Palladium Pools Park

 Dominic A. Daley

(started Feb.7, 2013 - last writing Feb. 28, 2014)

~ Fathers and Sons ~

'may they all come to be
 thick as the crows'

to Sid  - ' firewall of a friend '
Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons 1989 and Eugene E. Mallove 2004 - denied our future with cold fusion

'Intelligence is the Universe contemplating itself'
Eugene E. Mallove (1947- 2004)

"As imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet's pen
 Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name."

William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Puck" - Boxcar Graffiti

Van Morrison - Open The Door (To Your Heart)

Money doesn't make you fulfilled
Money's just to pay the bills
It's need not greed
Open the door to your heart

You've got eyes to see
And ears to hear
Then why don't you quit
Crying in your beer my dear

If nobody gets what they want
Tell me what's the use in that
Everybody just gets fat
Open the door to your heart

Van Morrison - Born to Sing : No Plan B
Open The Door (To Your Heart) live in Belfast 2012

'thinking is essentially an expression of flowing movement'

The activity of thinking is essentially an expression of flowing movement. Only when thinking dwells on a particular content, a particular form, does it order itself accordingly and create an idea. Every idea - like every organic form - arises in a process of flow, until the movement congeals into a form. Therefore we speak of a capacity to think fluently when someone is skillfully able to carry out this creation of form in thought, harmoniously co-coordinating the stream of thoughts and progressing from one idea to another without digression - without creating "whirlpools". We say of someone who is less successful in this that his thinking is languid and sluggish. An exercise suggested by Rudolf Steiner to help thinking to become fluent and mobile is to recreate and transform in thought, for instance, cloud formations. With this ability to enter thoughtfully into everything and to picture all things in the form of ideas, the process of thinking partakes in the laws of the formative processes of the universe. These are the same laws as at work in the fluid element, which renounces a form of its own and is prepared to enter into all things.

Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk

Springtime 2013

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was, and still is, a picture perfect place found in our collective minds eye. It is known as the Palladium Pools Park. A place where folk's spirits enjoy the community of life, allowing individual 'selves of souls' to pass from the worlds of our past through the present world's time and space into the world's of our evolving futures. The blue, green, quick silver colored hot healing waters and the ice cold iridescent blue pools make this the most sunny and mercurial of places for the great human family reunions. Here, rising and weaving, is found the steaming transforming flows of our very Creative Universe. Its accompanying collective community of Life, allows expanding minds a new found consciousness. Angels, our adepts of joy, tread these waters, giving human hearts healings and minds balance. Their movement quickening in the churning waters vessels, cells of light surging into living life forms. Great multiplicities of life bathe in these cosmic waters, pulled forward by our energetic life force. Pulsing silver circles migrate out across the Palladium pools surface mixing in the golden sunlight's reflections, its mingling sparks carried up flashing into the mist. Then instantly, magically, the pools open their reflecting pool's mirrors into peaceful spaces of places as new found times are discovered.

In the grass seed and until recently, March 2003, grains farming valley of  Brownsville, Oregon, founded in the1840's and located in the southern Willamette Valley, there sits a beautiful 4 bedroom ranch style house built in the 1920's. Nick Nickel's home is up in the hills overlooking the outstretched valley below for 20 miles. Carlos 'the fox' Este and Frances Faun his farming neighbors in the valley are visiting this afternoon. The single story 4 bedroom home has a large kitchen and several bathrooms. The house is comfortably decorated with two big couches in the living room and an easy boy chair. A big oak round table fills the dinning room just off the living room. A big framed 2 x 3 ft. picture of 50's to 60's New York Mets pitcher Roger Lee Craig, a 10 year veteran of major league baseball and believed by many to throw the best split finger fastball in baseball during his career, hangs in his living room. It hangs among other prints of colorful boxcar graffiti art that Nick had printed up while working for the railroad before he retired. Nick is slowly losing his memory now and his old friend Danny Bee, retired RN from Jersey City, has moved out west to help his oldest and best friend. Nick only spoke in short phrases or a sentence or two but occasionally he would chime in. He has lived a full life. Nick pitched in the Pacific Coast League for a decade before retiring to became an engineer for the Pacific Union Railroad where he worked for the next 30 years. He has the best miniature train set  running through his house and he loves being the engineer at the controls while his old friend Danny Bee is the conductor.

Nick and Danny Bee are out on the back porch of the ranch style home this morning. They are sitting together on a comfortable outdoor bench that is set out back on the brick patio. "Up Nick, time to oxygenate your blood stream and break up some of  that sticky plaque in your body. Remember the magic word Nick?" "Oxygenate" Nick quickly replies. He stands up, then almost spryly walks along with Danny at his side across the patio. "With every step you oxygenate your blood stream Nick."  Nick is of sound constitution with strong legs and a strong heart. At age 79 he liked to say 'I'm 'prime at 79'.(11) "Oxygenating my blood stream under my own stream now Danny" Nick shares with his old friend. "Breaking up that bad cholesterol Nick" Danny responds, walking with his old friend just like they were hiking along a country trail picking up steam as they continued on. Danny breaks out in a little refrain singing "'aspirin a day'...''keeps the brain farts away'" Nick sing songs back. "I see we have some company now Nick, lets go in and say hello to Frances and Carlos." The neighbors walked in the front door that was unlocked as they had been expected and they greeted each other. Over the years the neighbors had established a tradition of reading or reciting from memory their favorite Charles Dickens's passages, whenever the mood struck them. On occasion Nick would recite his favorite Dickens's names or make brief comments, to his great merriment and that of his friends.

Frances Faun helps her brother run their own 60 year old family farm in Brownsville just a few miles up the road from Nick. She has been a good friend of Nicks ever since he moved to the valley 25 years ago. Her family farm now grows and locally sells wheat and quinoa Their hard red wheat they stone ground on the farm then bag it up and sell it as Faun's Farm bulk Whole Wheat. They mill the wheat for whole grain breads, cereals and other baked goods. Customers have been, slowly at first, showing up regularly now, but 1O years ago in March '03 they saw the market for their grass seed, their cash crop, collapse. It was an economic storm that would test the Faun family farm. Frances called her friend Mariah Nichels graduate Chemist student at OSU in Corvallis. They had met when she first moved to the valley with her father. Fortunately for the Faun family Mariah told Frances to grow grains and she had just learned about the African grain crop with an edible seed called quinoa - recently discovered to be a nutritious food source. She deferred to Mariah's wise council and along with her brother and two farm hands they planted hard red wheat grain and kennwa. Today her family farm grows 60% food - grains and beans and only 40% grass seed. For the last 2 decades before going local food production they sold their grass seed to China. A low dollar valuation coupled with low seed prices made the Faun family very wealthy over that period. But in March of 2008 all that changed.

 Carlos, like many others in the valley was squeezed out of the market, so had to rotate out of the commercial grass seed business and move into the local food production and distribution chain of central Oregon. Carlos had married into a farming family there in Brownsville so helped his father-in-law and new family navigate the waters of rotating crops from grass seed production into food crops. Brownsville and the Willamette Valley, located essentially halfway between the North Pole and the Equator had well defined growing seasons. It was subsequently developed into the world's largest producer of cool-season grass seed. It still is to this day, but as on a dime 40 %, more every year in the valley, introduced grains and beans into their fields. The grass seed train switched tracks as the grain cars slowly started to replace the grass seed tankers. Local food distribution, lower fuel costs, local employment as opposed to the roller coaster ride of the global market price fluctuations.

Carlos 'the fox' Este visiting this sunny afternoon lives down the road from Nick and Frances. Carlos had known Nick years earlier when Carlos was pitching at Oregon. He got to know Nick then. They discovered that they both shared a love for the 'split finger fastball' and the writing of Charles Dickens. Over the years they stayed in touch and continued their shared love of Dickens. This afternoon they are going to listen to Carlos reciting some of the English writer's work. Carlos is reading from 'The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In', a short novel published in 1844. Over the years they had built up a tradition of each reading favorite passages to the others whenever the mood struck them. With Nicks fading memory he still occasionally recited his favorite Dickens's names.

"All aboard for the Dickens's Express" Carlos says greeting the two men as they come into the living room. "Tea time" he says holding up a thermos he has brought just for the occasion. "I'll get the cups" Danny Bee says stepping into the kitchen to return with four coffee sized cups. Pouring the green tea out of a jug Carlos tells them, 'Delisse Hoja de Coca, is the beverage of choice in all of South America today." Carlos pours the beverage "made with alkaline water I might add" for the three friends. Carlos knows his plant genetics and the global market place. "This coca tea is available on line and is the ultimate brain stimulator and hunger suppressant." Nick was smiling widely now, sitting on the comfortable couch he calls out, "All Aboard for the Dickens's Express." Carlos starts to read the passage out loud in his wonderfully rich and to a degree, ponderous voice just as Dickens's would have intoned the passage from the 'The Chimes'

part 2

"The voice of Time,' said the Phantom, 'cries to man, Advance!
Time is for his advancement and improvement; for his greater worth,
his greater happiness, his better life; his progress onward to that
goal within its knowledge and its view, and set there, in the
period when Time and He began. Ages of darkness, wickedness, and
violence, have come and gone--millions uncountable, have suffered,
lived, and died--to point the way before him. Who seeks to turn
him back, or stay him on his course, arrests a mighty engine which
will strike the meddler dead; and be the fiercer and the wilder,
ever, for its momentary check!"

"The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In" by Charles Dickens

"Now that's some writing. God that is so wonderful to say aloud" he says smiling at the others. He continues enthusiastically telling them, "this story is a time travel, ghost story about this poor old portly guy named Toby 'Trotty' Veck. Before he wrote this story Dickens was visiting Genoa, Italy in 1844. He was thinking about writing this Christmas story when sleeping one night he has a dream about a blue draped spirit he believed to be the Madonna. He asked her one question, was Catholicism the true religion. She replied 'For you, it is best'. In the morning he is awakened from his sleep by the cathedral bells of Genoa ringing. In the Genoa harbor his room in the palazzo looked out over goldfish pools, lemon and orange trees out to the Alps in the distance. Here he is inspired, his dream the germ to writing 'The Chimes' a story about Toby 'Trotty' Veck. Toby dreams that he has died while climbing the cathedral stairs of the Genoa Chimes tower. The spirits of the bells and the goblins tell him that he has fallen and died that very night. They then torment and scold him for being so down about the state of humanity, wondering if the poor even deserved to live. The spirits show him what happens to those he cares about, with out his being there to talk to them. They allow him to watch the lives of these characters, his only daughter Meg and fiancé Richard, Lillian and Will. All unfolding without him in their lives for the 'next ten years'. He saw their sadness and misery over the tragic turns their lives take over the years. Then like a great magic trick he awakens to the Chimes ringing on New Years day. Toby 'Trotty' Veck feels like he has just returned from a long journey."

 "That's an insight into Dickens's writing ability. He used his 'alchemy of dreams' to find inspiration. His dreams were like a poetry that inspired his writing." Frances then asked Carlos "do you ever see your dad anymore in your dreams?" Carlos smiled for a few moments while looking at his friends. Nick is looking ever sharp wearing his old Lee railroad cap. Carlos replies, "Yep, he's like that old Dickens time traveling soul, my Dad is. Seems to never forget the baseball either, always has one in his hand when he comes around."

 "Did you guys know that Dickens has written the best character names of anyone who has ever written in the English language? Do you know that he created 989 characters names during his writing career Carlos?" "Why does that not surprise me Frances?" "Anne Chickenstalker in The Chimes evokes interesting images" Carlos remarks. "Deputy Winks in the Mystery of Edwin Drood or Barnacles who works at the Circumlocution Office where every thing goes around but nothing gets done in Little Dorrit are not bad either" Frances adds. "Tom Grandgrind in Hard Times sounds kind of provocative to me" Carlos says. "Lizzy Hexam in Our Mutual Friend has a chilling effect on me" Frances said laughing. "Or Luke Honeythunder the boisterous philanthropist in The Mystery of Edwin Drood,... Honeythunder the boisterous philanthropist that is wonderful" Carlos says. "Honeythunder, balls of fire" Nick yells out. They laugh continuing 'or Krook the alcoholic who spontaneously combusted in Bleak House,.. the alcoholic who self combusted, that's a good one too" Carlos says. "Remember Mortimer Lightwood the lazy lawyer in Our Mutual Friend, I've known a few of them over the years" Frances says laughing. Danny Bee walks into the living room where the others are sitting. He adds:" Or Newman Noggs the once wealthy gentleman who squanders his wealth in Nicholas Nickleby,.. Noggs noggin was not so good I guess." "Of course our Dr Payne" Frances says "along with Samuel Slumkey and Doctor Slammer the surgeon are all in The Pickwick Papers." "Or the scary Wackford Squeers the sadistic master in Nicholas Nickleby" Carlos said while pretending to shudder. The others laugh at his maniacal facial expressions. Danny Bee does his best Job Trotter imitation: "You can't forget Job Trotter the crying, lying servant in Bleak House, that is a classic name for what he was doing. 'Trotting out the lies' he says, all while slinking around the living room like a withered excuse of a man." "Or Prince Turveydrop who inherited a dance school in Bleak House" Carlos laughs loudly repeating "Prince Turveydrop who inherits the dance studio." "Or of course The Vengeance our female revolutionary in A Tale of Two Cities" Frances says thrusting her right arm up into the air smiling. "Professor Wigsby the botanist in The Mudfog Papers is perfect as well,' wigging on the plant matter' " Danny Bee says as he inhales on a great imaginary joint. Frances laughs as she chimes in: "Or Ham Peggotty the fisherman and boat builder in David Copperfield is one of my favorites as well. Ham from the pig we got, the fisherman says." They all laugh out loud at the beauty of Dickens situational naming of his characters.

 "In the 'Chimes' Toby 'Trotty' Veck learns that humans are not by nature wicked," Carlos shares with the others "but are really in potential noble beings. It is only their lives unfortunate twist and turns that can push people beyond their ability to bear up and never reach their true potential." Frances agrees: "Realized and unrealized human potential makes the world the place it is today. The untimely death of one politician, one inventor, one social reformer, one poet, one teacher, one doctor, one musician, you then by definition, have a different world."

"How about one alive 'legit' religious reformer in the middle East?" Carlos asked. "One good goblin too" Nick says loudly. Nicks condition allowed him to follow conversations but his verbal responses were always of few words or a sentence. "Let's just create a holiday. We could call it,  'humor the humus' tickle the Earth." he says laughing.

"Decomposing matter humored into healing irritable bowel syndrome riddled men and babies from around the world is what we need. But this is nothing that..." she looks at all of them continuing "that drinking your acidophilus and replenishing that biota in your intestines can't heal.... men," she says laughing. Nick smiles at the others then interjects "Snake eyes! rolling down the track." Frances laughs along with the others before adding "get it right men or your women will rise like the yeast of a wonderful new cake called world compassion." "Look, from science and the rose of Persia, to the compassion and higher order thinking of Saudi Arabia, that could work, so where is the disconnect?" Carlos asked the others. "It's the 'old boy' emotional plague play really. They fire up the irrational emotionalism in the folk, say the Middle East, for their own devices" Frances says. Danny Bee then interjected "Seems they need to create a more 'caring, sharing economy' with their oil wells wealth before they run out." "Seriously, it sounds like it's time for a new global survival play book about now" Carlos adds. "A new approach economically, socially, for all our mutually agreed upon, sustainable futures."...Frances said. In a quiet, calm voice she continues "That does seem to be the challenge we face today in our world." Carlos lifts his cup of coca tea up in the air, "Drink up to Brighter!" "Drink up to Brighter" Danny Bee responds. Then Frances repeats "Drink up to Brighter" and finally Nick follows up with the final "Brighter, lighter, ladders up." They laugh then Carlos repeats some of Charles Dickens words once again:

 "Who seeks to turn
him back, or stay him on his course, arrests a mighty engine which
will strike the meddler dead; and be the fiercer and the wilder,
ever, for its momentary check!"

Danny Bee asked the others: "Can I make us a salad for dinner?" "Sounds good D.B." Frances replies. " I'll set the table." "How about Spinach?" "Spinach sounds grand." Just then a tapping is heard at the front door, then repeated again. All four of them look at each other wondering what could be making the light tapping, Danny Bee walks to the front door and opening it he discovers three crows sitting out on Nick's front porch, backs turned to him, looking out at the evening sky. It was a tangerine orange colored sky, beautiful to behold. The four of them look out at the bright golden sunset then Carlos says: "Could be Dickens and his friends Mortimer Lightwood and Boffins here to announce the beautiful sunset for us." They all laugh as they stand there looking out at the birds and the beautiful evening sky. "They are just romantic trickster crows" Frances said.

That evening after their early meal Carlos 'the fox' Este says to the healthy 78 year old woman, "So nice to see you again Frances." How's the farm, and Paul?" "Both are doing great, and you Carlos?" "Doing well, thanks Frances." Danny Bee is a small man and has known Nick since they were  teen agers growing up in Jersey. Turns out he was the best care provider that God or man could have provided for Nick at this time in his life. Danny looks at the others, "The Coca tea is a mental energy drink for us. Thank you Carlos for bringing this tea to our attention. We drink it in the morning after breakfast for the energy it gives us and then in the evening we drink a cup of tea for a good night's sleep." The small nurse had an infectious effect on others as his manner was both kind and energetic. "Perfect balance my friends" Carlos says as he takes a sipe of his marijuana leaf tea that Danny is now passing around. "CBD's oil is revolutionizing the marijuana field now. Spain is opening marijuana 'coffee bars' and making leaf tea where you can access these CBD's of the marijuana plant. Warm  and cold drinks for what ever ails you. Candy, tinctures of homeopathic amounts perfected over time with the 85 different cannabinoids that have been isolated in the Cannabis plant. The cannabinoids revolution has begun. Might as well give those THC 'go to God' buds away, because the dynamic marijuana leaf tea has now arrived for the people." It will be used around the world for its multiple medical uses."(31)

"I hope your right Carlos. Anyway Carlos, Nick has an old friend Henry Bright. I introduced you to him sometime back." "Oh yes, the guy who sells the solar powered home generator systems. How's he doing? I see you have your panels up now so he must have sold you one of his packages. You like it?" "Oh yes it is a great system and I did buy it from Henry. He showed me and Nick how the system works with a model work up he uses for his presentations. The solar panels collect the sun's energy that can be used daily with any overage being stored in the 20 car batteries that he has set up in his garage. Danny and Nick use the system intermittently all year long. On overcast or rainy days they use the stored energy from the car batteries to power their home here. All the lights, laundry, appliances and of course, best of all, his electric train. He loves that. All of it run with a generator in his garage that uses stored solar energy from the garage roof solar panels that is collected in the10 batteries that he keeps in his garage. Simple and elegant." Carlos looks at Frances then says, "Like the lady you are," smiling at the very vibrant woman. Frances nods her approval, telling him "thanks", then she asked him a question.

 "Anyway Henry has a kid, 29, who Nick coached in Little League 20 years ago. His name is Bill and Nick taught him to throw the spit finger fastball back then. He took to it real good Nick tells me but after Little League he got into computers and girls I guess and forgot about baseball."... "Anyway since you loved that pitch in college yourself and Nick coached you back then, I thought you might be willing to work out with the young man Bill Bright. See if he still has some stuff."

"Back then the papers called me 'the fox'. That's when I was throwing that baby. Sure I can do that for you guys. See if he can pitch himself out of a wet paper bag. If he can maybe he can get a try out with the Ducks new baseball program. Sure Frances when did you want to go down there?" "I will be in touch with Henry this week and let you know." "Sure we can fly down in my Falcon." They shake their heads in agreement, "I will let Nick know too."

Carlos then asked the others, "Frances would you, Nick and Danny like to visit our 'fountain of youth' this weekend?" Frances and Nick smiled then Frances turned back to Carlos and said: "I think that's a wonderful idea Carlos but I will be wearing the bathing suit this time." "Hot" Nick burst out. "For thee eyes only" looking at Nick then Carlos acts out leering at Frances. Laughing, she then adds: "Last time I went there the young men were so charming that I nearly forgot my age." "Very understandable Frances, you still the 'bomb' woman, and please excuse the weird expression but I know you understand" Carlos said. "I understand really but I've learned over the years it's best to embrace your age and be real about that. Nothing worse than pretending your younger than your years." Nick looks at Frances smiling then: "So hot!" he says now smiling broadly. In the late afternoon's evening light the wind blows loudly in rapid spurts now, gurgling through the fully leafed out, big green leaves of the 350 year old sycamore tree growing next to the farm house.

"Thanks for your offer to workout with Henry's son Carlos. Means a lot to Nick." "I'm happy to do it for him. And you know I still love that pitch. 'For Nick and Roger'  he says raising his glass. "For Roger" Nick replies lifting his glass to greet Carlos, sharing a toast now to his pitching hero, the former and passed on, New York Mets pitcher Roger Craig.

2003 - 10 years ago

At 17 years of age Bill Bright tested for his General Educational Development GED certificate which he passed." This will take me half an hour, don't leave" he told his father as he jumped out of the car. Half an hour later he was back to the car, three months later he was inducted into the U.S.Army. Two years later Bill Bright returned from Fort Hood, Texas under the cloak of night February 23 rd of '03. He had been hurt real bad, suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the stupor inducing meds he took from the V.A. Hospital did not seem to help. Not the 'medicine' from his 'nurturing yet enabling' mother or running with his proud but 'passively-pushy' father helped to pull Bill back from the trauma of the near death experiences he sustained during his service to the great Nation America. The stand up Nation that wars on continually for the world's down trodden and tyrant ridden peoples of the planet does this at a great cost to America, its enlisted men and women, and then down stream to their parents. Bill's Dodge on the high plains experience was not kind to the fair of face, smiling Bill Bright. He was to be a handful for both of his parents and eventually the cops, with 'wise mind moments' rare back then in '03, rare as the march hare on a cold February morning.

None knew or had any idea what was wrong with the young man, newly arrived home. He had a website that he helped build 5 years earlier. He moved back into his old room at home, his car still parked in the garage. However his parent's never ending arguments made him sad about their current state of affairs. At the Fort of Pain in 2003 they did not pay to much attention to the 'kid' as they called him. 'You think you are so smart', 'then why the hell are you here kid?' 'Here take this for your pain', 'suck it up, you are in the Army Privet Bright" and by the way 'we need even more of your plasma' cause we got 'the Texas - Iraq pipeline happening here'. The roving bush, tumble weeds rolled on out from the Fort of Pain in '03.

Bill was discharged early that year at the age of 19.3 years. Soon after his discharge he meets his mother's pals who loaded him up with Ferrari fuel for the medical benefits, for the 'good of his brain' was the thinking of these non-professionals, you could say. His father, like the storm broken limbed oak tree, just kept screaming at these negative influences 'be gone' get out of our lives. Then their private, hellish  family life became a painfully public spectacle. No wisdom or words from his Fighting Irish grandfather or the Old Leiden graduate doctor grandfather could coax the good natured young man Bill Bright starboard to hope. The fury of miss-communications, past history of his parents, found Bill enmeshed in a battle for his young able soul. He just suspended his conscience for the relief he could find with other's meds, street drugs, for his physical pain management program. His life reduced to that. His parents carping at each other escalates out of control with the feuding, tearing away at their young son's heart for their own very personal reasons. Their anger was becoming his madness.

High up in the mountains, calls of the wild could be heard, like flickering sparks of a great fire. The creatures of creation up at the hot springs were hard at play in the black star lights glimmering, in revelry of their freedom's found delight. Hot water life forms brewed under the midnight blue domes covering canopy of ice while light filtered into the deep recesses of the silver blue palladium pools of re-creation. The warm thermal vents were gathering places for the misfits of creation, the pilloried selves of souls ground up under the tectonic plates of a cooling loveless endlessly warring planet Earth. All forming new born creations of a self aware lightness. All agreed 'en mass' it was a good deal to steal away while their was still places to explore. Earth weather was growing cold and in the great spans of  time the 12,000 years of  coastal warmth with its golden grains and sea green blue walls of the Mediterranean were about to turn grey and seedless again. The Spiritual Hierarchies of creative change that rules from above and within all life forms and beings watched the Earth. The Sun was entering into a mid life hibernation and changing daily.

In the valley Henry Higgins and Liza Doolittle, the parents of Bill seemed to have grave, seemingly insurmountable language and communication issues. In fact you could say that the soldier's mother spoke in a way that could humor even the most callous or judicious of speech among us. It was a thing worthy of the science of language."Nothing matters" Liz Bright  moans out repeatedly over the years. "Yes something matters, you just don't know what that is right now" Henry Bright would reply. She would just flip him off. "Sit on this and rotate, I hate this life." "You can't possibly mean that? life is such an incredibly mysterious phenomenon and so exquisitely beautiful" Henry would initially chime in trying to turn Liz away from her downtrodden thoughts which had become constant as the rainy day over the course of the unraveling years. Like a dark cloud passing through the airs she would call out to no one in particular: "Crack hoes!" That could set minds reeling really then like a quick uppercut, "We are all crazy." The young prince listened quietly as Mau kicked ass on any semblance of domestic tranquility found in their home. As if called upon to give a measured response to all of this woe Henry replied, "Ah... I don't really accept that, I still believe the center holds in the zeitgeist and I even think that our boy is slowly healing up,. at heart I think he's just a good natured 'shit kicking' young man, and...I have noticed that he's doing a lot better with his anger outbursts now compared to when he first came home from Fort Hood." Henry Bright says this like a small bird chirping out for a warm worm of sustenance that is held up before him, the food offering that provides an assurance that things are really o.k. in the great world at large. However in general Maw Liz Bright if nothing else was exhausting, her short, bitter critiques of their lives could wear even the hale and hardy down. "Oh 'yaw' he's better all right, you going to live with the ass hole now? or is he on the tit for the rest of my days!" If nothing else she had a way of cutting right to the bone, especially if that bone was one of her favorite 'bones of contention'- American men.. "Screw you! Men are big babies!" She really did not like the Bright men sharing time on the computer working on code, keeping their chops up with the Internet; she thought it all bad, idle danger and mechanistic madness, perfect for the devils workshop, and that in totality the Internet was really only a stage for sexy people being sexy. The old European attitude, old as coal thinking about the mysterious computer and this Internet. It was a cross that the men Bright bore up under but it was never ever easy for them. The boy could  be writing firewalls for American defense and she would think he was wasting his time asking, "Why bother!"... Henry married her and had to love her, what else could he possibly do with a person so absolutely off the charts of any connectivity with the world at large. After all she is the mother of the young prince, their only son. Yep, Maw Liz Bright is a fire cracker and a half, so much so that it was incumbent upon the men Bright to watch their nimble finger tips real close. Then there is that unwieldy "entertainment value" factor which she is fond of saying regards all the macabre, scary events one encounters while living in the sometimes dangerous world of the fringe...all of it for Ma Liz Bright was full on "entertainment value."

Mau Liz Bright was a small, long brown haired Dutch, German, Jew who grew up in the Hague, Holland, played flute in the youth orchestra while attending a private school before immigrating to America at the age of 18. English was her forth language by then after Dutch, German and French. When she got to learning her English she was tired of languages and let the craft of learning her English languish into her present tense presentations of the spoken word. But it would be hard to find a smarter people than the Dutch, German, Jew. Mau Liz was not dumb by any means as much as just plain bored with anything American. Most of it was just fluff, clutter, of a non sensible spectacle of a culture she believed. Mau Liz Bright did have her points and she was overtly honest about it with anyone who wanted to know her opinions.

"Lets go gambling, I got paid today." Dressed like a gypsy of the Congo, multi colored layered shirts, vest and coat of all known colors, her olive pit seed necklace from Palermo topped off with her Haitian straw hat Ma Liz Bright was ready to work her special kind of gambling 'whoo-do'. Henry Bright never liked bars but he did recognize Liz's ability to win occasionally on the penny slot machines. 'Why not, lets go. Where do you want to go, The Flying Pig's Ear?"

 "Yep, they owe me big time, I'm due. Let's get the hell out of here and go have some fun." Off they drove to the illustrious Flying Pig's Ear where Liz was something of an attraction. Her winning ways always meant the bar tender, waitress, cook, busboy and anyone else with a kind word for her was going to, at the least, get a drink out of her. Liz was at heart lonely really and often her new found friends were like new barnacles on her old hull of a weathered and weary life. As soon as we arrived at the bar she got out of the car before the engine was even turned off and started greeting the patrons who were mingling outside. Henry Bright  could not hear what she was saying or asking but they were just shaking their heads as if to say no. Then she quickly disappeared into the Flying Pig's Ear to meet up with her just deserts. As Henry Bright stepped into the bar he immediately noticed how dark and cool it was, like a dark space frequented by the thirsty spirits. He lost sight of Liz immediately then from the far corner of the sparsely crowded room he heard her call out to him. "Hey ass hole I'm over here." As he approached her he asked: "Do you think you could be a little more subtle with your call outs?" "Oh, did I embarrass you now? I'm so, so sorry.. ass hole." "Look this is the machine that my sister used to win at before she died. Maybe she will bring me some luck. Who do you love?" she asked the machine. She quickly put a $20.00 bill in the machine and hit the play button and to Henry's pleasant surprise within five minutes her $20.00 was now $75.00 Henry suggested she cash out, take her winnings and play with her remaining $10.00 bill. "Flip off ass hole." That was all he could take: "I'll be back in an hour to pick you up" and walked out of the gloomy haunts. 

As Henry Bright returned to the bar an hour later Liz Bright was nowhere to be found. He returned back to their home to find Maw Liz in a car with two young  people, a young skinny guy with bad skin and a straw haired bleached blond women. She got out of their car and walked into the house. Henry followed her in then turned to look out the window at the people in the old car. They kept bending over in the front seat, like they were taking something but had to slouch over, they were not very discreet about it. He turned to Maw Liz Bright who was now steaming out the front door, jumping into the moving car that stopped for a moment to pick her up before racing out of the parking lot. He called out to her: "Where are you going?" She flipped him off as they sped out of the parking lot to points terrifying .Henry Bright was numb, gripped in his gut was an ill boding feeling mixed with a deep sadness about Maw Liz Bright who now seemed to befriend anyone who might be able to meet her immediate needs. He sat down on the couch and starred at the wall for what seemed an eternity then the cops arrived.

She got out of the patrol car laughing, and was still laughing when she walked into the house. "Do you think I'll be on the news tonight?" "What are you talking about, what's up with the cops?" "You will never believe what just happened. As we were leaving Eugene heading up the highway 5 flipping cops pulled us over. They had a camera, photographing us, I guess the car was stolen. They asked me if they were friends of mine. I told them 'no way' they were just giving me a ride." Henry asked her where they were going. "I'm not sure, Junction City I think." "You don't know where these people in a stolen vehicle where taking you?" "What are you, a cop  or some kind of spy for your not so Holy Roman Catholic church? I did not know the car was stolen o.k. and they said they could help me in Junction City." I did not ask what help she was looking for, I already knew, so just sighed a sigh of relief that Maw Bright had somehow managed to dodge a 44 magnum slug. "Does any of this bother you Liz?" "No, we are talking high entertainment value here boy. You know what your problem is? You are way to serious" as she sparked a cigarette. It appeared she ate the very toxic smoke, inhaling it ravenously, seemingly down into her very sore callused feet.

I was deep in the heart of down
Deep in the heart of down
Deep in the heart of down
Deep in the heart

Van Morrison - Mystic of the East


Winter of 2003

"Wild Life Style" - Boxcar Graffiti

Soon after Bill Bright returned home from the Fort Hood his father took him on a long drive up into the mountains. "Can I bring the Beretta for some target shooting?" "Not what this place is about Bill. No guns permitted up there." "So what is this place anyway some hippie hallow? I'm not comfortable with that scene Henry." "Listen Bill this is a beautiful place out in the woods with hot springs and friendly people. That's it. Can you handle that?" After some serious reflection, brow furrowed, lips tight as bow strings he finally replies: " I like hot tubs." "O.K. lets roll, bring a towel and your trunks." The drive up into the mountains allowed the father and son to just be. They sat quietly in their thoughts and said little. After about a half hour Bill spoke up: "I like your hand positioning on the steering wheel, I've never seen a person hold the wheel at 6 o'clock with both hands gripping down. "I like it, less stress on the upper back, and way more comfortable on long drives." "You and maw take some nice trips while I was in the Army?" "Yes we took a nice trip up to Yellowstone. Burned my ass real good jumping into the first hot creek we found up there. Got to be real careful where you soak in Yellowstone, could cook you up real fast." They both laughed about that. "Guess your skinny chicken ass got blistered." "Yep but not near as bad as the belt from my dad but real close." "So you caught some hell from your dad when you were a kid, huh?" "Of course 'spare the rod, spoil the child' approach to raising young men, that was my father's approach." "What the hell did you do to catch his wrath." "Bill you have to understand I was the oldest son and believe me I had to toe the line, set the good example for my younger brothers and if I screwed up I paid the price setting the precedent for my brothers to take notice of,...  I screamed bloody murder during my bare ass beatings... just the way the Catholic Irish did it back then." After a few minutes of quiet Bill spoke up again. "Did it work?" "Yep it worked, my brothers became 'crafty dodgers' all." "Smart" Bill replied. "Yep, my smarting for their smarts." They both laughed as they drove through the quietude of the deep green forest on up into the place of the magical hot springs.

As they approached the gravel road pull off for the springs Bill spoke up. "I don't remember you ever spanking me as a kid. What happened there, lose your appetite for the perfect kid?" Henry Bright looked at his handsome, smiling son as he pulled into a parking spot then turned the engine off. "Never had to Bill. You were a wonderful kid really, easy to raise and man were you ever the gentlemen with your girl friends. You were just a happy good child. No need for beatings really." "Glad to hear that, guess that counter culture thing helped a lot of parents in your generation to raise kids differently than your parents did." "Yep and we knew it was important to always tell our kids that we love them, no matter what, we do love you." "I can feel that." "Love you Private Bright and don't you ever forget that." Bill brightened up like a bolt of lightning smiling at Henry Bright: "I love you Henry and thanks for helping me get through my Army experience." "Steady as she goes Bill, stay resolute for love and help." A soft breeze blew through the firs as a welcoming breeze freeing his voice: "You ever get that limb I set home from Fort Hood? Big old mesquite limb, that was the weapon that Private Dunkle tried to kill me with while we were out on a forced march." "I was wondering why the hell you sent us that thing. What did he do, hit you up side the head with it because he thought you were a wise guy or something?" "No he threw it at me because I did not give him the respect he felt he deserved. That's the last thing I remembered until I woke up in a medic's arms. It took 2 weeks, 14 stitches in my head and a hole lot of pain killers to just get me up and running again." "Not so friendly fire!" Henry Bright tried to joke about his son's exploration into the dark spaces of the aggressive male human psyche ."Not so friendly at all. The guy had a family to support and a reputation to defend, he did not like a 19 year old out performing him in the training exercises. I flicked him some crap about his marksman skills and he just blew it right there in the field...Guess he was a better shot than I thought. " From their guts they laughed out real loud as they walked through the cool ancient old growth Douglas firs up to the sacred spot of healing and cleansing hot springs for their regeneration.

When they got to the hot springs no one was there. Henry Bright went in buff, the young man with a vestige of modesty about him, about the size of his little toe really, but still there... barely, kept his trunks on. Little did he know where that would lead to. The water vapors rose up in figurative forms as salamanders of stream like natures spirits rising being absorbed into the twisted limbed tree top spires of the 500 year old Douglas-firs and Oregon pine surrounding the 6 cascading pools. The water was blue green silver and reflected like a mirror. A beautiful greenstone, soap stone bowl caught the now 95 degree winter springs water in a 33 -35 foot diameter pool that slopped from a foot to 6 feet catching the hot vibrant alive water for healing pleasures. We just sat there soaking, soaking,... what a wonderful word for the experience of  trouble free living, a king. "Man this feels good." "Friend this is the good life." The mists carried trace amounts of lithium and zinc putting it's visitors in a relaxed state breathing the enriched airy moisture deep into their lungs. The water temperature was perfect for a long soak and that bode well for the men Bright as Palladium pools were a place of transformation as well as transmutation. Word was most were looking for the transmutation experience but that was never spoken of really but sought out instinctively. Like the cougar or wolf driven to find prey so are humans led on to become whole, complete and then more importantly on to discover an internal exploration of self  leading us to and then through the door into our transforming souls. "Feel good" Bill moaned out to the environs. "I feel good, I feel good, I feel real good!" Henry Bright calls out into the fellow environs and his son Bill Bright. They both sat there with big smiles on their faces relaxing in the natural high of the warm healing waters and the vapors of the hot springs. A light snowfall began to fall filling the air with flacks falling like heavy white round stones then the snowfall rate became faster as the flakes are transformed into something looking like a long slag of  white metal freezing along its fall in the cold air down into the hot steam rising up from the pools to finally gently splatter into the hot waters, a myriad of beautiful shapes disappearing after a moments floating. "Wow!" is all he said smiling now in obvious peace. Henry sang out: "I feel good... like I knew I would!" The snowfall cooled their warm heads a few degrees, it felt so good.

Out of the snow fall walked three women with the snow swirling excitedly around them in a soft fury. They descended the stairs very gingerly, nimble, soft footed slow down to the covered changing area. They smiled and Henry Bright greeted them with a hearty, "Hello." They all replied with friendly hello's. The third woman, a red head, asked, "is it hot?" "In the mid nineties I'd guess" Henry Bright said. "Perfect" another one said as they got undressed to soak in the hot springs. Three mature laughing women walked down into the pools, topless and clearly happy to be there. The red head women immediately said as she slowly submerged herself in the hot waters, "Oh my goodness gracious this is bathtub heaven here girls!" They all agree, nodding in agreement, smiling now at Bill Bright and Henry Bright. Then they turn to each other for some quiet talk amongst themselves. 'All is well and right in the West' Henry Bright thought to himself as he sat there now very relaxed. Bill, why he just sat there, eyes closed with a big old, you know what, smile on his face. Yeah Bill had found some peace in that traumatized mind and body of his and you could feel it radiating through the water. One by one the women migrated to the top of the pool where the hot water gamboled down out of a cave echoing loudly as it fell to the pool below where Bill and his father were comfortably positioned. Now the five of them shared the healing waters, all of them now sitting at the top of the hot waters pool. Fanning out it's hottest waters right there for the five of them to relish. "Wow" the Hindi Indian looking woman said to her friends as the others agreed, 'wow wee'!

They just lay there quietly taking in the atmosphere of the old growth forest covered in thick ferns and giant Douglas fir trees. As they lay there soaking Henry noticed that the women were about 30 - 35 in age and all of them where in good physical shape. One of them looked at Bill for a minute with her exquisitely fine tuned red head radar then asked: "You a soldier?" "Yes madam I am." "Yes madam, why aren't you fancy.. Just call me Pam, what's your name Army?" "Bill."  "Well its nice to meet you Bill. These are my friends Shannon and Seta," both greeting him with warm, relaxed smiles. "And what's your name guy?" "I'm Henry, Bill's father." "Oh, you both look so young really." "That's because coming here turns back the hands of stress time with our own clocks of fun time." "Oh a man of words you are, well said Henry."  "Why thanks Pam." "Now I see where Bill gets his flare from" looking at Bill smiling now as she lays on the smooth green soap stone rock submerged in the steaming water. "Welcome to Paradise West" Henry Bright calls out to the new arrivals. "The best" Pam yells as everyone agrees nodding.. free instantly without any effort, time pictures of happy times flow instantaneous.

 "Now is good" Henry says after a few minutes of quietude in the healing zone at the hot springs. The others sigh in pleasant tones of agreement. The pool was electric with currents flowing through them all at the same time and allowing them to feel what the others were feeling at that very instant of time. It was like looking at the same picture together and it was exhilarating for them all. Felt like liquid electricity warmly moving through their bloodstreams flowing from the bottom of their feet up their legs and through and around their spines into the tops of their heads. As they looked out over the pool it shimmered like quicksilver and if you dropped your head down to eye level with the water a strange thing happened. You could actually start to move your consciousness out of your body along the waves of the liquid silver flux that now appeared all around them. Washed in connectivity with the life force of nature and the light of consciousness Bill felt a healing in his mind's eye. Then Bill heard a voice: "Can I sit next to you?" it was Pam. "Sure." "Home on leave?" "No I'm discharged now, 2 years and out, no war or anything."  "Bet your glad?" "Yep you could say that." Now they looked at each other in the eye up close for the first time. Bill's big brown eyes were dilated now from the experience his mind was experiencing. The older woman rubbed up against him as she was positioning herself next to him. Bill instinctively began to dilate elsewhere and Pam noticed that. She smiled wide then began to run her hand up his leg very slowly and ever so softly. "Hope you don't mind?" she asked the mildly flustered Bill. "I can make this real easy for you Bill, just relax now." Billie then felt her hand running under his boxer shorts, that was it, he was real happy now. The rocket in the pocket was fully engaged for Bill Bright, all systems were a go, her hand felt like kids glove leather, so soft around his very hard cock. "That feels so good" Bill says and Pam replies: "Good, glad to give you a hand." Bill smiles and laughs out loud. "Thanks Pam I think I needed this."

Down in the valley at about the same time the Bright men were soaking at the hot springs, Maw Liz Bright was visiting troubles. "Oh Missy Con you are my new best friend, I love you girl." "I love you Liz." The harm was cumulative trailing behind like a wake that filled the lake. Her pain relentless with calloused and sore feet to a crocked spine. She ate her prescribed pain killers like they were aspirin and never would have enough. Missy Con met the needs of Liz.       

Sadly train wrecks happen. They can be averted but switching tracks takes skill from that old switchman from the 'just ahead junction'. That heading to a course change did not happen. Eventually a 21 year marriage would end. Their home was sold. So Bill's return home from the Army was greeted by his parents divorce. Bill could have waited but Liz Bright felt acutely alone from the newly joined Internet duo. Suddenly Bill's interest appeared to wane for Liz Bright. She sensed this, which she could not stand. She distained the time they were giving to the computer and this new found art form called a website. They loved their time together once again, working on their 10 year old website. Bill repairing the software code and Henry writing more story for the sheer joy it brought him. The notoriety their website and writings had brought them over the years was now more than Liz Bright  could deal with. As a teenager Bill mastered Mavis Bacon's typing course topping out at 75 words per minute with 0 errors. Bill was a wonder to behold with his slender, lightning fast fingers typing fixing code, communicating with their web host if any problems arose. Henry loved story telling, writing them up, then Bill would post them to their website. They had started with Bill as his right hand and saw no reason to change things now with his return home from the Army. It was a marriage made in Idea Heaven, Bill's technical skills and Henry Bright's imagination, together they would became a modest force on the wild seas of the Net. 

"Why are you wasting so much time on that stupid machine? I hate computer's, they are the devil's playground, don't you guys know that?" she would yell at them standing there in the hallway at the door to their computer and study room. A room they had put together soon after Bill returned from the Army and where they worked enthusiastically away into the hours together. Her litany was relentless from the start, becoming frothing rabid over time. She was clearly Internet clueless. They could have  been 'saving Gnosis', (6) or 'firewalling America' or even building 'webs of celestial luminosity protection' out to the boarders of our solar system for all Mau Liz Bright knew. What she did know for sure, was that computers and the Internet were both bad and part of an 'invisible secret cabal' called ....well of course 'The Internet'.

In the hot healing expansive waters the Bright men were in a great space for their minds and bodies. Their hot lymph fluids flowing freely now as the cold snow is falling. Henry was giving Pam's friend Seta a foot massage, while Shannon had moved over to sit beside Bill with Pam on the other side of the 19 year old, newly returned home, soldier. The snow continued falling as they sat there quietly enjoying each others physicality and now palpable energy. Henry, Bill and the three women were warming the already hot water with their vibrant body heat. The stillness only broken with the soft splattering sounds of the snow flakes crashing upon the pools surface producing barely audible sounds. Henry thought he was in paradise with three beautiful goddess's and Bill seemed to be in agreement as he lay there, his legs now entwined with both Pam and Shannon. Henry thought the women had the most beautiful thighs he had ever seen. Muscular and sculpted from their waist down to their ankles, like the limbs of yews with gorgeous soothe contours of hard muscles rippling and reflected gloriously under the clear blue, green waters. Their brain activity was so stimulated now that the men Bright could not keep from smiling, even if they tried to. With a 100 billion neurons firing into a100 billion stars of our galaxy into a hundred billion galaxies, their carbon chains flashing electric in their brains. It felt good to be alive in what seemed an 'eternal now' in the slow motions of positive energies bubbling up in the hot springs.

 "We can do a foot massage together," as Seta took Henry's right  foot, placed it between her legs and started massaging it while he starts to massage her right foot, that now sat between his legs. Wonderful, free, healing freedom found, in this positive spiritual place of self love above the nightmare of low vibe fear, negative thoughts and hate. Love Angels joy blossoms out into an expanding water mandala.

Avalon 2003

The Avalon was a tract housing development with a few hundred homes that mostly looked alike spread out over a fifty acre parcel of land. You could easily get lost in the maze of same looking streets with the same looking homes. It was newly built with the landscaping still being planted. The Bright's home was a free and clear gift from Billie's maternal grandparents. The Brights had prepared a room for Bill upstairs in their brand new 2 story home. When he returned home he was very happy and it seemed the Bright family was going to have a life that was worthy of their efforts to stay as whole cloth and perhaps even put some roots down in a place they all seemed to like. But sadly train wrecks happen. Worry free living was good for Bill and Henry, their creative juices flowing, their happy genes vibrating once again with new friends to socialize with and discovering new places for outdoor recreation. It bode well for the Bright men who are also appreciative of the good bud grown in the local area.. Liz Bright was seemingly finding her way to a perhaps more fulfilling life as well, the Bright men seemed to have landed in paradise. Henry put a garden in as Bill worked on his computer, building a new faster system for his gaming platforms. They were adaptable and seemed to be falling in step with the new flow of their lives. Sadly the train wrecks were coming, but they did not hear them coming.

Friends can make or break you. You learn that in your travels through life but Maw Liz Bright had a way of bringing acquaintances into the Bright circle who were totally balls busting beings regards the Bright's general wellbeing. People of bad habits who shared Liz's mantra that "nothing matters" in life because ... fill in the blank. Morphine madness filled her void now. "Her mother's a doctor here in town," Liz tells Henry when he walks into the room.' I think she needs a doctor' Henry thinks quietly to himself 'looking rough'. Doctors in the family qualified her to be Maw's newest best best friend immediately. The newest acquaintances got two best which never made sense to Henry Bright. Seems the soft drug, hard drug dichotomy reigned supreme as the examined issue at every turn now. Henry figured that today normal is bad chemistry enough for most people, so why complicate things with hard drugs. "Feel good chemistry is old as the hills. Mushrooms, ganja, rainforest medicines, sex, outdoor activities by the seashore, finding the depth in spiritual places camping out. They all seem to allow the chemical marriage with our higher selves, so it appears their are many paths to the Truth and not just one way.

 It was sad finally. She lost interest in me and the boy. If we wanted to 'party' we were welcome. Otherwise we were as not there. We had become ghosts in our own home. Henry Bright rued the effects that the powders dope had on Bill and did not like the crowd that Maw Liz was bringing him in contact with. However Henry would need a miracle to keep Bill out of the clutches of  run away addiction and madness. The gifted typist, software mender, website tender and agreeable young man could go sour, soft as spoiled fruit then just plain rotten if a course correction was not introduced into his life. Yet Henry Bright felt helpless in the face of the approaching '10 year running' locomotive engine that 'seemingly forever' continued barreling down the tracks straight into the family Bright.

Over the next 10 years that locomotive would crush Henry, Liz and Bill in ways that tried their very souls. Bill was in and out of treatment with the V.A. Psychiatric Center in Portland, and various mental care centers after that. He would be prescribed meds that would work for awhile then he would just stop taking them. Often he would be gone for weeks at a time before showing up at home, bruised, in need of a shower and unable to tell Henry and Liz where he had been. As the years slowly passed Bill became more delusional with his thinking. He was a crowned prince of England or had diplomatic immunity or was heir to a fortune worth 525,000,000 million dollars. But as all parents learn in this situation, it is not a crime to be delusional, no matter the scale of the delusions. Once when he arrived back at Avalon, being away for days, he announced to his parents: "I am the son of the Prince of Wales and I found a BMW that I need you to buy for me. Don't worry when my inheritance is settled I will pay you back." "What are you talking about Bill. We know what's in your will!" Liz now incapacitated with the shadow that came with the use of pain pills over her long nursing career spoke up.

'He deserves a 'Be.murr..' tight ass. 

Bill some how managed to get Liz to buy him the $10,000 BMW- black with leather interior and four wheel drive. It was a beautiful car but more car than Bill needed or deserved, but in his mind he was a noble prince who needed to drive a very princely vehicle. Henry's grand mother died about this time and left Bill with enough money that we helped him buy a double wide trailer home but never saw a dime of payment for his BMW. Finally he had a place of his own. He put in a garden re enrolled in college and things seemed to be working out well for the young man. But the drugs and negative associates kept him from breaking through to the next level of a conscious and fulfilling life. As his physical pain reached a crescendo he would arrive at the Bright's home yelling out: "I am in so much pain that I need some morphine." "Maw, you need to help me get some medicine, can you talk to Maw Missy Con for me?" That was the beginning of Bill's hell that Maw Liz Bright joined him in, as together they stayed very pain free for days then weeks at a time. Marijuana for a little imaginative break was pleasant for Henry but he could not comprehend the anger and violence that had now came to dominate Bill and Liz's communications with Henry. Their irritableness in the mornings was thick as the ground fog that covered the valley floor during a dreary winters morning. It was so bad that Henry separated from Liz for 6 months returning only to find that the two of them had entered into a mutual form insanity. The yelling had escalated, fear controlled both their homes now, the only hope Henry figured was to be as strong as he could possibly be and continue to love his two family members who possessed two very injured souls. "You are not my parents, I am the crown prince of Wales." "Don't you know who I am?" he would scream out at the top of his great lungs. His parents cowered away hoping his tirade would just stop, hoping the very hand of God would reach out touching him with a miracle, or that science would discover some new powerful psychotropic drug that would quell his savage shadow side allowing him some long deserved peace.

When he returned from the Army, Bill would jog with his father around the Avalon. But quickly Maw Bright stepped into his sphere of influence with her wonderful cooking and then her 'nothing matters' attitude. Education? "get it when you want to". Church? "who cares about church". Drugs?" marijuana     and pills are the same, don't tell me about soft and hard drugs, they are all the same!" Maw Liz Bright had her tactics: "Here take this for your pain but don't tell Henry". Character?" its to late for that!" "Vote?" At every turn she had Bill thinking about these things and no example seemed to pull him towards Henry. Then as if by decree from the intuitive side of minds they started taking drives up to the hot springs which became a saving grace for the Bright men over the years. The hope was always to get Bill to the place where he could relax enough allowing him to get back to his true self. Yet it would take relentless efforts from Henry over the long trying years to get Bill the help he needed. Over the years he become very attached to his mother as was his right, but it was to his detriment really, losing out on father son fun and bonding, enjoying sports together, good times with new friends, all sacrificed to the fires of  parental in fighting for his love and attention. It was a daunting challenge to just be a good father, much less his friend.

Over 10 years chronic homelessness, emergency visits to various hospitals and his mothers anger at his father was all Bill would know. He would remain homeless for years then find a rental only to be thrown out a year or so later. More homelessness followed then another home would be established only to be lost once again. Then came the delusions and they began to grow. "I am the Prince of Wales" and "I have diplomatic immunity." His mother just laughed it off, found it 'sort of amusing' in a 'weird sort of way' you know. They had a '84 Thunderbird coupe that they drove around town, sleeping in various parking lots and quiet streets they discovered over these wandering years. It was a horrid way to live and hard on Bill but it did get worse. Maw Bright developed the terribly awful habit of talking out loud in public- discoursing with her tobacco surround sound filled the air around her. As if by design Maw Liz Bright could never let go of the angst, the terror of the years living in her car and transferred her traumatic unease to Bill. During this period Henry was separated from the two of them for years at a time. His relationship with Bill became strained. The hot springs are a  refuge for them from the emotional plague they contended with daily over these years of loathing.

Keep on sending your love
In the heat of battle
You've got something that'll save us
Save us now

Paul McCartney - New - 'Save Us' -  14 Oct. 2013

 Springtime 2013

The Avalon had two baseball diamonds were Bill was a pitcher on his little league team for three years before he quite the game for video games and his new great love, building faster computers. Nick was an old retired Triple - A, Pacific Coast League pitcher. Nick "off the table" Nickels' played 5 years for the Fresno Grizzlies. He and Henry were the co managers of a little league team called the Titans when Bill was a young teenager. Nick was co-manager because he loved the game but was also the most active 76 year old on the planet. He lived up in Brownsville, had his 'mind and body stretching' class as he referred to it three afternoons a week, his sauna afternoon on Wednesdays that he shared with his dance partner Frances Faun who was also another senior also 76 just 8 months younger than Nick Nickels and so beautiful that she was actually radiant. Henry had figured long ago that Nick was possibly the happiest man on the planet. He had his health, managed his meager baseball earnings and railroad retirement pension well and glory be, he was dating Frances and still making love at 76. He picked fresh walnuts, olives, apples and limes from his well pruned and tended trees. Every morning he and Danny poured a pot of alkaline water produced from his kitchen sink tap water machine and heated it for a cup of hot coca tea. The ionized alkaline water seemed to work with the coca tea real well. (41)  In his thriving garden he grew potatoes, spinach and broccolina. He was an old friend of Henry. They had known each other long before Henry was married and fathered Bill. Over the years as Bill grew to little league age it just so happened that Nick lived close by. He chose not to buy in the Avalon, "reminded me to much of where I had come from" he would tell Henry when asked why he did not buy a house in the new development.

Before Nick retired and moved to Oregon he had lived in Anaheim for many years working for the Pacific Union Railroad as a locomotive engineer. The last five years he spent in the downtown switching yards in Los Angeles. He ran a crew that removed graffiti from the box cars that came into Los Angeles from around the entire North American continent. Over those 5 years he came to see more than just boxcar graffiti in the colorful lettering and art. Spending thousands of hours on the job Nick eventually became something of an expert interpreting the codes and meanings that lay under the train's art form, coming to see the box cars as more of a rolling communications center then just random interesting pictures and words. "Just need a little imagination to get this stuff" he would tell those who eventually over the years came to him to learn more about these seemingly runaway box car pictographs. Over the years he came to conduct tours in the switching yards of Los Angeles for local schools art classes and then eventually law enforcement teams that slowly came to understand that the graffiti actually had answers to crimes committed on the train's boxcars while they moved through the country. If nothing else Nick was an active mind in a moving body of life.

"Catch" Henry called out to Bill pretending to toss him the baseball he was holding in his hand. He did not throw the ball to Bill because he knew the young man's hands were busy as Russian rhubarb in the springtime. "Let's go out to the diamond and play some catch Bill." "I'd rather not Henry, I'm about to get to the fifth level." "How many levels are their?" "80." "Hell your ass is going to be wide as an ax handle by time you get there. Take a break Bill, fresh air is good for you, and playing a little catch is not like going through boot camp or anything." Concentrating on the little gnomes running riotously over his screen now he replies absentmindly. "O.K. just let me get to the next level, o.k. then I will." "You will what Bill?" "Whatever it is you want me to do." "I want to play some catch with you Bill, remember the Titans, you were something else back then." Abruptly Bill replied: "Henry, please! you got to let me concentrate here, I'm almost there." Henry smiles at Bill shacking his head as he leaves the computer room walking into the garage to dig out their old baseball gloves, a couple of caps and a very scuffed up hardball. Soon after Bill walks into the garage announcing: "I did it, I'm into the sixth level now, you should play this game with me Henry, I think you would like it." Henry smiled at the suggestion but never did like computer games. Henry liked what was developing now on the software fronts however with mental acuity games like luminous and others he found great for older folks who wanted to keep their mental edge. Bill however just played his role playing games, letting his mind run free in the make believe lands of weird creatures programming. "Here's a cap, your old glove. We'll walk over to the field." Before they could get out of the garage however Maw Liz Bright caught them leaving. "Why the hell you wearing those hats, makes your heads look big." "We are going out to play some catch, want to take a walk with us?" "Not with you guys wearing those ridiculous hats, you both look like cone heads or aliens." She laughed out loud at them as the Bright men walked down the driveway to the baseball field. As they got to the street Henry turned to Bill and said: "she's relentless."  After a few seconds Henry adds: "But you got to love her." "Why of course she's my mother, so I love her." Smiling now, continuing on their way to the two back to back diamonds in the roughs of the Avalon.

"You know who I talked to this morning?" "No not really Henry." "I talked to Nick. He wanted to know if you were still throwing that pitch he taught you in Little League. Do you remember that pitch Bill?" "How could I forget the splitter. What I remember also about Nick is that he never wore a baseball cap did he, just that old railroad hat of his, which he wore at every one of our games. Bet you he makes love in that cap." They laughed. "Probably. I asked him once why he did not wear the team cap at least for our games. "Better memories in the Lee" he said. "That's it?" Bill asked: "Guess baseball did not treat him so good." "Well Bill think about it. He pitched Triple-A ball for 5 years in Fresno but never got called up to the big show but he never had a losing season. Told me once that the organization thought he was a one trick pony with his 85 mile per hour split finger fastball. But he set a record in Fresno that has never been broken. "What's that the most girlfriends?" "No, the most double plays made while he was on the mound-155." "That's amazing really." "Yep, it is. But the most amazing thing is that two thirds of them happened from the 6th inning on." "Says something don't it Henry, players getting hyped, while the pitches are slowing down and that crazy action." "Yep opposing hitters hated him, called him 'whiffing Wynn,'' 'Spahn's right arm' or 'Craig's creation.'" "Is that the guy who's picture was hanging up on the wall of his living room when we were there a few years ago?" "Yep, one and the same, .Nick said he was the teacher of the splitter and actually changed the old game for awhile. Nick had a try out with the San Francisco Giants back in the 80's and it was then that he learned to throw the splitter from Roger Craig himself."

Split-finger fastball

As they approached the fields they saw two men standing at home plate. One was wearing a railroad cap the other a forest green Oregon ducks baseball cap. Henry waved to them. "That's Nick isn't it, what's he doing here?" "I asked him to meet us out here. He brought Carlos a neighbor up in Brownsville along with him to play some catch with you." "Yep I remember that guy he pitched one season for the Ducks back in the '80's. Papers said he pitched Stanford hard for the chance to play in the final four of the National Championships. He was a relief pitcher who threw the pitch hitters hated." "Oh yaw' I remember that now. Warming up out in the bull pen the story in the paper said the catcher, failing to wear his cup that day, had to be taken to the hospital due to an injury to his groin. Sorry to say I laughed a bit when I learned that, the warm up catcher that did not wear his cup that day and takes one in the nuts, now that's a professionals story there." Laughing Henry says: "Yes I would have to agree with you, there is some good irony there." They laugh together as they approach the pair. Henry says:" Man he was wild and he threw so hard. I think Stanford noticed that and as soon as he came in he winged the first hitter right on his shoulder the report said. He was still rubbing it when he was doubled up a few pitches later the reporter wrote." "He put the Cardinals on their heels for the next three innings" Henry added, I saw that game. Bill is clearly excited now." That was a great game from what the papers said, came down to the last out." "Cardinals pulled the win off, then went on to win the NCAA Championship that year" Henry added. Carlos 'the fox' Este is what the papers called him. He threw the best split finger fastball in college that year.

The Brights walk onto the diamond greeting Nick and Carlos Este 57 now, 'the fox' as he was referred to then in the local sports pages. He was the best relief pitcher that the Ducks had. "Thanks for coming out here today Nick how you doing?" "Great balls of fire" his usual response when asked how he was doing.

Henry had heard about Nick's condition so just told him what he had been up to lately." Been selling those solar generators" Nick, think I can sell them to China." Carlos looked at Henry "he asked me come out today and help Bill, I'm one of his many students. He had the splitter working real good in the Pacific Coast League before he retired to work on the railroad." Carlos extended his hand introducing himself to Bill: "good to met you Bill. Nick tells me you just got out of the Army." "Yep after two years of boot camp and forced marches I was pretty well banged up so I never did get to the war." "Well lets play some catch Bill" Carlos says putting his glove on. They start to warm up standing twenty feet apart then after a few minutes they spread out to 50 feet then eventually about 90 feet apart with Bill standing next to the mound with Carlos standing next to the plate.

"Nick told me  few years ago that he taught you the split-finger pitch when you were pitching here 10 years ago in your little league." "Yep, I told my dad that my elbow hurt whenever I threw a curve. He said he had a friend named Nick who could help me. He called him and he came out one day and showed me the grip for the splitter. We put the gloves on and played some catch, it was an easy pitch for me to learn and nearly as fast as my fastball."

Carlos was excited talking to Bill and it brought back old memories. "I agree, when I was pitching for the Ducks my splitter was my 'go to' pitch, I lost the curve and a few miles per hour on my fastball but my splitter was off the charts. Can't tell you how many umps would stop play to look at my ball for spit, cuts or even signs of ball possession I bet. Never found a thing. I loved that pitch."

Carlos asked Bill: "Show me your grip Bill." Bill put his index finger on one side of the red seams and his middle finger on the other side of the red seams. The fingers were placed on opposite sides of the down sloping angles of the ball. That's it, your hands are a lot bigger now, should be easier to throw the pitch now. Carlos put the catchers glove on and told Bill:" I want you to go three quarters speed, been a few years now since you threw a baseball, so just go easy now and see what you can do. Remember go easy, don't want you throwing your arm out." Bill walked up on the mound used by the local high school during the season. "3 quarter speed now Bill." He started throwing faster to Carlos. Nick slowly dug into a gear bag and retrieved the radar gun he brought with him to clock Billie's pitch speed. After ten fastballs Nick turned to Henry: " 82 mph. "Not bad for someone who's not thrown a baseball in 7 years" Henry says to the others.

 "O.K. Bill give us some splitters" Carlos calls out to Bill. Bill wound up real slow then heaved his first splitter to the crouching Carlos behind the plate. He short hopped his pitch to the plate which Carlos knocked down but did not cleanly catch. "Bill when you release the ball give me more pull or thrust downwards with your hand and forearm." His next pitch 'dropped off the table' at the last second before it arrived at the plate, Carlos laughs out loud as he manages to catch the very nasty pitch. "That's the pitch Bill, it gives the hitters just the top half of the ball to hit, so they usually ground out" the catcher says excitedly. "Looks like the fast ball but acts more like a sinker or even a little like the knuckle ball by time it gets to the plate" Nick adds. "O.K. Bill now I want you to throw a changeup splitter." Bill wound up and threw the pitch, it's action was similar to the faster splitter but just a little slower. "Nick looks at his radar gun: "79 mph splitter," "hell of a strike out pitch" Nick says to the others. "The ducks could use some of that" Carlos calls over to Henry and Nick. Carlos looks at Bill and says: "One last thing, don't even bother with the curve ball unless it's the one that Walter Johnson threw, otherwise leave that pitch to the politicians." They all laugh as the practice session comes to a close with both men leaving in Carlos shinning black 1965 Ford Falcon convertible with the top down on that beautiful afternoon..

Walking home that afternoon they are pleasantly quiet, wearing their baseball caps and still wearing their gloves. Approaching the house Liz Bright calls out to them from the front porch: "Lunch is ready cone heads but you have to take those stupid caps off in the house. You guys look like kids, really you do." 

Once inside they washed their hands then sat down at the dinning table in the living room to enjoy Liz's spinach and chicken salad. For all their difficulties as a family they did eat well. Henry knew Liz  had them right where she wanted them. Like deer eating out of her hand, they could not resist her heavenly cooking. Henry realizes that Liz does have some great qualities regardless of how rough she talked or lived for that matter. She cooked with love in her heart it seemed to Henry Bright, but if that tide were ever to go out in her heart, she could easily have them dead to rights. Her cooking was that good and she was also that beguiling

"I think you are the best cook, thank you, this is great." "Sure, just do the 'fringing' dishes when you're done. Can you nerds, now the jocks, do that for me?" Bill replied immediately: "Sure thing mom, I'll get right on it when I finish this incredible salad you made us."  "If you guys would just do the dishes, I just might be a happier person." "That's easy enough mom." "I know that Bill! but why does it take so long for men to learn this. If you were dogs, you would have been gone long ago. See here, these dogs don't hunt or do the dishes." The Bright men laughed, slightly uneasy, as they continued to enjoy their skillfully prepared salads .After finishing their lunch, Bill promptly cleared the table and washed the dishes in the kitchen sink. Henry thanked him for doing what his mother asked of them. "Would you like to go up to the hot springs this afternoon Bill? Sure Henry that sounds good after my workout this morning a soak sounds great. When did you want to go." "Sooner the better as we will just soak an hour and then return home by nightfall." "Sounds great I'll get my trunks and towel and meet you at the car in 10 minutes." "Fine and dandy see you in ten out at the car." "I'll ask Liz if she wants to join us."

Gathering their gear Henry met Liz in the bedroom and asked her if she would like to join them for an outing up into the mountains for a beautiful drive to the remote hard to find healing hot springs. "Liz would you like to take a ride with me and the boy up to the hot springs?." Why would I want to do that?" "To soak in the healing waters, drop some stress, free up your mind, good things like that." "Is that it, not the beautiful naked women who just might happen to be there as well. Thought that was the good thing about all of that "healthy' soaking really." "It's men and women Liz so you might find some redeeming values with your trip up there and receive some healing as well." "Mean I might see some good looking dudes up there? Tell me Henry, is a single American man attracted to or finds pleasing a woman 70 lbs overweight who lives in chronic pain?. My beauty is probably seen in the eye of the beholder, probably you alone, you the guy who had the nerve to marry the homely Dutch immigrant woman, and presumably from one other, our only son who loves me, imprinted on him with the breast feeding I gave Bill for 3 months after his birth." "You two go up there, enjoy the beautiful people, and I will prepare you a dinner that will feed your active libidos agog with visions of naked women who probably don't talk back to you, if your polite and not playing grad ass with them. No Henry, you and Bill go have your natural boys fun, I will just provide for your ravenous appetites when you return. Don't get lost up there as you will miss some good crap I'll be making for you guys." Calling her cooking crap was just one of Liz's many affections with language regards her activities of daily living but was always disconcerting for Henry to hear. Because if it ever happened it would be a bad day for the Bright men but again it was just the way she spoke and not some secret plan she held in the back of her mind. "Truth is it was just the way she used her slang language, with that said and 'so to speak' it was always good 'crap' that she prepared for the Bright family..

Henry and Bill walked out to the garage to get into their 1998 midnight blue Aero star Ford van taking off for the mountains." I think she loves us but does not like our lifestyles" Bill says." "She is very idle, racked in chronic pain, with most of her time spent in bed or cooking for us." "While we are out there hustling for the things we want,  Liz on the other hand seems to not want anything anymore." Henry continued: "Her depression is getting the better of her and I don't know what I can do about it. Being idle Bill is a sin against your self and your soul can go stale if nothing in your life is moving forward." "I heard. you ask her to join us up at the springs today but she seemed to have no idea what a wonderful experience she might have up there." "Her wit tissue is thin as new ice right now, which does not allow for stepping out into new experiences Bill." "She's so sad Henry, like a tom boy who thinks she has lost her two best men friends." "That's about it Bill and again I'm not sure what to do about it." "I know one thing we can do for sure, we can do the dishes." "Believe it or not Bill that would be the best thing we can do for her right now." "Yep and it would keep the rat poison out of our so called 'crap' food, if you know what I mean.." They both laughed as they continue on their drive up into the magical lands of  the hot springs.

The drive allowed the Brights to bask in the beauty of the drive along the blue and green river rippling in the sunlight's glow. Great big Douglas-firs and Oregon pine filled the mountains on one side with the rushing river on other side. "Sad" Bill said quietly, under his breath in the stream of his flowing consciousness. Henry did not say a word as they continued driving the beautiful highway along their way to the hot springs. "Some times you got to love when its hard to love, know what I mean" "Yep I sure do Bill, I sure do." They were quiet for the rest of their scenic drive. Upon arriving at the springs their was only one car in the parking lot. "Perfect" Bill said. He did not like crowds, made him uncomfortable, found them troubling in his present state of mind. They gather up their pineapple slices, water jugs, towels, swimming trunks and head up the half mile trail to the hot springs.

Noah Sykes was the only one up there at the hot springs when they arrived. He as a part-time working neurologist for the V.A. Hospital in Portland. He was wearing his wire rim glasses, allowing him to study the beauty of the trees and the different ferns, herbs, flowers, animals, bugs and birds that he was surrounded by. He looked to be in his mid sixties with a receding hairline on a head that still held a substantial amount of his hair. He had an easy smile when greeted by Henry and Bill as they got into the hot spring with their suits on. Noah was wearing black Under Armour underwear and looked very fit under the water, almost beautiful. He was clearly very fit, with a head of silver hair. He was a very handsome man and put you at ease as soon as you meet him, with a spontaneous smile and present and gentle voice. "Welcome" Henry says to the man soaking in the hot spring. "Hello, great day for a soak, is it not?" Noah said. "Perfect" Bill adds as he is fully submerged now up to his chin in the steaming hot healing waters.

Henry after a few minutes struck up a conversation with Noah. "First time here?" "Oh no I was up here in the '60's. I lived here for a whole year. Greatest time of my life." "You lived up here?" Bill asked the new acquaintance. "The rainbow family, the dead heads and hippies from all around the country were living up here" Noah says. "That must have been something living up here in the '60's, free love and lots of 'recreational drugs' I imagine" Henry said to their new and very interesting acquaintance. "Yes, yes but it was so much more than that. Good food with a family feeling, a community was built up amongst us, that was the thing." Noah continued saying: "We would hike into the mountains and find hidden valleys to harvest the pale pink chanterelles, red boletus, maitakes and white oyster mushrooms. Bringing them back to our beautiful campsites, filled with tents and tepees spread out along the riverside and tucked away up along the hillsides. We would make these great meals with our gathered mushrooms working some onion or garlic in with them and sautéed in butter or olive oil. Just incredible meals we shared together. One of our favorites was the maitake mushrooms, pears and risotto sautéed in butter or olive oil, river run salmon and black berries. It all tasted so good, it was a major aphrodisiac for all of us." They all sat there smiling for the same reasons and because they were all feeling good on this fine spring day. Noah Sykes was very hip the Bright men felt, and believed that they had met someone of significance this afternoon. They were happy to be in his very easy going company.

As they soaked a new visitor began to descend the stairs to the changing area above the pool. It was an old friend of Henry's and as it turned out, Noah's. Raven was a Native American woman Cherokee and 'Scots Irish' she liked to say. She had a gift for story and possibly the best hugger that Henry had ever known. Felt like a wind's soft warm breeze holding you Henry thought. Her shared pictures in story of the past into the future were better than anyone he had ever met. She knew everyone and carried sway like a Morgan pack horse up in the steep mountains. "Hey how you doing' Henry?,.. Dr. Sykes, long time no see! I'm doing great, how are you guys?" "I'm fine, thanks, glad to hear your well Raven" Noah replied to his past client. "Great to see you again! Living up here now?" Henry asked the long black haired, brown eyed woman, who always kept her bathing suit on as she now entered the pool and found her place to soak. "Yes I live out of  town, just down the road Henry. Bought a cabin out of Bridge, couple of miles up river." "I'm so happy to hear that. I thought about you a lot over the years Raven, wondering what you were up to." "Thanks Dr. Sykes,... Noah for keeping me in your thoughts. As you know... it really was, a long, long way back for me "she said slowly and deliberately. "Rocking with the Dead at 10, kidnapped at 12, then liberated when I was 18 ... only to live a life of trading my body for my out of control cocaine habit. But I wised up real fast, got moving, building up my inner will power for the enduring perseverance I needed to earn my way to a better balanced life. Like you once told me Noah, "take your life back Raven. It's the Circus against Coketown. You said it was a quote from a book 'Culture and Society' by a guy named Ray Will I Ams. Never forgot that. Felt it from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. 'The Circus against Coketown' was so right for my situation back then." Noah smiled at the Cherokee woman then replied: " Ray Williams, or as you like to say, Will I Ams, was writing about the novel 'Hard Times' by Charles Dickens. The novel is about child laborers, who as individuals stand up against the corrupted and fouled adult capitalist system of 1850's London." "Yep that's it. Anyway I am now the master of my own ship. I have some great friends who helped me to learn to fend for myself. Of course I have a lot to thank you for Dr. Sykes or... Noah, if you don't mind?" Noah smiled at the striking women who seemed to shape shift before him, her face taking on a beauty that he had not noticed before. She softened as he nodded to her as she continued. "You helped me learn what I had to do to get my life back." "It was an honor" Noah replied quickly. The Bright men relaxed in the waves of the pairs mutual respect and care for each other. The pool was now like a battery generating their love and respect for each other out into the pool's ripples that winnowed out across the surface of the flashing silver to golden reflections. This was the tangible electrical pole of the 'selfless love' attitude that they all felt now. It can only be discovered in the deep mutual appreciation that humans can hold for one another.

As Henry introduced his son to Raven he asked her, "Do you have a story that you could share with us today Raven." "Sure I can do that. This is my story about meeting our Destiny... A man or woman, take your pick, takes a hike in the mountains. They are familiar with the trail but along the way they hear a small voice within them that says: "stop and look at the beauty around you now." The person is taken back by how real the voice sounded and immediately stops and takes a few minutes to appreciate the scenery around them seen from the mountain trail. Then again proceeding along the trail the hiker suddenly hears the great crashing of boulders and trees cascading down the hillside, carried along in a great, lumbering  landslide just 50 yards up the trail. The hiker is overwhelmed now with the understanding that their spirit guide within had just saved their life. Learning that Destiny, is not something reserved for old souls or great heroes but is really a part of all our lives. If that person had been killed in the avalanche it would have effected those who were a part of their life, perhaps bringing great pain to them for years to come. These things happen thousands of times during our lives in the world of our own destinies. When the hiker returns home that evening, they are preparing a meal when suddenly a crash is heard in the living room. Going into the room to see what fell, the person discovers that a picture of their deceased parents along with a piece of rose quartz has fallen off the bookcase shelf  for no apparent reason. The person's feeling to stop their hike and their willingness to sit on the trail for a few minutes was a genuine meeting with their Destiny on this particular day and allowed their guiding spirits, their dead relatives, to be heard by them. So that's my story about meeting our Destiny in our lives during the day with those warning whisperings and gut intuitions and even visits us in our dreams at night. If we look and listen closely, we all can meet our Destinies."  

'Pueblo Ghost Dancers' - Boxcar Graffiti

"You are the best story teller out there Raven, thanks again for another 'fringing' jewel of a tale." "Thanks,  I do love story!" 

Noah Sykes spoke up: "Meeting your destiny, what a powerful experience that is." "Liberating" Raven replied confidently. Noah looks at Henry and Bill then turns back to Raven: "Realizing our destinies while living in a state of unconditional love is a path to our higher self. Miracles do happen."

Henry was listening intently which was somewhat difficult in the hot soothing waters. Something Noah said struck a cord in Henry and he felt a strong urge to share some thoughts he had been mulling over in his mind for years now. "Sounds like Buddha who described it as rising above the monkey mind's fear and confusion to gain spiritual and psychological liberation.  Yet when individuals emotionally hijack you into their shadow, trying to control you and others with their emotional plague what can you do about that.'

The thoughtful neurologist sat there quietly before responding to Henry's question. "At every turn in our lives we make choices. The choice to love, accepting what is, or the choice to dislike something about our life. Choice is ours"

"Choice is ours" Raven says in agreement with Noah. "Heaven sent to hell bent, again the choice is still ours to make" she adds. "That's a good way of putting it Raven" Bill says. Then repeats her words. "'Heaven sent to hell bent,' I like that a lot." "Choice is ours Bill" Noah says once again. "I feel good like I knew I would" Henry sings out. "Oh yes, feeling good like I knew we would"  Raven chimes in. "Heaven sent, not hell bent, I feel good like I knew I would" Bill joins in. The magic of the hot springs is working on the five soaking seekers now, and Bill is about to take the biggest step of his young adult life. He is about to engage Noah Sykes on the journey to a healing and psychological transmutation. Moment to moment life presents us with Heaven sent or hell bent situations, the choice has always been ours to make.

"So Noah what did you do when you left this paradise for the real world out there" Bill asked the handsome, still wearing his, now steamed up, wire rimmed glasses. "Well Bill I got my degree in psychology then went in the Army where I practiced psychiatry for 20 years before retiring." "Now you spend your time traveling around Oregon exploring the hot springs?" "I do love soaking in hot springs Bill but no, I spend more of my time working part-time for the Department of Veterans Affairs running their Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) program in Portland." Bill smiled at the affable neurologist then asked: "You have had a lot of people to help over the last 10 years I bet. This CPT program, does it seem to be helping us?" "Yes Bill I have worked with many soldiers over the years and found CPT  to be very effective for PTSD. I am now running the national therapist training program for the VA's Office of Mental Health, training the VA therapists who will use CPT in their own clinical practices." Bill was listening closely but could not help noticing that Noah's glasses were now completely steamed over as he was speaking. No sooner had Bill noticed this then Noah removed his glasses, dipped them in the hot water, removing the moisture from the lenses and then put them back on. "I was wondering about that." "The better to see you with. So tell me about yourself Bill."

"Well I'm 29 years old, when I was 17, tested for my General Educational Development GED certificate and passed. Three months later I enlisted and was inducted into the Army. I was discharged two years later from Fort Hood, Texas in February of '03' I had suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) but the meds the V.A. gave me at the time were not helping me. I just sat on the couch drooling a lot, staring at the walls in our house. So I stopped taking the meds they were giving me and just started self medicating."

"Do you think that helped? It's been10 years now since your discharge, how do you feel about that decision now?" "Well I made some bad choices along the way and I realize that now. I feel depressed about all of it really but I feel that I can finally come to grips with my situation now." "Tell me Bill, how do you think the trauma you experienced is affecting you now?" "Well for one thing I have these thoughts that I am of a royal lineage and heir to a great fortune. That messes with me a lot. Also I have doubts that my birth parents are really my parents," turning to Henry, "no offence Henry, just what it is." "No problem Bill,... I think I know who you are."

"Do you ever question these thoughts Bill? or think they are delusions resulting from your brain injury?" "All the time but I can't seem to shake them. Feels like I have tapped into prior life time experiences really, crazy as that sounds." "Let me ask you, did your beliefs change after you returned home from the Army?" "Well my beliefs about my family changed for sure, they became like strangers to me. I found that I did not trust anyone either, not my parents, not the V.A., not the government, or any church for that matter." "Did you find yourself taking more risks Bill?" "Oh yes big time. Many wrong places and lots of wrong people, I became reckless really. To be honest I'm lucky to be alive and not in jail somewhere." "Did you keep any relationships you had before your Army experience after you got out?" "No not really, I did try with an old friend, Moes, but I was such an emotional mess at the time that I could not even see him when he came through town which was just after I got out. Never heard from him again." "So you can see how you changed after your release from your service to the Army." "Now that you bring it up, yes I can see that now." "If I asked you Bill 'tell me how you are balancing the Bill before the Army with the Bill after the Army' what could you tell me?" "I could tell you that I still enjoy my computer work, getting back into baseball is fun, and I am finding that school is kind of cool as well." "So it sounds like you have started to get back to your prior Army self, do you agree?" "Kind of but I still feel real insecure and don't like being away from my mother for long periods of time. Also my dreams are still real weird with lots of blood, screaming and general terror."

They were quiet relaxing in the healing waters, breathing in the trace amounts of lithium and zinc that trailed up into the air from the chemically rich pools. As Noah got up to leave he said good bye to the others then turned to Bill. "Look at these giant cedars and fir trees Bill, they just get taller, their roots continue expanding out their entire lives. Rmember that Bill the roots never stop growing. Man is an upside tree, the head roots, the body tree. New orientation my friend. People are the same, lose your roots and you could perish. 'Roots are the word' as I like to say." "Even broken, storm torn trees come back?" Bill asked. "Even storm torn trees can come back, that's the magic of trees and people they can bounce back. Listen I'm going to leave you my card up on the bench. Think about coming up to the Portland V.A. medical center Bill, I think we could help you continue on your healing journey." "Thanks Noah, I will think about it. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about it." "Remember, 'Roots are the Way," remember. He then slowly, gracefully, lifted himself out of the healing waters like the sprite wisp of a man that he was, though a lean fit wisp he was. He walked up to the dressing area where he very deliberately dried himself off then got dressed. Green Columbia jacket and green Carhart pants, wearing a pair of Nike jogging shoes. He cut a wonderful wake as he was parting their company. He said his good byes waving his right hand from left to right held at just above his waist level, his open fingers looking like the splayed open palm leave with his long narrowing finger tips. "Good soaking, take care" he says as he walks up the stairs to leave the springs. "Take care, happy trails" they called out to him. As he was about to drop out of view he turns around. "Hope to see you up in Portland sometime Bill." Bill smiles and waves back to Noah, "I will think about it." He waves back then turns walking away, leaving the three soaking quietly and pleasantly sedated as if in the mists of heaven itself. 

As Henry and Bill were getting ready to leave half an hour later Henry turned to Raven: "You got a hug for this elder Raven?" "Sure Henry" she said quickly moving over to him to give him the nicest long hug  that his son Bill though he had ever seen.' Never saw Paw hug Maw like that!' he thought to himself. "You are the best hugger Raven, I mean that, honest." "Well  you did not say 'honest Injun' so I'm going to take that as a sincere remark Henry." "For sure good woman, for sure." "Take care guys, good to meet you Bill." She turned and looked at Bill. "Noah can give you a hand up Bill,  I'd give him a shot, it can't hurt really" she said. "Heaven sent to hell bent, my choice' I like that Raven, I like that a lot, thanks." "My pleasure really, you are nice guys. Happy trails until the next time we meet." The Brights get out of the springs, dressed quickly as they are due home for dinner and did not want to be late for that, aggravating Maw Bright, which was never ever good.  

Driving home that evening Bill turned to Henry and asked "What's Maw making for dinner tonight?" "Lasagna!" " Better than that Army 'mystery meat crap on a shingle stuff!" Bill exclaims! Henry just smiled as he continued driving along the river road and thanking his lucky stars. The boy was happy in this moment and he, Henry, got to hug Raven. "That Raven is something else!" "That she is Bill." After a moments reflection Bill asked Henry, "Does Maw know her?" Quickly Henry replies: "Everybody knows Raven, so I suppose Maw knows her too." They did not say another word until they pulled into their driveway half an hour later. Bill turns to Henry telling him, "I'm working out with Carlos 'the fox' Este tomorrow. That should be fun." "You bet.." "Hope he wears his cup" Bill said as they laugh. "No lie, he probably will. They don't call him 'the fox' for no reason, know what I mean?" Henry replied. "Yep, sure do. By the way Henry, I had a great day today up at the hot springs. Thanks for getting me to go up there with you over the years. It has become a medicine in my home brewed medical program. Just want to thank you for that." "Glad I could do it."

Next morning Bill was up early. Got dressed grabbed his glove and cap and went into the kitchen. He prepared a bowl of granola with a banana sliced on top and covered in honey. He drank a glass of carrot juice and ate 4 blue berry muffins and rounded it off with a whole avocado. He ate the meal in under about seven minutes giving him some time to reflect on his upcoming practice session. Like a busy bee seeking pollen in a pollen rich air Bill was out the door into the spring day smelling freshly cut lawns and appreciating the mild weather this morning, excited about working out with Carlos 'the fox' Este. As he approached he saw someone sitting in a 1965 Ford Falcon. It was black and as he got closer he realized that the car was in cherry condition. "Nice car. '65 Ford Falcon' your dad give that to you? No my father- in -law gave it to me" he said with a big smile. "Great guy." "So lets loosen up close in 20, 25 feet, get your body mechanics working first, real slow, no rush, o.k?" "o.k." They warm up slowly then after 3 to 5 minutes they spread out to about 45 feet then 60 feet in the next 5 minutes where they stayed for their pitch practice session.

"I want you to slowly throw some split fingers to me now. Emphasize the down ward thrust at the point of your arm's full extension. Go ahead and over accentuate the downward thrust with your wrist as well, don't worry I'm wearing my cup." "Yes that's good to hear" Bill said as he begins to wind up to throw the slowed down splitter fastball for the first time. He short hopped the pitch to Carlos who fielded it cleanly. "Nice, keep that release going, remember to snap your wrist as well as your forearm." " They did this for the next 20 minutes with Carlos catching the majority of the short hops like a shortstop while  Bill got more comfortable with his body mechanics." Good, that's it Bill" when he managed to throw a good splitter. "Thrust your arm downwards at the point of release, accentuate the arm gesture and don't worry about your speed or the accuracy of the toss." "Good," "that's it," "good body mechanics," "easy now, remember, snap that wrist downwards at your release point." "Easy on the arm, full limb extension, no twisting, just that downward thrust." "That's it Bill, now throw me ten of those in a row, snap them off the table at 3 quarter speed for me, don't worry about the length, just snap ten off for me now."

Back at the house Maw Bright was having a bad morning. One thing Paw Bright had learned over a 21 year marriage was that the chronic pain and the use of pain pills to quell the pain made Maw Liz Bright hell on wheels, irritable as a pole cat in heat in the morning. The shadow cast over the household was gloomy, loud and very, very depressing. "I am out of pills and I am sore as hell. Why can't my doctor give me more pills, flipping moralistic doctors, who the hell do they think they are, that 'flipping fish God'. I hate this life, I wish I was dead." Paw Henry Bright had heard this so many times before that he had learned to just keep his mouth shut during her emotional eruptions. Over the years it only got worse with her needs seemingly unquenchable. Her sleeping patterns were totally upside down. Working as a night med's nurse for the last 10 years before retiring, she was stuck in a 3:00 A.M. unconscious mindset. The sleep deprivation that Paw Henry Bright experienced was really the worst part of her addiction. Sleep was so important to the Bright men but Maw's attitude was constant: "What's the problem, you got at least 5 hours of sleep!" Maw Liz Bright did have her rationale for all manner of things, and often they made no sense at all.

She walked out into the kitchen to make the morning coffee. "Thank you Henry for doing the dishes!" "Your welcome, it's the least we could do after that great Lasagna last night." "What?" "Your welcome" he calls back to her from the bedroom. Maw seemed to love long distance conversations, especially ones that were not entirely audible. It was one of her strategies, false fact clutter and seemed to work for her over the years. "I think I'm going deaf Henry. I'm going out on the patio to smoke a cigarette now, the coffee is on." "Cut back on the tobacco and I bet your hearing will improve," Henry calls to her. "I can't hear you" she yells back as she closes the sliding glass door leading out to the porch. Another strategy of Maw Liz Bright was incomplete communications. Henry lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling, it was quiet as he breathed in deeply then exhaled with an audible 'ah' as he reflected on his tumultuous life with the Maw Liz Bright. Then he thought about his hug with Raven yesterday and mentally transported himself back to the hot springs. It brought a smile to his face as he lay there hugging the enchanting Raven in the theatre of his mind.

"That's enough for today Bill. If you want to meet out here regularly I can do that." "Sounds like a plan Carlos, I'm pretty much free for the summer." "OK lets meet in the afternoon say 1:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday." "Works for me Carlos...thanks for taking the time to help me get in shape." "Nick is one of my best friends up in Brownsville. When Nick asked me to work you out well that was it, done deal, so here I am. You can never replace good friends Bill. I pity the man who does not have a few, they can save your ass. Know what I mean Bill?" "Yep, I sure do know that." Carlos asked him if he needed a ride but Bill just wanted to walk for awhile so he declined his offer. Carlos walked over to his clean 1965 Ford Falcon got in then started it right up with a quick turn of his key. As he was pulling out he gave Bill the split finger peace sign. Bill smiled, flashing back to Carlos the wide, open fingers splitter peace sign.

As Bill walked home he thought about his life and how it seemed to be slowly improving. Then the voices in his head called out to him: "You are the crown prince of Wales and have a trust set up for you worth $525,000.00 dollars. Bill decided that meeting with Noah Sykes was probably a good idea after all, maybe he could even help him get his substantial inheritance. Then their was the matter of his diplomatic immunity as well. Then and there, for wrong and right reasons, he decided to call Noah and set up an appointment to see him. It was a beautiful afternoon, Bill figured the sun was smiling upon him as if it was Heaven sent.

When Bill got home Henry was gone. Maw Liz Bright was just getting started for the day entertaining some morning company. Bill had never seen them before. As he was walking to his room Maw beckoned him into the bathroom to share a secret. He looked at her, then flashing on past periods of homelessness, the anger he felt, the unending yelling of his parents at each other,.. then he shook his head." "No Maws I'm good, but thanks..." "Don't know what you're missing" she tells him quickly then slams the door shut behind her. Bill felt bad about Maw and her cahoots and subsequently his own over the past years. He loved her but she was a 'wild child from the docks of the Hague' and he knew that. But he was very much under her sway and that was just the way it was. Bill did love his mother but sometimes it felt like Maw was taking a psychological hammer to his mind. Truth was Henry had fallen to a 'hind tit' with his bearing on Bill a few years ago. But like that dark horse he was slowly gaining in the race for the mind and soul of his only son Bill Conduit Bright. 

Henry worked as a self employed handy man, woodsman, construction builder and recently a home care attendant. He worked for the old, local eccentric and wealthy business man, 80 year old Rolls Bowley. Rolls had driven a logging truck that rolled out of the old growth timber of central Oregon in the night for many years back in the fifties and sixties. He made a fortune. The timber was free and he milled it at his father's mill yard back then. He was retired now but kept a few men around to help him with his activities of daily living. It had become tough duty for Henry and he found himself in a vulnerable place. It was driving him to a 'primitive capitalism" keeping Rolls from rolling down the road in his 5 ton pickup with a suspended drivers license and greatly diminished driving skills.

"You can't drive up there!" "Huh?" Rolls, who was hard of hearing, spoke the universal language. "Huh, what do you mean!" "You can't drive anymore" Henry would yell out. "Huh?" as he slowly got into his Chevy GMC truck, a dully with a 354 engine. It was as big a truck as you could buy in 1986. It was a substantial vehicle and with Rolls behind the wheel it was now a weapon.. It was a nightmare and an affront to all safe drivers on the road.

"Your fired Henry. Pack up your tools and get out of here." Rolls drove out his drive way and roared down the road. Henry stood there knowing he had failed. Rolls Bowley was on the loose like a mongoose and he had just been fired. Somehow over the years the old man had managed to tie up land and accrue great wealth. But over the course of time his finances became nothing more than a contrived balance sheet that not even Rolls Bowley fully understood. Henry was now the  'used till used up' worker who's protest to the boss about driving his truck got him gone. No basic caring for the other was no where found in this materialistic equation of a mean spirited capitalism.

A week before he was fired Rolls had a job for Henry and Mike a fellow worker to perform, "Your guys paint don't cha?" he asked them. "Sure we do" Mike said quickly, never deferring from any of his requests. So off we went to paint a two story house up in the steep hills near by. The wage was $10.00 an hour. We were happy to have the work. It was a grand new two story home with small second story covered deck and patio off the living room.

 Henry looked at the house then turned to Mike. "We are going to near kill ourselves several times while painting this monster and for what? $10.00 an hour."

 "I know but it's work is all I figure." "Do you know what a professional house painter gets for painting this place Mike?" "No, but a couple of thousand at least." "Try 5 or 6 thousand dollars. We will earn maybe a 1000.00 dollars combined painting this house." " Cold as frozen short hairs" Mike says, laughing as he shrugs it off,  getting ready for the days work. "He's definitely got us by them today, that's a cold hard fact" Henry replies. At that moment Rolls Bowley known ease dropper walks around the corner of the house: "what you guys talking about huh?," "nothing at all Rolls just wondering where to start" Henry answered. "Get started, I'm paying you to paint the house not talk." Rolls walks away as quick as he had appeared around the side of the house over to the front porch where he then slowly walks up the five stairs to the front porch then walks up to the front door and knocks. A short time later a nice looking older woman opens the door and greets him warmly inviting him in. They did not see Rolls for the next three hours.

When Rolls walked out of the house he came right over to the working painters. He stood their with a big smile on his face, his posture held in a relaxed pose. "That all you done since I been gone?" We did not say a word. "I could paint faster than that" just as we were finishing the far side of the house. "Looks good Rolls'" Henry piped up appealing to Rolls vanity for good, even if slow, work done for real cheap. Rolls just stood there smiling, we figured he was thinking more about his recent visit than about our painting job. Finally after what seemed a valium minute: "O.K. .lets wrap it up and go home, she will give me a ride home" as he points at the house. They gathered up the painting materials, put it all behind the house and drove home for the night.

As Henry drove Mike his co worker home, he turned to him saying: "You know that debtors prison was eliminated in America by federal law in 1833. It took the lead with Great Britain passing the Debtors Act 35 years later in 1869. Germany and French did it a few years earlier. They outlawed the primitive practice but we are working in that prison today Mike." "What are you talking about, I'm on parole, I'm not in prison anymore." "Not literally Mike, but figuratively. Look at us, we are wage slaves working for pennies while the big banks are rolling in the hay, with their reckless casino losses written off."  "Is there a bankers prison?" Mike asked Henry. "No, but in America in 2010 the states with the highest prison populations were the15 states that had jurisdictions allowing people to be arrested for failure to pay, or failure to appear before debt hearings." "I thought you said debtors prison was outlawed here in America?" Henry looked straight ahead while answering: "It was, in 1833, like I said." Henry drove his van down out of the flush hills as Mike spoke up again. "Sounds like the wrong people got the big house!" Henry turned and looked at Mike, Rolls faithful worker for 10 years. "That might be the smartest thing you have ever said." "What do you mean by that, don't you think I'm smart?" "Sure Mike, we are just two surgeons in disguise. We are painting Roll's girlfriend's house today just for that reason, because we are both so damn smart." Henry said nothing else nor did Mike for the rest of the ride.

Several days later Carlos and Bill are playing catch. As he is warmed up now he gets up on the mound while Carlos is telling him about the distance: "Been 60.6 since 1893, that's also when the pitcher was told to make his delivery with his back foot anchored on the rubber. The pitcher started throwing at 45 feet, then went to 50, then 55 ft to finally settle at 60.6 feet in the first 13 years of baseball. That distance has stood the test of time. But interestingly at first the hitters had the advantage for the first decade but soon changed. But as the mound grew so did the balance. By 1907 Walter Johnson  pitched for the Washington Senators for the next 21 years and won 417 games. Second best in the majors behind Cy Young with 511 wins. Johnson pitched 110 shutouts, a record that still stands. The 6 ft 1 in tall right-hander with the side arm motion fastball was someone they had never seen before in the majors. Ty Cobb scariest man in baseball back then said of him:" "The first time I faced him, I watched him take that easy windup; and then something went past me that made me flinch. I hardly saw the pitch, but I heard it." "Makin' the Ty man flinch, that was an accomplishment wasn't it?" "Yep, I'd have to say so Bill." It was a beautiful day at the Avalon baseball field in the housing development.

"They called Walter the Big Train, Sir Walter, or the White Knight. When he was 14 he moved with his family from Humboldt, Kansas out to Fullerton, California. When he was 16 he was pitching for Fullerton Union High School. Three years later in 1907 while pitching in the Idaho State League at 19 he signed with the Washington Senators. The rest is history." Standing on the mound Bill wound up and threw a splitter that dropped off the table. "That's it Bill, now slow down your time between pitches, just like the Big Train did. Bill stood there for 10 seconds then wound up to throw a 93 an hour split finger fastball. It was belt high then just in front of the plate dropped 6 inches down to the knees of an imagined hitter and right into the catchers glove of 'the fox' Carlos Este. "That's the pitch Bill, the pitch hitters hate and our middle infielders love."

That evening Henry was looking at his solar panel powered generator he has set up on his garage roof with the generator in the garage. He is thinking to himself: "If I could just sell about a 100 of these units I could buy my way out of serfdom. Inside the house Bill is making the hardest phone call he has ever made in his life. "You have reached the answering message number of Dr. Noah Sykes V..A. Please leave your name and number short message, I will return your call as soon as I can." Bill stood there in the computer room for what seemed a minute before he spoke into the phone: "This is Bill Bright I met you up at the springs awhile back. I would like to make an appointment to see you next week. I can be reached at this number" hanging up after giving his parents phone number he hears his father coming into the house from the garage. When he see's Bill he says: "Hey how you doing' Bill, work out today with Carlos?" "Oh yes it was great. ..Know what? I did it." "What, drop ten in a row off the table, no sweat?"  "No I called Dr. Noah Sykes to make an appointment." "Wow that's great news Bill, been hoping,.. good God, praying for this day." They smile at each other hugging Bill telling his father: "I love you Henry." "I love you Bill, always have, always will." 

Maw Bright walked into the house and the first thing she yells: "Take those flipping stupid hats off now, this isn't a barn." Then in the next moment like the nice Dutch mother she asked: "You guys hungry yet? I can fix us some 'crap' real quick." The Bright men look at each other smiling, then with an enthusiastic response both reply looking at Maw: 'sure Maw...sounds good' laughing,  while taking their baseball caps off. "Rough on the presentation she is" Henry says to Bill after Maw has left for the kitchen: "but so good for our production she is" Bill quickly replies, to which they both have a good laugh. Sometimes the truth, for better or worse, can be the funniest thing of all. The humorous slant to status quo's can be a saving grace.

Early Monday morning the phone rang at the Bright house, it was Noah Sykes returning Bill Bights phone call.. Mau Bright answered. "Hello this is Noah Sykes calling for Bill Bright." "Hi Noah, let me see if the guy is up yet. Might be on the crapper, likes his morning dump, it's his little chapel in there, I swear. Hold on." She throws the phone on the couch and yells: "Bill you have a phone call, somebody named Noah" and walks away from the phone to do something else. Bill walks out of his bedroom and into the living room where he looks for the cell phone quickly spying it on the couch. Maw Bright had the irritating habit of placing the thing you needed at that moment into random and often temporarily 'unfindable' places. "Hello Noah this is Bill." "Hello Bill, got your message Friday. How you doing?" "Good, getting a little busy so thought I'd give you a call and see about setting up a time to see you this week, if that's possible?" "I can see you Tues. and Thurs., those are the days that we hold our clinics up here. We meet here in Portland at the V.A. Mental Heath Care Center at 10:00 A.M." "Tuesday would be great" Bill says. "Good Bill, you know where we are located?" "Yes I have been there before." "Look forward to seeing you then, glad you called Bill." "I am too, see you tomorrow."   

Next morning Bill got off the Veterans shuttle bus at the Portland VA Medical Clinic at 9:30. He carried a five foot long, 5 inch thick cotton wood limb. Trauma can cause people to be confused about what happened to them. The tree limb helped Bill to sense about his condition and just what did happen to him on that forced march 10 years earlier. Over the years he was not sure who his parents were or even who he was but he never lost track of his tree limb or ever where it was stashed.. As he approached the front doors he took his limb and held it as a staff using it as a walking stick. "Is that your walking or warring limb there sir?" the guard asked Bill as he walked through the door into the VA Clinic. "This sir is my cottonwood walking stick from the Fort of Hood" "Fort Hood. Where you going this morning?" "Dr .Noah Sykes CPT  program." (4) "Good sir, Dr. Noah Sykes" he repeats while writing it down in his notebook. "Name?" "Bill Conduit Bright - Private" "Alright sir, continue down this main hall to the 400 corridor then to the right down to room 444. The Cognitive Processing  Therapy program is designated with a CPT  sign over the door."  "Thank you sir" continuing on his journey, walking stick in hand, smiling as he walks to room 444. As he approaches the room he notices Dr. Noah Sykes walking into the classroom. From a distance he looked like a lean pony with his light footed fluidity. Bill wondered if 'he himself' was a machine. He often had that thought that he felt like a cyber awareness dawning.

As he walked into the room their were 10 or so men and women sitting or mingling around the circle of 14 chairs. Noah Sykes was setting up his lap top computer for an internet audio visual presentation and was thinking about how to set up his system for the presentation. He was having a connectivity question he looked out at his students asking: "Anyone out there connectivity savvy with wires plug in issues. I need a connections guy for a minute or two. Any techs out there?" Bill was standing by the table now where Dr. Sykes was standing with several wires in his hands. As he had done many times before Bill helped someone with their computer issues. "Hello sir I can help you" Bill with his long and thick finger plugged in the cable and wires in less than 30 seconds. "The yellow cable "goes here" he plugs it in, then he hooks up 'the black wire goes here' and the 'red wire here'. That's all there is to it, nice setup." "Thanks Bill, good to see you here." "Thanks." Now 12 men and women were in the room and taking their seats. Bill sat down and waited for the session to begin. He felt good.

Noah Sykes thanked them for their attendance then introduced himself: "I am Dr. Noah Sykes neuropsychologist and this, pointing to a the slender African American man seated to his right is Dr. Martin Porres a neuropsychologist from the Mayo Clinic located in Rochester,

. Dr. Porres is setting up a telehealth program with the Mayo Clinic. He will be working with new computer technology that will allow for home study and telehealth services for individuals with TBI. I'll turn it over to Dr. Porres now."

Dr Porres was a 37 year old mulatto, of mixed-race, with an African American father and a Spanish Indian mother. Martin was of slender build, standing about 5ft 10in."Hello. The Mayo Clinic TBI Model program has hired me to develop a delivery system for medical services to aide people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. What I am working with them to do is build a comprehensive data base online that will be connected to coordinated care teams. As neuropsychologists we help individuals to manage their behavior and to developed coping stills. We provide 'talk therapy' when needed for emotional and psychological support and we can prescribe medication when needed."

"Telehealth is a program we are developing in conjunction with the Veteran's Administration and the Mayo Clinic using technology like computers and mobile devices to help you with your health care plan. It can be called e-health or m-health and we are working towards a number of health care options for the participants in this CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy program . We are setting up online support with health and self care tools, email and online contact with health care professionals, and online doctor visits."

"With the CPT program over the next 6 weeks, twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 A.M. we will meet here in Portland  First we will cover learning about your PTSD Symptoms and treatments available. Then next we will work on becoming aware of thoughts and feelings. Third we will assist you with developing learning skills to question your thoughts and to help you develop the skills to cope with your day in day out lives. Then fourth we will help you to understand how changes in your beliefs can occur from before the brain trauma to after the injury and how to live in the world again. Family relations possibly restored and bringing some balance back in your lives. That's all I have to say for now. Any questions?"

One woman raised her hand. "Yes, thank you for your brief introduction. My name is Summer Snow - Air Force. If you at the Mayo Clinic and the VA build this online medical net that we can access 24 - 7, what protections will you put in place to keep our information private?" Dr. Porres replied quickly: "We are a medical online clinic and not a data base for anyone. We will embody a positive orientation with the trajectory of health and healing as our goal and not the compilation of random data. Statistics is not what we are looking for, rather we are working for an actual, real time healing model totally phenomenological based. Yet neural rewiring is a young science, 10 years, so we are realistic about initial outcomes. We will proceed with great care, compassion and proceed gently to banish the sorrows that we carry in our lives. Of course the individuals privacy is very important to us as well and we understand that you want us to do every thing we can to protect your privacy and we will." He smiles at Summer as she smiles back nodding her head just once in a cautious agreement with his answer, at least for now. He then looks around the circle asking: "any other questions?" No one raised their hand. The first meeting of the CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy group was about to close. Ending the morning meeting Dr Noah Sykes speaks to the group: "I want to thank all of you for coming here this morning to our first CPT class. Our journey has just begun. Look forward to seeing you all this Thursday morning at 9:00."

Wednesday in the Avalon

Bill walked onto the diamond watching Carlos drive into the fields parking area. His clean 1985 black Ford Falcon was gleaming in the morning sunlight. Getting out of his car he called out his greetings to Bill: "Morning Bill, good to see you." "Good to see you Carlos. Your car looks great. Your father- in- law must be a great guy to give you a car like that." "That he is Bill. Grains and grass seed farmer up north in Brownsville." They put their gloves on and started warming up. It was a very cool but sunny morning. "Warm up slowly, pretty cool, don't want you pulling anything this morning." Carlos loved talking pitching. This morning he shares with Bill that "Nick believes that baseball comes down to the pitcher and the hitter. If he kept his pitch count between 60 to 80 pitches in a 9 inning game then odds were good he was going to win .. because he threw the one pitch that they could not hammer." They throw the ball slowly now as Bill thinks about what Carlos has just shared with him as they continue warming up slowly in the cool morning air. "Just one good pitch Bill, that's all it takes to win in this unpredictable game. Of course that one good pitch does need a good catcher as well. My catcher back at Oregon was a big boy named Morgan 'back stop' Herd. Nothing but nothing got past him. 'Back stop' Herd. The guy was big as a horse." As Bill and Carlos worked on the arcane art of throwing the 'split finger' fast ball Henry was across town painting a house for the irascible Rolls Bowley.

While he was painting Henry saw Rolls watching them from around the corner at the far end of the house. Once he had been spotted he walked out from behind the house and walked over to them. Henry was ready for his visit and when he approached Henry said: "You know that building you have on your property? it needs the front pressure washed. I can do that for you for $50.00." Rolls thought about it for a minute or so as Henry continues painting. Then he asked Henry: "the whole building?"

 'Orkid Wolf' - Boxcar Graffiti

Thursday morning

Bill rode the bus back up to Portland, Oregon for his  CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy class this morning. Dr. Noah Sykes is standing up front in the class room and calls out to the class: "take you seats please. Welcome and thank you for attendance today. We will begin our class learning about PTSD symptoms and what treatments are available for particular symptoms that you may be experiencing. Then a health care plan will be established for you based on your specific needs. All of you can ask me or Dr. Porres any questions you have about your care plan for therapy anytime over this 6 week training. You all will know what skills and why we are trying to assist you to develop these skills with your CPT class training." As he stepped away from his computer table he brushed a pen off the table with his passing hand. He made a quarter turn back and caught the pen in mid air. Bill was sitting next to Dr. Martin Porres and they both saw along with the others in the room the quick reflexes the neuropsychologist had just displayed then he began to speak. 

"Dramatic as it sounds, we are going to literally rewire your brains, to then free up your minds" Dr. Noah Sykes says to his class this morning, looking at the 12 veterans in the circle. "Over the next six weeks you are going to experience chemical and emotional changes in your minds neuro-web with the accompanying adjustment made in your emotional bodies homeostasis or balance. In the human brain tissues the cells do not recycle or change out. The neurons that you had at birth, you will have for the rest of your life." He looked at every student in the class then continued. ” You will have billions of neurons showing up everyday to help you. Use them and more will show up allow them to reveal what it feels like to meet your vulnerabilities with your courageous sides and set the 'emotional recalibrating' working into your nervous systems, allowing you all once again to experience some joy in your lives."

Slowly he turns looking at each person in the room then Dr. Sykes says to everyone "breathe in,.... breathe out, now hold your inhalations for five seconds before exhaling. Do this for the next two minutes." The class grows still as they follow his directions. After the slowing breathing exercise Dr. Sykes turns the class over to Dr. Martin Porres.

"Good morning. Together we have just reduced our collective stress levels just by slowing our breathing. Does anyone want to share any changes that they noticed after our breathing exercise?" Summer Snow raised her hand to share that "the room seems brighter." Another class member shared that "my heart rate has slowed which I have measured by taking my own pulse rate before the exercise and after the exercise." "Anyone else?" Martin asked. A big man with lots of tattooed colorful snakes running up his arms as he raised his hand: "Well I sweat like a big old hog really, now I feel like the calm and cool piglet." They all laughed at the man's observation.

"The flight or fight response is a natural reaction to life threatening situations or perceived to be. The brain stimulates the adrenal glands that in turn release adrenaline and other hormones into our bloodstream. We all respond bodily to changes or challenges in our environment. It can be as simple as arguments with friends or loved ones, a new job or getting fired from a job, or complicated as getting married or divorced, all can produce the effects of stress. Anyone willing to share what occurs in our minds and bodies when we are experiencing stress?" The hands slowly start to rise. One man mentions that his stomach starts to hurt and another said that his breath begins to grow shallow and rapid while another offered that his finger tips would go numb. Then Bill offered up "I feel like I'm a psychic, all my senses seem razor sharp when I'm stressing." Martin smiled at the class then instructed them that "when we concentrate on our breathing, like we have just done we can alter the fight or flight response within our own minds and bodies. We can become the masters of our own ship and can steer our selves to safe harbor." 

It was a cool but sunny morning in Portland this morning. Dr. Noah Sykes stood up now informing the class that they were going outside into the courtyard now to sit in the bright morning sunlight for the next half hour or so. "We are going outside now to sit in the sun and collect some vitamin D." All twelve members of the class and the two instructors walked out into the sunny morning to sit in a well designed peaceful place with a rock garden and waterfall circled by beautifully crafted benches made from cedar to sit on and surrounded by many fragrant beautiful yellow, red and peach colored rose bushes that were just coming into bloom and surrounding the rock garden. It was a calming environment with pungent rose scents filling the air. When everyone was assembled in the courtyard Martin Porres shared with them a short story.

"This is the tale of the wounded healer that I am going to share with you now. Once their was woman who was so abused by her family that she ran away at  the age of 17. We will call her Sam. She would travel for years with boy friends, girl friends, hitch hiking, hopping freight trains, making ends meet with whatever opportunities presented themselves. One day she was hiking in the mountains when she came upon a man who was so depressed over his bankrupt family business that he had decided to take his own life. The man had hiked far up into the mountains away from his life with the elegant house, his stable of thoroughbred horses and his rare art collection, all to be left below. When he found the spot under a great maple tree where he felt he would not be discovered for a long time, if ever. He removed a clear plastic bag from his backpack and a roll of duct tape. As he looked out over the beautiful mountain side he began to cry softly then louder until he yelled out to the sky: "I can't take this pain anymore."

 It was at this moment that Sam discovered the man as he was about to take his life. She startled him with her greeting which was a little a bit puckish as was her nature. "Stub your toe, or this vale of tears sapping your... vital fluids?" The man looked at the deep tanned, tattooed, brown haired, small woman and asked "Where did you come from?"  "I came from hell but I'm at peace with it now ...could say I found paradise." She smiles at the apparently miserable man then adds "Piss.. mirrored in ants here" she exclaims, irritably swatting the climbing army of ants climbing up her legs. He looked a long time at the short, scruffy but handsome woman then asked her: 'Who the hell are you." " She turned away walking over to a tall sage bush which she stood behind and unbuttoned her pants. She pulled them down, squatted, and took a pee. "Me... I'm someone who can help you" she says as she stands back up pulling her pants up. "Balls" he yells out, "I just want to lay here and die." "Hey mister let me tell you something. My ancestors came from the island of Sicily. For 500 years my peoples never knew who would land on their island in the night, slip into the villages, cut their throats and take the children. It made them adjust, adapt, becoming adept at self preservation." "Adjust!...adept? you kill me shorty." "I'm real good with a blade" she said quickly, pulling a beautiful, pearl handed switch blade knife out  from her back pocket, flashing its blade intentionally in the sunlight for her amusement. "No, what I meant is... you amuse me, not that I want you to kill me!" "Oh...word play" the short hiker said.. However the idea struck her fancy so she continued. "I could just sit here with you while you bagged out, sing a little song, say a prayer for you maybe?" "Look scrimp I just want to die in peace you think you could just leave me alone now?"

 "It's peace you seek now. I don't understand that." "What don't you understand?" "Killing yourself to find peace? Not really the way to peace but the way to the underworld of the hell of the Bardo world." "Bardo,... hell? is what? Listen girl I don't know what you are talking about but you are raining on my 'going out party' here, so please just leave me alone." "Sure." She walks out into a clearing on the mountain side and standing in the bright sunlight she disrobes to warm herself in the warm sun light. Her young, yet well developed and perfectly proportioned body was so beautiful that it was overwhelming for the man to behold. Her body her breasts so firm and petite carried his mind into his mothers chest,.. he forgets, for the moment, his plan to kill himself. The longer he looked at her standing there the calmer he became, her bodies beauty seems to make him drowsy in the suns warm rays as he lays down and falls asleep right there on the warm hill side."

Martin looked at the group then finished his story. "He dreamed he was walking down a sun lit road where he again met up with Sam." She looked at him pulling his gaze into her eyes then said: "Breath slowly now." The man takes a deep inhalation, then he spirals into a place of a higher vibratory rate where he experiences a deep inner peace."  He looked at the class then said "O.K. lets quietly now do our thought exercise now, breathing in and out, holding the breath for five seconds before exhaling. Let us all now see ourselves walking down the bright side of the country road with the 'equal heart' now." As the class was in the visualization Martin shared a thought from the Indian saint Sri Aurobindo:

"A free heart is a heart delivered from the gusts and storms of the affections and passions; the assailing touch of grief, wrath, hatred, fear, inequality of love, trouble of joy, pain of sorrow fall away from the equal heart, and leave it a thing large, calm, equal, luminous, divine." 

Then after several minutes of silence the class was called to a close. "See you next week. Have a good weekend." As the session ended two crows landed on the patio to pick up some M and M's that were on the ground. The birds looked at Martin Porres then together they called out "caw, caw, caw Chiron."

Palladium Pools Weekend

Noah Sykes was going up to the hot springs this week end and thought that he would invite the visiting Doctor Martin Porres up there to enjoy the wilderness area. "I would like to take you up to the mountains this weekend Martin. Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the union. If you are open to it I would like to take you up to some hot springs that are wonderfully healing. I will pack us a lunch, bring some wonderful Hawthorn berry tea that we can work into our bloodstreams. Wonderful remedy for stroke and heart attack. It tones and strengthens the blood vessels and heat muscle, possibly the best heart attack antidote we have in natural healing today" he holds up the cup of tea that he is drinking from. "This is absolutely a great tonic for the stressed, frayed nervous system and overwrought heart Martin." Noah says this calmly, seriously, then said, "I have to put valerian root up there as well. The best natural sedative, good for sleep and intimacy. No relation to the pill valium but valerian root can produce the exact same results as the pill and is delivered into the system with far less of that very addictive 'feel good malaise' that valium produces over time." Both are quiet for a moment.   

"Both are miracle remedies, up there with the aspen willows bark really" Noah adds. Martin smiles at the grey haired 65 year old neurologist then replied, "Of course aspirin, another staple in my med bag. The Hawthorn berry tea or tincture if applied in the first minutes after a stroke onset has a near 100 % efficacy rate for a near full recovery. I have used it for years in my practice. Same with valerian root, it's a great calming med that I also use with my clients. Your suggestion about the springs sounds great Noah. I'll bring my fishing pole along for the river if that's o.k. and my trunks for the springs. I would love to catch a native cut throat trout out there on the river." "Sure, they are great fighters, in the steelhead family and so colorful. They are protected, so if we catch any we have to release them but they are fun to hook and reel in.  We can stop at the fish hatchery on our way up to the springs and get a look at the trout up close. Can see some big sturgeon as well." "Sounds like a plan."

Deep in the woods

The centaur first flew among the gas giants of our solar system originating on the moon of Titan that orbited around the plant Saturn. Then he descended to Earth in the days of Ancient Greece to tutor Achilles and Hercules before moving once again in the 1600's to Florence, Italy. He came over from Florence, Italy on a ship in the 17th century to live up in the primeval forest of the new Atlantis which later was to become known as America. Living in the deep old growth forest glens and glades, humans never ran into him, he was far to wise for that. His home was under a waterfall in an old growth stand of cedars and firs. He lived on the line between water and air, ate the green lichens and moss from the tree trunks and limbs, crushed the soft stone bedrock to powder which he licked for zinc and other rare earth trace minerals. The centaur loved to soak as well but never went when humans were about. Standing just out of sight the centaur listened to them and learned their sounds that they called language. Florentine lore told of 5 people from a land called America, three men and two woman, who would meet the centaur but not until the 21st century. This legend was called  'La Mono del Destino', the Hand of Destiny. It would be the sign of a flowering of the global Humanism on Earth that was predicted to occur when the centaur Chiron was discovered and returned to Titan. It would be a great era for an 'evolutionary awakening' as the fifteenth century Italian scholars described it. Covering the world with the wave of humanism crossing the oceans, washing tons of New Ideas, realized in a new global cooperation. Starting way back in the 8th century with the Buddhism of Hui-neng and continuing right up and through the 18th century with the American transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Walt Whitman and others. This humanistic understanding of the superconscious realms grew into the 21st century with adepts, teachers and initiates. Deep in the woods, under a great waterfall, this Resurrection of the unobstructed and conscious life is where the centaur Chiron walks. Now 13 billion years of life is now finding its self as human's Being realized.

The centaur Chiron was well known by his best friends, the flock of American Crows that nested around his secluded mountain home. That's because it was the crows that had lived on earth for 13 million years and knew the story of the centaur when he lived in Ancient Greece just 5 thousand years before. The centaur now lived among the flock of crows up in the high mountains and long ago had learned their crow language which was communicated much faster than our human speech. "Caw, caw, caw Chiron, Caw, Caw, Caw Chiron" they called out excitedly when he returned from his long travels around the earth. Chiron when living in Ancient Greece lived like the classical centaur. His mission was to train heroes and he possessed a kind and tranquil nature for this important work. His deep brown eyes reflected his great intelligence. The centaur did not drink alcohol, party hardy or reek mayhem on others as did most other centaurs of his ancient past tradition. No, Chiron was, if you will, more of a ...well 'saintly beast'. He was the perfect balance between our animal natures and our spiritual selves. The centaur-archer today has a star base in the constellation Sagittarius where he is visible in the sky to this day. He was the bridge from Apollo and the Sun to the Christ or God-Man. Chiron had seen it all and was now back in the West to fulfill the ancient Florentine prophesy 'the Hand of Destiny'. 


Nick and Frances are getting ready for their weekend outing to the hot springs. "Balls to the walls, rolling now Miss Frances." Nick puts on his old Lee railroad cap as they are stepping out his front door to get in his 1968 XJ6 brown saloon Jaguar. Danny Bee is driving with Frances in the front seat while Nick sat in back.

Driving down the road the three good friends sit quietly enjoying the scenery of the rolling green valley running into the gently rising hills that lead them into the big, old Doug fir stands that tower along the river. Frances softly says:" the 'quiet commons' of the public's forest." Nick smiles as he looks out his rolled down window from the back seat at the old growth timber. "Emerson has it right when he writes that "Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us" Frances says to the others. 

Palladium Pools Park 

As they arrive at the parking lot for the hot springs only two cars are there. Nicks black '65 Ford Falcon and a green Toyota Prius. As they are getting out of the Jaguar Frances hears crow's cawing. "Caw, caw, caw Chiron!" "Do you hear that?"  the crows are excited about something."  "Caw, caw, caw Chiron" then as quick as they had started the crows went eerily silent. 'Could be the farmer alert" D.B. jokes. Frances takes out some food from the back seat of the saloon, sliced pineapple, strawberries and from near by, fresh Blue River water from Rose Ave Park. "Adam's best Ale in hand" D.B. says as Frances hands him the full jug of water. They all had reached a mutual agreement that this water from Rose Ave Park was the best water found in the state, which they had discovered over the years, during their many, across the state road trips. 

It was a quarter of a mile hike up to the springs. As they walked along the trail it wound through the old growth firs with bowers of small maple tree limbs bending over the path forming tunnels that they walked through. A great waterfall was cascading down the mountain side, across the stream over on the other mountain side. The trail, was cool on this warm spring day. The air mixed with the crashing water produced a soothing mist about the trail. As they approached the hot springs they were greeted by Carlos who was soaking with two other men that he had just introduced himself to. Noah and Martin had arrived early that morning meeting Carlos when he arrived later that morning. The three of them put their bathing suits on and joined the others in the hot springs.

"Good to see you folks. Got here real early, birds were singing up a storm, love songs season." Carlos turns to the two men saying "I want to introduce you guys to my good friends Nick, Frances and Danny my neighbors down from Brownsville. This is Noah, and this is Martin, they came over from Portland." "Nice to meet you folks" Frances says. "Great balls of fire" Nick says as he stretches out in the hot pool of water. "So how are things in Portland these days?" Carlos asked the two men. "Just fine, great town really" Noah replies. "Lots of old trees, rose gardens and tall women" Carlos adds. Then they went quiet, enjoying their surroundings, reflecting the peace of this magical place, as their brains trigger bio-chemistries release of 'feel good chemistry' with millions of different neurotransmitters flowing directly into their bloodstreams now.

"Strawberries anyone?" Frances asked as she passed the plastic basket around to the others. They all enjoyed the treat which seemed especially sweet sitting there in the hot spring water. The strawberries gave them a mild rush of energy, like an ambrosia from mother earth being enjoyed in her warm waters. "Wow that is great, nice blood sugar flush, perfect! Thank you Frances." "Your welcome Martin. Help yourself to more, we have plenty." The five of them sit there enjoying the bright red, big plump strawberries. Feel good chemistry, fruit, and wonderful company has now created a place of deep peace for this precious, fresh aired afternoon. 'The entire world needs to soak' Martin thinks to himself sitting there in the hot springs of Palladium Pools Park.

In the alchemical chemical soup of the Palladium Pools healing and invigorating hot water a 'superconsciousness of spirit' moves. "Wave motions.. emotions meds."(7) Martin says out loud smiling at Noah. "Nice, I like that Martin, you work in the medical field?" Frances asked the 37 year old mulatto. "Yes I'm neuropsychologist from the Mayo Clinic up in Rochester, Minnesota. I'm out here working at the V.A. in Portland." "From your spring snows to our spring rains, its got to be better out here. Has your Rochester winter even ended yet?" "Yes finally, 'spring sprung', but 100 year snow events are really an incredible thing to experience Frances." " I don't won't to even imagine that. 'Best in the West' is my motto" Frances said smiling at the young doctor.

The six soaked quietly now then the crows quietly arrived and sat up on the changing area roof and the surrounding Douglas firs. They watched the soakers for a minute or two, then stealthily without hardly a sound they quickly hopped onto the bench, then hopping quickly over to the freshly cut pineapple pieces that were sitting there.on the cedar planks bench in a plastic bag and began picking away at the bag. The crows knew of the pineapple from years of hot spring dinning. It was a favorite of theirs and over the years they has became better and better at scoring the prized fruit before humans even knew what was happening. It had become a game for the crows and they were becoming more proficient at it every year. They were learning, adapting faster than the visiting human soakers it was appearing.

"Well look at that" Danny says. "The crows are riding the pineapple express" he says pointing up at the six crow's feeding antics. "How long were they up there you think" Carlos asked. "Long enough to eat and make off with the rest of a whole sliced pineapple" Frances said laughing out loud. "They did it so quietly, now that's crafty" Noah adds. The crows had moved away back up into the trees. "An improvement over bugs and dead snakes I imagine" Carlos said. "Good grief, some of the stuff I've seen crows eat would turn your stomach." "Maybe they are on to something you know, with the insects at least. Seems a lot of the worlds people today eat insects and have been for a long time." Noah shares. "Maybe they learned that from watching crows" Danny said smiling. The crows had moved away from the changing area over to a wooded bank and ate the pineapple pieces with great care and seeming delight. They hopped about as if dancing in joy with their newly acquired yellow juicy treats scattered in pieces now along the bank side. The crows cheered in rowdy unison as they picked at the pineapple pieces. Their numbers grew to 20 birds in just a few minutes then many more arrived. It seemed a joyous occasion as the sound of the birds was increasing as their numbers grew. Crows of all sizes pecked the scattered pieces along the bank side now. Then as quickly as they had arrived they began to go quiet then they all went still and looked at the soaking people. Then they started crowing "caw-caw-caw Chiron, caw-caw-caw Chiron" while bobbing and weaving continuing to look at the six amazed soakers." "Well now that's something else, seems we have set them off for some reason" Danny says. "As though a genetic marker has been triggered" Noah replies. "It's nature gate" Carlos says laughing then continues "they are way on to us - noticed how much fun we were having and totally dug it, never been the same crows since."

""Caw, caw, caw Chiron, caw, caw, caw Chiron" the crows sang out.

Unbeknownst to the soakers they were being watched. The centaur Chiron was standing above them up on the mountain side. Then in an instant the crows flew off up the mountain to land  in what was their rookery in a stand of 500 year old fir trees. They could hear the crows 'whisper songs' that they now shared amongst themselves. The loud caws were replaced with soft, barely audible whispers.

"Can you hear that?" Noah asked the others. "Sounds like they are communicating with each other but real quiet like, as if they are whispering to each other now" Nick says. "Must be a survival trick they learned"  Carlos says adding "Did you know that there is a 300 ft. waterfall just up the mountain about a 100 yards from here. Anyone up for taking a hike?" "Sounds great, been years since I was up there" Noah replied. Nick, Danny and Frances decide to stay behind soaking while Carlos, Noah and Martin start to hike up the creek leading to the great waterfall.

As they are hiking along the creek they hear the crows 'whispering songs' which now grow more audible as they approach the falls. "Did you know that the crow is considered the most intelligent bird in the bird kingdom?" Noah asked the others. "That does not surprise me. On the farm I have heard the crows mimic other birds like the magpie or jay even animals like our dog or even the chickens. It's really funny to hear a crow whining like a dog or squawking like a chicken" Carlos says. "Experiments with captured crows have proven that they can count up to four, can solve puzzles and have great memories. This innate intelligence of theirs can be used to connect certain sounds and symbols with food as well" Noah tells the others. "Do you hear that?" Martin asked the others. "Sounds like their whispering song is becoming louder now" Noah replies.

Approaching the magnificent falls the three men smell through the mist a  faint scent of fecal droppings yet they had no idea what they were about to discover. As they stopped to take the sights in they around the falls, in the trees they saw more crows than any of them had ever seen in one place before. Hundreds of American Crows shone in the sunlight with their metallic violet gloss glowing in the sunlight in what seemed to be a synchronized greeting. Their shimmering was like a great circular shield around the entire falls now. Then like a choreographed dance the crows together opened their wings revealing their blue-violet and green-blue colors that shone so bright caught in the rays of light that it looked more like a beautiful water color painting than hundreds of black crows fanning their luminous feathers. "Now that is beautiful...but man that smell is ripe. What is going on here?" Carlos asked out loud. "If I'm not mistaken I think they are greeting us or...announcing our arrival" Martin said listening intently to the crows now. "Appears their morphogenetic field is vibrating with the news of our arrival Martin" Noah said, watching the crows unfolding their wings and catching the sunlight, reflecting their purple and green hues reflected, their florescence undulating up the mountain sides in the surrounding trees. "When a hundred crows are announcing your arrival in Technicolor I guess it's safe to say they are feeling our vibes" Carlos says as the three men stand there staring at the remarkable sight unfolding before them.

Then the whispering song of the crows begins to change and the three men are greeted with the crows speaking to them. "Caw, caw, hello, caw, caw."  "Can you believe that? did you hear that? they are greeting us English" Carlos said amusedly. "Hello family crow" Martin immediately greets them back "Good idea Martin, talk to them, they are incredibly social birds" Carlos shares with the others.

In an almost sing song voice Martin once again says: 'Hello, hello, hello crows, how are you doing?" As if to remove all uncertainty the crows blue eyed young and black eyed elders did what could only be described as a collective shimmy at their boney shoulders then stretching their necks to turn their heads in what seemed a full 360 degrees turn in one direction then in the other direction. Then in what seemed only a minute or less they all came to rest and looked directly at Martin. Then in whispering song tones the crows said: 'hello, hello, hello' to the new arrivals. The centaur Chiron watched them standing along the creek side from far above them on the mountain side. He then had an albino crow fly down to where the three men were and land just in front of Martin at the creek's edge. The white crow looked Martin in the eye then took off flying around the three men several times before flying up into an old Douglas fir tree that overlooked the creek. Standing in the brush at the base of the tree, undetected, stood Chiron watching the three men below.

"A white crow, don't see that to often" Noah remarked. "Nothing about this is seen to much,... but I have seen albino crows before" Carlos replies, staring at the multitude of crows that surround them now perched up in the old fir trees. "They seem playful" Noah observes. "Yep, playful they are, and apparently talkative as well" Carlos said.     

Back below at the hot springs Nick and Frances are relaxing quietly in the steaming water. Frances turns to Nick, "did you hear that?" "No." "Listen closely, sounds like...whispering voices, a lot of voices." "I do hear it." Just then the three of them heard the sing song sounds filling the air once again. "That is so unusual, sounds like a choir of kids or even birds" Danny said. "You want to take a hike up to the waterfalls Frances and see what's going on up there?" Danny asked the others.  

As they slowly make their way up the mountain stream to the falls above Frances asked how Bill was doing. She shared with Nick that Henry filed for a divorce from Liz last week. I guess the kid kind of fell out over it from what Henry told me." " Henry says Bill is living in his car right now and that he possibly loves his '83 Firebird more than anything else in his life right now." Nick adjusted his Lee cap but said nothing." Frances continued saying: "he might be up today, might even get Bill to join him. A soak up here could do both of them some good."  


Back at the Avalon Bill and Henry are getting into Bill's pumpkin orange "83" Pontiac Firebird. It has a V-6 two-barrel engine with a five-speed manual transmission. Only problem was that Bill's grasp of auto mechanics matched his understanding of physics which appeared to be nil at best. He had managed to seize the block once and yes even fry his transmission all due to his ineptness with auto fluid maintenance. "You have to understand Bill that at some point this car is going to cost you more in repairs than its even worth." "Henry I need the wheels, if it means going without for repairs then that's what I do. This car is all I have." Soon the car would be gone but Bill did not know that yet. "Yes I understand but your ability to keep a car has been exposed to the scorned wives high Mach factor. That would be your mother's adroit ability to be dethatched from all the conventional ways of living in America, instead adopting the worst examples of a person hell bent on winning at any cost." He was quiet for a moment. "The mistletoe wrapped around our hearts is cut from the remaining stumps of once strong Oaks... Ruthless."  He turned to his son:" The Babe' he said laughing. "Hey, how would you like to drive up to the hot springs today? Fire up that 'white elephant' of yours, sorry,.. rather your Firebird and fly on up there." Bill looks at his father thinking about his suggestion. He loved taking his '83' Pontiac Firebird out for spins on the open roads, felt like he was flying. "Sure Henry, sounds good." 

As Bill is driving along the river up to the mountains Henry asked him how his CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy up in Portland at the V.A. was going so far. "It's fine...but you know Henry I just don't feel like myself anymore. I'm a different person than the person who went into the Army." "That's probably true for many soldiers when they finally return home.' They sat quietly for a minute or so with the warm scents of the forest filling the interior of the old car. "No Henry this is different. Bill died. I am someone else." They sat quietly for a long time, Henry looking out the open window feeling the cool pine scented breeze washing his face as he thought about his son. "I have diplomatic immunity, did you know that sir?" "Well I know you have told me that before." "But what? Don't you even know who I am?" "Oh man, all I know Billy is that I am your father and trying the best I can to understand what's going on with you." No sooner did Henry get the words out of his mouth than Bill yelled: "You are not my father and I am not Billy. The nice kid you call Billy who loved to read Asimov, play with his computer, and had lots of friends, well, he died in the Army at Fort Hood, Texas." Henry just sat there looking out the rolled down window. The thunder and lightning seemed to increase in intensity.  Sometimes it's best to say nothing Henry had learned over the unraveling past 10 years. Rather let the wearing waves of madness rip overhead and just hold for the calm waters of quiet to return overhead. He had mastered avoiding confrontation with Bill, rather letting it go to not bring on bolts of lightning but rather allowing for the flow to change tides, which it always did. Then like returning high tides that whooshed away the fury and flux of savage storms Bill's furies receded to churning in grey decomposition off shore. 

As they approach the Palladium Pools Park a 'flash- fresh it' moves in,  the sky darkens overhead. Quickly lightening up with flashing horizontally just above the skyline of the earth. "Man look at that!" Henry exclaims as the wind gusted with strong busts bending around and shaking the Firebird ever so slightly at first. "Better anchor out here in the parking lot until this wind passes" Henry says. The thunder then begins to retort through the canyon, it was so loud, it was unsettling. "Oh ya...that is a first! Heard that in hell" Henry says loudly. "Wow extra terrestrial weather! Has that old time religion feeling about it." Henry rolls the window back up as a bolt of lightning streaks horizontally across the horizon, ten seconds later another one explodes. The thunder claps became louder with each lightning wave. The bolts seemed to move in no particular hurry, rather pulsing, writhing, undulating like great electrical snakes consuming the atmosphere as they cross along the low hung path of the blanketed, dark cloud filled sky. The two men sat quietly looking out on the rain bust and electrical storm when Henry says once again: 'yes sir that's extra terrestrial weather right there Bill." Bill just looks straight out the front windshield as the lightning continues, illuminating the interior of the car for flashing, fleeting moments as it writhes anciently across the illumined horizon.

 Palladium Pools Park

Up in the mountain side the others were sheltered from the squall under the canopy of the old growth Douglas firs and ancient cedars. Nick, Frances and Danny Bee had now hiked to where the others were, joining them now under the old stand of trees. Then they all looked out in the rain and lightning to see something none of them had ever seen before. In a great pool of cold mountain stream water, and lined with great green stones with what appeared to be a green jade stone floor carved out of the bedrock, lay the ancient centaur Chiron. Covered in a loin cloth he filled the pool with his muscular body and wings. It appeared to be 15 feet long. He turned in the pool and acknowledged the others arrival with a nod of his head which was fully human with a great roman nose, great brown eyes and long black hair that waved in the water around his broad, two axe handle wide shoulders and clearly were those of a horse. The white crow sat at the edge of the pool beside Chiron's head. He looked at the six humans and then crowed once again by himself: "Caw, caw, caw Chiron, caw, caw, caw Chiron." Then the crows, slowly at first, then in greater numbers, repeated the call until every crow was calling "Caw, caw, caw Chiron, caw, caw, caw Chiron"

Chiron turned and looked at Martin then spoke to him in perfect English. "You have come at last Martin. We have been expecting you, seems I am sick and need your help. My electrical  field is losing energy and my mind is taking on a blockage. I was told in Italy long ago that one day you would be the one person in the world who would be able to help me. My time in the celestial universe now needs my movement to the great living community of Titan found out on the boarders of our solar system.." 

Martin looked at the great centaur Chiron and knew that the cold water was stimulating what ever was ailing the centaur to contract and excrete toxins and that the hot water below could in turn relax the centaur to a physical expansion with the resulting profusion of trace minerals, stellar zinc and oxygen to enrich his blood . He also knew that together they could work like a' hydrostatic pump' and would allow for the centaur's oxygenated blood to flow through his brain and reinvigorate his nervous system.(9) Martin was world renowned for his work with this circulation system which has produced promising results for people with cancer. His research had won him medical recognition from around the world and it was this work of his that had come to the attention of Chiron and the city of Florence some 500 years before Martin was even born. His work on the human nervous system would reverberate through out the world during his lifetime and even seeped back into the past. Today his work had brought him world renown and consequently had landed him at the Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota working as a research fellow.

"Do you soak in the hot pools below as well?" "No,... to many humans coming at all hours of the day and night, to risky." The centaur looked up at Martin :"the cold water seems to keep the pain in my head down." Martin could now see that the centaur was in great physical distress. "I think you should do both and see what happens." The storm was now pouring down rain. The lightning was filling the air with a charge of static electricity carried along in the drops of mist, excited cells of flashing sparks signals. Then  synapses of a neural network was now being activated and responding to discharge electricity around the pool. It sounded like a multitude of sparklers or even fly zappers going off repeatedly in the heavy rain. Now all of them were surrounded in a the glowing chemical electrical mist.

"Well now I have seen everything" Carlos says as he blesses himself with the sign of the cross. They sit huddled together under the protective shelter of the fir trees, surrounded by a snapping electrical mist. Martin stands there in the open air next to the cold water pool then reaches down to touch the centaur gently, touching the side of his rugged face he says: "We will help you" continuing to rub the side of his rugged face that was now softening in Martin's touch.  As Noah Sykes watched Martin he could not help but think he was seeing an actual brain with millions of neurons arriving in the air to help Chiron and Martin achieve a healing for the centaur. It looked like the neurons were forming neural networks, recruiting neurons out of the rain soaked air to help rewire Chiron's nervous system.  How could that be he thought to himself as he continued to watch Martin massage the centaur's great head. 

"The 'One- eyed Bagman' would stand mute" Frances said. Nick turned to Frances for a moment, smiled, then turned to look back into the swirling mists. "The overbearing 'Honeythunder' is what we have here Frances" Nick says seriously. "Neptune 's Nelly!" Danny Bee says.  Nick staring out at the centaur repeats the words of his old friend: "Neptune's Nelly." Looking out at the rain soaked Martin they now watched this incredible flux of sparkling glowing droplets caught in their collective cross currents of spiraling waves of light beams surround him. Raindrops caught in the raw, subdued native light of the static electricity buzzed and glowed in a honey colored tint. It was staggeringly breathtaking as they all watched in amazement.

Dr. Noah Sykes marveled at what he was witnessing. What appeared to be a human brain was pulsing neurons, firing synapses and flowing connectivity right before him. His colleague Martin Porres like a surgeon was working with the centaur's electro magnetic fields as if he was massaging them with his hands and yes his very heart. It was staggering to behold. He was witnessing in the rain soaked air the neurons and electrons gathering for their work and transmitting information through their electrical fields and promoting chemical signals in flashes of green and yellow phosphorus around Chiron the centaur. These neural networks seemed directed even willing to respond to Martin's touch and yes his emotions, all entangled in a symphony of cooperation between the two..

"He's talking to the neurons, Martin is mirroring his neurons with the centaur's neurons and together they are effecting a response in their entangled electro magnetic fields" Noah says this to the others while watching Martin intently. 'Morphogenetic engineering' Noah shares with the others thinking to himself how incredible this small, thin mulato man really is. There in the storm the sweet mannered Martin Porres in his black swimming trunks is crouched over Chiron the centaur, wearing only a yellow, deer skin loin cloth, soaking in the glacier fed pool. The young neurologist is using his hands to channel energy to the centaur now when a faint white light in the mist begins to appear around the centaur's head and shoulders.

Back at the parking lot a woman appeared at the side of the Firebird. It was tall, dark skinned Raven and she was standing there looking at Bill. 'Heaven sent to hell bent' the words immediately came to his mind as he looked at the gypsy looking woman through the rain streaked window. Then she knocked on the window introducing herself. "Hi I'm Raven, I met you last time I was up here. How you doing?" Bill rolled the window down. Raven bent over, then sticking her head through the open window she saw Henry sitting in the passenger seat. "Oh I didn't  see you...your Bill's father, right?" "Yes I'm Henry, I remember you. Your the story teller." "Yes I am. So your up from the city to soak in the springs?" "Yes just for the day but the weather..." "Oh, vagaries of the furies, weather changes every hour up here, depend on it. I was just about to hike in myself, want to walk in together?" "Sure sounds good." As they started to grab their towels and trunks Bill decided to take his baseball with him and stuck in in his jacket pocket. As they got out of the car Bill turned to Raven, "I still remember what you said last time we were up here." "And what might that be?" "Heaven sent to Hell bent,... feel like I'm going through those compressions right now."  Bill locked the car and the three of them started hiking up to the springs.

"So not feeling your old self Bill? Noah Sykes my doctor who you met last time your were here explained to me that many people are suffering from calcified pineal glands and as a result they are unable to respond to the sunlight properly. So when the sun is active in the solar system it enlivens our entire body and mind but if our pineal gland is calcified then we are dulled to the higher frequencies of the sun and the solar system." "There is something happening in my head but I'm not sure who's head it really is to be honest with you." "Could be a case for the gypsy exorcist, as you might just be a 'walk in'. Any relatives die during your time with the Army?" "Just one, my uncle... but I am seeing Dr Sykes and Dr Porres up at the VA Center in Portland now for the Cognitive Processing Therapy - CPT class. Plus this guy, pointing at Henry, has pulled his parish priest Father Damien in for a possible Catholic exorcism too. Says he studied in Palermo and that the Church has been on it for the last 500 years."  Henry wanted to change the subject now. The whole notion that his son Bill could be someone else or even worse 'something else' was just to much for him to contemplate.

"Any story you could share with us Raven?" "Sure Henry thanks for asking. Been thinking about the sun a lot lately, so here is my sun story." She stepped lightly now like a nimble pony as she walked along the rocky, mountain trail." "I call it, 'Blue Snows'. -  On the old Earth we now have the greatest changing weather patterns that we have experienced on Earth since the Holocene geological epoch began 11,700 years ago. To put a very fine point on it, in just the last 100 years Earth has experienced its greatest extremes of heating and cooling weather. Now it so happens that our Sun is getting ready for a vacation, so naturally a cooling period is necessary. The Earth around 1998 - 2000 A.D. entered through the great round of the zodiac, the processional cycle, at the vernal equinox, passed from the constellation waters of Pisces into the air of Aquarius....." Quiet for a moment, only sounds heard were the crows and the sounds of their own breathing." Raven began again, "25,920 breaths we take in a full day and now we enter the 25,920 year cycle of Aquarius as the Sun rises now in the stellar constellation of Aquarius. Now the people of planet Earth can rally together with unity found amongst all humanity. Collectively humanity sees through the darkness now with their inner light of consciousness guiding them along this river's way. This will be a time of great social and cultural changes, with an inner light illuminating our souls way on forward. Inner suns rising, leading us into new worlds of love and compassion. As rays of light riding waves of energy we begin transforming our very beings. 'Blue Snows' are on their way, the long winters are coming back to Earth." They were quiet again for a few moments before she continues. "They will be here for the next 100 years..." then she stopped speaking. Henry spoke first, "Chilling but uplifting to way you word this weather switch Raven. Warm hearts discovered in the 'Blue Snows' of our futures cold winters. Sounds like a Russian fairy tale."

"Great suffering for long periods of time, years, 10 years, longer, can bring deep insight into a lifetime. Long suffering can eventually release souls to higher levels of functioning and higher ground. Rapid weather change happens. Best we live some 'examined life' before our lives here on Earth come to an end." She said it resolutely but kindly. "That same old, same old, school of hard knocks with teacher pain" Henry replied. Then he asked her, "So what do you figure Raven, 5 years?, that would be serious story!" "I figure 5 years,... at the outside" she replied immediately.

Raven stood there on the mountain path looking at Henry. Tilting her head slowly, she surveyed Henry up and down, assessing the man who stood in front of her. "Time is growing late my good and earnest friend. Opportunity knocks but you got to turn the 'monkey mind chatter box' off in your head or you won't hear the call. Titanium nuts are required now, don't go peter out on us rocky." She was quiet for a few moments then, "Communicating with others is not cold fusion, it's about an interest in others. Cultivate your being stop worrying about becoming. Be yourself and others feel it, it's part of our genetic code. Being social Henry is a social mechanism." She stands square close in his face now. Henry is so pensive, as he yearns for her touch, just as he yearns for human connection. Then boldly, slowly, he bends his head down, moving into her face as he is looking into her eyes. After a long moment he kisses her so soft and so wonderfully expressive lips. The thunder echoes through the canyons while lightning continues rising and falling along the mountain ridges. Then the storm moves off into the West as quickly as it had arrived just 45 minutes earlier.   

As the two stood there on the narrow trail in the old growth forest Bill stopped and turned around to see if they were going to catch up with him or he would just meet them up at the springs. As he turned around what he discovered was not what he had been expecting. Behind the couple a great cougar had been stalking them and was only ten feet behind them. Bill who was 50 feet up the trail from them spoke to them calmly: "I want you both to stay calm o.k.? now crouch down very slowly. Go ahead just do it....good. Now listen closely, right now there is a cougar stalking us and is just 10 feet behind you both." As the two bent down Bill slowly removed the baseball from his jacket. He gripped it in his 81 mile per hour fast ball across the seams position. Looking then right into the cougar's face he saw nothing but a big brown catcher's mitt with a well worn black pocket. He took aim and fired the pill right into the cougar's round, flat nose tip. The cat screamed like 10 women scorned by idiots then leaped up the hill side in 4 or 5, six foot leaps. It was a great cat that from nose to tail. was well over 8 feet long. 

Raven was the first to speak. "Better than a bullet, I do carry my cougar tag just in case someone ever has to shot one. That cougar is never going to forget you Bill as long as it lives. Let's get out of here before it remembers what just happened to it and decides to come back." Bill walked back to the spot where the hardball lay in the rain soaked ground. He picked it up and looked at it for a few seconds then put it back in his jacket pocket. As they continued up the trail Henry turned to his son: "Your  'practiced pitching arm' came in handy today. By the way, that was an 'off speed fast ball' was it not?" "Roger" Bill replied. After a moment Henry turned to his son smiled widely and said: "Craig." Bill laughed and said: "I  just wanted to get its attention, not maim it. A little b.p. (batting practice) love tap really. But truthfully that cat was so awesome to look at. Standing there it had to be 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide and weighed over 135 lbs. That cougar was stalking us so slyly up the trail for who knows how long!"

They continued on their hike up to the hot springs of the Palladium Pools Park as the crows announced their arrival. Then as the weather atmospherics moved off a warm Santana wind came in to fill the afternoon with a warm air. The trees rustled a shimmy in their bows warmed timbers and moved a warming breeze around the three chilled hikers like a warm light fleece blanket .

 "Caw, Caw, Caw Chiron"


Up at the cold pool just below a small hot springs the centaur Chiron soaked in a beautiful, green stone carved and set into a 3 foot deep by 20 ft long by 5 ft wide Native American ceremonial pool. He was now speaking out loud. "Lorenzo il Magnifico si ritorna!" (you return). In the afternoon light and warm breeze that was now chasing the rain soaked air away there appeared before them a young, olive completed, jet black haired man who now stood beside the great centaur laying in the cold pool. Lorenzo looked down at his old friend and smiled. He wore a red head wrap and a red scarf loosely wrapped around his shoulders. A warm wind blew his flowing red robe giving his form the appearance of a great red flame. His head of black hair looked like a black wick that was surrounded by a red flame.

"Vedo che avete incontrato il Maestro Martino de Porres. Le stelle ha voluto che nessun altro modo Dichiaro!" (I see you have met the Maestro Martin de Porres. The stars would have it no other way I declare) he said almost commandingly. The others watched in amazement as the wonderfully attired Florentine. Then he turned to Martin and in perfect English spoke again. "It is the condition of the world today Martin that has brought us all here. In the warmth of our sun and air my dear friend Chiron's celestial constitution has been free as the Siena horse I bred for the games 500 years ago...But now as the great airs of earth are beginning to cool so does my Chiron's warm starry pasture begin to contract in preparation for his great transition." After a few moments as the others watched him intently he spoke again: "I'm afraid Chiron is reacting to our worlds warming weather and the inevitable cooling that will soon follow." Lorenzo looked at Chiron as a loving father would look at his own son's pain then said to Martin: "He will soon be preparing to travel to the moon Titan. There he will thrive once again as he has on earth for over 500 years. But only the 'La Mano del Destino' can help Chiron to make this journey."

Lorenzo turned as if he was listening to someone speaking to him in the wings, behind him. "Sono arrived!" (They have arrived!") "Eccellente!"  The Florentine was visibly excited, waving his red cloaked arms wildly, looking much like a candle flickering wildly to the approaching presence of an old friend. "Madre, grazie per questa grande notizia!" (Mother, thank you for this great news!" and again animated with a great flourish of arm gestures that stretched towards the sky. "Grazie universo creativo, seite magnifici!" (Thank you creative universe, you are magnificent!") His strong face gave him the appearance of a thoroughbred horse. With his great angular nose with pronounced frontal lobes his face had all the appearances of a beautiful dark brown horse.  He was a remarkable looking man spirited by this time to appear once again in the world.

Sunny continued speaking. "The crocus, daffodil and dandelions can bloom in the snow Bill. The dandelions have roots 5 feet deep, while even my quail and grouse do not wail their lots. More of the sun within Bill, and less of the moon without. Be led by your light within, it is the best antifreeze you have for your soul." Then as if decreeing to nature he calls out, "Palladium pools can open the water up and for precious moments of time,... is enclosed no more. Surfaces sliding in the slipstream of its movements, mirrored then in its membranes, are the movements of the planets around the sun." 

Looking at everyone standing around the pools he continued, "Water reacts to the changes in our solar system and even changes in our cosmos. So if we let motion create inner surfaces that then can slide past each other, a new sense organ is opened, flight attained in these momentary instances of our universe."

 He looked down at Lorenzo who was moving the water with his hand in a figure 8 motion around the centaur's head. "So let us together shake open gates to the seas of the moon Titan with Chiron so he can return once again into the stars of his home."

 "Turn and breathe deep these vulcanized organic compounds, methane gases, atoms of carbon and molecules of helium, deuterium, tritium, the heavy waters essence found in this bubbling salty brew, the fusing atoms, our fusion law of science. These waters will inform you about the stars light path back to your home. It's all in the water Chiron. New sense organs, 'impressions pickers for Universe exploration'...will lead you back to Titan. Breathe these mists from  wisdom's waters for the organic chemical higher complexity that you will need for your journey." The rising steam of the gases filled healthy soothing vapors has the centaur breathing very slowly,.. deeply."

Martin is bent over at the cold pool. "Elemental transformation can occur with the right conditions" he says to the others while stirring the water around the centaur's great chest. He is moving his hands in great figure 8's above the centaur. He moves his cupped hands through the water like a wave generator over the centaur's entire torso. "The motions of human's moods,..." he said while making big figure 8's over the centaur, "allow themselves to be transferred and translated through the wave motions. These figure 8's work great for revitalizing both the water and, in potential, Chiron's nervous system." Noah Sykes has joined him at the pool and begins making figure 8's in the mountain stream's water.

"Trasformazione elemental" (elemental transformation) Lucrezia Tomabuoni said, speaking softly to her son Lorenzo.

"Nel nostro Creatori di ghiaccio chimico e fuoco" (Into our Creator's chemical ice and fire) Lorenzo calls out to the others gathered there around the pool.  His mother whispers to him, "Yes my dear Lorenzo, Nel nostro Creatori di ghiaccio chimico e fuoco." 

Sunny Neutrrino Fullerine master of the 'angel froth foams' native Basque of the Pyranesse mountains turns to Sam asking her, "give me the grater and the bowl please." He continues, "Element of the cosmos, these waters of heavens are the "barche degli dèi stella" (boats of the star gods) (19) Let us weave into these waters forms that create shapes,... ships for this heavenly return." He continues filing the lump of palladium he is holding now, collecting the slivers in the small orange and yellow stripped delacata squash gouard bowl that sits on a great old Douglas fir tree stump next to him.

"Barche degli dèi stella" Lorenzo de' Medic calls out

Both Carlos and Danny repeat out loud "boats of the star gods." Frances and Nick look at each other as Nick lets out,  "All aboard the Honeythunder express."

"Yes my friends time is right for a creative extra-sensory awareness, vibrating now to the increase of "light" here on Earth. You see the Sun is cooling with a dim solar cycle..." Sunny looks at all of them now. "Yet the galactic cosmic rays are approaching Earth easier now because of it, so that's the good news. Great clouds will be forming in this climate, that could be the bad news. So Earth's upper atmosphere, the thermosphere is cooling rapidly but an increase in light is occurring on Earth and again that's good news."(26)

Just then the crows let out a loud raucous alarm from up above on the hillside. As they all look up they see a most wondrous thing that is happening. The spirited children are climbing up and down the mountain now looking like a swarm of glowing changelings in mist gliding on the hillside. Sky blue Water Forget Me Nots with their bright yellow centers bloom on the mountain along with yellow Daffodils, snow Dwarf-Primroses and purple Iris. The crows are flying right with them up the mountain side to where Sam is standing. The crows and children are talking up a storm now, as if playing a game. "Caw bones!" "Bones? Caw where?" the children would ask the crows. Then off they would run, glide along, following the crows and looking for the hidden treasures. Who knew really, that children and crows loved bones? What you are now seeing as beautiful flowers are the children's spirits, and the children you see are the souls of those children. All are children who have passed over, and they love nothing more than chasing after the flight of the crows to viewings of these artifacts. The bones from past times. They revel in a spirit of joy and curiosity at the funny illusions bones are to them now as they dance around them. That's just the way crows are too. They are adroit at the 'game of bones', priding themselves in protecting them, or just as often, playing with them. Together their fascination is boundless and they love talking about them, finding them, examining them, together.

"Do you see that?" "Yep." "No, over there, look at Bill!" "Oh,... now I see, the almond has been tumbled, rolled back, switched, he's been rebooted" Martin says. "The almond has been tumbled" Noah replies. Bill walks over to the pool without saying a word and joins the two therapists and Raven.  He begins to stir the water with his hand in a figure 8 above the centaur's body.

Bill stirs the water with his hand and fingers flexed as he looks at the bubbles quickly floating to the surface. He looks up at the two men and Raven,  "Boats of the star gods...sounds like we might need some fuel .. need a hand?" He watched the air bubbles rise quickly to the surface. He observed that at the core the air bubble had a "poloidal" rotation towards the poles. It looked like a plastic bracelet changing shape constantly and as it moved faster up to the top the more stable it became.

Martin, Noah and Raven smiled at him, then together they agreed,  "Glad you offered Bill."

 "La mano del destino si sta formando." (The hand of destiny is now forming.) Lorenzo the Magnificent exclaims as Bill starts to make figure 8's in the water.

"Looks like Neptune's Nelly is fueling up!" Danny Bee says to the others. Nick smiles at their old hometown reference, "Yep, Neptune's Nelly is fueling up."

"Sip and breathe deep these hot springs, vulcanized organic compounds, methane gases, atoms of carbon and molecules of helium, deuterium, tritium. The heavy waters found in this bubbling hydrogen brew, here is the fusion law of science" Sunny calls out to Chiron. "Now we add the blue, black volcanic basalt from a mantle plume, the sands of the Moses Lake dunes, the world's largest basaltic dune fields in the world" taking a container from Sam's burlap bag that is sitting on the old tree stump. He opens the container and gently shakes the contents, pouring the blue, black sands in his open palm where he studies it for a moment. Then he holds the sands up to the light and the quartz grains begin to sparkle. He then pours the sands back in the container asking Raven to take them and work "these salts in the lithium carbonates of the springs into the figure eights that are now circulating around Chiron in the cold pool of water."

"Perfect" Henry thinks quietly to himself. Frances, while looking at Sunny, says to the others, "Perfect." Carlos smiles while shaking his head, "Yep, who else...Moses Lake volcanic sand dunes medicine."

"Needs it for the mirror lens he's building now" Nick says. They all looked at him in semi amazement. Sometimes the 79 year old Nick not only knew what was happening around him but could also express it very clearly.

Sonny continued grating the soft metal of palladium into the gourd bowl. Ravel returned to the poolside and slowly started working the black volcanic basalt sands into the frothing, foaming rush of volcanic hot water that was bubbling up to the surface just above the ceremonial cold pool below. The 114 degrees or hotter mineral rich water flowed into the mostly creek fed cold pool. Slowly at first the pool started to change colors. From the green stone bottom it began to turn a sparkling black from the volcanic basalt and quartz sands that were now floating to the bottom of the pool.

"Questo  'e  il suo Lorenzo, quella che si ballato con i giochi atletici tenutosi a Siena. Oh, quanto ci hai pregato ..."("That's her Lorenzo, the one you danced with at the athletic games held in Siena. Oh how you begged us...") " Si  mamma, ... il suo nome era Frances. Si, l'ho amata come nessun altra donna e la sua danza ero libero e selvaggio come qualsiasi cavallo nei giochi che stagione".("Yes mother, ... her name was Frances. Yes I loved her like no other woman and her dancing was free and wild as any horse in the games that season.") Lorenzo looked up at Frances and smiled. Frances was momentarily taken back by his gaze and the others could not help noticing that. Then as if transported to another time she saw herself dancing with the handsome Florentine, Lorenzo de' Medici at the games in Siena of Tuscany, Italy. It was so colorful, the flags and banners waving in the air and filled with music and the smells of hay, horses and such sweet sweat. Costumes signifying events of the middle ages were worn by the riders for the horse races along with the jousting and archery events. There in the middle of the fair grounds she saw herself dancing with the abandon of a woman in love. Then Sunny appeared, laughing, as he stood there before her preparing a lamb for the festivities. He was turning a spit roasting the lamb over an open fire pit. Sweating and his face smeared with black ash from his fire he spoke to her in his native tongue Basque.

"Duzu Frances maite zuen baina bere ama emakume indartsua da eta ez da inoiz ezkontza baimendu." ("He loves you Frances but his mother is a powerful woman and will never allow a marriage.") Frances felt a tear running down her face, then she heard a voice speaking to her.

"Take this gourd with the palladium shavings and gently shake them into the mouth of the hot springs" Sunny asked Frances as he looked at her with his very pinched eyes. "Feeling flummoxed Frances?" Carlos asked her smiling. "He and Lorenzo need some help working the shavings into a 'film lens' I think" Danny Bee shares with the others..."could be wrong but"..

Frances walks up the hillside to where Sunny Neutrino Fullerene the great Basque is standing. "Take these shavings of palladium and take them to where Lorenzo is standing now. He does remember you with fondness." Frances takes the shavings of the silver white metal and carefully carries it over to the bubbling hot spring at the head of the cold water pool. Sunny then removes a container of oil from Sam's bag and holds it up for the others to see. Then he opens the container and removes a small silver light alkali metal cluster of caesium that is found only in salts and is highly reactive. He removes it from the mineral oil, calling to the others, "caesium, the alkali metal, natures most alkaline mineral." He then starts to file fine fillings from the soft metal into another gourd bowl.

"The hand of destiny is fully formed" Lorenzo says to Frances as she places the palladium fillings in the hot springs water. She looks into his eyes and remembers...the galloping horses racing at the games in Siena, the dancing and yes, the love she felt for the man who now vigorously stirs the water around the centaur. The palladium metals atoms and the hydrogen atoms nest one to one with each other to create a stable state and capable of releasing energy at the surface state in this thin field. Carbon, oxygen, lithium, hydrogen, helium, phosphorus, arsenic, zinc primary elements for life on Earth.  Now being stirred in this fusion of excess heat, deuterium and hydrogen move in the churning waters electric field and the steaming heated air around them producing a helium heat mist rising into the air.

"The most accurate realization of a unit that mankind has yet accomplished" Henry said out loud as he stood there by Nick and Carlos. "What are you talking about Henry. "Caesium-based atomic clocks, built by the British in 1955, had to memorize that for a test I took back in college."

Sam has returned to stand next to Sunny who is shaving fine particles of caesium, capable of igniting spontaneously in air, or reacting explosively with water even at low temperatures, into a sun squash gourd. "Heard the commotion up on the hillside, the crows and children seemed to be having fun." "They all went to town, found the cougar's shelter then called me over to where I could safely throw the ball up to its shelter. The big cat was licking its nose, then immediately went for the salmon, spirit scented baseball when I threw it up there."

Sunny turned back to look at the others then spoke. "Good Drs. Porres and Sykes now is your time. We have the examined life here, we have found intrinsic meaning and value to this life, so now we explore." He looks around at the others and sees that Lorenzo and Frances are now together shaking the palladium shavings into the hot springs. He turns back to the neurologists, "thought exercise now, a living concept of an 'envelope of thought form' that is surrounding Chiron. As your movements are captured now in the water and your reflections seen atop of the water, use your mind's forming eye as a lens and imagine, feel this 'envelope of thought form' filling in the air bubbles your hands are making now, and the space around Chiron is enclosed." He now looked at everyone there, the crows, the now returning children, and his assistant Sam. "Then... a projected chemical ether extending out to the outer edge of our solar system." The crows have returned now to roost above the ancient ceremonial pool after their 'high jinks' with that 'licking its wounds' cougar. The children have gathered above as well, and curious to see if they could help Sunny in any way.

"He is falling asleep now" Martin says to Noah. Martin raised his hand and began channeling warmth from his palm chakra upon the centaur's head. "Now that he is asleep we can do some cell regeneration work Noah. Let's stimulate his genes to start producing oligodendrocytes now. Those brain cells tasked with coating the neurons with myelin are the brain's fortification." "Sure Martin,"  Noah joins him channeling light through his palm chakra just as Martin is doing. A hands on technique for neurological electrical wiring that Martin was teaching at the V.A. in Portland. The energy is tangibly warm and a dim light from their hands is softly illumining Chiron's forehead now. "Healing sleep, gentle as children and soft as the goose down pillow, surround now and coat with your warm and fat myelin the signal transmitting tails of every neuron in great Chiron's brain." "Transmitting tails switch analog full frequencies range on now." Nick was sparked to ask Danny Bee just then, smiling widely at first, "If neurons have 'signal transmitting tails' then they must have"...Danny whispered back, trying not to disturb the others. They laughed quietly.

"Digital to analogue" Martin said continuing to channel light through his hands onto the centaur's head and now his chest. They both moved their hands above then below the water line channeling electro magnetic heat to the centaur. Noah looked at the young neurologist then spoke, "going full calculus of frequencies now, feel it being dialed in.." "Just like music, now we're talkin"....Martin said with a smile as he gently moved his hands around the heart of the sleeping centaur, directing the warmth from both his palms into the submerged centaur's large muscular body with the handsome Roman nose nostrils barely breathing. The two doctors were doing an electrical chemical water treatment, directing the centaur's brain waves to allow a slowing of his neurons brain waves to a below-Delta brainwave state, called the Epsilon State at the 0.5 Hz. range or lower.

Martin in a barely audible voice speaks to the centaur. "Go now little neuron's with your transmitting tails into your open star dust genes, go now...before religious wars with human's 'killing of their own' retrograde behavior patterns, or the arrogance of science' it's just 'junk DNA' or the 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' 'do nothing and see what happens' 'political brinkmanship'  or the stifling 'social engineer's' regulated humanities progress designs, or the radioactive waste seeping into our oceans, or the tipping earth's gripping, dipping jet stream's arctic vortex, or even 'living nature' giving up the ghost and it all catches up with us." "Go before they even capture you on a chip. Go now neurons, swim to higher genes, ecstatic states, brainwave frequencies of 200 Hz and higher, swim into Lambda, into states of a 'DNA Illumination Sequence' that is opening now, a DNA gene activation into the human extraterrestrial being's new worlds that await you now. (1)  Swim, shake that tail jumping like a cut throat trout over rocks, going up stream with your anti- gravity levitation propulsion, swimming neurons in Lambda, fly on, free neurons now, free will independent light from wave, from an electron photon coupling riding now a collapsed wave to light up New Earth potentials." 

Noah looked at the top tier scientist, the 'sympathetic neuron coach' who was now doing something for the first time in the human beings 10 thousand year history of civilization here on Earth. He was in the highest, noblest fashion, freeing up the human evolutionary ladder. Freeing the animal mind from both the human mind and the animal kingdom. From dogs, to chimpanzees,  mice, screws,  man's unique genes of unknown origin, baffles science to this day. 20,687 genes mapped in the human being's genome with a high degree of similarity discovered between the DNA sequences shared by humans and dogs, and shared by humans and mice too. The number of human protein-coding genes is not significantly larger than even many less complex organisms, such as a crap legged fruit fly.

Sunny looks down on the centaur Chiron. "Man with water's urn and his winged horse of Sagittarius are now being pulled out to Saturn. Let's us add some sodium chloride, in our Earth salts soup of a saline solution to purify the white corpuscles of our Chiron" handing Sam a small gourd of Celtic sea salt, baking soda and Epson salts. "This mix will balance the acid-alkali mix in his blood stream. Electrolytes... fortification against any dehydration or freeze break up of his cells" he calls out to Frances, who takes the gourd from Sam. Do not add these particles until I say so Frances

"Looks like theatre in the round" Danny Bee said. The crows have opened their wings to full extension. "Look at that" Carlos said, "all the way around us." He looked at the black encircling ring expanding up the hillside like a black cone rising up to the skyline now. As the crows opened their wings the sunlight was reduced to the hills just around them. Sunny was on the edge of the light line in what now looked like Dickens's Old Curiosity Shop with Sam by his side and the albino crow now sitting on the old tree stump next to them.

Carlos, agreed, it did have a theatre in the round look. Compelled now to share some Dickens with Sunny he stepped right out on to the lit stage intent to recite, in his finest voice, 'The Chimes'. "For All" he said loudly, as he waved his arm around in a full circle, looking directly at the full round of crows, children and present company, before beginning. "'Los Chimes: A Goblin historia de unos Bells que sonó un Out Año Viejo y un Año Nuevo en "por Charles Dickens" introducing the passage for the Basque Chef. Looking directly at Sunny now, as he continues.

"La voz del tiempo-dijo el fantasma,« grita al hombre, por adelantado!
El tiempo es por su avance y mejora, porque su mayor valor,
su mayor felicidad, su mejor vida, su progreso hacia adelante para que
meta dentro de su conocimiento y su punto de vista, y establecer allí, en el
periodo en el que empezaron a tiempo y él. Edad de las tinieblas, la maldad, y
la violencia, han ido y venido - incontables millones han sufrido,
vivió y murió - para señalar el camino delante de él. Quién busca convertir
traerlo de vuelta, o tratar de detenerlo en su camino, detieneun motor poderoso que
golpeará los muertos entrometido, y ser el más feroz y la más salvaje,
nunca, por su cheque momentánea! "

Moved by these poetic words in Spanish of the Mr. Charles Dickens, which the crows and children not only understood but also felt, just as the chemical 'angel froth foam' chef Sunny Neutrino Fullerene. Then, as common among the crows, they whispered among themselves for a consensus. Then slowly at first, "Smart genus Corvus,... smart genus Corvus," they craftily worked in, if it was appropriate, rather than their common membership 'genus Corvus' identification. It was one of their favorite play on the human's language, and used only when appropriate. "Smart genus Corvids" they liked to share among themselves when alone playing, just to prove how intelligent they really are. Then their secret code words "Smart genus Corvids" were whispered about, then it was shared aloud. "Smart genus Corvids," the children caught on as well, and...then even the flowers were waving gently in the warmth of the 'heart felt' cheering caws and words of appreciation coming from the crows now. Carlos smiled listening closely to what he thought the crows were now calling out. "You are now the new 'smart genus Corvus" he decreed. To which the albino crow sitting by Sunny up on the tree stump, turned chemical workshop bench, gave Carlos a deep bow. Then they cawed out, "smart genus Corvus."

Carlos then looked up at the great orb of a man on the hillside and for a moment he thought he saw some hot flows falling down his small, dark, coals of eyes. "Inperio Zaldiak bere belaunak ekarri zuen" Sunny said loudly in his native Basque tongue. Then Sunny picked up his small hand and began beaming a ray of light right at the hot springs water where Frances has just set the palladium shavings. The water begins to boil up.

Danny Bee turns to Henry, "Who knew?" "Knew what?" "That crows understand Spanish." Looking at Carlos, standing there smiling widely at his most unusual audience, Henry replied, "Guess he did." The healthy air, the magical environment surrounding them now, has stimulated Nick, who has caught his second wind and is feeling exceptionally lucid.

"Remember the rose garden Henry? She was there with me, my beautiful Princess, there in the sunny rose garden that day. We thought you might join us, it was so peaceful sitting there. I even took a little snooze in my car waiting for you to say hello." "I remember that day Nick. I was sitting in my car writing at the time, but I did see the two of you sitting there, looking at me. Guess my hands were melded to the computer but the wash of sunlight was so vital just then, as if freedom's bells were ringing,.. just like the sunlight was superconscious Heaven sent." Nick looked at Henry for a few moments then shared with him, "It was Henry."

Sometimes "the Sun behind the sun" is mistaken for sunlight but really it's the subtle Heaven within us all, magnified out into the world. Henry and Nick are experiencing this warmth now, their eyes filled with an inner light, this 'glorious lumination'. Light from the higher electrical frequencies, transferred then translated into an experience of a victorious Sun experience within. As warriors of Archangel Michael's legions holding their flaming swords of victory over the dark universe, flashing into the Cosmic Christos Sun Lights of Self realized. Into the Palladiom, the luminous statue of Pallas Athena providing safety within Troy. Her warriors 'gloriously illumined' now in the gold-palladium and ivory glowing statues 'radiating shield of light' that they carried into battle. Today this gift of Gnosis, forged in the Ancient West is found in America the Rose of the West. We see the long history of government's militaries warring continuously for 1000's of years now while we find ourselves in the 'epicenter of peace' found here in America. How blessed, to be the Rose and not a 'thorn in the side of other's freedom. Like Sri Arbindo said, "As there is nothing better then a free heart is a heart delivered from the gusts and storms of the affections and passions; the assailing touch of grief, wrath, hatred, fear, inequality of love, trouble of joy, pain of sorrow fall away from the equal heart, and leave it a thing large, calm, equal, luminous, divine." The Light Within, that's  the dance, the dance with Light.

Chiron is now laying in the pool, the green cut rock floor has now turned black and blue from the added volcanic basalt from Moses Lake. The quartz crystals in the basalts, alkaline earth metals, are sparkling giving the floor the appearance of a star filled night sky. Sam takes the fine shavings down to Frances.  Sunny told them, "This is homeopathic elemental transformation chemistry. The glimmering lights around Chiron's head mirror the image of the world he will travel to. Alchemy happens now. More with less. Stir the waters now in great figure 8's." He turns to Sam, " Here, take my staff and give it to the boy's father Henry, ask him to join his son. The little Italian, interesting man, can stand by his friend." Sam takes his yew walking staff and takes it down to the pool, handing it to Henry. "He wants you to stir the water now standing next to your son now." Then hiking back up on the hill as Sunny called to them, "Churn these waters to a froth, like the moon's mystical tides moving around the Earth now."

Henry takes the staff and walks over to join his son who is now creating large air bubbles under the surface of the water line. Bill looks up at Henry as he walks over, "Good, you can help me with the fluid dynamics here. Look at the bubble vortex rings rising to the top now? We now have cavitations for an implosion repulsive system created over the centaur now." "So we are drawing Chiron forward with suction" Henry says stirring the water with Bill. "The implosion suction of spinning, hyperbolic spirals, funnels of spiraling water, pulls forward from our created water jets. While the air flow converts gases in the water, the spirals reduce resistance as the energy from the water and air create a biological vacuum and yes, as a result pulls Chiron forward. That's the fluid dynamics of liquid viscosity revealing the patterns of self organization" Bill adds.

Martin shares with Bill and the others, "The zone of quantum level awareness requires precise timing, that is the key. Your angular momentum will be affected with our minds  synchronizing their particles and atoms in an active participatory creationism with your implosion." Lorenzo holds the sun squash gourd with the small amount of cesium metal shavings, this alkaline mineral, at the top of the pool now.

Sunny removed a lighter from Sam's bag and a small pin knife which he used to scrape the lighter's flint with. "Flint fire starters, Ions for an ionic current transport mechanism. Let us now send Chiron home to Titan in what Dr. Martin Porres and Dr. Noah Sykes have so nimbly and ably constructed with the others help."

"Look Martin we are creating an energy field of what appears to be some form of a solid-state structure" Noah shared excitedly.

Martin closed his eyes and placed his hands on the side of the centaurs head, around his temples. He was quiet for a moment then opening his eyes again looking at the centaur he said, "He's in the low brain wave frequency 5 hz or lower.  He has no pulse, or respirations or heart beat."  Chiron's brain's is in the Epsilon state of consciousness giving him the ability to sit in very cold water warmed by his growing energy field." A blue light is now emanating from the centaur. "With our thoughts visualizing this field it's become visible as the 'sensitive places surrounded in a blue electrical field.' "What we are attempting to create is a self-acting propulsion engine for Chiron. Inanimate, yet like a living being."

Speaking to Chiron's neurons Martin now, "Move neuron's, connect, create the neural network for a river's waterfall, still spot, generation generator for Chiron's journey to Titan." They continued stirring the water. "We are creating a Faraday cage for Chiron which works because of an external static electrical field around him made from the transforming materials of palladium, cesium and finally a spark of praseodymium. This shield will cause the electric charges within this envelope to be distributed and cancel any field effect on his etheric light interior. He will be protected now from lightning strikes and stellar or electrostatic discharges."

"Deep breathe the cosmic sun year into your blood steam now. Neurons hear Chiron's Sun center now, see his systems of planetary motion around his great heart now. Neurons swim as sailing waves into the yellow fields of the moving Fire of Creation, into the warm Sun's Light, creating new organs of 'impressions pickers for Universe exploration'...and will lead you back to Titan. into the warm pools of the golden Sun's Light."

"It is time now Raven" Sunny said to the tall, tan Cherokee woman. Lorenzo calls out, "Come Fuoco della Creazione, nella mosca Luce caldo del sole." ("As a Fire of Creation, into the warm Sun's Light fly.) Raven fully dressed slowly gets into the much warmer water now and sits on the lap of the deep, trance like sleeping centaur.

"Vedere Lorenzo lei è largo come un manico d'ascia, lei lo guidare bene." ("See Lorenzo she is wide as an ax handle, she will ride him well.") "Sì mamma è perfetta." ("Yes Mama she is perfect.")

"Energia" "Energía." "Energy" Lorenzo and Sunny call out . Martin softly spoke to the centaur. "This is the pale blue vital energy of life Chiron, fly on it, ride it, great starry steed." Raven is now firmly settled on the centaur's lap atop his yellow, deer skin loin cloth and starts to slowly wake him now from his 'deep healing sleep'.

Nick turned to Danny, "That's the propulsion system right there,..." Looking at Raven sitting, apparently comfortable now, on the centaur's deer skin covered lap, he adds, "the engine stocker." "Yep, they are going to pass right by Jupiter in the great blue beyond right on to the moon of Saturn called Titan" Danny replied, equally as entranced by the sight of Raven now sitting atop the centaur. They looked at each other, "You know what?" "What?" "That's vitality there, D.B!" The old friends laugh when Sunny calls out to Danny Bee. "Sir, would you take this lighter," handing it to Sam very carefully, "that Sam is bringing to you. Handel it gently please." "Sure" Danny replies quietly.

An early evening full moon drifts away overhead above the tree line. Quietly Danny says, "Look at that, water, hydrogen bubbles and now the mirror of the moon." "Bet the moon's the stabilizer" Nick says.

Martin turned to Noah, "We now have within the pool's warming tides a mirror of our moon's gravity effect and helping us along creating gaseous oxygen, hydrogen's heavy water." A halo of pale blue electro magnetic light shone from Chiron's head as he awoke to look at Raven sitting on him. "The Irish 'Che Zeus' was healing me with his hands" Chiron says slowly. Then he looks at Martin as the blue voltage is increasing now around his head, while the subtle grey moon light falls through the trees. "Your 'luminiferous aether' is visible and growing Chiron" Martin said to the centaur, then looking at Raven, who is now being enveloped in the blue 'luminiferous aether' as well, just smiles at him, saying nothing. (34) Like the spinning friction of our moon on Earth, with its accompanying ocean bulge upon the ocean's floor, the pair now became as souls entangled. Like two logs catching speed in the logging flume.

"We have the 3rd dimension electricity stepped up to a 4th dimension Light now" Martin shared with Noah. The warm life energy was noticeable, a pale blue aura emanating from the couple with purple and blue white sparks flashing from their finger tips as from an internal source. (38) "They are filling the etheric space now with their vital life energy. "

Sunny calls to Chiron, "As a star, an electro magnetic being is a good soul, pure and light as blue Venus, with the life giving volcanoes of orange Mercury and accompanied by the warmth of our cooling golden Sun and the tidal effects and light of our retreating silver moon. Now Chiron fly on to make another world's cosmos around the planet Saturn's teal colored living moon Titan. Create new dreams for our future space time geometry." The black floor of the pool now sparkled in white quartz grains, flashing up like a long square mirror or dish. 

"Through the constellation of Gemini and back to us as twins now, the children and their friends the crows and many birds of the mountains are going to help us." The children were flying about full of excitement as Sam walks over to Nick and hands him the lighter. The crows and the children are now excitedly scurrying about in the old cedars and fir trees as if getting ready for an impending event of some very great import. The air was electric with anticipation now.

"Ti ha ricorda da Siena di Toscana, Lorenzo ... baciarla adesso." ("She remembers you from Siena of Tuscany, Lorenzo... yes, kiss her now, my son.") Lorenzo turns to look at Frances and together they remember Lorenzo and his horse, Morello di Vento (Morello of Wind), being awarded a banner of painted silk, the palio, and then the frenzied dancing in celebration after the races. They looked into each other's eyes and then slowly, each moving ever slow towards the other then kissed gently, softly, the other's lips. Soul's memory touched, intentional messages through timelessness.

Life is beautiful. Complex creatures as random phenomenon; with an overriding hyper drive, genetic code design. Look around, Life is fundamentally beautiful. Time, math and such fine beauty greet us, as if God is manifesting before our waking eyes. Gravity and anti-gravity, the fine tuning of the cosmological constant, tuned to a number with120 decibel places. That is fine tuning of a hyper drive design. It would appear that even optimum Universes are value designed by our own benevolence. Such precise values from grave moments is the timorous tuning of our creation up to now. So dance on now, love others, create your worlds to come. Two places at one time, for better worlds, for that second big bang creating our own Universe. Great Spirit of Conscious Universe reveals our evolutionary mind's broadcasting power for interstellar communications. Many places at one time, choice is ours. Cell membranes like liquid crystals are programmable and gene's expressions are read and write. We are made up of 50 trillion cells with lots of room to move into our beautiful minds and intuitive hearts. Loving energy is healing. Send it, receive it. Tune in, broadcast Love for life, as we are evolving souls in an expanding Universe with a wondrous and powerful Consciousness that is faster than light. Seek Self star dust carbons unique unity with life. Hope outside the box.

Nick looks at Danny, "The Universe is so wonderfully weird, is it not, my old friend?" Danny turns to see his best friend, holding the lighter in his hand now, and replies, "Yep, and that's why we love it so much."

"Brighter" Nick says while looking at Frances and  Lorenzo de' Medici who are now hugging each other as if lost in another time. Henry, with Sunny's yew walking stick, is stirring large air bubbles around Chiron and Bill is working them up and around the centaur. The crows, as if sunning themselves, begin to open their wings creating what is a dark cone that creates a vortex of air flow from around the pool and opening up to the evenings sunlight to mix with the passing, receding over head, moon's glow. The children are all over the mountain sides now, running through the colorful flower beds of Sky blue Water Forget Me Nots, yellow Daffodils and purple Iris. All as if pulled forward along by the birds songs and the crows calling," Caw-caw-caw Chiron."

Sunny asked "Roll over now Chiron, slowly as Raven settles in on your back, just under your wings." Like rolling logs they slowly rolled into their new positions with Raven now sitting on the centaur's back. He then opened his eagle like brown wings slowly to their full spread of 15 feet across, as the two become one, harmonized in frequencies. The crows and all the other birds of the woods were singing their songs now, which were heard out into space and the Angelic kingdoms rings. 9 planets, 9 spiritual hierarchies, 9 dimensions, 9 core creative frequencies, and all fields for our creative possibilities.

"Bird songs rolling along in the winds of the Earth" Carlos said to Nick and Danny. The albino crow flew off the stump then and joined the crows, white-headed and black-backed woodpeckers, sapsuckers, blue and ruffed grouse, the small swift, wrens and hummingbirds, all flying out into the expanding cone of light. An incredible profusion of birds, flowers and children all as on the wind, drawn out and into the opening space above them now. "I've heard that sound most of my life, out in the fields of our farm" he says then adds, "that's Earth music."

Martin Porres looks at Bill working the water into great air bubbles now. Bill looks at the reflective and thoughtful Drs. Martin Porres and Noah Sykes both making figure 8's in the water with their hands now. "You understood all along, didn't you Doc?" "I did, and do understand, Bill" as he points out the visible blue glow fluorescing in the water's air bubbles now. "Look Bill, sensitive places surrounded in a blue electrical field." "I see that, its an energy field." "Yes we are creating a self-acting propulsion system for Chiron, Bill." "I can help with the angular momentum to align with the now quickly shifting electro magnetic field lines of our axes poles here on Earth" Bill shares. "You were like that Bill, inanimate, yet like a living being was living within your body." "I understand that now...the havoc about burned my brain's ability to produce my beta brain waves." Bill looked at Raven and Chiron then said to Martin, "They can use my repaired electrical circuits as conduits for the instantaneous transference to Titan." "I know that Bill, and I want to thank you for taking up the amplitude, and for your 'electrifying service' in the name of the spiraling rings of our very own Crown of Creation" Martin said seriously, then he slowly looks over to Raven.

Raven then looked at  Bill, "Come on, hop on, before that old cougar changes its mind. Get behind me." Bill turns to Henry, "I need to go out; feels like 500 years of up down here. I need pier to pier platforms now with in out orientations, from digital to the analogue calculus of frequencies, simple as all that really." Henry just looked at his son, expressionless. Then sadly shared, "Sorry about the divorce, it's hell on children I know that now. We don't think of that, I should have thought about that real hard,... come hell or high water, I should have thought about that real hard. It could have been better for both of us." "That's alright Henry,.. Dad,. you tried. Between your love and Mau's laws,...  well, you know. But stuff usually happens for reasons. Guess she tried to break your spirit but only broke her own," handing Henry his car keys. "I won't be needing those anymore. Maybe you can ride the Firebird with someone real and special. I know your up to it Henry." He then climbs on Chiron's broad brown horse hair back, settling himself on the deer skin loin cloth behind the tall Cherokee, Irish woman Raven. "I'm your zinc electrolysis strip, ballast and compass for this vortex water vessel" Bill says calmly.

 Lorenzo de' Medici is standing beside Frances at the top of the stream's rushing waters into the old Native's ceremonial pool. "Cavalca Chiron come Morello di Vento nella musica degli anelli" (Ride Chiron, like Morello of Wind, into the music of the rings.) Then he continued, "Barche degli dèi stella" (Boats of the star gods), nel nostro Creatori di ghiaccio chimico e fuoco" (into our Creator's chemical ice and fire.)


It is so beautiful, Chiron and his riders sitting in the invigorated waters, the black basalts releasing calcium oxide (CaO) while the quartz grains sparkled from the pool's bottom. The pool's water glows an iridescent blue, while the hot springs heating processes have cooled now. The alkali metals lithium (Li), sodium (Na), and potassium (K) rise in the steaming mist. The vulcanized organic compounds, methane gases, atoms of carbon and molecules of helium, deuterium -tritium (D - T) released as heavy waters bubbling brew of fusions laws of science. Deuterium (D2O) is produced in the waterfall's pool's crashing waters, molecules forming the heavy waters as the gas bubbling up to floating through the very fine particles of palladium (Pd) which has become like a thin mirror for the Sun Light coming in from around and above them. The mountain draw's trees are full of bird songs, as the mountain sides fields of flowers glowed. The flowers climbed the hillside in slow motion chain reactions, pulsing irregularly up the steep mountain sides. Life is responding to the growing electrical charge in the air now. The children were darting about with the crows and a few hummingbirds, who had joined in the throng of waving, moving Life forms. It is so beautiful, the transformation of elements, creating a living palladium-carbon covalent bond. (15)

Sunny now looks at Lorenzo standing there with Frances at the top of the pool, then turns to look at Nick. Chiron is in the bubble vehicle with his riders caught now in the slip stream of the water's energy vortex. Sunny calls out, "Barche degli dèi stella" (Boats of the star gods), nel nostro Creatori di ghiaccio chimico e fuoco" (into our Creator's chemical ice and fire.)Lorenzo says, "Per più luminoso, mondi nuovi momento." (To brighter, newer worlds now.) Nick looks at Lorenzo de' Medici, then Frances, as he says, "Brighter." "Newer," Frances calls out as she steps back from the water and Lorenzo, as he works the cesium particles into the top of the pool at the 'still point' just as Nick lights the lighter igniting the praseodymium. A great implosion occurs then an explosion of water into air instantaneously combusting into a blue, violet sparkling phosphorus mist filling the air around them. The water to fuel ignited spontaneously as Chiron, Raven and Bill are pulled slowly out from the still point at the top of the pool, then rising through the black cone of crows, flowering beds of colorful flowers and all the many children who are following the great winged Chiron and his riders up the mountain side and into the forest. Then in a flash, the 15 foot earthen brown wing spanned centaur Chiron and his riders Raven and Bill 'the Conduit' instantly vanish into the thin hydrogen and oxygen of gas pressures released mist into the balmy evening. No harm has come to the others while Frances stands there soaking wet but unscathed by the steaming out gassing geyser of water turned to fuel. As the mists cleared Lorenzo de' Medici has vanished. Up on the hill side where Sunny and Sam had just been standing there remained only half of a sun squash gourd and a white feature, left on the old tree stump.

"Off to Gad's Hill Place, riding the Honeythunder express' Nick calls out, as if he was a train conductor. Then suddenly the sounds and frequencies of the moon Titan fill the air waves around them now as they look up to the sky above them.

"Look" pointing at the moon above them. "Do you see that? listen" Martin said. "They arrived and are now sending us a holographic message. Listen sounds of Titan and look, that's what they are seeing and hearing now on their descent into Titan." It was as nothing they had ever heard or seen before. Chiron was now passing through the atmosphere of Titan, approaching its ice erupting volcanoes. They all marveled at the quickly passing, colorful moon that looked so Earth. The sounds of their flight was eerily haunting. Then just as the big, colorful full moon passed from their view so the sounds of their entry faded away, to be replaced once again with the soft songs of birds filling the moon lit evening.

"Gad's that was 'no time' fast" the retired engineer Nick said. "Our mind's are faster than the speed of light, Chiron's flight through the suction of our vortex to Titan was virtually instantaneous" Martin said. "The heavy water seemed to vaporize into air in the suction of the vortex and as a result the water made their body weight lighter, adding to the force of the up thrust." Noah looked around at the stand of old growth trees, continuing, "Just look around, these cedars and firs are hundreds of feet tall but the water seems able to overcome gravity." "That's it" Carlos says excitedly,  "Levitating levity days," stimulating our neurons, us, to plant more trees." The others look at him, and laugh.

Nick looked at the soaking wet Frances then turned to Nick, "You hungry?" "As a bear." "Let's invite our friends here over to the ranch for some dinner D.B.." "Sounds like a good idea." Henry was standing there holding the great yew wood walking staff of Sunny Neutrino Fullerene, the pervasive Basque from the Sun. The staff had magically put off green tipped slips of shoots that were now plainly visible. "Well look at this" Henry said to the others as he admired the new growth. He carried the staff back up the hill to where Sunny and Sam had been standing. He looked at the others then said, "To the boats of the star gods and their crew, I plant this yew in their memory." He stuck the walking stick into the ground, working it down a foot and a half before he stopped pushing. He cried quietly as he worked the staff into the soft humus rich soil. Stable Able, Bill was not, but in the breach, he was able to be stable. In that moment of balance Light radiated out through the Universe, rippling out from the very epicenter of their courageous hearts.

"Here, Here, to the boats of the star gods and their crew" Carlos calls out. Then together they all called out to the sky above, "To the boats of the star gods and their crew."

Brownsville - 2 hours later

When they arrive back at Nick's house the sunset is a celestial and glorious tangerine orange as a warm breeze blows through the huge 350 year old sycamore tree. Danny Bee and Frances, who has now changed into some dry fleece sweatpants and top she borrowed from Nick, prepare dinner for the 7, very hungry, day trippers. Fresh wood duck out of the filbert orchards, Russian banana and Viking blues potatoes, with a Savoy spinach and broccolina salad mixed in olive oil and Faun's Farm organic whole hard red wheat grain bread with pear fruit butter. They drank elderberry wine, along with ionized alkaline water from Nick's tap water machine. For desert they had sweet Thompson seedless grapes mixed in vanilla yogurt. It was a simple feast but fit for royalty.

When the meal was served and all in their seats Nick stood up from the great round oak table and proposed a toast. "I wish to share a few thoughts before we eat this wonderful meal that Danny and Frances have prepared for us tonight. Would you all stand with me now as I toast this wonderful day we have shared together, and of course, you may add your own toast this most wonderful of nights." They all stood up, then raised their glasses of elderberry wine as Nick looks at everyone standing around the table. "To our departed...Brighter!" They all repeat the toast aloud, "To our departed...Brighter!"

Frances raised her glass, "to Drs. Martin Porres and Dr. Noah Sykes, for their vision, their skills and their grace in the face of our dual world's nature found here on Earth." Next Danny toasted, "To Lorenzo de' Medici, Chef Sunny Neutrino Fullerene and Sam, to Chiron, Bill and Raven. May their mount, the starry steed beast Chiron, ride long." Nick was next, "Back to those 'smart genus Corvus',..I never again will shot you." Laughing, Martin looked at the others then said, "To Lambda, and the star dust of carbon"  to which Noah rejoined, "riding Epsilon, entangled in the hydrogen to helium vacuum pulling us back into the stars." Then last, Henry spoke, "To constellation Sagittarius and my son Bill, thank you for the rising sign and the intelligence and help you gave me over the last 15 years. May your centaur astral nature, ride your humanity well into our futures."  

They enjoyed their dinner, then as they finished their savory repast a knock was heard at the door. Three distinct knocks. " 'Murmurs' is here" Nick said immediately. Danny Bee excused himself from the table and walked over to the front door. "Hello, great to see you again." "Hello Danny, glad to see you as well." She walked into the house, a great main of red hair trailing down her shoulders with Irish sea green eyes that seemed to Henry to be singing. She stood about 5'10'' wore a turquoise blue blouse, a full, fall floral patterned skirt, her long legs filling brown, cow girl boots. She works as a research Chemist currently studying the red banded polypore common in the woods of the Northwest. Her team studies medicinal mushroom polypore's, the reishi and the turkey tail. Her research was geared to discovering new treatments for illnesses related to the immune system and cancer recovery. They were close to medical breakthroughs with their mice and rat tests producing near miraculous results. The race for patents for their viral cures was intense however, because they needed more tests and more results before they could move forward with a government sanctioned protocol for the crucial human test trials. Her name was Mariah 'Murmurs' Nichels. She is Nick's only child.

"Hello Dad, why you look great, wow! Look radiant, just how do you do that?" "Here's looking at you Doc, great to see you again 'Murmurs' " Nick says happily raising his glass of elderberry wine toasting his newly arrived daughter.

That night after the others had left Nick's, the two of them take a walk outside. They walk quietly around the house to stand by the great sycamore tree, leaves shinning in the full moon's light. Then Nick breaks the silence, "Love that root ball Henry" Nick says looking at the great old sycamore tree's great ball of tangled roots that spread, slopping gradually out to over 8 feet before they disappeared into the earth. "It just gets bigger, never stops growing Henry,... until it dies I imagine. Just a big old head in the dirt, arms and legs stretching pulling forward into the air to blow in the breezes above us." Just then stepping into their moon light night is Mariah.

"Hello Henry nice to see you around here again. Is Dad telling you about our being 'upside down trees', with our root ball brains growing out into the ground like our 350 year old sycamore tree here?" "Sure is Mariah, guess you've heard it before." "From about 8, got it by10 however, never been the same since!" she says laughing. "The head root ball's hair reaching out into the ground made so much sense to me, then the arms as the limbs reaching out and of course the legs were the great tree trunks rising out into space above. Made perfect sense to a 10 year old. Soon after I got my first chemistry kit, then once on my way I discovered the mushroom kingdom." "What were the mushrooms?" "Of course, the mushrooms were the nervous system for the great root ball's brain, and ran along in the roots as the hair from our head." "Of course" Henry replied, looking at Mariah real hard, then smiling as he looked into her beautiful hazel green eyes, then he turned to look at her father and his old friend Nick. For 'time being' standing there in the moon's warm glow this evening Henry allowed himself to imagine the warmth of a safe harbor, even if it was just a temporary mooring.

"Henry is going to spend the night with us Mariah. He's going to help me and D.B with our home solar - electrical power plant tomorrow. Hope that's all right with you?" "Sure, I'll get the guest room ready for you Henry." Off she walked leaving Henry alone with Nick again. "Hope you don't mind me slipping you in tonight, tie up here for awhile Henry, we have plenty of room." "Thanks Nick, not sure where I was..." Nick interrupted him, "That's a root ball there,...  'my most wondrous root wad,' Henry," ..he says pointing at the great mound.  "Yep."  After what seemed minutes Nick spoke again.

"You know Henry as you age your memory starts to play tricks on you. Great things can happen to you or right in front of you, and yet three hours later I can't even remember what happened." He was quiet again. "When she ask about Bill, tell her what happened today. I might not remember." "I understand Nick." Nick reaches into his jacket and removes a small, five inches long perhaps, white feather and hands it to Henry. "Before I forget where this even came from," looking at the white crows feather for a moment, "take this and show it to me in the morning, would you do that for me Henry?" His eyes glowing with fun and happiness as he turns to Henry, "Put your ass where your heart is Henry and ride,. please, do that for me Henry" as he handed the albino crow's feather to Henry. "Just be Henry, life is many stills, so be constructive with your moments. Smile."

Buckets of rain gathered up over ten years began to pour out into the fields and streams and mountains flowing along in his interior landscape as his frostbit heart begins to thaw. Henry figured he had plenty of water to share, and this new found and heart felt warmth he felt now was calming his mind. Between courage and vulnerability with movement forward, grace can be discovered. With our 88 Constellations it is Constellation Gemini with the twins of positive and negative magnetism where the duality of our Universe is and from where the 'double' tries 'an end around' the spiritual life we have here on Earth. However an awareness of our Conscious 'awake' Soul can be experienced in our night dreams and felt in our day's 'gut' intuitions to then mix in our bloodstream a delicate etheric substance.(48) Now we can be liberated from the exploited lower animal realm where we are conditioned to consume and as a result reduced to lower vibe desires. However it is in the Constellation of Sagittarius that prepares our Earth for its future rendition. Are we ready to ride that 'starry stead of change' into a positive future for our world? A species of Love and Light, how very beautiful that can be. Cosmic streams are flowing from celestial directions with spiritual beings in service to Earth. Out of the waters of Constellation Pisces streaming now to merge on the cusp of the air sign of Constellation Aquarius we can now discover humanities collective genius in this golden age of a new dawn now rising. All Creator beings in spirit, in service to others. Yet in the Constellation Leo the individuals pride will roar against this change like lions, blood thirsty in the Roman arena. We are now at that juncture between the prophesies of the Hopi and hope for a better world. As the sun cools, we must 'enlighten up'.

Keep on sending your love
In the heat of battle
You've got something that'll save us
Save us now

Paul McCartney - New - 'Save Us' -  14 Oct. 2013

Cosmic Consciousness - conscious observation - experience - is participatory creationism - the Self and wave function - Theism - the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe - revealed -
accelerating expansion - eternal universe - the expanding cosmic horizon - ' its all right ma ' I'm taking the long way around this slowing physical matter
dark matter - dark energy - constant acceleration of the repulsive energy of empty space - our future? soul school navigation simulators created
math, mentality, accessing numbers
mystery school for a new Universe
wave particle duality in Self light
now in creative consciousness
catching new waves of being
we are as navigating birds
coming into existence
in empty space
spirit energy
2 to 1


 Will use mass media, instant telecommunication, and human/ computer linkages as vehicles of bonding-consciousness and unity; will see outer space as not just an inert entity out there but also as a projection of inner or psychic spaces, and explore it accordingly; will use appropriate technology to free the exchanges of the material level from chronic oppression.

Ken Wilber -  Up from Eden - A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution, pg. 326

references used for writing Palladium Pools Park

Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk

'thinking is essentially an expression of flowing movement'

The activity of thinking is essentially an expression of flowing movement. Only when thinking dwells on a particular content, a particular form, does it order itself accordingly and create an idea. Every idea - like every organic form - arises in a process of flow, until the movement congeals into a form. Therefore we speak of a capacity to think fluently when someone is skillfully able to carry out this creation of form in thought, harmoniously co-coordinating the stream of thoughts and progressing from one idea to another without digression - without creating "whirlpools". We say of someone who is less successful in this that his thinking is languid and sluggish. An exercise suggested by Rudolf Steiner to help thinking to become fluent and mobile is to recreate and transform in thought, for instance, cloud formations. With this ability to enter thoughtfully into everything and to picture all things in the form of ideas, the process of thinking partakes in the laws of the formative processes of the universe. These are the same laws as at work in the fluid element, which renounces a form of its own and is prepared to enter into all things.

Thinking that can not enter deeply enough into every detail becomes a flight of ideas, torn along as though by an invisible torrent in which it can create no permanent forms. On the other hand, thinking that becomes solidified in fixed ideas remains a captive of form, without being able to develop towards further possibilities. Like water, thought can create forms, can unite and relate the forms to one another as ideas; it can unite, but also separate and analyze. The capacity of water in the realm of substance to dissolve and bind together re3aqppearsw in thinking as a spiritual activity.

Water and this spiritual activity of the human being belong together; the nature of the one is a picture of the other. Both can unite with the earth, while at the same time receiving the ideas of the universe, uniting and co-coordinating them. In thinking there prevails the etheric life of the water forces; through water flows the wisdom of the universe. Is it not this wisdom itself which has created the element of water, a tool for its own activity?   

Sensitive Chaos  Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk (19)pgs.96, 97


The complex astronomical radio source Sagittarius A appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center (approx. 18 hrs, −29 deg), and contains an intense compact radio source, Sagittarius A*, which coincides with a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Accretion of gas onto the black hole, probably involving a disk around it, would release energy to power the radio source, itself much larger than the black hole. The latter is too small to see with present instruments. Galactic center - Wikipedia

This twofold nature of the human being, which has entered the fifth post-Atlantean period just as man did, contains the human being but also, within the human being, the lower animal nature. Man is to a certain extent really a centaur; he contains this lower, bestial, astral nature. His humanity is somehow mounted upon this astral beast. Through this cooperation of the twofold nature within the human being there is also a dualism of forces. It is this dualism of forces that will be used more by the egotistical brotherhoods of the Eastern, Indian stream in order also to mislead Eastern Europe, which has the task of preparing the sixth post - Atlantean period. For this, forces from Sagittarius are put to use. 

Rudolf Steiner - The Reappearance of the Christ in the Etheric - pg. 199

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - Solar Cycles, Sunspots, Solar Flares, the Global Climate & the Evolution of Human Consciousness

with a simple 'twist of fate' we have no Cold Fusion into the 21st century

Eugene Mallove 'Fire from Ice' - the sad tale of Cold Fusion explained clearly - 'Frontiers' 3 parts - at this site

found at -  Fleischmann confided to Stanley Pons that he might have found what he believed to be a way to create nuclear fusion at room temperatures. From 1983 to 1989, he and Pons spent $100,000 in self-funded experiments at the University of Utah. Fleischmann wanted to publish it first in an obscure journal, and had already spoken with a team that was doing similar work in a different university for a joint publication. The details have not surfaced, but it would seem that the University of Utah wanted to establish priority over the discovery and its patents by making a public announcement (in 1989) before the publication. In an interview with 60 Minutes on 19 April 2009, Fleischmann said that the public announcement was the university's idea, and that he regretted doing it. This decision would later cause heavy criticism against Fleischmann and Pons, being perceived as a breach of how science is usually communicated to other scientists.

On 23 March 1989 it was finally announced at a press conference as "a sustained nuclear fusion reaction, which was quickly labeled by the press as cold fusion – a result previously thought to be unattainable. On 26 March Fleischmann warned on the Wall Street Journal Report not to try replications until a published paper was available two weeks later in Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, but that did not stop hundreds of scientists who had already started work at their laboratories the moment they heard the news on 23 March, and more often than not they failed to reproduce the effects. Those who failed to reproduce the claim attacked the pair for fraudulent, sloppy and unethical work, with incomplete, unreproducible and inaccurate results, and erroneous interpretations.

(1) Solar activity can also be stimulating, invigorating, illuminating, and create a heightened sense of awareness, and it can enhance vision and creativity tremendously. It especially stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which is our center of vision and creativity. The pineal gland is a "neuroendocrine transducer" that converts gravitational-magnetic signals into chemical hormonal responses that control, via the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master control center of the brain that governs the rest of the neurological system. This information expresses into the cellular structure of the individual--essentially into the molecular matrix of the cell in a "DNA Illumination Sequence" that is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. The pituitary is the administrative seat controlling cellular memory, and hence, the remembrance / emergence of our true selves.

How a person experiences enhanced solar activity is a function of the resonance of their physical neurology. If a person is crystallized with mental, emotional and physical blockages, then increase solar activity may seem uncomfortable. It is like trying to get something to improve in vibrational resonance that has resistance to do so. It a person has a more refined neurological resonance, that is for people that have done the inner work to clear mental, emotional and physical crystallizations, then enhanced solar activity is enlivening, and gives one a heightened perceptual awareness. In addition, if a person's pineal gland is severely calcified, which is common amongst most humans and generally occurs at age six, partly due to the stifling of extra-sensory awareness and creativity when very young, then the pineal is not able to respond (vibrate) to increase "light" solar activity as it should.

Solar activity, although dramatic, catalyzes, and is essential for our evolutionary process by stimulating radical change and transformation in the organizational foundation of matter, energy and consciousness. Solar activity plays an intimate role along with the dynamic transition in Earth's precessional cycle, and the erect precessional cross which occurred around 1998-2000 A.D. and which began the "time of change" in Earth's ~25,000-year "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul." Solar flare activity and other stellar explosions (supernovas) are the primary catalysts that stimulate a renaissance in consciousness. They provide cosmic impulses that supports the evolutionary maturation of the incarnate soul--the illumination of consciousness that we all seek.

Nick Anthony Fiorenza, 
Copyright  2001-2012, All Rights Reserved


(2) There exists a historical theory that the French Revolution of 1789 was actually started by the then active global cooling, which made people starve and not so much by the wish for freedom. Around that time people could ice-skate on the Thames in London in mid-June. That period is called “small ice age" -  Little Ice Age, which occurred after an era known in scientific circles as the Medieval Warm Period, is typically defined as a period of about 200 years, beginning around 1650 and extending through 1850. (2010)

(3) But Marcott said global temperatures appear to have flipped from one of the coldest in the Holocene during the first decade of the 20th century to among the warmest levels in the last decade. "The rate of change in the last 100 years is very much unprecedented compared to anything we've seen in the last 10,000 years," said Marcott, the study's lead author. "I'm fairly certain that what we're experiencing is unusual." Shaun Marcott and colleagues at OSU and Harvard University went a bit further back: 11,300 years.

(4) The four main parts of CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy -  information found at United States Department of Veterans Affairs :

Learning About Your PTSD Symptoms.  CPT begins with education about your specific PTSD symptoms and how the treatment can help. The therapy plan will be reviewed and the reasons for each part of the therapy will be explained. You will be able to ask questions and to know exactly what you are going to be doing in this therapy. You will also learn why these skills may help.

Becoming Aware of Thoughts and Feelings. Next, CPT focuses on helping you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. When bad things happen, we want to make sense of why they happened. An example would be a Veteran who thinks to himself or herself, "I should have known that this would happen." Sometimes we get stuck on these thoughts. In CPT you will learn how to pay attention to your thoughts about the trauma and how they make you feel. You'll then be asked to step back and think about how your trauma is affecting you now. This will help you think about your trauma in a different way than you did before. It can be done either by writing or by talking to your therapist about it.

Learning Skills. After you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you will learn skills to help you question or challenge your thoughts. You will do this with the help of worksheets. You will be able to use these skills to decide the way YOU want to think and feel about your trauma. These skills can also help you deal with other problems in your day-to-day life.

Understanding Changes in Beliefs. Finally, you will learn about the common changes in beliefs that occur after going through trauma. Many people have problems understanding how to live in the world after trauma. Your beliefs about safety, trust, control, self-esteem, other people, and relationships can change after trauma. In CPT you will get to talk about your beliefs in these different areas. You will learn to find a better balance between the beliefs you had before and after your trauma.

Learning new ways to deal with your trauma:

You and your therapist will work together to help you learn a new way of dealing with your trauma. In CPT you will work closely with your therapist to reach your goals. You will be meeting with him or her on a regular basis for 12 sessions. During your therapy you will also have the chance to practice your new skills outside of your therapy meetings. The more you practice your new skills, the sooner they will begin working for you. By choosing to approach your experiences in a new and different way, you will be able to decide how your past affects your future.

Chemical Treatments: Chemicals in your brain affect the way you feel. For example, when you have depression you may not have enough of a chemical called serotonin. SSRIs raise the level of serotonin in your brain.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a type of antidepressant medicine. These can help you feel less sad and worried. They appear to be helpful, and for some people they are very effective. SSRIs include citalopram (Celexa), fluoxetine (such as Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil), and sertraline (Zoloft).

(5) Victor Turner considered that liminal entities, such as those undergoing initiation rites, often appeared in the form of monsters, so as to represent the co-presence of opposites - high/low; good/bad - in the liminal experience.[3] Liminal personas are structurally and socially invisible, having left one set of classifications and not yet entered another.[4] Mary Douglas has highlighted the dangerous aspects of such liminal beings,[5] but they are also potentially beneficent. Thus we often find presiding over a ritual's liminal stage a semi-human shaman figure, or a powerful mentor with animal aspects, such as a centaur.[6] By extension, liminal beings of a mixed, hybrid nature appear regularly in myth, legend and fantasy. source material found at - Liminal_being

(6) Ken Wilber -  Up from Eden - A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution - Shambala, Boulder 1983 - (pgs. 325 -...326) - ...the establishment of centauric societies, or at least significant centauric movements and enclaves will mean a society of men and women who by virtue of an initial glimpse into transcendence: will start to understand vividly their common humanity and brother/sisterhood; will transcend roles based on bodily differences of skin color and sex; will grow in mental-psychic clarity; will make policy decisions on the basis of intuition as well as rationality; will see the same Consciousness in each and every soul, indeed, in all creation, and will start to act correspondingly; will find mental-psychic consciousness to be transfigurative of body physiology, and adjust medical theory accordingly; will find higher motivations in men and women that will drastically alter economic incentives and economic theory; will understand psychological growth as a evolutionary transcendence, and develop methods and institutions not just to cure emotional disease but foster the growth of consciousness; will see education as a discipline in transcendence, body to mind to soul, and regear educational theory and institutions accordingly, with special emphasis on hierarchic development; will find technology an appropriate aid to transcendence, not a replacement for it. Will use mass media, instant telecommunication, and human/ computer linkages as vehicles of bonding-consciousness and unity; will see outer space as not just an inert entity out there but also as a projection of inner or psychic spaces, and explore it accordingly; will use appropriate technology to free the exchanges of the material level from chronic oppression: will find sexuality to be not  just a play of reproductive desire but the initial base of kundalini sublimation into psychic spheres- and will adjust marriage practices accordingly;... will realize that politicians, if they are to govern all aspects of life, will have to demonstrate an understanding and mastery of all aspects of life - body to mind to soul to spirit (if that proves impossible, the role of politics will be severely limited to the management of lower-level exchanges, and a new type of "paramedics," will evolve).  

(pgs. 247 - 249) For Valentinus, achieving gnosis involved going beyond God the Creator, or the subtle-realm demiurgos-god. To reach level 7, one must go beyond level 6, to reach Godhead, one must go beyond God altogether.This involved, in fact, a release (apolytrosis) from God the Creator - "In this ritual he addresses the demiurge, declaring his independence, serving notice he no longer belongs to the demiurge's sphere of authority, declaring his independence, serving notice he no longer belongs to the demiurge's sphere of authority and judgment, but to what transcends it." This involved as well reception of transcendent knowledge, or gnosis:"Achieving gnosis involves coming into direct contact with the true source of divine power - namely, 'the depth' of all being. Whoever has come to know that Source [level 7] simultaneously comes to know himself."

The Christian mystic Behmen was eloquent on these points, and in a fashion that shows perfectly how similar Gnostic Christianity is to all Dharmakaya religions, including  Buddhism : "Whoever finds it [the ultimate, level 7/8] finds Nothing and all Things. But how finds he Nothing? He that findeth it findeth a supersensual Abyss [the Void], which hath no ground to stand on; and he findeth also nothing is like unto it and therefore it may fitly be compared toNothing for it is deeper than any Thing. And because it is Nothing, it is therefore free from All Things, and is that only Good, which a man cannot express or utter what it is, there being Nothing to which it may be compared, to express it by." 

But this is not a transcendent vacuum.The Void means seamless, not featureless; it transcends but includesall manifestations. Therefore Behmen continues: "But in that I lastly say: Whosoever finds it finds All Things it has been the Beginning of All Things; it is also the End of All Things. All Things are from it, and in it. If thou findest it thou comest into that ground from whence All Things are proceeded, and wherein they subsist."

To make a very long and very complicated story brutally short, this higher evolutionary religion never took official root in the West. From Christ to Valentinus to St. Denys to al-Hallaj to Giordano to Eckhart, such insights were savagely opposed and eventually uprooted, often by execution. 

(7) Rudolf Steiner - The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric - lectures given in 1910 - Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York - pg. 187 par. 2 -" I have brought to your attention that the fifth post-Atlantean period will have to solve the problem of how human moods, the motions of humans moods, allow themselves to be translated into wave motions on machines, allow themselves to be translated into wave motions on machines, how man must be brought into connection with what must become more and more mechanical." 

(8) This writing was found at

(a) Walk-in is an ancient concept first described in Hinduism whose modern name originated in the Spiritualist faith and was popularized by the related, but not identical New Age movements and beliefs. A walk-in is thought to be a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul.

Walk-ins first appear in Hindu sacred literature. In Hindu belief, each person is comprised of several bodies, including the physical, astral, mental, refined, and so on. The only essence that is not a body, and therefore not tranferable, is the Atman. So according to this belief system, a walk-in, as described in the book Merging with Siva by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, can take one or many of these bodies.

The most famous Hindu story of a walk-in is that of the missionary Saint Tirumular. Legend has it that he voluntarily left his body in order to reanimate a young cowherd who had just died. His own body was subsequently taken up to heaven by the god Siva, leaving him to spend the remainder of his life on earth in the body of the cowherd. He was able to access the dead man's knowledge, including his ability to speak Tamil.

In modern times, "true" or sincere walk-ins might be a rare but possibly real medical or mental health phenomenon. A typical walk-in report involves an individual (frequently, but not always, female) who is badly injured, falls ill or is in some way incapacitated, or seems to "die" on the operating table during surgery, perhaps later reporting a near-death experience. Others claim that deep emotional trauma and suicidal desires alone may set the stage for a walk-in experience.

After resuscitation, the person may behave in a manner completely at odds with earlier, established behavior patterns. She or he may speak in an unknown language and identify by a different name, and may be very frightened and confused, or supremely calm. While the experience cannot be determined to have any objective reality, subjectively it is deeply and importantly real for the affected individual.

(b) found at  The physical brain, which has hundreds of thousands of miles of randomly firing neurons is indeed sensitive enough to be operated by a ghost, and indeed it is when mental mediumship occurs. The physical senses send vast amounts of information through billions of parallel channels to a parallel processing unit or physical brain that creates a unified electromagnetic holographic field out of all the images, vibrations and other sensations entering it from the surrounding environment that can be interpreted by the astral brain and immediately transfered back into a behavorial pattern as demanded by the environment.

(9) Dr. Richard Schulze's  " Incurables Program: Hot and Cold Water Therapy "- Cold water stimulates and hot water relaxes! Together, they are like a Hydrostatic Pump, that makes blood flow!  Circulation produces cures! Herbs can not cure, if the blood can not circulate! This should be called, "The First Law of Natural Healing", so it would be good to memorize it! Cold water stimulates and hot water relaxes! Together, they are like a Hydrostatic Pump, that makes blood flow!  Hot & cold water therapy can bring about better circulation, because the hot water stimulates blood flow to the surface of the body, while the cold water stimulates blood flow to the core  of the body, thus bringing fresh blood to the organs and glands and all parts of the body! In other words, oxygen and nutrients in + toxins & pathogens out! Hot and cold water therapy is so powerful, that cancer tumors can shrink by 1/2 in only 4 hours! So if you avoid hot and cold water therapy, because of timidness, you are cheating yourself out of a cure!

(10) Wikipedia - Neurons, nerve cells electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals. A chemical signal occurs via a synapse  a specialized connection with other cells. Neurons connect to each other to form neural networks. Neurons are the core components of the nervous system  which includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral ganglia. A number of specialized types of neurons exist sensory neurons respond to touch, sound, light and numerous other stimuli affecting cells of the sensory organs that then send signals to the spinal cord and brain .Motor neurons receive signals from the brain and spinal cord, cause muscle contractions and affect glands. Interneurons connect neurons to other neurons within the same region of the brain or spinal cord.  

(11) Fox News - Journal of Neuroscience study author Dr. Ben Barres -   In a groundbreaking study from Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers detailed the significance of a protein called C1q, which was previously known as the initiator of the immune system response. After analyzing brain tissue in mice of varying ages, as well as postmortem samples of a 2-month-old infant and an elderly person, they discovered that C1q exponentially increases in the aging brain – creating as much as a 300-fold buildup. Comparatively, most age-associated increases of proteins in the brain are only three- or four-fold.

The research team revealed that as the brain ages, C1q accumulates around the brains synapses contact points that connect the brains nerve cells to one another.  Rather than being naturally cleared by the brain, the C1q sticks, making these synapses vulnerable to destruction from the brains immune cells.

We are suggesting the reason the old brain is so vulnerable to Alzheimers disease is because of this massive buildup of C1q"  Barres, professor and chair of neurobiology at Stanford. "One of the things that is very interesting about this pattern is that the earliest accumulation of C1q starts in regions of the brain that are well-known to be most vulnerable to neurodegenerative disease,  the hippocampus and substantia nigra"

It is  possible that the senescent synapses become sticky, Barres theorized, which allows for this accumulation of C1q. he believes the amyloid buildup is a symptom of the disease rather than the cause. In 2011, he co-founded a company, Annexon, which has been working on creating a drug that binds and inhibits the C1q protein.

(12) Weihong Song Professor of Psychiatry at UBC,  Canada's University of British Columbia - low levels of brain oxygen -  brought to light the fact that low levels of oxygen carried to the brain by blood flow may play a crucial role in Alzheimer's disease and is shown to boost plaque formation on cranial cells and further leads to the decline of the cognitive function.

(13) Wikipedia-  Lorenzo de' Medici (1 January 1449 – 9 April 1492) also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent - Lorenzo il Magnifico by contemporary Florentines.  He is buried in the Medici Chapel in Florence. As a young man he breed horses for the athletic games held in Siena every year. His father Piero 'the Gouty' de' Medici was an art patron and collector. His mother Lucrena Tornabuoni was a poet and writer of sonnets. She was also an advisor to him when he took power. He succeeded his father in 1469 and, on the death of his brother Giuliano in the Pazzi conspiracy, became the supreme power in Florence. He kept the peace and maintained a balance of power in Italy for 23 years, and kept his people the Florentines contented and entertained with repeated festivities.

  • Lorenzo's court included artists such as Piero and Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Andrea del Verrocchio, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Michelangelo Buonarroti who were involved in the 15th-century Renaissance. Although he did not commission many works himself, he helped them secure commissions from other patrons. Michelangelo lived with Lorenzo and his family for five years, dining at the family table and participating in the discussions led by Marsilio Ficino.

    Lorenzo was an artist himself, writing poetry in his native Tuscan. In his poetry he celebrates life even while—particularly in his later works—acknowledging with melancholy the fragility and instability of the human condition. Love, feasts and light dominate his verse

     " Titan is a highly complex body in the Solar System "

    (14) Titan Moon facts - Astronomy Guide- It is believed the atmosphere of early Earth was very similar in composition to what we see on Titan today. As a result Titan is often compared to a frozen version of primordial Earth  It is the only body in the solar system apart from Earth known to have large areas of liquid on its surface.  Like water on Earth methane exists on Titan as a liquid, solid and a gas. Rain falls on Titan in the form of liquid methane.  Atmospheric pressure on Titan is only 1.6 greater of that on Earth. "Titan's northern lakes region is one of the most Earth-like and intriguing in the solar system," said Linda Spilker, Cassini project scientist, based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.Cassini - Jet Propulsion Lab - Titan is the only moon in the solar system with a thick atmosphere. Because Titan is less massive than Earth, its gravity doesn’t hold onto its gaseous envelope as tightly, so the atmosphere extends to an altitude 10 times higher than Earth's – nearly 600 kilometers (370 miles) into space. In 1980 the Voyager 1 spacecraft showed that the air pressure at the surface is one-and-a-half times that of Earth at sea level and four times the density, but the surface temperature is extremely cold, at -290 degrees Fahrenheit (-179 degrees Celsius). Saturn makes a complete orbit around the sun (a year in Saturnian time) in 29 Earth years. Cassini has discovered evidence that points to the existence of the chemical ice of water, methane, ethane and ammonia on Saturn's moon Titan. The findings would be made decoding radar measurements of Titan's rotation. Scientists are perplexed why Saturn, releases more energy than it absorbs from faint sunlight. Titan is also the only moon in the solar system to retain a substantial atmosphere, one even thicker than Earth's. Saturn's moon Titan the ringed planet’s largest satellite with a diameter of 5150 kilometers - is a highly complex body in the Solar System. They found that prominent surface features had shifted from their expected positions by up to 30 km. A systematic displacement of surface features would be difficult to explain by other means then asthenospere existence under crust. Unless the moon's icy crust was decoupled from its core by an internal liquid ocean of water making it easier for the crust to move. It means about 100 km beneath the chemical ice and lithosphere platforms and organic-rich surface is an internal fiery ocean of liquid asthenosphere. The combination of an organic-rich environment, sub-glacial liquid water in the seas and lakes is very appealing, for further investigations. Existence of the sub-glacial seas and lakes is connected to the fiery asthenosphere under the crust. Liquid hydrocarbin lakes in Titan's polar regions. The surface is geologically young; although mountains and several possible Titan's bulk composition is half water ice and half rocky material

    (15) Palladium (1) A sacred object having the power to preserve a city or a state possessing it. 2. A safeguard, especially one viewed as a guarantee of the integrity of social institutions: 'the Bill of Rights', palladium of American civil liberties. [Latin, from Greek Palladiom, the fabled statue of Pallas Athena that assured the safety of Troy as long as it remained within the city, from Pallas (stem Pallad-), Pallas (Athena).] The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language - (1a) Palladium is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pd and an atomic number of 46. It is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. He named it after the asteroid Pallas, which was itself named after the epithet of the Greek goddess Athena, acquired by her when she slew Pallas. Palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium form a group of elements referred to as the platinum group metals (PGMs). These have similar chemical properties, but palladium has the lowest melting point and is the least dense of them.

     (15-2) Palladium - has a high freezing point of 1555-1775 celsius.  Escape of Methane from Titan [DB 1507 (37); OAB 59] The methane in the... are hafnium-182 and palladium-107, with half-lives greater than 10 million years.

     (15-3) Independent laboratories have duplicated all of these methods, and the reasons for failure when using commercial palladium metal are now understood. The reason for the failure while using commercial palladium is that the required properties of the palladium are neither uniform, nor easily duplicated. Only rare pieces of palladium, which do not crack when reacted with high concentrations of deuterium, are suitable. Apparently, having very fine particles of a suitable material is another essential condition for this phenomenon to work.

    (15-4)Properties: Palladium has a melting point of 1554°C, boiling point of 2970°C, specific gravity of 12.02 (20°C), and valence of 2, 3, or 4. It is a steel-white metal which does not tarnish in air. Palladium has the lowest melting point and density of the platinum metals. Annealed palladium is soft and ductile, but it becomes much stronger and harder through coldworking.

    (15-5) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Elementary Technological Research Institute - "Mysterious elemental transformation" A mysterious phenomenon has been discovered, which may be the alchemy of the present age. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Elementary Technological Research Institute has made an experiment in which cesium (Cs) added to a film surface is transformed into Praseodymium (Pr) and strontium (Sr) into molybdenum (Mo) when heavy hydrogen (D2) gas is passed through a multi-layer film containing a metal called palladium (Pd) as its main component. Is it a new discovery beyond common sense or a mistake? Now, some universities have set about the research into this elemental transformation. The experimental equipment used was relatively simple. A metallic container was partitioned by a multi-layer Pd film into two rooms, one of which was filled with heavy hydrogen gas while the other room was in a vacuum. The heavy hydrogen permeated though the multi-layer film slowly under the gas pressure. The basic setup of the experiment was so simple. In practice, Cs or Sr was added to the depth of 2 to 3nm (1nm is one-millionth mm) from the one-side surface of the multi-layer film so that this side contacted the heavy hydrogen gas. The vacuum-side surface of the film consisted of single layers of Pd, and a substance such as calcium oxide (CaO) that is easy to release electrons was inserted between the layers. The film surface after the heavy hydrogen gas was permeated through it was investigated with an X-ray opt-electronic spectral analyzer. It was made clear that Cs (atomic number Z55) was transformed into Pr (Z59) and Sr (Z38) into Mo (Z42). When the gas was continuously flowed through for ca. 50 hours, the number of Pr exceeded that of Cs. The transformation from Sr into Mo took more than double the said hours. The mechanism and theory of transformation of an element into another element have not been clarified at all.

     (15-6) Hydrogen readily diffuses through heated palladium, so this method is often used to purify the gas. Finely divided palladium is used as a catalyst for hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions. Palladium is used as an alloying agent and for making jewelry and in dentistry. White gold is an alloy of gold which has been decolorized by the addition of palladium. The metal is also used to make surgical instruments, electrical contacts, and watches.

      (15-7)  Electrolysis of D2O (H2O)-based electrolyte using Pd, Pt, Ti, or Ni cathodes. (This is the original Pons-Fleischmann method, which has been replicated hundreds of times to produce claimed AE and NP in every country where the method was used.)

    (15-8) Palladium Reagents and CatalystsNew Perspectives for the 21st Century - Focuses on new aspects of organopalladium chemistry, putting emphasis on synthetic applications. Investigates the new perspectives on the synthetic uses of contemporary organopalladium chemistry. This volume, together with Innovations in Organic Synthesis, Tsuji's previous title, provides complete coverage of over 40 years of organopalladium chemistry.

    (15-9) - Organopalladium Organopalladium chemistry is a branch of organometallic chemistry that deals with organic palladium compounds and their reactions. Palladium is often used as a catalyst in the reduction of alkenes and alkynes with hydrogen. This process involves the formation of a palladium-carbon covalent bond. Palladium is also prominent in carbon-carbon coupling reactions, as demonstrated in tandem reactions.[1]

    Pd alkene complexes Palladium reacts with alkenes to form a pi complex which can react with a multitude of nucleophiles akin a oxymercuration reaction. The C-Pd bond is then removed by a reduction or an elimination. In the industrially important Wacker process, ethylene is converted to acetaldehyde with palladium chloride. Fullerene ligands also bind with palladium in similar ways as ethylene.

    Palladium Reagents and Catalysts: New Perspectives for the 21st Century is an essential reference source and companion for students, and both industrial and academic research chemists working in organic synthesis, particularly on synthesis of natural products and medicinal compounds.

    (16) Yet corvids - crows - may be even cleverer than we think. A new study suggests their cognitive abilities are a match for primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas. Furthermore, crows may provide clues to understanding human intelligence.

    Published in the journal Science, the study is co-authored by Nathan Emery and Nicola Clayton, from the departments of animal behavior and experimental psychology at Cambridge University, England.

    They say that, while having very different brain structures, both crows and primates use a combination of mental tools, including imagination and the anticipation of possible future events, to solve similar problems. They base their argument on existing studies.

    Emery and Clayton write, "These studies have found that some corvids are not only superior in intelligence to birds of other avian species (perhaps with the exception of some parrots), but also rival many nonhuman primates

    Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity. Group living tends to be a complicated business, so for individuals to prosper they need to understand exactly what's going on. So highly social creatures like dolphins, chimps, and humans tend to be large-brained and intelligent.

     (17) This writing was found  at www.noospere -  Boris Petrovic- The word "Noosphere" was coined in analogy with the "geosphere", the world or layer of dead matter, and the "biosphere", the world or layer of living matter. Beyond and superimposed on these spheres lies another dimensional sphere, the "noosphere", from Greek "noos, nous" = "mind", and "sphaira" = "globe", a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect. It is not scientifically measurable, of course, but its presence is strongly felt and its influence is all-pervading.

    The concept was first formulated by Vladimir Verdansky and elaborated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

    (18) (a) New York Times - Space & Cosmos - An Icy Observatory Detects Neutrinos From Far Far Away - "IceCube is a particle detector at the South Pole that records the interactions of a nearly massless sub-atomic particle called the neutrino. 'Neutrinos' 28 scientists reported on Thursday that over a two-year period they had detected 28 of these particles, known as neutrinos, that arrived from outside the solar system and possibly from across the universe...  The highest energy particles in nature...Their energies far exceed those produced by accelerator beams"...(b) Science AAAS - - Science 22 November 2013 -" Neutrino observations are a unique probe of the universe’s highest-energy phenomena: Neutrinos are able to escape from dense astrophysical environments that photons cannot and are unambiguous tracers of cosmic ray acceleration. As protons and nuclei are accelerated, they interact with gas and background light near the source to produce subatomic particles such as charged pions and kaons, which then decay, emitting neutrinos. "We have isolated a sample of neutrinos by rejecting background muons from cosmic ray showers in the atmosphere, selecting only those neutrino candidates that are first observed in the detector interior rather than on the detector boundary". We observed 28 neutrino candidate events The data contain a mixture of neutrino flavors compatible with flavor equipartition, originate primarily from the Southern Hemisphere where high-energy neutrinos are not absorbed by Earth, and have a hard energy spectrum compatible with that expected from cosmic ray accelerators. These properties, in particular the north-south asymmetry, generically disfavor any purely atmospheric explanation for the data. Although not compatible with an atmospheric explanation, the data do match expectations for an origin in unidentified high-energy galactic or extragalactic neutrino accelerators. "

    (19) Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk - Schocken Books - New York 1976 -1978 (Forward by Theodor Schwenk) At first we shall discuss simple phenomena that can be generally observed. These phenomena in water and air may, we think, be regarded as the letters of a script, which it is necessary to learn to use like the alphabet of nature. Those who wish to remain at the stage of pure phenomenology relinquish the ability to read this writing and thus also the ability to understand its meaning. They see the letters, but no words or sentences.

     The author wishes to suggest  a way on beyond pure phenomenology, towards an ability to "read". The path will be difficult and it will be necessary for the reader to penetrate observantly and patiently into many details until gradually a comprehensive view opens up.

    Through watching water and air with unprejudiced eyes, our way of thinking becomes changed and more suited to the understanding of what is alive. This transformation of our way of thinking is, in the opinion of the author, a decisive step that must be taken in the present day. 

    pgs. 94 - 95 The etheric body of the human  being is the body of forces, hidden from the senses, on which the physical body is foundered. It permeates the physical body at every moment and saves it from solid rigidity and death. If the etheric body leaves the physical body, the latter is immediately given over to the forces of disintegration of the dead mineral world and becomes once more a part of this world. Thus the etheric body is constantly engaged in a struggle with the purely earthly laws; it is described as that aspect of the living body which confronts weight with lightness or upthrust ; it meets the physical forces of pressure with those of suction. It is the bearer of the universal forces of the cosmos, the counterpart of the centric forces of the earth.

    The etheric body takes part in the gradual changes in the heavenly processes, which hold sway in everlasting movement, creation and transformation of form in the eternal stream of time. The cosmic qualities and movements of water, which we have attempted to describe above, are images of the etheric stream and as such they are also its mediators in the material world. All the qualities of water are akin to this world of etheric forces, and constantly express it. The laws of the etheric world ar4e mirrored in the world of water and they carry a constant creative dialogue. So we can understand from another angle how the element of water can also be an element of the cosmos, of the waters of the heavens, in which the "boats of the star gods" weave their forms and shapes as though in a heavenly script.

    (20) Wikipedia - Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature. The Meissner effect - measuring the magnetic field distribution outside superconducting tin and lead samples.[1] The samples, in the presence of an applied magnetic field, were cooled below their superconducting transition temperature. Below the transition temperature the samples cancelled nearly all interior magnetic fields. They detected this effect only indirectly because the magnetic flux is conserved by a superconductor: when the interior field decreases, the exterior field increases.

    (21)The melting point (or, rarely, liquefaction point) of a solid is the temperature at which it changes state from solid to liquid at atmospheric pressure. At the melting point the solid and liquid phase exist in equilibrium. The melting point of a substance depends (usually slightly) on pressure and is usually specified at standard pressure. When considered as the temperature of the reverse change from liquid to solid, it is referred to as the freezing point or crystallization point. Because of the ability of some substances to supercool, the freezing point is not considered as a characteristic property of a substance. When the "characteristic freezing point" of a substance is determined, in fact the actual methodology is almost always "the principle of observing the disappearance rather than the formation of ice", that is, the melting point.[1]

    (22)   Steven Jones and his colleagues have been investigating two different techniques to carry out nuclear fusion in a flask. The first is similar to the approach developed at the University of Utah. Jones uses two electrodes, one platinum and one composed of titanium and palladium, immersed in heavy water. The University of Utah researchers add only a little bit of lithium deuteroxide to the heavy water so that it conducts electricity. But Jones adds a large concatenation of salts, which he calls "Mother Earth soup."

    (23) Article Source:  - Monatomic particles of all the heavy elements from the central section of the periodic table of the elements have been found. These elements exhibit "half filled" bands of valence electrons and given as follows along with their atomic number (of protons) in brackets: Ruthenium (44), Rhodium (45), Palladium (46), Silver (47), Osmium (76), Iridium (77), Platinum (78), and Gold (79). Micro clusters of many other metallic elements in this same part of the periodic table have also been discovered. As long as these elements are not locked into a lattice, their characteristics behave quite differently than the same atoms that are locked. In other words, it is the grouping of atoms which define their qualities rather than just the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus as previously assumed. If these atoms are not locked into a network or grouping of material, their properties are no longer metallic even though having identical atoms!

    Monatomic particles are an entirely new phase of matter hidden throughout the universe, remaining unknown for such a long time right under the noses of scientists without detection until very recently because they are impossible to detect by any normal analytical techniques. Such a form of material would simply be a scientific curiosity if it were not for the fact that Hudson claims massive amounts of this substance exists throughout the earth's crust and that their properties are so mysterious in some ways and amazingly beneficial in others. In order to find monatomic particles, one has to first convert them back to their normal metallic state to make it possible for them to be detected with conventional methods. This rather serious limitation to the way these particles can be detected explains why so much of the earth's matter exists in a previously undiscovered form. No conventional detection techniques involving the interaction with their valence electrons can be used to find monatomic elements. As long as the valence electrons remain unavailable, the atoms remain unidentifiable and the only way to begin to identify this stealth material is know what you are looking for in the first place.

    What we have not been taught by mainstream education is the existence of another form of matter termed "monatomic." These are furthermore known as ORMUS and m-state elements, and according to the latest theories of science and nature they give an account in this definite area of inquiry that more or less uncompounded atoms on the periodic chart have the ability be diatomic (two atoms) or small atomic "condensates," that are known in the scientific community as "Bose-Einstein Condensates

    (24) Wikipedia- Deuterium can replace the normal hydrogen in water molecules to form heavy water (D2O), which is about 10.6% denser than normal water (enough that ice made from it sinks in ordinary water). Heavy water is slightly toxic in eukaryotic animals, with 25% substitution of the body water causing cell division problems and sterility, and 50% substitution causing death by cytotoxic syndrome (bone marrow failure and gastrointestinal lining failure). Prokaryotic organisms, however, can survive and grow in pure heavy water (though they grow more slowly).[13] Consumption of heavy water does not pose a health threat to humans, it is estimated that a 70 kg person might drink 4.8 liters of heavy water without serious consequences.[14] Small doses of heavy water (a few grams in humans, containing an amount of deuterium comparable to that normally present in the body) are routinely used as harmless metabolic tracers in humans and animals.
     Because deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars faster than it is produced, and because other natural processes are thought to produce only an insignificant amount of deuterium, it is presently thought that nearly all deuterium found in nature was produced in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, and that the basic or primordial ratio of hydrogen-1 (protium) to deuterium (about 26 atoms of deuterium per million hydrogen atoms) has its origin from that time. This is the ratio found in the gas giant planets, such as Jupiter. However, different astronomical bodies are found to have different ratios of deuterium to hydrogen-1, and this is thought to be as a result of natural isotope separation processes that occur from solar heating of ices in comets. Like the water-cycle in Earth's weather, such heating processes may enrich deuterium with respect to protium. In fact, the discovery of deuterium/protium ratios in a number of comets very similar to the mean ratio in Earth's oceans (156 atoms of deuterium per million hydrogens) has led to theories that much of Earth's ocean water has a cometary origin.[

    (25) Amygdala - Wikipedia, are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans.[2] Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.

     In complex vertebrates, including humans, the amygdalae perform primary roles in the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events. Research indicates that, during fear conditioning, sensory stimuli reach the basolateral complexes of the amygdalae, particularly the lateral nuclei, where they form associations with memories of the stimuli. The association between stimuli and the aversive events they predict may be mediated by long-term potentiation, a sustained enhancement of signaling between affected neurons.

    Buddhist monks who do compassion meditation have been shown to modulate their amygdala, along with their temporoparietal junction and insula, during their practice.[18] In an fMRI study, more intensive insula activity was found in expert meditators than in novices.[19] Increased activity in the amygdala following compassion-oriented meditation may contribute to social connectedness.[20]

    Amygdala activity at the time of encoding information correlates with retention for that information. However, this correlation depends on the relative "emotionalness" of the information. More emotionally-arousing information increases amygdalar activity, and that activity correlates with retention. Amygdala neurons show various types of oscillation during emotional arousal, such as theta activity. These synchronized neuronal events could promote synaptic plasticity (which is involved in memory retention) by increasing interactions between neocortical storage sites and temporal lobe structures involved in declarative memory

    Research using Rorschach test blot 03 finds that the number of unique responses to this random figure links to larger sized amygdalae. The researchers note, "Since previous reports have indicated that unique responses were observed at higher frequency in the artistic population than in the nonartistic normal population, this positive correlation suggests that amygdalar enlargement in the normal population might be related to creative mental activity

    (26) - 14.12.2013 - The Sun is at its weakest for a century, according to four leading solar physicists who addressed a press conference on solar activity organized by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) at its Fall conference in San Francisco.

    The physicists told the audience that sun spot activity was extremely low and that while this would have an impact on the Earth's upper atmosphere, the thermosphere, there were “no known consequences” for the Earth's climate at the surface.
     Solar activity moves from maximum to minimum in long cycles that last around 11 years and are related to the number of sun spots seen on the surface. The current cycle, known as cycle 24, has a very weak maximum and, according to Svalgaard, “cycle 24 is beginning to look very much like solar cycle 14” around a century ago.
     Svalgaard explained that although cycle 24 is weak and unusual for solar physicists, it is not something new for the sun. “None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle so we will learn something,” he said.
     Joe Giacolone from the University of Arizona told the conference that the weak solar cycle would result in more galactic cosmic rays reaching the inner solar system. There has been speculation that cosmic rays affect cloud formation and so impact the climate.
     Gopalswamy and co workers examined the relation between CME width and speed and found that the cycle 24 CMEs are wider than the cycle 23 ones for a given speed.
     For energetic CMEs (speed exceeding 1000 km/s), the width is higher by about 40%. When they examined the total pressure (magnetic pressure + plasma pressure) in the heliosphere from measurements made by spacecraft such as ACE and Wind, they found that the pressure decreased by an astonishing 40% in cycle 24.

    (27) Moses Lake - Prior to the MGS mission, all ground-based and orbiter-based evidence suggested that Martian dunes would be mafic rather sialic like their quartz-rich counterparts on Earth (see discussion by Edgett and Lancaster [1993]). The largest known basaltic dune field on Earth is located in the Moses Lake, Washington, area in western North America. Petrographic analysis by Petrone [1970] suggested that the dune sand at Moses Lake is a mixture composed mainly of basalt lithic fragments and quartz grains. These two very different materials were considered to form a simple two component mixture that could be used to begin to test some of the spectral analysis techniques that were being developed during the 1990s for application to Mars thermal infrared data.

     The dunes from a distance on a sunny day appear to be brown to blue-black in color; hand samples are nearly black with minor amounts of lighter-toned or white grains. Petrone [1970] found the sands to generally consist of more than 55% basalt lithic fragments; lighter-toned grains comprising most of the remaining bulk were interpreted as quartz on the basis of binocular microscope analysis.

    Lithic fragments, or lithics, are pieces of other rocks that have been eroded down to sand size and now are sand grains in a sedimentary rock. They were first described and named (in their modern definitions) by Bill Dickinson in 1970.[1] Lithic fragments can be derived from sedimentary, igneous or etamorphic rocks). A lithic fragment is defined using the Gazzi-Dickinson point-counting method and being in the sand-size fraction. Sand grains in sedimentary rocks that are fragments of larger rocks that are not identified using the Gazzi-Dickinson method are usually called rock fragments instead of lithic fragments. Sandstones rich in lithic fragments are called lithic sandstones.

    On Earth, most basalt magmas have formed by decompression melting of the mantle. Basalt commonly erupts on Io, the third largest moon of Jupiter, and has also formed on Earth's Moon, Mars, Venus, and the asteroid Vesta. Source rocks for the partial melts probably include both peridotite and pyroxenite (e.g., Sobolev et al., 2007). The crustal portions of oceanic tectonic plates are composed predominantly of basalt, produced from upwelling mantle below ocean ridges.

    (28) Wikipedia - A bubble ring, or toroidal bubble, is an underwater vortex ring where an air bubble occupies the core of the vortex, forming a ring shape. The ring of air as well as the nearby water spins poloidally as it travels through the water, much like a flexible bracelet might spin when it is rolled on to a person's arm. The faster the bubble ring spins, the more stable it becomes.[1] Bubble rings and smoke rings are both examples of vortex rings—the physics of which is still under active study in fluid dynamics.[2][3] Devices have been invented which generate bubble vortex rings.

    (29) Monotomic - found at - The approaching trend is related to a few substances consisting of monatomic (or monoatomic) particles or ions which include gold, rhodium, iridium, silver, and many other elements along or near the center of the periodic table of elements. The classic knowledge teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (but at this moment in that place are the newer plasmas, condensates and fluid crystals).

    A certain number of solids crystallize into arrangements we term metals. What we have not been taught by mainstream education is the existence of another form of matter termed "monatomic." These materials are furthermore known as ormus and m-state elements or atoms, and according to the latest theories of science and nature, more or less uncompounded atoms on the periodic chart also can be diatomic (having two atoms) in the form of small atomic "condensates." However the popular term "monatomic molecules" is technically incorrect, because if they were "glued" together as molecules (the simplest structural unit of a compound), they would not consist of single atoms (be monatomic) at all, but would be in their more conventionally known metallic state.

    The main part of the periodic chart of elements consists of the "transition elements," meaning they can transform from metallic to monatomic or diatomic by way of chemical usage or through alternative methods (that some would call "shadow chemistry" or "arcane chemistry" or "alchemy").

    (30) Cold fusion is a hypothetical type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near, room temperature, compared with temperatures in the millions of degrees that is required for "hot" fusion. It was proposed to explain reports of anomalously high energy generation under certain specific laboratory conditions. It has been rejected by the mainstream scientific community because the original experimental results could not be replicated consistently and reliably, and because there is no accepted theoretical model of cold fusion.

    Cold fusion gained attention after reports in 1989 by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, then one of the world's leading electrochemists, [1] that their apparatus had produced anomalous heat ("excess heat"), of a magnitude they asserted would defy explanation except in terms of nuclear processes. They further reported measuring small amounts of nuclear reaction byproducts, including neutrons and tritium.[2] The small tabletop experiment involved electrolysis of heavy water on the surface of a palladium (Pd) electrode.[3]

    Electrolysis of D2O (H2O)-based electrolyte using Pd, Pt, Ti, or Ni cathodes. (This is the orginal Pons-Fleischmann method, which has been replicated hundreds of times to produce claimed AE and NP in every country where the method was used

    (31) Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. These receptor proteins include the endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by humans and animals),[1] the phytocannabinoids (found in cannabis and some other plants), and synthetic cannabinoids (manufactured chemically). The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis.[2][3] Cannabidiol (CBD) is another major constituent of the plant, representing up to 40% in extracts of the plant resin.[4] There are at least 85 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects. [5]

    Phytocannabinoids (also called natural cannabinoids, herbal cannabinoids, and classical cannabinoids) are known to occur in several different plant species. These include Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea pallida, Acmella oleracea, Helichrysum umbraculigerum, and Radula marginata.[10] The best known herbal cannabinoids are Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from Cannabis and the lipophilic alkamides (alkylamides) from Echinacea species.[10]

    At least 85 different cannabinoids have been isolated from the Cannabis plant[5] and 25 different cannabinoids from Echinacea species.[11] In Cannabis, these cannabinoids are concentrated in a viscous resin produced in structures known as glandular trichomes. In Echinacea species, cannabinoids are found throughout the plant structure, but are most concentrated in the roots and stems. Tea (Camellia sinensis) catechins have an affinity for human cannabinoid

    (32)   - A prime number is a number that is divisible by 2 positive integers - itself and one. The prime numbers from 1 to 100 are: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101. A Prime Number can be divided evenly only by 1 or itself. And it must be a whole number greater than 1. As of February 2013 [update], the largest known prime number has 17,425,170 decimal digits. The smallest 168 prime numbers (all the prime numbers under 1000) On January 25th at 23:30:26 UTC, the largest known prime number, 257,885,161-1, was discovered on Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) volunteer Curtis Cooper's computer. The new prime number, 2 multiplied by itself 57,885,161 times, less one, has 17,425,170 digits. With 360,000 CPUs peaking at 150 trillion calculations per second, 17th-year GIMPS is the longest continuously-running global "grassroots supercomputing"[1] project in Internet history.

    There are infinitely many prime numbers. Another way of saying this is that the sequence 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 of prime numbers never ends. This statement is referred to as Euclid's theorem in honor of the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, since the first known proof for this statement is attributed to him.

    (33) Praseodymium is a chemical element that has the symbol Pr and atomic number 59. Praseodymium is a soft, silvery, malleable and ductile metal in the lanthanide group. Valued for its magnetic, electrical, chemical and optical properties,[3] it is too reactive to be found in native form, and when artificially prepared, it slowly develops a green oxide coating.

    The element was named for the color of its primary oxide. In 1841, Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander extracted a rare earth oxide residue he called "didymium" from a residue he called "lantana," in turn separated from cerium salts. In 1885, the Austrian chemist Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach separated didymium into two salts of different colors, which he named praseodymium and neodymium. The name praseodymium comes from the Greek prasinos (πράσινος), meaning green, and didymos (δίδυμος), twin.

    Like most rare earth elements, praseodymium most readily forms trivalent Pr(III) ions. These are yellow-green in water solution, and various shades of yellow-green when incorporated into glasses. Many of praseodymium's industrial uses involve its use to filter yellow light from light

    The element was named for the color of its primary oxide. In 1841, Swedish chemist Carl Gustav Mosander extracted a rare earth oxide residue he called "didymium" from a residue he called "lantana," in turn separated from cerium salts. In 1885, the Austrian chemist Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach separated didymium into two salts of different colors, which he named praseodymium and neodymium. The name praseodymium comes from the Greek prasinos (πράσινος), meaning green, and didymos (δίδυμος), twin.

    Flint, used in lighters, torch strikers, "flint and steel" fire starters, etc., contain around 4% praseodymium.

    (34) Faraday cage operates because an external static electrical field causes the electric charges within the cage's conducting material to be distributed such that they cancel the field's effect in the cage's interior. This phenomenon is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges.

    Faraday cages cannot block static or slowly varying magnetic fields, such as the Earth's magnetic field (a compass will still work inside). To a large degree, though, they shield the interior from external electromagnetic radiation if the conductor is thick enough and any holes are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the radiation. For example, certain computer forensic test procedures of electronic systems that require an environment free of electromagnetic interference can be carried out within a screen room. These rooms are spaces that are completely enclosed by one or more layers of a fine metal mesh or perforated sheet metal. The metal layers are grounded to dissipate any electric currents generated from external or internal electromagnetic fields, and thus they block a large amount of the electromagnetic interference. See also electromagnetic shielding.

    The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage is heavily attenuated or blocked by the cage

    (34) Élan vital was coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson in his 1907 book Creative Evolution, in which he addresses the question of self-organisation and spontaneous morphogenesis of things in an increasingly complex manner. Elan vital was translated in the English edition as "vital impetus", but is usually translated by his detractors as "vital force". It is a hypothetical explanation for evolution and development of organisms, which Bergson linked closely with consciousness.

    The book also develops concepts of time (offered in Bergson's earlier work) which significantly influenced modernist writers and thinkers such as Marcel Proust. For example, Bergson's term "duration" refers to a more individual, subjective experience of time, as opposed to mathematical, objectively measurable "clock time." In Creative Evolution, Bergson suggests that the experience of time as "duration" can best be understood through creative intuition, not through intellect.

    Harvard philosopher William James intended to write the introduction to the English translation of the book, but died in 1910 prior to its completion.

    Orgone energy is a hypothetical universal life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.[1][2][3] In its final conception, developed by Reich's student Charles Kelly after Reich's death, Orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer's animal magnetism, the Odic force of Carl Reichenbach and Henri Bergson's élan vital.[4] Back in the 1950's Reich coined the phrase 'Orgone' energy and described it as the 'life force energy expressed as sexual energy'. Orgone was seen as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but more closely associated with living energy than inert matter. It could coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the smallest microscopic units—called bions in orgone theory—to macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies.

    Reich's theories held that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases—including cancer—much as deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses in Freudian theory. He created the Orgone Institute to pursue research into orgone energy after he immigrated to the US, and used it to publish literature and distribute material relating to the topic for more than a decade. Reich designed special "orgone accumulators"—devices ostensibly collecting and storing orgone energy from the environment—for improvement of general health or even for weather control. Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims, and later jailed Reich and destroyed all orgone-related materials at the institute after Reich violated the injunction.[2] Contrary to common misconception, Reich always rejected the idea that the accumulator could provide orgastic potency.

    (35) Viktor Schauberger - Cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid – i.e. small liquid-free zones ("bubbles" or "voids") – that are the consequence of forces acting upon the liquid. It usually occurs when a liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure that cause the formation of cavities where the pressure is relatively low. When subjected to higher pressure, the voids implode and can generate an intense shockwave. Other ways of generating cavitation voids involve the local deposition of energy, such as an intense focused laser pulse (optic cavitation) or with an electrical discharge through a spark. Vapor gases evaporate into the cavity from the surrounding medium; thus, the cavity is not a perfect vacuum, but has a relatively low gas pressure. Such a low-pressure cavitation bubble in a liquid begins to collapse due to the higher pressure of the surrounding medium. As the bubble collapses, the pressure and temperature of the vapor within increases. The bubble eventually collapses to a minute fraction of its original size, at which point the gas within dissipates into the surrounding liquid via a rather violent mechanism which releases a significant amount of energy in the form of an acoustic shock wave and as visible light. At the point of total collapse, the temperature of the vapor within the bubble may be several thousand kelvin, and the pressure several hundred atmospheres.

    (36) Time perception is a field of study within psychology and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience of time, which is measured by someone's own perception of the duration of the indefinite and continuous unfolding of events. Another person's perception of time cannot be directly experienced or understood, but it can be objectively studied and understood through a number of scientific experiments. Time perception is a construction of the brain that can be manipulated and distorted due to a variety of phenomena.

    (37) Wikipedia - Uncertainty principle is also called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Werner Heisenberg stumbled on a secret of the universe: No thing has a definite position, a definite trajectory, or a definite momentum. Trying to pin a thing down to one definite position will make its momentum less well pinned down, and vice-versa. In everyday life we can successfully measure the position of an automobile at a finite time and then measure its direction and speed (assuming it is coasting along at a steady rate) in the new few moments. That is because the uncertainties in position and velocity are so small that we could not detect them. We assume, quite correctly, that the trajectory of the automobile will not be noticeably changed when we drop a marker on the ground and click a stopwatch at the same time to note the car's position in time and space.

    We may bring that experience to the world of atomic-sized phenomena and incorrectly assume that if we measure the position of something like an electron as it moves along its trajectory it will continue to move along that same trajectory, which we imagine we can then accurately detect in the next few moments. We need to learn that the electron did not have a definite position before we located it, and that it also did not have a definite momentum before we measured the trajectory. Moreover, we may justifiably assume that a photon produced by a laser aimed at a detection screen will hit very near to its target on that screen, and confirm this prediction by any number of experiments. Next we will discover that the more closely we try to pin down some location for the electron on its way toward the detection screen, the more it and all others like it will be likely to miss that target. So pinning down a location for an electron makes the trajectory more indefinite, indeterminate, or uncertain. If the trajectory were made more clear and then we were to try to locate that electron along an extension of the trajectory we just staked out, then we would find that the more precise we made our knowledge of the trajectory, the less likely we would be to find the electron where ordinary expectations would lead us to believe it to be. If pitchers threw electrons instead of baseballs, and an overhead camera and side-facing camera were placed somewhere between the pitcher's mound and home plate so that the exact position of the electron could be determined in mid flight, then without the cameras being turned on, the pitcher would throw straight balls, and with the cameras turned on his pitches would start out straight but gyrate wildly after their pictures were taken. The more clearly we know where the ball was halfway toward home place, the more trouble the batter will have in getting ready to hit it with his bat.

    (38) The Reappearance of Christ in The Etheric - selected lectures from the work of Rudolf Steiner - 1910 - pg. 138
    Question: What is electricity?
    Answer: Electricity is light in the sub-material state. Light is there compressed to the utmost degree. An inward quality, too, must be ascribed to light; light is itself at every point. Warmth can extend itself in the three dimensions of space. In light we must speak of a fourth dimension; it can extend itself in a fourfold way; it has the quality of inwardness as a fourth dimension.

    (39) Deuterium -Tritium (D - T) Reaction  The most common type of fusion reaction discussed for fusion energy in the near future is the fusion of two hydrogen isotopes: deuterium (2H) and tritium (3H). It is the easiest fusion reaction to achieve on Earth, and will most likely be the type of reaction found in first generation fusion reactors. The actual reaction involves a deutrerium nucleus fusing with a tritium nucleus to form an alpha particle (4He nucleus) and a neutron. The products contain around 17.6 million electron volts (MeV) of released kinetic energy through the loss of mass in the fusion process.

    The D-T reaction is the easiest because the extra neutrons on the nuclei of the deuterium and tritium increase their size and thus the probability of a fusion reaction. They also each have the smallest possible positive charge (since hydrogen has only one proton), making it relatively easy to have the two nuclei overcome their repulsion and fuse together.

    Deuterium can be found on Earth, although in a very small quantity (.015% of natural hydrogen is deuterium). However, this small amount is more than enough to suppy energy for thousands of years at our current energy demands. One gallon of sea water has the energy content of 300 gallons of gasoline. Tritium, on the other hand, is radioactive, with a half-life of 12.3 years; therefore tritium does not last long enough to acquire in significant amounts naturally. Fortunately, both problems are solved by using the neutron in another reaction like this:

    6Li + n 4He + T

    The lithium absorbs the neutron and generates a tritium while releasing a bit more energy in the process. There is plenty of lithium available in nature.

    Caesium metal is highly reactive and very pyrophoric. In addition to igniting spontaneously in air, it reacts explosively with water even at low temperatures, more so than other members of the first group of the periodic table. The reaction with solid water occurs at temperatures as low as −116 °C (−177 °F).[12] Because of its high reactivity, the metal is classified as a hazardous material. It is stored and shipped in dry saturated hydrocarbons, such as mineral oil. Similarly, it must be handled under inert gas, such as argon. However, a caesium-water explosion is often less powerful than a sodium-water explosion with a similar amount of sodium. This is because caesium explodes instantly upon contact with water, leaving little time for hydrogen to accumulate.[18] Caesium can be stored in vacuum-sealed borosilicate glass ampoules. In quantities of more than about 100 grams (3.5 oz), caesium is shipped in hermetically sealed, stainless steel containers.[8]

    (40) the speed of light is 1.0E+8 m/sec.
    The Universe (the fabric of space) at the time of its origin, expanded (10^-37 to 10^-35) at a rate far faster than the speed of light. That's why there are distant stars and galaxies whose light has not had time to reach us yet.
    (10^-35 - 10^-37) seconds = (9.9)^-36 seconds Thus, the Universe expanded to almost its current size in 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00... seconds. A huge distance was covered in that very, very tiny amount of time.

    (40 a)  In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci series or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence:[1] [2] -  1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...or (often, in modern usage): 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ...

    (40 b) The number π is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159. It has been represented by the Greek letter "π" since the mid-18th century, though it is also sometimes spelled out as "pi".

    (40 c) Torus - In geometry, a torus (pl. tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not touch the circle, the surface has a ring shape and is called a ring torus or simply torus if the ring shape is implicit. Send out frequencies of love, the creation pattern of the universe will send it back to you. The point of singularity, life and consciousness, unity with the All. Lead with the heart in a space of love. We are eternal beings.

    (41) An alkaline water machine separates components in regular tap water at a molecular level. Positively and negatively charged electrodes are introduced into the water and attract corresponding elements. The result is both acidic water and alkaline water in separate forms. Acidic water is thought to be a great cleaning agent and useful for watering plants. Alkaline water is believed to be beneficial for drinking and for bringing about numerous health benefits when consumed on a regular basis for an extended period of time. There have been reports of anti aging properties, the curing and prevention of degenerative diseases, improved energy levels, and better hydration.

    (42) OSU Oregon State University - - Western Oregon farmers usually don't wait for a crop failure before they act. It is common knowledge among them that lime application is essential to healthy crops because plants draw 14 of their 17 essential nutrients from the soil. They cannot do this if the soil is too acidic.
    Lime counteracts soil acidity because it is very alkaline (see sidebar, "Of Saliva and Seawater"). Applying lime to the top layers of soil increases its pH, reduces acidity and enables absorption of nutrients.
    The need to monitor soil pH has never been greater, Smiley said, because agricultural fields all over Oregon are turning up acidic where they never had been before. "Even out in the drier sections of the Columbia Plateau, the need for liming is going to occur sometime in our lifetime. Our growers are not accustomed to applying lime to this region," he said. Western Oregon farmers usually don't wait for a crop failure before they act. It is common knowledge among them that lime application is essential to healthy crops because plants draw 14 of their 17 essential nutrients from the soil. They cannot do this if the soil is too acidic.
    Lime counteracts soil acidity because it is very alkaline (see sidebar, "Of Saliva and Seawater"). Applying lime to the top layers of soil increases its pH, reduces acidity and enables absorption of nutrients.
    The need to monitor soil pH has never been greater, Smiley said, because agricultural fields all over Oregon are turning up acidic where they never had been before. "Even out in the drier sections of the Columbia Plateau, the need for liming is going to occur sometime in our lifetime. Our growers are not accustomed to applying lime to this region," he said..

    (44) - New evidence has emerged of brainwave states above the highest recognized brainwave frequencies of Beta (30 Hz). Higher-than Beta frequencies are called Gamma. These Gamma brainwaves resonate around 40 Hz and are associated with the brain function which holographically synthesizes all the bits of individual data from various areas of the brain and fuses them all together in a higher perspective.

    Gamma is a 'newer' brainwave only because it is difficult to get instrumentation to accurately measure it. It is thought the Gamma is the harmonizing frequency - for example when you are observing an object, its colour, size, texture etc are all perceived and processed by different parts of the brain, it is thought that Gamma allows for unification of all the different information.

    This brainwave activity is associated with states of self awareness, higher levels of insight and information, psychic abilities and out of body experiences. This new region of brain activity and states of consciousness associated with it is called EPSILON.

    Theta and gamma rhythms also interact helping the brain to package information into coherent images, thought and memories.

    EG researchers are noticing extremely high brainwave frequencies above Gamma, at up to 100 Hz. Totally opposite speed brainwave frequencies - some at 100 Hz and others at less than 0.5 Hz - have exactly the same states of consciousness associated with them. These high-range brain frequency states are named HyperGamma. Later information showed new evidence of frequencies even higher than this, at almost 200 Hz. named: Lambda brainwave frequencies and states of consciousness.

    These HyperGamma, Lambda and Epsilon frequencies, are linked together in a circular relationship -where if you looked with a magnifying glass at an extremely slow Epsilon brain frequency, you would see hidden within it a modulation frequency of 100 - 200 Hz. If you stand back far enough from an extremely fast 200 Hz brainwave frequency, you would see that is it riding on the crest of a slow motion modulating wave of Epsilon.

    This Epsilon state of consciousness (the state Yogi's go into when they achieve "suspended animation") is where western medical doctors can perceive no heart beat, respiration or pulse. HyperGamma and Lambda states of consciousness are the states associated with the ability of certain sects of Tibetan monks who can mediate in the Himalayan mountains in sub-zero temperatures with scanty clothing and melt the snow all around them.

    (45) Center for Neuroacoustic Research - have shown clear and repeated evidence, in patients, of brainwave frequency patterns below the traditionally accepted lowest Delta rhythms of 0.5 Hz. This would be brainwave activity as slow as one quarter cycle per second, one frequency per 10 seconds, per one minute, or even longer. Indications of ultra-slow frequencies are evident on the EEG traces of certain patients experiencing extraordinary states of consciousness. These states seem to be associated with very high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight and out-of-body experiences. Some of the higher Yogic states of suspended animation associated with deepest Delta brain states actually continue deeper into these below-Delta brainwave states, which we are calling the Epsilon State (Epsilon, since it is the next Greek letter of the alphabet after Delta).  

    In order to explore these deeper extraordinary states of consciousness associated with Epsilon brainwave patterns, we have had to use traditional EEG equipment in unique ways and to initiate the design of specialized EEG equipment to measure frequencies this slow. Most regular EEG equipment is not set up to measure frequencies below 0.5 Hz.  

    We have also noticed that whenever there are extraordinary meditation states present, brainwave electrical activity between the right/left hemispheres tends to synchronize. This synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres seems to only happen in special circumstances of consciousness - the "aha" state, the moment when the answer to a problem occurs, creative inspiration, great insight and moments of awareness of one's own existence.  

    There have also been reports in the EEG literature from other researchers, that there is evidence of extraordinary states of consciousness associated with higher-than-Beta brainwave activity. These brainwave patterns go from 40 Hz and above - in some cases, as high as 100 Hz or more. The 40 Hz higher-than-Beta activity is now an accepted brainwave state in EEG nomenclature being referred to as "Gamma" brainwaves. We are calling brainwave frequency patterns significantly higher than 40 Hz "Hyper-Gamma" brainwave states. More recently, there have been reports by EEG researchers of ecstatic states of consciousness associated with brainwave frequencies of 200 Hz, we are calling these frequencies "Lambda" brainwave states.

    (46) Hydrogen is a chemical element with chemical symbol H and atomic number 1. With an atomic weight of 1.00794 u, hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table. Its monatomic form (H) is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe, constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass.[7][note 1] Non-remnant stars are mainly composed of hydrogen in its plasma state. The most common isotope of hydrogen, termed protium (name rarely used, symbol 1H), has a single proton and zero neutrons.

    (47) When certain compounds metal can be placed into a container of water for this reaction to take certain compounds interact with each other, elements can be released. This phenomenon can be exploited to produce hydrogen gas using calcium metal. Calcium metal (Ca) is known as an "alkaline earth metal. These types of metals naturally seek to expel two of their electrons, and when combined with water (H2O), this is exactly what occurs. Water contains both hydrogen and oxygen, which can be split during the reaction.

    A solid piece of calcium metal can be placed into a container of water for this reaction to take place. The calcium will react quickly with the water. During this reaction, the calcium changes to calcium hydroxide, or Ca(OH)2, while the water is converted into hydrogen gas. This gas is released in the form of bubbles rising to the surface. If enough calcium metal is present, the entire container of water can be converted.

    (48) The Etherization of the Blood - Rudolf Steiner - These rays of light stream from the heart to the head and flow around the pineal gland. These streamings arise because human blood, which is a physical substance, is continually dissolving itself into etheric substance. In the region of the heart there is a continual transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance that streams upward toward the head and flows glimmeringly around the pineal gland. This process, the etherization of the blood, can be shown in the human being throughout his waking life. ..

     At the moment of waking or of going to sleep, these two currents meet, and in the man of low morality a violent struggle between the two streams takes place in the region of the pineal gland. In the man of high morality and an outstreaming intellectuality, a peaceful expansion of glimmering light appears in the region of the pineal gland. This gland is almost surrounded by a small sea of light in the moment between waking and sleeping. Moral nobility is revealed when a calm glow surrounds the pineal gland at these moments. In this way a man's moral character is reflected in him, and this calm glow of light often extends as far as the region of the heart. Two streams can therefore be perceived in man — one from the macrocosm, the other from the microcosm.