Queen of Angels

Madonna of the rose window in Chartres Cathedral, Paris, France- made in the 14th Century
Chartres Cathedral in France

The rose

(from Rudolf Steiner).The five pointed star belongs to the rose, the red rose which is symbolic of the purified blood of the human being, a blood which no longer carries the desire element implanted in it through the effect of the temptation of Lucifer. Our blood is formed in the marrow of our bones, within a fortress, secure from intrusions. Here our red and white corpuscles are formed and liberated and entering the circulatory system become the basis for our will and karma from the past. Through the vermilion red activity, all that is dross is separated out and the archetype of purified man stands before us in the form of the five pointed star and the magenta colour. The Alpha letter was chosen for a similar reason, that in the beginning of time the form of man was present.

Blue and red are the colorurs of the Madonna. They are the archetypal colours of the soul, of its capacity to experience inwardly the cold distance of blue and the warm nearness of red. They are the colours of movement, of expansion and contraction. They have a physiological connection with the eyes- the gateway of the soul- blue with the left eye, red within the right eye. These are the colours through with the soul is freed from its bodily involvement and can live objectively live in its own inner space. The lemniscate is the form showing a balancing of above and below in circulatory movement. The Greek letter TAU is the symbol of life.

Audrey E. McAllen (58)
Sleep an unobserved element in education

Mass in B Minor,Gloria by J. S. Bach

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Another study in Germany, 2007, has revealed the association between sleep, odor and memory. Medical students were made to play a computer-based memory game in a rose-scented room. While asleep, they were exposed to the same fragrance. The following day those in a state of slow-wave sleep remembered the positions of each card 97 percent correctly. Those who weren't exposed to the scent were correct only 86 per cent of the time. There was no memory boost in students sleeping lightly in a rose-scented room or those given a numerical test, since different parts of the brain are responsible for various kinds of memory.

The Holy Longing

Tell a wise person or else keep silent
For the massman will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive
And what longs to be burned to death.
In the calm waters of the love nights
Where you were begotten,
Where you have begotten,
A strange feeling comes over you
When you see the silent candle burning.
Now you are no longer caught in this obsession with darkness
And a desire for higher lovemaking sweeps you upward.
Distance does not make you falter.
And now, arriving in magic, flying
and finally, insane for the light
You are the butterfly.
And you are gone.
And so long as you haven't experienced this,
To die and so to grow,
You are only a troubled guest on a dark earth.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Thus in the Sistine Madonna we have a picture of the human soul born of the spiritual universe, and springing from this soul the highest that a human being can bring forth — man's own spiritual birth, what within him is a new begetting of cosmic creative activity. 

Isis and the Madonna
by Rudolf Steiner

This is what is represented in Isis. She is fructified by the divine male element, so that the head is fructified; and it is not material substance that is offered the child, as in the case of the physical Isis, but the crux ansata which is the sign of life. Whereas here from the physical Isis physical substance of life is offered, there is offered the spirit of life in its symbol. Behind the physical Mother of life there appears the spiritual Mother of life; behind her again the primal force of all life, represented with the life force, just as the will dwells behind everything in the still spiritual, far distant past. Here we have the three Mothers, and also the way in which out of the cosmos these three Mothers impart vitalizing force to the sun. Here we have what is not an artistic expression, nevertheless a symbolic expression of a profound cosmic truth. What lasted throughout the Egyptian evolution as the Isis symbol was received in more recent times and transformed in accordance with the progress made by humanity asSistine Madonna and Child by Raphaela result of the appearance of Christ Jesus on earth; for in Christ Jesus we have the great prototype of everything that the human soul is destined to bring forth out of itself. The human soul in its fructification out of the spirit of the world is given tangible form in the Madonna.In the Madonna we meet, as it were, with Isis reborn and in an appropriate way enhanced, transfigured.

What could be portrayed in pictures at the beginning of the lecture now comes before our souls as bound up with the evolution of humanity, streaming forth from hoary antiquity, artistically transfigured and given new form in the modern pictures presented throughout the world to the human souls thirsting for art. Here we see how in very truth art, as in Goethe's words, becomes the exponent of truth. We see how in reality when our gaze falls on the Madonna, when this gaze is permeated with deep feeling, the soul partakes in certain knowledge of the mighty riddle of the world. We realize that in such surrender our soul, seeking in itself for the eternal feminine, is yearning for the divine Father-Spirit born out of the cosmos, to Whom as the Sun we give birth in our own soul. What we are as man, and how as man we are related to the universe, this is what meets us in the pictures of the Madonna. That is why the pictures of the Madonna are holy things, apart altogether from any religious stream, from any religious dogma. Hence we can feel it as something born out of the cosmos when the hazy masses of cloud form themselves into the heads of angels, and out of the whole the representative of the human soul comes into being. The Madonna also includes what can be born out of the human soul, the true higher man slumbering in every human being, all that is best in man, what as spirit flows and weaves through the world.

Goethe too felt this when he gave final form to his Faust when he had led him on through the different stages up to higher knowledge and the higher life. This is why he makes Faust go to the Mothers and why the name Mothers sounds to Faust so awe-inspiring and so beautiful, instilling in him a feeling for the wisdom echoing down from ancient times. Thus Goethe felt that he must send Faust to the Mothers, that only there could Faust seek and find the eternal through which Euphorion can come into being. Because the human soul appeared to him to be represented by the Madonna Goethe gave expression to the riddle of the soul in the words of the Chorus Mysticus: The eternal feminine draws us upwards.

Now let us try to turn what has been said into a physical picture. Let us ask ourselves: Do we not possess a physical picture of what has been described, where the spiritual world is represented by cloud formations out of which the spiritual is born in the form of angels' heads portraying the human soul?

This cannot be described because it can only be Raphael's Sistine Madonna a picture born out of the divine spiritual world?

Let us go on to ask: What becomes of a man whose soul has been cleansed and purified, who has ascended to higher knowledge and has unfolded in his soul those spiritual images that give life within him to the divine, living and weaving through the world? This human being who gives birth in man to the higher man, to a man who represents a little world in the great world, who out of his purified soul brings forth the true higher man -- what is he? He cannot be otherwise described than by the word clairvoyant. If we try to make a picture of the soul that gives birth to the higher man out of himself, out of the spiritual universe, we need only call to mind the picture of the Sistine Madonna, the Madonna with the wonderful Child in her arms.

Thus in the Sistine Madonna we have a picture of the human soul born of the spiritual universe, and springing from this soul the highest that a human being can bring forth -- man's own spiritual birth, what within him is a new begetting of cosmic creative activity.

Rudolf Steiner- 1909 Isis and the Madonna