Gravity of Angels
Dominic Arena Daley
started December 3, 2002- finished June 4, 2003
quotes from 'The Three Candles of Little Veronica' added June 12, 2003

'Winds of Change'
All Cannings Bridge, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 26th April. Image by Busty Taylor Copyright 2003

  "Hatred and misunderstanding have grown to such excess among human beings today that, carried into the post-mortal sphere, they can no longer be dissolved by the hierarchies. The result is that something like a spiritual cancer is branching out ever more and more through human civilization. We should take out of this an admonition to concern ourselves with what actually goes on inwardly as ego and astral experience, so that gradually we learn to form and handle the forces of the second, spiritual man in us."

The Second Man in Us
Maria Roschl-Lehrs ( 2 )

Who with the eye of reverence may discern
How crystals form within the soul of Earth,
Watch in the quickening seed the clear flame burn,
In life see death, and in decay new birth...
He who has found his kin in man and beast
And in that kinship God's own Brotherhood,
At the High Table of the Grail shall feast,
Sup with the Lord of Love, taste holy food...
He, seeking, finds (God's promise shall suffice)
The pathway to forgotten Paradise.

The Three Candles of Little Veronica- The story of a child's soul in this world and the other
by Manfred Kyber

Fall 2002

     Love and luck is where you can experience the Gravity of Angels. It's that place of sunny good Providence, felt in the coursing red rivers passing through our hearts. It can be seen in the white lights of starry nights above and lives in the deep dark blue waters of our human emotions. It is found in the souls of those who look up, seeing into those starry fields of joy a purpose within, and just ahead.

     My name is Daniel Michael Changling and I have just returned home to Los Angeles after serving 10 years in the Air Force. Today I am riding with my parents Stanley and Clara Bell Changling in their '94 forest green Thunderbird to the Griffith Park Zoo. It is a cool, yet sunny late October day, a Jazz fusion radio station that my parents like is playing. Stanley is an immigrant from Holland some 50 years before having spent his childhood in Neueck - St. Margen located in the Black Forest of Germany. The Changling family built and sold cuckoo clocks and made glassware for the last 200 years in Europe. 

     The Black Forest was a country full of meadows and great forests. It had an ancient Christian shrine that pilgrims from around Europe had visited for a 100 years. The great beech tree with a face of Christ imprinted in the trunk was a familiar play and picnic spot for the Changling's. The houses were built alpine-like with their long slanting roofs while the entire region was famous for it's production of cuckoo clocks and crystal glass ware. Stanley met my mother at a girl's only high school in Los Angeles when he was picking up a clock for repair. That was over fifty years ago. They were married several years later and together ran a clock shop and glassware studio named Black Forrest Cuckoos and Glassware. It was up on Los Felis Boulevard not far from where they had first met..

     My parents, in their 80's now, and I walk through the zoos entrance gates; past the tigers who are pacing mindlessly back and forth along the perimeter of their tall iron fenced cages. As we approach the polar bears den and pool my father spoke up in a serious tone.

      "I can see it coming son."

     "What do you see coming dad? The big one, slamming us from out of the southern hemisphere."  Just retired from the Air Force, serving  as a satellite communications technician at a secret undisclosed location high up in the Rocky Mountains I have my own concerns about what is coming for the world and America. 

     "Big one, from the southern hemisphere no less, very funny" he says laughing. "You always see the big picture Daniel. No, what I mean is we need to protect this great country. That's why your service to America makes us so proud... but you know, our borders, both north and south are illegally crossed every day now. Seems that the weapons and drugs know no borders, no rule of law, just big money."

     "Sure dad... undervalued, overvalued, the world stands on its head.. The illegal drugs we are fighting with our 'war on drugs'. And it's become apparent that the North American borders are vulnerable needing some reevaluation and overhauling. Canada is overwhelmed just like everyone else."

      My parents did not say a word. Together we stood watching the polar bears dive into the cool pools of their outdoor enclosures. I thought about my parents, how much I loved them and how they had helped me to find my way back home. I thought about how lucky I was.

     "I put you both through the ringer. You helped me get out of debt and when I came home on leave...I sure did vent that pent up wild man. Women, party, and ... you put up with it, and then helped me get back to base in one piece. About pushed that old envelope to bust."

     "That was our job, we let that 'sweet chariot swing low' knowing the pressure you were under son. Knowing right from wrong is an inside job, part of growing up. We think your compass is fixed on the pole star of your conscience, that's all parents can ask for really."

     "Do you know the origins of that spiritual 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' Daniel?" my mother asked me.

     "No not really."

     "Well tradition has it that it originated in Africa from a tribe that inhabited Central Africa near the Victoria Falls. As the legend goes an old chief was about to die so he asked to be placed in a canoe with some of his possessions that his rank deserved along with some food. He was set afloat and as he sailed down the river towards the falls his tribe sang a farewell chant for him. The legend says that at the moment when he was about to go over the falls he was seen to stand up in the canoe and get into a chariot that had descended from the mists to carry him away." 

     "Sounds about right. Do you know the words to that spiritual?" I asked my mother.

      "Sure do!" and in her sweet Irish brogue she recalled the words from her wonderful rich memory.

"Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan and what did I see,
Coming for to carry me home?
A band of angels coming after me,
Coming for to carry me home.

If you get there before I do,
Coming for to carry me home,
Tell all my friends I'm a-coming' too,
Coming for to carry me home.

I'm sometimes up and sometimes down,
Coming for to carry me home;
But still my soul am heavenly bound,
Coming for to carry me home."

     "Sounds like an old slave song."

     "Well the chorus and maybe even the melody were brought to America by African slaves. Verses were added later when they came in contact with the Christian faith."

     We looked at the polar bears swimming in the pool. Their heads above the water line treading water then diving to swim the entire length of the pool without taking a breath. Then the bears flipped over underwater to swim back to the other side of their pool before breaking the waters surface. I thought of the words to the spiritual as I stood there.

                                                      A band of angels coming after me,
                                                         Coming for to carry me home.

      We watched the polar bears swim back and forth in their pool then my mother asked me:

     "Have you seen it on the news Daniel; the Russians are going hungry and the Chinese are running out of fresh water. Don't hear much about Africa on the news anymore but it seems to me and your father that the world is spinning out of control.... good that you helped keep Americans safe because the world is looking pretty rough these days." My mother looked at me with that same expression of concern on her face that she had whenever I would come home on leave; 'wild as a hatter with a bottle of J. D. in my hands' and some gal I had met in a bar that night.

     "China is developing hydrogen power today and will have all the fresh water they need in the next few years. Besides they have been gathering up gold for the last few thousand years so they are not broke. As to Russia their people have survived tyrants and dictators for so long that they have built up an immunity to hardship and are not going away. Broke as they are today they are still a people of great faith and resilience. Crooked capitalism is their main problem really but they have plenty of natural resources if they can ever figure out how to use them to their advantage. Africa is getting help from some enlightened industrialist in America and others from around the world now. But Uganda is still the only country on the African continent that has effectively gotten a handle on the AIDS epidemic and that's only because the education efforts of Jane Fonda and others with the Ugandan women have taken root. Unfortunately over the rest of the African continent it is still out of control." 

     "But the television tells us the world is going...what shall I say...cuckoo." 

     "Yes dad but it's the subliminal programming between the frames and embedded in the music that is scaring people I think. It has been proven that to much television can make you apprehensive about the future. The Internet and listening to the radio for our information gives us alternative medias to get our information from about the world. Most people are unawares of what positive changes are occurring on the planet right now. For example the Netherlands recycles 86 percent of their cars and Denmark has done away with aluminum cans and replaced them with reusable glass bottles. In America, California is the first state to set the lead with the 'world's first mandatory limits on global warming emissions from cars'. And solar energy and wind power have grown by more than 30 percent every year for the past five years in Germany, Japan and Spain, while that old dinosaur oil sees only a 1 to 2 percent annual growth rate.(11) All of this is happening because of forward thinking policies and ordinary people organizing. So you see 'cuckoo' is a relative term. Truth is, not seeing the positive changes that are occurring in our world today and it's potential for change is perhaps the real crime and madness in all of this."

     "But the television news is full of what is going wrong on the planet today" Clara Bell said again. 

     "Television! plays on our emotions and unconscious minds which was no mystery to the old Soviet Union or the Russians today. They know about the use of electronic low frequencies for washing over the emotions and sentiments of a countries peoples. With the results of encouraging risky war ventures, blind consumer consumption or even striking fear in the heart's of otherwise courageous people. So I think it best if you are anxious about the world today just turn that t.v. off for awhile and see if you feel better about the state of the world today."

     My father just watched the polar bears swimming in their pool. I could see he was thinking and slowly getting upset by what I had just said. Still looking at the bears he said:

     "The Soviet's knew nothing son, nothing but the strong arms taking from the weak and poor, then cunning criminals in the government taking from the strong. Why believe all that stuff son, the Soviets knew only tyranny against the Russian people, who knew nothing but fear, fear of losing their lives which many did. And as to China they are like a Chinese box for the American mind, very hard to figure out just what they are up to. That is except for one thing, they have a lot of our defense technology for some reason. And like the Russians they too sell weapons to anyone with the cash." He was momentarily upset slowly raising his voice as he spoke.

     Clara Bell, to break the tension, spoke up. "Mr. Blake he knew the human heart as well as anyone. I think he was a populist poet don't you Stanley?" My father agreed.

     "Yes William Blake and his words are as true today as they were in his time. The world forgets that to 'live by the sword, you will eventually die by the sword', and that is as true today as it was when it was first said, only difference being that the weapons today are more lethal." They start to walk through the zoo again.

      "Do you know what we discovered at the satellite installation where I was stationed dad?"

     "No son what? Satellites dropping into the sea, gravity not working, or is gravity being redefined by the 100's of lost flat bed trains floating backwards through space now, as we pass them going around the planet to our future?" 

     "Floating in, that works... It's the earths gravity that we are learning about. We are monitoring the ice sheets at the poles and have discovered that the increased water flowing into the oceans each year since 1997 is equal to a square block of ice that would cover much of Utah."

     "Cover Utah?" Stanley Changeling responds. 

     "Yes dad and it is causing about half of a mysterious equatorial bulge that we first observed in August. The other half seems to be happening due to changing ocean currents that have redirected water from polar regions to tropical areas."

     "The puzzling redistribution of mass actually involved a measurement of Earth's gravitational field. Earth has never been exactly spherical; it has always been somewhat pumpkin-shaped. Since the last Ice Age, though, the planet has gotten rounder and rounder as ground beneath the polar regions, relieved of the weight from ice, rebounds. Between 1997 and 1998, however, that rounding tendency suddenly reversed, satellite data showed, and the equator seems to have been getting fatter ever since. Scientists who announced the reversal could not explain it, but they were nearly certain the answer was in the oceans." (1)

      "The seven seas are rising. Soon the big snows will be here to stay once again. Oh my, sounds like a race with time is what it sounds like to me Daniel."

     "It's more like a race with our ozone holes, global warming and the subsequent changes in our weather patterns. There are so many jets and rockets tearing holes in the earth's protective envelop now that in another 10 years we won't have enough oxygen to breathe here on Earth due to the depleted negative Ions in our earths atmosphere. Coupled with run away global warming and the encroaching ice age, we are in real need of forward thinking policies out of Washington right now." 

     Standing in front of the bird sanctuary watching the birds flitting about my father spoke: "Washington, forward thinking; royalty facing the circumstances we find ourselves in today." Looking at the birds he said: 'birds, nothing more than an extravagance of nature,' so beautiful."

     After a few moments: "Darwin said that."

     "Yes Daniel, Mr. Charles Darwin." 

     "Dad are you aware of the concept of "managed chaos?"

     "Life at the arms bazaar you mean, or governments with a cupboard full of wars on the shelf, or the plans of governments versus the wishes of the people?"

     "Yes. The Machiavellian theory practiced as "problem/reaction/solution" resulting in a "New World Order" supposedly for our own good."

     "Yes son I am familiar with the strategy. While Russia starved we here in America thought the Soviet Union was the big bad bear about to devour us. Hell the Soviet Union was falling apart but we did not know that or if we did they went ahead anyway and made Russia the problem. The propaganda machines on both sides scared a lot of people for a long time son. The solution was an arms race that totally bankrupted the Soviet Union and made the world a dangerous place from then on."

     "Dad what time do you have."

     Looking at his pocket watch he then looked at me with a serious expression, not saying a thing for a moment, then slowly: "These are the times that try men's souls's 11:56-57 and ticking."

     Sitting now on a wrought iron bench now we watched the colorful birds flying in the large outdoor aviary. My father's relationship to time was unique. Seemed to me over the years that what he was really doing was equating time to history and...much needed social change on the planet. My mother broke the silence as we sat there looking at the birds. "Thomas Paine wrote those words in 1776." My father looked at my mother smiling... It was the right time to tell them.  

     "I feel them now on my back and arms."

     "Oh son that's wonderful, and right on time."

     "Have you told anyone?"

     "No dad, not the kind of thing you can just talk to people about."

      My father nods solemnly saying: "I understand."

     "Where on your arms son?" my mother asked.

     "Between the biceps and triceps, that's the pulse message center, upon the shoulder blades that's where the flight center is located."

     "That's it son, you have come of age. Please, again, keep this to yourself, they will only conspire against you otherwise. Unfortunately we are a much misunderstood species on the planet today. The genetic wiring of Angelica has been in place for eternity and it is unfolding  now on the planet earth..."

     After a moment or two: "But there are those who would kill this unfolding because of their own deeply seeded misunderstandings about us."

     "It is happening around the world now as if a race against time. I can feel it, the world's people want food, water, peace and jobs, not our politicians and governments wars. The race with the devil is on I'm afraid, pray the finish is to higher ground Daniel."

     My mother looked at me, then turned to watch the birds flying about in the outdoor aviary. She asked me: "your dreams Daniel, are they speaking to you now? but before you answer my question tell us the rules of Angelica dreams sharing."

     "Never tell a dream that did not occur, never add or take from the dream shared and only add to the dream when dreaming."

     "Very good. What can you share with us."

     "It was the weekend for the S.C. Trojans and U. of O. Ducks football game. A big weekend in Eugene. We proceeded out on to the town that night before the game in the eternal hopes of meeting some wild, yet proper women. We had a fine evening as it turned out, singing songs, meeting some nice people and all was well really. The three of us returned to our motel, the Excelsior, about 10:00 that night to turn in. While asleep I had this dream. There they were, the musicians John and Paul, you remember them? sure. He is with John behind a thin veil or curtain. Holding John's bloodied head in his arms, they did not seem deterred by the situation, rather were engrossed in their conversation as they looked out at something. I saw them in my dream vision, feeling sorry for John... then ever so slowly I realized..." 

     The three of us sat there looking at the birds flying about in their large aviary as I continued again to share my last few days experience with my parents.. 

     "That morning we got up, showered and went out to breakfast. I had a light breakfast, wheat toast, some orange juice, did not seem to have much of an appetite for some reason. After breakfast we went back to our motel to get ready for the game. As we were leaving walking through the parking lot we see this person walking by us using a cell phone in one hand and his other hand in his jacket pocket. We made eye contact with him then as in the blink of an eye a white Acura pulled into the parking lot. As the man turned to see the car I noticed a young women sitting in the passenger seat. She looked right at me and for an instant, I thought I knew her. Then in the next moment the man bolted out of the parking lot. We figured it was a sting happening around us and got out of there. Anyway we went on to the game and watched the Ducks totally dominate the first half of the game.  At half time I got a call on my cell but no one spoke on the other end... just sat on line saying nothing. The second half the Trojans dismantled the Ducks in an amazing turn of events. I was astounded, as I was pulling for the Ducks, to see the Trojans just take a wrecking ball to the Ducks.

     "That night we went to see a movie, 'The Shipping News'. It was a good movie and had this great soundtrack with drums and a baroque sounding sopranino recorder. Early the next morning my buddies left town heading back to Portland and I headed out for Los Angeles. As I drove south the drums and recorder kept playing in my mind. Last night after my arrival here and visiting with you both I retired to my room and soon after laying down I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt I was composing a piece of music full of drums and the haunting recorder I had heard in the movies soundtrack, it was like a wall of sound. And like the many sides of a crystal, the events and even the possibilities of my life were illumined in my dreams."

     We looked at the birds and did not speak for several minutes. 

     "Your astral body has become receptive to your guardian angel" Clara Bell said still looking at the birds.

     "Yes I know." 

     As we sat there I notice a red headed woman pushing a baby stroller with a small child in it pass by slowly.  Shortly after words several park employees walked by on their way to the large outdoors chimpanzees cage.  As they passed out of sight we heard the chimpanzees getting louder. Their 12:30 feeding evoked a loud response from them. As if they read the position of the sun or their handlers minds the chips screaming only escalated with their  keepers approach and providing them with a fan fare of yells and shrieks. 

     We got up and walked to the reptile house. Since my childhood I loved to see the two headed garter snake collection. The snakes seemed to know when my family arrived in the house. We always got both heads attention. As we stood looking at the snakes like we had done so many times before over the years, my mother magically added to the zoo's two headed snake collection. Giving a head to a snake that just a moment before had only one, hidden away in it's genetics, dormant was the high point of our visits. It was a fun game we had played in the reptile collection of the zoo since I was 10 years old.  

     "One more for the collection I like to think" my mother said as we looked at the newest member of the famous reptilian family. "Mutation magic, so easy with the reptilian brain. Does keep the zoo staff on their toes if you know what I mean" my mother said laughing as we walked through the exhibit. 5 minutes later we exited the zoo and walked back to our car.

     As we drove along Los Felis Boulevard I realized how much I loved my parents. My father had often shared with me the joy he had experienced as a child running in the fields as a child of 10 in his ancestral homeland of the Black Forrest woods. He said he could still remember the thick pine trees and running streams, that he could still remember the smells and sounds filling the air... Then like a hail storm soldiers arrived in his quiet valley and started forcing entire families into the service of the German army. The German - Jewish families were no longer welcome in paradise. They had few choices. Volunteer for hypothermia experiments or dig underground tunnels, so after 200 years of residency in the deep forests and valleys my father and his family fled like gypsies in the night to Holland, never again to return. 20 years later my father Stanley Changling was the first member of his family to immigrate to the United States of America.

     Entering the driveway I notice rain drops on the windshield of my parents car. What had been a cool, yet sunny day, was now an overcast rainy Southern California afternoon. The house seemed smaller to me as I walked up to the front door of the modest Tudor styled brick house. Next to the house was a small brick building built in a cuckoo clock motif with a sign over the door that read Black Forrest Cuckoos and Glassware. 

     Once inside the house we were greeted by the songs of my parents zebra finches which they raised. "Time for some rose hip and echinacea tea to warm the soul from the grip of the cold afternoon" my mother said as she walked into the kitchen. I sat in my parents comfortable living room and looked out to their back yard patio. Raining lightly now I noticed that my father has made some lotus lily shaped glass rain catches of primarily red, yellow and blue colors and set them on the patio. The dozen colorful, lily shaped, glass bowls surrounded a translucent white alabaster marble statuette of a kneeling angel, holding a large sea shell at it's feet, though they were not visible, to also catch the rain. The angel was about three feet tall, the sea shell bowl was also about two foot in diameter. The water drops falling into the shell catch and the 12 lily, colored glass bowls, about 6 inches in diameter, created the appearance of a changing and yet timeless place far removed from where he now sat. I fell into a mild trance looking at them as I seemed to melt in my parents warm house. 

     "Florence, Italy" his father said.

     "What dad?"

     "The angel rain catch is made of alabaster quarried just outside Florence, Italy. I bought it when your mother and I took a vacation to Italy several years ago."

     "Oh yes I remember's a fine piece."

     Looking back at the catches he sees that the rain is falling hard. In the angel catch the drops begin to look like spears jumping up from the bowl with each rain drops collision. Sharp pointed missiles or spears rising from the falling rain drops. He watches them for awhile before turning to his father.

     "Is that what you see coming dad?"

     His father did not reply. Together they watched the rain falling into and splashing out into the catches as the afternoon turned gray . Then his father turned to him and asked, 

     "Do you know what the greatest power in the universe is Daniel?"

      And before I could answer his question my father said: 'The love of a family for each other'. Nothing is greater. Sad isn't Daniel. The greatest power here on earth is replaced, subverted, with hate, children fighting wars and killing ....when really it's very simple. People want food on the table, someone or something to love in their life, something meaningful to do with our time here, that's all the human being really needs, the rest is just confused or misguided priorities really."    

     My mother walked into the room carrying a tray with a tea kettle, 3 cups and some strawberry jam and sliced brown bread. "That and the love of 'the family of man', don't you forget that Stanley Archer Changling, don't you forget that old 'family of man' out there."

As my mother poured the tea she explained: "I use only flower-buds just about to open for my rose hip tea, never the fully opened flowers and I have learned to gather them in dry weather only. Then I dry them until the petals are brittle to my touch packing them in tea tins to preserve their color and dryness. Funny, as soon as the rose hips are exposed to the air later on they absorb the moisture in the air and fade very fast."

     My mother the Irish woman says this while looking at the rain catches then turns to look at her men, after just the shortest of moments she turns to look out on the back yard patio and watches the rain drops falling into the catches again. 

     "Like waves on the rising seas, this love of 'the family of man' can carry us all into better worlds. Worlds here on God's green Earth that many people have never even imagined possible."

     The three of them watch the rain drops falling into the catches, the circular ripples expanding out full circle in all directions, like the pealing of clear bells ringing as we sat there sipping our rose hip and echinacea tea.

     That night after a light dinner the Changelings turned in for the night. As Daniel slept that night he had a dream that nearly threw him from his bed. He was sitting outside reading the paper when he looked up to admire the beautiful mornings weather. He caught something in his line of vision that when he looked closer seemed as if it was falling from the sky. As he watched the object picking up speed as it was falling to earth he could see that it was a missile...and it was heading straight for the yard where he was sitting. He got up from his chair in a panic and began to run around the yard in hopes of escaping its impact. The missile landed in the middle of the backyard where he had been sitting. It struck the earth,  burying about half it's length in the lawn standing at about a 45 degree angle and sticking about 30 feet into the air. It did not explode or break apart upon impact which was totally   incomprehensible to Daniel. After he had recovered from his initial shock he walked over to the missile and noticed that it had a small section with some clear paneled windows. Looking through the panels he saw what looked like vials or test tubes placed in a rack. He stood looking at them in amazement as he awoke from the strange dream.

     The next morning the Changlings were sitting at the dinning room table. They gave a moment of silence in prayer in thanks for the meal then began to eat. Clara Bell asked if anyone had dreams the night before that they would like to share at the mornings meal. Daniel looked at his mother as if frozen in time of a moment.

     "I had the most...what can I saw, real, startling dream." Before he could share the dream his mother asked him to,

     "Repeat the Angelica rules for dream sharing Daniel."    

      "Never tell a dream that did not occur, never add or take from the dream shared and only add to the dream when dreaming."

     "Very good Daniel. Share with us your nights dream vision."

     As I recounted the dream to my parents they looked at each other then looked back at me. When I was finished they did not say a word but continued eating their breakfast of white grapes, raw Norwegian herring, cheese, Matzos and tea. Finally my father offered me some herring but I declined his offer..

     "Trials of the heart Daniel. Mankind is now at war. It is a war of the higher self with the lower self. The missile is, among other things, the attacking thoughts of the other. Yet in the meeting of another person something can be healed in us, they can become points of growth, and a quickening is effected between people when the truth is shared. Then words lead to the experience of loving your neighbor as your self. In giving love our chalice is formed to be filled with grace from the spiritual worlds." 

     "The Holy Grail?" Daniel asked.

     "That's right, the Holy Grail allows us to overcome family and feeds our needs to become brothers and sisters in new ways born from within us."    

     We ate breakfast quietly as I thought about what I was going to say. "I figure it's time to work a little sports magic again with the Los Angeles Lakers and I also have about five pounds of manuscripts that I have written over the last 6 years while on ice, so to speak, serving in the military. I'm going to see about getting an agent here in town to help me get my work published, or produced for television or film."     

     "Television? an agent? Daniel you have the best agent in the world already, you know that, why bother with show business. We make clocks and glass ware, have for more than 200 years. Better that you help me with the shop now, meet someone special and settle down." Looking at his son imploringly he said, "your mother and I are not going to be living here for ever you know son." 

     "I understand dad, it's just an itch I have, so I'm going to scratch around and see what comes of it. If it doesn't work out I'll be back in the shop making clocks and rain catches with you while listening to the Lakers on the radio, so don't worry about it. Like I said, it's just an itch that I need to scratch, that's all."

     My parents looked at each other as if pondering the mysteries of their colored rain catch bowls, then Clara Bell turned back to me. "God has given you a wonderful imagination son, we have always known that. So go ahead, you can work with your father if it does not work out.  Who knows, scratch around a little, something just might happen."

     I looked at my parents and knew that they were as a bed rock for me. That no matter how far I flew, or from what heights I might fall back to earth, they would be there to catch me. There home was my home, their love the fire of my courage. It was now the right time to try and realize some of my dreams, at no one else's expense. I could hear the soundtrack from the movie I had seen several days before playing loud in my mind now. Loud pounding drums and the haunting baroque sopranino recorder calling me home and I was at peace, for now. Then my father spoke to me.

     "Fact is Daniel humans are here for one reason only, because God and the angels need us. They need us to think, feel and will the future of the universe. With art human beings can give back to God and the angels what they have given to us. So you see we are very important for the building of our future universe. And by doing this we create a soul connection with it's evolution. If your art is good Daniel then you will be doing what the universe needs to evolve. Unfortunately most art today is not contributing to this process."(2)

     My mother excused herself from the table. While walking to the kitchen she stopped and said: "Oh I'm sure someone in this town will be interested in what you have to say and it seems to me that some entertainers know more about what's happening to our planet today than our own elected  politicians.. they get out more I figure" then disappeared into the kitchen. 

     "The Lakers better be mountain climbers, because they are going to have to over take the Sacramento- 'Kings in the making', a deep, steep mountain, to win another championship. But then again you have always had that sports magic thing going for you since you were a child, so we will see... Got any tricks in that feathered back pack for fixing the earth's weather? Can't stand all this rain we been getting lately. You would think we were living in a cloud forest or something." "You mean rain forest, right?" "Which ever.  It's raining a lot and I wish it would stop."

     "I do have some ideas about saving our atmosphere dad. I have some inventor friends here in town who are working on that right now. Over the years I have stayed in touch with them and now I think it's time to pay them a visit and turn up the heat so to speak. It's now or never. Cumulative effects compound, at faster and faster rates. I don't see what is so hard about that concept really."

     My father smiled at me and said: "I call it the Alice in Wonderland logic son. Let the problems fix themselves, it's so much cheaper that way. All while cumulative effects in this finite world of ours increase in orders of magnitude, until finally a zeroing out is reached with the world returning to an equilibrium...problem solved"... 

     "You know dad the rest of the world is looking to America for leadership on these environmental issues today... and that's about as sobering as a judge on the take. Guess we have to take things into our own hands like a lot of other places around the world to get things fixed on the planet." (11)

      After a few moments I got up from the dinning room table and walked over to the sliding glass door that looked out on the patio and garden. Over the years my parents had landscaped a small yet charming rose garden with 10 red and yellow bushes with a path that ran between them. 5 on each side of the path and enclosed by a four foot tall yew hedge with an entrance just off the patio. Sliding the door open I stepped out on to the patio and walked through the entrance into the quaint garden. I enjoyed smelling the roses as I walked through the carefully manicured garden. In the far corner of the garden was our pomegranate tree named Sandalphon by my mother. I then returned to the patio just off the garden to sit down in one of the patio chairs. It was a beautiful morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. As I turned my gaze to look at the alabaster angel with it's sea shell bowl I could see the blue skies reflection in the calm clear rain water. 

     I saw my parents reflection in the clear shining water as they stood at the door inside their house looking out at me sitting on the patio. I looked at their smiling faces then as they walked away I could hear jets flying overhead. I Looked up to see them fly past in a matter of moments with only their condensation trails left mingling in the sparse clouds above. As I looked back into the angels rain water catch I saw the con trails slithering like snakes across the waters surface until they had covered the entire pool with their reflection. Then through the clouds I saw an old man riding a bike down a road with flowers draped around his handle bars that faded into a green coup driving down the same country road fading again into the very beautiful face of a woman who looked at me with such sad eyes... My reflections were broken by the sound of more jets flying overhead. They left more condensation trails that were cumulous formed white, thick and long-lasting jet trails which eventually spread out to make a thin layer of clouds on what had been a near cloudless morning sky. (4) My father stepped out on the porch.

     "Well look at that from clear to cloudy in 20 minutes. Must be a coastal weather system moving in but it doesn't feel right, it's not cool enough. Strange. Your mother and I have seen these jets crisscrossing the sky for years now, filling the sky with their spent fuels exhaust. You wouldn't know anything about that would you Daniel." 

     I knew the scuttle-but while serving in the Air Force, the rumors, unsubstantiated chatter,  mostly to while away the time. You see, satellite surveillance of drug trafficking over our borders or watching the flood of illegal entries pouring into the country got boring at a certain point, and to be honest, seemed pointless really as little was being done with our surveillance information. So we would talk about the story happening above our heads as the one below us did not seem to have any rhyme or reason to it... I knew my father was on to something with his simple yet keen powers of observation so I figured I would let him in on a little secret that we held close to our chest in the Air Force. 

     "You asked me if I had any tricks in 'that feathered back pack' for fixing the earth's weather patterns. The rain, you said it was like living in a cloud forest. Well..." pointing to the sky I shared with him what I had been hearing in the Air Force for the last 3 years. "We think it's a "planetary sunscreen" like a water vapor only made from reflective powders called Welsbach Materials that are being added to the jets fuel. The thinking is that by seeding the stratosphere with these very fine reflective powders made mostly of aluminum oxide we can slow down global warming. Rather than evaporating quickly like normal jet fuel or water it spreads out 'to raise the planets albedo so that about 1% of incoming sunlight would be reflected into space' in the hopes of slowing global warming." (4)

     My father listened with keen interest, then smiling at me he replied:  

     "Now that's really something Daniel Changling. We threw out all the aluminum cookware years ago due to the Alzheimer's scare, now we have to breathe in aluminum oxide fallout in the hopes that it might slow global warming... Guess if it doesn't work we won't remember anyway."

     He left me sitting on the patio and walked into his shop to work on some clocks. As I sat there enjoying the gardens scents and looking at the colored rain catches I did notice that the air seemed slightly cooler than it had been just an hour earlier. I looked up into the sky but now what had been an overcast cloudy sky just an hour before was now near cloudless again, with only long wide jet trails left spreading out slowly in the sky.

    Clara Bell walked out on to the patio."Oh it's cool out here. Daniel I want to show you something in the garden." She took my hand and we walked to the far end of the yard. A small pomegranate tree grew in the corner of the garden. At the base of the trunk were some beautiful quartz crystals. I remember them from my childhood but unlike the house that seemed smaller to me over the years, the quartz crystals seemed to have grown larger.

     "You remember Sandalphon our pomegranate tree here don't you Daniel? Say hello, it loves the attention. Do you notice anything different about it?"

     Saying my hello I then looked at the tree for a moment or two my gaze fell to the ground and I noticed my mother's crystals that she collected over the years.

     "Yes I do mom. The tree is bigger naturally... but if I'm not mistaken the quartz crystals seem somehow bigger also but that's not possible is it?"

     "To answer that question you have to understand just what a crystal is first. It is a creation of the cosmic light that has descended into the dark. You can say the light has overcome the darkness and created a form out of chaos, still now as the rolling hills in their silent eternity, at rest in a peaceful existence. You see Daniel the crystal is really formed as if it were at the center of space. Free of earth, it's more like an earth it's self. Like a celestial body in perfect form set in infinite space, here from earth's beginning on through to the changing tides of earth's constant and ongoing transformation."

     She bent over and picked up a piece of the crystal off the ground and handed it to me.    "Crystals don't really grow they just hollow out the etheric spaces around them, filling in  empty space. Our pomegranate tree here is rooted to the ground and grows out into space, the crystal is like a self contained Earth without need of the earth for it's existence. It's like the fixed stars above, the tree is more like the planet, ever changing."

     I held the crystal in my hand and between the plant and crystal I now understood why my parents were angels to me. They understood the secrets of the simple feeling life of the soul and were now sharing these secrets with me. The cosmic light of the mineral found in the crystal that I held in my hand and the rhythmus of the plant world that I saw in  the pomegranate tree seemed to cross in this small carefully tended garden of my parents. Like spirit and matter crossing in time through me as I stood there.

     "Daniel I need to explain something else to you now. Let's go sit on the patio." Once seated my mother looked at me and started to talk about the dream vision that I was now experiencing. "You will need to find that ground where your dream vision matches that of another. When you do, you will have found a soul mate. I know this sounds impossible, two people having the same dream but it's not. When this happens you must remember the dream perfectly and then anticipate seeing that person in the near future. When you see them, inquire of the other if they had a similar dream. When there is confirmation you will be as the Buddhist say 'liberated from this veil of tears', at least for the moment anyway. It is part of the Angelica training that you are now undergoing. "

     We sat on the patio looking at the many colorful rain catches. The small  lotus lily shaped glass bowls caught the sun light on the waters surface, then the light was refracted through the colored glass onto the surface of the cement patio. Reds, yellows, blues and peach colors filled the patio surface like the rays of colored crystals surrounding the alabaster kneeling angel with the sea shell catch. The subtle beauty moved me deeply and as a soft breeze blew through the garden the colors shimmered across the porch raying out in all directions, and even to touch our feet. We sat there quietly watching the play of light and colors, it was like a beautiful dream. Then my mother spoke again.

     "Presence of mind is very important for this work Daniel. Remember that as you dream.  Fortune does favor the brave and there is a reason for that, it keeps the faint of heart from getting into places where they have no business being in the first place." My mother got up from her chair: "Remember the words to that song in the movie 'Babe- Pig in the City' Daniel? A kind and steady heart, make a gray sky blue, a task that seems impossible is quite possible for you.. A kind and steady heart can conquer doubt and fear, a little courage goes a long, long way, gets you a little bit further down the road each day." Your father and I love that movie. Think we must have watched it a half dozen times over the last few years, you watched it with us when you were on leave a few years ago. Some good advice there son. We have the video if you would like to watch it with us sometime.... Well I have house work to do now so if you will excuse me." 

     "Thanks mom that would be nice... Mom before you go, do you remember the poem you named the pomegranate tree after?"

     "Sandelphon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, yes of course. Sister Mother Kellor my English teacher for 12th grade English Literature had us all memorize it. Funny how poetry sticks with you over the years when so much else seems to fade away... Would you like to hear it Daniel. "

     "Sure mother I would like that very much."

     "Alright here goes." Standing in the middle of the patio facing me, her feet square, shoulders set back, head held high, she begins to recite the poem from memory.

"Sandalphon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow"

"Have you read in the Talmud of old,
In the Legends the Rabbins have told
Of the limitless realms of the air,
Have you read it,--the marvelous story
Of Sandalphon, the Angel of Glory,
Sandalphon, the Angel of Prayer?

How, erect, at the outermost gates
Of the City Celestial he waits,
With his feet on the ladder of light,
That, crowded with angels unnumbered,
By Jacob was seen, as he slumbered
Alone in the desert at night?

The Angels of Wind and of Fire
Chant only one hymn and expire
With the song's irresistible stress;
Expire in their rapture and wonder,
As harp-strings are broken asunder
By music they throb to express.

But serene in the rapturous throng,
Unmoved by the rush of the song
With eyes unimpassioned and slow,
Among the dead angels, the deathless
Sandalphon stands listening breathless
To sounds that ascend from below;-

From spirits on earth that adore,
From souls that entreat and implore
In the fervor and passion of prayer;
From the hearts that are broken with losses,
And weary with dragging the crosses
Too heavy for mortals to bear.

And he gathers the prayers as he stands,
And they change into flowers in his hands,
Into garlands of purple and red;
And beneath the great arch of the portal,
Through the streets of the City Immortal
Is wafted the fragrance they shed.

It is but a legend, I know,--
A fable, a phantom, a show,
Of the ancient Rabbinical lore;
Yet the old mediaeval tradition,
The beautiful, strange superstition,
But haunts me and holds me the more.

When I look from my window at night,
And the welkin above is all white,
All throbbing and panting with stars,
Among them majestic is standing 
Sandalphon the angel, expanding
His pinions in nebulous bars.

And the legend, I feel, is a part
Of the hunger and thirst of the heart,
The frenzy and fire of the brain,
That grasps at the fruitage forbidden,
The golden pomegranates of Eden
To quiet its fever and pain."

     She looked younger now after recited the wonderful poem. I looked at her and marveled that my old mother could still recite such a long poem.

     "Thanks mom, that is a beautiful poem. Your teacher Mother Kellor would be proud that you still remember it after all these years." 

      She smiled and stepped back into the house not saying another word, leaving me to think about what she had shared with me that morning. The walk through her garden, the poem and the crystal which I held in my hand. It had become warm as I studied the uneven six sided pyramid at it's clear and shining top. Her words came back to me. "It is a creation of the cosmic light that has descended into the dark".

      As the world around us was changing rapidly, I knew humanity had come to a pinch point as it headed into the future. Old beliefs about our world were falling off, as over some flat earth's edge, and as if time was standing still, past and future mingled into the still point of the present moment. The Angelica order of the 'natural divine beings' of the Talmud and Bible were close by. Visible in the nights sky now, watching over troubled humanity, offering their help and direction. This ancient force of nature was here, ready to empower the human being with a connection to all things on the planet and the universe, we just needed to look up in the night sky to see and feel it. Like the crystals light caught in the dark, humanity was becoming a new force of nature, emerging from it's dark cave into the eternal light of the light above. Holding the warm crystal in my hand I got up and walked to my father's shop.

     The door to his shop was made of dark red Lebanon cedar. It was a very old and heavy door held to the frame of the small house by big black, hand wrought iron hinges that creaked as I opened the door. Hanging over the entrance was a small sign that read 'Time is a Relative of Mine'. As I walked into the shop the first thing I always noticed is how quiet it is. With many cuckoo clocks on all four walls, only one kept the time, while the others were as a mute testament to the ancient art of time keeping. They all worked and my father was only to happy to demonstrate this fact, but they were unwound and hung there quiet on the walls otherwise. Another thing that struck me odd about his shop is that all the clocks were set to about 3 minutes before 12:00, at exactly 11:57. Not 12:00 or 5 past but 11:57. I asked him once why he did this, his only reply was:

     "Because it's getting late."

     Over the years I would come to understand what he meant by that. As I walked around his shop admiring the beautiful clocks and glass bowls that he made in his small foundry in the back of his shop I could see that my father had managed to somehow stop time compressing it into a moment that stood still here in his little shop. His studio and work place could have been in those deep valleys of the Black Forest back 75 years ago. The dark oak work bench, the lead framed windows, his accordion sitting on a small table below the window, the small wood burning stove in the corner of his shop that he had not used in years, even the steep slopped roof of the little shop with it's exposed rafters of pine. Around the entire shop on the baseboards of the floor my father painted Edelweiss flowers giving the interior of the shop a look of being in a field of flowers in some alpine valley. All of it reminded me of some tinkers shop in an alpine village from another time long ago, transplanted to Southern California.

     Hanging on the walls were colorfully painted chalet cuckoo clocks, bird cuckoo's of course, deer cuckoo's, even hunter and fisherman cuckoo's. All still as the scenes they portrayed. A print of a beautiful waterfall hung on the back wall. I watched him repairing what looked like the gears of a clock with such painstaking exactness that I wondered if he had forgotten that I was even there. Then he stopped and looked up at me from his work bench.

     "Your mother says I could sell my clocks on the Internet. Do you think you could help me with that son?"

     "Sure dad I know how to build sites, I think that's a good idea." 

     "Great I look forward to that know they think we are an endangered species don't you."

     "What's that dad, cuckoo clock makers?"

     "No Daniel, people who think that faith, good work, peace and spiritual investigation can make the world a better place. 3000 years ago Daniel, my people, a band of loosely knit desert tribes came together under the belief of a One God and the original idea that people could make a difference in the world. (6) Somehow that band of ancient desert tribes with this revolutionary idea become what is called the Zionist state of Israel in 1948. Today we need to honor the ancient Semites of the region, the Palestinian people with their own homeland. It makes sense really and has to be solved, this problem of a homeland for the Palestinian people."

     "A cooperative effort between peoples would be as an oasis for the region really, but they must want that. People on both sides have to want peace to have peace."

     My father went back to his work repairing a clock as I looked around his shop again. Then it dawned on me that the only clock keeping time in there was one cuckoo clock. When I looked at my watch it said 12:00 straight up, but the cuckoo clock behind my father hanging on the wall said it was 4:44, set exactly 4 hours and 44 minutes ahead of my watches time...Seems 'time is a relative of mine' and is found in my father's Black Forrest Cuckoos and Glassware shop.

     Just then the cuckoo clock started to call out the time. The bird that sprang forward had a heart that beat through it's feathered chest to the trilling chirp's of it's little bill. It's mechanisms working perfect, as a very little protruding heart proceeded to keep beat to each of the12 melodious cuckoo's. It was very funny really.

     "See my waterfall print up there Daniel? Let me tell you something about waterfalls. Ever watch a trout swim up stream? Yes?" "Well salmon to be exact, but continue." "Same thing. Anyway you see them jumping up those high water ladders with hardly any effort on their part. You can do the same thing Daniel. Use this energy that Viktor Schauberger discovered while working in the woods of Austria during the 1920's. He discovered that running water builds up energy that flows in the opposite from the waters flow."

     "The waterfalls energy carries the fish?"

     "What he discovered is that this waterfall energy flows like a channel of light in the streaming water and that the trout or salmon looks for this energy flow and when it finds it is  pulled upwards like it was in a whirlpool of energy."(12)

     "Gravity of Angel fish overcoming the force of gravity" I joked with my father.

     That afternoon I borrowed my parents car and drove out to see some old friends. I had grown up with them as kids and had stayed in touch with them over the years. Able Kidd and Julian Houser were my oldest friends. 

     They a machine fabrication shop up in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains. Before that they had been working up in Canada for 10 years at a research center for environment reclamation. They built negative Ion generation and ozone generation equipment that they believed  could help save our atmosphere. Being inventors and died in the wool bachelors they were otherwise perfectly normal. Claimed the Elohim were accessed through the colors of the rainbow, which explained why they had so many crystals refracting it's caught sun light and casting it across the big barn in waves of the color spectrum, filling the lofty spaces of the shop like it were some laser show.

     Aside from that, they were in fact perfectly normal, dedicating their lives to working with ozone remediation and negative Ion generators. The negative Ion generators restored the low negative Ion content in our atmosphere they said and helped with their ozone remediation protocols that they had developed over the last 10 years. 

     They were watching the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game on the television when I walked into the large barn. They had set up a viewing area in the far corner of the barn, with a couch and several comfortable chairs for company. A large poster of Lance Armstrong crossing the finish line to win his fourth Tour de France in a row hung on the wall. The greatest athletic feat of the 20th and young 21st centuries Julian Houser would tell you if asked for his opinion. He was a bicyclist and a huge fan of Lance Armstrong. A poster of Tiger Woods hung on the other wall across from the bicyclist poster.

     "Did you see that?" Julian asked Able excitedly, hardly noticing that I had walked in.

     "Sure did. Riding that wave
in the rapidly expanding universe again I'd say" Able replied. As they laughed I realized how much I had missed them over the years and how much I enjoyed hearing them laugh again. It felt good to be home. 

     "Good to see you guys again" I said as I walked over to the far corner of the barn where they were sitting. "Daniel Changling, back with the living I see. Great to see you" Able said turning to me smiling. In the next moment he was back watching the game.

      As I caught the games action, as if flowing over the screen, I said: "Watching some of these guys play basketball is like looking into a mirror that inverts the image of a gravity field into a complementary levitation field I think." My conjecture was made while smiling at my friends who intently watched the L.A. Lakers play the Kings this afternoon. Julian did not take his eyes off the screen as he greeted me.

     Quick Walker an old Aborigine from Australia and a  friend of theirs said: "I call it real good magical running" as he looked at me with his ancient eyes smiling real wide. I had known him for several years when he first showed up to help Able and Julian with an invention they were working on at the time. He never left, living out behind the shop in a comfortable double wide trailer. 

     Julian observing the moves of Kobe Bryant the Los Angeles Lakers phenomenal guard yelled: "Si senor I agree with that. Basketball physics... got to love it ." 

     "Good magical running" Quick Walker said as he stood up from the couch he was sitting in and did his slow motion imitation of Kobe's magical running through the air. It cracked us up, and for the life of me looked like he was actually levitating through the air.

     I thought about what my father had shared with me that afternoon as I watched the game. Kobe's magical walking could very well be a riding of this channel of light found in the streaming water and like the trout or salmon some professional basketball players were actually using this energy flow to be pulled upwards in a whirlpool of energy."(12)

     They had negative Ion machines running in the large shop that made the air smell like you were by a waterfall in some pine forest. In fact it smelled and felt better in their shop than it did outside this afternoon. Their research started years ago and had alarmed them regards the condition of the earth's ozone holes at the poles of the planet. They had made the connection between global warming and the ozone holes tear's and were working to solve both the problems.

     Seems that the lowest ozone value seen in the Northern Hemisphere occurred on 10/30/1999. Its measurement was 165 Dobson Units (DU) measured between Scotland and Norway. The average ozone layer was about 1/8 of an inch thick or the size of two stacked pennies. The extensive research library they had in the shop, and the Internet allowed them access to the literature so they had learned that the stratosphere is where 90% of the ozone is located, found 10 to 50 km or 32,000 to 163,000 ft. above the Earth. Ten percent of the ozone is found in the troposphere, which is the lowest part of the atmosphere, where all our weather occurs.  

     The L.A. Lakers won a squeaker by a point on a Brian Shaw lay up on a beautiful back door pass from Shaq just as the defense was collapsing in on him. We cheered the team and a nicer guy could not have been the hero of the day, Then it was back to work.

     We walked outside to a experimental plot where there was an oak tree that had a black mold growing on it's limbs and leaves. A large negative Ion generator was set up next to the tree. Able took a picture of the tree with a Polaroid camera and pointed something out to Julian. They talked for a minute about the condition of the tree and then walked back into the large barn. Hanging on a wall were about 20 different photos of the oak tree. They were all dated and hung in the order that they had been taken. Julian posted the picture he had just taken and then looked at the pictures for a moment.

     "So did you talk to Professor Snider over at Cal Tech about what we discussed on my last visit Julian? Remember?  setting up ozone generators and negative Ion generators about 10  km or 32,000  ft. above the Earth to bring up the negative Ion and ozone mix in our atmosphere." 

         "Smith thinks it can work but we would need a lot of generators for starters and of course people to help us transport the generators up into the stratosphere and it has to be done quietly as he thinks there is an effort a foot to keep this environmental problem quiet and any efforts to fix the problem are being met with very serious consequences. Did you reach Major Sanders up in Colorado like I suggested?"

     "Ya, scared the hell out of him. Said it was suicide to even think of going around channels to get it done. Said I'd be shot for even suggesting such a thing to most the brass in the Air Force. But he did give me the name of one guy who might be able to help us, but under no circumstance was I to tell him where I got his name." Julian looked at me. "Well that's easy we will just tell him you had one of your precognitive dreams, he should like that, and when he hears our idea then he will know your just another nut running around with ideas that can only get us all killed." 

     "Notice anything? looking at the Polaroid's up on the wall. Looking at them for a moment I noticed that the first photos taken 6 months ago showed an oak tree that was covered with this black mold and clearly dying, then the pictures progressively showed a reduction in the black mold. "Looks like the tree is recovering." "That's right Daniel, the negative Ion generator is stimulating the trees healing mechanisms and fighting off the black mold  resulting from the negative effects of the predominately positive Ions that are found in our air today." 

     We walked over to the resource library in the barn where Able was doing some graphs on the current positive to negative Ion content in the air then extrapolating the current data out to a point where the ratio of positive to negative Ions on the planet was no longer life sustaining. "We are looking at 10 years max here. See where the lines cross here, that's our Waterloo if things are not corrected." He explained the graphs to me and what their significance was. 

     "The guy is retired from J.PL. and before that worked in the CIA for years" I told them as we looked at Abel's data coming over the Internet now. "Major Major Sonders said this guy might help with the logistics of getting the rockets lined up for launching the equipment up but I would have to catch him on a good day as he was seriously depressed about the way the country was going...something about a 'rabid right' that took the Bible more seriously than all the scientific documentation that was pouring in now about technology for repairing the planet's environment. Said their was a conscious consensus or malaise in the present administration that a doomed earth was somehow inevitable so why worry our 'orbs of light' about it. It was going to happen anyway. It was the last days crap that he found totally counter productive for a great nation moving into the 21st century. Felt it was beneath us, so he retired from government service and has hardly been heard from since. That was 3 years ago. His name is Clayton McFirely, lives in San Diego, never been married, drives a red, white and blue '67 Corvette and is a season ticket holder for the Clippers."

      "Well he won't be hard to find that's for sure" Able said as he looked at NOAA's site reviewing the current data coming in on the ozone holes over the north and south poles. Then he linked to the National Center for Atmospheric Research out of Boulder, Colorado for any updates on global warming trends, then he linked to an Ion generator manufacture out of Kentucky for some specs for a generator that he was designing and building that had the tolerances to withstand the stress of being placed in a geo synchronous orbit around the earth. "Tell him we would like to meet him but that's not even necessary, if he can just get us the contacts we can take it from there." 

     "Who do we have in China and Russia Julian?'

     "Charles Chen, MIT now works in Beijing, for China's largest private satellite launching service, tied in with the military and political power, father is a personal friend of the Chairman. Can be ready to stand down when we launch the equipment. Peter Doeskin in Russia is a friend of mind from my Cal Tech days. Says he can get it cleared with the Russian military to provide technical advice for us and the rockets that we might want to use for getting our equipment up into zero g's just above the earth's gravitational field."

     "North Korea, are they a problem? I asked.

     "Tunnel vision, to busy tunneling under ground to notice what we are doing. I think they want tunnel vision concessions but China can't see it." 

     I realized that the complexities of the world had surpassed the capabilities of many countries to even get an understanding of, much less manage them. To fix the world before it was to late, answers would have to be found. Who to trust getting this done was very important. "I understand why China is so enamored of crystal balls and time."

     Able laughed. "Crystal balls I'm all for, but far reaching geo political analysis, you got to be kidding! How about, what's in it for me, and now much money you going to give me Uncle Sam analysis. That would be more like it Daniel. Just look at the oil industry, or look at Western medicine 90 % symptom driven, 10 % cure based, walking pads I call them. Even capitalism with it's unquenchable appetite for profits, selling things to people that they don't even need while going into debt to buy them. As far reaching analysis goes for geo political sanity, please Daniel, lets just try and save the environment, and maybe, just maybe, the old robber barons and political thieves will die off, leaving us with at least a planet to work with, one that is still able to support life."

     Able was right. "To be perfectly honest it's a matter of respect for others and valuing human life. 190 nations on the planet, 160 of them democracies in one form or another, most of which value human life but a handful of nations still don't. If you encourage humanistic values in nations around the world then the capacity for ironing out differences can be engendered in those who are like the vestigial organs on a living form that have atrophied, dropping off, to transform the form into the function of respecting others, and valuing human life. Basic biology really,"as I stopped to watch the rats looking up.

     We heard the Jets flying over head and went out to look at them. They left huge condensation trails behind them. Able followed the issue closely over the years. "They have been doing it for the last three years heavy duty. Take weekends off." Three more jets flew over us. "Figure it's a budgetary restraint their under with Boeing for the lease of their Jets."  I had learned most of what I knew about the mysterious jet trails from Able. I would confirm it when I went back to my satellite surveillance post with the Air Force. Over the last few years it awoke us from work that almost stupefied us; looking for ships smuggling drugs into the country, monitoring our borders or even fielding air traffic controllers reports of UFO's. None of it made much sense, so chem trails was exotic compared to the rest of it. And the interest inside the rank and file Air Force was keen.   

"Well's Back" Able said aloud. It was a play on words that he had used over the years. It stood for the Welsbach materials (4) made from very fine reflective powders, mostly aluminum oxide and rumored to be used for slowing global warming by creating a planetary sunscreen that would reflect back a mere 1 percent of the sunlight back into space and thus cool the earth.

While looking at the condensation trails slowly spreading out Able says: "I have some accurate documentation that shows JP8 a new jet fuel is making people sick. Captain Joyce Riley has reported and documented this. I have it in my data base. Spraying on the American civilian population is nothing new, and has been proved. We have attempted to alter storm fronts with seeding, that's a proven fact. Granted I acknowledge that aluminum particulates are a natural occurring element found in the dust cloud that circulates around the earth in the jet stream. However there is enough evidence now to prove that our government is making a planetary sunscreen in our atmosphere made from fine reflective powders, mostly aluminum oxide, to slow global warming."

     More jets flew overhead leaving large exhaust plums behind them. We walked back into the barn. Quick Walker is freeze framing a picture coming over the 24 hour NASA satellite monitoring of the earth. "Look at this!" he says. It is an absolutely beautiful ancient monument in the Middle East country of Iraq. It looks like a lion sitting on a throne. It is huge and beautifully set on some high desert plateau with a river running far below it. "Thank you Quick Walker" Julian says excitedly as he turns to Able:  "Print that up good man!" Smiling at me, he then turns back to look at the picture of the Middle East high desert region up on the TV. screen. He explains to me: "Quick Walker has made a science out of following the satellites 24 hour feed. Over the last few years he has developed an uncanny knack for freeze framing what very much look like archeological sites. His sites found around the globe give proof of prior intelligent evolved civilizations here on earth in human's relatively short 300,000 years presence here."

     We all look at the ancient monument clearly visible up on the TV. screen now. The NASA fed was an amazing revelation to them it on 24 hours a day in the barn. What the satellite passed over at 3:00 in the morning was occasionally breath taking. Things you never even knew existed on the planet you saw. Forgotten about stuff, things we were never going to know about stuff, that is unless someone saw it for themselves and showed it to you,... that type of stuff.

     "I had a teacher at the Air Force Academy, Lt. Col. Dave Kirkham who said", as I pointed to the TV screen: "That is the cradle of civilization. He was the head of the international history department at the academy. Said ancient Mesopotamia, which covered modern-day Iraq, "is deemed to be where it all started" those are his exact words.(7) All four of us looked at the monument for a few moments then Able said: "Would be a shame to lose them."

     Leaving that evening I notice Quick Walker out back of the barn looking at the sunset as was his practice every evening. I walked back to stand with him a few minutes before I left. He was facing the sun, hands, arms rest at his side with his feet spread about the width of his shoulders, squared to the sun. As he turned to me, his eye caught a large bug passing between us...He quickly caught it and after a moments examination ate the bug. He smiles at me while eating what looked like a large green mantis whose luck had just run out. I had seen him do this many times before and I knew him to have a ravenous appetite. I stood there admiring the sunset with him, imagining the energy of the sunlight as another food for humans. The ancient Aborigine had been instructing Julian and Able about the sun as food meditation for several years now. Both of them were notorious light eaters. I took the crystal out of my pocket that my mother had given me earlier in the day. I held it for a minute until it was warm in my hand then handed it to Quick Walker. He took it and held it quietly. Then he looked at me and said: "From dark to light, the crystals of space and stars... mooie, mooie." He handed me back the crystal and returned to his sunlight eating, through his eyes, meditation.

     Driving home after night fall I felt like I could just keep driving out Los Felis Boulevard into the night. Driving for ever, with out even stopping. I could have driven to the stars and back that night for all I was aware. As I pulled into my parents drive way it did seem like I had taken a very long drive home.

     As I walked into the house my parents were sitting down at the dining room table having a small meal. They invited me to join them at the table which was set for three. My mother had prepared a celery, cucumber  spinach salad with a diced red onions, raisins and sweet mustard sauce. Kippered Herring and  some pealed tangerines, cheese, Matzos lightly salted crackers, bread, butter and jams along with a glass of red wine and some water rounded the meal off. "How was your afternoon? Did you see some friends?" "Yes I did dad. I went out and saw Julian Houser and Able Kidd, you remember them? Went to school with them when I was a kid." "Oh of course those two. Either building something or blowing something up. I will never forget those boys as long as I live. I remember when Julian bet his eight grade teacher that he could ride his bike at the speed of light. And then he said that he could then set the bodies immune system working at a more accelerated and efficient rate of speed. How could I forget such wonderful children. Now they are inventors, are they. See you never know what can become of people if you just give them time." "Yes I agree dad. They are doing well. Have sold the patent rights to several inventions of theirs that have made them independently wealthy. Now they have the financial freedom to work on whatever they choose."

     I loved my mothers salads. They reeked of alkalinity and health. As I sipped my red wine I realized how simple they ate. Never much yet they seemed the image of health and their minds had not lost a beat. My mother looked at me, smiled and then slowly started winding her way down that 'do I have a woman for you' lane. 

     "Do you remember the Oli and Flows Nelsons? Well their daughter Lily married a man named Hankerin Beardy who had this very long and full beard, interestingly enough.  But Lilly could not stand it and so Hank, as he's called, shaved his beard off. Well they had a beautiful boy and named him Billy. It turns out Hank only shaved about once every ten days or so. It was his routine, who could blame him after all those years with a beard, he was not use to shaving really. Well he had a stroke a month ago, seems he did not shave enough. Now medicine discovers that to shave two to three times a week reduces the chance of stroke up to 70% How tragic really, he just needed to shave 2 to 3 times a week and not once every 10 days, as had become his custom, and he would still be alive." She looked at me, smiled and offered me some fruit.

     I looked at my mother she was like a many faceted jewel as I marveled at how she could tell a story. So many sides communicated in such a short span of time. I quickly learned that if I lapsed with my own shaving regimen I might possibly be subject to suffering a stroke like Hank and I learned that Lily Nelson was recently widowed and the mother of a five year old son named Billy. 

     That night I sleep like a baby. Early next morning just before dawn, somewhere between still asleep and awake I was all activity. I meet Mick at the bottom of a mountain, as he extends his hand he simultaneously begins to climb the mountain. Next I'm with Lou writing a musical score as that 'brier rabbit' Paul shows up looking like a million. As I walk through a wooded forest I meet Jack camped out with some young friends. Tells me I can put the knives away. I laugh knowing what he means. Psychological defenses people use for their own psychic safety is no deep mystery really. Caution favors the cautious I figure. As usual I laugh at his always infectious smile and am put at ease,... then I told him I have a few scripts that I think he might want to look at. Then I'm at an awards ceremony with Paul. I get a vote along with 4 others, did not win a thing. Get up to leave the ceremony held in this large auditorium, we walk by a pile of money laying on the floor. I stop to pick it up and start handing it to a kid who is also there doing the same thing. Getting up I start walking with Paul again, asking him what it was like being a Beatle. I notice I have wads of money in my hands and turn to give the money to a young person walking just behind us... Guess he was answering my question about what it was like. Anyway with my hands empty I continue talking to him,...Then I woke up this morning.

     Somehow the unusually full night's dreaming has left me wonderfully refreshed. As if they were just nocturnal romp's through 'those wavering fields of time and space' in the Gravity of Angels. I guess this was a way for me to motivate my will power, dream about things first. Inform the mind, then take steps to put it down... 'Educate to create'. As I lay in bed awake looking at the ceiling I felt like I had been sitting next to a waterfall all night. I was ready to tackle the world one more day.   

     Sitting out on my parents patio I study the angel rain catch and the colored glass bowls around it. I have a copy of the picture that Able and Julian printed up for me yesterday. My father comes out and sees the print and asked: "Where did you get that?"

     "The NASA satellite feed. Do you recognize it?" Putting on his reading, tinkering glasses on, he took the photo from me, looked at it for a few seconds then answered as he sat down:

     "Middle East by the topography and temple site. Which one I'm not sure but that doesn't mean much, the entire region is chalked full of ancient ruins. The cradle of civilization as some call it, the fertile crescent, home of the ancient city of Ur, the first city founded in the West,  later to be called Mesopotamia. The temple there in Baghdad dates back 5,500 years. What you have there is a photo of another of its region's famed ziggurats, looks like a great lion sitting on a throne with a moon at it's back, another homage to the moon god I imagine. Daniel there is probably stuff over there that confirms we are from Mars for all we know."(7)

     "I don't think we need monuments to tell us that, seems obvious. I took some classes at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs from a history teacher named Lt. Col. Dave Kirkham. He said the same thing. Called the region the 'cradle of civilization,' like you said and that it all went back to ancient Mesopotamia. We learned that In 762 A.D. Baghdad was founded on the very spot where Mesopotamia had once stood and before that this ancient city of Ur. Today this is modern Iraq."

     "Son, it bear repeating, a little history regards the Middle East going back to World War1. The British and French promised the Palestinian people a homeland along with the creation of a Jewish state back then as to gain a strong hold in the region against the Turks. But as agreements can go, the British and French took control of the Middle East for the next 38 years and during this time the Jewish state of Israel was finally created in 1948, but the long-awaited Palestinian state was not. And thus began the Arab-Israeli War of 1948... To understand the dynamics of the Middle East today you must understand ancient and not so ancient history. If you don't you could get drawn into a guerrilla war somewhere in a tar pit with cultures 5 to even 10,000 years old." (7)

     We both sat looking at the colored rain catches. The angel's seashell was full to the brim with crystal clear rain water. The sunrays were caught on the water's surface, then as by magic a gentle breeze blew through the yard and my father's face for a few darting moments became illumined by the pool's reflected sunlight.  He turned to me saying: "Well son I've got some time to catch so best be going. Help yourself to the car today, your mother and I won't be needing it" as he got up from the chair smiling at me as he walked over and into his shop. 

     The colors in the rain catches changed as the morning's cool breezes moved across their surfaces. The blues turned to lighter and lighter hues of blues in the translucent blue glass bowls like blue berets falling shifting shapes floating down through the water. The water in the angel's alabaster sea shell catch rippled across it's surface, flashes of sunlight caught as in a mirror. It looked like so many sparks of electricity, or the child's burning sparkler at a Fourth of July parade. I watched as the sparkling reflections and colors in the rain catches were carried away over their borders by the soft breezes into the air.

     Driving down to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles that afternoon to watch the L.A. Lakers play the Clippers I turned the radio on to the Jazz fusion station my parents listened to. The fluid jazz of Pat Metheny carried me on it's acoustic waves as it seemed to me our planet was moving from a solid to a liquid state by the day now. Those sparkling rains, bright as any angel's light,... like a new born bird.     

     Once in the Staples Center parking lot I kept my eyes pealed for a red, white and blue '67 Corvette. Like a light house there parked directly across from the main entrance to the center was Clayton McFirely's red, white and blue Corvette. Parking close by I got out of my parents car, locked it and walked up to the ticket booth to purchase a ticket for the day's game. It was a short line and I did not have to wait but 5 minutes to purchase my ticket and started to walk into the Staples Center. Just then I noticed a tall, dark haired man wearing horn rimmed glasses walking over to the Corvette. He opened the door and got something out of the car. As he was walking back to the arena entrance I walked in just behind him following him to his seat. As the Arena was near empty the ushers let me slip by without checking my ticket. I sat next to him for the pre game show. 

     The pre game show was just getting under way. Clayton McFirely sat erect watching the cheerleaders dancing to a lively Motown sounding track blaring over the public address system. His attention intent on watching the women do their very gymnastic routines. His season ticket was five rows up from the playing floor. I figured he had as much an interest in the pre-game and half time shows as he did watching the Clippers play. I noticed that his eyes moved from one cheerleader to the next with almost the exact amount of time spent watching f each cheerleader doing her routine. Clayton McFirely seemed content in his world. Not to disturb his revelry but more to open up some channels of communication I commented about the attractive cheerleaders.

     "Makes it all worth while." "Sure does" he responded not taking his eyes off the cheerleaders who had now gone into a routine that even I had a hard time not watching with an almost ogling abandon. Seemed the cheerleaders with the accompanying music knew just how to liven the crowd up, revving the excitement up to what seemed to me a near frenzy. The humor did not escape me, the Clippers were so bad that the cheerleaders by comparison shone and the fan's obviously enjoyed the show that they put on. I did too and clearly the energy was not missed by Clayton either. He sat erect as a five star general not taking his eyes off the floor action.

     "My name is Daniel Changling just retired from the Air Force." Clayton did not say a word just kept watching the cheerleader routines. When the routine ended he turned to me and said, "Do I know you?" "No not really, just thought I would introduce myself." "O.K. with that, my name is Clayton McFirely, retired and as you can see enjoying the show." As the next song came over the public address system the players came out on to the court to warm up. I noticed that Clayton now watched the Clippers and seemed to lose interest in the cheerleaders. As the game began I asked Clayton if he thought the Clippers stood a chance of winning today. "Only if the Lakers don't show up" laughing, "And that looks like Shaq and Kobe out there so probably not. But hope, like poppies on a quiet front, seems to spring eternal in the most unlikely of places."

     As the game unfolded it became uneventful fast. Shaq's crushing inside game was unstoppable, mixed with Kobe's magic getting better every week. They were like surgeons slowly working there way back to another Championship series game at a time. The Clippers had plenty of potential but the L.A. Lakers were moving into playoffs form and handled the Clippers easily. The last time I had seen the Clippers play was back in 1983 in San Diego when I was just a kid. We made a weekend of it going to the zoo, then catching a San Diego Clippers game. I can't even remember who they played or who won but I do remember that there were about 5,000 of us watching the game. I thought there were more people at the zoo that day then were at the game that evening. Today the attendance was much better but the team still needed help. 

     "So you a Clippers fan Daniel" he asked me at half time watching the cheerleaders closely. "I liked D. J. when he played for the Seattle Super Sonics, very smart player, but no, I'm a Lakers fan. And you Clayton, from the sounds of it, I would say that you are a Clipper's fan. How did that happen?"

     "Skies the limit for underdogs, I like seeing them grow, what can I say." The L.A. Lakers went on to defeat the Clippers 147 to 93. By the games end Clayton and I were heading out of Staples Center to have a beer down at a bar he liked in San Diego. It was a short drive really and would prove to be a fruitful evening.

     It overlooked the San Diego Harbor. Ships from around the world used the harbor now and it looked like the global village was alive and well in Southern California. World trade, jobs for the asking, a border town economy that excluded no one. Or so it seemed as we sat drinking our beers.

     "So you miss the Air Force Daniel?" "No not really" "You miss the Navy Clayton?" "No sir I saw my share of war and glory to set me right for life. I'm just enjoying what time I have left to me just might see those Clippers win an N.B.A. Championship and then it's off to my just deserts." "You mean 'just deserts' as in rewards, not deserts like in barren don't you?' "Son when you done as much as I have in a lifetime it's questionable which place your going but one thing for sure, it will be just." 

     I looked out on the harbor and watched the stevedores unloading the cargo containers slowly, methodically, with huge dock cranes, stacking them atop other cargo containers. "Busy place isn't it"I said to Clayton. "To busy if you ask me, the imbalance of trade is about to cave our docks in. 460 billion worth of incoming trade cars, electronic goods, adult and children's toys of every description. What's going out? Chemicals, pills, jewelry, scrap metal, hay, logs, weapons and pornography. Seems the imbalance of quality goods going out gets reduced as the quantity of quality goods coming into America from abroad just keeps growing. Something troubling about that equation." 

     I decided to get to the point with my new acquaintance and asked him how he felt about where America was heading in the near future. 

     "Well Daniel, now that you ask me, I can tell you one thing. We are at risk of being over run. Our borders are a joke and that"......looking at me with that round as a moon face of his, peering through his brown, horn rim glasses, he said: "is the Peter principal in action."

     I laughed understanding his point exactly. To lose the country because of our borders failed us would truly be an act of incompetence. "Yes it is. Might as well call it Swiss cheese. But I'm working on the ozone layer, much more interesting really. I'll take science over politics any day. Anyway we have some major problems up there as well, and our air is going the way of our oceans, dying...We could use your help."

     "Listen I'll tell you one thing about the government, if you John Q citizen don't see it, it's not a problem for the government. But they hate those letters, emails and phone calls, that gets their attention, short of that, see no evil, speak no evil. Works out real well for them usually. Hell I saw more blue berets on training exercises running around our military bases than I saw of our own troops over the last 10 years. Something is going on big time with the United Nations, but they have to work with the American peoples, hell, not take the U.S.A. over! Without the U.S. the United Nations is a coffee clutch in some cafe in Holland, or a gentleman's smoking club in London. Do you understand what I'm saying Daniel? We need each other in this wild and wooly world we have out there today. But what we don't need is some International U.N. troops out of Asia stripping us of our sovereignty as a nation, and telling us it's Marshall law time here!"

     The waitress served us a couple more beers as we looked out at the sunset over the harbor. "The ozone holes, now there's a scintillating subject for our present politicians and, so called, captain's of industry, to grapple with. Only problem is they have to concede that there is a problem in the first place. Do you think the American government tells you anything about the collapse of the environment, extraterrestrial contact, crop circles? These guys are the gate keepers to all the secrets, all the stuff that our taxes have played for to discover over the years and could possibly help to make living livable for all of us on earth, that stuff, is somehow classified top secret."

     "If you could help to save the environment of the planet would you do it?" "Well we are talking some time there Daniel. I suppose if I could stick around long enough to see the Clippers win a championship, I would be willing to put my time to good use helping to fix the environment in the mean time. Both are going to take some time you understand."

     After we finished our second beer and were about to leave I asked Clayton if he would like to meet some people who I thought he might find interesting. "Well I'm going to the Clippers game tomorrow. After the game would be fine, are they up in Los Angeles?"

      "Yes they are." Without as much as two moments reflection he answered: "Sure Daniel, I can do that." We shook hands and parted company. As I drove home that evening, I could hear the drums and that baroque sopranino recorder playing the somber yet uplifting music from the movie I had seen a few days before. It started to rain and as I pulled into my parents driveway it was pouring.  As I walked into their house I found them sitting in the living room listening to some music. It was their favorite Jazz fusion station that I had be listening to today. They were drinking red wine with some cheese and crackers. After washing my hands I joined them in the living room.

     "How was the game? Lakers win?" "As expected" I replied. "See sometimes you just know things." I looked at my father smiling as he was turning to my mother: "Your mother tells me that she saw Lily Nelson down at the market today with her little boy Billy." "That's nice, how is she anyway" I asked. "Seems fine, such a nice soul,. perhaps you will ask her out sometime?" My mother looked at me smiling as if she knew something that I was not yet aware of. "Perhaps, haven't seen her in years,"...taking a sip of the wine, "this is great wine, where does it come from?" "Napa Valley. Your mother and I like it very much. Goes with the Dubliner Cheese and Jazz very nicely, don't you think" as he took another sip of his red wine. Looking at my parents now they seemed so...serene. And it struck me that love brings a peace into one's life. As it rained hard outside, inside my parents warm and cozy house these two simple people were content. After an hour of conversation and a couple of glasses of wine I excused myself and went to bed.

     For some reason I was restless and did not fall asleep for what seemed hours. When I finally feel asleep I found myself standing beside a four by four bird cage. The birds were small and very colorful. I noticed that their water was fouled and needed changing. Just then a hummingbird flew up to the cage and hovered for a few moments before I caught it in my hand. Then as I was walking around to the cages door another bird flew up and I caught it as well in my hand that held the other bird. When I opened the cage one bird flew out as I put the other two in. As I changed the water... the scene changed.

     I was in a hall with some other people and I noticed a politician looking at me and smiling. I smiled back noticing that he had a bandage over his nose. Suddenly there was a gun pulled, I grabbed it and knocked the politician on the head twice with the butt of the gun, which enraged and surprised him, looking at me as he ran from the room. Then two men, one very big and the other small, walked back into the hall and grabbed me, holding me behind the arms. Then as the dream drama unfolded the scene changed and all of us were outside looking at something. It was then that I stepped behind them and ran for it. I went back through the same door we had just come out of. Running now in what looked like a gas works plant with a lot of long pipes that stretched the full length of the two storied building until I was free of them. As I awoke in the morning I knew someone was where they had no business my dreams. I realized then that some people out there can ruin your social life on the other side if you don't respond to their mischief quickly. 

     Sitting on the porch this morning sipping a cup of green tea my mother joins me. "How did you sleep last night Daniel, that was quite a storm we had." "It kept me awake for hours and when I finally did fall asleep I had the most unusual dreams." "Share them with me if you would please."

     I start to tell her my dream visions as she sits quietly looking at the angel and glass bowl rain catches. When I finished she looked at me and said: "catching colorful birds, why you are dream catching Daniel, that's the best show around while living in this cage in the fallen world" my mother says laughing out loud looking straight at my father, then back at me. "And this politician do you think of him very much? " "No hardly at all, I say a prayer for him occasionally, but no, I don't think about him." Smiling wide she said: "Good, the laws of attraction work in the dream state as they do here in the physical world. Do you harbor any dislike or hate for this person?" "None, not my way really." Looking at the angel rain catch brimming full she turned to me: "Good then you are protected and you learned something about him, ...a few more prayers for him probably would not hurt." "Tell me about it, must be a lot of pressure that goes with the job." "Remember Daniel what I said the other day to you about a 'presence of mind' in the dream?" "Yes I do." "Good, it will help you every time, it's the way to higher ground." 

     We both watched the shimmering colors rippling over the rain catch surfaces, the peace was wonderful and restful to the eye. "Mom there is one more dream." Tell me son?" "Well I saw an old relative of ours, short, gray hair, smiling, so glad to see me." "Yes that would be Uncle Johannes your father's father, he is quite active over there." "Well when I saw him he spoke to me." "Yes, what did he say?" "He said I was... an evolving soul. I think I surprised him being there, but he was very gracious and seemed happy to see me." "He's always like that when you first greet him. Can't believe we make it over there to see him. It's a good thing for these ancestor communications to happen, like the scent of a rose it keeps everyone's souls fresh.... From the waters of life for the family tree... and that 300,000 year old... family of man."

     That afternoon I picked up Clayton at the Staples Center after the game and drove out to my friends shop and introduced them all to Clayton. He looked at some computer data of Able's before noticing that Quick Walker was doing something with a 10 x 10 cage stuck behind some work benches and chairs in the far corner of the shop. "What you got over there, quail or something?" "No sir those are Quick Walkers blue rats." "Why I would like to see them if that's o.k. with everyone." "Sure go right ahead Clayton." As Clayton approached the cage the rats stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Then to all our astonishment the rats spoke: "Hello Clayton." Clayton looked at the rats and said "Why hello you desert blues." Quick Walker looked at Clayton smiling real wide and said: "Mooie."

     Seems Clayton worked on a project 3 years earlier in Nevada that taught rats to speak. The whole experiment was done to prove the innate intelligence of animals. Though it was a limited vocabulary the rats learned, the communication was established, and they were now being released in China as spies. Clayton moved on from the project and this was the first time he had run into any of his progeny. Quick Walker came by way of them through Julian who knew someone in the Nevada desert with access to them and picked up a pair. Novelty item for the shop at first. Over time Quick Walker fell in love with them and took to breading the blue rats and continuing their educations.

     "These guys treating you all right?" The rat's looked at Clayton. "Fine food." "Well that's great." Clayton looked at Quick Walker: "See you been improving their vocabularies. Live10 years from the looks of them,... 5 years longer than normal" Turning back to look at the rodents: "Those are some happy blue rats there, yes sir" then he turned and smiled at us. "Rat's. I do love the rats, yes I do." Quick Walker just smiled at him, "Mooie, mooie" he said looking back at his rats. "Fruit" they called out to us as we walked away from the cage. "They love that fruit, yes they do" Clayton said as began walking around the shop looking at the negative Ion and ozone generators that were all over the shop. "Smells good in here, bet everybody tells you that." "Yes they do" Able said.

     As we were looking at some basketball sized generators on a work bench, Julian and Able explained the solar paneling to us. Made them look like small geodesic domes. While they were doing this, the rats started calling out: "tremors, tremors." "Did I hear what I think I just heard?" "Yes, Quick Walker has trained them to detect earth movements and call them out when they do."

     The rats were clearly agitated in their cage as they continued to call out: "tremors, tremors." Then about 30 seconds later the building started swaying back and forth. We stopped in our tracks and waited for the tremors to pass by. As they subsided Clayton turned to look at the rats: "Well I see the blue rats are in touch with the not so terra firma, tell me can they locate water around here yet? I sure could use a glass of water about now." "Not yet but I think we can locate some for you" as Able went over to the small kitchen in the barn and poured Clayton  a glass of water. As he drank his water he noticed for the first time all the rainbow colors floating in the air through the shop space.

     He watched as in a trance then laughed out loud: "You guys must be rainbow crazy around here, sure a lot of refracted light flitting around this place, looks like Belize butterflies." Julian 'the Kulian' cool as could be spoke up explaining: "That's because we see each other as rainbows, the crystals facilitate impressing the image and colors into our subconscious minds. We have trained ourselves to see ourselves and others as rainbows. Quick Walker has taught us that the 7 colors of the rainbow are the seven Elohim. He showed us that Christ is lost yet found again in green nature." 

     Clayton McFirely smiled at us all but was not sure what to make of all this. Quiet in his own thoughts as he looked around the shop for a few moments. Then he turned back to look at Julian, Able, me, then Quick Walker.. "Well count me in. A rainbow it is. I will see you guys as rainbows and you go right ahead and see me as a rainbow. Around here that won't be hard to imagine, that's for sure" as he turned to look at the beautiful colors that now filled the shop. We all laughed and enjoyed his youthful exuberance.

     "Mooie, beautiful, mooie, mooie" Quick Walker called out as he watches the rainbow colors floating through the shop's air. Able looked at Julian for a moment and then turned to us. "We have something we want to show you guys."

     We walked out side to a pumice lined rock pond. It had a solar powered shop fan blowing steady gusts of air out across the small rippling pond. "On a hot day this is the coolest spot around" Julian tells us. A tall New Dawn rose bush with an overabundance of red roses grew twenty feet tall up a trellis that stood at the far end of the pond. The moist air and cool breeze carried the aroma over the pond and seemed to calm the nerves. Julian continued: "In the physical world you can find angels in water, vapor, air and lightning. We have worked over the years at creating a place where angels could find a resting spot." We all stood there looking at the 20 x 20 pond as Clayton turned to us: "An angel's hallow, I can feel it now." We just smiled at each other and enjoyed the peaceful spot for awhile. Then Clayton spoke up.

     "The German's have a word 'staunen' which translates to 'aroma of knowledge'. It is made out our wondering and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the results of our wonder. I believe that you have that special scent here, the aroma of knowledge."

     Clayton looked out back over the acre of land the barn sat on and saw Quick Walker. As he looked closer he noticed that he was dancing. Turning back to us laughing: "He dancing' with someone out there?" ...We looked at each other, then Able explained. "He's teaching a number of raccoon how to dance." Clayton just looked out at Quick Walker for a minute then turning to us. "When he starts preaching to them, you can Christianize his name to Francis." We laugh at his joke standing there looking at him, this tall, gray haired man wearing brown horn rimed glasses and dark blue cow boy boots.  

     "So you guys want to launch some satellites, see if you can save the planet's air, is that right?" "Yes that's right Clayton, the air and the ozone holes, we want to fix them. By doing that we slow down the global warming trend as well."...Clayton looked at Julian, then Abel and finally me, before speaking. "l don't think that should be to hard, everybody else seems to be doing it, launching low orbit satellites that is" grimacing as he said it. After another moment he flashed the Clayton McFirely full moon smile at us and like we were in this moon's reflected sunlight Julian instinctively reached out to shake his hand. Clayton turned to look at Quick Walker again while shaking Julian's hand. There in the sunset's glow Quick Walker's silhouette was caught dancing with 10 raccoon, all of them in synch, stepping out a four step routine. Clayton laughed out loud turning back to us: "I think I can see those rainbows around you guys." We all laughed as we watched Quick Walker and the raccoon strutting two steps forward, then one step to the left, one step to the right then only to repeat the routine over again without the least concern for our watching them. It was very funny to watch. 

 Two Weeks Later

     I was driving down to the Griffith Park Observatory for their night out with the stars program. As I was looking through the gift shop there she was. Pushing a child along, her red hair catching my eye as I looked at the gifts in the shop. Next thing I knew she was looking at the magazines just across the rack from me. I looked into her eyes and thought I might never get away. She smiled at me,... and I never did. Next day Clayton meets Julian down along the coast to talk.

     "Gets hot in low orbit, you got proper heat reflecting shielding on your satellites?" Clayton asked Julian as they walked along the beach. "Yes. I own a mica rich copper mine in Peru." "That's good. How many do you want to launch?" "1,000, one shot, each weights 5 pounds." The sound of the ocean's roar, the mist rising from the crashing waves washed over the two men as they walked and talked about their plans. The beach was empty, a few sea gulls, couple of seals swimming off shore.

     "So you guys and fly boy Baltassar are trying to save the world." "Baltassar, that's good Clayton, King of Babylon, who Daniel interpreted dreams for. Did he tell you about that?" "About what?" "The dreams that he's had since he was a child." "Nope, not a word." "He sees down the time track sometimes in his dreams." "That's good, then we won't get railroaded while doing this little project." 

     The ocean waves crashed off shore, the wind carried the salt air through their hair, filling their nostrils. Life of the oceans air, never meant to be anything more than the wisp of elements, caught floating in the air, now energized them both as they walked along the shoreline...'Julian 'the Kulian' turned to Clayton. "Not unless the train wreck is supposed to happen, in that case..." Julian went silent.

     ...."I have the rocket lined up, launch date is being worked on." "Where?" Julian asked. "Nevada." They walked along the beach for an hour talking about the satellites design parameters, the logistics of transportation and the best launch dates.

     Lily Nelson was 42 years old. She looked at me with that Irish face of hers and smiled as we sat there out on the pier. Little Billy sat contentedly in his stroller looking out at the ocean. The sunset this evening got me thinking about my childhood and something that my mother used to say to me. It was a brief little note about the life of a poet she liked and read. I decided to share it with her.

     "As a child my mother would look at the evenings clouds then tell me it was the Mother of God hanging out her clothes and that she had so many that it would fill the sky." We sat quiet for a few moments then Lilly said: "What a beautiful thing to tell a child at sunset, it must have enlivened your imagination I would think" we smiled at each other as I nodded in agreement.

     "It smells so good, like wings of scent" Lilly said stretching her arms out over her head, then slowly dropping them back to her side. As if transported by the sounds and smells of the ocean I told her: "Sometimes I think scents carry memories of times before this world and even after this world."  Lilly looked at me, smiling. We sat there enjoying the colorful cloudy sky and ocean breezes which carried the last sunlight on it's salty, rushing air, warming our faces in the last light before dusk and nightfall. 

      "I have a theory. Would you like to hear it Lilly?" "Sure Daniel." "I think the energy of love is an energy that can put Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=MC2) in a personal, human perspective for people. I start with the premise that God is love, and that the energy of love equals a man, a person changed, changed into a second higher self- a spiritual being." We sat there looking at the sunset's colorful clouds full of pink, orange, red fast moving cumulous clouds blowing across the sky, filling most of the horizon. For a second or two I thought we were sitting in another universe...or possibly, even heaven. "

     As we were walking back to our car Lilly asked me about my job prospects. We talked about my writing and some ideas I had for a 24 hour round the clock Network that does reports about the awareness of the common source, the common ground that the worlds art, religion and science are derived from.

     "Sounds exciting. You could report on subjects like healing, more with less medicine, natural serotonin release exercises, cover water as potential healer if used properly, stainable agriculture projects going on around the world, green tea and other healing herbs, the color pink's meaning as seen from around the world, water and can we make more of it with out destroying the environment?" I could tell immediately that she liked my idea about a source network.

     "I was a journalism major in college Daniel. In fact we ran a small penny page paper before my..." "Yes, that must have been a shock. I am sorry,.. my mother told me about it." she looked at me shaking her head then sat there on the bench looking at Billy and the sunsets colors. I decided at that moment to ask for her help with my project, hoping she might find it just the thing she needed. "Look I am going to need some help getting this startup going. Do you think it might be something you would like to work on with me?"  She looked at me, then down at Billy. "If he can tag along for the ride and you let me run it with you, I'm in." "Yes,. sure you can be the managing editor if you like, with assistant" we both laughed. She was so pretty when she laughed. "Sure then, sounds exciting, I'd love to do it." 

     Walking through the parking lot I summoned my courage once again and asked Lilly if she would like to visit me at my parents house tomorrow to see what I had already built for the Network project. I explained that I was living there until I could find a place of my own in town but for now I had a small office set up in my parent's house. "That's convenient.  I have seen your mother around town occasionally, our parents are friends, suppose you know that?" "Yes I do. How are they doing by the way?" "Oh fine... My father thinks I need to get married, and my mother wishes I would just...go to Mass for a month or so and take care of it. She is so, what can I say.. utilitarian. Yes that's it, utilitarian. Get to Mass and find a father for Billy, just like that, mind you." We laughed as I understood perfectly, my own mother's words ringing in my head. 'The Nelson's have a very nice daughter. Lily Nelson...'

     Parents did have a way of promoting unions or even preventing them if they wished. In fact as we stood there getting into my parents '94 forest green Thunderbird I think we both realized at that instant that we were the products of forces in the universe that were far more powerful than our own individual bubbles of life could possibly understand. "Sure again, me and my assistant, would be honored to meet with you tomorrow. Be nice to see your parents again." 

Later that night

     Back at the shop Able Kidd and Quick Walker were working as Julian walked in. "How did it go?" "It's a go. Two weeks inside- a month outside, cost 500,000, U.S. currency, payable upon  delivery". "Are we ready?" The shop was swimming in ultra violet light from the full spectrum lights used in the shop. The pale blue gave it the atmosphere of a church more than an inventor's shop. "Quick Walker how are the fire walls coming along on the geo's?" "Fine as fire, come see." They walked over to an area of the shop that had hundreds of the small geodesic satellites set out on the floor and stacked on shelves. "Watch" Quick Walker said as he set one of the satellites up on a work bench. As he looked at the small satellite he began to levitate it, then he began to heat the walls and in a minute or less it was glowing white hot. He told them: "Fire tempers the metals,.. mica radiates the heat, live 10 years." They watched his demonstration, the satellite looked like a shinning yellow jewel floating in the shop's ultra violet light. The blue rats did not say a word.

     The next morning at 11:00 Lily Nelson drove up and parked in front of my parents house. As soon as she was out of her car and walking slowly with Billy up the walk way to our front door, my mother greeted her. Waving her around to the backyard gate she escorted Lilly and Billy out on to the patio. 

     "Hello Mrs. Changling so nice to see you again" I heard Lily greeting my mother out on the patio. Soon after I join them: "Hello Lily,.. why hello Billy, nice to see you two." "Hello Daniel." "Billy is enjoying the sights I see." "Yes, and I can see why, it's so... beautiful, all the colors and the movement"...The sunlight, caught in the dozen lily shaped glass rain catches glowed and cast colorful patterns out several feet across the gray cement patio surface. The red, yellow, blue and peach colors shone so bight in the colored bowls that they seemed as doors into another world. Billy watched the flowing colors in the glass lily bowls and reached out with his hands trying to touch the undulating colors that passed across his small feet. As Lily stepped closer to the alabaster angel holding the large sea shell she could see her own reflection caught in the sea shells water. Smiling, the water seemed to glow brighter with her mirror image reflected on it's surface. Looking at her standing there it reminded me of something that I had read as a child and never forgot. "From water man has his sight. Water gives many souls such radiance that angels cannot be more bright."(8)

     She looked up from her gazing turned to my mother and asked. "I see you still have your rose garden. The pomegranate tree?" "Oh yes, grown a lot since the last time you saw it." 

     As we stood there the sky became overcast, a soft dew filling the air, the aroma of roses  carried along in the watery mist. It was good to be home as I saw my father open the door to his shop. He was with his old and long time friend Oli Nelson who just happened to be the father of Lily Nelson. 

     "Five years of my life they ripped from me Stan. Now in my old age all I ask for is some medical benefits for us survivors and some parks for the children to play in. Is that to much to ask for Stan?" "No of course not Oli." "So then you can pull the knife out of my back. You know what I'm saying Stan?" "Sure Oli, I understand. Medical benefits and the parks seems sensible and just." The old friends look up, and as if surprised to see us, greet us warmly. Seems my outing with Lily was anticipated by our parents.

    "Why hello Lily, so nice to see you again. I suppose I do not have to introduce my friend here?" he said smiling at her father.

     "No Stan I would know him anywhere. Just look at that face, who could forget such a face." They all laughed as they gathered on the back patio. The overcast sky grew dark and the air was distinctly chilly. "Let's all go inside and have some lunch together. I have some soup I can warm up for us. How does that sound?"  "Very nice Clara Bell" Lily said as we all walked into my parents house. 

     "Cold winter. I have a brother in Boston who tells me that last year they had the warmest October to March in Boston history. This year he says it was the coldest since 1940. Now that's what I call weather swings, know what I mean Stanley?" "Better get those St. Bernard's in shape, could be sticking around for awhile." They are serious for a moment as Clara Bell takes Lily into the room where the birds are kept, just off the kitchen set by a window that looks out on the back yard. The birds sit in a medium sized cage perfectly spaced in perch and place giving themselves elbow room. No sign of tension or fighting noted, rather all six finches sat there calmly looking at them.

     "They have become such good parents this pair" pointing to the parents. "It was not always that way though. I had to work with them." She started to change their water and give them some more bird seed. "They used to be pickers, you know, always pecking at their young fledglings, from when they were babies really the parents would pick at them. Over four generations of hatching young chicks this pair here has become near perfect parents. Funny how you can see that in birds isn't it Lily?"

     "Yes it is. Behavior modification at it's best. How do you account for it."

     "It is really very simple. Language and thought, that's it. I keep my thinking alive when I speak to them in soft gentle tones. All birds love to be told they are pretty, so I just tell them in my sweetest voice what 'pretty birds' they are, then as I say 'no pecking' as I visualize them not pecking each other to death but rather getting along together peacefully."

     Picking Billy up to look at the birds Lily turned to Clara Bell. "Beautiful language and thoughts, sounds like it could work for children as well" as she looked at Billy then smiled at Lily.

     "Oh yes even more so. They respond to the tone of the parents voice as if it were music to their ears." As Clara Bell finished with checking the birds feed and water she continued.

     "Constructive engagement, no wonder" Lily said as she stood there with Billy looking at the birds. She turned to Clara Bell and said: "that's a political term."

     "Yes I'm familiar with the term, and yes you are correct Lily, constructive engagement. Our voice, the words we use, the ideas we hold in our imaginations, all are like tuning forks for us and the communicated to others. To bring about change for the better in our world today we have to speak like we were speaking to young birds I think, helping them to behave better. If our leaders would realize the larynx is as a spiritual organ when used properly, why we would have fewer shyster politicians misusing those silver tongued voices of theirs and more inspired speaking leaders." They laugh as they walk back into the kitchen. "Lets get the soup served now. Would you be kind enough to help me Lily."

     "Why sure, I would love to Clara Bell." As they walked into the kitchen the finches went into their feeding chirp, four young finches all calling out for food at the same time, then all going silent after being satiated with their mothers fast feeding of them. It was always a cheerful sound for us to hear in the house. My parents had raised finches for years.

     My mother had made a beet borsht soup for the occasion. She had added 3 potatoes, 5 carrots, sour cream, dill and parsley for some taste, along with some matzo crumbs for pallet texture. The five of us sat down at the living room table, said our grace, then enjoyed my mothers warm borsht soup. 

      We ate quietly then Oli Nelson began to talk. "So your father tells me that you worked with satellites in the Air Force." "Yes that's right Mr. Nelson." "Call me Oli. Tell me Daniel, you learn anything doing that that we might like to know about." There they sat all looking at me for some information that was possibly classified or incredible and first time heard by civilians. I thought for a second or two then answered Oli's question.

     "The Earth is experiencing a redistribution of mass now. The earth shaped like a pumpkin is getting rounder because the ice sheets are melting adding water at the Earths equator.(1) Ice melt has doubled since 1988.

     We all sat there silent, looking at each other before Oli broke out laughing.

     "That's good Daniel, tell me something we all don't know, older you get squatter you get.  No, something with a little more ..mystery. You know" pointing now to the ceiling, gesturing with this finger, "Up there kind of information." Now it was real quiet at the table. 

     "No nothing like that I'm afraid. But we have learned that New York has been near as cold as Boston this past winter. In New York City it was the coldest October through March since 1977. For the last million years its been mostly ice ages and bad weather anyway. 90 thousand bad, 10 thousand fair. So the odds are stacked for the 10 thousands to end fast and for the 90 thousands to last a real long time. Guess we might have to start warming limestone, that would increase the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Then Earths temperature would heat up to prevent any drastic cooling, but that would be a risky experiment."(10)

     "Who ever would have thought that the weather would be so complicated to understand. Maybe weather is the story after all. So the pumpkin Earth is getting rounder you say. Perhaps we should plant one in your garden and see if it looks rounder." (1) Oli smiles as he continues to eat. My mother earlier had set a  light blue vase in the middle of the dinning room table filled with some red, soft orange and pink roses collected from her garden. The scent of the center piece flowers filled the room now, out side the sun broke through the overcast sky filling the room with its light. Lily and Billy ate their soup quietly as they listened to the conversation. When we finished our meal I took Lily and Billy and showed them the room that I had set up for my network project. It was a small 3rd bedroom just off the living room and looked out on the backyard. As I was showing them the room my mother walked in.

     "Excuse me. Daniel I want to give Lily a copy of this children's book. We read it to you when you were a child. Here Lily take this copy of The Three Candles of Little Veronica- The story of a child's soul in this world and the other by Manfred Kyber. Read it to your little Billy as we did to Daniel when he was a child. It is a wonderful tale full of gnomes,sprites and their is even an angel in this wonderful story. I think he will come to love it as much as Daniel did when we read it to him."

     "Thank you Clara Bell, what a nice thing to do. Are you sure you want to give your own copy away. So many memories." "Don't worry about memories, I have a trunk full right up here" she says pointing to her head, "And more here" pointing to her heart. "No young lady, that book needs to be read to a child. So why not you read this wonderful story to your son now. That would make me very happy."

     "Then I will accept your book and Billy and I will dive into it first order of the knights. So to speak." "Wonderful" my mother said as she handed the children's book to Lilly and walked out. My father and Lily's left without saying 'goodbye'. 

     They drove down to Plummer Park to meet up with the chess players who played there every Wednesday afternoon. They have done this for twenty years and knew everyone. It was a mixed group, young and old, always coming and going. Sometimes showing up once a year, while others were there regularly. Today the Rainmaker, Skil Handy, Sedge Foo and Alowl Ow, Sedge's grandfather, would meet up with my father and Oli. Oli did not play anymore due to a stroke he suffered a few years earlier. But his mind was no less sharp and he still appreciated watching his friends, Stanley play their fast paced 3 minute and 5 minute games. They would play for hours and called themselves the 'Plumber Park pawns and princes of push'.  As in their own little universe for hours, sometimes as many as 6 tables would seat contestants playing these timed games. On sunny afternoons spectators would mill around the tables watching. Everyone always seemed to enjoy themselves immensely whenever I went with my father.

      Sedge Foo ran a grass and grain seed company just north of Los Angeles. When they met up with Stanley and Oli they greeted each other warmly. Sedge was with his grandfather Alowl Ow who now lived in Hawaii. Sedge and Stanley played chess this cool afternoon as Oli and Alowl Ow visited like old times with each other while watching the others play. They had all known each other for years first meeting at an antique shop looking at the same Dutch pendilum clock dating back to 1690.  Alowl Ow outbid Stanley for the clock but they remained friends through out the years. Alowl Ow and Sedge Foo were from the north of China up on the Tibetan border. Alowl had gone to University in Beijing as had his grand son Sedge Foo. They were soil remediation experts as well as seed preservation and the culturing of new grass and grain strains.

     Back home at the Changling house I showed Lily my small home office I was setting up. "Here is the server we will be using to host our network. I am hoping to set up a subscriber base for this information as I believe the world is entering a complex maze of environmental stresses, economic and cultural meltdowns. So the time is ripe for this network, highlighting the common threads that run through the consciousness of humanity and experienced as a common source of the world's art, religion and science. It just might allow humanity the chance to chart a new course into it's collective but as yet undetermined future."

     "I love the idea Daniel. A network that calls attention to the common experiences of diverse humanity." Looking at Billy for a moment Lily says, "loving and being loved, there's a common thread right there. Air, water, energy, a higher power, the environment, compost able plastic, cashless society not taken on face value as oxymoron but rather an approach to 21st  century resources allocation, all are common to the world's people. This could be fun."

     "Compost able plastic. Our government has known about that for years as our land fills choke on plastics today. The world has created a negative feed back loop of bad ideas, we need to recycle our society with some good ideas like compost able plastics. We need to break that cycle of obsolete ideas and reclaim dead fields from chemical and nutrient degradation with the planting of nitrogen fixing plants while healing the sick with diet and herbs and not only pills." 

     That night as I slept I dreamt that I was in a great white house. Gliding through the house I saw many rooms, all empty, the white walls bare. It was dead quiet and seemed a place where everything had just come to a stand still, emptied of all life, articles and furnishings of a modern world. 

  Spring 2003

      Lily and I married that winter. Our Network was a success with over 5 thousand hits the first week. We got our satellite up link running and Billy had his sixth birthday party in our new house that we purchased just down the street from my parents. Julian and Able working with Clayton McFirely got the ozone and negative Ion generators placed in a low orbit around the planet without a hitch. The ozone holes began to close while the negative Ions rose around the planet like a breath of fresh air. Like a rose rising from a broken shard all things could be made possible once again.

      Tonight Lily reads to Billy 'The Three Candles of Little Veronica' (1a) before he goes to sleep. She reads from the first chapter which Billy just loved Lily to read to him. It was entitled: 'The Garden of Spirits' and starts: "Little Veronica sat playing in the sand in a Garden of Spirits. But you must not think this was some special garden, because it was not special at all. As well as a great many trees, all sorts of other things grew there: potatoes, cabbages, and radishes were set out beside one another in long, neat, orderly rows, while roses and lilies shone red and white in the early summer sunshine."

     "It was a large garden, completely enclosed by a high wall, crumbling and moss-covered: a quiet, withdrawn world, as all old gardens are. At one end, hidden behind flowering shrubs, was a little baroque garden-house where Uncle Johannes lived, and at the other end stood a great gray building, some hundreds of years old, and this was Little Veronica's home. It was called the House of Shadows. But I can only explain about this later on because at this time Little Veronica did not really know she was living in it at all. She was still living completely in the Garden of Spirits; and though it seemed like an ordinary enough garden, Little Veronica, as I told you, saw it with her inner eyes- the eyes she had brought with her from heaven- and for such eyes as these every garden is a Garden of Spirits, and the whole world is an ocean of life and light. We all once saw the Earth in this way when we were children, but then came the great twilight, our clear vision was dimmed, and now we have forgotten everything. But I want to bring back to you what you have forgotten, as I myself remember it out of the darkness and the twilight."

     "Look deep into life and into the light, Little Veronica, before the eyes of heaven fall asleep. Then you will have something to remember when the twilight comes and darkness is all about you. It grows dark around everyone so that each may painfully become aware and thus find himself in the darkness- himself and God. But it is a long road. It is hard for us that we must all walk it."

     "Little Veronica's spade and her pail with its gaily painted red bunny lay idle by a newly dug flowerbed where she meant to plant some extra special things. But now she was sitting still, gazing wide-eyed and astonished at the garden. To her eyes which were still the eyes of heaven, the quite ordinary garden was a Garden of Spirits. How much there was here to see and to hear!" 

     "Wouldn't you like to see my country-house, Veronica?" asked a big beetle who was sitting in front of her, as he saluted her with his feeler."

     "See how white our blossoms are," said the spirits of the Lilies. "So pure and so white is the heavenly garment you once wore."

     "Have you noticed how cleverly my children can roll themselves together?" asked the Hedgehog mother, who was sitting with her family in a comfortable hole in the moss-covered wall." 

     "Look how red our cups are," said the Rose-souls. "So pure and so red is the chalice of the Grail, to which you once stretched out your arms. You don't think about it any more now, but you will remember it, Little Veronica, when the twilight has come down upon you." 

     "Don't you think my children fly beautifully?" asked the Blackbird, with a challenging thrust of her beak. "How exactly they land again on the edge of the nest! And what's more, they haven't practiced it very long, but no one would guess it. Such skill! Have you ever seen anything like it?"

     "The cabbage leaves rustled, while butterflies flitted overhead."

     Billy was sound asleep now. Lilly placed the book on his little night stand beside the bed, turned the light off, then joined me in our bedroom for an early bedtime as was our routine.

'By a thread'

Privett, nr West Meon, Hampshire. Crop Circle reported 20th April 2003 photo by David Russell

     Sedge Foo walked with us through his fields. Julian, Able, Clayton McFirely, Lily and myself stood in the fields of grasses and herbs that he grows at his seed and plant business located just north of Los Angeles this early spring. Sedge showed us his many cultivated plants and herbs for the common cold, flues and the many varieties of cold climes plants he had gathered from around the world and housed in his large green houses. As they approached the Echinacea field he picked one of the purple flowers and handed it to Lily. "Here, take this. May you live and prosper." Lily laughed as we stand at the edge of a great field of purple coneflowers. The flowers filled the field as far as the eye could see as a soft breeze moved through the flowers giving the field the appearance of a rippling sea of a royal wine or even the great shimmering purple pillow of Pan or of some nature knowledge philosopher. The summer of 2003 to the summer of 2004 would set us all on a journey that none could have imagined just the year before. The world is changing fast, as oceans grow restless by these times, new tides appear as the earth's spin slips by the day, and seen in the Gravity of Angels.

     Julian asked Sedge "How much seed do you think is here." "Maybe 50 thousand pounds." They stand there looking at the waving purple sea of flowers. Then all eyes turn to the tall ex- Navy pilot Clayton McFirely, standing there in his sky blue cowboy boots, wearing a Clippers  cap. He looks at them and smiles, "Rising to the occasion again. Why not just tell everyone to go to their local markets and by these herbal remedies."

     "That's what we are doing. The crop dusters are a preparation for the time when markets will be closed or don't have it on their shelves."

     "I get it. Last ditch type stuff." Looking out at the Echinacea swaying in the pungent airs he said:" Rising to the occasion once again. Air smells better by the way, negative Ions and ozone seem to be doing the job. Now it's saving the people from this new flu that's coming. Alright the wind tunnel that runs from Minnesota down to Texas right?" Looking at us as he continued, he asked us: "So you want me to look into some crop dusters willing to seed the far Northern plateau wind tunnel region with this herb growing here, what's it called again?" "Echinacea" Julian relied. "Echinacea" Clayton repeats out loud before continuing: "Sure I can look into that, but why would anyone want to do that in the first place?"

     "We think the flu and cold season is going to bring with it new bugs. The Echinacea and other herbs we think can save a lot of lives over the next few years but people will need easy access to the plant" Able says quietly. The smells in the fields were like a sweet perfume it seemed to me, carrying us all along in its trailing draft of new smells that we had never even smelled before.

     "I was right after all! This is another one of those 'save the environment, save the world capers' of yours isn't it? but with a people's pharmacy created by you guys this time" Clayton said.

     "You could say that but not really, just nature helping humanity solve some problems with very simple solutions. We just forgot the simple solutions as societies around the world got more complicated over the last couple of centuries. So now we are just re-remembering what was forgotten. Let me show you all something, follow me." 

     "Well the unintended consequences of the broadcast seeding will be relatively benign probably. A lot more color in the landscapes and kindergarten teachers might see more purple flowers cropping up in their children's crayon drawings and water color paintings, but short of that not much can go wrong really" Lily smiles at Sedge as we walk with the avuncular little man out of his fields.

     "Well now, while we are at it, anything else you guys are up to?" Clayton looked at us almost hoping we would be satisfied with the seeding, calling it good for the people and the planet.

     Sedge held up his hand as if to say 'wait a moment' as we all walked back to his house. As we approached the small farm house we could see that Sedge was one not to leave his labors in the fields. His gardens were unlike any that any of us had ever seen before. Looking at us as we walked around the house we entered into a world that was full of life. Birds flew through the gardens catching insects in mid air. He turned to us, smiled and said one word. 

     "Polyculture." At the back of the large garden was a great orange tree that could have kept many people in juice and fruit for months. Together with an olive tree, three large fig bushes and a great walnut tree they formed the back wall of his garden.. "In my garden I have fruit trees and also fruit bearing bushes" as he pointed them out for us. "Here is 'Ribes alba' called the Swedish White Currants, and here is 'Ribes uva-crispa' the Gooseberry, and here I have the 'Vaccinium' Blueberry shrubs. And look over here I have an herb garden with herbs from China, six variety of the astragalus mushroom, and here Greek oregano and other medicinal plants, like these here from Brazil. And last, over here I have the vegetable garden where I grow my onions, garlic, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots and legumes from the Andes. As well I have 100's of animals visiting my garden everyday.  I have observed at least 4 different types of ants alone. My garden feeds me and many others as I think you can imagine. Polyculture, that's the word from planet Earth my friends." (14) We stood there looking at the garden and the relatively small space it occupied as compared to the fields we had just walked through. We all realized that here in this garden was enough food to feed not just Sedge but 10 people.

     That night after reading Billy his fairy tale the Daniel Changling family was early to bed. I had the most wonderful short little dream. It was David Henry happy as a bug in June watching the dragonfly races down on the pond. I walked up to him and introduced myself, not the least bothered David Henry greeted me with a smile and said: "You've been busy haven't you." To which I replied: "Yes!" He seemed so happy and unencumbered with his station in life or his health or anything else really, just happy as anyone could be really. Very present and in a way a very kind soul really, sort of surprised me. Comedians generally work a 'vicious venue' yet David Henry visit was anything but that. Next morning over some rose hip tea and marmalade toast I told Lily about my dream.

     "You think about him?" "Yes I do for some reason. I guess it's because he's so good at what he does every night, 5 nights a week. Not that I'm up watching late night TV every night, I'm not, or for that matter thinking about him while I'm showering, or gardening, or making love to you. It's more like just recognizing someone who does something day in and day out so well  type of thing. So in a fun sort of way, yes, I do think about him."

     "And there he was. Happy, relaxed, having fun on the upper astral plane yet open enough to greet and have a listen to you. Can't ask for much more than that for social etiquette,.. fully clothed?"

     "Yes I would agree, and yes, fully clothed. No funny stuff, just straight up positive and of course, funny. Nice combination, long as he stays friendly."

     "Yep, the old social activity on that there astral plane is wild and wonderful. I call it the theatre for our minds. So I agree, it probably helps to do the exploring with kindred souls, so to speak." Just then Billy walks into our small kitchen rubbing the sleep out of his eyes holding his children's book under his arm. "Talk about the child's imagination, I think our Billy here is growing attached to the fairy tale of 'The Three Candles of Little Veronica'." Just then the phone rings. Lily answers it then hands the phone to me. "It's Jules." "Julian, what's up?" "You see the latest crop circles out of England this week Daniel?"

     "No. What, more geometric figures?" "Yes. From four petals several years back to the 6 petals design."

     "Somehow that seems to make sense. Have you noticed that the progression of circles so far this season has a very distinct direction, pattern or signature to it?" Turning on our lap top computer sitting on the kitchen table I immediately go to the Crop Circle Connector Web site for the latest photos of crop circles occurring around the world. I draw up the crop circle photo Julian is talking about.

      "So exact in it's proportions and dimensions."

      Julian replied excitedly: "Exacting as calculus isn't it. The rose is a five petal flower, the lily is a six petal flower, but it's not really a lily is it. It's just a benign flower motif, but the self repeating 6's is communicated here in the flower image. As if it were some sort of angelic communication warning us about something that is happening now." I looked at the picture up on my lap top computer.

'self repeating 6's'
                 Image by Busty Taylor Copyright 2003           

     "I think your right Julian. Seems they are communications to human's about our future here on the planet. Whatever is doing it- Angels, passed on metaphysicians, medieval churchman and Christian monks, E.T. even - know one really knows. But one thing is becoming clear, they are communications for the few who just happen to be paying attention to them. And I think you are on to them Julian, whatever 'them' exactly is. You do Cal Tech fine."

     "Right!" laughing loudly over the phone. "If they were really serious about scientific discovery over there, they would send a few radiations detectors and grad students over for the spring to monitor the fields in the south of England. Microwave radiations emanate from these crop circles. The residues from the radiation are measurable, for days after their appearance, thus allowing for a base line from which to study subsequent circles and measured against the prior circles readings.  Then to ferret out the fakes from the real ones is not so difficult really. This would be science at it's best and a great service to the rest of humanity. Unfortunately it is generally under investigated by both academics and scientists today. The military knows more about them then the world's universities. Kind of unnerving, know what I mean Daniel? Any way, say hello to Lily and that little bug Billy for us." "Will do, thanks for the call, be seeing you later this week." 

     As I hung the phone up Lily who was looking at the picture up on the lap top computer screen said: "Well I guess springs harbinger is blooming, looks like food for the Network." I looked at her smiling face and shared Julian's thoughts with her. "Julian thinks they are angelic communications... So do I, for that matter." 

     "Angelic communications in time, layered in a weaving of growing plant life. Does it continue growing after the circle has been laid down?" "Yes. Crop circle grains have become the rage in some parts of the world now for baking bread. Something wonderful about that really." I looked at Billy and Lily there in our small kitchen. Billy still holding on tight to his book while he looks at his mother with sleepy eyes. "Could be just as natural or simple as that. Angels,...believing in fairy tales."

     "Kind of funny isn't it. With all the investigations of science and all our knowledge we have at our finger tips today, we still feel, discovering over and over, that the one unifying thread that runs through all human life here on Earth is that life is more like a fairy tale: 'Once upon a time' then it is like the fixed, dead concepts of economics, social and political engineering that  have been laid over our lives."

     "Could be why so many economic, political and social systems and ideas fail over the centuries. The planet needs more imagination, new ideas and less cannibalizing of the land with business as usual economics. Then we could start to see some real bloom around this old watering hole."

     Lily looks at me with her beautiful green eyes then looks at Billy. "In 2012 we are looking at the Age of Aquarius beginning Daniel. The Age of Humanity, a thousand years of world peace... Now that is a fairy tale I want to believe in, no matter what. That is a fairy tale I want to see Billy, you, me and the entire planet be a part of." 

     "Well I have this theory Lily, as you know. If you take Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=MC2) and view it in the magnanimous lens of 'God is love' then "Energy of love=MC 2 man is changed, and transformed into a second, spiritual being in us ( 2 ). We then become better people, we begin to evolve as a species, and yes, we all greet a new myth, a new fairy tale for the planet, as the long awaited Age of Aquarius dawns in the world bringing with it peace and prosperity for the entire planet." 

     Seems the devil could not get his due here on Earth quite yet but was working hard. The Gravity of Angels exerted far more light upon the Earth than the heat and fires of hate. Like dolphins, the many colored fish of the ocean, sea lions, otters, seals and human souls swimming up stream towards the light, riding that invisible light stream aloft settling it's differences in a new found unity of purpose and shared experience. The devil for now had to settle for reclaiming hell from our worlds tepid politicians, corrupt generals and his spies with divided minds. The magistrates and judges from ancient Romans on, weapons merchants and mobbed up waste management folk were per ponderous...And it all miraculously seemed to work out quirkily enough for the best. The break in eternity, held by only a thread, was mended for the time being, just along that round, running seam found between love and luck. 

"We come from distant heights, and to a far-off
land we make our homeward journey. Yet is all
distance near when it is fully comprehended.
Build your temples, all you who walk the Earth
today, build your mansions, fill them with light.
And remember: Midnight is past and the morning is come"(1a)

The End

(1a) The Three Candles of Little Veronica by Manfred Kyber- The story of a child's soul in this world and the other, Waldorf Books, The Waldorf Institute for Liberal Education, Garden City, New York 11530, published in 1967-out of print, pgs. Introduction: 'Who with the eye'...,2, 3,4,192

  (1) Earth Gets Fatter Thanks to Faster Glacial Melting By Robert Roy Britt Senior Science                                                                                                                                                            

The puzzling redistribution of mass actually involved a measurement of Earth's gravitational field. Earth has never been exactly spherical; it has always been somewhat pumpkin-shaped. Since the last Ice Age, though, the planet has gotten rounder and rounder as ground beneath the polar regions, relieved of the weight from ice, rebounds. Between 1997 and 1998, however, that rounding tendency suddenly reversed, satellite data showed, and the equator seems to have been getting fatter ever since. Scientists who announced the reversal could not explain it, but they were nearly certain the answer was in the oceans.                 

(2) The Arts and Their Mission by Rudolf Steiner, The Anthroposophic Press Spring Valley New York, copyright 1964, ISBN 910142 86 6 - pgs. 66-67

Man is on earth because the gods need him. He is on earth so that he may think, feel and will what lives in the cosmos. If he does it in the right way, the gods can take this changed thing and implant it into the configuration of the world. Thus man - if in sacrifice and art he gives back what the gods gave him - cooperates in building the cosmos. He has a soul-connection with cosmic evolution.

(3) Ions are atoms that have lost or gained 1 or more electrons to make a electrically unbalanced atom call ions. The atoms of oxygen contain electrons with negative electric charges and protons which are positive, but the two charges balance on each other and the magnetic forces cancel.  The Ions can react strongly to the magnetic forces and can be steered and trapped by the magnetic forces. 

From "Whole Self", Spring 1991, an article entitled "Ions and Consciousness."

"Ions are charged particles in the air that are formed in nature when enough energy acts upon a molecule such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, or nitrogen to eject an electron from the molecule leaving a positively charged Ion. The displaced electron attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which then becomes a negatively charged Ion.

"While ionization of the air is mandatory in many European and Russian hospitals and work places, it has only recently come to light in our country with the growing problem of toxic air in our urban environments. It is the negative ion of oxygen that affects us the most."

(4) Contrails... or Chemtrails?  In 1998, at a conference on Planetary Emergencies in Italy, Edward "father of the H-bomb" Teller proposed creating a "planetary sunscreen" by seeding the stratosphere with (approx. 10 million) tons of very fine reflective powders, mostly aluminum oxide. This was to be accomplished by adding these powders, called Welsbach Materials, to jet fuel. The result would be a white jet trail not unlike normal water vapor contrails except that these "powder contrails" would not eventually disappear. They would spread evenly out over the sky, raising the planets' albedo so that about 1% of incoming sunlight would be reflected into space. This, Teller's group had calculated, would be sufficient to stall Global Warming.

(5) Nature Ever New essays on the Renewal of Agriculture by George Adams pgs. 3-4 St. George Publications Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977 Information about crystals was found in this publication.

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At the same time, worried scholars are compiling a list of major Iraqi archaeological sites - with their map coordinates - and urging the Pentagon to avoid them.

"It is an ironic twist of fate to stand on the remains of a city in southern Iraq where the civilized world began and realize it could all end right there as well," cautions historian Bradley Parker.

(8) Parcival XVl, 817. Translated by H.M. Mustard and C.E. Passage  "He also went into the water for baptism from Whom Adam received his features. From water, trees derive their sap. Water frucifies all created things, which man calls creatures. From water man has his sight. Water gives many souls such radiance that angels cannot be more bright."

(9) Hurricanes and Oceanic Carbon Sequestration  by Dr. Sherwood B. Idso and Dr. Keith E. Idso  Another Negative Feedback Process to Slow Global Warming- In view of these real-world observations, we think it more likely than not that if the world were to warm in the future - for whatever reason - there would be a modest reduction in the frequency of occurrence of hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as a small decrease in their intensities, especially in the Atlantic basin, to which most of the cited empirical studies specifically apply.  Consequently, these changes would tend to keep more carbon in the world's oceans and, therefore, reduce the rate at which CO2 is accumulating in the atmosphere, which would then complete the negative feedback loop and provide a natural brake upon the warming that was responsible for the changes in hurricane characteristics.

(10) Carbon in Rocks by Stuart Freedman "Through a complex chemical process, carbon dioxide is stored in rocks in the Earths crust. When green plants decay in the soil, carbon dioxide molecules are released. These molecules dissolve in fresh water, such as rain and lakes, and in oceans, forming carbonic acid. Carbonic acid dissolved in rain weathers calcium feldspar rocks, yielding ions of calcium and bicarbonate, and clay min-erals. The dissolved ions reach the ocean in river water. Marine algae and mollusks extract carbonic acid and calcium from ocean water and make calcium carbonate that is deposited on the sea floor or incorporated into shell material."

"The calcium carbonate, or calcite, eventually may be incorporated into lime-stone or marble rocks. In this experiment you will add hydrochloric acid to marble in order to release the carbon that the marble contains. Remember that in nature some carbon dioxide is liberated from marble, chiefly by intense heating in volcanic areas, and not through the dissolving action of hydrochloric acid. If all the carbon stored in limestone and marble were to enter the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, Earths temperature would increase dramatically, creating an environment unsuitable for life."

(11) Washington, D.C. - State of the World 2003 “IMPOSSIBLE” ENVIRONMENTAL REVOLUTION IS ALREADY HAPPENING —"Despite little action on many critical issues at the recent World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the New Year reveals fresh evidence of humanity’s capacity to respond rapidly to unprecedented environmental and social threats. According to the Worldwatch Institute’s annual report State of the World 2003, scaling up recent successes in curbing infectious disease, increasing the income of the poor, and advancing the use of renewable energy, among others, would soon put the world’s economy on a more sustainable path."

Building a world where we meet our own needs without denying future generations a healthy society is not impossible, as some would assert,” says Worldwatch Institute President Christopher Flavin. “The question is where societies choose to put their creative efforts. If we can build spacecraft powered by clean fuel cells, we can build cars that run the same way. If we can mine copper and other metals from the Earth, we can mine them from landfills and abandoned buildings. And if we can protect tourists from contracting malaria, we can do it for people who live with the threat everyday.”

(12) Living Water ~ Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy
Olof Alexandersson Water Ways of Life Viktor Schauberger

"Another phenomena that captured Viktor's imagination was gathered from his observation of the trout's ability to jump high watercourses with apparently so little effort. Again this phenomena occurred during the moonlight hours of the night. On one particular occasion when Viktor was sitting waiting to catch a fish poacher he observed the manner of how a particularly large fish used the currents of the water to jump up and over its upper curve."

(13) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin- Phenomenon of Man- Evidently, Man's brain  is becoming better equipped. However, confronted with so many destructive forces at the end of this millennium, one can wonder if the brain will become sufficiently complex, sufficiently reflective in the "noospheric" sense, to be able to illuminate the way for the future. Will there be a new complexification or orientation in the Mind of Man so that Humanity may avoid its self-destructive route in the future, so that Noogenesis may progress along the evolutionary path toward "collective human reflection ? Will Man, "the axis and leading shoot of Evolution" (PM p. 36), become more open-minded towards his "Neighbor", and more spiritually open towards the source of his Creation? Will the Evolutionary process cause Man to chose to employ all the enormous material and technico-social resources of the planet in order to create more economic, social and spiritual ties, rather than allow Humanity to capitulate to the forces of repulsion and disintegration?

(14) Dirt ~The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth by William Bryant Logan- 1995 - ISBN 1- 57322-004-3, Riverhead Books, a division of G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, New York  10016, pgs. 22, 202,173,

pg 22-The agricultural cure for both acid and salted soils is to apply natural materials that are rich in bases. Limes (calcium carbonate) and gypsum (calcium sulfate ) react with the hydrogen of acid clays and the sodium of salt-clays, respectively, sending the hydrogen and sodium into the soil solution, improving the soil's structure, and capturing the nutritious calcium. Some of our lesser-known heroes, the eighteenth-century statesman Edmund Ruffin and the twentieth-century soil scientist E.W. Hilgard, were responsible for the development of these all-important soil cures.  

pg. 202- ...Each of us is made of stardust," as my boss, Jim Morton, preaches every year.  We have each, then, the stuff in us and the bound-up energy that might launch a beam of light.

Soil is only the darkest and coldest of all living things. The most widespread. And the most receptive. Warmed, it blooms. So may I in my darkest moments be attentive to the penetrating rays of the sun that finds the seed.

Work, motion, life. All rise from the dirt and stand upon it as on a launching pad. At the outer edge of the atmosphere, the thin air continually gives off hydrogen Ions that join the solar wind. To what end and to what stars might this lightest, quickest dust be bound?

pg. 168- is important to remember that Native American horticulture was based on the principle of sharing, so that a portion of the produce  was by right set aside for the likes of coons, woodchucks, and deer.

"Polyculture" is the name for this way of growing useful plants in associated groups. And it is not the pipe dream of backward-looking romantics. In fact, most nonindustrial agriculture even today is polycultural. Contrary to expectation, the difficulty that Dio-He-Ko experienced in our American landscapes is probably more the result of her degradation than of the impracticality of the idea.

Polyculture in the tropical Americas thrives wherever plantation or intensive systems of export agriculture have not been substituted. In the 1950's, the botanist Edgar Anderson studied a Honduran plot the size of a New York City backyard where a single family grew more than thirty understory shrubs with properties useful in medicine rituals or bearing edible nuts or fruits, and some were herbaceous plants whose leaves, seeds, or tubers formed the staple of their diet. No fewer than three hundred species of animals- fifty of them  ants alone!- cohabited on the same plot, and no one went hungry. 

pg. 173- Perhaps, however there is a way out. A farmer might intentionally return his farm to an actual polyculture of perennial plants with more or less permanent roots in the soils. This was another system adopted both in Rome and its provinces and in premodern China: interplanted with and surrounding fields of herbaceous crops where to be found groves of olive or mulberry trees, and vineyards.  

The trouble is, however, that Midwestern soils are not usually supplied with a tree cover, and virtually all crop plants that form our dietary staples are annuals, which set seed and die, roots and all. 

Enter geneticist Wes Jackson, with an idea as powerful as it is bold. It we do not have any perennial crop plants, Jackson proposes to breed them. Never mind that the whole course of plant evolution militates against a good seed bearer also having perennial characteristics. Jackson exudes confidence. " In a generation or so we'll have the problem solved," he says. Having seen the limits of rotation and of manuring, he argues that we take natural systems as our standard, in order to regenerate the soils. Though trained as a geneticist, Jackson is a deep and reverent economist. He envisions farms that "run on sunlight"- making maximum use of energy derived from sunlight and minimum use of fossil hydrocarbons like oil and gas.

It will take more people on the land, more shared work, and more community to accomplish these ends, he believes. And though he has no wish to reestablish the Dio-He-Ko model itself, his vision of a new polyculture offers hope not only for agriculture but for the culture of towns and communities.