green eye staring at them and Freeman was now in great pain though the ice did seem to take the edge off, but only slightly. Then things got very strange indeed.

"Calling 'Fisher King' this is the Coast Guard do you read, call 'Fisher King' do you read me, over and out."

"Lands of light listen to that we are back online, hand me the cb Jup."

Freeman holding the bag of ice on the side of his head took the mike and spoke into the hand held c.b., answering back in great relief.

"Fisher King reads you loud and clear Coast Guard. We are under duress thirty miles south of Santa Barbara our location is 34:28:00 N latitude and 119:01:00 W longitude heading south. I am six miles off the coast. I repeat vessel 'Fisher King' is under duress thirty miles south of Santa Barbara and about six miles off the coastline, do you read me, out." After what seemed minutes they heard a voice respond.

An eerie voice it was that was coming back to them and it said: "Yes Fisher King I read you..... are you frightened of death?"

"What the hell is that" Jup said to the others.

"Are you frightened of death?" the strange voice asked again.

"You kill your own like rats, you cut each other's throats because you believe there is no creator and you deconstruct your world view to a petty 'survival of the fittest' ethos which allows you to let many of your kind die horrible deaths of disease and starvation. And you have the nervous system to call yourselves civilized."

"As squids squat I swear that thing is talking to us" Luther Porres yells out to the others. Over the radio the strange eerie voice replied.

"Yes,.. are you afraid of death? Your kind kills so easily and never gives thought to what goes on in the hearts of the dying and the planet you live on. You kill your world too as if bent on suicide, so now you will all know what your kind and our shared world feels at the moment of this horrible death you are inflicting upon all living things."

Slowly the squid began to move its tentacles towards the vessel. It's great green eye looked at them impassively. Slowly at first, then like a vine it began crawling up the rails, then falling over the rails onto the hardwood decking, and ever so slowly to eventually cover the entire back deck of the vessel. Inching its way to the wheelhouse it then began to break the cabins windows, then reaching into the wheel house.

Jup turned to the others and said in a surprisingly calm voice: "cross your oars mates, looks like we are going down."

His mind was amazingly clear with the impending sinking of the vessel now occurring. He thought of his children Europa and Io and what the giant squid had communicated to them.

"you kill your world too as if bent on suicide."

He wondered as he had just nights before in his home if the children of the planet had minds facile enough to grasp what was happening on the planet now and could arrive at some solutions for the dying planet. Can you keep your heart open in hell Jup? Strangely the thought of small baby squid floating in some quantum foam of a celestial volcano's gas came to him once again, all bubbling up, erupting as conscious white light cells by the billions. Then the sun began to break through the fog shinning on the vessel and the giant squid. A low humming sound filled the air.

"Good God look at that" Jup yelled to the others. A swarm of bees, there must be thousands of them. See that, they are dropping some... looks like dust or...pollen on the Squid."

The three men watched the bee's circle around the vessel and the giant squid. The dust or pollen literally filled the air and had a distinct lemon aroma that filled the salt air. Then the bees made a dive at the giant squids eyes, stinging it many times. The squid strangely did not pull the vessel down but began retracting its tentacles quickly. Jup noticed that the bees were actually stinging around the giant squids eyes and not directly the eyes themselves.

"Look at that, must be hundreds of lesions around it's eye sockets. No it has lesions over it's entire head and the bees are stinging all of them. The squid, as if tranquilized by the stings, released the ship then disappeared back below them then making one more pass across the ships bow just below the surface. For the first time the three mariners could physically see that the giant squid was over 500 feet long. It looked at them one last time from it's red ringed, sore incrusted eye sockets with those great green eyes then descending beneath them into the depths of the sea below them....then their silence was broken by the c.b. coming back on.

"SOS, SOS calling the Fisher King, calling the Fisher King" It was the Coast Guard out of Ventura. All the electronics came back on. They could see the giant squid swimming away below them until it swam out of the fish finders range swimming off in the shallow channel. But it's 'blooping' sound could still be picked up by the now up and running sonar equipment. Freeman quickly calculated their position and answered the Coast Guards call.

"This is captain of the Fisher King I read you loud and clear, our position is 34:28:00 N latitude and 119:01:00 W longitude heading south. Request assistance into Santa Monica Bay."

"Roger Fisher King - e.t.a. out of Ventura Harbor is ten minutes - anyone injured aboard vessel Fisher King?"

"Yes this is the captain speaking Freeman Ports, I have a ruptured left ear drum, my other shipmates, two of them are fine."

"Stay your course and we will meet up with you in ten minutes, the Sea Ranger is heading out of Ventura now. Over and out."

"Over and out." The bees by the thousands swarmed around the vessel as the sun burned the afternoon fog off and seemed to shine right on the 'Fisher King' and bathing it in it's warm rays. The bees seemed to dance in the light and the three men thought they could hear the bees humming. As the Coast Guard vessel arrived the mass of bees flew off heading south towards Santa Monica.

Santa Monica

"You did it Martin. The bees responded to your prayers and saved your father and his friends. You are a very special soul Martin and now is there anything I can do for you." As he said this the tall long bearded figure began to fade slowly from his vision standing at the old lemon tree. He could hear the short little prayer now being said by Melchizedek.

"From the bees hive the whole of creation enters humanity making them strong and able. Upon these troubled waters of life now carried by your bees is the wise sun's rays of peace."

"Well Mr. Melchizedek there is one thing that would help many children. You could make a donation to a charity that I collect money for. It's the 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation' a very good cause and does help a lot of inner city children who have reading challenges."

"Yes Martin I will help you. A tenth of my earthly fortune, left in safe keeping, I will direct to you. I know of your 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation' and it does very good work. My representatives will be in touch with you in about thirty-four days. God Bless you Martin, and keep up the good work. Peace to you and remember that prayer, it can heal much that is wrong in your world today. One last thing;

"Yo - Dogan Sirius, serious as blue diamond stars yes you are Martin Porres."

As the figure faded away Martin could smell the lemon flowers now in full bloom and once again he hear a great deep voice repeating the prayer.

"On to these bees a comets tail dust falls, so they can help the whole of creation. Upon these troubled waters of life carry this star dust along the wise rays of the sun's peace."

The Fisher King was escorted into Santa Monica boat basin by the Coast Guard's Sea Ranger out of Ventura at nine o'clock that night. After hours of sheer terror they once again heard familiar sounds of radio's and c.b.s carrying the ball game.

The score was tied at twelve to twelve and both teams had run out of pitchers. They hear the announcer saying: "this could be a first ladies and gentleman, both ball clubs have their right fielders pitching now. This has been a long day into night and could get longer yet."

"Man that is the double header from hell", having a fresh brush with it he knew hell; Freeman said this holding a fresh ice bag to his head.

"Nine and a half hours of baseball somehow seems acceptable under the conditions of the condition, if you know what I mean" Luther Porres replied.

"I smell umpires mediation coming on" Jup added with a smile. "I agree Freeman a Dodger- Angel series would not be a bad series at all."

"Hell why not an Angels- Giants series..." he was quiet, smiling at his ship mates.

"I know what you mean Luther" Freeman says laughing, then grimaced in pain.

The three men were laughing as they finally docked and tied off the 'Fisher King'. They quickly got Freeman to the Emergency Room at Our Mother of Guadalupe Hospital in Santa Monica.

Freeman lost the hearing in his left ear but would joke about it when asked. He always said:

"I only listened to about half of what people said to me anyway, so losing the hearing in one of my ears did not, nor does it even matter to me really. I still hear about half of what people say to me."

He loved saying it and always laughed when he said it. He kept right on sailing but never saw the giant squid again. Freeman Ports would live to a very ripe old age.

When Luther finally arrived home that night it was ten p.m. Jup arrived to a warm meal prepared by Mari who was sitting in the kitchen waiting up for him. The children, Europa and Io were in bed.

"Running late, hit some weather? Mari asked Jup as he walked in the door.

"So very good to see you again. You are not going to believe what I'm about to tell you but.. better sit down Mari... We ran into a giant squid thirty miles south of Santa Barbara, it about sank Freeman's vessel. Then a swarm of bees descended on the squid and drove it back into the Channel Islands. We were rescued by the Coast Guard just off Ventura about six miles out, they brought us back to Santa Monica safely."

Mari looked at Jup for a long minute then said to him what he had heard before.

"Don't tell the kids just yet, I think we need some growing into this first." He smiled at his wife then drifted off in thought as he ate his dinner thinking about his class tomorrow and wind mills.

Over at the Porres house Luther was greeted by Martin who could hardly contain himself.

"Did you see the bees dad? Sure as 'clean up' I saw a Mr. Melchizedek from the galactic federation, the many kingdoms of heaven, who told me that you and the others were in big trouble and then he taught me this prayer to say to help save you guys."

Dr.Luther Porres looked at his fourteen year old dread locked son and smiled. Then Luther walked over to the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen was more like a lab than a kitchen with books stacked everywhere, a microscope on the dinning table and a stuffed owl in the corner of the room. He then got out the makings for a night time cup of tea that he prepared for himself and Martin. He warmed some milk and honey up then mixed in some Anise tea. When it was prepared they sat at the kitchen table and sipped it slowly then Luther answered Martin's earlier questions.

"Yes I saw the bees and yes we were in grave danger of losing our lives at the tentacles of a giant squid. Your friend Melchizedek and his prayer plus the work of the bees saved our lives. Tell me Martin what are the words to that prayer you learned today?"

"Sure dad, it's a short simple thing, had me say it nine times, did that, oh I guess, three or four times. It goes like this."

"On to these bees a comets tail dust falls, so they can help the whole of creation. Upon these troubled waters of life carry this star dust along the wise rays of the sun's peace."

Luther Porres listened to his son repeat the prayer and thought about how magical life really was. It seemed to him that it's probable that anything is possible in this world of ours, he knew that now.'

When his son finished reciting the prayer he then told him that Mr. Melchizedek would be leaving him a tenth of his fortune and that Martin was going to donate it to the 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation'.

"Very noble indeed son, very noble indeed." Smiling at his son Dr.Luther Porres then said to him: ...

"Yo - Dogan Sirius, serious as blue diamonds and stars...!" Yes you really are son, you really are."

They laughed as they sipped their tea's quietly in the cluttered kitchen, then retired for the night. That night Luther Porres dreamed he was treating a very sick giant squid who had lesions around both it's great green eyes. He could see the waste and dead zones in the oceans spreading, with pollution so bad that the giants of the deep sea's were surfacing around the world and seeking help. They were suffering from lead and mercury poisoning. The screams of suffering were so great that he awoke in a cold sweet. He knew it was only a dream...or was it.

The next morning Jup stiff from his ordeal the day before got up to the crows cawing outside his bedroom window. He lay in his bed thinking about the events and thanked his lucky stars that he was still alive. Getting out of bed he walked to the bathroom to freshen up then went downstairs, fixed himself a cup of green tea and went into his study to check out the crop circles appearing now in Britain as was his habit during the crop circle season. As he looked at the crop glyphs Io runs into the study jumping into his father's lap.

"Morning dad. How was your 'sail' yesterday, see any whales, dolphins or Moby Dick?"

Jup smiled at his son, turned the computer off, and walked with him into the kitchen where they were greeted by their old pet dog Poncho. Europa and Mari came down to join them a minute or two later and together they sat at the kitchen table and ate some multi- grain cereal that Mari served them and drank some milk for the children while the adults drank some tea. They each had a slice of whole wheat bread with some honey and strawberry jam. Mari made the jam from the strawberries she grew in their garden out back.

"Well dad how was your sailing yesterday, you got in pretty late last night. Mom said you probably went out with the guys after you got in yesterday... See any whales, dolphins or Moby Dick?"

"That's what I asked dad" Io yelled out laughing at his sister's apparent telepathy. He did not know that she overheard Io asking their father the same question just as she was coming down the stairs for breakfast this morning. Io tended to see the magical in all coincidences and this was just one more proof for him that magic happens all the time.

Jup looked at Mari who just shook her head no. So Jup did not tell them of his ordeal yesterday but answered his children's questions saying; "we did not see Moby Dick but we did see some dolphins swimming in our bows wake. They were crossing back and forth just in front of us, looked like they were making braids in the water just like Europa's pony tails. Seemed to us that they were just playing and having a lot of fun."

"Wow dolphins can play too? for billions of years just like we can do dad?" Io asked his father excitedly. Europa added:'four and a half billion years young and headed out into a thirteen to fourteen billion year old universe with dolphins' now that is really good."

"Sure I guess that dolphins have been around playing for a real long time here on the Earth, millions of years and for that matter possibly in the thirteen to fourteen billion year old universe as well. So with any luck they will probably be playing for a very long time into our star filled futures."

Later that morning Jup was driving to Cabrillo Trade Tech for his ten o'clock 'Technology for the twenty-first century' class. As he drove up the coast highway he spotted the three- wheeling 'slow glows' riding up the coast line real slow. The poem 'Three Gypsies' by Lenau once again came to Jup's mind as he looked at them. He began reciting the poem out loud, waving to the 'slow glows' as he drove past them in his Fisher carburetor fitted, white 1975 slant-six Dodge Dart.

Three Gypsies

Three old gypsies once I found
Under a willow - tree - weeping;
When my wagon in sandy ground
Over the moorland was creeping.

Held the one for his own delight
Fiddle-bow in his fingers,
Played in the evening's rosy light
Many a song that lingers.

Held the second a pipe in his hand,
Watching the smoke that receded,
Happy as if in the whole wide land
Nothing at all were needed.

And the third contentedly slept,
While his guitar lay near him;
Over its strings a wind's breath crept,
Dreams were sufficient to cheer him.

And in their clothing carried the three
Holes and bright-colored patches.
But they scorned, so fiery and free,
All earth's destiny - scratches.

Gypsies three showed me this that day:
Is life dark? Do not mourn it!
Well, one can play, smoke, sleep it away,
Thrice can despise and scorn it!

Driving onward, I long looked back,
Musing on Gypsy races,
Long wild locks, unkempt and black,
Dark brown eyes and faces.

Jup drives his 1975 white Dodge Dart into the parking lot of Cabrillo Trade Tech for his ten o'clock 'Technology for the twenty-first century' class. Some Bobwhite quail run from the parking lot into the chaparral and sage brush as he had seen them do many times before. He watched the plump birds for a minute admiring the beauty of the male's head feather, it seemed to glow a luminous black. Things looked so animated to him, taking a deep breath he smelled the salt air fill his nostrils, listened to the surf pound the coastline so loudly. It all seemed more alive to him now. As he sat in his car he reflected on the events of the day before, then figured that almost losing your life had some benefits, one of them being this heightened appreciation for the small, inconsequential things that move in and out of a person's sphere of reference every day. It brought things alive that were once unnoticed or even as dead, inanimate objects and of no consequence. All that has changed for him and in the place of a mundane world was now an alive world of nature, embracing him at every turn. He sat there for five minutes before getting out of his car, walking slowly to his classroom.

"So good to see you all this morning." Jup smiled at his students as he took his place at the front of the classroom. Alright our assignment for the week was to read Chapter Twelve in your textbook and be ready to discuss it. Alternative Energy with emphasis on ''Windmills, Solar power, Water and Hydrogen for energy production''. Who would like to start."

They discussed a Prof. Arnason of Iceland who they learned from their reading was a finalist last year in the World Technology Awards for the Environment. He was nominated for his work on hydrogen.(19)

"These awards are the the tech community's Oscars, awarded for the best, most innovative alternative technology inventions today" Jup says.

The students discussed the ideas from the text that informed them about the hydrogen fuel cell, the device that allows hydrogen energy to be converted quickly and cheaply into electricity.

"Sara Chen raised her hand and Jup called on her.

"I learned that the fuel cell creates an electric current through a chemical reaction. It's a battery that does not wear out or even need to be recharged. All it needs is a continuous supply of hydrogen because its energy is pulled from the atom itself."

She continued, her grasp of the fuel cell technology was through, the others listened attentively.

"Hydrogen has one proton and one electron. Fuel cells divide the negatively charged electrons from the positively charged protons, that process is called electrolysis. Protons get sucked through this membrane that does not allow electrons through. The electrons pass through an external circuit before once again combining with the protons. That flow creates electricity. The protons join with oxygen atoms on the opposite side of the membrane in the air. Now when the electrons are recombined with the group water is produced, one oxygen atom and two complete hydrogen atoms."

Sara finished with a smile, Jup thanked her for her contribution.

The students continued their discussion making the points that the cost of nuclear energy power plants was not cost efficient going into twenty-first century economies of scale. At one time perhaps but basic misunderstandings about nuclear power coupled with movies like China Syndrome pretty much killed any future for nuclear power plant development in America. It was noted that France on the other hand was providing seventy percent of it's energy needs from 'state of the art' nuclear power plants yet the matter of what to do with the spent rods and waste materials from the power plants still had not been resolved. The text also pointed out that the best power producers for the planet were wind mills being the most effective over the history of the planet bar none. However they did have a down side and that was that it was not a consistent source of energy production due to the wind variability.

"All you need is water. I am now going to do a bench presentation for you demonstrating Prof. Arnason technology." He turns on an orange shaded lamp. (19)

"Think of this lamp's light as if it was the sun's rays." Next to it, a clear hose runs through an electrolyzer. The set up looked like a very simple science-fair project.(19)

"Now watch, elemental magic with nothing but water I create electricity." A few bubbles of gas trickle through the apparatus, eventually sending a dime-store fan spinning gently around. He is triumphant. He has just turned water into hydrogen producing electricity to power the fan."

Jup holds a small fuel cell up for the class to see. "This is the fuel cell we have been reading about.. It can store this extracted hydrogen from the electrolysed water using it for electrical power for light as well as heat, while powering our planet's autos, planes and all other modes of transportation while at the same time not polluting the environment. And again producing a by product of clean water."

Solar energy was discussed. Enclosed blue green algae ponds for the capturing of hydrogen was discussed. It was a recognized fact by all the students that Carbon needed to be altogether eliminated from our energy equation as it was killing the planet's environment. And the oil on the planet was going to run out at the present rates of usage in about forty to fifty years and possibly a lot sooner. So the introduction of windmill energy for electricity production that in turn could produce hydrogen with it's byproduct of fresh water was clearly a win-win proposition for the entire planet. The prices of oil were going to skyrocket due to a reducing supply so the great Nation needed to make some very important changes. Jup concluded that America with a similar massive effort equal to its machining off to defeat Hitler in WW II could produce a hydrogen infra- structure in just five years time.

"So why have we not put these ideas into practice for the good of the planet and we the people of the lands" Tycho of Trancus asked Jup.

"It's all a matter of education. We need some original thinking now. Like the German woman Antje Boetius a Professor and lead scientist on a joint research project out of Hamburg University that has discovered a biomass (large cluster of organisms) in the Black Sea. It can digest and process methane that geologists show could have existed around four billion years ago. Professor Antie thinks their discovery could aid in some climate control of the earth. You see scientist up to this point thought that methane, found in abundance in the sea by the way, produced by what class?"

"Agriculture" the class answers.

"Yes that is correct. She believes that this biomass could potentially rid the planet of harmful greenhouse gases like methane without burning oxygen and as a result not produce more of the damaging greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. So slowing the climate catastrophe unfolding on our planet."(14)

Iroquois Sun raised his hand. Jup called upon him immediately.

"You know all of this discussion today about energy has made me think about corn. How the Inca in Peru cultivated and grew it, as many as fifty different types of corn over 5,000 years ago. How the Hopi survived on corn in such a harsh environment for thousands of years in Northern Arizona. And how in America 'each gallon of ethanol produced domestically is equal to seven gallons of the oil we import'.(20) I even see farmers driving ethanol diesel powered trucks now, real energy efficient, environmentally friendly. I can see how the native peoples used the energy of this plant to survive. I see how a plant gave so much to man... Yet today most our corn is fed to the cows and not used for much more. I ask myself is America awake or have they gone to sleep to this plant that gives more than it takes." He was quiet.

"Thank you Algonquin Al that was very significant what you just shared with us. I think we would all agree that we do not seem to be real creative with the handling of our current energy crisis that we face as a nation and a planet. Asleep as in sleep walking perhaps and if we do not get real creative, real fast, we will be at the mercy of our enemies and marching to their beat unfortunately. The will of the American people can be thwarted unless we speak up and have our concerns heard in the Congress and then reacted to. The business community too, come on. Time to change modalities here at this junction in the road, lets wipe the books clean, start anew with some innovative technology, give us 'en mass' even ethanol diesel for 'god sakes' ! Come on let's sweep them stalls clean while we still have a chance and vote the bums out!"

Jup was quiet for a few moments reflecting on what he had just said. Then looked at every face in the class before he replied.

"Great, you have done a good job today with a difficult subject matter. These Ideas that we have shared today will save our planet if we utilize them. I want to end the class today with this Hubble Space Telescope picture of our Galactic Center. It is now known that the wind-loss rates of the stars at the Galactic Center located in the constellation of Sagittarius A* next to the constellation of Scorpio. In fact the tip of the stinger of Scorpio touches the tip of the sword of Sagittarius. Here you can see it here." The star field was over layed with a star chart that showed the two constellations positions and situated at each others boarders in the sky dome.

"There sits the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy" Jup said pointing to the exact spot of the black hole with his pencil's point.

"Many ancient cultures saw their own bodies in the pictures of the starry night skies 6,000 years ago. These cultures began to identify with the stars creating myths around them. From the Euphrates River ancients observed heavens and saw the outline of a lion call the constellation Leo, saw an outline of a bull call the constellation Taurus and so on, a scorpion outlined constellation Scorpio, a ram Aries and so on through the twelve constellations outlines in the sky. Today the constellations are probably completely new versions of the old versions and the tales that civilizations began with are most likely different today. It was the Greeks and Romans who developed this art of sky gazing to it's highest form, giving us the star catalogue of celestial bodies-images that we still use today."

"The earliest comments about mythology as seen in the stars and their constellations is found in the world of Homer the Greek in his Iliad written in the seventh century B.C. He writes about the making of Achilleus's shield by the god Hephaistos. I quote:

"On it he made the earth, and sky, and sea, the weariless sun and the moon waxing full, and all the constellations that crown the heavens, Pleiades and Hyades, the mighty Orion and the Bear, which men also call by the name of Wain: she wheels round in the same place and watches for Orion, and is the only one not to bathe in Ocean "

"Look at this picture of our Galactic center that I have up on the overhead. Think about what I have just shared with you about the ancients. How they saw pictures in the sky of animals and saw their own bodies in these star's patterns and outlines. The Delphic oracle of the ancient Greeks said 'Know thyself' but now Western civilization's culture for the first time in the history of the planet has tried to know the world first, without first getting to know who we are."(12)

Tell me what you see at our Galactic center." Jup was quiet now waiting for some observations.

"A whole lot of stars" one student called out. "Yes that's correct but anything else?" The class was quiet for some time then another student suggested: "it's a black holes tunnel into.. Andromeda " As the students were laughing Martin Porres raised his hand. Jup called on him.

"I see a lion."

Jup looked at the fourteen year old boy, smiled, then looked at the rest of the class.

"A lion Martin says he sees. Look closely at that Hubble Space Telescope picture again, with that image of a lion in mind."

As if the flood gates had been opened, one, then three more students, until the entire class could see what Martin Porres had just observed about the image of our Milky Ways Galactic center. "Yes a lion, a great green lion. Take what you have learned in this class over the semester out into the world like lions, all of you. If your idea's are seen as inconvenient, know that robust facts can roar and crass opinions will eventually wilt to sound reasonableness. It's the law of complexity, moving from simple to complex organisms like the Jesuit scientist Pierre Teilhard De Chardin writes about in his The Human Phenomenon". Jup is quiet for a few moments then continues.

"So like that glass of fine wine or grape juice for that matter that brings a soft breeze of pleasant thoughts into the atmospherics surrounding you as you sip it this summer, recognize also the elements living in your our dispositions as well. (12) Rally these forces of nature to help your minds and all our hearts and your good wills to create a better world for all of us to live in. Because by simply thinking about it and feeling compelled to do something about it, whatever it is, we begin to will a change in the atmospherics of our lives and our world and like the butterflies wing beat intentions radiate out across this great nation and over the world resulting in better lives for us all." After a pause he continued.

"Never underestimate atmospherics. They create the Earth's weather, they save lives if recognized early enough, they drive the picking of politicians, the psychology of our market places and even carries teams to championships..."

He paused for a few seconds, looking down at his desk. Then he looked up at his call and said in a very serious sounding voice,

"Our weather today is the environmentalist version of the Christian's last days 'atmospherically challenged', severely stressed. The carbon dioxide emissions, carbon found in the ice sheets at both our poles, the Arctic and Antarctic, are at 500 thousand year highs with saturation levels found in ice core samples. UK scientists tell us that the first three months of 2002 were the second-warmest consecutive three months ever recorded with worldwide temperatures 0.71 Celsius above the 1961-1990 average. Research of tree rings suggest they are in fact the warmest for a thousand years.(18) Coral reefs have been damaged more in the last twenty years than they have in the last 1,000. Twenty-three percent of our nation's power needs is produced by 103 nuclear power plants, are they safe? All this while we are on the door step of some genetic engineering lab with it's experiment just about to escape out their door, a genetically engineered 'Chilean giant spiked rhubarb' invasion devours our air supply and biosphere in just 333 days. Or crows contract a Plum Island bug off the coast of Long Island three years ago from mosquito bites vectoring a virus into many species of birds and people now. So I ask you all, what will it take to prevent another world war, while focusing our attention instead on fixing the biosphere. Are we lurching towards solutions which are unacceptable for the planet at large? And what is the future we want?"

He looks at the class for a long, hard moment before continuing.

"I wish to quote Dimitar Sasselov at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in closing today."

"We stand on the threshold of a new era of exploration and discovery. It only happens once in the history of an intelligent species and we are closing in on it."

Jup smiled at his students and repeated Sasselov's words; "once in the history of an intelligent species and we are closing in on it. Soooo...

"Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected."

He repeated the phrase again only louder now. This time the class repeated the phrase right with him.

"Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected."

Together they said it a third time in unison, loudly, with not a voice out of synch.

"Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected". Jup smiled wide when they finished saying the phrase a third time, then said to them,

"Have a great summer break. Your grades will be mailed to you over the summer. Class dismissed."

The class cheered. But it was clear that they were cheering as much for their beloved teacher as they were for the summer break. As Jup drove down the highway that afternoon he smelled the sea breeze blowing in through his rolled down car window. He thought to himself.

'It's probable that anything is possible. Even the planet's environmental decline could be fixed if humanity worked towards that goal. It would just take putting a few good ideas to work, a few hardy souls to rally the forces around the ideas and, of course, some luck."

"It is probable that anything is possible" he thought to himself driving home that afternoon. If we could only realize it then perhaps things would change for the better and the unfolding story of Earth would have a happy ending.

That night after dinner he went into his study. He turned the computer on as was his practice during the summer months he went to have a look at the latest crop circles. What he would see next both amazed him and moved him deeply. Like a great sea serpent from the depths of our imaginations there it was, come back around one more time. Or some winged insect.

Image property of Steve Alexander

The crop circle from Uffington White Horse, near Woolstone, Oxfordshire was spotted and reported June 23. Jup stared at the strange beautiful figure. It's majestic lines made it almost seem benign. But Jup wondered about that. After his ordeal on the open sea's just a few days earlier the glyph seemed to convey a possible omnipotent, even omnipresent feeling about it. As he marveled at the symmetry of the sea dragon, dragon fly like figure he wondered if in fact it could be the flying insect kingdoms melding with the elementals of the air and water that where making these incredible glyphs. Also being connected with the bees that saved him and his friends out on the 'Fisher King' the other day. Or even the insect beings he saw in his dream of the new Earth Jupiter. All of them doing the bidding of a higher force, and seen in the plants, water and bugs, and even our planets, all feeling the pressure bearing upon the elements, the higher frequencies from above us all. This all could be the doings of a Galactic Federation' he thought to himself as he turned the computer off and went upstairs to bed.

As John 'Jup' Colter lay in bed with his wife Mari, his children sound asleep, Jup lay there staring up at his Jupiter painted ceiling as it glowed in the dark.

"You know Mari sometimes I think this world here is the dream,.. and the world of our imaginations in our minds are the stuff of another, very real world. And that this world is just a faint glimmer of the real world..." pausing before speaking again. "I think we have been lied to about reality Mari. What's the real world and what's an illusion...." a long pause. "When I die Mari I think I'm joining up with the inventors, mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, poets, because the only way free of this spiders web of very low frequencies found here on Earth today is to keep your heart and mind open in this hell. It's like some philosopher once said: 'Matter is a heap of ruins of the spirit'."(11)

"Well Jup.. 'it's probable that anything is possible'... but I like the part you said about keeping your heart open, that's real good.." They laughed then lay there quiet.

As their breathing began to synchronize with each others they fell into each other's arms and began to hug each other then slowly began to make love. Then as 'a fragrance of blissful love' filled the air they kissed each other and Jup felt he was sleeping on Jupiter's pillow as they drifted off to sleep...and dreaming. The next morning the crows were cawing loud and clear. Jup woke first then his wife began to stir. As she woke up Jup told her about his dream.

"There I am up in Hollywood looking up at the afternoons cloudy sky. I notice a ufo.. It does a right bank and heads right at me. I figure they don't like being identified. Turn and run into a backyard and get into a trailer. Inside the trailer I see Eugene Ogden and he lets me stay with him. Looking out the window I see this flying white bowling ball with a very sharp stinger and black eye patches staring right at me. It's so unnerving I pull the shades. This 'anger bug' while still outside manages to carve each window's shade with it's very long, pointed stinger into a different design. Like a story, each shade getting more unsettling and more graphic until they become hard to watch, carved quickly into ornate, dangling stripes of figures. It then flies off hyped, bugged, by my inquisitiveness. The scene changes and I'm at Al's barber shop and Jack Mars the Homunculus is working. He looks in the corner and together we see some bills and change, he gives it to me smiling real wide, then offers to cut my hair. I decline, taking the money and smiling back at him. Then I'm that ten year old kid standing by the rough iron fence looking at red 'chested' robins standing at worm holes, heads cocked, listening. Then Albert Einstein with his long gray hair, is standing right beside me.

'Look at the robins red chest" pointing at the robins, heads cocked, listening for worms,... "the suns energy and mass can actually convert into each other and warming the earth like an oven makes lots of food for the robin reds, pulling threads of green worm spaghetti from wormholes" he says. Then the dream finally ended."

Over the summer nights Jup sat out in his backyard with his ' eight-inch refracting lens telescope'. The optics his telescope lens has gathered in the light and then focused the light to let him watch the colors of Jupiter shimmer. He peered into it's Great Red Spot and admired his favorite Galilean satellites, the moons of Europa and Io. All of it viewed with remarkable clarity during the warm nights of summer. When he put his x-ray lens on his telescope he could even see the aurora at Jupiter's north and south poles. Jup went sailing with Freeman when ever he was invited.

About a month later an old black 1975 Diplomat that was spotless pulled up to Dr. Luther Porres Clinc. Two Hasid Rabbis with long black curls and black velvet Fedoras got out of the car and entered the Porres clinic. They asked for a Mr. Martin Porres.

"That's me. Can I help you."

"Yes we have a check for you. Would you sign this paper please. Just says that we delivered the check to you personally and that you accepted it."

"Oh sure, you guys must work for Mr. Melchizedek right?"

They said nothing presenting Martin with a single page document stating the date, the amount of the check and that Martin Porres was the person receiving the check. He reads the paper and was totally taken back by the amount of money. He signed the paper and handed it back to the two Hassid's. They then handed Martin an envelope, bowed slightly to him in respect then left, not saying another word. They were not in the clinic for more than three minutes. As they walked out the door Luther Porres walked out front of the clinic from the back and asked who the gentlemen were just leaving.

"They were not hear very long, asking for directions" Luther Porres asked Martin.

"No dad those are the people who work for Mr. Melchizedek....You are not going to believe what they just gave me" as he hands the check to his father.

"Wow son that is a lot of money. That could set you up for life. What do you intend to do with it?'

"Just what I said I would do. I'm turning it over to Rosa Vons over at the bank, let her set up a trust account for the 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation'.

Luther looked at the five million dollar check then looked at his son smiling. Speaking to him is a very soft voice he said:

"Very noble indeed son, very noble indeed." Pausing a moment he then called out as if to the sky above:

"Yo Dogan Sirius, serious as blue diamonds and stars!" They laughed and hugged each other.

"Let's close shop and I'll give you a ride down to the bank and you can get the ball rolling with Rosa. Want to do that Martin?"

"Sure dad, thanks. I'll just check the animals for a minute before we go."

As Martin stepped into the back yard he noticed the bees swarming the lemon tree's very late in the season blossoms that afternoon. As he walked to the clinic they began to follow him. Standing at the door to go in a large, fat queen bee landed on his face. It walked from one cheek over the bridge of his nose, on to his other cheek. All while looking at him, looking into his eyes, cocking its large head so it could look into his eyes. Then she flew off, fast as it had landed. The other's flew after her.

As they drove to the band that morning in Dr. Luther Porres black Valiant, purchased from his old friend Freeman Ports, he asked Martin a question.

"Son what chances do you think you can have helping this old world of ours to be a better place for all of us with your 'Teach a Child to Read Foundation'? Don't you want to reconsider your options here, I mean five million dollars is a lot of money son."

"I know that dad and about making the world a better place for all of us, probably about as much chance as a snowballs chance in hell really.. But that's why I'm trying, never know, maybe there are snowballs in hell, just took someone to see them, then it's all cool. Anyway the eye of a needle is real narrow to pass through and all this money, well it's not going to get me where I am headed, know what I mean. Figure if I can help others then it does not really matter that I travel light."

"I think I do Martin." Quiet for a moment then he turns to his son and says: "Yo - Dogan Sirius, serious as a blue diamond stars, yes you are Martin Porres. They laughed all the way to the bank. Even the flowers in their pots, boxes and beds seemed to be smiling at the Porres as they drove down Santa Monica Bl. that morning.

At about the same time Jup was sitting at his computer monitor sipping a cup of tea and looking at the latest crop circle photo by Steve Alexander from near Stonehenge. Jup looked at the incredible flower and just knew that the consciousness of the planet was in fact rising now. It was world leaders, corporations and the world's governments that were sliding behind the curve while human consciousness of the masses was on the rise. He thought of the Pierre Teilhard De Chardin quote from "The Human Phenomenon" that he shared with his class.

Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected

As he looked at the crop glyph he heard some music playing in the living room. It was 'Jupiter' from 'The Planets Suit'. Io ran into the study and greeted his father.

"Morning dad." Then the nine year old boy looked at the glyph up on Jup's monitor and was quiet for a moment, as strains of the classical music filled the air.

"Looks like a big old flower dad. Bet some hedgehogs working for the Jupiters made it. Looks like Sun Flowers!" he exclaims;

"we grew some this spring at school, got 'em in our garden too. Can eat the seeds when the flowers die.... 'Feed 'em and free 'em' growing 'Sun flowers and corn."

He screams the last words like it was some wondrous mystery that he had just solved. Then he lets out a small fart. And in just the same enthusiastic tones he yells out to his father:

"And yellow corn gas"...."feed 'em and free 'em and yellow corn gas" laughing loudly as he called out the words.

"Evolution = Rise of consciousness, Rise of consciousness = Union effected" Jup says back to Io. They sit quietly looking at the crop sign on his monitor then Io hugs his father.

"I love you dad."

Jup looked at Io, hugged him replying; "I love you too Io."

That fall the Anaheim Angels played the San Francisco Giants for the World Series Championship. The Angels won the series in game seven by the score of four to one. Freeman and Jup attended the final game in Anaheim while Luther Porres listened to it on his radio at home in Santa Monica. It seemed right to them that the Angels would win the World Series that year. After all, angels do swing a big bat even when facing giants.

Like an air born spore this rise of consciousness greeted the New World of North America in the year 1776. First spreading its waves of change in France, then this powerful Idea carried Freedom's fire, a fecund cloud, unbridled, then checked and unchecked, spreading to many parts of Europe. Like seeds of a bountiful harvest change began to happen in the staid, war torn, Old World of Europe. In some places it landed, took and became as new life spawned from above. Freedom's rings rise to light our way, swelling to the farthest stars of our solar system, the great planet Jupiter and going clear out to embrace the Milky Way Galaxy.

References used for Jupiter's Pillow are listed below:

(1) NASA news March 7, 2002 Puzzling X-rays from Jupiter text by Dr. Tony Phillips, photo property of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

(2) Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997 *Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences.

1.3.3 The twenty-third cycle was initiated by a short series of sunspots in August 1995 [32], which allows us to predict the solar activity maximum in 1999. What is also remarkable, is that a series of class C flares has already happened in July 1996 . The specificity and energy of this cycle was discussed at the end of the 1980's. [23]. The increased frequency of X-Ray flux flares which occurred in the very beginning of this cycle provided evidence of the large-scale events to come; especially in relation to an increase in the frequency of super-flashes. The situation has become extremely serious due to the growth in the transmitting qualities of the interplanetary environment [2 3, 24] and the growth of Jupiter's systems heliospheric function; with Jupiter having the possibility of being shrouded by a plasmosphere extending over Io's orbit [13].

As a whole, all of the reporting and observation facilities give evidence to a growth in the velocity, quality, quantity, and energetic power of our Solar System's Heliospheric processes.

Update Note 1/8/98: The unexpected high level of Sun activity in the later half of 1997, that is continuing into present time, provides strong substantiation of the above statement. There were three "X" level Goes nine X-Ray Flux events in 1997 where one was forecasted; a 300 percent increase. The most dramatic of these, a X-9.1 coronal mass ejection on November 6, 1997, produced a proton event here on Earth of approximately seventy-two hours in duration. The character, scale, and magnitude of current Sun activity has increased to the point that one official government Sun satellite reporting station recently began their daily report by saying, "Everything pretty much blew apart on the Sun today, Jan. 3,1998."

(3) An extraordinary coronal hole is moving across the Earth-facing side of the Sun -- "extraordinary" because it has persisted for four consecutive twenty-seven-day solar rotations. Our planet will enter a solar wind stream flowing from the hole during the first week of April.

These SOHO extreme ultraviolet images show the last three appearances of a persistent coronal hole.

(4) Rudolf Steiner - The Apocalypse of St. John, Lectures on the Book of Revelation, a cycle of twelve lectures given from 17 to 30 June 1908, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, England, Fourth Edition 1977, ISBN 0 85440 307 8 - pg. 127 - Only in the course of the Moon evolution was wisdom poured into the various beings and creations, so that it was there by the time the Earth came forth from the twilight. All things are then filled with wisdom. And as man today looks into his environment and sees wisdom burgeoning in everything, so will he, when he has reached Jupiter, see all the beings around him in a remarkable way. They will pour out something like the fragrance of blissful love. Love will stream forth from all things, and it is the mission of the Earth evolution to develop this love. Love will then flow through everything, just as wisdom now reigns in everything, and this love is poured into earthly evolution by man's gradually learning to develop love.

pg. 170 - During the Jupiter period man will rise to a still higher degree of consciousness of which most people today have no inkling, when all that we have described has taken place and all that is yet to be added from the Apocalypse of John which is still to be described. Then, when man is saved, so to speak, when he has risen from the abyss or escaped from decadence, when he has risen into the astralized and spiritual earth, this will be the foundation for his attainment upon Jupiter of the consciousness which we may call the conscious picture-consciousness. If this is to be described it can only be done from the experiences of the initiates. For initiation is indeed nothing but the acquisition of the capacity to attain at an earlier stage of evolution what normal mankind will gain at a later stage. In the conscious picture-consciousness man is just as conscious of himself as he is today from morning to evening, but he perceives not only the external objects; in his soul's field of vision he has pictures, pictures which are by no means dim, but it will be furnished with the human ego, so that with this Jupiter-consciousness man will reflect as logically as he does now with his day-consciousness on earth. Thus the clear day-consciousness plus the Moon consciousness gives the Jupiter-consciousness. Man keeps what he now has and in addition gains the capacity of perceiving the element of spirit and soul.

(5) Bose-Einstein condensates ("BECs" for short) aren't like the solids, liquids and gases that we learned about in school. They are not vaporous, not hard, not fluid. Indeed, there are no ordinary words to describe them because they come from another world -- the world of quantum mechanics. : MIT's Wolfgang Ketterle, 2001 Nobel laureate and fellow scientists have created a new kind of matter: It comes in waves and bridges the gap between the everyday world of humans and the micro-domain of quantum physics.

(6) Antarctic ice melt poses worldwide threat Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by Michael Byrnes, Reuters

The production of vast volumes of icebergs is a threat to the world's climate and the way the ocean's function, they said. And the process, once started, cannot be reversed. The fear is that a snowball effect will lead to disintegration of the vast West Antarctic ice shelf, miles thick in parts.

"The (first) break-off said 'this is not theory, it's real; rapid and dramatic collapse of an ice shelf can happen,''' said Neal Young, glaciologist with the Antarctic Cooperative Research Center (CRC) in Hobart. "This is saying 'that wasn't a one-off thing.'''

Significant warming in parts of the pristine Antarctic wilderness is expected to continue to send huge icebergs into the Southern Ocean and lead to the disintegration of other sections of ice shelves that fringe Antarctica's continental ice cover. A longer-term effect would be if the disintegration led to a meltdown of the grounded West Antarctic ice sheet, which would cause the world's oceans to rise by up to seventeen feet.

(7) The Physics of Time Travel by Michael Moyer, Popular Science, March 2002, pgs. 52- 53, quote from this article by Paul Davies, a British-born physicist, "There is a two-way traffic, but more often than not science fiction draws its ideas from science rather than the other way around. The great thing about writing fiction is that you don't have to stick to the rules. Though I personally think the best science fiction is that that is closest to the credible science."

(8) The Tutankhamun Prophecies - The Sacred Secret of The Maya, Egyptians, and Freemasons by Maurice Cotterell, Bear and Company, Rochester, Vermont ISBN 1-879181-70-3, paperback 356 pgs., references, quotes used- pgs. 175, 177, 203

pg. 203 The Honeybee and the Hive

i) The Hierarchy of the Brotherhood (degrees of initiation) is structured like a hive, with only one, or at most a few, higher initiates per lodge. The many more lesser-ranking members can be compared to worker, and soldier, bees. Workers ensure the collection and production of funds (honey), while the soldiers protect the hive and ultimately the queen (the Grand Master) from the turbulent realities of the outside world. In this way the Grand Master can achieve spiritual realization free from the troubles of everyday existence.

ii) Honey is seen as food for the soul. Its purity is without equal as a food source because no bacteria can exist within it. This explains why the honey found in Tutankhamun's tomb was still edible after 3,500 years. Honey is therefore synonymous with purity of spirit.

iii) The hive, consisting of nine levels of comb, is synonymous with the nine levels of the underworld (in the afterlife), the nine levels of internment of Tutankhanmun, and the sacred nine worshipped by the Maya.

iv) The bee is decorated with horizontal gold bands, like those of the sun's rays, across its abdomen, and Freemasonry is concerned with the super-science of the sun, sun-worship.

v) The honeybee is controlled (programmed by the sun (Appendix 1 xix). Hence, the honeybee follows the sun and builds its honeycomb incorporating the hexagon, using the angles of thirty, sixty and ninety degrees (30 + 90 = 120).

pg.177 The Devil's in the Detail

Bruce Cathie's figure of 144,000 minutes of arc per second for the speed of light is even move revealing. If E=MC^2 then when e moves across Einstein's equation, becoming m, the mathematical 'sign' (the predisposition of the mass) must be equal and opposite (a simple rule of algebra). This is to say that if God threw away plus five volts of positive energy, this would convert to minus five volts of mass. (Voltage levels are used here simply to accommodate an explanation of the principles involved.) The mass would always be attracted back to God because of the attracting nature of opposite polarities (just like north magnetic pole attracts south magnetic pole). This is why people throughout history have sought God. This means that if God is good (positive), mass must be bad (negative). Which means the physical world, and everything in it, must be bad, which means that this physical word we find ourselves in is actual hell.

That this is so is supported by Cathie's figure of 144,000: 144,000 minutes of arc equals 6.66 revolutions of the earth. This means simply that light travels 6.66 times around the earth in one second (144,000 divided by sixty (minutes) divided by 360 (degrees) equals 6.66 revolutions). Which confirms that the earth, and everything on it (the physical world), must be the devil, the beast. 666 is the 'beast', spoken of by St.John in revelation, by Lord Pacal in the decoded Lid of Palenque, and by Tutankhamun in the treasures of his tomb. This (144,000). Is it any surprise we find it difficult to love our neighbor? The body and the senses lead us into temptation. It is the body that 'desires'. Desire leads to frustration (not every desire can be fulfilled). This leads to anger, anger to delusion and delusion to destruction of the self, and others. The soul suffers for what the body desires and, during the next incarnation, the body suffers for what the self has experienced.

(9) On the Symbolism of the Bee in the Occult Tradition by AB copyrights protected and a link is provided to the source of the following material - Another occult tradition states that the mysterious figure Melchizedek, who is mentioned in the Bible in connection with giving communion to the patriarch Abraham, is an entity that brought three gifts to earth from the planet Venus: the bee, wheat, and the mineral asbestos. The tradition is an allegorical one. The meaning of the three gifts may be partially understood as symbolizing three grades of initiation. In the first grade, one serves (bee). In the second grade, the initiate focuses on understanding and practicing the development of the many out of the one (wheat). In the third grade, the initiate becomes a channel of the Divine Fire; he burns, but is not consumed (asbestos).

In the sacred tradition known as the Qabalah, the planet and goddess Venus are associated with the Sephirah Netzach. This Sephirah is also called "Saykel Nesether", or the "Occult Intelligence." Two of the potencies of human consciousness that have their root in Venus or Netzach are creative imagination and desire. These are two sine qua non of occult development. Without knowledge of the right use of creative imagination and desire, the aspirant makes little progress.

The bee is also a symbol for wisdom, for it collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into the nourishing honey, which is the gold of bees. Just so, the occult aspirant collects experience from the varying circumstances of his life and from it extracts spiritual gold. As the spiritual alchemists imply, the life of the occult aspirant is his laboratory, and his consciousness and his body the subjects of his spiritual experiments.

(10) "Bloop"

"This sound was repeatedly recorded during summer, 1997 on the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. The sound rises rapidly in frequency over about one minute and was of sufficient amplitude to be heard on multiple sensors, at a range of over 5,000 km. It yields a general location near 50oS; 100oW. The origin of the sound is unknown." Acoustic Monitoring-Vents Program- NOAA

CNN.com/ Sci- Tech June 13, 2002 Tuning into a deep sea monster- complete story found at CNN.com address and date noted above

LONDON, England -- Scientists have revealed a mysterious recording that they say could be the sound of a giant beast lurking in the depths of the ocean.

Researchers have nicknamed the strange unidentified sound picked up by undersea microphones "Bloop."

While it bears the varying frequency hallmark of marine animals, it is far more powerful than the calls made by any creature known on Earth, Britain's New Scientist reported on Thursday.

It is too big for a whale and one theory is that it is a deep sea monster, possibly a many-tentacled giant squid.

The largest dead squid on record measured about sixty feet long including its tentacles, but no one knows how big the creatures might grow.

For years sailors have told tales of monsters of the deep including the huge, many-tentacled kraken that could reach as high as a ship's mainmast and sink the biggest ships.

(11) The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit lectures by Rudolf Steiner, December 1911 and January 1912 - ISBN 0-919924-10-7 Rudolf Steiner Press, 238 Hungry Hollow Rd., Spring Valley, New York 10977

pg. 52 Matter is a heap of ruins of the spirit. It is extraordinarily important to grasp this definition. Matter is a heap of ruins of the spirit. Matter is, therefore, in reality spirit, but shattered spirit.

(12) Shakespeare's Prophetic Mind by A.C.Harwood ISBN 0 85440 318 3 published by Rudolf Steiner Press 35 Park Road London NW 1 6XT, 1st Edition 1964 - 2nd Impression, Rudolf Steiner Press 1977

pg. 33 - Harwood's commentary about quoted poem from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - 1595 by William Shakespeare.

The passage is interesting as containing perhaps the earliest use of the word imagination as meaning a creative faculty and not merely a picture of the mind, though in the whole speech the Duke hovers between the two meanings.

pg.11 - Shakespeare stood at one of the great frontiers of consciousness, the almost impenetrable gulf between the medieval and the modern age. In crossing that frontier man entered a world where he finally abandoned the deepest belief of antiquity, which the Middle Ages inherited from the Greeks, the Greeks from Egypt and Chaldaea, and Egypt and Chaldaea from the unrecorded infancy of man. It is the belief in the innate sympathy between things, in the same creative principles and forces working in the universe, in the earth and in man, the belief that the part of the whole is not only a part ( as in the machine) but is in some degree a miniature of the whole, and above all that man himself is a small universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are the first civilization which does not live in the daily experience of that belief. Our trees and minerals no longer embody planetary virtues, the zodiac no longer forms and sustains our bodies, nor do the elements live in our dispositions. We have divorced the understanding of man from the understanding of the universe. Know thy self, said the Delphic oracle, and thou wilt understand the world. We endeavor, and we are the first to do so, to understand the world without first understanding ourselves.

(13) We Made Contact by Dustin D. Brand- "A further Einstein connection is made with Jupiter. Jupiter is the fifth planet in our solar system, and something the aliens have deliberately drawn our attention to by way of it's Galilean Satellites. The connection deals with the rotation speed of Jupiter's magnetic field, in which the particles are moving at near relativistic speeds. While this isn't like a pulsar or a neutron star, other similarities are evident. Both pulsars and Jupiter have tilted dipole magnetic fields. The near relativistic speed of particles around Jupiter's magnetic field are directly linked to Jupiter's synchrotron radiation. Yet another interesting Einstein Relativity "space-time" link to the Alien Template at the Chilbolton Radio Telescope".

"Interesting Fact: Pioneer 11 swung past Jupiter on December 4, 1974, shortly after the November 16, 1974 Original Arecibo Transmission. Both Pioneer 10 and 11 had Human Templates so to say on board."

(14) by Philip Blenkinsop Reuters- 'A German woman and Professor Antje Boetius and fellow' scientists have discovered microorganisms deep under the sea that may provide an insight into some of the Earth's first life forms and offer hope in the fight against global warming, the Max Planck Society said Thursday.

The marine biologists and geologists believe they have shown life could have existed by processing methane without the presence of oxygen. Their findings could also prove useful in ridding the earth of excess methane, one of the greenhouse gases many scientists believe is responsible for global warming.

Traditional views of early life on Earth center on plants which converted carbon dioxide to oxygen. "These (plant life forms) date back to between 3 and 3.5 billion years ago.... We have found biomass (large cluster of organisms) using methane that geologists show could have existed around four billion years ago," said Professor Antje Boetius, joint author of the study.

The two-year research by the scientists from Hamburg University, the Alfred Wegener Institute in northern Bremerhaven, and the Max Planck Society centered on coral-forming microorganisms in the Black Sea at depths where no oxygen and no light is present. The Black Sea contains the largest oxygen-free basin in the world.

(15) Robert Foot of the University of Melbourne in his new book,Shadowlands Universal Publishers,speculates that many comets might be made of a new type of matter called "mirror matter", which gives out no light. The idea is that they contain only a small amount of ordinary matter, and that this ordinary matter evaporates after passing by the Sun, leaving an invisible core of mirror matter.

(16) The Atmosphere Chap. Three Energy Sources, Transfers and Transformations ; Orbital Variations: The Earth in its orbit around the sun is not static. The tilt of the earth is currently decreasing 0.00013o per year. The degree of epllipticity of the orbit is decreasing, i.e. our orbit is becoming more circular. The dates during the year when the equinoxes occur also varies and gets about one day later every seventy years. In 1930, the scientist Milankovitch proposed that these variations, given their cyclical nature, resulted in changes in sunlight by season and latitude and gave rise to the cycle of glacials and interglacials. Atmospheric scientists have debated the issue ever since. Some say that the variations in energy are inadequate to explain the ice ages. Others say that positive feedbacks such as carbon dioxide and volcanic aerosols bring on the ice ages and that the radiation changes act as the trigger. If indeed these variations are the root causes of ice ages then we are clearly heading back to the next glacial period, in fact we are sort of over due!

Procession of the Equinoxes : The date of the equinoxes also varies in a cycle called the procession of the equinoxes. This cycle is about 21,000 years in length. The equinoxes get about one day later in the year each seventy years. This means that the season at which the earth is nearest to the sun (perihelion) gradually changes. 10,000 years ago perihelion was in Northern Hemisphere summer. Perihelion currently occurs in early January.

Note- I use the 25,920 year Procession of the Equinoxes figure, the above reference uses the figure 21,000 years, perhaps a typo, not sure. I use the reference due to Milankovitch's work being noted -and not the dates as they are not correct- Dominic Daley

(17) Dogan was added to 'Yo dog,.. serious as the blue diamond stars' a play on the word dog adding the 'an' referring to the Dogan tribe an ancient people of Mali in Northwestern Africa, who for centuries held to a spiritual tradition of star gazing that allowed them the knowledge of the star Sirius long before anyone in the West came to the same discoveries. They discovered Sirius B, a small star that orbits the bright star Sirius but Sirius B was invisible to the naked eye and only photographed by telescope in 1970 for the first time.

(18) Alex Kirby BBC News Online environment correspondent, Sci/Tech- Record Warm Start to 2002

"Proxy records, for instance from tree rings, suggest they are in fact the warmest for a thousand years. "Previous records have chiefly been broken during an El Nino, but this has happened in a slightly cool period." The only consecutive three months warmer than the last three were February, March and April 1998, during a marked El Nino.

(19) By Alanna Mitchell, A World Without Oil

REYKJAVIK -- The contraption sitting in Bragi Arnason's chemistry lab doesn't look like much. There's a battered orange desk lamp meant to represent the sun. Next to it, a clear hose runs through an electrolyzer that resembles a science-fair project.

Prof. Arnason turns on the lamp. A few bubbles of gas trickle through the apparatus, eventually sending a dime-store fan spinning gently around. He is triumphant. He has just turned hydrogen into electricity.

"In the second half of this century, this will be the main energy source for mankind," he says, his face beaming. "It's sustainable. It's clean. All you need is water."

(20) Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanolhttp://www.ethanol-gec.org/corn_eth.htm#sum

The U.S. ethanol industry grew from practically zero production in the late 1970's to over 1 billion gallons in 1994,...

Growth in ethanol production has provided an economic stimulus for U.S. agriculture, because most ethanol is made from corn. The increase in ethanol demand has created a new market for corn, and agricultural policymakers see expansion of the ethanol industry as a way of stabilizing farm income and reducing farm subsidies, while freeing the U.S. economy from its dependence on imported oil. Increasing ethanol production induces a higher demand for corn and raises the average corn price. Higher corn prices reduce farm commodity program payments and the participation rate in the Acreage Reduction Program.

United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Economic Report Number 721 July 1995

(21) Fortieth moon of Jupiter spotted - "Using an observatory on top of a Hawaiian mountain peak, an astronomer has detected a small moon orbiting Jupiter, bringing the number of known satellites around the king of planets to forty." By Richard Stenger CNN Friday, January 3, 2003 http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/space/01/03/jupiter.moon/index.html

(22) The Jupiter Satellite Page- http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/~sheppard/satellites/ , new Jupiter satellites discovered in 2003 takes total satellites around Jupiter to sixty moons http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/~sheppard/satellites/jupsatdata.html

This tales end yet a beginning for the Consciousness Soul of humanity.