Tides of Titan


Dominic A. Daley

started Feb. 4, 2012 - forth draft started in March, 2014 - last edits Dec. 15, 2015

Life begins in God,
goes to folly,
and ends in laughter !

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
Sept. 6, 1888 -  Nov. 18, 1969

A Farewell to the World
Ben Jonson - English
(June 11, 1573 -  August 6,1637)

contemporary of William Shakespeare and generally regarded 400 years ago as the second greatest playwright, poet of the 17th century

FALSE world, good night! since thou hast brought
That hour upon my morn of age;
Henceforth I quit thee from my thought,
My part is ended on thy stage.

Yes, threaten, do. Alas! I fear
As little as I hope from thee:
I know thou canst not show nor bear
More hatred than thou hast to me.

My tender, first, and simple years
Thou didst abuse and then betray;
Since stir'd'st up jealousies and fears,
When all the causes were away.

Then in a soil hast planted me
Where breathe the basest of thy fools;
Where envious arts professed be,
And pride and ignorance the schools;

Where nothing is examined, weigh'd,
But as 'tis rumour'd, so believed;
Where every freedom is betray'd,
And every goodness tax'd or grieved.

But what we're born for, we must bear:
Our frail condition it is such
That what to all may happen here,
 If 't chance to me, I must not grutch.

Else I my state should much mistake
To harbour a divided thought
From all my kind that, for my sake,
There should a miracle be wrought.

No, I do know that I was born
 To age, misfortune, sickness, grief:
But I will bear these with that scorn
As shall not need thy false relief.

Nor for my peace will I go far,
 As wanderers do, that still do roam;
But make my strengths, such as they are,
Here in my bosom, and at home.

Eyedea - Here for You
Micheal David Larsen (November 9, 1981 – October 16, 2010)
"All you got to do, is ask me! ask for me! All you got to do, is ask me!
Return to the essence from which we have been uprooted,
and wake humanity from these illusions.
The second you can look into the sky and see you own reflection,
you know your head is in the right direction."

'Time is of the instant, the instant is not in time.' Julian Barbour - 'End of Time'

"This power of emerging from oneself in order to describe something objectively, as it were with the eyes of a different viewpoint, it is a quality that is necessary to acquire, for that alone can lead to far-reaching truth. Nobody gets anywhere near the real truth if he stands at a particular spot and gazes, let us say, at a rose bush, but only if he photographs it now from one standpoint, now from another, and again from another. By such means we train ourselves to acquire what we need as soon as we rise into the higher worlds. Confusion is inevitable in the higher worlds if we enter them with personal opinions for then we immediately have delusive images of truth before us."

"To develop the thinking of the heart we must have the power to go out of ourselves and look upon ourselves from outside. In normal consciousness a person stands at a certain place and knows that in saying, "That am I", he means the sum-total of what he believes and stands for. One who rises into a higher world, however, must be able to leave his ordinary personality behind, to go out of himself and say with the same feeling : "That is you." The former "I" must be able in the true sense to become a "you",  just as we say "you" to another person. This must become an actual experience; it is attainable in the physical world through training. We must first do relatively simple things in this way, and then we earn the right to think with the heart. All true presentations of the higher worlds proceed from the thinking heart although outwardly they often seem to be purely logical expositions. Whatever is described in Spiritual Science has been experienced with the heart and must be cast into forms of thoughts intelligible to reasoning people."

From the moment a man has developed the thinking of the heart, he experiences something that seems like a vision; yet what he experiences is not a vision but the expression of a soul-and-spiritual reality, just as the color of the rose is its outer manifestation, the expression of its material nature. The seer directs his gaze into the Imaginative world; there he has the impression, let us say, of something blue or violet, or he hears a sound or has a feeling of warmth or cold. He knows through the thinking of the heart that the impression was not a mere vision, a figment of the mind, but that the fleeting blue or violet was the expression of a soul-spiritual reality, just as the red of the rose is the expression of a material reality. Thus do we penetrate into the realities, into the spiritual beings themselves, and we have to unite with them. That is why all research in the spiritual world is linked in a far higher sense and to a far greater extent than is the case in other experiences, with the surrender of our personality. We become more and more intensely involved in the experience; we are within the Beings and things themselves. We must experience their good and bad qualities, also their beautiful and ugly qualities, what is true in them and what false. If we are really intent upon experiencing truth, we must not only perceive error but experience it in the Imaginative world with pain. We must not merely look at ugliness in such a way that it has no effect upon us, but we must experience it as inwardly hurtful.

Macrocosm and Microcosm - Rudolf Steiner - Vienna - March 1910 - pgs. 162, 163

432 Sumer Way

He knocked on the old thick oak door at 432 Sumer Way out on Sands Dune Drive located along the coast of Southern California. He thought his knocks barely audible until Eleanor Rosetip answered her door to greet the rather rotund and slightly unkempt stranger standing there on her brick front porch. His hands squarely planted on his hips, wearing white linen trousers, a white silk waist coat, which his hands held drawn back to reveal his white, long sleeved, silk shirt with ruffled collar, open down to the midline of his very hairy chest.

 "Tidings from England, the 'Isle of Dogs' the distinguished looking stranger says with a deep Englishman's accent. From all appearances, it seemed to Eleanor, that this traveler was going nowhere, anytime soon. Atop his curly, thick brown hair he wore a  dark duck chocolate - brown beret  and was shoed in black walking boots that ran midline of his ankle.

"The sight of you is good for sore eyes."  "Jonathan Swift, fellow Englishman, just a hundred years later, around 1738, wrote those wonderful words my good lady. I passed in 1637. But I am warmed by your genteel reception. So I ask you, is a drink of the old Adam's ale available here at this fine residence?"

"Yes, while we still have it that is. Been real dry this past winter. So, let me ask you Ben. Are you coming from England by way of India? or perhaps even the far north, Hudson Bay Company?" she asked the Englishman amusingly, all while imagining this man in her mind's eye as shifting between a white beluga whale and a polar bear.

"No madam I am Ben Jonson. Was a playwright, and to lesser degree, a poet back in my England days of the 16th century. I'm back now from the 'Light Born Way' by request of the Ancient Muse of Music." He paused, looking at Eleanor, as if for a response before continuing. "From Titan, moon of  the planet Saturn, out beyond Jupiter. I have come back to produce my classical, rock, jazz, choral oratory." Once again pausing a moment before continuing. "Oh,... your hat by the way, is so Jacobean!" Eleanor collected hats and today she was wearing her forest green, felt robin hood elf hat. She had multicolored parrot feathers tucked in the fold of her enchanting head cover, and the stout, square shouldered man seemed to appreciate her creative flare for 'dome covers'.

Eleanor Rosetip had no idea who this man was really. Yet he was such a curious looking person, with his thick, curly brown beard that covered a square jaw and his very determined face. His slopping great forehead had an ancient cast about it and he did seem out of place standing there on her brick front porch. She imagined a small beluga  white whale with brown whiskers beached upon her front porch now. That brought a smile to her aging, yet well preserved, tan face. Amused by this odd, as if 'out of time' stranger, she could not help but inquire further of him.

 "For the Muse of Music you say, from the moon Titan of the planet Saturn, out beyond Jupiter, no less! Well, that is very amusing Ben. If you are on the run, you will need a better story than that" she said as seriously as she could under the amusing circumstances. She studies his big, brown, responsive eyes for any signs of deception. Ben thinks she is 'almost 'puckish' with her inquiry, standing there now on her front porch, thin wiry arms and thick as dough hands mimick his own stance and posture. Then, knowing better, she inquires further of the beguiling stranger. "I thought there were 9 Greek Muses of Music?" Hands firmly planted on her hips, her thin, bread stick like fingers gently tapping her waistline now, waiting for a response.

"As God is my Sheppard! In trouble not,... once or twice they did want to hang me,... but things are so much better now" the burly Englishman replies quickly.

 "Hang you? For what?"

 "My plays, angered the wrong people." Eleanor laughed, "Old story Ben. You married?"  "I was, she was 'a shrew, yet honest woman.'" "Glad to hear that, wish I had a few honest screws around here. They just tear up my garden... So you are not in trouble now?" "Troubles free as my father's brick shit house." (3) Eleanor looked at the unusually hairy chest of the man standing there, which brought a smile to her face, before commenting. "So just re-wilding for the Muses of Music?" He smiles at her wording, then after a moment, nods in agreement adding,  "They are nine, very persuasive spirits, these Greek Muses of Music my good lady."

"Oratory you say, like Bach's Ascension Oratorio?" Ben smiles, exclaiming, "Yes! That is the spirit of the work indeed. We believe that these musical frequencies can last an aeon, right through the approaching, great dissolution into nothingness, called  'Pralaya' in Indian Sanskrit. Beings in the spiritual realms work in perpetual motion in the fog of the invisible in the dark matter of the past Iron Age. Moving now into a visible, etheric band width in this, the dawning Age of Light."

 "Plant light you say, in this 'dawning' Age of Light, very interesting. So tell me Ben, what key did you write your 'to be long lived' oratory in?" she asked the provocative visitor.

"The back beat is performed by a base flute accompanied by trumpets and piano tuned at 432 Hz in F sharp, accompanying the oratory reciting of the text 'On Light Born Way' in a sing song manner in C sharp, with an  A sharp cello suite by Bach It is written as a perfect 3 part harmony, in the key of F sharp."

 "That's somber, tuned in F sharp major cord, with a C sharp oratory and an A sharp cello suite by Bach. Which by the way, I can play. It is much more upbeat and positive, for this perfect 3 part major cord harmony that you speak of."

Ben quickly adds, "But the tuning will be an A vibrating at 432 rather than 440 Hz. The Pythagorean tuning is still working in the universe on Light Born Way. It is the frequency of the cosmos. This 432 Hz tuning has a more natural feel, better soul music, as it is the very pulse of life really." 

 Eleanor looked at Ben keenly not sure she wanted her piano or cello retuned, but continued, interested in what he was saying. "So tuning to a 432 Hz. tuning is for what? a 'richer sound for the cochlea'? Well really that would be easy enough to do. Ricardo, my young gardener/ musician/ poet friend who tends my banana plants out back, which by the way, he takes a lot of them down to our local food bank and they then make banana bread out of them. Anyway, he could do that for me. I could talk to him about that." Now pointing up at her address plaque hanging from the side of her house Eleanor continues, "Pulse of  'intelligent' life in the universe I'd say. Did you know that squared, my address is the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second?" Ben looked at the address plaque numbers 432, then looked back at the vital, present, warm hearted and intelligent woman that was now looking deeply into his eyes as he nodded his head in agreement.

"The sight of you is good for sore eyes.... Jonathan Swift you say? Why don't you come in Ben."

Ben smiles, accepting the gracious invitation. "One moment please," as he quickly steps down from the stairs and walks just beside the house and retrieves his brown canvas duffle bag. It was not more than a foot and a half long by a foot deep. Stepping back onto the porch Eleanor noted, "Why Ben, you do travel light don't you." "Yes lady I do," pointing to his bag now, "3 shirts, 3 trousers, 3 sets of under garments and 3 pairs of socks. Plus my cap and cloak, that would be all of it." She smiles at him, 'That's good to know Ben'. as they walk into her English cottage styled house. Eleanor warns her new company, "I'm old Ben, stoke my fire but the kettle don't boil, so don't bother, know what I mean? Besides look at me, I dress like a wild lady and... I am armed, hidden away in here, if only...." she stopped speaking. She pushed the old oak door closed behind them, with a single, familiar push. The heavy door closed softly behind them with a mild gust of cool air traveling past their feet.

Ben smiles as he walks inside the house, "Good idea, had to leave my knives and sorted other weapons, my walking cane switch blades, all behind when I left Earth 400 years ago in 1637. Not seen one since. All of it, war, weapons, hatred, washed away, like shells on the beach for me back then."

"Well in this house, now, today, I do have a gun, so behave yourself." Ben liked the woman's spirit immediately, replying, "Gun powder and bullets are not the answer either Eleanor, and yes, by all means, I will behave myself, would so hate to be cut off before explaining to you the power of the human mind and effective communications." Eleanor laughed saying, "Mind over matter, is faster than a speeding bullet, is that what you are telling me Ben?" "Yes communications, understanding, like the fox birthing litters with more female kids than males, just as the British were slaughtering so many males in the hunt. Then the fox slipped the extermination chase, to live and thrive once again." "Foxy ladies, I'd say. So your telling me that the female fox biologically underwent a change in birthing more females than males due to its falling male numbers"  "Yes exactly!" Ben was now being escorted into the living room of Eleanor's comfortably cool house.

"Take a load off Ben, while I get you a glass of water so you can wet that whistle of yours." Ben could see that Eleanor was aging gracefully, walking along the shoreline everyday, over the years, has kept her slim frame lithe and limber. She loved music, and played her piano and cello regularly. From the living room, you can look out on the backyard and view a tropical setting that looks out over the Pacific Ocean beyond the old stone fence.

 She was wearing an emerald green dress that had the motif of peach colored mermaids riding in giant half shells on waves along side jumping dolphins. On her feet she was wearing costume jeweled sandals that sparkled as she walked across her comfortably accrued living room. It came as no surprise to Ben that the living room floor was oak and the room was dominated by a thick oak table and four chairs. A large comfortable teal colored couch set along one wall, while the wall adjacent to it supported a bookcase full from the floor to ceiling. Along the other wall of the living room set a piano and a cello sat in a stand that held it in  the corner. A small alcove in the hall way leading to the master bed room held a statue, a tall slender figurine that Ben thought might be Mother Mary but he could not be sure. Seemed to thin to be Mary he suspected.

As she returned with a glass of water, Ben was impressed by her attire. "Your dress and shoes are Jacobean as well, quite elegant my lady." "Got them on sale at our local discount clothier. So you know something about fashion do you. Jacobean fashion, must have been before my time as I never heard of it." "Well it was all the fashion when I was writing my plays in the 1600's. I did love the costumes and even created my own costumes for plays I wrote and produced back in this period."

 " 'On Light Born Way', well if the sea warms up much more and the ice caps melt,.. beam me up Scotty! This 'holographic rendering' is going elsewhere, know what I mean Ben?" "Yes and no. However I did write my oratorio as my Swan song for the multiple future's of our future planet Earth and the multiple solar systems about to be discovered. That is what is seen from the other side now. There are more numbers between zero and one than there are whole numbers, so probabilities abound really."

"God 'created'  (Hebrew = Bara) everything from nothing, Genesis 1 ." Eleanor looked at her guest, smiled widely looking deep into his rich brown eyes. She continues, "So from zero came one, ...or from dark matter and dark energy we can see only 25 % of our universe. I learned that watching 'Nova', a great science program I watch on my computer" Eleanor tells Ben. Smiling at the vibrant senior woman he replies, "Yes in a Super Nova moment, origins of this invisible universe which is75% nothing. The Age of Light  is presenting an elegant more ordered nothing now with its expansion and contraction into this discovered darkness. Out of an ancient Saturn, to ancient Sun, to ancient Moon, to ancient Earth, to arrive now in this evolving universe, conscious of a 'new Earth'. It is visible now in the Age of Light upon our evolving Earth, presenting in the natural science plant world, a glowing of their 'etheric light'. We have moved out of the 'dark ages' of the Iron Age into this 'new geo- physical Earth' world." He said this very slowly, for the sheer effect his, physical to metaphysical, words conveyed.

 Comfortably seated now in the dark teal green couch Ben drank the water as if he were relishing its very essence before he spoke again. "Yes amazing really. 0 and 1, or nine digits and nothing. 'No - thing' and 9 numbers. The rest of it, 360 degrees of calculation Eleanor in the mathematically ordered thought forms of our consciousness. I calculated with the light of my own 'self aware consciousness', that catching the 'psychic sector' wave of Catholicism was a good idea in 1596. Seemed smart at the time, as sentiments were calling for my neck to be placed in the gallows,... speaking very frank. Naturally I did not want to experience a 'dysfunctional afterlife' or meet 'my Maker' in a foul disposition!" he says dramatically. His face changes to a dour cast, a face that was looking into the guilt that accompanies an approaching impending doom, and brought on by one's own actions.

"Inside jobs,.. and outside jobs,... bioengineering. Did you know, that if we plant more trees we can reduce our carbon emissions footprint, allowing us some time to adapt to increasing Arctic methane releases due to the ocean's and atmospheric warming? We can create reflectivity surfaces that could also cool our oceans!"

 "Yes I do understand. However in 500 days or so, the Arctic sea ice and snow cover could be gone in September of 2015 scientists think. All the heat in the Arctic will not be needed then to melt ice that has melted, so it will warm the water, adding additional warming temperatures to the oceans." Ben continued, "This could be the complicated calculus of atmospherics as worked with by the angelic engineering crews. When the jet stream and bad weather mix due to oceans warming in the far north, we will need the Angel's help and not human's weather manipulation programs to save us."  A global cooling period could be brought on by our now cooling sun and we could be blocking some the sunlight as well to bring about a cooling. Grow more tree, yes! and ground cover, vegetation to absorb more carbon dioxide - CO2. Create reflectivity surfaces that could also cool our oceans, good as well."

 Eleanor replied, "I think we are stuck really. Angels, why not! work the intelligence of water in there. In Scientific American awhile back a writer named Leonard Pitts, Jr. wrote, "Increasingly we are a people estranged from critical thinking, divorced from logic, alienated from even objective truth."

Ben was moved to emote passionately, "Talk about it, the science killers of the truthful. Like Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600) the Italian wandering x friar and pursuer of the universe. He was burned at the stake in Rome, refusing to recant his understanding that the Earth in fact revolved around the Sun and not the other way around. Scientists became fugitives at that time. Before Giordano was 'sparked' he asked, "One thing I have never understood is why God lets the imbeciles have the power here on Earth?"

Eleanor laughed loudly, "That can only be breed, you do understand that, the entitlement to political office, our 'sacred' corporate leadership, even running the bingo numbers for the church. Our meritocracy died a long time ago. Yet If Singapore can draw back, with no options, allow for vertical farming, vertical housing, all while feeding 5 1/2 million people who speak 40 different dialects of their language. Then you would think that brilliant, free America could figure things out as well."

"It's crazy really, the mind power wasted here on Earth today. The slog along the muddied trail is knee deep my dear, I do fear now it will only get worse. Complete nonsense, and I say that as an Englishman. From the white cliffs of Dover to the sunny shores of California we all better find suppler minds who might help keep this world from an environmental collapse! Your scientist's numbers and calculations are wrong! A 2°C rise in global average temperature is the razors edge 'between dangerous and very dangerous climate change and 1°C warmer than human civilization has ever experienced'. The world needs 'a strong risk-management approach, with a low rate of failure' (38) not 'corporate business plans' in place of a global preparedness plan for the unfolding rapid weather and environmental changes occurring now. The science community is taking risks with planet Earth by miscalculating the effects of a 2°C  temperature rise on the planet." (37)

"Cliffs? oh the world comes here just to see our beautiful coastline and its abundance of nature, birds, sea life, sea lions, seals, dolphins, why we even get the gray whale migration passing through here." They both stood there quiet for a few moments, looking at each other. "So our old, behind the curve world, got your juices flowing again did it? And so you dove into the world of music and wrote an oratorio for our edification here on Earth did you now?"

"Yes I call it my Swan song to the beautiful planet Earth. Music that resonates with the human DNA for our future evolution."

"Thoughtful of you Ben. Starting to look like the soul of the world needs to take a walk with Master Jesus along the shores of the sea of Galilee.. Get Essene happening."

"The march has begun Eleanor, the 'canary song is still, yet from Jupiter and on beyond...it sings of 'Essene happening on Jupiter'  and beyond Eleanor! as Earth is on the move, orange lava flows thick beneath its felt green planted skin and warming oceans now."

"There is a song there Ben. 'the canary is singing still, yet from Jupiter and on beyond ...it sings of 'Essene happening on Jupiter' and beyond.'  The 'canary song is still' can be interpreted here in several different ways, I suppose you know that already?"

 "Yes I do and meant it so."

"Evolution from the physical world of Earth into this chemical, spiritual union with the 'gas giant' world of Jupiter...that is a big idea there, Mr. Ben." She is quiet for a moment before speaking again, "Well anyway Mr. Ben let me share with you something else which I learned in church. Feel your prayer life, it's a real and specific language."

"Yes Eleanor I know that now. How full of myself I was. William Drummond the Scottish poet said I was, 'a great lover and praiser of himself, yet a contemptor and scorner of others.' .He was so right. I discovered that my bombast, my quick to anger temper, even to kill another, were ruinous emotions and would drive the mind mad."

"So feel that compassion big man, feel those tones of compassion streaming in your blood now."

 "I do now! Out past Jupiter continuing to Saturn and its moon Titan coming back around to the Earth. Compassion is the etheric glue that keeps this solar system bound to its rounds. Compassion is the very glue that holds the universe together Eleanor. Otherwise the violet universe would have blown itself away into oblivion by now. Rather it continues expanding, just like our Consciousness Souls are expanding."

As particles energetically shared, the two people enjoyed each others stimulating company and presence. "Did you know that their are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth?" "Yes I did, but I have not seen them all yet, as they are traveling from light years away." Eleanor laughed, "Well aren't you something! Come rest here for awhile. I'll make us some tea."

Ben continued talking to Eleanor as he sat like a sailor on shore leave, half sitting, half laying now across the thickly cushioned sofa, as she prepared some tea in the kitchen. "The distribution between uncertainties is increasing now as the universe expands. Science from the enthusiastic 'filled with God' so to speak, robust intellectualism from our youth science core., free of arrogance and inflated egos, that is our only hope. As we speak Earth is becoming a water planet, shorelines consumed by the rising warm waters of the planet." "Never liked water beds" Eleanor joked from the kitchen, then asked her company, "You got no place to lay your head, do you Ben?" "No I do not, bio photons emissions need little really." "Does light ever get tired Ben?" "Yes, but with my duo brain core functions I can sleep as I continue  thinking. I can shift hemisphere's, refresh myself quickly."

Eleanor was quiet for a minute before asking Ben, "You want to recite the words to your 'On Light Born Way' while I'm preparing us a cup of tea?"

 "I would love to. It's relatively short but stop me at any point." The stout bearded Englishman got up from the sofa and after a moments reflection he went into his recitation of the words of his classical rock oratorio "On Light Born Way."  Sound of the Planets

"Life is a mystery, Sun in a human destiny, sprouting seeds of an Earthly Sun Nature, to then re-ascend as a conscious Light.
As Mercury aids the Sentient Soul, I stretch my limbs, instincts responding, reaching from this world to then discover Earth.
Venus warmth of Sentient 'Feeling' Soul', star dust of Mother nature's hottest atmospherics dress bestows her light blue ether cover.
Earth birth in night of Woman's womb world, encoded forms of Light, 'New Wills' from ground forces of mineral, plant, and animal.
 Moon like etheric body unfurls in great 'glowing beams of Beings', fortress, reflector of our Sun, mystical mirror of the Universe.
Mars the Intellectual Soul makes concessions that still endure into our creative ringing free speech along into sleep talking worlds.
Jupiter our Spiritual Soul, thinker of planetary system, cultivates creative thought, graces forming forces to reveal our Cosmic Present.
Saturn pale yellow, Spirit Self of cosmic memory, ancient spirit history flows weaving tales of past to a 'new moon' Titan as 'Consciousness Souls'
 Uranus Life Spirit distant, frigid, ice giant blue-green methane, Aquarian Spiritual Mind science revolution in freedom beyond boundaries, 84 year orbit
Neptune Spirit, Human Adepts of Cosmic Light, Celestial Warmth, 'indigo Lights' ringing out concentrically into ice methane's 165 year orbit of Sun (2)
Illumine Pluto were Sun does not reach, only Lights of Consciousness, 'facets of the diamond Christos' evolving as Consciousness Souls."

From the kitchen Eleanor calls out "That's good Ben, ambitious really. So we are more than our bodies, 'humans as solar system.' Well I can tell now where you got the barrel chest from, that's a lot of territory to cover in your classical rock oratorio. Might try a big mirror on your head Ben, pretend your a telescope," she says laughing.

 "Yes I do believe that! 'The human mind mirrors the universe'. As to the spoken arts of course one must project the voice, otherwise the rabble hassles you in the streets about town after the shows. The human brain is very malleable, however it is prone to habit. I wrote my play 'The Alchemist' in 1610 with a character named Able Drugger, a tobacconist. Good God Almighty, by 1612 London was full of smoke as we then had 7000 tobacconists and smoking houses around the city. I think we saved the Virginia colony simply because the English got addicted to their tobacco." 

 "Never liked the stuff myself. Able Drugger, the name says it all. Just curious Ben, if you are from the 1600's how do you know so much about the solar system and the future of Earth?" "By understanding the instantaneous nature of time naturally, in the instant now, magic does happen Eleanor." Eleanor looked at the stout, English playwright curiously from the kitchen, then replied "Of course, no time like the present is what I always say Ben."

Eleanor joined Ben on the couch as he sat up to take his cup of tea. "Nothing like a spot of tea after a lovely stroll along the seaside Eleanor." Ben smiled at his gracious host sitting down at one end of the large couch on the thick cushions, 'thick as bags of lambs wool pilled three bags high' Ben imagined to himself as he took a sip of his tea. After drinking their cups of Earl Grey's Jasmine tea from China, Eleanor got up and walked over to the piano. "Well Ben, here's to all the female foxes, in F Sharp major, and may they be tobacco free." She played and sang the words to Cyndi Lauper's  "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." To the great amusement of Ben, who listened and laughed at the sheer up beat tempo of the song and its playful lyrics.

Hey now, hey now
What’s a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now
Come on...

Hey now, hey now
What’s a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mommy dear, we’re not the fortunate ones
And girls, they wanna have fun
Woah girls, they wanna have fun

Hey now, hey now
Whats a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now
Come on

The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells whatcha gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear, you know your still number one
But girls they wanna have fun
Woah girls, they wanna have

Thats all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
You know girls they wanna have fun
Come on

"Well now that's some song. Yes how much fun we had with the girls and women, who were finally allowed on the English stage in 1616. Till then the load was carried by a young boy's troupe 'The Children of the Royal Chapel' established in the12th century by the English Royal Court. They were a great story in their own right really and good God Almighty, did the girls love those boy players. Well that is the key F sharp that accompanies the words for the oratorio. Now I also have a text that is read through out the oratorio."

"Well I'm your audience of one, to hear you all the better Ben. Recite on, I have nothing better to do right now, so please continue."

"It is written in Sestet which is a six-line stanza ." "Does this have anything to do with your fun you had with those wild actresses in your day?" Laughing loudly Ben replied as he got up from the couch, "Oh no no, just the form I chose to write the text of the oratorio in." Then he began to recite his verse.

We ride the wave field's slip springing ice melt flux of life.
Earth hot block womb over heating with magma on the run, cracking in birth pains strife.
Root cellars stocked, priorities assessed, our Maker is on call with overload contacts.
Be it your family, the many travelers you meet, celestial mechanics, webs of spiritual contracts.
Yet religious are reflecting as Earth warming oceans gassing fat lady releases deep methane flume.
As clerics of hate bring snowing in summertime and a deleterious weather's doom.

"OK one sestet down how many more to go?"

 "11 my good lady. May I inquire why you ask." "Well you apparently have a lot to say. Must be very long winded. By the way why was Shakespeare not sent for this uplifting assignment."

 "Oh the Creator has a special job for him now." "What might that be?" Eleanor asked curiously. "As 'he was not of an age, but for all time' (6) the Creator wanted him to write the 'New New Testament' for the unfolding 21st century and the new worlds yet to be discovered." Eleanor smiled at the tough honed face with a pronounced forehead then said, "Well if the start is any indication I would say there is a lot of more language here to be spoken so do continue."  Ben smiled then continued.

Time to spin away into webs of Truth with a spider's strength from within, weaving for our Methuselah years.
Remember Collective Consciousness of 'Noosphere' and  scientist Pierre Teilhard Chardin, defenseless against churches fears.
Chimpanzees fight, Bonobos love, transcend arbitrary 'shallow imposed boundaries', science denies Infinity of faith and wisdom, what a price!
Wilhelm Reich psychoanalyst studied the human orgasm imprisoned in America, FDA burned books for the animal spirits slice.
Fire's of Freedom smolder, energy poisons our water, big farms feed us gmo's, and big pharma heals us to carry these chains
No accounting for their accounting really, the 'burning bush' is now the dragon's fare with our zeroed out remains.

"O.K. wait a minute here. This is the text that is read aloud. Now how many voices are we using for this oratorio?" "Nine." "Nice number Ben, always liked the number nine. My address, when you add the numbers, equals 9. 9 planets even, if you count that scruffy little, living in the dark, Pluto. Anyway it seems this work of yours is in agreement with Leonard Pitts, Jr. who believes, 'Increasingly we are a people estranged from critical thinking, divorced from logic, alienated from even objective truth.'"

 "Yes absolutely, the human mind has been pillaged with lies, robbed of their divine frequencies and switched out into a consumer economies sound track. The world of non humanistic, mass production is here."

"That's a depressing world, so you got the antidote Ben? Continue please." Once again he smiled.

With Mercurial speed, shot out into the Universe announcing revealed space.
The least among us will be first, 'Illumined, congealing into a conscious light place'.
Soldier sons and daughters wither in their scalding horror, concealed then revealed in warrior's dread.
As the Family of Man is bound to archaic traditions of tribal warfare, reduced to rag pickers, thread bare.
Ask America the Beautiful how many bases can we support? before legal contracts are executed by a few.
 Ancestors, Elders for Peace translation shine Sun into hearts seeing Beauty arrange banker's tables anew.

"Better. Like the last line, 'arrange banker's table anew'. Perhaps those million dollar checks are coming through real soon Ben. One for every American! 350 million of them, a drop in the bucket. Hell, we lose track of more money than that every week or month or even days. It's an easy fix really, we can call it our 'One time, Profit sharing check'.. Excuse me Ben, just imagining out loud. Please do continue."

"Yes of course, as you wish my lady."

A million private contractors in war zones for the learned and Beautiful.
Employment is up in war and peace, is this peace war economy of America suitable?
With radio beat frequency transmission stations in Arctic science can break down methane
 Electronically vibrate strong ionospheric electric current feeds down into polar areas is an evasive method (10)
for directly eliminating methane, converted to nanodiamonds and hydrogen not warming upper atmosphere, heat of wicked anger.
Global scientists did not anticipate methane in the atmosphere building up, they now lay in languor. (10)
In 2015 methane reached upper atmosphere at levels never seen in remediation work is needed behind ivy covered walls?
Demand cut back, carbon dioxide emissions (50% to 90%) by 2020 free of an oiled, war fatigue fall ahead. (10)

Thoughts are things, see them all the time, thought exercises of a true knowing.
Times, places and people I remember bring a smile to my face, feeling soul's flowing.
Titan women all fortress's of Moon's glow, as Sun mirrors greeting.
Venus lights up the sunset as it guides us along to our loves morning Star Souls meeting.
Graced us with new words as nurtured by nature's warmth for the perennial flowers with their powers of healing.
Germinate soul seeds, birth Will forces found in the wise stones, seen in vital plants and our feeling animals.

We are the Solar system, we are the Universe, that's the secret chatter in our ancient DNA.
Free ourselves, like expanding young galaxies star's blue gas clouds, molding our celestial matter.
Freedom rings from Mars as we sleep slid into telepathic webs, spiraling out into Intelligence strands.
Come in unconscious yet can leave in full consciousness, rising as illumined Suns above the shifting sands.
Mercurial creatures winged footed with Creation's speed, streaking out as a long spiraling flock soars above.
 Aristotle knew of Infinity but not of our soul's consciousness passing through higher spiritual world's doors.

Eleanor stood up from the couch and extended her arms straight out like she was attempting to stop a Mack truck that was barreling down the road. "Hold up there Ben. You got my appetite worked up. You hungry? I could mix us up a salad and I just baked a loaf of whole wheat bread."

 "I believe I am famished, I have not ..yes, that sounds wonderful Eleanor." "I have some red wine as well Ben." "Yes that would be wonderful." "Then why don't you take a walk in the garden out back while I get the meal ready." Ben walked with Eleanor through her well lit kitchen that looked out on a lush garden and stepped out onto the back porch.

The yard overlooked the ocean and in the middle of it grew a big fig tree that was full of fruit. Ben picked a fig and ate it while he looked out at the ocean below. The fig tasted so sweet that Ben thought he was standing in a paradise on earth while he continued looking out to the ocean below. He then turned around and walked into the garden along a stone path bordered with wildflowers. It was planted with scented geraniums, mint, peppermint and basil herbs. In the far corner of the yard stood a lemon tree full of fruit and across the yard in the opposite corner stood a small grove of banana plants with green, full banana bunches hanging from the10 foot tall plants. The smells were soothing as he studied the garden and its many plants, some that he had never seen before.

In a few minutes Eleanor stepped out onto the porch with silverware, napkins, plates and two crystal glasses which she set out on the patio table. She went back into the kitchen and returned a minute later with the prepared salad in a thick brown wooden bowl and bread on a small cutting board. Both, she temporarily covered with a small towel then returned to the kitchen one last time and returned with a carafe of red wine. Ben pulled her chair back from the table, then when she was seated helped her move her chair closer to the table. Then he took his seat, looked at Eleanor and said,  "Blessings on the meal." They enjoyed the simple meal and sipped their wine, swept up in the scents of salt air breezes, awash in the colorful and lush garden.

"So Ben what are your fondest memories of your lifetime back in England?" Ben sat thinking then replied, "Our times we spent at the Mermaid Tavern on the Cheapside in London, located at the corner of Friday and Bread Street. We met once a month on Friday night. Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, John Dunne, Francis Beaumont, Hugh Holland and others. It was like 'A pure cup of rich Canary wine, Which is the Mermaid's now, but shall be mine' is what I wrote of those times. "Canary wine, that's a sweet thought Ben." "Oh yes we drank heartily, debated politics and discussed literature, and sang loudly and long into the night."

"My friend Francis Beaumont wrote me a letter in verse about our times at the Mermaid Tavern. Here is a bit of it.

...words that have been
So nimble, and so full of subtle flame,
As if that every one from whence they came,
Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest.

"Heady times Ben." Ben took a deep swallow of his wine then replied, "Oh Eleanor you could not believe it. We held sway at the Mermaid, like the meteor's dust, we were the illumined literary lions of London then. Yes those nights are my fondest memories of all, revels of the imagination. Good God almighty could not help but laugh at those brilliant wits snips of humor and jest. Good company all."

As the evening set in Eleanor looked at her new acquaintance and asked, "Would you like to stay here tonight Ben, I have a guest room, fresh linens on the bed and a goose down pillow to lay that wondrous head of yours. It also has a bathroom for your connivance as well. " "Timely offer indeed, as I have nowhere else in mind to lay, so yes that would be most appreciated." The room was very comfortable and nicely accrued. There was a comfortable chair and reading table with a large book of poetry on the table. An old sewing machine sat in the corner by a window that looked out on the open space of the backyard and ocean out on the horizon. A large picture of someone that Ben, for the life of him, could not place but the man had such beautiful deep hazel green eyes that he could not but wonder who this man was.

That night Ben slept soundly. That morning in the process of awakening called the hypnogogic state he had the most vivid dream. He was standing at the shoreline looking out over the ocean when a great whale came up out of the water and looked him right in the eye. Ben was startled, then picked up a rock and threw it right square into the eye of the whale. The whale blinked, looked at him for a long moment then descended back into the ocean. Upon waking the next morning he remembered the dream clearly and thought of his days in England fighting with the royal authorities for the rights of playwrights, and the unfair critics who always held him up to the standard of William Shakespeare. A standard he could never quite rival as an equal. His distrust of education, his propensity for writing of "deeds, and language, such as men do use" and his portrayal of the English society as ruined by envy, all contributed to his rebellious, independent nature and his troubles. Ben was even arrested for plays he wrote, the 'Isle of Dogs' in 1597 and 'Eastward Hoe' in 1605.

Next morning the wind was blowing hard and the clouds overheard were strung along the sky looking like sheared sheep streaking across the sky now. Ben got out of bed and dressed. He went into the small bathroom washed his face and rinsed his mouth out. He then walked out of the guestroom and slowly walked into the kitchen where Eleanor was preparing some breakfast. She was wearing the same outfit she wore yesterday except now we was wearing a pair of blue slip-on skate shoes without socks.

"Top of the morning to you Eleanor, oh that smells good." "Morning Ben, how did you sleep, bed comfortable, crickets not to loud I hope, Those long legged critters can really fiddle away into the night can't they?" "Yes they were pleasing to hear, in fact they put me right to sleep." "Oh good. Well it's a bit windy this morning so I think we will eat breakfast in the living room." Ben looked out the kitchen window and watched the wind waves whitecaps rolling along the ocean's surface. To Ben the waters looked agitated from more than just the wind and he thought he noticed a sheen on the water's surface. "Breakfast is served. " She prepared a plate for her guest, one soft boiled egg and a piece of her whole wheat bread. Once they were seated at the table Eleanor asked Ben, "Would you like some marmalade for your bread?" "Yes I would." "Seville, Spain, the best marmalade I have ever tasted" Eleanor said as she passed a small brown crock-pot over to Ben. As he was spreading the orange jelly with its small slices of orange peel mixed in with the jam on his bread he suddenly remembered the same identical jam pot his mother used when he was a child growing up in London. For a moment he was transported back in time to his childhood in London as he took a bite of his bread.

"Ben,.. Ben" he quickly returned back to the table sitting there in the living room with his new friend. "Almost 'other worldly' good isn't it." "Yes it is, takes me back to my childhood." Then he was quiet again as he ate his meal. Ben again saw himself sitting with his parents at the table for breakfast. His father was dressed for work as a bricklayer and was wearing dirty overalls covered with mud as he led them in a morning prayer. When he had finished he turned to Ben and said "Boy I want you to study hard at St. Martins then you can attend Westminster School, do that and then you can help me with the business." Ben looked at his father who worked so hard to see that he received an education which his father never had. "Yes father I will do my best." Ben smiled, reflecting on his father's comments, and thinking to himself now, that 'this bricklayer's son had came up to become a brick thrower' instead. The birds were singing outside and one particular bird Ben especially noticed, which seemed most creative, always slightly changing its songs as the morning. The winds had settled down, and brought Ben back to the living room where he was seated with Eleanor.

"Well Sir Jonson now that our repast is past, so to speak" Ben lets out a big laugh, then chimes back, "yes, so to speak and fine it was." "Would you like to recite the rest of your verses for me?" "Yes by all means." "Perhaps we could sit out side in the garden before the heat becomes overbearing." As they were getting up from the table Eleanor remarked that, "Silk wears cool, I know, but  I would leave your jacket inside anyway, it's nice out right now." They carried their dishes and silverware into the kitchen placing them in the sink. Then Eleanor grabbed a pale blue Lotus hat that was hanging from a full hat rack next to the kitchen door as Ben laid his coat on the couch before they stepped out into the bright and very warm sunlight.

"You have some plants here that I have never spied before Eleanor. Like this one here, looks vaguely familiar, what is it.?" "That's my hardy fried egg flower with its big yellow glob right in the middle of it, or hot poppy, its real name is the Medulla hot poppy but I prefer the fried egg flower." "This tall plant with its beautiful purple flowers with the bees buzzing about, what is its name?" "That is Salvia and the bees do love it as you can see and it makes great dried flowers as well." "Such a beautiful yard you have Eleanor, it must bring you great pleasure sitting out here." "It does but the moles and shrews have a way of spoiling the moment, if you know what I mean Ben." "I can imagine so." "Tell me about this one here with the tall spikes with the yellow flowers?" "Oh that one is one of the Euphorbia's named after the Greek physician Euphorbus who married the daughter of Anthony and Cleopatra. Does great in dry weather." "This apricot colored plant here?" "Oh that plant is the Echo mango or torch lily. Hummingbirds love it but Peter rabbit likes it as well, but it's hardy and tolerates the nibbling well. Repeat bloomer, which is always nice when everything else is finished blooming."

Eleanor sat down on one of the patio chairs and looked at Ben. Any other plants you'd like to know about?" "No I think you covered it. Glad to see you have St. Johns Wort  growing out here, always liked that herb for cooking, an herb of Mars, as we referred to it." "Here we call it basil, king of the herbs, or scorpion medicine if you should get bit, you can eat basil to reduce the pain." "Makes sense really, who better than Mars to fight the scorpion, right?" "Well I hope I never have to find out but I have plenty of it for my kitchen nevertheless. Well Ben before the Arctic melts did you want to finish your read." Just then the bird Ben had noticed singing just before let out a song. He turned to Eleanor, "that is the most songful bird I think I have ever heard Eleanor." "Well let me introduce you Ben to Robin Blues. He has lived in that fig tree for 10 years.

"Happy bird he is. Yes, time is of the essence, so here it is with the Robin's song as well, I hope.  "Oh he loves to sing in the morning..." Ben remained standing there under the big fig tree, taking a few deep breathes before he started reciting his verse from memory once again. And to their delight Robin Blues just kept on singing.

I AM the Sun in illumined union with the Moon on high.
Center of planet's rounds and wrapped in the wandering lover's starry sky.
Great Mother Moon astral body soothes our spotless, cooling Creator Father Sun's body.
Humans are forms of light, with starry cloaks to cover this chemical copy.
Intelligent informing can balance chaotic nights dark mind's death into a daylights loving reach.
Time and logic do cover us in thread bare logic in the nets of fixed, unbending reason.

As we evolve into something greater, and our Consciousness Souls unfold,
then the cosmic present and the revelations that will come, can be foretold.
Mirror the Moon and reflect the Sun light as seen and felt bright within.
Cosmic present is a place of grace, found in ancestral astral earthly light.
Ancient past to new futures, timorous times conceal our right to Titan stances.
 Soul of celestial mutations, cultivated and nurtured with multiple chances.

About us are sliding slopes, tired environments in gutted economies clutch.
Parades of passing whims and fads, as most ail for the simple human touch.
Antiquities of past events, we can realize 'in potential' the Eternal Return's New Being.
Our epicenter's space place in Consciousness Soul's transformation sets shadows fleeing.
Retooled to human services, a utilitarian 'generation of regeneration' is shaving waste.
Holy Grail of Peace time economies with our transformed futures embraced.

Eleanor stood up from her chair waving at the burly wordsmith. "Clearly you've touched Robin Blues." The old robin could not help but notice Eleanor's new company and wanted Ben to know. 'In potential' an eternal return's 'new being' as the 'generation of regeneration.' Wow, sounds like a hymn you could sing in church Ben. So you say you are of Christian roots? So where does the 'Christ' work into all of this.?"

 "That, my good lady, is the 'Light of Consciousness'." Quiet for a moment before continuing. "It is evolution's new blood for our mind's beacon, this 'Christos' florescence is what illumines our paths forward Eleanor. It is the light of Consciousness soul' ". Eleanor smiles, "Good to hear, as I did not want to lose my course on the way home, know what I mean Ben?" "I do most heartedly my lady. A prayer I repeat to myself often is,  'I love you God, with all my body, with all my heart, and with all my soul, into every fiber of your unifying universe." "O.K. Ben, wonderful to hear you say that. Continue on, to other worlds I can imagine. You have our full attention." They both looked up into the fig tree and greeted the trees resident robin Robin Blues. Then Ben walked out of the fig trees shade and into the morning cool shade beneath the tall banana plants thinking that Robin Blues would appreciate his moving away from the birds tree house. He then continued to recite his verses.

Think forward beyond economics of scale, to a planet sustainable, with finite resources
Know our inner wealth of consciousness is greater than 'bigger is better' thinking
Frigid ice giants point the way of a very warming then very cooling Earth, soon frozen in our own games fuss.
Evolution happens with a global solar system metamorphoses now occurring before us.
Years of war, dominance over nature, has kept us hundreds of years behind with lots of death ways?
 Spirit Self remembers harm, flows in knowing sowing of word seeds, germinating in Consciousness Soul.

Be Here Now, you are a solar system, a Life-Spirit creation discovering blue green gases cup of the red Grail ale.
Deep dreaming Trees of Knowledge, participatory creationism into Trees of Life along the indigo Spirit-Beings scaled-up trail.
Consciousness is ours, not the government's, for the 'calculus of change' is in slow orbits,.. away from the waring planet.
Our minds can free us, DNA is our intuition transmission transmitter, allowing us to move gracefully, a being strong as granite.
Consciousness Soul expanses of the soul's thread is uncovered in twin angel's panspermia chemical marriage.
Gas giants, outer planets, places to discover our cooling schooling, riding behind in Neptune's wedding carriage.

Life in Consciousness Soul illumines Midnight Sun allowing Creator to see the wealth of its creation.
As the many homeless yet self sufficient, like flocks of chirping birds, needing little, sound out in 'can do' elation .
Life realized, then planets and atoms all 'in potential' ignited in a living Universe; or just a deep freeze of dispersed gases?
Mixed in elements of the Universe, remember to premember, that our roots point to Celestial Angelic Classes.
Aristotle's scientific method - what and why misses the 'essence', Plato 'The One' leads to the Consciousness Soul growing.
'Organic Lower Gods meet the spiritual Upper Gods', (8) awakening in humanities mushrooming knowing.'

"That's better Ben, even the birds quieted down. So are the extreme climate change deniers going to go extinct first, or is civilization going first? Sounds like Canada,  the Far North will be getting warmer?"

"North will be cooler, Seattle...North Pole,.. Southern Hemisphere will be cooler, Australian coast, New Zealand perhaps. I think that's the conundrum we face today, where can we go. But the mass methane release from the tundra in the north and bubbling up from the warming oceans now, is accelerating on Earth as we speak good lady and that, short of a miracle, is not abating anytime soon. Nobody likes to point out a planetary civilization collapse, but the frog pond is starting to heat up now, yet the messenger is not really listened to and is usually viewed suspect. Yet 'tipping points' to abrupt climate changes on Earth have happened before and will happen again. The Southern Hemisphere will be slower to warm than the Northern Hemisphere, North America, Asia, Europe and north Africa. So enjoy your life where ever you are, embrace hospice, and 'act as if' we are reasonable human beings 'going for it' whatever our passion might be. As we prepare mentally and emotionally for things never seen in our life times or for that matter in the last 100, 000 years. The worst is yet to come." Then, as if on 'queue' Robin Blues starts singing once again.

As they walked back into Eleanor's house the unsettling thoughts of rapid climate change could not detract either of them for long, now in the refreshing coolness of Eleanor's house, Ben feeling seemingly invigorated from his resent recitation. He looked at his new friend closely, admiring her light footedness as she walked across the living room to open a window and letting in the fresh, brisk salt air into the cool cottage home.

As Ben sat down on the couch he began to address Eleanor's concerns again. "The world could possibly develop 'thought excises' or meditations, visualizations of probabilities and move away from fixed certainties, that would allow us to create holograms of new worlds or simulations of heavens in the light of our mind's creativity." Eleanor looked at Ben in wonderment as he continued, "Then we can realize anew, the realm of the 'magic real' (5) as turtle loses its shell, space and time continue on."

"Sounds entertaining and forward thinking really, possibly even life saving. So from hair extensions we can move into life extension, intelligent design playing it forwards. So what's up with show biz anyway? Can't they get that concept, or are the atheists running that business now? Pandering to the lowest common denominator of murder, mayhem, sensationalism, with little or no semblance of redeeming social values about them. We need more 'Somewhere in Time' movies you know Ben. Talk about the right time and right place, this is it! I say, give it to us, insights and visions of worlds 'magic real' to come? I think show biz needs some vision now. Like your text states, 'Our Souls live in seas discovered, starry letter's inner genetic scripts, worlds awakened in our growing glowing knowing.' I think that pretty much says it all."

"They have to believe, have the imagination to do it, and the intention to go there. God sees what we see, simple as that. Children of God with their 100 billion neurons and their quadrillion connections can achieve the miraculous.(7) As Thomas Edison once said, 'The best invention in the world is the mind of a child.' It is the fluid, flexible mind that can believe and move in the parallel worlds."

" 'God sees what we see' I like that Ben. Why I believe you are glowing, my good man."

"The more, for being here now, with you. You know Eleanor, it has been 377 years since I was last on terra firma. What humans don't understand is that Earth is changing rapidly now and terra firma is becoming firma aqua where more land is swept into the meeting water. You see, we are on the other side much longer than we are here on this side. This allows a few of us a perspective not readily found here on earth when we return."

"I guess the devil has been here on earth longer than any of us, and boy that critter knows all the tricks." "That's the way it works Eleanor, short term memory does have its benefits, but one of them is not understanding earth geologic history or the workings of evil. Some things just can not be buried in the permafrost of our collective, short term memory."

"That's right, like murder, or the deeds of your Able Drugger with his many poisons of choice today, hard drugs, tobacco, toxic processed foods, while profiting from other's diminished states. I've seen entire families taken out, oh sadly that happens everywhere now." "God sees what we see Eleanor, and that could be our salvation. While some live in the fear of God, others fear they might lose their faith in God. Big difference."

"So be careful Ben. Lots of tricksters here. They pretend interest, plant rumors, then see if you will chase their will-o'- the- wisp, all while having a laugh at your expense." "Yes setting a 'ignis fatuss' under the artist most sensitive ass." Eleanor laughed then asked her keen witted, bright, brown eyed guest what this phrase meant. "Oh it is a Medieval Latin phrase for "foolish fire'." "Exactly! If they are serious, they will pony up around you, time, and time again. That's a true barometer of interest, because they believe you can help them with a project and, as a result, make them some money."

"I understand fully. I've been rich, famous and learned from the best Jesuit spies of the day that the world is wily and not to be trusted. When I was about to pass from this world I wrote, 'A Farewell to the World ' and there opined about the state of the world. "Were you bitter at the time?" Eleanor asked Ben. "I died in my 67th year while recovering from a second stroke. I was writing 'The Sad Sheppard' at this time. Yes I was bitter, but alas, all ended well. I was to be buried in the north aisle of the nave in Westminster Abbey and this allowed my soul the peace it so sought during my lifetime." He paused for a moment, then smiled. "You could well say, I had the last laugh" Eleanor laughed and agreed, "You well could, my well traveled friend."

"Let us take a walk out to the coastline Ben. By the way I called Ricardo my gardener I was telling you about, said he will drop by today and retune the piano and my cello to a 432 Hz. In the mean time I  would love to show you the seals and California sea lions, might even see a grey whale. Their pups imitate the dolphins, swimming with them in the shallows of the bay, jumping time after time in into the air, chasing along after them. We have a rookery of California sea lions down on the rocky shore line where they birth, then raise their pups. I swear Ben they say 'hello' whenever I greet them. Seals and sea lions play! and they remember you when you return. "

"Sounds splendid really, can't wait to hear the difference with this tuning. Yes,  let's take some beauty into our mind's eye."

They walk out the front door of the house and walk along a road to a trail that leads to a bluff where they could look directly down to a rocky and sea life teaming coastline below.

She looked at the full brown beard of the playwright then asked him, "Did you know that they are mammals, have hair and breathe air just like us?" "Yes of course, both the seals and sea lions live on land as well as the water. Their 'detective whiskers', as I like to call them, are impression pickers from the surrounding water alerting them to danger." "Like the orcas and sharks out there" Eleanor says, pointing out to the ocean, as they arrive at the vantage point overlooking the coastline. 

Lift up your head
And remember what your life is
Don't have to give it all away
When you're left for dead
In the middle of a crisis
You must appreciate the day

There's something there
But you're frightened to invite it
Beware of pushing it away
Show that you care
And be certain you don't fight it
You must appreciate the day

She says you don't give back what you take
She got evidence you don't appreciate her love
She says it's all a show and no-go
You drop everything, give back
Reciprocate her love

Paul McCartney - Appreciate- 2014

"Listen closely" Eleanor asked Ben as she cupped her mouth with her hands then called out to the sea lions below, 'Hello'. She turned to Ben then as the sea lions grunted their acknowledgement of her hello with their loud snorts and guttural grunts that oddly did sound like 'hello' to Ben. "Do you hear that Ben?, they are greeting us." "Sounds like it, yes, I believe you are known out here Eleanor. "

They stood there on the rocky outcropping overlooking the long stretch of coastline. Dolphins swam with seals and their pups playing with them in the sea weed rich bay that was dotted further out in the ocean with a small, black suited school of surfers, body boarders and sail boarders. Ben was transfixed as if looking out on a vision, then he said, "Fame and fortune pale in comparison to the beauty, grandeur and power of nature."

"When I look out at the ocean I often wonder what is the ocean really? Do you ever wonder that Ben?"

 "I do." After a moments reflection the 'timeless tales teller' replied, "It's the fine line between our worlds of the land, water and air,...and very well could be a magic carpet mirror of earth's future water state." Pointing out to the wave riders Ben continues. "Like the wave riders we can ride this visual vehicle before us now. It's the physical to chemical transformative thrust of Life happening now in our solar system, with its expanding and contracting wave by wave motion, seen right before our very eyes now."

"Yes Ben, I believe that. The ocean of life, our visual continuum."

"Listen Ben!" Just then a great grey whale surfaced out beyond where the sea lions had been swimming. Its loud exhalation of bellows breathing reverberated through the air and was heard up where they were standing. The spouts mist shot out from  the great rolling 'white barnacled splotched back' that rose suddenly, breaking the green ocean waters surface for a few slow seconds, then taking a deep inhalation of air before once again descending below, leaving behind the diving whale's tail a big white water suction hole that slowly faded away.

"Pranayama" such a nice sounding word, don't you think Eleanor?" "Pranayama,..a rhyming parts word." "Yes it is." "What does it mean Ben?" "Again a Sanskrit word, it means 'extension of the breathe'." As they stood there the salt air filled their nostrils and lungs with the invigorating, salty surges of the coastlines ocean breezes.

The whales were traveling south early as it was still winter. Seemed sea life was on the run as a transforming of the very Earth was occurring now and the rational soul was reacting to the climate changing, increasingly resource depleted mother earth's condition.A binary star descends into our celestial earthly surrounds bringing with it a warmth, a peace, a new genetics. The 'Light of Consciousness', 'Christos', illumined change frees us from our human equal's tyranny and social engineering. Those in the dragon's den, grossing millions a day, will 'bond behind' clinging to the melting poles as earth's seas warm. Like the peace belt of the Iroquois nation that allowed safe passage through the native nation, those who move on in peace and create 'new communities in the Consciousness Soul' will pass through earth's oceans heat death into better worlds. Great snows will return then, so we must prepare for these great changes ahead. Life is like a dream A Dream in 432 Hz. accompanied by uplifting music, like that of Giuliano Scolesi from Tuscany, Italy. Music messages from the higher worlds of spirit, are calling us now Eleanor."

A jogger ran by them. His long black hair shone in the sunlight. His tattoos and black mustache gave him the appearance of a pirate. Ben turned to see him jog by and for a moment he thought he knew the young man. Eleanor noticed that Ben was now looking at the passing jogger then said, "Wonderful place to jog, don't you think?" "Yes hard to imagine better really" Ben replied while he could not get the jogger out of his mind momentarily, wondering if he could write the music for his oratorio.

 "Seems the folk around here appreciate what they have." "Oh yes, we are blessed really, don't you agree Ben? It is so spectacular, with life filling the air, the water and the land." "Yes it is abundant, so vital the energy, surging along riding in the waves." As Ben was saying this a family of Brown pelicans flew past them, just ten feet away. The birds had great wing spans that seemed to be all of 10 feet for the biggest birds, down to just a couple of feet for the smallest pelican's. Their great beaks, 30 million years old, without any significant change over that period were used now, as then, to scoop up boiling to surface schools of small fish with their 12 inch or longer beaks wide open for easy pickings. Now 25 sailing Brown pelicans slowly glided into and then pasted out of their line of vision, their graceful gliding brown backs gently controlling their wing span's positions, flying in formation, floating on the wind currents, all of them from the largest to the smallest of the prehistoric bird bringing up the rears some minutes later. It was so beautiful standing there on the cliffs overlooking the ocean with Eleanor, felt like a dream.

The day was warming up and Ben saw paddle board surfers paddling out into the bay without even wearing wet suits. He turned to Eleanor, "I suppose that is a small benefit to warming oceans." Eleanor quickly responded, "The Pacific Ocean is warming, the whole Northern Hemisphere's sea surface is up 1.5 degrees Celsius since March of last year.  I learned that on the NOAA website and you know the water is still getting warmer."

 "You know what's going to happen then Eleanor?" He was silent for a moment then added solemnly, "The Arctic ice mirror is disappearing, reflecting less sunlight back into the atmosphere. So now the sunlight warms the ocean more and that heat is going to penetrate down into the sediments underneath down on the Arctic Ocean seafloor. Then at some point in the not to distant future huge amounts of methane formed in the hydrates and free gas trapped in the seafloor will be released in massive eruptions of methane released from the bottoms." 

 Eleanor looked at Ben then replied, "So runaway warming happens. O' Really can drink to that one, oh, but he doesn't drink! Anyway global ocean's warming is probably just 'bad science' we have been told, "its a big ocean out there, really! believe me" he tells us sarcastically, staring into the television camera, "so lets not create unnecessary drama here, ok!" Even now, while the coast lines are shifting around the globe from the rising, warming oceans and the melting of ice caps before our very eyes, he still tries to allay our concerns."

"For some people, Eleanor, it is more important to be thought correct than to be correct. That is a problem with American 'info news entertainment' programs. The fox eats the chickens who come home to roost, so the pendulum swings Eleanor. From my friend Guy Fawkes of England in 1605 and the Gunpowder Plot beneath the House of Lords in London to the present Fox guys of Los Angeles with their apparent lack of significant insight into the large scale changes occurring on planet Earth now. As a result you, the world, is starved for the truth, unable to prepare for what is coming, dumb downed by your 'self appointed betters'." 

"America, just got to love this place. Often wonder how it really works here, with so many chiefs running around, but I don't think anyone really knows for sure, do you Eleanor?" After a few moments of reflection she replied, "I think I know the person who does know." "Take my breathe away Eleanor, pray tell, before it is to late." She looked over her shoulder first, insuring that no one was within hearing range of her voice, then turned back to look at Ben. "Senator Charlie Rangel, a Democrat from New York, but he isn't talking. The man is ageless, looks younger now than he did 20 years ago and he's 84, there is a dynamo of a man." "Such a wonderful name really, Charlie Rangel, so perhaps you are right, as his name would imply, he would be most capable 'to range about in an irregular manner' as by very definition alone." They both laughed as they looked back out to the breeze, white cap swept sea. Then Ben said, "Maybe he's the man to make a case for those million dollar profit sharing checks for all the American citizens that you mentioned yesterday. I would love to hear that 'plea to power,' done civilly, of course. In 1606 in my Merry old England our approach got my good Catholic friend Guy Fawkes executed, sorry to say."

"Well today Ben its pretty clear we need to recreate, reboot the American consumer economy. People are stuck in the dollar grind, for what? high gas prices, supporting the war economy? Lets give that old devil Daddy War bucks a run for his money, and let enthusiastic, new entrepreneurs work on cleaning up our environment, develop new energy, before the world collapses around us, know what I mean Ben?" "I do, I do Eleanor, why it could unleash a great boon for the world."

The blue sky held not a single cloud now as they stood on the bluff overlooking the beach below them where the sea lions where laying on the jagged rocks sunning themselves hardly moving. Out on the ocean the water enthusiasts were paddling into the shore bound swelling waves, some catching rides in the passing mass of liquid saline energy from the deep blue sea.

"Through the blue sky into the higher worlds that" pointing towards the sky "is our transparent boundary. An inner experience of something beyond sense perceptions Eleanor, that is the soul's condition. These are complicated circumstances and the only way to understand them is to... well, rise above them." "That entails change, letting go Ben, which in turn requires courage." "Yes Eleanor the unknown can generate fear in us, yet to see soul life as a means, allows us to transform our experiences while still here. Soul is fluid, not stuck in concepts or sense perceptions. It is super luminal, faster than light."

"Sounds like an inside job Ben, you know all about that I suppose?"

 "I do Eleanor. Down into the subterranean soul life, the world of self reliance, confidence and most importantly, presence of mind, that's the tough one, these qualities rule the spiritual realm. With these qualities of character, an inner energy can be developed." Looking out to sea Ben observes a surfer being thrown from his surfboard and disappearing into the blue, green waters. "Like the wave riders Eleanor, thrown from their boards underwater with only their inner strength, presence of mind and training enabling them to relax, not stress, allowing them to focus, all alone in the deep blue sea, just like a soul in a whole new world. In the void the surfer finds his power, ' from things to qualities' in the blink of an eye or the crash of a wave. Either the surfer is something or nothing as chaos happens. To be one with it, is to be great as the ocean itself."

"The school of life can be better than most university educations today." Ben smiled at Eleanor and agreeing with her sentiments adds, "Spiritual knowledge can liberate the soul. The university fills the head with information often not used in life, but acquiring self knowledge of the soul, much less exercising soul development, is all together absent. Informing universities today of the conscious soul life is much like telling the 'crowing cock' that the prince of the mind's machinations has moved on into the conscious heart of our human nature."

"Seems to me Ben that self knowledge is harder and harder to developed now. 'Impulses of the soul' are not a popular subject matter with most people, or bandied about in casual conversation."

"I know that Eleanor, what most think is real knowledge gives no insight into the inner being of the human being. But we are, in potential, the lord and master of our inner domain and it is here that we can and will eventually face ourselves."

The jogger who ran by earlier approached them once again. Ben watched him climb the sandy trail and again thought that he knew the young man. He knew he needed to meet up with a musician, composer, who could help him pull his oratorio together and perhaps this was the person who could help him accomplish that. It was now a very hot afternoon and Eleanor suggested that they walk back to her house for some lunch. As they were walking back to her house through the tall yellow coreopsis and orange poppies Ben suddenly exclaimed,  "A classical rock oratorial  that's it Eleanor, its going to be a 'classical rock oratorio' for the ages." "Oh Ben, you are a very rare bird indeed. A 'classical rock oratorio' , well when you think about it, music speaks to the soul and humanity is in need of some healing about now so why not." "Soul food for the conscious soul, in 432 Hz and a healing for the human as well. It will be an intervention for the human race, art for a mental and physical bio remediation since we seem unable to manage one for the earth." Ben says excitedly as they walked decidedly slowly back to Eleanor's house.

"That's going to take some music people with lots of talent and guts to put your oratorio 'On Light Born Way' together. Around here there are probably people with the talent and time to do that. You just have to meet them. Love and Tenderness at 432 HZ is a good start., just need to build it now before you go broke. Suppose you don't have to worry about that though, coming from the land of plenty with timeless living on your side, so it appears,.. or at least until Yellowstone erupts, or green eggs, ham and clouds catch us."

"Look at that Ben" Eleanor pointed to an arthropod spinning its web in a coreopsis plant with its daisy looking flowers. "Amazing really what the spider can weave out of itself" she said. They stood there watching the arthropod, phylum Arthropoda which includes insects as well, with its jointed legs busily traversing the spindly old limbs while spinning its web. Ben remarked, "Such a strange plant, with its gangly dead limbs and bent over thick stalk, and for all appearances would appear to be lifeless, yet it still produces an abundance of its yellow daisy like flowers! From within, the internal strength this spider spins out a web on to what would appear to be a dead plant, yet it continues to flower, living on. Christ! is not  the 'God of Nature' wondrous Eleanor?" Ben said turning back to look at her, his brown eyes were so deep and bright Eleanor thought for a moment that he looked like an ancient centaur with eyes deeper than the Pacific ocean.. "Yes Ben it is wondrous, I rediscover the spirit of life in nature whenever I take a walk out here, its regenerating."

"Oh look there are two of them working together spinning this intricate web. How incredible, working in tandem, side by side!" They could see now that two spiders were building the large web which looked like an oddly shaped soccer ball floating in the still hot air woven in the limbs. The sphere of webs was refracting the sunlight into blue, green, and yellow flashing twinkles of many shades. "How beautiful that is, looks like a celestial orb from another world come to visit" Ben said laughing. "Wow, I have never seen a spider's web like that in my life. Now that's a fly trap that can capture the imagination as well!" Eleanor exclaimed. They both looked at the sparkling sphere of webs that appeared to have multiple levels and fissure like sheaths built into the interior of the web's deformed sphere. A web so complex  that it fit right into its elegant surroundings Ben thought. Together they marveled at the intricate web made from the spider's joined webs for another minute before the heat became mildly unbearable.

"Seems the hotter it gets, it just gets hotter still, lets go back to my place, cool off." "Yes it has suddenly become much hotter, I can feel it intensifying now." They start to walk back to Eleanor's house when she asked Ben, "Do you think the Methane veil in our atmosphere now could set off a spiral of global runaway warming? Also, why don't we capture the methane released from the Arctic ocean bottom before it reaches the ocean's surface."

"Very troubling, the hockey stick is bending up now, with the methane being released into the atmosphere now, and yes runaway warming will be the consequence of this increasing release. Yes the methane could be captured with large sheets of plastic film several square miles long and wide, then it could be burned off at sea to convert it to the less harmful carbon dioxide, or we could recover it , if the flow is great enough, with a gas carrier and transport it ashore for our use. The cost will be tremendous. Yes, solvable but best stay at the ready, for all probabilities."

As they were walking back to the house the jogger was approaching from the trail up ahead. Ben thought of what he wanted to say to the jogger before they crossed paths again. As he was now passing by Ben asked, "Could you write or play music or speak the words for a 'classical rock jazz oratory' work that I am writing?" In passing he called back to Ben, "Well I'm a musician, if that helps" he then called back a 'hello' to Eleanor. "Hello Will." The small, muscular, dark haired and tattooed musician continued on his jog. "See you around the bend" Ben called out to the jogger as he disappeared off the trail and down the paved street.

"You know him Eleanor?" "Oh sure he works with Ricardo on my banana plants. They play in a band called the 'Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission' long name I know, not even sure what that is, anyway that's what they are calling themselves currently. "

 "Great tides upon the atmospheric moon Titan, these 'gamma waves' can allow for wondrous 'bursts of insight and high-level information processing'. The 'Light Born Way' is located in high intensity energy fields. With the 'neuro synchronicity of our gamma waves with these higher spiritual worlds of moon Titan, we can experience an ascension of consciousness' into these higher spiritual planes."

 "Well then Ben I will introduce you to them when they come around sometime."

Later that afternoon they were sitting out on the porch in a shady spot under the grove of tall banana plants drinking some cold ice water. It felt good being in the shade this afternoon as it was becoming a very hot winter's afternoon now. Eleanor asked Ben what were some of his earliest memories he had as a child growing up in London. Ben reflected for a moment,

 "Well my mother was a very talented woman and was the first transcriptionist in the sessions house of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. It was our medieval court back in 1575 and was located next to the Newgate gaol (jail) and I was only two years old when it was established. Years later it would be destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. In 1674 it was rebuilt and named the 'Old Bailey Court'. Well one day my mother took me with her to the medieval court located at the prison on the corners of Newgate Street and Old Bailey just inside London. I was just a lad of 10 years yet I never forget that morning as long as I lived. A young cleaning woman for a local inn named Claire was charged with the crime of theft for lifting three pence from a patron of the fine establishment. He caught her in the act and beat her terribly for her lift before turning her over to the local sheriff. Her clothes were torn, bloodied and her pretty face bruised as she stood there before the judge. Then the young woman let out a mournful wailing when she heard her sentence of 5 years in the woman's prison. I remember sitting beside my mother as she wrote out the sentence in this great recording book. Her long, hand cut white goose feathered quill pen dipped into the black ink pot then nimbly transferred it onto the page of the court's recording book without a single smudge anywhere, as she quickly wrote out the sentence. My mother looked so sad as she penned the words of this verdict. As I sat there beside her I wondered why the woman, who was beaten and appeared to be very poor was being treated so cruelly... and over just a few pence. The man charging her was well dressed and clearly did not need the three pence. So it seemed to me that the wrong person was being charged for the wrong crime. Little did I know then Eleanor, that it would take England 200 years to move from the harsh petty crime punishments the Old Bailey was meting out then, to finally an England that punished the serious violent criminal for their crimes committed against people."

The tall banana plants, their stems cool to the touch as Ben pressed his head up against one of them. "Ah, cool to the touch, these wonderful smooth plants are like natures air conditioner." "Those are the Lady Finger banana, the  sap cools the stem, that's why it feels cool to the touch and protects them from freezing weather too. They grow a leaf a week now,  I use my scissors to cut off the dead leaves and put them in my compost pile. What I love about this plant is that they grow so fast, the leaves alone can grow to six feet." They sat there in the shade enjoying the scents in the air and the tranquility of the colorful garden.

"Ben I have something you might like. Have you ever tasted banana ice cream?" "No never even crossed my mind that there was such a thing." "Oh yes, let me serve you a bowl." She walked into the kitchen and a few minutes later she appeared with a bowl of her banana ice cream. She handed Ben a bowl of the desert and then sat back down to enjoy the treat that she had just made while in the kitchen.

"Now that is good. How did you make it so quickly, if I may ask?" "Simple as pie Ben, I sliced up my banana in thin slices this morning and put them in the freezer for an hour or so. Then when we returned from our walk, I took the frozen banana slices out of the freezer and put them in my blender, turned it on for only a few minutes and then, like magic, you and I have what is called banana ice cream." They sat there on the patio enjoying the sweet treat. Then Ben smiled at Eleanor and said, "It looks like ice cream and taste like ice cream." As he took another bite of the cold and creamy sweet delight he added, "It's so sweet you would think it really was ice cream." Eleanor smiled and replied, "Add fruit or peanut butter to it and you would not even care if it was ice cream or not, because it taste so good. So I scream, you scream, we scream bananas ice cream Ben." "Hear, hear, we scream bananas ice cream for the people, forget about the cake." They laughed and continued eating their afternoon delights, quietly enjoying each others company in the garden's peaceful setting.

"I'm curious, did you ever see her again, the young woman who was imprisoned?"

 "Well the odds were astronomical that our paths should ever cross again but as the fates would have it we did, years later. At first I was not sure if it was her but I quickly discovered that it was one and the same person. Claire had not lost her beauty while incarcerated and it was her that I recognized in a London clothiers shop. She was inquiring about her missing purse to the shopkeeper. He told her that a tramp had tried to return a purse to him just that very morning but that he did not think it wise to take it because something might have been missing from the purse and he did not want to be blamed. She gently said to the shop keeper, "Oh no sir, I think he was trying to do the right thing, as he probably found my purse close by as I was in this area just yesterday. He may have figured you would know what to do." Well just then a great big sheriff shows up at the shop with this other man in tow and said, "This man here tried to give me a woman's purse, said he found it on the ground by this shop. I think he stole it and is making up a ruse to fool us, that's what I think, so I'm taking him in to jail for theft." The woman, recognizing her purse, spoke up immediately, "No sir, he did not steal my purse, I left my purse 'accidently I suppose' somewhere around here yesterday and this man found it and tried to return it to this shop keeper. Is that not true sir?" she asked the shopkeeper. He shook his head sheepishly in agreement as she continued. "Yet neither of you," looking at the shop keeper then the sheriff, seemed interested in relieving him of his burden, my purse, by attempting to help him find its rightful owner. Instead you left him to swim, to see perhaps what might become of my purse, or perhaps you were afraid to end this little charade before it even got started." She said this with kindness, appearing to be happy and not the least bit bitter or callous, and by her dress and carriage appeared to be a perfectly well adjusted person. Then she did the most wonderful thing. She took back her purse from the sheriff, and opening it, took out what appeared to be a single pound gold coin, equivalent to $293.92 today, and a small fortune in 1590 and handed it to the man standing beside the sheriff. The man said it was not necessary as he was only trying to do the right thing. "Good deeds deserve favor, take this please, it would be my honor."

"Now that's a story. Did you ever see Claire again?" "Not once, but it seems like yesterday when I saw her last." "She made an impression on you it seems." "She did indeed. Yet most interesting still was the young man who returned the purse, turned out to be a 'diamond in the rough', an up coming playwright, and just 10 years later would rival the best writers of his time. When I was but 20 years of age, this man who I had seen 10 years earlier in the clothier's shop was just 19. However his man would turn out to be born the same year as William Shakespeare in1564 and was from Canterbury and a graduate of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge with a B.A. he received in 1584. By 1593 he had become a famous playwright in England but sadly met an untimely death by knife over his lodging bills that same year."

"Lets get in out of the banana cooler and go inside Ben, starting to warm up our cool space here."

As they walk into the house Ben asked Eleanor about the dark thin statue of a woman he noticed yesterday that stands in the alcove of the hallway leading to her bedroom. "Is that Isis Eleanor? "

 "Yes it is Ben, the Egyptian Goddess of Light and Warmth, married Osiris and became the mother of Horus. Our feeling soul came to Earth in Egypt back then Ben. From there it was on to the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee where the Mother Mary experienced  the virgin birth of a Son of God, who was to become the Christ. I figure the birth of Monotheism goes right through the womb of woman, big breasted, round women, our mitochondria's virgin birthing carries the embedded human codes forward. The Creative Word, that ground force for the inner most being, is passed here in the seed of an ego and wrapped with a starry field map, know what I mean Ben?"

 "Yes Eleanor, Freedom from the physical world, I understand that completely. The silent goddess of Isis, suckling her son Horus, sees with the eyes of incarnation to incarnation, the ageless Wisdom of Life recorded, then impressed into the stars,  for our futures use." The God's die back, but in their absence our soul seeds spread through the Earth and then into the stars of our aware universe, humanizing, seeding the Cosmos with the Harmony of the Spheres frequencies of Love and Compassion" Ben said, continuing,

"Sad really but we have forgotten our past Eleanor. From the Vedas of India with Lord Krishna the goat herder who was born of the Virgin Devaki and his father Vasudeva back in Northern India in 3200 B.C. Going back even further to 4000 B.C. into the time of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, daughter of Geb, God of the Earth and Nut, the Goddess of the Sky, again birthed from a virgin mother was born the great Sun God Osiris. Trinities of these spiritual beings are written about in our Earth's very resent history but unfortunately both of these traditions mentioned are forgotten about in the Christian America of today. However Isis is in a line of Divinities that is in the tradition of the Western Trinity. From Krishna and his divine parents on through to Mother Mary, Joseph and their Son of Man, the Lord Jesus Christ. So knee jerk reactions to this name Isis, the Goddess of Egypt, is mostly what we have today, possibly by design. Unfortunately this 6000 year old ancient Goddess of children and protector of the dead, this Divinity Isis, is now mostly forgotten as is the playful 5000 year old Lord Krishna of India. Troubling semantics with these names sounding similar, and their lineage and linkage to our own current traditions. The continuity, contributions and insights gained for Western Civilization's development, spiritually speaking, is much more than the Western mind wishes to grapple with now."

Back in the living room seated on the teal green couch Eleanor asked Ben if he would like one more dish of banana ice cream. Ben looked at his new friend and said he would and adding once again, "Bananas ice cream for the people!" to which Eleanor replied, "Bananas ice cream for the people! we say." Eleanor walked into the kitchen and in returned shortly with two bowls of the simple pleasure, fit for the masses. 

Ben continued speaking once again after taking a few more bites of the banana ice cream. "Then Moses in 1,500 B.C. carried the Cosmic Word into "I AM THE I AM" from Egypt into the Promised Land of Canaan on the coast of the Sea of Galilee. The Greeks had the Cosmic Tones before them, Zarathustra had the Cosmic Light of his masculine solar nature before as well, while the Egyptians had the feminine, lunar nature of Isis. Then to the Hebrews and Moses, who brought forward 'The Word' which flowered into the "! AM THE I AM' awareness."

""So humanities spiritual journey has covered a lot of ground, has it not Ben. By the way have you ever hear the story about the Angel who was about to become an Archangel but decided instead to hold back, staying behind, so it could continue to help human's climb their spiritual ladders of life into the spiritual worlds."

 "Yes Eleanor, that is a wonderful example of self sacrifice for the betterment of others and it happens more than we will ever know.  We are on Earth to gain our freedom. The power to be free independent human beings can only be found in the world of spirit and the Angelic Hierarchy understand this."

 "So freedom is a learned behavior?"

"While here on the Earth it is and we can even develop new faculties of perception, but not after we die."

"So in our thoughts we can be free and while we sleep, we again can be free to be with the Angels."

 "Yes in our sleep we can be free with our inward experiences and we discover that the moral world order is as real there as it is here on Earth."

"So just thinking of the Angels allows us to be more like Angels while here on the Earth?"

 "That's it and add to that the spirituality of our language, then the Archangels can work into our lives while here on Earth as well."

"So Ben, my wise, sweet man, what is the one thing you could tell me that is the most important thing of all for my soul life while here on Earth." Ben thought for some time before answering.

 "Hold a deep love for humanity and the environment, love humanity, love the world, no matter what happens here, don't fold under the pressure, just keep that love alive inside. Be as Parsifal the aspiring knight, 'the fool on the hill' and not the desire torn cock of the roost King Amfortas, who in his depleted state, covets the Holy Grail found in his castle. Parsifal as a conscious soul finds his own spirituality and a life that serves the creative force of the universe. It's that simple really, just love life Eleanor, like the 'fool on the hill'. Then you are truly prepared and ready for the next stage of a conscious life." He was quiet for a moment then added, "Wear white clothing. Energy is reflected by the white color off of your clothing and you do don't get as hot. "

"The time winnows along Ben and soon all this shall pass away ; I want to be prepared for that, as God and the Angels are my witness."

"Oh so very human yet so divine." They sat quietly for a moment eating their bananas ice cream then Ben asked Eleanor, "The cello over there, do you think you could play it now with the new 432 Hz tuning?" "Sure can. Ricardo dropped earlier to cut some banana bunches, said he would tune the piano and I'm hoping the cello as well." As the evening began to set in the birds greeted them with a flurry of gossipy chatter, as if they were 'on to' Eleanor's new company now in the neighborhood.

"The cello's sound is so soothing to the ear, reverberates down the spine to our very 'butt's base'" Ben says laughing.

"Well see if this don't shake you down to the base of your spine Mr. Ben,... then I'm afraid you are just a ghost of a man" ...she says laughing. She walks over to her cello, picks it up then sits down on the piano bench. Holding the cello upright, placing it between her legs as she grips the neck of the instrument with her strong, fleshy hands. Slowly at first, she begins playing a Bach cello suite.

As Ben listens to Eleanor play he reflects on the calm his mother's playing would bring into his childhood home. Throughout his tumultuous life it could soothe his very soul. From Ben's very first play 'Isle of Dogs' which he wrote with Thomas Nash and was to get him tortured and almost hanged, while all the theatres of London were threatened with closure. The words of a physicist mystic scientist Professor Julian Saelde (8) rang in his mind in this moment as Eleanor played her music that seemed to widen out in their very souls now. From the blues into the azure world of the midnight sun, the soul world.

 'Time is of the instant, the instant is not in time.' (12)

As Eleanor finished playing her cello and turned to Ben who looked into Eleanor's deep green eyes and suddenly felt she could read his heart and feel his deep emotions that had now been roused in him with her playing. Eleanor lookes into his bright brown eyes, surrounded by his full, curly brown beard and thinks to herself that he looks like a small bear sitting there on her couch.

The evening was setting in now and Eleanor told her new found, and quite charming, acquaintance, " Now listen up sir, if your oratory, your sacred music is going to be worth the salt you sweat writing it, it needs some more 'pep'. Like this piece by Serkan Taştan, which I love to play". With her legs wrapped around her cello she began tapping the cello sounding very much like a heart beat as she began her cello  piece, then Eleanor began to make the most passionate music Ben had heard since returning back to Earth.  Ben was now visibly moved as he listened intently, feeling he was back in the music clubs of Titan. She played like a music crazed angel. He loved it, the music ran like wild horses across the great plains of Argentina or some great winds across blowing over the sea. When she had finished playing Ben looked at her in amazement. He could see the sweat rolling down her forehead.

"Wow...could here the 'fiddles of Feirefiz' (16) riding along the urgency winds of change. That kicks the door down, I would be honored with the composers permission to use it in my oratorio?" Eleanor now bending over her cello, legs still strattling her instrument, smiles at Ben.

" 'Now you're takin'. As you could hear Ben, the piece is smoking! It's an infectious, upbeat 'gets the ass in gear' composition. It's a work out just playing it, but so worth the efforts. It's what your work needs Ben. Upbeat! forgo the down beat D, this is the time for up beat notes, so work some jazz in. Then you have lots of room to move, and it will open your work right up." He could feel her interest in his work and her sympathy for his current situation. Her emotions seemed to wash over him, like a warm tide of tenderness. Then she blew a breeze of warmth into his heart.

"Ben, why not stay here with me. I have plenty of room for you and your 3 changes of clothing. I do so enjoy your company."

"Well after that performance I would be an utter fool not to accept your kind invite. I do need a lair to lay up in for awhile" he said this laughing, as he was looking at his chest and wondering if he could actually see it beating in his chest, he felt so overjoyed with his new found friend.

"Well read my mind! This is the finest bear's lair to be found around these parts, good sir."

"Well then, this old bear gladly accepts your kind offer." "You can fill your soul Ben with the wonder's of our West Coast Pacific Ocean blue out here, with all the land and sea birds, whales, sea lions, seals, dolphins, sea stars, many different schools of fish swilling about feeding in the kelp beds and sea weed, there is just so much to see out there, ...while we still have it Ben. This beauty in nature could be our own stair way to that 'land of beauty beyond' ." "As the Eternal beings that we are my lady, I swear to you, that it is true."

"Smart bear Ben..." She got up from the bench set her cello back in the corner while excitedly exclaiming, "Did you know that black bears are now opening cans, tearing apart might be a better selection of words, to get at the food inside them? The bears figured out that the cans translate to food. Once they figure the pull tabs out, they will probably develop a new sound for those easily, clawed open, edibles. Washington State University up in Pullman is going to have a field day with it Ben, probably publish research papers on the evidence of the bear's evolving learning curve." Ben smiled at the thought of bears out on a picnic, their paws claws capably peeling back the sardine tins, while sitting gently content in some unsuspecting people's campsites.

"We are so very blessed to be here" Eleanor says. 

 Now the inner lords and ladies, with judgment developing, have a direct experience of their own soul life. The dead wood falls away with only the roots still intact, yet the split dead organism hangs around the living roots organism. Fruits of the Mysteries however are free from this dead wood, like the 'dregs of cleverness' now found in many college educations. Yet the mustard seed branches out beyond, blooming, reaching into our 'other' starry, astral nature sides, where we discover the docks of our soul side. Like the spider that weaves a web from within out into space, an intricately developed fabric of connectivity. Now this instant in time is ripe for a' brain change'. An inner spiritual point of view revealed for those who have worked to develop their minds energy into those 'dark matter expanses' with Illumined spiritual Ideas. (9)

"Yes Blessed Being right here now" Ben replies.

Next morning Ben awoke early. When he walked into the kitchen he saw through the windows Eleanor standing outside in the garden out by the big fig tree looking down at something. When he walked out into the yard and joined her she pointed to a dead robin that laid on the ground.

"Our songster friend, Robin Blues. As I told you yesterday Ben he lived here in the fig tree for ten years. But what I did not tell you yesterday is that Emily Wilson, my next door neighbor, brought him with her in a gift box she got down at a small gift shop in Lake Forest before she moved out here from Illinois to Los Angeles with her family.  She was just a kid when she found him on the ground by their house the day before they moved out here 10 years ago. She took it upon herself to nurse the bird on worms until it was strong enough to fend for itself out here. When it took its first flight it landed right into the big fig tree next door. It was a smart enough bird to know then that it had it good right here. So being, rather than becoming, with no family birds to support it, it stayed very put. Lived in this fig tree for the rest of its full life."

"Such a beautiful story Eleanor, and matched only by the bird's beauty," Ben opined, before continuing, "its bright, orange to red colored chest is so big. Look at it, the color is so deep and rich now that it seems to glow on that puffed out chest."

"Oh he glows all right Ben. Has 25 - 30 offspring, had many different mates, ate the worms to his heart's content out here over the years. Ate lots of figs as well, to his intoxication I think, displaying song singing skills that were off the charts. Songs so wonderful to listen to, that they would make you laugh out loud with the sheer variety he displayed on a regular basis. You could have thought he was ginned up on the Juniper berries even. Believe me Ben, the 'Rocking Robin' had nothing on this, 'The Robin Blues'...now quiet at last." They stood there quietly looking down at the lifeless bird, then Eleanor shared, "The sheer wonderment of song creation this bird produced over the years was amazing. Improvising from the start of every new day, he was really wonderful." Eleanor looked around the fig tree thinking where she would bury the robin. "Guess I'll bury him right here where the Sun warms the ground in the morning. Seems right place."

Eleanor was quiet standing there looking down at the bird then, as an aside almost, she remarked, "The Lady Rosemarie Kennedy of the Larchmont will be saddened by this loss. Robin Blues always brought a smile to her very serious face. She never smiles much, a serious woman, but the Robin Blues here got her to laugh out loud when ever she came by for a visit, and that was really an achievement. This bird will be missed. Thank you dear Robin Blues for the sheer joy you brought to us."  Eleanor walked over to the tool shed and got a shovel. She then began digging a hole in the warm sunny back yard underneath the fig tree. Ben offered to dig the hole but Eleanor said that she wanted to do it. After digging the birds final resting place she gently placed Robin Blues in his shallow grave, then shoveled the dirt back upon the big red chest of the songbird and filling the hole once again. When she had finished, a small robin returned to the yard and landed on an old bird bath pillar, the bath basin long since gone. 

"Hear that Ben? Look over there," she points out towards the middle of the yard, beside the fence, where, "a Robin Blues family member has come a callin'. It's landed on the old cement pedestal that held up a great big bird bath basin that my grandfather had built long ago when I was just a child. The basin broke off last year after a tremor."

"From the size of the pedestal I'd say the bird bath would have been fit for swans." "Yes it was a very large bath basin and the birds flocked to it in the summertime." Then as the young robin began to sing out, Eleanor turns to Ben, "Listen now to the unique songs. As they stood there, the young Robin's range of calls and songs Ben found to be beautiful, cheerful sounds yet their was an almost, below the surface, beseeching quality about them he felt. As if the bird was looking for another robin, possibly even the now buried Robin Blues. When the fresh songbird finished singing Eleanor turned to Ben, "See what I mean, wonderful variety there, don't you agree?" "I do concur, melodious communications with, as if, some clear intension. It really is wonderful musical communications."  "I knew you would appreciate that Ben. Now I wish to show you a special place here on the property. My grandfather had it built at about the same time as the bird bath some fifty years ago. Come, walk with me, it is around the south side of the house."

She took his big hand and walked the playwright around the corner of the house to a small, brick wall enclosed, rose garden. The brick wall stood about 4 ft. built with different tones of white and yellow ochre colored brick. It looked like something out of the 1400's, an old Italian estate rose garden filled with Old Garden Roses. (13). "My grandfather had this built to replicate the one he had up on Hudson Ave and 6th in Los Angeles, where he lived for all of his adult life. 75 years ago Los Angeles was a small town. Out here on the coast we just had small beach communities and sand dunes." Eleanor laughed as she opened a black wrought iron gate for Ben, they walked into the garden that was in full bloom. In the corner of the garden sat a small and curved back, black wrought iron bench, big enough for three persons.

"As a child I spent many an hour in this magical place, here, sit a spell with me Ben." The Old Garden Roses fragrance filled the enclosed space and Ben felt the peace of the place sitting there now with his, now, 'new best friend'. The robins were singing from the fig tree, filling the pungent air with their glorious birdsongs.  Ben had not been so relaxed since , well again, he could not really remember when, but that 'feel good chemistry' was kicking in now, which he knew when he felt it, and let it ride. As he looked out on the 'stately albas and the tender and lovely tea roses' (13) he noticed on the south side wall adjacent to them in the garden, a large beautiful mosaic. An inscription was spelled out in pink, orange and red rose petal letters, 'Old Garden Roses'. In the four corners of the mosaic are red and black spiders holding up a web that catch falling rose petals. Imbedded in the brick wall at the base of the mosaic's frame was a large piece of rose quartz the size of a honeydew melon. As the morning sun begins to illumine the wall, rose petals appear to be floating in mid air, as if caught in time, shimmering in the spider's web on the 'Old Garden Roses'. It was 'simply brilliant' Ben thought, smiling to himself, he turned to Eleanor saying, "Now that Art breathes." "Yes, it really does come to life, see what I mean!" she said excitedly as the sun light slowly begins revealing the 'Old Garden Roses' inscription.

They sit quietly enjoying the ambiance of the rose garden's setting, the banana plants swaying gently in the breeze just beyond the brick wall. "The banana plants, the great fig tree and this rose garden, good Lady, all of it, is as out of time." Eleanor laughed, "You can feel it, can't you Ben? 'The banana and the rose do sway timelessly here', and that's probably how my Grandfather Antonio Rosetip wanted it. Naturally, ...being a produce man all his life. He grew up in St. Joe, Missouri, graduated from high school, then his father bought him a train ticket to Los Angeles. That was back in 1920, he arrived with two suitcases and an address to go to. He did, and then stayed the rest of his life here in Los Angeles. He set up the family fruit stand on Figaroa St. in downtown Los Angeles which then eventually become a fruit brokerage business at that same location. He met my grandmother at the local Catholic church he attended and 2 years later married my mother when he was 20. Rose Waters, a 24 year old Irish immigrant, was one of 14 children, of which only 3 survived into adulthood. I am the only child of their only child, my mother Elizabeth Rosewater. She passed away in this house at the age of 88, just 7 years ago." Quiet now they sit looking out at the roses, then Eleanor says, "It seems like just yesterday when she passed, really."

 "So this garden made perfect sense to him" Ben laughed. "Yes, it is perfect, really! The bananas and the roses do sway timelessly here" Eleanor agreed.  The 'Old Garden Roses' mosaic ripples now in the sun's morning rollout of its light. Instantly now sun's speed of light radiates across the cleverly crafted 'colored brick chips' inscription. They sit together quietly on the old iron bench and enjoy the moment. Then Eleanor saw something she had never seen before.

"Oh my Lord, will you look at that Ben!" She pointed down at the rose quartz stone which was now in a 'full pink glowing'. "Look, just above the rose quartz, see them?" "No not quiet, perhaps my angle,... oh yes, now I see them, the numbers 432 right there in beautiful peach tones, luminous, placed about 3 inches above the rose quartz." "Wow, I think I understand why I did not see the numbers before. It's the shifting sands of time probably, yet the Earth is physically changing now, I can feel it. A subtle but new angle that the sunlight reflects on to the wall now?" "Subtle indeed, faceted almost, with only chipped and painted, small brick pieces. The 'Procession of the Ages', seen here, in the speed of morning light!"

"From the water of Pisces into the air of Aquarius, revealed here in the morning sunlight on my grandfather's brick laid walls." Eleanor then, looking at her new bearded friend, so bear like with his great distinguished brow, his roaring bear words, and yes, his very hairy chest, who now sits there next to her. "Guess you got here right on time," pointing at the small, now illumined, numbers on the wall. "No mistakes in Infinity my good Lady, just rolling probabilities, as the 'tumblers of Titan'." "Yes, that makes sense, ...some how,... that does make sense,... I can roll with that " "Yes, exactly my Lady." The robins were naturally singing imaginatively, as insects and bees moved busy about the garden, while white and violet winged butterflies flirted with the breezes ...with not a cloud in the sky. Then as the sunlight filled the wall with its direct rays, the waves of light receded into the heat and the numbers faded from their view.

"The subdued morning sunlight caught the angles of these geometrically constructed colored clay chips at the very right instant, 432 vital alive eternal. Quite the talented bricklayer I'd have to say Eleanor." "Yes he was. My father had him flown over from Palermo to build him his brick house up on Hudson Ave in Los Angeles when he had become established in the fruit brokerage business. That man was, 'from the 5th largest island in Europe', which my grandfather thought so clever and liked to say when ever he was asked where his people came from, built this garden as well."

"Sounds like you had a great childhood." "It was so good ;  now I'm working on myself, preparing for the 'the beam up'. "So important really" Ben replies.

"Ben I was blessed as a child, I did grow up in Camelot. But now I learn that this Parsifal is the one to pay attention to.  But really the only Parzival I know about is Richard Wagner's opera Parsifal which he wrote in 1882.... and that is one thing I would love to understand more about."

 "Yes I do understand Eleanor, 'this is the new thing that has to be added' (8) for the Consciousness Soul period we live in now. Well it all started long before Richard Wagner's rendering. Way back in 223 the Jewish Muslim astronomer Flegetanis, who's mother was Jewish and father was a Muslim named Solomon. He grew up in Jerusalem or Palestine, studied the planets, stars and of the hidden mysteries in the constellations while spending time out on the sea of Galilee. He writes while living in Toledo, Spain of the noble line of Grail Keepers and the house of Anjou. He was first to declare their was a thing called the 'Gral', which he wrote about in the Arabic language and the name of the 'Gral' he said he could clearly read in the skies. Further he said the name Parsifal could be seen in a hidden script on the sickle of the moon. Then in the 9th century Willehalm, Court of Toulouse as 'Krot' finds this mysterious document written by the Baghdad scholar Th'abit ben Salomon in which 'Krot' finds a reference to the Grail tradition. He then becomes 'Krot' the inspiration for Eschenbach and his Parsifal in the11th century around 1215.

"A troop (of angels) left it on earth and then rose high above the stars, if their innocence drew them back again.
 Since then baptized people have had the duty of keeping it. Those human's who are summoned to the Gral are ever worthy." (16)

 Around 1177 Chrétien de Troyes of French, wrote and originated the character Lancelot and wrote 'Percival, the Story of the Grail' which he left unfinished. Then about 50 years later in the year 1215 a German poet named Wolfram von Eschenbach said 'a being named Krot' inspired him to write a romantic poem adapted from Chretien de Troyes 'Parzival' (8) or as we say in England - Percival. He writes the 'heathenish script', his reference, in 16 books, beginning with Percival's parent's names. His father's name was Gahmuret and his mother's name was Herzeloyde Queen of Wales. They lived in Anjue county in the city of Angers located in the Loire Valley of Western France. (15) The books chronicle Parsifal's long quest for the Holy Grail which has him wandering and fighting for the next five years through a painful gantlet. Then his luck changes and he is given a black steed by a grail Knight which he then names Feirefiz ."

 "That's the 'fiddles of Feirefiz'  you mentioned yesterday?"

"Yes,... one of them at least. As it so happened, this name was a precursor to past events, that are later, to be revealed to Parsifal while on his quest for the Grail." "Continue then, please" Eleanor asked Ben. "Without Feirefiz, Parsifal clearly could not have succeeded in his quest. His father Gahmuret was married twice. His first wife was Queen Belacane of the African kingdom of Zazamanc. Eventually Gahmuret becomes restless and seeks new adventures to hire on to and leaves his wife Queen Belacane. She would then give birth to their son, named 'Feirefiz as well,  'whose skin is mottled black and white'." (15)

"The black steed Feirefiz carried Parzifal, as he loosed the hold on the reigns, the dark mystery horse carried him on into the very heart of the living human Consciousness Soul. Feirefiz rides wildly through the dark woods before arriving at the holy hermit's cave. His name is Trevrizent." The images on the wall shift in the moving sunlight, rose petals flickering, caught in white webs, appearing to float on an imaginary breeze, which it just so happens is moving through the garden now. A moving, shimmering spider's web caught in the 'Old Garden Roses' visual vehicle, painted brick chip, mosaic.

"Trevrizent tells Parzifal, "No one achieves the Grail alone. One must be known by name in Heaven; God calls a person to Grail service. You do not seek it, it will find you. Let go of self and feel compassion for the suffering of others. Then he learns his mother is the sister of the Grail King. The blessing of God protects you Parsifal." (8)

Eleanor noticed it was becoming very hot now yet the brick walls seemed to keep the garden cool. Yet overhead it was now a blue blazing sky, with sun's radiating heat only getting hotter. "Ben, lets go inside and cool down now. Hope you don't mind?" "No naturally not, I quiet agree, tis getting hot." "It does come on quick.. lets get inside" she says taking the hand of the playwright, which she now imagined to be the paw of a brown bear, 'the penning paw of Ben Jonson' she thought to herself as she walks with him out of the garden. The birds are still and not a bee is seen or the sea lions calls heard. It is very hot, quiet, still.

As they stepped back into the house, a cool breeze struck them in the face and Ben thought he saw someone passing by in the hall way. It was cool in the house now, then Eleanor told Ben, "Come on lets go sit in the root cellar where its 45 degrees year round. He used Sierra Nevada Granite collected out in the desert below Mt. Whitney in Yolo County, then had it cut in Chatsworth before building with it here. My grandparents loved vegetables from the old country, nuts so he had a root cellar built for their particular favorites that were not available in this country at the time. The Sician pasticcio, 'good with anything',  Belgian endive 'good for the bones' he'd tell us. A thousand different types of Potatoes, I exaggerate, but they loved potatoes. Irish spuds 'good for the ass hole' he'd tell anyone interested. Guess he meant the colon. Onions were 'good for the hair and skin' make you 'shine like a race horse'. The garlic was simply our medicine food, 'good for the heart' he would say eating it raw."

 Eleanor led Ben down the hall way past Isis, set in the wall alcove, with the thrown on her head. Ben reflected upon Isis thinking, 'That is the birth of the seat of Consciousness for humanity'. As Eleanor opened the door, the light switch had been turned on already, to reveal a stairway with 6 steps down to the bottom of a granite stone floor. As they walked down the stairs with Eleanor first then Ben, he asked her if someone had turned the lights on. "Yes Jin did. Oh I forgot to tell you I have a woman who comes in regularly to check on the stock and make sure nothing is rotting or mold setting in." As they got to the bottom of the stairs Ben saw the figure of a woman perhaps 35 years old standing by a shelf in the far corner of the cellar. She was busy stocking a shelf with some garlic when she noticed them. She smiled then quickly walked behind a wall of shelves. Ben was about to say hello when Eleanor touched his hand and said "Don't say anything, she won't speak to you. I'll explain in a minute but please have a seat" she said pointing to an old wicker couch that sat at the far end of the large basement room. 

They walked over and sat on the forest green cushions of the old bench. It felt like a cool cave in the deep woods with its accompanying smells of organic life.  As they sat down, "The air is so hot out there Ben, probably warming the ocean out there as well. Better that we sit down here for a spell and stay cool." The granites cellar floor and walls sparkled in the granular crystalline rocks, reflected now in the light of the very cool room. The black mica and white quartz specks in the granite stones flashed in glints of light all about the cellar.

 "The natural cycles have been replaced with man's huge pollution signature. The coal's soot mushrooms out of synch with all of nature Eleanor." He sat quietly for a moment then adds, "Yes as I mentioned before the North Pacific ocean has been warm now for over a year, from Alaska to Japan on out to the moon of Titan. Yes ocean warming is happening, and it could well bring on a spike in atmospheric methane concentrations released here on Earth!"... he said somberly, sitting there in the cool, dry root cellar. "This ocean warming could set off a catastrophic global warming event. That is why I speak in sing song, create music to ask the sun for a miraculous cooling."

"A miracle, as the mortal bell tolls on. So then, as the hour is growing late my good man, could you please tell me more of this Knight Parsifal." Ben was curious however about the woman he had just seen there, but was about to continue with his discussion about Parsifal the Knight when he felt a chill on his neck, then saw the same woman pass by them, walking up the stairs to then, just pass out of his sight. It was very unusual Ben thought, as he did not see the door open or shut as she departed.

 "She comes and goes as she pleases Ben." The root cellar sparkled now like it was the home of silver mining gnomes or even a cluster of crystal fairies perhaps, or even... the 'ghost of roots' residing there in the cool granite room ."She came with the place Ben, been here ever since I can remember, don't be afraid of her as she is very peaceful, just got stuck in a wrinkle of time here in the root cellar."

 "Caught In the curvature of time and space, I can imagine this" Ben remarks. "Many a night in the theatre our audience was not always 'of the body', corporal. Over time we accepted that the dead enjoyed being read to and being entertained. As the applause would erupt after a grand performance, the spirits would disperse instantly, the loud noise seemed to scare them away. Sensitive, spirits are, I suppose easily enough. ..Well, if at the end of a performance the audience was perplexed, then they would sit in their seats quietly before a dappling of applause would slowly waft, ever so gently, into the air of the theatre, and this they would stick around for, seeming to enjoy the awkward drama of it all. If the 'fair weather audience' decided to give in to mercy and grant us a token applause, then the 'house spirits' faded away."

"That's a wonderful experience Ben" Eleanor exclaimed "here before you get cold, let me get you a wool sweater." She got up from the bench and walked over to a coat rack where two thick sweaters were hung. She took the sweaters from the coat rack bringing them back to Ben. "Here, these Scottish wool sweaters will keep us both warm." "Finest wool known, then as now" Ben said laughing as he stood up to take the sweater from Eleanor. She agreed, "Finest wool known to man" she repeated as she helped Ben put the thick, cumbersome, lanolin exuding old sweater on. She put her sweater on then sat back down on the couch joining Ben.

Eleanor then reached out to Ben, and touching the back of his hand she then rubbed it slowly, length wise, down to his finger tips where she stopped. Then she softly said, "Come on Ben 'Cowboy Up' with this tale now as time is .." she was quiet for a moment then said, "Would hate my life to end before I even had a clue about the meaning of Life, or gained my own Soul's perspective on this passing parade. That does trouble me Ben."

" 'Roots of the West', the Secret Rose and revealed in a fairy tale. 'Parzifal' by Wolfram von Eschenbach (1217) is told so cleverly with deep thoughts about romance, marriage and faithful duty to the Creator and is woven in a poetry with celestial knots. 'The blessing of God protects you Parsifal' he is told by Trevrizent as he leaves the hermit's cave. Riding now with his mulatto brother Firefus and upon his black steed they travel to The Fisher King against great odds and peril to their mortal souls."

"We read about the evil magician Klingsor of Calabria and Iblis the Duchy of Terra de Labur across the Straits of Messina who form a union, becoming the enemy of the Grail and The Fisher King Amfortas, and together the two join their forces with the 'fastness' of Calot bobot. They struck at the island of Sicily and by the Middle Ages, 'Calot bobot' was firmly established in this region of the world. Iblis is the daughter of Eblis. This union of Klingsor and Iblis was possibly one of the most evil unions in whose souls dark occult forces, the very worst forces, were working through them. In the Islamic belief system Eblis is the being we call Lucifer here in the West. Iblis and the evil magician Klingsor live in the fastness of 'Calot bobot at the Chastel Merveille.' The Fisher King Amfortas is injured in battle and Parsifal must meet the king once again and ask him about his wound with one particular question. This question embodies the quest for that vibration, a frequency that can now unleash the human consciousness to return back to the 'spiritual worlds' above."

"These names are so intriguing, Klingsor and Iblis," Eleanor says then adds, "sounds complicated. Then we have Fisher King Amfortas with his wound and the underworld of the' fastness of Calot bobot'. ..serious really."

 "Yes it is quite serious my good lady, and so worthy of my oratorio 'On Light Born Way' which as you know, is composed in 432 Hz frequency."

"Sounds like 'On Light Born Way' time has arrived with the climate change pulling at the very fabric of our planet now. A 'being' played forward to new perspectives is what the Knight Parsifal displayed for us."

 "Yes that is so. Parsifal's Consciousness Soul education, which is drawn from 'within' him, allowed the reader to learn 'the righty effects' to navigate the waters of our Consciousness Soul for themselves. (8) The Fisher King Amfortas must gain control of the forces which have been unleashed upon him by Klingsor and Iblis, causing him great pain, confusion and imbalance in his own Intellectual or Mind-Soul."

 "The gift of the 'Secret Rose', what a wonderful, pungent really, notion"  Eleanor exclaimed!"

"Yes very pungent, ... lifts the spirits. Simple Idea really, but capitol nevertheless. As Parsifal is required to do, so it is required of humanity too. That is nothing more than to look within, practice honest self-awareness, and to then discover that the conflicts raging in the soul of our collective humanity are usually seated in our Intellectual or Mind-Soul. The Knight Parsifal is on the quest of self-knowledge learning that it is a very hard undertaking. As his wisdom eventually dawns, it became even more difficult to reach this land of the Holy Grail. It would become known as the 'vastness of the Consciousness Soul'. It is that spider within, weaving a closed loop thread with the essence of mind 'the mustard seed' in a no time no space place, establishing the open ended threads into the limbs of our great tree universe in just the last 500 years."

"The story continues with Parsifal, riding his black steed Feirefiz to the Fisher King's when he encounters another knight which he then does battle with. As Parsifal's sword breaks in the heat of the fight, the 'I of the Other' is then seen by the other, so instead of slaying him, seeing no honor in killing Parsifal, the black knight instead retires with him to sit in the grass to talk in a conscious way. They then discover that they have the same father and now for the first time see in each other the 'I of the Other' discovering a mutual peace with each other."

 "I was against my own self," says Parzival to Feirefiz, his brother from afar."

Then Kundrie appears, 'that baleful messenger of the Graal, who was also God's minister' to curse and denounce Parsifal for his ill-fated course at the Castle of The Fisher King Amfortas on his first visit.' "(15b)

Eleanor interrupts Ben exclaiming, "Their is something so deeply Universal about this tale of our Knight Parsifal isn't their Ben?" "Yes their is kind lady." "Seems the world has been duped into false divisions, away from hope and optimism but rather driven into fear and divisiveness that is being unleashed by 'negative forces' upon the world. I see that now. How very sad, and all of us from the One and same Creator. May the blessings of this 'conscious universe of our Divinity' protect us all. I do smell squeeze play coming on Ben!"

 "Yes, between mother nature and 'secret societies', and our world governments, it appears that a 'squeeze play' is being 'put on' Earth now. All 'Information revolutions' are in the hands of 'gate keepers' I understand this, ..all to well. So monitoring people in this 'connected web of a world' down to the very 'gnat's ass' allows us to watch troop movements, our resources diminishing, atmospheric change.  Big changes coming my lady.

"Within the question is the quest" Eleanor adds as Ben sits quietly next to her on the bench in the cool granite root cellar. Ben in a serious, deep voice remarks, "The Initiate initiates action, simple as that. The quest of self knowledge is happening in the worlds of our Consciousness Souls..." Quiet for a moment before adding, "These are times of great probabilities with immanent global changes looming just ahead for the planet Earth and its inhabitants. Earth and its inhabitants have all the technology needed to succeed, but the will power has to be yoked to a desire for the collective good for all."

Ben was quiet for a moment then continued speaking. "This reminds me of a story about Percival's childhood when he was very young growing up in the city of Angers of Western France. His family lived on a farm with a flock of geese living in the country around their home. He loved playing with the grey and white birds out in the fields when he was just a child. Well the story goes that he played so much with the geese that he began to take on their gestures. He would peck at his mama Herzeloyde as she was feeding him, or imitate their hissing sounds when he was upset. Then, playing out in the yard with them one particular day, naturally enough Parsifal began to eat their 'tords'." "Eat their 'tords' you say?" "Yes exactly, so his mother Herzeloyde Queen of Wales withdrew him from the yard and any further contact with the geese. So you see when Parsifal got that appetite going for those soft, grass green goose 'tords' that was the end of his intimate, up to that time, relationship with the silly geese."

"Good thinking back in the days of bad teeth, probably a good choice. The chivalrous Knight Percival, who would later become the beautiful swan sounds a bit, what can I say, confused? as a child," Eleanor remarked. "To be honest my good lady, some say King Gamuret his father was of 'fairy linege' but I think for Parsifal 'fool on the hill' best describes him. That is what is so wonderful about this story, our Knight Parsifal, is an 'audacious dope' really, but was able to succeed anyway, because in the end he simply asked the right question of the Fisher King. However it was not an easy task for the young Knight Parsifal to accomplish. The spirit Kundrie appears to Knight Parsifal telling him of his mother's death and then reproaches him for not speaking to the Fisher King Amfortas when he had the chance to do so on his first visit to his Castle. He had failed the quest of the Consciousness Soul at this point." (8)

What then could only be described as a loud cackle, echoed through the cellar. Ben was so startled by the weird laugh that he jumped off his seat exclaiming loudly, "My lands I say!..." in his deepest British accent. "What, in hell, was that?"

 "Oh, Jin does have a sense of humor and she liked the 'goose tord' bit about our young Parsifal. Oh she lets out a good 'cackle' every now and then, scares the hell out of people when they hear it for the first time. I am sorry Ben,... but the look in your big as saucers, brown eyes was priceless!...Let's go back upstairs now, I'll fix you some chamomile tea, calm your nerves."

"Got about loose as the goose there for a moment" Ben said standing beside the bench now. They laugh loudly as Eleanor gets up and takes Ben by the hand walking to the stairs. "Splendid idea, it really is cool down here, so cool it preserves even the human sprit apparently" he says laughing as they climb back up the stairs to the cellar door that lets them back out into the hallway upstairs as Eleanor then closes the thick door behind them. Walking back down the hallway, past the small statue of the dark skinned Goddess Isis again, Ben could not help but think about the throne atop the Goddess's head and wonder, 'Egypt and the Goddess Isis, our seat of consciousness flowering now in the West 6 thousand years later.' He walked behind Eleanor through the living room out into the bright and warm kitchen that is now filled with the afternoon sunlight.

"Zoom and boom, back in the kitchen of creation." Eleanor stands there looking out  the kitchen window for a moment then says, "There, we are clouds in the sky now, should cool things down. I will get the pot boiling and make us some chamomile tea for you, my dear little dancing bear. Here let me take that sweater now and hang it up."

Ben smiles as he hands her the thick wool sweater then jokes that, " 'The marvel Eleanor is not that the bear dances well, but that the bear dances at all' like the old Russian proverb says. When I heard that laugh I just about took a big dip in the hindquarters under the tail of this old, little bear, as you say."

" Ursa Minor, the little bear with seven stars, the guardians of the pole star' Polarius. That's my favorite constellation Ben, the Big Dipper shines so bright out here on the coast at night... Oh yes, as you were saying, I'm so sorry for not warning you about Jin's unusual 'sense of humor or her propensity for eavesdropping on my conversations, and not to mention the, well,... cackling quality of her laughter, that was simply thoughtless on my part really."

"Apology accepted. I do travel with the unexpected in mind, so all is well. Makes for good company I imagine, and conversations about, I can easy suppose these."

"Oh yes, such amusement really. Ben, while the water is boiling let me sit at the piano for a minute and play one of my favorites songs in F sharp tuned to 432 Hz. for your finely tuned hearing. It's guaranteed to lift your spirits." As she sits at the piano to play and sing the words to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' she stops for a moment, then shares, "There's one thing I should tell you first Ben... Jin likes to sing along with me occasionally. She likes this song as much as I do. So don't be surprised if you hear her 'wisp of a voice' rising up through the song, it is quite beautiful really, but she is shy. Hear we go, simple as" she sings, 'Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti,' warming up her voice, then telling Ben, "the nuns taught us that 7 note scale in grade school. Monks used it back in the 9th century for their Gregorian chants."

Eleanor starts to play the piano as Ben replies. "Yes the Solfeggio Scale tuned at 432 Hz tuning puts Do at 625 Hz with the equivalent note C, Re  at 288 Hz equivalent note D, Mi at 324 Hz equivalent note E, Fa at 344 Hz with the equivalent note of F, Sol at 384 Hz with the equivalent note G, La at 432 Hz with the equivalent note of A, Ti at 486 with the equivalent note of B. This was the sacred music of Christian Western Civilization and it was believed that if sang in harmony, then the collective group would receive blessings" he tells her as she begins to sing.

   Hey now, hey now
What’s a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now
Come on...

Hey now, hey now
What’s a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now

Ben enjoyed Eleanor's obvious élan vital for the song and her expressive 'what's a matta with ya' as she turns to look right into his big brown eyes while she sang out the words enthusiastically. Ben understood now, this song was the anthem for the 'an chore years' of Eleanor's life. As he sat there listening to the rousing and amusing rendition, he noticed two men passing by the kitchen window outside carrying two large bunches of bananas on there heads. Ben assumed they were taking them around the house to the front yard. The two men were Ricardo and his best friend Will Byrd, a fellow gardener/ musician/ poet, who was helping Ricardo with harvesting Eleanor's banana plants today. They were gathering some bunches to take down to the local food bank later this afternoon. Ben continued listening with great joy to the raucous, irreverent, full of life performance by Eleanor. The gardeners passed by once again returning with more bunches of bananas atop their heads as they passed out of sight. For a moment Ben thought himself on an island in paradise, but he knew the situation to be dire in paradise. Times called for effective and comprehensive action by its inhabitants now. Simple science was telling us that methane is erupting in huge amounts from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean as of Oct. 31, 2014. Increased methane eruptions from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean threaten to further accelerate warming in the Arctic, resulting in ever more methane being released. Science is now telling us these facts. Ben, sitting there in the warm living room, looks out through the kitchen window at the clouds passing across the skyline. He reflects on the arduous journey and the rigor the Knight Parsifal needed to reach the Consciousness soul described by Wolfram von Eschbach. Here 'Life widens out in the human soul, in the life called Saelde, where the quest for a Sacred Vessel is achieved in the House of the Hidden Hallows.

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mommy dear, we’re not the fortunate ones
And girls, they wanna have fun
Woah girls, they wanna have fun

Hey now, hey now
Whats a matta with ya
Girls just wanna have fun now
Come on


Ben reflected on Parsifal's mother Herzeleide, sister of the Graal King and Queen. In her own right she was the Queen of Wales and also Anjou. Growing up in "that secondary light which is the shadow of the Hoily Grail" Herzeleide took Parsifal the child into 'wild places and the woodlands' (15) to conceal him from others and raised him there. Surprising again was that this child was raised as a wild boy of the woods rather than a child of the Sacred Talisman in 'search of the Grade of Chivalry' and the legitimate King of Wales. (15) Eventually Parsifal would meet some knights of King Arthur's Court and, without his mother's consent, as if married to adventure now, he leaves with the knights. She would never see her son again, dying soon after his departure, grief stricken.

As she was about to finish Ben heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard sing out, 'banana boys' just as the men passed by the window for, what would be the last time that day. Finishing the Cyndi Lauper song, 


'When the working day is done'
Oh girl, girls just want to have fun

(They just wanna, they just wanna,')

as Eleanor's voice was trailing off, 'They just wanna', Jin accompanied her in a sing song voice, sounding like a 'soft, chilling shrill' is the only way Ben could describe her singing of the words, 'banana boys'. Ben found this so amusing, he laughed out loud when he heard it as Eleanor finished the song.

"You heard her Ben?" "Oh yes I did,  just as the men were walking past the window with their bunches of banana's I distinctly heard her sing out the words, 'banana boys', with such an intriguing voice, it was, well..., 'eerily refreshing',...and with that wry sense of the humor.." "That my friend is a 'bawdy sense of humor' that's for sure."

Eleanor got up from the piano bench and started to walk into the kitchen to prepare some tea. "You know Ben, I go to Church regularly. When I play music I can actually feel the light, it has actually illuminated the space around me, as if I were in a spot light." She laughs continuing to talk from the kitchen, "That Ben, for me, is this 'Light' experience that you speak of I believe. It is for me a Communion of 'self and soul' or even that positive feeling of 'boom and zoom' that is so energizing and uplifting, keeping many of us feeling renewed, vital and a step ahead of the graveyard world Ben. Gamma waves, Kundalini, (19) all of it, like spokes Ben, that can lead us back to our 'soul state' in the Source of the Holy Host of Heaven and the spiritual heirarchies away from 'a land of the living dead' I believe."

"Yes Eleanor, phenomenologically you are correct. Truth, Divinity, the 'transpersonal' Light of the Lord, even the very universe in our brains and fast as the speed of light, our quantum mind, all can rise far above any fundamentalist dogma." "Like a spot light!" "Like a spot light, yes!" "In the eye of the beholder, freedom can be experienced" Eleanor says as she walks back into the living- room with two cups of chamomile tea.

"There is an ancient Gnostic text I learned of from a Jesuit priest friend of mine back in my London days. It was said to be shared by the Resurrected One in the 40 days. I will recite it to you if you like Eleanor?" "Yes, please do. Maybe we can get it in the church song book if it's up to snuff," then taking another sip of her tea. "Perhaps,.. but not likely I'm afraid" Ben replied seriously. "So here goes it,

"Oh, you Powers in the spirit world, grant that I may be knowingly outside my physical body in the world of light, that I may be in the light, so as to observe my own light body, and grant that the might of the ahrimanic forces be not too strong over me, so that they do not make it impossible for me to see what takes place there in my light body." 

"Oh my God, that's it in a ...spot light." "Thought you would enjoy that Eleanor, from what you just shared with me, I thought it most appropriate to share this jewel with you." They sat there sipping their teas and enjoying the ambiance of the mood that the short little Gnostic prayer brought over the room.

 "Don't think it will work into the song book but what a wonderful insight. Gnostics you say?" (22) Tell me Ben, when Parsifal had the great opportunity to ask this very important question of the Fisher King what was it?"

"Well the question was, "Unto whom one serveth of the Graal? Seems his inability to ask this question set both Greater Britain and the Fisher King into great sadness and depression. (20) You see, Parsifal was predestined to discover the knowledge of the Graal but he failed initially as a knight, showing little spirit or boldness, but rather dared or demanded nothing. If he had done differently, he would have 'released many from their toil who remain in the semblance of life and are yet dead'. (20) Another consequence was the fighting between kinsmen, 'when one brother smote the other for his land'. Eventually it all happens, the Quest for the unspoken words are at last spoken, then and only then is all well in the Secret House of the Wardens. The Fisher King Amfortas abdicates his throne in favor of the knight Parsifal but they continue to work together. Then after achieving the Graal Parsifal retreats to a place in the Hallows with Feirefiz - Blaise and Merlin as the keepers of the Graal."

"So liberation from the condition of death in life, and with this, all ends well in this Secret House of the Wardens?" "Yes essentially that's it in a nut shell, well, so to speak."

 "One more thing, in a nut shell, what was this injury that the Fisher King Amfortas experienced in battle?" Ben smiled widely then shared, "Let's say he took one in the loins for the troops while doing battle. So the Fisher King had to face the grim facts, that his vitality was drained and that he had to then answer to a higher order for his liberation."

"Sobering message there for our sexual revolution era." "In a nut shell, I would have to agree." Then just above them they heard Jinn once again. "Nut's shell" she whispered softly followed by a small cheerful laugh before fading away. "No body,.. but nevertheless a very bawdy sense of humor she does possess!" Eleanor smiled at the stout Englishman sitting next to her then confided, "She's stuck here, but she's present while she's being stuck here."

It was quiet now with the two of them sitting there in the living- room sipping their chamomile tea. The sun's rays poured through the kitchen window and waves of the flickering sun light bounced around the living-room walls and ceiling. Ben raised his cup of chamomile tea saying, "To the walnuts of mind over matter!" Eleanor raised her cup of tea repeating the toast looking to the ceiling then looking back at Ben for a few moments before saying, "You are such a wonderful soul Ben. Thank you for knocking at my door."

"As one walnut to another, I'm glad I dropped in lady Eleanor" taking Eleanor's hand in his own. They sat quietly enjoying the play of light in the house now. As they were sitting there enjoying the moment a knock was heard at the front door. Eleanor got up from the couch and went to answer the door. It was Ricardo and his friend Will Byrd.

"Hello Eleanor just wanted to let you know we will be back for the other bunches when it cools down." "That's fine Ricardo. Please come in, I have someone I would like to introduce you both to. His name is Ben Jonson, an English gentleman. He has an oratorio written that he is now looking for some musicians to help him with the writing of the music for."

As the two gardeners stepped into the house, Ricardo asked Eleanor "does the 432 Hz tuning work for you Eleanor?" "Yes, thank you for that Ricardo. Ben's idea here," pointing to her guest then continues saying, "who I would like to introduce to both of you." Turning to Ben she introduces Ricardo and Will Byrd (21) to Mr. Ben Jonson." The playwright and poet stood there for moments just staring at the two men then asked, "The William Byrd, influential composer of English music and composer of a prodigious amount of church music? Can this be?"

"I'm related to him, if that's what your wondering, but that was back in the1600's so I don't think you could have known him. But like you said, he wrote a mountain of music. My mother always jokes that he held the patent to publishing all the religious music written at that time in England, 'so naturally he was inspired to write' she says."

Ben laughed then said,  "Your mother is correct. William Byrd and his partner Thomas Tallis were granted the patent for the printing of music in 1575 by the Crown. They were the sole source of paper music in London for the next 21 years."

"Bank! My mother still listens to him. She likes Phantasum. They are classical music outfits that still play William Byrd consort music. Seems you know a lot about England."

"I do Will. Your mother sounds like she appreciates good music. Perhaps we could all get together and look at my work that I have now written the words for but need the voices and the music to put some life into it." Waves of sunlight float across the room, the rays of light seemed to be passing through Ben with a subtle, high energy frequency that he could now physically feel warming him from the inside out.

"Your bands name is intriguing. Could you tell me about it."

Ricardo smiled and replied "Time."

 Ben looked at the two musicians replying, "Time's time, so to speak."

Ricardo laughed loudly, "Wow man, that's it. Science has discovered that neutrinos are only left handed so parity is broken. So a superluminal neutrinos pulse and their weirdness could be portals through space or time into extra dimensions!"

"Yes that is correct. Time is reversed, as fast particles send signals that are received before even being sent."

"Then time travel is possible if you could ride this pulse of superluminal neutrinos pulse!" Ricardo says excitedly.

"We can pre member them in our quantum minds" Will says smiling. "As neutrinos are everywhere and no where, its a kind of a Zen quality to all of this stuff really."

'Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission' just seems to say what's happening now" Ricardo adds. "As neutrinos don't really care about earth, figured we would learn more about them. As we did, we learned about Tom Weiler Professor of Physics at Vanderbilt University." The musicians look at each other shaking their heads and smiling, then Ricardo turns back to Ben. 'Neutrinos can go through the mountain, time goes over the mountain is how he puts it. He explains a merging of past and future with these superluminal neutrinos, then cause and effect are negated.' That is pretty powerful stuff there." 

Ben looked at the men standing there. Long haired, tattoos, ear rings, looked more like pirates rather than cutting edge artists. "Time traveling pirates, rather particles, yes that is the edge and end of fixed time. Quanta particles time travel, so why not we?"

"Pre membering in the quantum mind works for me" Will adds, then laughing as he looks at the stout Englishman dressed in all while except for his dark duck chocolate - brown beret 

"Ben tell them that Gnostic prayer you shared with me earlier. Sounds like a form of pre membering if you ask me. Listen to this Ricardo." 

Ben looked at the men standing before him again and could not help feeling he was in the presence of men of the sea, then smiling at them said "Right, so here it is."

"Oh, you Powers in the spirit world, grant that I may be knowingly outside my physical body in the world of light, that I may be in the light, so as to observe my own light body, and grant that the might of the ahrimanic forces be not too strong over me, so that they do not make it impossible for me to see what takes place there in my light body." 

"Wow! That's it really. Never saw that in the song book at church, did you Will?"

 Will smiles, sharing with the others, "No way man, but that could have been a 'hit 'back in the day, yet the Master who shared that 'light' had to do it,  let's say again, by 'premembering' the experience first, out front of the curve, and that's why today he is considered a Master and then to inform believers He presents as a peacock to his believers."

"Yes exactly Will. For you see, that prayer is 'self empowering', just like our self aware universe is. Take that knowledge away from people, you then hold, as if a magical power over them."

The two musicians looked at each other then shared that their band mates and composer friends, "Jean Michael and Paul could help their new friend compose his work and David, Robbie, Steven, Joni, and the others could help him to perform it. They all would love to meet you I'm sure. Yep, they need to meet our new friend here Mr. Ben Jonson" Ricardo said looking at the unusual man standing before them then shared, "I think we can help you with your 'classical rock opera', if you will. We will be in touch, but we got bananas to deliver down at the food bank now so we got to get, great meeting you Ben."

Eleanor quickly called out to the men as they were bouncing out of the house, "We need some jazz insight as well, don't forget that Ricardo." They left, quick as the wind on the water as they exited the house.

That night Ben dreamed he was sailing the sea with three ageless sailors who just smiled a lot and said little. The sun was setting orange as they began to sing and he found himself swimming underwater with dolphin, and the music just seemed angelic to Ben. As the stars came out, their shining seemed a healing from all 'angst of being'. Then he was riding on the foredeck of this musical vessel and saw the dolphins jumping so high out of the water above and across the bow that they seemed to be flying. The waves splashed across the vessel as it sailed through the dark blue, blue waters and all was now wrapped in a starry night. The sky was shinning bright like human souls illumined, and all was bathed in the Beauty of Music now.

When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way
'Cause the truth you might be runnin' from is so small
But it's as big as the promise, the promise of a comin' day

So I'm sailing for tomorrow my dreams are a dyin'
And my love is an anchor tied to you tied with a silver chain
I have my ship and all her flags are a' flyin'
She is all that I have left and music is her name

Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin'
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

Crosby, Stills and Nash
'Southern Cross'

The next morning Ben awoke full of joy and so vital, very vital. He lay there laughing out loud then exclaimed quietly to himself, "Oh yes! What was transmuted is now once again revealed" laying there in his bed he reaches under his goose feather blanket. "Oh yes I do remember this!" he said to himself as he lay there in a state of remembering something and now is premembering in his own mind's eye. 'Sailing for tomorrow' echoes in his head as it all seems to be expanding and there was little he could do about it. 'The universe is still expanding, so why not me', it's all just a natural thing really" he understandingly tells himself. There, goose feathered blanketed Ben enjoyed this new found vitality for several minutes before he once again calmed the tides. Getting up now and dressing, he laughs to himself, "Ah, it is good to be alive in the corporeal world once again. Yes it is!"

As Ben walked into the living room he could smell oat meal or what he thought was cooking in the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen greeting Eleanor, "Morning, porridge I say!" looking at the simmering pan of milk and oats on the stove top. "Morning Ben, hope my kitchen routine did not wake you up to early. I'm up at the crack of dawn usually. Guess you could say my biological clock is a sun dial really." Ben smiled at the busy woman preparing the meal. She was wearing a wool sweater, long johns and wool booties. "Some one must have left the refrigerator door open this morning Ben, it was so cold in fact that the refrigerator felt warm compared to how cold it is outside this morning." Busy at the stove, she tells Ben, "This is my oatmeal gruel, 'thin but not to thin' as my mother used to say. My mother was quoting Jane Austin, her favorite English writer, from her novel 'Emma'. The character Mr. Woodhouse loved his gruel, always requesting that it be, 'thin but not to thin'. Just became a family  tradition" she said gently stirring the simmering pan of white oats. "Would you like yours in a mug or bowl?" "A mug would be splendid, thank you Eleanor."

They sat down at the table in the kitchen. The small table had a bright yellow table cloth spread over it, in the middle sat a brown crock pot filled with honey, a bowl of pills sat next to the honey. Breakfast was a piece of toasted and buttered whole wheat bread, some sliced bananas, pieces of walnut and apple slices and accompanied with a small glass of milk placed at each table setting. Ben flavored his gruel with a little honey, the apple slices and some walnuts.

"Reminds me of my childhood, the big caldron of gruel simmering in water on the hearthstone as the weather outside was bitterly cold. With four children to feed, we did eat a lot of cereal, wheat, oats, rye, with most cooked into a water gruel." " 'Good for the constitution and the ancient Greeks loved it too' as my father would tell us repeatedly, growing up." Ben sat there sipping, eating his warm meal. He then heard the refrain running through his head from his last night's dream, 'Sailing for tomorrow' as he looked out the kitchen window at the chilly winds blowing great grey white clouds across the skyline. He remembered the flocks of honking geese that flew across the skies of very cold English days. High up in the fast moving clouds the geese streamed in v formations like a slow moving river that floated around the entire world to find warmer climes Ben easily imagined. Then the geese would drop down real low, the flock's speed slowing into great elongated loops over the frozen city of London. How terribly cold it was back in England during his lifetime there from June 11, 1573 to  August 6,1637. The Little Ice Age, (22) a cold period between AD 1550 and 1850 was all Ben was to know for weather during his lifetime in England. Today he appreciates the wild beauty he spies outside Eleanor's kitchen window on the coast of California now, but the similarities to his days in England were uncanny. However, for now, the stormy morning weather contrasted with his own feelings of good fortune to have met up with such a kind and interesting woman as Eleanor Rosetip. "Here Ben" reaching into the bowl of pills, "Vitamin B12, 'alien biochemistry' (43) as Ricardo explains it" she tells Ben handing him the vitamin.

"Do you hear that Eleanor?" "Depends on what you're hearing Ben." "Listen closely. Let us step outside for a few minutes, I wish to show you something." They get up from the table and walked outside into the cold and brisk, stormy morning weather.

"Look up there in the clouds Eleanor, see them?" Looking out over the stormy cold ocean great lines of honking geese are flying in and out of the thousand shades of grey- white clouds that lay out over the cold ocean. Eleanor stands quietly looking out at the migrating birds before sharing, "Seen that before,".. then adds after a moments more reflection, "up north in the San Joaquin Valley, when I was a kid." Together they watched the geese flying in and out of the huge cloud system that filled the horizon over the ocean. Eleanor turned to Ben, "Warm feathered friends flock together, probably figured out that they are warmer together than apart." "No doubt" Ben replies as he continues to watch the birds soaring in, then out of sight, like communicative clouds, grey and white feathered clouds.

Eleanor turned to Ben and mused about the man standing there on her back porch this cold, stormy morning. Just stepped out of the great billowy grey cloudy skies from some far away world. So bold, courageous, if he really was of some advanced guard from this new world discovered out there in the solar system/universe. One thing Eleanor knew, its flag was now planted in her heart. A flag 'waving in the 'Light of Peace'; and she could feel it. So taking a deep breath, then exhaling, she summoned up the courage to ask the seemingly timeless figure standing beside her, "Dear Ben, would you give me a big, old bear hug?" Ben turned to her, his thoughtful, earth brown eyes, looking into her sea green world of eyes, its gaze seemingly without horizons. "It would be my honor, 'as bear in good standing' before you now, to share such a simple pleasure,.. with such a fine lady I might add." As he was speaking he raised his forearms slowly, the backs of his hands held up until he had extended them out to waist high, then he, with a 'degree of claw flair' as Eleanor, keenly amused, did note, let his wrists go limp, his hands hanging straight down. This posture humorously gave Ben the appearance of a standing, smiling bear. They then embraced each other in their mutually strong arms, slowly at first, then for what seemed to Ben an eternity, in a 'timeless warm instant'. Necks warming sweeps across each other as their shoulders gently locked into place with hearts beating strong as up winding wing strokes, their pelvic bones slowly, softly melding together, then their thighs gently touched. From the soles of their feet, rising up their shins to kissing knees knocking releasing shivering timbers tall chemistry that rises up their spines, 'as being lifted up', 'consciously'. Looking at each other now as they still embraced, they quietly acknowledge the presence of a 'magical, transcendent self' which they have now discovered in the 'I of the Other', and with this, they are very pleased.

Then Eleanor exclaimed, "Run away melting got nothing on us Ben, not a thing!"(24) "No my good lady, we do thaw well,..." Looking deep into her eyes he adds, "in the warmth of our light." "In the warmth of our light,... so well said...for a bear, that is!" They laughed, holding each other very carefully, and for what seemed 'an eternal moment' to both of them now.

That afternoon there was a knock at the front door of 432 Sumer Way. Eleanor answered the door to greet Ricardo and Will. "Afternoon 'Eli' is you friend Ben about? We have someone who would like to meet him." "Yes he is, come in please." Ricardo and Will stepped into the house as Eleanor went to get Ben. He was sitting in the bed room reading Walt Whitman's (1890 - 1892) 'Leaves of Grass' which he picked up off the reading table and was reading when he heard a knock at the door. "Yes, please do come in."

Eleanor entered the room and greeted Ben who was holding the large book of poetry in his thick fingered hands. "The men are back today, Ricardo and Will, they would like to talk to you Ben." "Great! Walt here" holding up the copy of 'Leaves of Grass' as he stood up from the reading chair and small table next to it, is such a joyous poet, he's absolutely infectious." "Yes that's my mother's copy and as you can see it has been read many times over in this house and many other exotic locations. That's him" pointing to the picture hanging on the wall. "He published 'Leaves of Grass' first in1855 or so, with 14 poems. Then he spent the rest of his life, for the next 40 years editing it. Ended up with over 400 poems by time he passed in 1892. Joyous, meticulous, obsessed even...but yes a joyful individual he was. 'I stand for the sunny point of view' 'the joyful conclusion'. During the Civil War he lived in Washington D.C. and visited over 600 hospitals, volunteering his time and meeting over 100,000 patients. The Civil War had 620,000 casualties. The most brutal conflict America has ever seen, with horrendous injuries and great family grief on both sides. Walt Whitman stood in the middle of that hell, with his heart open, and that was the balm that America needed at the time. You can see it in his eyes."

"Yes you can! The very soul of America can be seen in those deep light eyes. May I read his poem America #91 to you Eleanor?" "Yes, by all means do, Walt would have it no other way,.. right?" she said as she looked at the print hanging on the wall. Standing now in the bed room Ben then recites the words to the poem,

I Hear America singing, the varied carols I hear.
Those of mechanics—each one singing his, as it should be, blithe and strong;
The carpenter singing his, as he measures his plank or beam,
The mason singing his, as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work;
The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat—the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck;
The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench—the hatter singing as he stands;
The wood-cutter’s song—the ploughboy’s, on his way in the morning, or at the noon intermission, or at sundown;
The delicious singing of the mother—or of the young wife at work—or of the girl sewing
or washing—Each singing what belongs to her, and to none else;
The day what belongs to the day—At night, the party of young fellows, robust, friendly,
Singing with open mouths, their strong melodious songs.


Eleanor, nodding her head, then tells Ben, "That's America working, singing along like the well oiled sewing machines of Elias Howe invented back in 1855. Why hell, Walt was probably sewing up a storm right along with the women back then, just the kind of person he was Ben. So much changed, a tidal change really. Women are working jobs beyond sewing garments for their men and children now. But America has felt the pain of losing jobs over these last 15 years. Technology Ben, is eating up the middle management jobs in America now. Algorithms (40) are devouring American jobs and camera's are thinking for cops now.... Invisible like, insidious really, America is changing! Our mind power is close to being subjected to the 'zombie' effect of becoming a wage slaves for foreign interests Nation. That can eat at the incentive of a people, you understand Ben. Then disability becomes easier to get then the jobs that were here just a few years earlier."

Ben interjected loudly, "A ship's course correction is called for now. Our your "New Atlantis' as my friend Francis Bacon called this land of America back in 1667,  will become another English speaking colony, awash in its own debt and systemic joblessness. The New Atlantis is where, "generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit" were the currency and character of its inhabitants, a mythical place he called Bensalem."

"A magical land, the West is. Our history teachers taught us in school that in 1492 Columbus discovered this land which had been inhabited since the last ice age 100,000 years ago. Or even back in just 1421 perhaps the Chinese may have been here as well. The magical, ancient West."

Ben smiled agreeing with Eleanor. " It was considered, even then, to be a magical place of immense beauty, bountiful natural resources but as if shrouded in the Angelic and mystic's cloud of protection. Much like 'Angelic Ireland' was protected by the elementals, mystics and monks long before it was to be ruled by others. Both lands were protected then, as now, I might add, for 'the sake of humanity' is the way Francis would express it."

"A world without America, or Ireland in a very different way, would be less a world in deed.  So I can understand this belief in a 'mystical protection'. Well, for the sake of humanity, we better get out to the living room before Ricardo and Will get ants in their pants. Boys move fast, they do, like swifts they are."

"Well, they showed up before the 'run away' gas release in hamburger ville, that's a good start, right?" (25) Ricardo said as he smiled at Will then turns to greet the dressed all in white, thick brown bearded Ben Jonson wearing his dark duck chocolate - brown beret.

"Hello Ben hope we are here at a convent time for you? as we have several people, one composer and an English rocker, and a lady artist all interested in your 'classical rock jazz oratory'. Could you give us the refrain that works through the piece, we would both like to hear it."

"Yes I would love to. Thanks for stoking the fire. Here goes,

"Life is a mystery, Sun in a human destiny, sprouting seeds of an Earthly Sun Nature, to then re-ascend as a conscious Light.
As Mercury aids the Sentient Soul, I stretch my limbs, instincts responding, reaching from this world to then discover Earth.
Venus warmth of Sentient 'Feeling' Soul', star dust of Mother nature's hottest atmospherics dress bestows her light blue ether cover.
Earth birth in night of Woman's womb world, encoded forms of Light, 'New Wills' from ground forces of mineral, plant, and animal.
 Moon like etheric body unfurls in great 'glowing beams of Beings', fortress, reflector of our Sun, mystical mirror of the Universe.
Mars the Intellectual Soul makes concessions that still endure into our creative ringing free speech along into sleep talking worlds.
Jupiter our Spiritual Soul, thinker of planetary system, cultivates creative thought, graces forming forces to reveal our Cosmic Present.
Saturn pale yellow, Spirit Self of cosmic memory, ancient spirit history flows weaving tales of past to a 'new moon' Titan as 'Consciousness Souls'
 Uranus Life Spirit distant, frigid, ice giant blue-green methane, Aquarian Spiritual Mind science revolution in freedom beyond boundaries, 84 year orbit
Neptune Spirit, Human Adepts of Cosmic Light, Celestial Warmth, 'indigo Lights' ringing out concentrically into ice methane's 165 year orbit of Sun (2)
Illumine Pluto were Sun does not reach, only Lights of Consciousness, 'facets of the diamond Christos' evolving as Consciousness Souls."

Ricardo reacts immediately as Ben begins to catch his breath when he finishes his recitation. "Great! might edit it some for an easier listening comprehension level, but really, it could work. We will see, that's all we can do. Our friend is an accomplished English rocker who is also developing a body of work as a composer now. He has his own very nice studio in his house located right up in the hills around here and we have an invitation to come over at 2:00 this afternoon. He likes classical music as well, so we figured your work might jibe with his own current composing interest. You never know, worth a shot, for sure." Will quickly adds, while raising his arms to full extension like a victorious Greco-Roman champion 'Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission', is ahead of the curve, and could pull us right around the corner into," pausing now he looked at the others before continuing, 'into a new world view'." He laughs as the others look at each other for a moment, then Ricardo adds, "In a left handed sort of way, know what I mean?" as if he was stating the obvious.

As the three men are preparing to walk out of the house to get into Ricardo's Jeep, Eleanor spoke up. In a surprisingly serious tone for her, whose usual voice was generally of a lilting, soft and gentle quality. "You know,.. we all are going a bit crazy, with the way the world is today"... Quiet again, before continuing to speak, "so why not a 'classical-rock-jazz oratorio' that speaks to a 'higher self', sings to a higher good,.. what's to hurt really? Might throw in some dance moves as well for the complete art form. Oh those '7 Lively Arts' will never be the same" she says laughing loudly, the three men agreeing entirely with her heart felt sentiments. "Why not."...Ricardo calls back to Eleanor as they walk out the door.

As Ben stepped out side into the grey, stormy afternoon weather, walking down the stairs of the front porch to then approach Ricardo's vehicle he realized that he had never ridden in an automobile before. "So this is the machine I was told about. My, what a 'fine sled and steed of steel' you have here. Rides well in the snows? I would imagine." Ben was visibly excited about getting to ride in this confounding yet fascinating, new to him, machine. As they are getting into the Jeep Ben, looking at the dashboard, he says excitedly, "So many buttons and knobs of fine woods in here, how does this thing even manage to run?"

"Wait till you see the motor, the mystery only thickens. But I am of the school that believes if you talk to your car, they like that, and then they run better for you. That and change the oil regularly. Seems to work for us. Generally as a band that needs transportation, we figure you can not love your car, van, bus to much."

Underway now down the tree lined, thoughtfully laid out roads, Ben is totally mesmerized at the beauty he sees. Home after home with their beautiful landscaped grounds, as he listens to this 'machine's purring motor'. As if a child, looking and listening carefully now, as they seem to be sliding like a sled down a winter's lane as they moved along. From the back seat Will begins to play his acoustic guitar. Ben recognizes immediately the Spanish Flamenco guitar music that Will is playing. As Will continues to play, Ben realized that not only did Will play this music as if he had been playing it since he was a child of 8, 9,10 years of age, but that he had probably been playing it ever since. Ben's ear hears a great sound simmering, cooking in the back seat of the Jeep now. He smiles, thinking to himself, 'wonder he survived the' jealous sharks' moving in this entertaining world. Will played soulful, fast, yet perfectly, masterfully, without a note misplayed. It was raining hard and the winds were picking up. As the musician played on, his sound was full of courage and confidence seeming to calm even the gusts of wind and rain downpour lashing against the Jeep Cherokee as they drove up the narrow, curving road into the surrounding mountain's pass. Ben felt as if he was in another time, another place, rolling along up into the hills, as if he was now aboard a sailing vessel 'rocking and rolling' with this crew of musical sailors of the seven seas. Plowing forward up the road through the wall of rain, the Jeep just plugged ahead as Will continued playing his guitar and Ricardo steering at the helm, counter maneuvering against the gusts of wind that are now buffeting against the Jeep steadily now.

Ben hears Ricardo calling across to him as they sat in the front seat, his voice cutting through the clanging metallic sounds pouring off the roof of the vehicle. "Listen to this Ben, Robbie, one of our band mates gave it to me." He pushed a button and then, as if the ocean was lapping up against them, sounds of the sea filled the air. Will stops playing as Ricardo informs Ben that, "This c.d. is recorded to the gamma brain waves frequency of 40 Hz and mixed with the sounds of the ocean waves. Heightens awareness, or as science calls it, an 'event binding rhythm' " he shares continuing to maneuver the Jeep up the narrow, winding road. As they plough up the road, lurching ahead, Ricardo declares, "The brain in the frequency of 40 Hz or higher, precedes the awareness of perception by about a 0.5 seconds and that translates to fluid thinking transmuting body mechanics in an instantant." He says this looking straight ahead through the over manned windshield wipers working now as if in slow motion against the rain's surge. Ben smiles to himself as he listens to the 'soothing sounds at 40 Hz' that surround him. The two musicians are apparently totally unfazed by the storm they are moving through, thinking to himself that "These two have probably been 'round the Horn' a few times" as they now seemed to be rolling along, up the storm enveloped mountain road.

Ben reflects upon what the good Doctor Light and his own message from the Light Born Way are attempting to tell the world. Doctor Light's words ring in his head now, "We have only a short time left. Be excellent to each other as we enter this time of worldwide strife, heat and unbelievably ferocious storms. You may make a difference to someone and it will not be forgotten, if there is the other side." (26)

Ben is thinking to himself, "Yes good Doctor Light, there is 'the other side'; 'I am That I Am' proof of that.  We can make a difference for others, right some wrongs, and so we will." Just then the evening sky is illumined as a light fills the sky for a moment, then fades away, just over the hill up ahead.

"Cy is in the house" Will calls out from the back seat of the silver Cherokee. "Sure lights up the place when it comes in!" Ricardo replies excitedly. He tells Ben, "Think you will like this, they are probably starting to rehearse right now. Got the star light batteries fired up and 'Cy' is getting the frequencies and wave lengths dialed in. Aquatic scales, ahead of the curve, could ripple infectious through out the universe, and playing right along with the 'Gamma Waves Neutrino Transmission' crew. Could get life forms dancing!"

They have arrived. Driving through the open gates at the entrance, up a red brick driveway and passing by what looked like an old barn. Driving on they shortly arrive at the house. It surprised Ben at first as it looked like a fairy tale cottage with its three red roof peaks. At first they looked like gnomes caps but looking closer he saw they were mushrooms. Green leafed ivy grew up the round windowed walls and a walled path leads up to the front door. They park at the foot of the red brick path that leads straight up to the front door. It is raining hard now as they hurry up the path to under a covered entrance designed as teal green ferns. Over the door hung a sign that reads,

 'Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.
Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (25 May 1803 – 18 January 1873) English


Ricardo took the black lion paw's ball door knocker and taped three times.  What seemed only a moment to Ben the door opened. There standing in the doorway was a salt and peppered long haired older women who greeted them happily. "Hello, John Paul is in the barn now, follow me" she said as she closed the door behind them. 'Spirits filled' weather we are having now. You must be Ben, good to meet you" she says turning to the writer as they are walking down the well lit tunnel. After a short ways they reach a door that leads them into the barn. It looked like a cage at first with just the four of them standing there then in stepped Cy for the first time. Cy was a cyborg-bot, which again Ben had never seen before or even heard of. (27) The fluidness of the enclosure reminded Ben the music he had just heard in the Jeep coming up the hill. Ben felt like he had walked into the space of a 'steersman' and...now any future was a possibility. Then the English rocker John-Paul Pools appeared in the room as if he had just walked through this liquid envelope's wall and greeted them then began playing his guitar. Then things became animated around them as the light of their own minds began to dance about to the frequency tuning of the guitars 432 Hz tuning.The gray blond artist danced about this island of activity as in a ballet. The music was in the key of G and Ben appreciated that. After the performance they were introduced.

 John Paul Pools extends his hand to shake Ben's now extended hand. "This must be the Sir Ben Jonson! it is with great pleasure that I meet you Sir." Shaking hands warmly he continues speaking. "Ricardo and Will tell me that you have an oratorio that you would like to share with us this afternoon. I told some collogues about your project. They are in the barn now. We have the Faraday cage turned on in here. We do that for privacy and to protect Cy" pointing to the cyborg-bot, "from any electro magnetic flux. How many voices?" "Nine" Ben answers quickly. "I would like to hear the verse that accompanies your bridge of the 9 planets for 'On Light Born Way' could you recite them for me now?"

" "Yes I most certainly will" stepping steadily forward into the middle of the room. "Here it goes,

"Life is a mystery, Sun in a human destiny sprouting seeds of Earthly Sun Nature, re-ascending in conscious Light.
As Mercury aids the Sentient Soul, I stretch my limbs, instincts responding, reach from this world to discover the Earth.
Venus Warmth of Sentient 'Feeling' Soul' star dust Mother nature's hottest atmospherics dress bestowing her light blue ether cover.
Earth birth in night of Woman's womb world, encoded forms of Light, 'New Wills' from ground forces of mineral, plant, and animal.
 Moon like etheric body unfurls in great 'glowing beams of Beings', fortress, reflector of our Sun, mystical mirror of the Universe.
Mars the Intellectual Soul makes concessions that still endure into our creative ringing free speech along into sleep talking worlds.
Jupiter our Spiritual Soul, thinker of planetary system, cultivates creative thought, graces forming forces to reveal our Cosmic Present.
Saturn pale yellow, Spirit Self of cosmic memory, ancient spirit history flows weaving tales of past to a 'new moon' Titan as 'Consciousness Souls'
 Uranus Life Spirit distant, frigid, ice giant blue-green methane, Aquarian Spiritual Mind science revolution in freedom beyond boundaries, 84 year orbit
Neptune Spirit, Human Adepts of Cosmic Light, Celestial Warmth, 'indigo Lights' ringing out concentrically into ice methane's 165 year orbit of Sun (2)
Illumine Pluto were Sun does not reach, only Lights of Consciousness, 'facets of the diamond Christos' evolving as Consciousness Souls."

"Wow, 'Life is a mystery, Sun in a human destiny sprouting seeds of Earthly Sun Nature, re-ascending in conscious Light.'  So as above so below with the 9 planets,.. and Muses. Very deep really, profound message for the times, I must say Ben. So it appears neither of us is quiet ready for the museum yet.... better being 'engaged in the world' but the churches, what will they think of this work Ben?" "To cold and quiet in the museum, not where I want to be at this time John-Paul" Ben replied continuing, "Perhaps they (the church) could be inspired to be of a more 'sunny disposition' about life's significance 'in total'.' They all agreed, standing there in the warm barn and studio on this stormy afternoon.

"Handel's Messiah is the oratory I'm familiar with Ben, religious, church music" John Paul says. "Yes in the same tradition" Ben replied. "Nine voices and nine musicians and in what key did you write your choral oratory in?"

 "Yes nine musicians some of whom also sing with the chorus. The back beat is performed by a base flute played in F sharp, and some horns, while the oratory is spoken in a sing song manner in C sharp, with an A sharp cello suite by Bach "

 "Well the number 9 seems to be all over your work. It is my favorite number really. 9 planets, 9 months woman carries child. 3, 6 and 9 seems to be what every thing moves around. So G/ F sharp, C sharp and an A sharp cello suite by Bach. The magic of musical math!"

"Precisely a perfect 3 part major cord harmony specifically." Ben added quickly, "The tuning will be an A vibrating at 432 rather than 440 Hz., the Pythagorean tuning, as I have shared with others, has a more natural feel, better for the soul as it is the very pulse of life. The Solfeggio Scale tuned at 432 Hz tuning puts Do at 625 Hz with the equivalent note C, Re  at 288 Hz with the equivalent note D, Mi at 324 Hz with the equivalent note E, Fa at 344 Hz with the equivalent note of F, Sol at 384 Hz with the equivalent note G, La at 432 Hz with the equivalent note of A, Ti at 486 with the equivalent note of B. The Greek Muses Polyhymnia, Thalia and Urania can bring us blessings for our highest musical creations. The Chorus will sing of the divine spiritual lives ahead for us. These self repeating patterns 3, 6, 9, translated into musical notation is what we are shooting for. 3, 6. 9, in an A sharp, C sharp and F sharp composition. Visualize three triangles in three expanding circular spheres, concentric expansion. That's it in 3's radiating out into space. The Greek Muses of Music, Polyhymnia, Thalia and Urania can carry us up into the highest musical creations." (31)

"To amuse the Muses I'm sure. That sounds wonderful and the Bach cello piece could work but guitars Ben! we got 'electric guitars' around here, as you just heard. Perhaps we could work some more strings into your 'magical 'Solfeggio' musical math'." "'Why fiddles of Feirefiz!' we certainly can."  Sir John-Paul smiled at the affable man continuing, "Now I understand there is a longer rhyming text that accompanies your '9 planets lines of oratory'. Could you recite that text for us?" "Yes I can and will do so now. It is titled 'On Light Born Way'"

We ride the wave field's slip springing ice melt flux of life.
Earth hot block womb over heating with magma on the run, cracking in birth pains strife.
Root cellars stocked, priorities assessed, our Maker is on call with overload contacts.
Be it your family, the many travelers you meet, celestial mechanics, webs of spiritual contracts.
Yet religious are reflecting as Earth warming oceans gassing fat lady releases deep methane flume.
As clerics of hate bring snowing in summertime and a deleterious weather's doom.

Time to spin away into webs of Truth with a spider's strength from within, weaving for our Methuselah years.
Remember Collective Consciousness of 'Noosphere' and  scientist Pierre Teilhard Chardin, defenseless against churches fears.
Chimpanzees fight, Bonobos love, transcend arbitrary 'shallow imposed boundaries', science denies Infinity of faith and wisdom, what a price!
Wilhelm Reich psychoanalyst studied the human orgasm imprisoned in America, FDA burned books for the animal spirits slice.
Fire's of Freedom smolder, energy poisons our water, big farms feed us gmo's, as big pharma heals us to carry these chains
No accounting for their accounting really, the 'burning bush' is now the dragon's fare with our zeroed out remains.

With Mercurial speed, shot out into the Universe announcing revealed space.
The least among us will be first, 'Illumined, congealing into a conscious light place'.
Soldier sons and daughters wither in their scalding horror, concealed then revealed in warrior's dread.
As the Family of Man is bound to archaic traditions of tribal warfare, reduced to rag pickers, thread bare.
Ask America the Beautiful how many bases can we support? before legal contracts are executed by a few.
 Ancestors, Elders for Peace translation shine Sun into hearts seeing Beauty arrange banker's tables anew.

700 bases and private contractors surround the world representing our military for our learned and Beautiful.
Employment is up in war and peace, is this peace war economy of America really suitable?
Chemical transmutations with the knowledge of Professor Licht of George Washinton University S.T.E.P. we can break down methane
 Or electronically vibrate strong ionospheric electric current feeds down into polar areas is an evasive method (10)
for directly eliminating methane, converted to nanodiamonds and hydrogen not warming upper atmosphere with heat of wicked anger.
Global scientists did not anticipate methane in the atmosphere building up, they now lay in languor. (10)
In May 2014 HAARP program permanently shut down yet remediation work is needed behind ivy covered walls?
Demand cut back, carbon dioxide emissions (50% to 90%) by 2020 free of an oiled, war fatigue fall ahead. (10)

Thoughts are things, see them all the time, thought exercises of a true knowing.
Times, places and people I remember bring a smile to my face, feeling soul's flowing.
Titan women, all fortress's of the Moon's glow as our Sun's mirror their warm greeting.
Venus lights up the sunset as it guides us along a path to a loves morning Star Soul's meeting.
Graced us with new words as milk nurtured in nature's warm hold, like perennial flowers with their powers of healing.
Germinate soul seeds birthing Will forces sound as stones, Think vital, active as plants, and Feel sympathy for feeling animals.

We are the Solar system, we are the Universe, that's the secret chatter in our ancient DNA.
Free ourselves, like expanding, young galaxies star's blue gas clouds, molding our celestial matter.
Freedom rings from Mars as we sleep slid into telepathic webs, spiraling out into Intelligence strands.
Come in unconscious yet can leave in full consciousness, rising as illumined Suns above the shifting sands.
Mercurial creatures winged footed with Creation's speed, streaking out as a long spiraling flock soars above.
 Aristotle knew of Infinity but not of our soul's consciousness passing through higher spiritual world's doors.

I AM the Sun in illumined union with the Moon on high.
Center of planet's rounds and wrapped in the wandering lover's starry sky.
Great Mother Moon astral body soothes our spotless, cooling Creator Father Sun's body.
Humans are forms of light, with starry cloaks to cover this chemical copy.
Intelligent informing can balance chaotic nights dark mind's death into a daylights loving reach.
Time and logic do cover us in thread bare logic in the nets of fixed, unbending reason.

As we evolve into something greater, and our Consciousness Souls unfold,
then the cosmic present and the revelations that will come, can be foretold.
Mirror the Moon and reflect the Sun light as seen and felt bright within.
Cosmic present is a place of grace, found in ancestral astral earthly light.
Ancient past to new futures, timorous times conceal our right to Titan stances.
 Soul of celestial mutations, cultivated and nurtured with multiple chances.

About us are sliding slopes, tired environments in gutted economies clutch.
Parades of passing whims and fads, as most ail for the simple human touch.
Antiquities of past events, we can realize 'in potential' the Eternal Return's New Being.
Our epicenter's space place in Consciousness Soul's transformation sets shadows fleeing.
Retooled to human services, a utilitarian 'generation of regeneration' is shaving waste.
Holy Grail of Peace time economies with our transformed futures embraced.

Think forward beyond economics of scale, to a planet sustainable, with finite resources
Know our inner wealth of consciousness is greater than 'bigger is better' thinking
Frigid ice giants point the way of a very warming then very cooling Earth, soon frozen in our own games fuss.
Evolution happens with a global solar system metamorphoses now occurring before us.
Years of war, dominance over nature, has kept our world hundreds of years behind with lots of death ways!
 Spirit Self remembers harm, so flows knowing sowing word seeds that germinate in Consciousness Souls.

Be Here Now, you are a solar system, a Life-Spirit creation discovering blue green gases cup of the Grail ale.
Deep dreaming Trees of Knowledge, participatory creationism into Trees of Life along the indigo Spirit-Beings scaled-up trail.
Consciousness is ours, not the government's, for the 'calculus of change' is in slow orbits,.. away from the warring planet.
Our minds can free us, DNA is our intuition transmission transmitter, allowing us to move gracefully, a being strong as granite.
Consciousness Soul expanses of the soul's thread is uncovered in twin angel's panspermia chemical marriage.
Gas giants, outer planets, places to discover our cooling schooling, riding behind in Neptune's wedding carriage.

Life in Consciousness Soul illumines Midnight Sun allowing Creator to see the wealth of its creation.
As the many homeless yet self sufficient, like flocks of chirping birds, needing little, sound out in 'can do' elation .
Life realized, then planets and atoms all 'in potential' ignited in a living Universe; or just a deep freeze of dispersed gases?
Mixed in elements of the Universe, remember to premember, that our roots point to Celestial Angelic Classes.
Aristotle's scientific method - what and why misses the 'essence', Plato 'The One' leads to the Consciousness Soul growing.
'Organic Lower Gods meet the spiritual Upper Gods', (8) awakening in humanities mushrooming knowing.'

John Paul Pools laughed out loud when Ben finished. "Well brevity... and its companion, the soul of wit, got no where with you, did they Sir Ben Jonson?" "Never my strong point good Sir. Yet I learned long ago that edits can save lives as well as productions, so I do whittle away at it. My tiny mustard seed has born much wood in this 'Word Tree of Knowledge."

"Much wood in the 'Word' in the Tree of Knowledge'." "Much wood, could build an ark, I'm certain." " 'Your title 'On Light Born Way' sounds like the Muses are busy with the birth of a new species. I think 'Cy' here can relate to that idea and would probably, how can I put this,... 'break out a move' to help us with your project. I certainly can't whistle it, that's for sure" he says laughing while looking at 'Cy' the cyborg-bot who nods his head as John Paul then turns back to look at Ben again. "I have a composer in mind, Jean-Paul Jarette a Frenchman who just happens to be looking for a score to write. He can score an opera -ballet work, so an oratorio, tone poem? probably. We will see." Turning to the two musicians, "Have you told Ben about the studio we have here in the barn?" "No, figured you would like telling him about it yourself" Will said.

John- Paul Pools informs Ben that they also have a rehearsal studio, recording studio and a sound stage set up with props built in the barn that also housed the Faraday cage they are standing in. "Just one thing I should mention. There is a butcher's block in the corner of the barn with some brown butcher's paper rolled out on top...don't get nervous" he said laughing. "These two have put a band of killers together," looking at Ricardo and Ben, "with anyone's work they are Spartans. So you are not squeamish about the 'blood and guts' required to edit a work like this 'word huge' one of yours?" "I am aware, and yes I do get the point about the butcher's block." "Many exquisite cooks can be found here Ben, and they will add their own 'spice' to your work until it becomes something that not even you imagined it could be. The Spirit of Music can take us forward, I do believe that, led by the Muses of Music." He was quiet for a moment, Ben could hear the storm outside blowing real hard now. Sounded like the rain was being nailed down to the roof. "Leave your text and musical notations with us, we will play with it a bit and see what we come up with. Men here tell me you are staying with Eleanor?" Ben nods his head, "Yes Blessed to say, I am. You know her as well?" "Only what musicians tell me. She is very talented musically from what I have heard and also a 'patron saint' for some hungry musicians scratching around for work." "Yes, seems she has a soft spot in her heart for artists 'on the cusp' so to speak."

"Good to hear. Well, we will consult the Muse Kalliope, the mother of Orpheus' about the C and F sharp voices and the breathing needed but the 432 Hz. tuning is 0.3 semitones lower than the standard 440 Hz tuning, so it should give our vocals more flexibility and is less aggressive, speaks to the heart better" he said. "La at 432 Hz with the equivalent note of A,.. well it has been great meeting you Ben Jonson." "Mutual. Thank you for the time, good Sir."

That Night

Back at Eleanor's Ben lay in his goose down blanketed and pillowed bed smiling up at the ceiling now. He had much to appreciate this night and had come to understand so much about what it really meant to be a human being. The wonderful lessons he had to learn along his way on the Earth path like, 'may the last thing you be doing in this 'world of illusion' be giving thanks to God above and within ..or when bad habits bring about a parting of the ways, only let your branch grow stronger...or always have gratitude for what you do have, and never, never, 'in Spirit', let yourself get old' he whispered to himself. He could hear himself breathing into sleep to a deep, dreamless, healing place on this stormy autumn night.

Next morning Ben was up early. The morning is alive with crystalline clear blue skies accompanied by the brisk fragrant breezes filled with scents of sycamore, eucalyptus and sage. Ben was ecstatic, as the electricity filled the air with a static charge which he could feel sweeping across his body. In Ben's sleep last night, his mind was able to holographicly synthesize all the bits of individual information from the various area's of his brain and fused them all together, which then allowed Ben 'a higher perspective'. The neurological effects of Ricardo's c.d. of gamma brain waves frequency at 40 Hz mixed with the sounds of the ocean waves were washing through him now. (28) The weather stimulated his senses as well as he walked into the living room and greeted Eleanor who was in the kitchen preparing some food.

"Top of the morning to you Eleanor.' "Same to you Ben. I think our draught is over now with that torrent of a downpour we had yesterday. Hope you slept well with our feathered friends keeping you company on that incredibly stormy night we had. Making some hibiscus tea with flowers I picked and dried from my big old bush in back, hope you like it." "Yes, anything the color of magenta is fine by my mind is the way I see it. Why I tell you Eleanor, I slept with Aslepius last night, and now I am healed!" he shared excitedly. "Yes healing sleep, well put Ben. 'Sleeping with Asclepius and now I'm healed'. As to Purple, blue, red, the more colorful, the more nutrients, that's how we were taught as children. 'Eat the rich colors for your health' my grandfather would tell us. Today the word is 'anthocyanin,' that is the nutrient found in hibiscus flowers and foods with those colors. It can protect us against cell damage from those 'free radical' buggers, bog things down, corrode the old can's pipes,...sure you can remember those times Ben?"

 Ben laughed as she finished preparing the tea and whole wheat toast, asking Ben if he would like to sit out back and enjoy the beautiful, bright and clean morning air as they had done the day before. She grabbed a red baseball cap off the hat rack that hug by the door as Ben replied, "Yes, sounds splendid really." Opening the door for Eleanor who carried a tray outside as they then walked to a small table with two chairs that sat on the porch just below the kitchen window. Seating themselves, Ben shared, "I love mornings like this Eleanor. Sets your mind free with these distinct scents and odors, the sudden burst of winds sounding above the trees with the constant background sounds of the ocean's din. It all triggers such peaceful reflections in me." Eleanor is busy serving Ben his tea now, "No ice in the summer but today is fall, so we will have ice, hope you don't mind Ben." "Ice is good anytime as the air grows warmer." She continues, "The jam on the toast is made from my hibiscus flowers as well and indigenous North American wild blueberries. Here's to preservatives Ben" she says raising her amply spread upon piece of whole wheat toast to then take a healthy bite.

"To preservatives, may they endure" (29) he said raising his toast to take his first bite of the delightful morning treat. The robins are out under the fig tree pecking for worms, seemingly with the greatest of ease. They all looked fat Ben thought as he watched them hopping about under the tree."They seem to lack for nothing really" he said aloud pointing to the active picking song birds. "Ten years eating and drinking 'fig worm wine' Eleanor replied, "so your probably right."

They sat there quietly enjoying the morning presentations of Mother Nature's self. The 'timeless worlds' of the moon world Titan Ben imagined himself, the air is pregnant with the fecund and pungent ripe humus scents of decomposition.  Winds bound in electrical charges as Ben is feeling the effects of his visit to John-Paul Pool's home the day before. The combination of the 432 Hz performance of Appreciate and the gamma wave c.d. of Ricardo's had Ben wired for expansion.

 'So how did your visit to John-Paul's go?" "Splendid really. Amazing might be a better word, but yes it went very well. He said he and his mates would look it over, probably tear it apart and then when they were done, then he would be in touch. Who could ask for more really!" "Never met the man but Ricardo works up there and took me there once when he was on tour, loved the quote above the door. Wrote it down so I would not forget. ' Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies' by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. That my friend is a very profound idea, 'the eternity of music.' "Yes, the 'Word announcing New Worlds'." Eleanor looked at Ben dressed all in white except for his rich, duck brown cap, looked like a polar bear on an outing, which again, brought a smile to her tan, intelligent face. "So now you wait for a reply, how exciting is that! Must say, you don't waist much time do you Sir Ben Jonson?"

 "Time is short out here on the edge Eleanor, best to keep moving forward and not forget your roots and your prayers. That old 'upside down tree', the Tree of Knowledge with its roots in the heavens with its limbs The Tree of Life growing into the earth is what we are. Best we understand that as we really could be just 500 days away or we could be10 years away from a mass extinction event. However a global temperature rise of over  4°C by 2020 is only a calculation. If these calculations are wrong, then it could happen sooner or later."

"Calculations and miscalculations, mixed up data? That can be a rude awakening for many of us. So changing the light bulbs, 240 miles per gallon of fuel in our cars, farms capturing methane for sale and power now,.. Bloom Boxes, our 21 century tools? all for naught?"

 "Could be to late to understand the concept of.... 'run away'. Start geo engineering to save the Arctic ice today,...or just play more,.. breathe in, breathe out, pranayama time 'extension of the breathe' as our mass extinction and death approaches. Note 3 year old 'illumined ones' who grace your path before human entropy, cultural corruption and atmospheric chemistry finally seize the day. We humans are miracles of life really. To appreciate that fact alone is enough really! Then to understand that now on the Earth something does exist as 'conscious humans' which has happened in just the last 47,000 or 48,000 years, putting the fine quill point to this matter of the 'conscious human brain'. Capable now of sensing the 'extra-earthly spheres' collectively, together as an evolving species" he said excitedly, adding, "Bringing joy, revolution, a 'Christos' descends into the very soil of the Earth. As recent as 300 A.D. Irish monks were tending these new angelic 'impulses' of the human being, seen as 'spirits and balls of light', protecting the 'extra-earthly spheres' that had descended into the soil of Ireland then and spread slowly around the Earth, as if from a God!"

"Angels, probably make some of those crop circles too. So mathematically precise, so beautiful really. Don't get evil intents there, nothing scary about them really, except that there are a lot of fakes being made today, that's the scary part!, but the real ones are still a mystery. Back to the 'lost tribe', I have to agree with you, the Irish would have been a perfect choice for that duty then, keeping an eye on these 'young spirits of light' newly arrived here. Anyway, quite a run really the human has had over the last 100,000 years here on the Earth. From the African continent and the ice line up in the far Northlands, to the beautiful cave drawings discovered in the north of Spain and the south of France made just 47 thousand years ago, to farming food and animals just 11 thousand years ago. Phenomenal really, and today we probably have all the ideas and inventions ready to go for this 'New Atlantis' you mentioned, or no, wait a minute, that was and is America."

Ben looked at Eleanor for several moments, smiling at her capacity for such 'fluidic thinking' as he listened to the ocean roars below. Then the strong, great bearded face falls again into a most serious cast before speaking. "The forces of faith and wisdom carry higher vibrations and are the leading edge of evolution now. The brain may have reached its organic limits but evolution surges into the more complex domain, constructing, with all minds joined together, mind "(37)

"In mind and heart, keep the faith. Who knows, we might just be here for the grand finale." She takes another sip of her tea looking out to sea before adding, "Some charm about that Ben,... being here, now, with you." Ben is pleased so pleasantly by her wit, sitting there in her red baseball cap, sheep's wool sweater drawn tight with its white wool belt and wearing her favorite 'green fauns', shoes made by Walking Cradles, with a green ribbon running through the leather upper fringe. Ben thought they looked like babies cradles holding her feet in thick wool socks.

"This is a many splendored, diamond of a day Eleanor!" "Sparkling as a clear creek running in the green and brown mountains down to the blue, green sea" she replies looking at the mountains now before turning back to look out on the deep blue bay that spread out before them to be absorbed into the expansive sparkling Pacific Ocean. They sit quietly sipping their tea and eating their toast, continuing to watch Mother Nature's wondrous presentation before them now.

"So what does Parsifal's mother's name, the Queen of Wales, Herzeleide mean Ben?" she asked looking out to sea.

 "Heart of Sorrow" he replied. They were quite now, breathing deeply, slowly, the salty wind blown air and skies shifting clarity were hypnotic. They just sat there looking out to the blue bay below for many breaths before they spoke again.

"His wife's name?" Eleanor asked. "It was Condwiramur (KOND-oor-uh-moora) a Welsh woman who's name was the name of the guardian of the feminine mysteries. She bore him a son named Lohenergrain."

"Mystical mitochondria delivers our knight."

"Yes the starry script my lady. Well back to our 'salty tale'. On Parsifal's first visit to the Grail Castle the evil magician Klingsor had appeared on the castle wall, and hurled the Lance at the, almost hapless Parsifal at that point, but it miraculously stops in mid-air directly above him. He has the presence to reach up and takes it then makes the sign of the cross with the Lance before disappearing into the wilderness of the forest once again. Years later he marries Herzeleide and impregnates her before then returning once again to the Grail Castle. On his journey he meets "the laidly Kundrie--that baleful messenger of the Graal, who was also God's minister'. She sees the knight approaching their retreat riding his black steed Feirefiz and dressed in black armor, his visor closed, bearing a long spear. She steps out of hiding and meets him. Kundrie then offers to help the knight leading him to the hermit Gurnemanz who immediately rebukes Knight Parsifal for carrying his spear on Good Friday. The knight takes his spear and thrust it into the ground before them, dismounts and removes his helmet to then kneel in prayer. The two then recognize him as Knight Parsifal and inform him that the Knights of the Grail have been disbanded and that the suffering of King Amfortas only increases. Parsifal is saddened by the news. His aimless wanderings and collapses of courage have only injured the Quest for the Holy Grail."

Eleanor interrupts Ben, "Probably thinks he failed his destiny at this point I can imagine."

"Spot on, he felt failures collar. So they take him to a sacred spring called the Fountain of Salvation for healing. There they bathe his feet and chest and he is enlivened in these waters. He then asked them to take him once again to the Grail Castle. The old hermit Gurnemanz agrees but first he sprinkles his head with holy water and anoints him with oil as he declares him the new Grail King. Knight Parsifal then takes the holy water and sprinkles "the laidly Kundrie--that baleful messenger of the Graal, who was also God's minister' with it. She cries out as the new Grail King Parsifal then kisses her on the brow. Together then the two of them dress Grail King Parsifal with the pure white mantle of the Grail Knights.

"Kundrie announces the news of Parsifal's election to the Holy Kingdom of the Graal to all of the surrounding nature. Knight Parsifal shares the secret story of the great Palladium, (20) as he had learned it from the lips of the hermit Gurnemanz who he has now found once again deep in the woods at the Fountain of Salvation. He tells how none could attain it unless he were called thereto; and in virtue of that calling in his own case he had taken a leave, to return with an 'examined life', love, a child. Parsifal then takes up the Lance once again and they take him on a journey through the mountains to the Grail Castle."

"Deep waters running in this salty sea tale ..'that baleful messenger of the Graal, who was also God's minister' she says dramatically.... 'Please continue.'"

"The news spread quickly through out the lands. As they approach the castle nature knowledge is springing around them as she knew what had occurred, and as in the middle of winter a spring broke through nature as Grail King Parsifal approached. A door in the mountain side opens and they are then in the Grail Castle. The pleasure garden is filled with seductive "flower maidens" and the knights are laying about with them laughing and playing like children. Then the Grail King Parsifal sees the suffering 'Maimed King Amfortas' wounded by the sorcerer Klingsor 10 years before, now being brought in on a stretcher. We learn that the Fisher King Amfortas has had a vision. That the Lance that Klingsor used to wound him with, can also heal him. Yet it will be a  'Pure Fool'  who has suffered greatly and then made wise through compassion who can, with this Lance, heal the 'Maimed King Amfortas'. The remaining Knights there are downtrodden, old and laying with phantoms in this pleasure garden. Hopeless, without will power, they ask the Fisher King to reveal the Grail to them once again. He refuses, rather ripping his cloak open to reveal his hideous injury around his genitals and demands that he be killed. It is then that this newly declared Grail King Parsifal steps up to the Fisher King Amfortas to assume his rightful place. He then places his lance on the Kings wound and in the light the wound is healed. Then the Grail King Parsifal approaches the Altar of the Grail, removes it from its shrine and kneels before it. The emerald cup begins to glow as a beam of light from above shines upon the Grail cup. A white dove descends in the light to land upon the Grail King Parsifal's head. He picks up the Grail cup and raises it above his head as a chorus sings out 'Highest holy wonder! The Redeemer is Redeemed!' ".

They sit looking out to sea now before Eleanor exclaims, "Interesting really. A Christian cautionary tale by their own Emily Post, this writer Wolfram von Eschenbach, warning the Old World about syphilis coming down the pipe from this New Atlantis World. The Irish monks probably tipped them off a few hundred years in advance. Anyway something I realized about your oratorio Ben. It needs some jazz-funk / soul jazz woven into it. I have a soundtrack score in the house that I want you to hear. Let's go inside and give it a listen."

Back in the living room Eleanor puts on a c.d. of Grover Washington Jr. playing his piece titled 'Knucklehead' and used in the soundtrack for the movie 'Four Brothers' made back in 2005. "Listen to this Ben. This man could make his saxophone speak, can even hear it calling you out, and up into new worlds of sound. 'New Worlds' pulled up through cool 'blue pools of ice free poles'. Floats like air bubbles, floating up in the jazz funk/ soul jazz saxophonist symphonic waves and grooves he has created. His 'Feels So Good' album was recorded back in 1976. This cut could be our 'knuckleheaded' Grail King Parsifal's theme music before he finally got his mind in check" she says sitting down on the couch next to Ben.

"Stuck on stupid, leaping lizard's amygdala pilgrim!" Ben declares. "His neocortical gamma oscillations caught up with his fear and he finally allocated some attention to the 'Quest for the Grail' and 'big brain waves', only then did he succeed Eleanor." "Sure Ben, focused attention, and...Condwiramur his new wife, sharing her gifts and sacred knowledge of a 'loves light' tuned him up top with her arousal control, top side down education Ben. Listen now and get in synch with this groove." They sit listening to the saxophone playing of Grover Washington Jrs  work 'Knucklehead' and are at rest.

When the music ended Eleanor turned to Ben, "Carries you up, in blue pools of light bubbles. " "Yes, up and away from mass extinctions and collapsing civilizations. The higher spiritual planes call upon us. If 'fantasy makers' think enlightenment is not worthy of treatments and that God is not in play in Hollywood, then we will not go deep into the Divine realms within. Mc numb nuts and company will lead us into the time when time runs out for life on Earth. Grace is displaced and replaced with chaos and fear at the most critical time of our lives here on planet Earth."

Quiet now with only the sounds of birds singing outside.

"Chem trails are causing the melting in Greenland now Eleanor." Eleanor looked at Ben saying plaintively, "We could just stop the chem trail spraying, ...would save on catastrophic weather bills." "Yes today, we could do that. Understand however that the world marches to, .. a criminally insane beat. Be they world leaders, scientist bio engineering earth, corporate decision makers, ex-spouses, other's infections shared freely, knowingly. So aerosols of chem trails are being laid down heavy in the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic off Florida.  Warming is pushed up into northern Siberia while the jet stream drops down bringing cooling to the south. Man made cold weather is now killing the planet Earth Eleanor. It is being done intentionally and humanity, it appears, has made a Faustian bargain with chem. trail spraying that is revealed now in our broken weather patterns."

"Enough! Let's take a walk Ben. Just up the road we have a park with 400 year old sycamore trees. We call it 'Talking Birds Park', think you will like it. Great sounds, great air, what more could you ask for?" "Stop chem. trailing us into the next ice age?" Ben replied.(32)

They walked along a Eucalyptus tree lined trail to a small park. It was filled with great limbed Sycamore trees with limbs that spanned out over 300 feet. Green parrots flew among the trees, quail and pheasant ran by them as they walked further into the park until they came to a small amphitheatre in the far corner of the grounds. Crows chased blue jays about the trees while the finches and sparrows were feeding and flying with their young. The air was full of visible and invisible life teaming all around them in bird flight and their songs. Hummingbirds flew by like green and violet flashes, as a pair of Great Blue Herons walked along the small creek that ran through the park.

Eleanor turned to Ben, "Beautiful spot isn't it Ben." Ben stood there for a moment before replying, "Paradisiacal space....echoing bird songs aloft...." Ben says touching his heart as he looks at Eleanor, who, touching her heart then bowing her head replies, "Just listen." They stood there in the afternoon light, the trees large leaves rustling in the breezes sounded like sand and small pebbles rolling along a creek bed to the sea below. "Just listen now to the talking birds radio." The air filled with the song of birds from all around them, as if a choir of birds was singing to them now, kissing their ears with songs like a team of joyful spirits. The area was filled with the essence of magical nature knowledge communicated to them in the birds songs.

"Touches the heart with a spiritual sensibility listening to them sing, don't you think Ben?" "Soothing for the soul Eleanor" Ben replies as he listened, looking at the menagerie of wild birds in the park.

Offspring of all the worlds! Thou in a form of Light,
Firm framed by the Sun, with Luna's might,
Endowed with sounding Mars' life-stirring hymns,
And swift-winged Mercury's motion in thy limbs,
Illumined with royal Jupiter's all-wiseness,
And grace- bestowing Venus' loveliness,
That ghostly Saturn's old-world-memorized devoutness
Unto the world of Space and Time thee hallow

Offspring of all the Worlds by Rudolf Steiner 1924

Then from behind the small amphitheater walked out a slender black man with dreadlocks and a face full of tattoos. Smiling quickly as he approached them and explaining, "This is my orchestra and choir drum core, some horn and electric guitar players" as they began to fill the stage behind him. "We practice here every week, great set and setting with the rays and waves with the crazy good acoustics of the stage. 15 drummers carrying plastic buckets of various sizes were joined by three horn players, one sax, one trumpet and a young lady who plays the flute setting up to the right side of the drummers. "Wrote a choral symphonic work" he tells them. His teeth glowed with gold bridges and caped teeth. "Played it in New York for New Years few years back. Now I have put a choir together to recite the verse I wrote. Check this out now." The lean, wiry musician turned to the assembled players and raised his right hand, then began tapping out the beat as he said, 'One, two, three, four.' They started slowly, in 2/4 time, softly, then the drum beat becomes louder with the first Sun light. The first words spoken softly with arriving morning. The choir sing songs the opening lines of the work in C sharp. "The seed of my light built by the Sun and born in the mighty Moon' the drummers beat gradually plays louder. Then the horns came in playing like warm Sun rays floating in lilting riffs, captured in the moon lights soft and gentle glowing. Then the sounds of Mars" erupt as the drummers play in loud up tempo beats of 4/4 time. The diminutive black man and leader of the choir and band turns back to face Ben and Eleanor as he continues to lead the choir.

"The seed of my light
 built by the Sun and born in the mighty Moon
where the sounds of Mars are still alive
as wings of Mercury move in my limbs
  great balls of fire dance in orbs of light of Venus beauties loveliness.
In gas giants Saturn's old memories and Titan devotions
flowed Jupiter's wisdom that illumines dreams,
 to chillin' with ice giants Uranus and Neptune
out to 'dwarf planet' Pluto, so far from the Sun it lives in the dark.
Worlds of a space place, timeless,... in the Holy Hollows of Thee

 The choir is speaking the words in sing song voices along with the black conductor, while changing times as he conducts them to do. Mars then erupts in loud drumming followed by Mercury with the acoustic electric guitars racing into a 4/4 up tempo time. Jupiter then splashes across the sound stage space in waves of spacious dreaminess while the horns deliver the listener into the arms of Venus. Venus was intoned in 'gamma wave emotions of universal love and expanded consciousness' by the flute player, choir and conductor. The time changed back into a slower signature of a 2/4 beat as the choir sang along with the lead singer who intoned the old Saturn moon Titan memories in a deeply respectful tones. The finale was nothing short of reverential, transcendental, as the choir and the lead singer sang and spoke the last words,

'I am Worlds of a space place, timeless,... in the Holy Hollows of Thee!'

You could literally feel the static electricity in the air now. Could not help but be moved by the big sound, deep thought and vitality of their performance. It's scope was breathtaking. The birds flew about the park like super luminal leaves shaking in the audible breezes, everything seemed so clear, so bright.

"The solar system is smokin' now!" braking a smile that could have melted an ice cube, it was so warm, 'so about all things sweet'. "That's our choral symphony. It's a gas to perform, from the great balls of fire playing in orbs of light.. out to chillin' with the ice giants" he tells them. "I'm calling it 'a black matter swan song'. About things we can't see or don't know about but are happening anyway?" His enthusiasm shone. The couple looks at each other then turns back to look at the small man standing there with his orchestra behind him. Eleanor was the first to speak.

 "Word!" she exclaims. Orleans laughs, 'Word!" he replies. Ben speaks up, effusively expressing his appreciation for the diminutive, brown eyed, well dressed, black musician's work.

 "Wonderful music reverberates in the ears of our solar system now on out to Titan and beyond. The rhythm section surge for Mars, wow! The saxaphone and trumpet players along with your woman flute player played so well portending the fires of Venus that your lyrics speak of so joyously. As to your finale, the flute in F sharp, and trumpet,.. it is incredibly rousing! What is your name, good Sir?"

"Thank you for the acknowledgment. My name is Orleans Patton and 'this here assembled' group is the 'Bird Song Park Choir and Orchestra' he says, turning back to look at the others. Men, women and children of all races and ages, like north Atlantic to north Pacific fish intermingling and assembled together. Looked like an amalgam of colorful wings of flying fish, green parrots all mixed in rays of sunlight washed in soft touches of the ocean's salty air.15 drummers with their plastic buckets, 3 acoustic guitar players and a 3 player wind and horn section. It was a beautiful sound Orleans Patton and his players had put together. 'Less was more' Ben realized then regards to his own oratorio work. It would be better served letting the band expand and the text contract. Expansion and contraction, growing like a pump enlivened with an engine of musical energy. Echoing now in a 'conscious and appreciative universe' forever. It is a great perception he is experiencing along with the others.

"And your names, if I could ask?" Ben is brought back to the park, presently standing there with Eleanor and the young musician. "Yes, why of course you could, and can, I might add happily. I am Sir Ben Jonson from London, England" in his deep English accent "and this is my friend.." cut off by Eleanor who interjects, "My name is Eleanor Rosetip and I love your work." Orleans appreciates that, "Thank you." Turning back to look at Ben real hard, he asked, "The English guy I had to read in English Lit. 100?" "Why Word yes, I am! One and the same!" "Oh my God, you did it!.. Traveled back and forward in time, why knock my socks off! That is an electric gas if I ever..." He pretends to pick up a phone, "Calling Houston, we have touch down, 3, 6. 9, spider " laughing so hard that it hurt.

The winds became unseasonably warm now and the tulip tree they were standing under in 'Talking Birds Park' began to slowly open its big green buds. Almost imperceptibly at first, then a minute later, two minutes... the big green flower buds were opening, revealing big pink petal 'tulip looking' flowers, unfolding slowly over their heads now. Orleans Patton looks at them then pointing up at the flowers, said, "In he middle of winter, is the beginning of spring!" "Right?"

3-6-9 spider

"In Greece the word music comprised poetry as well as music in all its elements and forms. As the latter were of an intellectual nature (as indicated before) mankind was educated into thinking through the experience of music. It was the period wherein human consciousness had to make the transition from the mythical to the intellectual. And we now understand the world-changing deed of Pythagoras, when he fixed this intellectual element through a mathematical approach to the musical interval relationships. This to support the development of logical intellectual forces by feeling through music."

"The ninefoldness of the songs of the Muses comprised man's entire being, not only in the soul, but also physically and spiritually. Each one of the Muses influenced a specific area of inspiration. For the body it was Terpsychore who regulated the rhythm; Melpomene stimulated the dance and Kalliope, Orpheus' mother, gave a beautiful voice. Breathing and heart, the limbs and the organs of speech and song were resounding this threefoldness. The second group: Klio, Erato and Euterpe was more connected with the soul. Through them could the melodic principle in the simple song e.g. ring forth with its elegiac or happy aspects. Finally through Polyhymnia, Thalia and Urania the blessings of the highest musical creations; the Hymns, the Choric-cultic forms and the expressions of divine spiritual life were given."

"Now it is possible to construct a diagram, simple but meaningful, comprising three triangles in three ever expanding circular spheres."

Annie von Lange
Man, Music and Cosmos
Published in 1956 by Novalis Verlag - Freiburg i. Breisgau W. German

"For the aspirant is not concerned with a reproduction of the ordinary world, but from a definite point onwards he must now have sufficient forces at his command to pour more out of himself. Thus, after he has spent force enough in becoming one with the world, he must now have sufficient strength to spin forces out of himself as the spider spins a web. You see how the whole process of the Mysteries shows the importance of developing strong inner energy in the life of the soul ; for one must have large reserves in order that all this may take place."    (8) Rudolf Steiner - The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity  (pg. 22)

That Night at 432 Sumer Way - Feb. 2015

This night Ben laid on the goose down featherbed, the held heat insulates the comforter that he has wrapped around him. The wind is blowing unusually hard outside on this very warm winter's 'Indian summer' night. Then the climate changes, as he falls asleep quickly into dreaming that he is walking in sunny strawberry fields. "Eat them for depression" a vaguely familiar personage tells him. "I live here," the dream visitor explains. "I thank the French for these bright red berry delicacies and their milled wheat before!" as he takes a bite of the bright red fruit then offers a berry to Ben. Taking the strawberry, he eats it in a couple of bites. "They milled the wheat for flour and pulled the berries plant out of the forest, planting them in their gardens back in the 1300s" he tells Ben. He falls into a deep dreamless sleep.

In the early morning as he was stirring about in the warm bed he is half awake, half asleep and awash in gamma waves that flow across his entire brain now. As the sun is rising the next morning he finds himself in the morning twilight securely riding the goose feathered bed's imbedded captured warmth merging into a soft gray and white flock of geese. He is aware of looking into their green eyes as they fly together along the morning stars lit path. The clouds around them changed into a gathering of twisted tangled feathers that embodied a 'super conscious' conduction system using the star light energy. He could see the winds currents running down along the feathered rivulets, down along their necks, as the energy passed along their bowed backs into their animated gyrating tail feathers. The static electricity had been captured in their tangled feathers and seemed to envelope the flock for warmth and used as another propulsion energy source.

"Entangle with us now. The climate changed! We can carry your 'super conscious' onwards from this place, if you wish" the birds communicate to his now conscious dream state. In the next moment Ben finds himself on what feels and appears to be a great feathered carpet, laying on his stomach riding along on the backs of a flock of big, well conditioned and as well fed as the 'Christmas goose', he thinks. Ben marvels at how strong the big birds are as the flock cuts through strong buffeting winds as if dancing with the tempestuous elements. He marvels at how beautiful the brown, black, white and gray feather colors are, their individual colors shades running the full spectrum of tones along their plump feathered bodies. Then he sees the clouds in the feather's colors, and for a moment it seems the feathers have changed into the clouds that they are flying in. "Look!" several big birds around him honk. They turn over and glide on their backs, their great wing spans holding them aloft and in formation with the other birds. Ben does the same, rolling over to ride on the backs of the great birds beneath him. He looks up into the stars above them and is transfixed at the beauty of the night sky passing above him. He is sailing through the dawn sky with his arms fully extended like the geese around him. The sounds of the wind river passing through the flock remind Ben of Titan as he sails on through the twilight sky. The song he heard the night before rang out once again.

I have my ship and all her flags are a' flyin'
She is all that I have left and music is her name

Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin'
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

Crosby, Stills and Nash
'Southern Cross'

 Ben awakes sometime after the sun has risen; he is decidedly refreshed. Laying there in the warm bed, face up, his arms spread goose. He feels so vital, like a star light, night dream battery has been charged within him. "Entangle with us now,"... he remembers, then thinks 'with my feathered friends'. Yet the hour is late, the climate changed, he understands that. As he is getting dressed Ben looks at the small 'Laughing Buddha' stature that sits in the corner of the room next to the sewing machine Against the Buddha statue there is a hand written quote on an index card which he had not noticed before. Curious now as to what the card and the 'Laughing Buddha' have to say, he walks over to the statue and picks up the card and reads it.

happy just being
Ikkyu, the crazy Japanese monk, has a poem:

You do this, you do that
You argue left, you argue right
You come down, you go up
This person says no, you say yes
Back and forth
You are happy
You are really happy

"What he is saying is: Stop all that nonsense. You're really happy. Just stop for a minute and you'll realize you're happy just being. I think it's the pursuit that screws up happiness. If we drop the pursuit, it's right here." James Hillman - Jungian Psychologist

Ben smiled, the thought of 'happy just being' what a concept, the antidote to what will ail us'. Ben felt the gamma waves moving through his brain now, like a weather change was occurring right there now in his mind and very soul. Ben put the card back beside the 'Laughing Buddha' statue and finished dressing. Leaving he guest bedroom he walked out into the warm and comfortable living room this morning. Finding no one there, he walks into the kitchen where he finds a plate with some cut fruit, raisins and whole wheat crackers set out for him. Eating some of the food he sees Eleanor outside walking around the yard, she is speaking to someone then walks around the house and out of sight. Eating a few pieces of fruit he decides to go outside and enjoy the lively light of this now late morning. He walks along the red and orange brick path to around the corner of the house. He sees Eleanor now, sitting on the bench in the rose garden talking to Ricardo and Will. They were with two other men, whom he did not recognize, they were holding acoustic guitars cases. Walking into the garden Ben is greeted by Eleanor.

"Greetings from the 'Old Garden Roses' on this glorious day Ben." "Morning you early birds, I was carried away on your wonderful goose down bed Eleanor. Feel like I slept amongst the Angels. I feel so wonderfully refreshed this morning."

"Do Angels sleep Ben?" Eleanor asked inquiringly of the man dressed all in white looking like a polar bear now to Eleanor. "Their mission does not allow for sleep, and that is why they are always looking outwards upon the world, and never inside to the world of emotions, feelings, hopes and dreams. They are not able to do that. It is only when they have turned away from their Creator, wishing to know human love and desire to experience their emotions,.. that is when they look within, to then fall into a deep peaceful sleep while getting in line for Archangel duty. A very long line I might add." The white polar bear sits next to Miss Rosetip on the bench in the 'Old Roses Garden'.

"Sounds sad really, working for the 'big guy' and yet not allowed to experience Love." "Love is a very young emotion in the universe Eleanor. The Angels have had that experience, then moved up the ladder and out to their mission in the dark blue waters of the astral world to monitor our violent universe and evil, which is what they are commanded to do now."

"To love an Angel, wow! Would short circuit the city probably. Guess they can't turn that old cosmic clock back for just one more whirl upon this flying rock." Then she exclaims, "Look Ben, the roses are starting to bloom! Early flush of roses, whales migrating south in the warm ocean waters, seems the seasons are blending together."

 "Just follow the ice now Eleanor. That's the movie here on earth as both our ice caps are melting...simultaneously unfortunately, in the rising warm waves of our earth's oceans" Ben said sadly.

"Greenland ice, lots of it gives us cooling and methane captured, little of it gives us heating and still more methane released" Ricardo interjects.

"That's right, very simple really. However when the heat pump of warming oceans drives both poles out of synch, marching in tandem, then we have big problems. The ice caps visably continue to melt yet the global methane measure isn’t useful when it is increasing at an exponential rate. Then it becomes a trailing measure indicator — occurring after a catastrophic or large-scale release. Anyway to more pleasant things, if at all possible. It is good to see you two this shimmering, bright morning" he says then looking at their two friends he introduces himself.

"Hello, I am Ben Jonson." The short, red bearded musician introduced himself, "Hello, I am Stephen and this is my friend David. My friends here told me about your oratorio. We play guitar and sing with The 'Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission band' and would like to help you create the 'sonic geometry' you are attempting to create with this 'magic of musical math' that you speak of."

 "Well I am honored to meet the two of you. Full disclosure. Never was it known that I was a faithful flock member of the church but ...this work of mine does have a Christian- motif running through it. The 'Silent Witness' stands behind and to my right; the 'still quiet voice' within councils me, and the Light illumines my path forward."

 "We understand. Word! Walking with the Resurrected One, our code as well" Ricardo says.

 Will speaks up then. "Seems Christian rock is producing bigger sounds, working the 'Sun of the Son of Man' and its 'expanding universe' in. Probably got the Angels dancing since they can't be pulled back into romancing us, the earth bound. So no problem Ben, .. we can write the music, work with your 'New World view' lyrics. We understand the delicate sensibilities involved with creating a work of music like your 'On Light Born Way'." Quiet for a moment before continuing, he asked Ben," Would you be kind enough to repeat that Gnostic prayer you shared with us yesterday, for our friends here?"

"Sure!" Ben takes a breath, composes himself for a moment, then repeats the ancient prayer standing there in the walled 'Old Garden Roses' blooming flower beds.

 "Oh, you Powers in the spirit world, grant that I may be knowingly outside my physical body in the world of light, that I may be in the light, so as to observe my own light body, and grant that the might of the ahrimanic forces be not too strong over me, so that they do not make it impossible for me to see what takes place there in my light body." 

The two musicians just smiled when Ben had finished. "Now that is a powerful prayer" David remarks, smiling bright and awash in the infectious positive gamma waves oscillations flowing in his body.

 "Must be the times, ...hearing that particular prayer now" Eleanor said. Then pointing to the roses, "Best things in life are free." The sunny garden could easily make one forget for a moment that this was a late winter's warm spring like day. The fires to come, sadly, would not be those of the mind.

 "Just like the healing gamma waves for our sick children, which we are only learning about now" (35) Ricardo says then continues. "They, 'the establishment', 'dumbed us down and out'.  Like that prayer says, pray 'so they do not make it impossible for me to see what takes place there in my light body'. Good God 'see what takes place in my light body'! why they have made it impossible, practically speaking, just look around. That is a deep dive for many."

Will replies, "Got to pre-member, that is the only way to move on up and out from this coil of  'impeded social -economic progress earth.' A world where 'psychoneuroimmunology' is happening in our 'Consciousness Soul' while we are still here on this planet. While still here on earth! we can be preparing ourselves for the 'higher spiritual worlds' that are here now! Not in Heaven, not later on, but now! 'Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission' is happening here, now, eternal, present, string tensing oscillations of expansion and contraction."

"Qumran with us, Essene is happening!" Eleanor shouts, then says, "Minds firing on all cylinders, purring along into our universal consciousness!"

"Running in the gamma band oscillations' can lift the world up.. 'representing for a love infiltration into the Nation of Heavens Federation' " Ricardo said.

"I like that! 'Qumran with us, Essene is happening' in the gamma band occilations of our collective humanity." "It does not get any better than that!" Will says excitedly.

"In this Cosmic drama Essene unfolds before us as we infiltrate into new planes of spiritual knowledge. Physician heal thy self, 'psychoneuroimmunology' for our world now, we demand it!" Ben says as he smiles at the others.

"Leaping lizards 'change of state' Qumran with us" Ricardo chimes in.

"Great royalties for that work" Will adds laughing.

Eleanor stands there, hands comfortably placed on her hips looking at the assembled crew standing there in the Old Roses Garden. "You know," breaking into a wide smile before continuing, "a smile releases more 'feel good chemistry' than even chocolate."...Quiet for a moment she adds, "That's 'psychoneuroimmunology', don't you agree?"

The air was full of spring smells. Lemon, jasmine, eucalyptus mixed in the new rose blooms, catching their attention, exciting their neural reactions. "Got a treat for you guys." Out of her light blue sweater pocket Eleanor pulls a hand full of yellow, dried, yet kid skin glove soft, small lemon peel skins. "Here, have a chew, family recipe, good for the 'attention to memory' process'. Lemon peal gum, my family invented it I think. You can just swallow it when its turned to a mash in your mouth, getting all of the acetylcholine ('ah-Seh-til-KO-leen'). Gets muscle fiber attention responding to this neurotransmitter that then excites the memory. I learned that it allows for better body control, connecting muscles with nerves. At my age I need that muscle memory working for me. Just swallow it when you have chewed it to a mash. Enjoy." She hands everyone a piece of the lemon peal gum.

"David and Stephen have some music they would like to share with us now" Will tells Eleanor and Ben. The two musicians take their guitars out of the guitar cases as they tell them the title. "Still Got the Blues' by Harald Petry. We will chew your gum Eleanor, should help the mood. We are going to play it in the 432 Hz tuning." Together they start to play the instrumental piece.

When they had finished playing Eleanor exclaimed to the others, "Wonderful, could smell the lemon marmalade of Seville, you can't be blue now!" she says laughing.

"Was thinking some horns could fill a lot of the high ranges for those 'Irie waves' you want. Would accentuate the positive announced in 'On Light Born Way'. Any players in mind?" David asked Ben.

Immediately they thought of the Bird Song Park Orchestra. "Why, as matter of fact we do. We do have an orchestra in mind. Do you know Orleans Patton?"

"Sure do! 18 players I think? drum core and ...a horn section. They would be perfect, great that you caught their rehearsal in the park. That's what I'm talkin' about Ben. Back to the 'roots' of the 'Tree of Knowledge' music book. Then your work can move on out into the space-time continuum forever, strong!" David says.

"The old harp tree's lament is playing clear now in the Tree of Knowledge - Love is! " Will says loudly to the others. "You can feel the 'consciousness consensus rising', like a mushrooming of our 'collective human awareness' radiating into our D.N.A. and out into the Tree of Knowledge now!"

Ben smiled at Will and the others before speaking. "Yes we are moving on out and into the Tree of Knowledge now, into the liberating impulses of 'consciousness propulsion', our 'light' within guiding us collectively forward! Green sleeves of the greening tips, opening to the Sun of the Son Consciousness!"

"A way with words you do have. Poetry really, the way you speak, I really must thank you for such application you apply to your speech."

"Thank you good Lady. It is my honor to spin this cosmic drama in the finest 'starry silk' of the Consciousness Soul's threads."

"A hip 'ancient guy' you are Ben Jonson!" Ricardo says exuberantly. "Think we can go... 'soul man' Stephen sings, then smiles wide looking at Ben.

"Thank you so much for your kind words. However we have a single, solitary figure, who died with a few close and fortunately 'insightful' friends by his side in New York City.  He well could have died alone, his work of 'scholarship' gone unrecognized, the Frenchmen Pierre Teilhard de Chardin." Dramatically quiet now, he slowly turns to look into every face standing there in the garden. Continuing, holding his invisible baton in his right hand he starts to conduct an orchestra, "Trumpets announce from far above in the clouds where the geese fly high of Love's appearance and infiltration into the 'Nation of Heavens Federation', the Infinite Cosmic Council of all that is seen and unseen."  Now Ben puts his arms down standing there now at rest once again. Then he explains to them that, "This sweet, wise French soul, provided the only 'Christian scholarship' that informs humanity about the 'Christ Consciousness' rising, occurring organically in our physical earth 'life force' out into the collective humanities consciousness and our own personal Consciousness Souls. All part of an unfolding spiritual process that will continue for a thousand years out into our cosmic futures. This is the real deal 'soul man' who, sadly, is barely recognized or understood today, yet stands tall in our very midst. So you can see how one scholar's understanding, one sound frequency, and the world can become 'a different and better place'."

"Undeniably, quite apart from any hypothesis, the external play of cosmic forces, when combined with the nature - so prone to coalesce - of our thinking souls, operates towards a concentration of the energies of consciousness ; and so powerful is the effect that it even succeeds in subjugating the very constructions of phylogenesis...

The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - French - published in English 1959 - quote page 241
(born May 1, 1881 in Orcines, France - died April 10, 1955 in New York City, New York)

All of them standing there now in the warm garden illumined in the Sun's light, chewing the yellow dried lemon peals, which actually in a counter intuitive way tasted good. It was a great chew of organic chemistry with a quick release into the bloodstream carried directly to the brain and body. The Rosetips secret recipe was a hit with the crew.

"Gift of the Secret Rose" Eleanor says quietly looking out over the rose blooms in the garden. "Seems France has given us more than Democracy, the strawberry and milled wheat." She takes a deep inhalation, breathing in the pungent, regenerative earth, ocean, plants, flowers life filling air surrounding them. "When I was a child," she stopped in a moment's reflection before continuing. "My mother would have me sit under the lemon tree for five minutes before I walked to school on test days" Eleanor tells them. Before swallowing her lemon peal gum that she has thoroughly masticated to a fine lemon peal mash, she first swishes it vigorously in her mouth, then swallowing the essence of the lemon's liquefied peal, which to Ben's surprise seems to fill both her cheeks for a moment before she finally swallows, and 'a bit' ceremoniously Ben thinks. Then in a few seconds, while looking at the assembled group, Eleanor puts another piece of the lemon peal gum right back into her mouth and begins sucking the soft sweet peal of lemon. "Seemed to help" she adds.

As he was laughing feeling so free in the fresh air and scents of the elementals he suddenly recognized the two new musicians David and Stephen whom he had just met. They were the one's in his dream singing and sailing the high seas with him the other night. He recognized them now, which he was not ever very good at doing, recognizing others from his dreams. Once again he could hear the refrain and their crafted music notes running through his head.

I have my ship and all her flags are a' flyin'
She is all that I have left and music is her name

Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin'
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

Crosby, Stills and Nash
'Southern Cross'

Ben looked at them, amazed really, then softly 'sang - song' the words he had heard so recently. "Spirits are using me larger voices callin'" to which the two musicians responded, "What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten." They laugh until it brings tears to their eyes, before they asked Ben, "So you know our work do you?" "Yes, and I heard it for the first time in my dreams just two nights past. We were sailing on a two masted schooner out upon the starry seas of our heavens in your crew's sea worthy hands. It was so magical, sailing along with the dolphins, wonderful really, so liberating. Wow! musical shamans we have here! So glad to meet you all, I really must say this. The dream appears to be with us now, and that is always a good note."

'Qumran with us, Essene is happening, ...'Old Roses Garden','.... ...a faint, clear 'as if child's' sing song voice is heard whispering, singing, and is carried along on the air which they hear....then, "Gift of the Secret Rose" is softly whispered, floating on the fragrant breezes, to then mingle among the gentle movements of the blooming roses.

Eleanor laughed out loud, turning to Ben, "She has come out of the house!.....Jinn is out of the house Ben!, she never does that. ...Oh my, Jinn is now free of the granite cellar at last!" Eleanor is clearly touched by this.

"Gift of the Secret Rose! This 'representing', ...is a 'wonder' we have here in the 'Old Roses Garden'.... how very blessed!"

"Ghost dancer Jinn, Qumran with us in this 'Old Roses Garden' " Ricardo sings softly in joyous tones.

"Qumran with us,... Essene is happening,... in the 'Old Roses Garden,... ".. Jinn sings back softly...

"Gift of the Secret Rose" she adds a few moments later. Then the impish whispers of the long term resident are gone for good.

"Jinn, the disappearing ghost, 'that'... is a good dream!" Will says. "Most propitious of signs really, liberation of the 'dead' from their chairs. Most propitious of signs!" Ben exclaims. "It appears, that Jinn's 'mind exercise' is"... Will is stopped short by Ricardo's interjecting " 'Of a sort', exorcised out!" They laugh into the bird songs that are surrounding them now, as robins, many bright red breasted robins, alight on the brick wall enclosing the rose garden.  Many young robins sang their new songs for the pleasure of their surroundings. It was a beautiful bright morning, light waves shimmering, born away on the robin's diverse song patterns.

"Do that like clock work, imprinted return every spring for more than twenty years." Eleanor said pointing to the singing choir of robins. "Instinct I suppose. Seem to enjoy it, don't they? Sunning and singing in the new day, might even be singing to us as well, very social birds they are."

"So very precocial, social these young alert robins songs are. Their bright black eyes open as ...illumined 3 year old children. Best, if we can recognize that fact, and it could lead humanity upwards and behind back, diving into the folds of higher spiritual worlds. Newly discovered by these 'budding new limbs of new humans' branching out 'in consciousness' into our Tree of Knowledge and so effecting our evolving biology's Tree of Life" Ben says as he enjoys the robins sitting up on the wall singing and sunning away on this light born way's day.

"Cross over speciation happens. I'm sure of it, how else could we have survived this 'second in eternity' if not for our innate capacities to connect with some 'higher powers'? Luck?" David asked the others. "I don't think so, but we are real lucky, that is for sure! One reason only, for the evolution of our consciousness, and that is why we survived on schoolhouse earth for these past, very 'shortly pasted', 48 thousand years. Consciousness with the accompanying travails ever since. Best we catch on, because the birds just might be singing to us. Sad if we missed that communication while on our way to doing other things. Then we would probably have to return later to then catch the renewing, teal green wave of our collective human consciousness that is merging into higher dimensions of the spiritual 'non material bonding world' into the glue of the universe."

"Age of Aquarius! bring on the water! Rain, in the Kingdom of your Promised Land, and led by a child of God!' Eleanor sings out.

"Heaven is not Heaven until the Earth is 'collectively' there as well!" Ben enjoins to the others. The young robins have escalated their singing so much that it seems they have been listening to their conversation this bright, 'spirits lifting', morning. They have responded, in what could be described as nothing short of a raucous, joyous, 'bird songs agreement'. The bright rust red chests moving songs along, and acting as small shields for the warm sun light's reflection, warming their bodies in the heat's waves. Their songs, lilting in the scented rose garden's air.

The faint honking of geese is heard approaching them from the south. As they barely caught sight of them in the clouds, hearing faintly their honking then long lines of geese appeared out across the cloud covered horizon. None of them had ever seen so many geese flying in the sky, as if appearing out of nowhere flying in the sky approaching them. It was huge, their honking becoming louder with each powerful wing stroke as they approached from the south. Then two great birds from still far off could be seen dropping off, out of formation, and begin falling together through the sky. As if entwined together in their long wing spans they fall rapidly. As the flock approached, the pair continued dancing in the sky. Falling back, arcing gracefully like dancers into the cloud banks, to then re-appear moments later, twirling and tumbling together, wingtips touching, chests thumping as they fell in free fall from high up in the sky, falling at a faster and faster rate of speed. As they grew closer their wings flapping and chest's thumping against eachother could be heard by Ben and the others.

 "Oh yes! that's love on the wing up there, the chains are broken...Halleluiah!" Will calls out watching the great birds falling through the sky like a jagged, shape shifting dark, misshapen dancing sphere. They were entwined together, flying, falling down the wind currents tunnels together passing in and out of the clouds. Overhead now the long lines of geese are heard honking, shoulders thrusting forwards with powerful breast strokes slapping the air, as their wing tips cut through the winds that pulls them along in the its jet stream. Above them the wildly flying pair of geese are gyrating above, "Looks like fat, dark, bobbin spindles weaving through the air" Ben says to the others as he watches the birds. The pair of geese fall for hundreds of yards through the sky, easily reaching speeds exceeding over a100 miles an hour. The 'wild winged ballet' of the two, 'very attached' geese' unfolds over them for many minutes before the pair eventually fly off to join the flock again.

David sings out, "Sailing on with Ladies of the Windy Canyons" he says laughing, watching the long lines of geese flying north. Stephen begins to play a tune on his guitar and then starts to sing a song, as David joins him playing and singing.

"Well I came across a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him where are you going
And this he told me
I'm going down to Yasgur's farm
Going to join in a rock 'n' roll band
I'm going to camp out on the land
I'm going to try an' get my soul free
We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden"

"We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden
We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil's bargain
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden"

Woodstock written by Joni Mitchell in 1969

 When they had finished playing the song 'Woodstock', Ben thanked the two incredibly talented musicians for their soulful voicing and intricately skilled guitar work. "Energetically joyful playing that you bring to us now! Ecstatic I am, really!" Fired up now, he enthusiastically calls out to the others. "Yes! we are golden light, love on the wing, 'as if' falling through space!"... With a moments reflection, he is then off again,' Whether as a force or a curvature, the universal gravity of bodies so striking to us, is merely the reverse or shadow of that which really moves nature. To perceive cosmic energy 'at the fount' we must, if there is a within of things, go down into the internal or radial zone of spiritual attractions.' " The 'nature knowing, sky diving geese' inspire thoughts of ".. 'Love in all its subtleties is nothing more, and nothing less, than the more of less direct trace marked on the heart of the element by the psychical convergence of the universe upon itself'. ..

Quiet once again as they watched the geese fly off to the north, wavering long lines of the birds stacked layer upon layer of long winged lines. Ben speaks up again, quoting the Frenchman Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "This, if I am not mistaken, is the ray of light which will help us to see more clearly around us." (37)

"An a log, as the 'dabbling duck's plunder under ground,..  this flock is rising up, into the thunder of the clouds above!" Will said excitedly to David and Stephan. Ricardo, vibrant now as the singing robins up on the multi-colored brick wall, yells out, "An a log rolls on, ...Dig it Al !" Will replies, "The pools of Jeremiah call, and I have the sweet drinks of C and red Raspberry, our red wine! prepared for our refreshment this afternoon." Quick as swifts darting in the daylight, 'in a flash' they were gone. Ben and Eleanor are alone once again with most of the robins, a few robins invariably fly off with the musicians, following them on their drive up into the hills. This always amused Eleanor and the others over the years. Eleanor called them their 'robin scouts', and said they were "just keeping a 'birds eye' out for them" as they would drive about the local community.

Sitting down on the garden bench, they are quiet for five minutes, breathing the mingled airs of the fragrant roses, mixed in the salty, ocean's mist. Ben is so charmed by the elegance of this older woman sitting next to him now. In her light blue, cashmere sweater, gazing out upon the garden he imagines himself now being pulled into the Mediterranean Sea's light blue iridescent waters. The waters then become darker blue to become dark azure finding himself swimming wildly along in the fast flow of fast speaking, laughing babbling brooks that then become conscious currents of loud rushing rivers carrying Ben, then the 'water bear' mixed in the chaos of the abyss is in an instant pulled up into a higher dimensional space/place revealing him in a 'new state of species' in this 'New World'. Moon Titan's 'New World' newly discovered above, behind, in the folds of the 5th dimension of our Creation's space - time continuum. Here humans are 'Spinning soul -substance out of ourselves, and the higher worlds we are beginning to live in' now (8). In nothingness he finds strength, outer to inner transformations engaged. Sounds of bees of Celtic Druids buzz, then the Irish Christian monks watched a 'Christ Coming Sunrise' washing a warm radiance into 'Gnostics' tradition realized along the coast of the Dead Sea in the town of Galilee of Palestine later on. Hope for humanity, a maturation point reached, a 'Community of New Love' is announced as both alive and well. It is the community of a 'higher Self', the end of one species and the beginning of another, 'budding' now, and established on the Light Born Way. (8)

Ben, as he is sitting there staring into space, soft smile on his face, is slowly called back from his revelry by a voice he slowly begins to hear. "Ben, ...Ben." He is pulled back, as if in an instant, into the garden to refocus his vision on Eleanor who is standing in front of him. "Looked like you gave up the ghost with your eyes wide open Ben! Sitting there so still and peaceful looking out on the garden. Anyway, I'm hungry so I'm going in now to make some oat meal. Do you want any?"

 "Oh yes please, I am hungry as well, seems my short 'flow home' has worked up my appetite."

 "Titan updates, traveling 'mind over matter' Omega man?"

 "I prefer, 'the point on the oblique' really, ..probably accounts for my aloofness however." "Lonely duty out there Ben, but aloft, aloof with the geese maybe, but like the geese, you don't have to do it by your self, there are other's just abreast of you now, you know that?" Ben smiles, "Yes and coalescing as we speak." "Well, before this day is over, I promise, I will have oats for your horses and sweat magenta red hibiscus tea for your nerves prepared." Eleanor turns away to walk back into the house, calling out to Ben as she leaves the garden."It will be about 10 - 15 minutes. Feel free to sit out here while I prepare it for us."

"Yes, wonderful suggestion, I will do just that" he replies as she leaves. Most of the remaining robins flew off the wall with Eleanor's departure leaving only a few of the older robins sleeping there in the afternoon sun on this now warm, blustery afternoon. Ben looked out over the activity in the garden to see all the insects busy working. The ants were building tunnels, as bees buzzed, floating among the roses, the worms slowly wiggled in the warming soil, the lady bugs sitting still on mostly the red rose petals while the breezes softly whisper among themselves. Then in the old fig tree out back a meadowlark's perfect pitched song's elegance quivers in Ben's ears. Looking up he sees the bright yellow crested bird. Sunlight reflects on the bird's yellow chest making it look like a small, golden torch, and set atop the fruit tree. Seems for reasons unknown and unseen, in the very seams of life, all of nature was aware of more than what was currently meeting many a mortal's human eyes.

Ben understood that in the Tree of life the human mind has now budded. Occurring in just the last 48 thousand years, from the Peking man to Solo man of Java to the Steinheim man of Palestine. The Tree of life with its dead leaves fallen to the ground, living leaves which are have started to turn yellow and then the young vital leaves not yet opened. With glaciations receded the Neanderthal skull that painted the walls of his caves and buried his dead was bundled into the 3 prior folds resulting in a 'new man' called Homo sapiens. This new comer from the age of the reindeers, this man-child, has reached 'the age of reason' with their high foreheads and reduced eye sockets, slight jaws and prominent chins appearing in just the last 48 thousand years of our earth history. This is modern man on the face of earth today, with a perfect brain that has not varied much since that time. From Peking to Palestine much has changed over this time span up until today, but not the size and perfection of the human brain, that has not changed. The birds are singing, 'Springing' excitedly, 'showing off, undoubtedly' Ben thinks, he figures 'birds would be dancing in the air for humans as well, if we only encouraged them to do so'. It seemed all nature was singing a glorious song, announcing the good graces of this reflecting life center conscious of itself, this spiritual transmission into us, 'new man' hominised.

The roar from the bay below the cliff side home could be heard clearly as he looked out over the garden's brick wall. He watched the golden meadowlark, listening to its intricate, melodious tunes. The song bird's coloring of black stripes surrounding its bright yellow chest gave it the appearance of a bright, flickering lamp. Ben is now transported back into his childhood memories of growing up in England. He is watching the steam powered train's conductors waving their black, whale oil ignited lanterns, as the trains approached the station in the dark. Then out of the cirrus clouds far above Ben could see several dark objects spiraling out of the cloud banks. The geese had flown to the north, but these 'dark specs' as they glided closer were as large as the departed geese yet still far above the earth. Ben wondered if it was a few stragglers left behind. The birds slowly spiraled down from their lofty perch far above. He could see then that they were buzzards. Flying slowly, attentively slow he noted, riding along in the high altitude winds and approaching the earth below ever so slowly. After a short time he noticed more of the great birds appearing out of the cirrus clouds to circle in the sky. The meadowlark is singing loudly, while the turkey vultures flew lazily, dancing, gliding through the warm winds overhead.

"Come and get it" Ben hears Eleanor calling him from the back porch. He walks out of the garden, closing the gate behind him, leaving the sunning robins behind who appear to have fallen asleep right there. Walking around the corner of the house he continues watching the dark birds circling in the sky above. "Buzzards Eleanor, look at that" he says pointing the birds out to Eleanor. "Oh we call those turkey vultures, they eat real good around here." She looked at the birds gathering in the sky above them. "Never seen that many of them this early in the spring, must know something we don't. Anyway come on in and share some vittles with me now." "Vittles from the root victus "livelihood, food, sustenance." "Latin class no doubt, dead language they say today Ben." "Oh yes evolving into the local dialects of Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian." "Your education served you well Ben, now let me serve you some ...oat meal!" she says in mock excitement. "With honey and walnuts, wow, do we live good or what!" she said gleefully.

As they sit at the table in the kitchen Eleanor shares with Ben what she has just learned on a radio broadcast about global warming. "A game changer has appeared on the horizon Ben." "Pray tell good lady." "A significant breakthrough in global warming defense has surfaced with the work of Professor Licht and his research group out of the George Washington University."(39) "This is wonderful news for the earth really. Let us hope we see this light in the tunnel now." Quiet for a moment, looking out the window on the blustery day, they both can see the turkey vultures lifted up in the warm updrafts of air,  sailing out over the coast line, riding in the thermal updrafts of the jet stream..

 "Makes sense Eleanor. The universe has presented the answer to global warming to the capitol. The messenger with a 'new business plan' for our planet Earth has now seemingly appeared on the front lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C. What do you think about that!" Ben laughed, smiling widely.

 "Think we should call them, give them a heads up Ben?" Eleanor facetiously asked Ben. Turning to Eleanor, in a whimsical voice, he replied, "What? and reveal their ruse? That our global problems are in fact fixable now? and that contingency plans for humanity need to be readied in the very face of the ongoing global environmental and weather deterioration that is occurring now?"

"Yes! Oh, but you sound sarcastic Ben. There is hope out there now. As a child, the only things that scared me where the dark and the dentist chair. Today I can handle the dark and the art of dentistry has come a long ways so there is hope Ben." They sat quietly eating their hot oatmeal before Eleanor broke the silence.

"Now you must excuse me for such questions at meal time, but I have to ask you this, ... what the heck is a zombie?" Ben laughed out loud before responding.

"I have no idea, perhaps 'walk-ins' but that is a much more rarified, phenomenological event." Smiling for a moment, he continues, "Perhaps they are corporations granted personages, or individuals who believe themselves immortal via their family lineage. 'Young souls' of the dead, returning into the same family tree for 100's of years, allowing them to hold onto the wealth and position their family has gained in this world of illusion, that being this lower vibratory rate, 3 dimensional physical planet Earth. I don't really know though Eleanor."

"Makes two of us Ben, just can't go there for entertainment. But with a moment's thought I can easily imagine an Irish father and his actor son who live in Los Angeles. The son is usually out of work and is an insomniac. He sleeps, as if awake. His father plays the ponies at Santa Anita race track and his son brings him some tips on horses. The father realizes his son is really between two world's, suffering from his insomnia and this accounts for his odd predicament and subsequent abilities. The father begins warming to the situation after a winning ticket at the track pays off well Then he and the son are off to the races, so to speak,  on a great adventure. Could be an amusing tale, I think."

 "You are so right, the Irish could play it beautifully! Funny stuff Eleanor. I would absolutely love to write that tale!" Ben says happily. "However, a far more informing treatment would be the subject matter of the transmigration of souls, from this world into the next. They could be portrayed as birds returning for one more life time here on planet Earth, before evolving on into the higher vibratory rates of our spiritual worlds. Along this river of life here on earth they observe the warring elementals at work. All roaring, sounding just like a speeding locomotive, the roaring forest fires, the breaking rush of great rivers, the lashing, howling buffeting winds and the earth shaking and splitting sounds of 800 year old trees falling out in the deep, quiet woods with a cracking quake that reverberates through the mountains.  All the loud battles of nature's elementals to the death, and watched, untouched, by these souls who have returned as birds for one more life time here on earth."

"Oh,... I see a series there Ben! 'Bird Migrating High' with robins teaching the improvising bird songs class, the wrens could teach invisibility, while the blue jays teach 'squawking skills' and the sparrows could teach using those pretty colored ribbons for the weaving of a nest. Oh, the geese of course would teach the orientation skills needed for the journey ahead, while the ducks teach the wonderful charm of neck rubbing, and the crows would teach a blues music class, while the parrots would teach the, 'to speak when spoken to' class. Most important, all the birds together, can teach a class in how to eat like birds and naturally," she smiles at Ben, adding, "together, they would teach the students a very well liked, with great laughs shared by all, the 'bird brain psychology' class."

Ben laughed, quickly replying, "Yes, yes, and the peacocks could teach Jacobean feather dress making, while the quail teach nesting eggs to chicks, and the Western meadowlarks can still, teach a numbers theory class, as the barn sparrows mud slinging class is simply crafty."

"Oh you get it Ben!,...a numbers theory class, taught by the Western meadowlarks?"

"They are on the wing now Eleanor, with their habituate disappearing quickly around America. So naturally, it's diminishing numbers at this point for the Western meadowlark. However, in theory, they could weather the environmental storm, in theory at least. So who better to dive into numbers theory than that eloquent voice of the Western meadowlark?"

"Oh, now that does make sense Ben."

 "Nice idea about the bird brain psychology class Eleanor, sounds celestial even. Honestly, people would be far better served watching and communicating with the birds, rather than watching these potentially, brain numbing, 'zombie' movies. Might just eat your brain!" he says, laughing loudly. 

Looking out the window again, Eleanor commented quietly, " 'Bird School High' that could work." A moment later, "Lots of turkey vultures out today" she comments. When they had finished their meal Eleanor suggested they sit in the living room and listen to an opera that she thinks Ben will both know and enjoy hearing again.

"I have given some thought to your oratorio, 'On Light Born Way' Ben. I think you could write a finale in the key of B - B minor. This would allow your music to melodically announce the dawning of the birthing into the higher spiritual worlds that you write about. With this in mind I want to play a recording I have for you. As you undoubtedly know, The Baroque Era of music began in Florence, Italy and lasted from 1600 to 1750, ending with the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. The Baroque Era was the birth of dramatic music in the West. The opera, Passion music, oratorio, all came out of Florence, Italy during this period of time.  It spread through out all of Europe over this 150 year period, the era of 'dramatic music'. Today English composer John Eliot Gardiner and his English Baroque Soloist and The Monteverdi choir perform the opera, 'L'Orfeo' a work by the Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi' (born 1567 - 1643 in Cremona, Italy). Roots Ben, from Claudio Monteverdi to Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750) - who fathered twenty children and had two wives. 'L'Orfeo' is considered to be the first opera from this period that is still performed today. It is based on the Greek legend of Orpheus and was first  performed in Mantua, Italy in the year 1607." She put the c.d. in the disc player and sat down on the couch with Ben as the opera begins. "Kick back and enjoy Ben, this is 'dramatic music' evoking such deep emotions. Here is the text translated into English." She hands Ben a well read copy of Monteverdi's 'L'Orfeo'. which has been translated into English from the original Italian. The following are excerpts' from all 5 acts of this opera 'L 'Orfeo.


From my beloved Permessus I come to you,
Glorious Heroes, noble bloodline of Rulers,
Of whom Fame relates high praise
Without quite attaining the truth, as it is too high a mark.

I am Music, who in sweet accents,
Can make peaceful every troubled heart,
And so with noble anger, and so with love,
Can I inflame the coldest minds.

Singing with my golden Lyre, I like
To charm, now and then, mortal ears,
And in such a fashion that I make their souls aspire more
For the resounding harmony of the lyre of Heaven.

Hence desire spurs me to tell you of ORFEO:
Of ORFEO who tamed wild beasts with his song
And made Hades answer his prayers,
To the immortal glory of Pindus and Helicon

While I vary my songs, now happy, now sad,
No small bird shall move among these bushes
Nor on these banks a sounding wave be heard,
And every breeze shall stay its wanderings.

Act 1

But you, gentle singer, whose laments
Once made these fields weep,
Why not now, to the sound of your famous lyre,
Make the valleys and hills rejoice?
Let the witness of your heart be
Some happy song inspired by Love.

Rose of heaven, life of the world, and worthy
Heir of him who holds the Universe in sway:
O Sun, who encircles all and sees all
From your starry orbits,
Tell me, have you ever seen
A happier and more fortunate lover than I?
So happy was the day,
My love, when I first saw you,
And happier the hour,
When I sighed for you,
Because at my sighs you sighed:
Happiest the moment
When your white hand,
Pledge of pure faith, you gave to me
.If I had as many Hearts
As eternal Heaven has eyes and as these
Lovely Hills in green May have leaves,
They would all be brimming and overflowing
With that pleasure that today makes me content.

Act 11

Ah, he would have the heart of a Tiger or a Bear
Who did not feel pity at your misfortune,
Deprived of your beloved, wretched lover.

You are dead, my life, and I still breathe?
You are gone from me
Never to return, and I should remain?
No, for if verses can do anything,
I will go in safety to the deepest abysses,
And having softened the heart of the King of shades,
I will bring you back with me to see the stars again:
Oh, if wicked destiny refuses me this
I will stay with you, in the company of death
Farewell earth, farewell Heaven and Sun, farewell.

Ah bitter fate, ah wicked and cruel destiny,
Ah hurtful stars, ah avaricious Heaven.

Act 111

Escorted by you, my Deity,
Hope, only solace
Given the afflicted mortals, now I have arrived
At these mournful and dark realms
Where a Sun’s ray can find no entrance.
You, my companion and guide
On paths so unwonted and unknown
Have directed my feeble, trembling steps,
Where today I still hope
To see once more those blessed eyes
That alone can bring light to mine.

Who ferries naked souls to the other bank,
Where Plutone rules his vast empire of shades.
Beyond that black swamp, beyond that river,
In those fields of tears and sorrows
Cruel destiny hides your beloved.
You now need to have a brave heart and a fair song.
I have brought you here, but further I may not
Come with you, for harsh law forbids it,
A law written with iron on hard stone
At the dreaded entrance to the kingdom below,
That in these words expresses its terrible meaning:
Therefore, if your heart is determined
To set foot in the City of grief,
I must flee from you and return
To my accustomed adobe.

Where, ah, where are you going,
Only sweet comfort of my heart?
Now that, at last,
The destination of my long journey appears nearby,
Why do you leave and abandon me, ah, alas,
On this perilous path?
What good now remains for me
If you flee, sweetest Hope?

Alas, unhappy lover,
Then may I not hope
That the Citizens of Avernus may hear my prayers?
Of an unhappy, unburied body,
Be reft of Heaven and of Hell?

That in this horror of death,
My heart, I should from afar
Call your name in vain,
And praying and weeping wear myself away?
Give me back what is mine, Gods of Tartarus.

He sleeps and my lyre,
If it cannot engrave pity
In that hardened heart, at least
His eyes cannot escape slumber from my singing.
So, then, why wait any longer? It is time to approach the other bank,
If there is no one to forbid it.
 Let courage prevail as my prayers were in vain.
 A fleeting flower of Time is
 The opportunity that must be picked on time.

Here he enters the boat and crosses over, singing

So long as these eyes pour out bitter streams of tears,
Give me back what is mine, Gods of Tartarus.

Chorus of Infernal Spirits
No undertaking by man is attempted in vain,
 Nor against him can Nature further arm herself.
And of the unstable plains
He has ploughed the wavy fields, and scattered the seeds
Of his labors, whence he has gathered golden harvests.
 Thus, as memory
 Might live of his glory,
Fame, to speak of him, has loosened her tongue,
He who restrained the sea while in a fragile barque,
Who disdained the wrath of the South and North Winds.


Lord, that unfortunate man,
Who through these rugged fields of death
Goes calling for EURIDICE,
Whom you have just heard
So sweetly lamenting,
Has moved my heart to such pity
That once more I turn to pray
That your spirit will yield to his pleading.
Ah, if from these eyes
You have ever taken loving sweetness,
If the fairness of this brow has pleased you
That you call your Heaven, on which you swear to me
Not to envy Jove his lot,
I beg you, by that fire
With which Love kindled your great soul.
Let EURIDICE return
To enjoy those days
Which she used to pass, living in festivities and in song,
And console the weeping of wretched ORFEO.

Act V - Apollo
(descending on a cloud, singing)

Why, a prey to anger and grief,
Do you so freely give yourself, O son?
It is not the wisdom
Of a generous heart
To serve its own affliction.
Since with blame and danger
Already I see you overcome,
I come from heaven to give you aid.
Now listen to me and you shall have glory and life.

Kind father, you come when I am in need,
When to a desperate end
With extreme grief
Anger and Love has already brought me.
Here I am then, attentive to your counsels,
Heavenly father, now command me as you want.

To much, too much did you rejoice
In your happy fate,
Now too much do you weep
At your bitter, hard fortune.
Do you still not know
How nothing that delights down here will last?
Therefore, if you want to enjoy immortal life,
Come with me to Heaven, which invites you.

Shall I never again see
The sweet eyes of my beloved EURIDICE?

In the sun and in the stars
You shall gaze at her fair image.

Of such a good Father I would not be a worthy son
If I did not follow your trustworthy advice.

Apollo and Orfeo
(ascending to Heaven, singing))
Let us rise, singing, to Heaven,
Where true virtue
Has the due reward of delight and peace.

Go, ORFEO, happy at last,
To enjoy celestial honor
Where good never lessens,
Where there was never grief,
While altars, incenses and prayers
We offer to you, happy and devoted.
So goes one who does not retreat
At the call of the eternal light,
So he obtains grace in heaven
Reaps the fruit of all grace.

They sat quietly, reflecting on the opera's music and verses, which they had listened to over the last two hours. Eleanor turned to Ben, looking at the amusing and animated person sitting there in her home, on the couch next to her now. "That's a story the Italians and Monteverdi put to music to create the first of many operas to follow. When it was performed the audience's collective heart was touched and they learned life lessons, codes of conduct, and it tended a robustness of heart for life's journey ahead...I wish to add here that the world has been enriched with the Art from the historic Nation of Italy." She sat quietly looking at Ben, as he looked at the smiling brilliant Eleanor and just smiled back, shaking his head slowly in agreement, digesting what she has said. The dimensions expanded sitting there in glowing moments on the thick, teal green cushions set in the old oak frame. Ben smiled real wide, thinking to himself, "The frame probably belonged to Joseph of Arimathea!" He laughs out loud, Eleanor joins him. They laugh together for the sheer joy of it. It feels so good,... sitting there in the glowing, tingling lightheartedness. Eleanor's continence is of a deep, thoughtful bearing, as she is experiencing emotions that she has not felt in a very long time. The birds are singing outside as the bees, legs pollen laden, buzzed slowly past the big, living room window.

"Those were the dark ages Eleanor and music was as gold back then. Gold, the sun like metal found in the crust of the earth, is to all other materials like the thought of God is to all other thoughts. To be in thoughts and feelings of God was a spiritual medicine for humanity then, as it is now and will be into our possible future." "Oh Ben, I think you have hit upon something very significant once again. Our 'spiritual medicine of thoughts' triggered with uplifting music! Now that is a very juicy' idea. What a universal concept really." "Try 'spiritual economies' as well Eleanor! Then the world can consolidate the good, rising above the negativity of 'as unruly children'. The world has always dealt with this razor's edge."

"Sounds like a 'thinking evolution' unfolding before us now with a plan for the future of humanity." "Yes, as if it were a Divine Directive telling us that our evolution has not ended with hominids, but really is just beginning on this 'self-aware consciousness' track." "Children of the universe, heck Ben, we could be evolving into angels!" Eleanor says this smiling, raising her arms like wings while beaming like the moon; Ben imagines her face as a moon beam shinning on him now. "Children of the self - aware universe, in our evolving solar system" Ben adds. "So put those rockets in the pockets to plow shares. Allow the greening tips of humanism to break through mother earth now!" Eleanor exclaims.

"Yes Eleanor, our 'self- aware universe' is knocking at earth's door now. In May of 2015, the Arctic sea ice extent was merely 11.973 million square kilometers, a record low for the time of the year since satellite started measurements in 1979. Soon the world will witness the thinning sea ice thickness and sea ice area at record lows up in the Arctic north. Just science fact Eleanor. So I have returned once again, as it is the time for transcendent Art forms. The trumpets are announcing this Art of a 'new speciation', the 'angels art'."

 Eleanor interjects, "Angels art before Jackson Sundown rides his horse Angel, 'run away' into the fire in the sky! Oh Ben, so many great figures to resurrect in story, sleeping giants forgotten, as if lost in the alleyways of America, or caught out on the point, but all so prepared for the 'future tense' with so little time left."(1863 – December 18, 1923), born Waaya-Tonah-Toesits-Kahn (meaning Blanket of the Sun),]  a Native American rodeo rider born probably in Montana, into the visiting Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce, later led by Chief Joseph - from Wikipedia )

Just then Eleanor's cell phone rings. She answers. It is Sir John Paul calling to let Ben know that "'On Light Born Way' is ready for a listen and some band mates are coming over to pick him up tonight." The English rocker tells Eleanor that they have "captured a 'digital performance' that 'Cy' has then created an 'algorithm' in 432 Hz frequency for. He now wants Ben to hear it. Says that "it is ready for digital radio play across Europe, South America, Costa Rica, Japan, China...all places that have opened the digital radio portals.  The crew is coming over now "to pick you up Ben and take you up to his home for a listen".

Eleanor looked at Ben, shaking her head in minor disbelief, as she shares the message with him now. Ben looked so like a ' talking' white Beluga whale, sitting there in his duck brown beret, frontal lobes protruding, 'his aqua locators, in the astral worlds' of water world earth she thinks to herself, smiling at the very thought of swimming with Ben in the dark starry expanses of deep stellar space. "Do you know how to whistle Ben? He, Sir John Paul, wants to know." "Oh yes, I was known as one of the finest in my day!" "Good, I think he has some whistling work for you.." Ben whistles a quick bird call he has been practicing. "Yes, that's wonderful. But please Ben, with 'digital internet radio' now, the Seven Lively Arts could rapidly become a thing of the past. Don't let that happen, at this critical time. The children of the world, humanity needs that presentation now." "I understand fully Eleanor, a great loss could be averted with some 'thoughtful works' at this juncture in time."

"Eleanor, could I ask for a spot of coffee before I go? Seems me and coffee are inextricably linked." "Sure Ben, quickly, as they will be here soon." Eleanor gets up from the couch and walks into the kitchen. As she does, Ben noticed for the first time that Eleanor had a tattoo of what appeared to be a red wood tree, that ran from the back of her neck and he supposed, down her covered back. "Instant coffee Ben, freeze dried Costa Rican beans, hope you don't mind?" "Oh no Eleanor, sounds like me, the freeze dried part." "Understand fully Ben, here" she says handing him the cup of hot coffee.

"Thank you, gather the wits, quicken the gate' for the premier tonight" Ben says, smiling at Eleanor, then taking a sip of the hot coffee. " I noticed you have a tattoo on the back of your neck. Is it a redwood tree?" "Yes! from my college days as a 'Fighting Banana Slug' up at UCSC in Santa Cruz, up in Northern California. I will show you the whole thing sometime, if you like?" "I would like that, Eleanor." He sips his coffee, relishing the moments now. He imagines seeing Eleanor in the corner of his eye, standing there in her 'Old Roses Garden', wind gently lifting her light, white skirt up ever so slightly into the warm air's drafts. It was such a pleasant thought, as he felt the gamma waves warming his entire body now. Then, not 20 minutes after the phone call, the lion's paw knocker announced the arrival of the crew that was going to whisk Ben away.

Eleanor answers the door. It was Orleans Patton and a slender, Native American elder, wearing a bright turquoise shirt, woolen chaps with his hair tied in long braids under his chin. Eleanor did not recognize the Native American at first, but it was Jackson Sundown. Along with them was Joni, the grey haired, slender wisp of a woman, who stood there smiling softly at Ben. He remembers meeting her, on his first visit up to Sir John Paul's studio. There was a slim, quiet man, wearing turtle shell, rimmed glasses, named Robbie, who Eleanor knew from the local area, and who she appreciated greatly for his exquisite musical ear. As it turns out, Robbie and Jackson Sundown went back along ways. The story goes that Robbie's family up in Ontario, Canada helped Jackson Sundown and his warriors when they fled America for their lives back in 1877, a 138 years ago. His family bonded with the 14 year old warrior back then, and they have stayed in touch ever since.

Eleanor greets them warmly, recognizing them all except for the Native American elder. "Hello Robbie, so you are part of the ''Gamma Waves Neutrinos Transmission' band?" "Yes Eleanor I am, and let me introduce you to an old friend of the family" turning to Jackson Sundown. "Jackson Sundown, I would like to introduce you to Eleanor Rosetip, friend of struggling musicians and not a bad one herself, if I might add." "Thanks' Robbie." Eleanor looks at the distinguished man standing there, His long braids tied beneath his chin, dressed in white deer skin pants, wool chaps and a bright turquoise shirt which seemed to fluoresce in the evening light.

"So you like music, do you Mr. Jackson Sundown?" Jackson looks at Eleanor for the longest time before answering her question. "Like harmony in the force fields.... I play the drums.....Have come here now, to ride with the others..." Quiet once again, before adding in the calmest voice tones that Eleanor thinks she has ever heard. "Cloud signals say a rough ride is just ahead,... I can help." Eleanor looked at the diminutive warrior standing in front of her. She noticed that he did not bow his head at any time, rather stood tall, even taller than his physical statue. Jackson Sundown appears to be stretching taller as he stands there, like a fine tuned rocket ready for launch. Jackson Sundown was a totally 'self contained' and 'fully individualized' 'Being' of consciousness. He was simply awesome to behold, as he stands there. His warm energy field filled the space around all of them and you could physically feel it.

Orleans Patton adds to the wonder of it all, telling them 'On Light Born Way', it's done Sir Ben Jonson! Got the 'Bird Song Park Choir and Orchestra' up there, Sir John Paul and 'Cy' worked with Joni, Robbie, David, Stephen, and all the others, like 33 of us I think." He pauses a moment, then continues. "Seemed like 444 of us really, all the energy poured into writing the music, putting 432 Hz frequencies calibrated in, and condensing considerably your poetry, while adding others contributions. That's the way it rolled out, busy as bees, and Joni even added her Queen Bee's dance sequence to this incredibly wonderful work of Art." Eleanor smiles at Joni as Orleans continues telling them about their work. "The drum core blasts a great big opening, as Joe Sage, Tom and Sir John Paul lead the acoustic and electric guitar section. Smoking literally on fire, with country rock guitar riffs, and owe boy, their 'big picture lyrics',.. no also ran there either."

 Eleanor can't help but throw in, "Those country power cords and those insightful lyrics, what more could you want really?" Orleans agrees, "Yep,  along with the blues and slide guitars, we played that sweet, soulful Mississippi river delta sound, strummin',...  me and the King B.B, who was right there in my ear, as he just happens to be passing by now. So wonderful really,... deep as the still moving waters of the Mississippi river. Then followed up with the horn section's 'clarion!' roll call to rise above all troubles and adversity that comes our way. That raven haired ' Lady of the Lakes' played her soulful flute part into a B minor closing, leaving us all at the very window of a 'new world' view, discovered within the universe of Music and resting in the human Soul. Yes Sir, the Constellations are shinning now, Sir Ben Jonson. So, you ready to ride up the hill?"

As they are walking to the blue van Orleans asked Ben, "By the way, do you know how to whistle Sir Ben?" Ben smiled, thinking to himself, 'A whistling part for the old bard, now that's something to crow about'. He quickly replies, "Yes, and I might say, I am one of the finest to ever have blown 'flying feathered tunes." He then cuts loose with the finest meadowlark's song whistled any of them had ever heard. Orleans laughs loudly when Ben had finished the bird song's tune. "Yep, you, Sir Ben, are a whistling fool! So there is a part for you as well, Sir Ben,..." Orleans pauses, building the suspense, before continuing, "Whistling with the 'Irish Lark's Choir!" Sir John Paul had them flown in from Ireland just for the performance!"

"The Irish Lark's Choir! You mean I get to whistle with them? Oh my, what a thrill that is for me, you have no idea!" Ben is clearly touched by the opportunity being presented to him by Sir John Paul and the other players. As they are getting into the van Ben feels a hand grabbing his wrist, and shaking it quickly, as if pulsing the reins of his heart, then a quiet voice said, "You whistle well. Makes me feel good."  Jackson Sundown smiles for the first time, Ben noticed that, then he let go of Ben's wrist, as they all got into the van. As Robbie was about to get in the van he stopped and turned to look back at Eleanor. "Well you coming or what Eleanor?" She was so thrilled, she dropped a beat or two, before picking the beat up again. "Love to, let get my sweater, hat, lock up. Give me 2 minutes" turning abruptly as any kid excited to be getting out of the house for awhile. Then, probably close to the second, Eleanor was out of her house, wearing her Scottish wool sweater and her red Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap. The cap that Pete Rose autographed for Eleanor one night in a local bar. She cherished the hat wearing it only on special occasions. Never revealing its intrinsic value, convinced it was going to worth a lot of money when Pete Rose got into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

They rode up to Sir John Paul's home in the quiet of evening's twilight. Robbie drove the blue crew van slowly up the hill with Joni riding shoot gun. Ben, Eleanor and Orleans sat in back on the passenger bench and Jackson Sundown was seated in the back, driver side corner, on a thick, coiled rope, about two feet tall.

The driver, sang out a request to Ben. "Sir Ben Jonson, whistle us a tune,.... and wake us up, for we are tired and it is well past noon! Ben laughed at the lyrical request in 'w', found it "humorous really, because at the rate Robbie is driving this 'boot' up the hill, so safely now, 'Thee boot would be arriving just after noon tomorrow!'. Ben laughed at his humorous thought, taking a quick swig from his water flask that he carried in the pocket pouch of his sweater, then began to whistle the mockingbird's song. The flow of time and mutating numbers of tonal variations Ben whistled now were like knots of an acoustic raft that just multiplied in his crazy variations of tones carried through the air geometrically shaping hanging tone rafts they were carried away on. Then, one by one, the musical passengers each joined in with Ben whistling their most creative variations of the mockingbird's song. It was a gloriously wonderful choir of whistling revelry, crazy as the mockingbird's own songs. When they finally arrived at the home of the British rocker - composer, they were all laughing like crazy at the fun they had whistling the mocking bird's song along the long ride up into the cloud covered hills.

As they were driving up the winding dirt road Ben noticed, once again, the large barn and its great corrals He saw 5 or 6, maybe more, people standing outside the barn, inside the corals with what looked like a small herd of horses. Jackson spoke for the first time on the long evenings ride into the dark now telling Ben, "Riders." Ben thinks to himself, 'Writers! What, now everyone is a writer." Jackson repeats himself, "Riders." Ben is immediately impressed by this mental correction of his mind's private thoughts. "The 'Spin Network' has landed", Robbie calls out, driving up to the front door of Sir John Paul's estate and parks the van. The place approximated reality, but not really, more like an enchanted land of elementals and fairies Ben is thinking; happy as a song drunk mockingbird. Then Ben looks out to the corral before stepping onto the front porch with the others.

"Good God!, 'why fiddles of Feirefiz!'.. " he says, shocked at what he is seeing. A black Ariegeois stallion stands in the middle of the corral, it glistening sweat caught in the overcast night's very subdued star light breaking through the clouds. It's head reflects the light, its great big round eye's shone in glints of the reflective lights, while its breathing sounded like 'an idling stream engine' Ben thinks. " 'That great Thing', (37) ambitious being with a reflective mind and this new consciousness."  'That great Thing' as Ben calls the black stallion, is surrounded by a group of what looked like big draft horses. The riders around them seemed,... seemed small standing there among the animals, and all of them looking back at them as they stood there in the drive way. "Is what we are seeing here, at one with and responsible to an evolutionary All?" (37) he asked the others.

'Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.
Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (25 May 1803 – 18 January 1873) English

Like a whisper that is carried along on the wind Ben hears, "Waaya-Tonah-Toesits-Kahn - Blanket of the Sun rides soon. The others are gathering. Best you go in now." Then the front door opened into the warm home to be greeted kindly, graciously by Sir John Paul and his, happy to see them all, wife Lady Magdalenian Per'igord of the Pyrenees, Spain. The light pulsed brighter around them as they step into the foyer of the old Spanish styled home and remains around them for this most enchanted of nights.

As they walk through the passage way into the recording studio Sir John Paul asked Sir Ben Jonson, "Well good Sir, you ready to jump on this train we call the 'evolution revolution express'?" "Yes, ready to ride 'that great Thing' into our collective futures." Sir John Paul laughs, asking "Ben, do you know how to whistle by chance?" With this, Robbie turns to the others, then with his right hand begins to tap out the beat.

" 'Spin networks' with the Mockingbird's song, 'four, three, two, vibes' as they begin to whistle their imitations of the Mockingbird. Joni and Eleanor do an imitation of the mockingbird's dance moves as they are whistling, kicking up their flowing cotton skirts behind them as they weave slowly through the passage way of the echoing mockingbird's whistles by Sir Ben Jonson. Robbie sings, 'Take those, so important jobs that you killed us for, and put them in the mockingbird's nest.' Joni flows in 'sing songing' along, 'California water dreams, put them all in the mockingbird's nest' to be followed by Orleans Patton who raps out in the echoing of the musicians mockingbird whistling. 'American Empire where's that 'most excellent love for this earth that has made us so rich? to put in the mockingbird's nest, gone astray on 'some crazy, wealth creating' ways?" Then Joni again raps freestyling, 'Take our gray hairs, line your mockingbird's nest for that restful repose ahead in a warm hearted feathered bed." Ben ends the chorus 'sing songing' 'Can economies grow as civilization collapses into the mockingbird's nest? So please, let us learn to share the mockingbird's nest now, before our world comes to an end."

Approaching the door leading into the studio Sir John Paul turns to them saying, "Freestyling mockingbirds you all are, putting our Spin networks 'evolution revolution' to some dance and the songs of birds, in 4,3,2,.. I might add" he says. Might as well throw a soap box up on the stage too, stir it up! Know what I mean, Sir Ben Jonson?" "I do in deed, good Sir, and I must add that I heartily agree!" Looking at Robbie now, then the others, Sir John Paul compliments them. "Wonderful really, we can work that right into 'Light Born Way'." Ben was so thrilled standing there now. Over the door to the recording studio he sees a Latin inscription lettered over the door. Si tabula daretur digna animum mallem, the Latin phrase had been written about his old friend Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626). He had been the influential and revolutionary English writer, scientist, philosopher, statesman, orator and essayist during his prolific 65 year lifespan. The phrase translates to, "If one could but paint his mind."

 It triggered a memory in Ben that he had long forgotten. It was in the year 1626 and he was visiting the renowned Englishman Sir Frances Bacon when he was the Viscount St. Alban at his English home in Highgate, north of London among the ancient woods of Hampstead Heath, just five years before the great man's passing. He would leave no children and with his passing both his peerages become extinct. Ben found all of this, as statements, fitting for such a man as Sir Frances Bacon.

"You must write metaphors that inspire improving and raising the quality of life for humanity on this our God's green earth!" He walks over to a small oak door in the wall of his study, opening it, cold air wafts out as he reaches in to take something out . "Here Ben, taste this deer meat that I hunted 3 full moons ago. I have invented this cooler to keep meat and even vegetables fresh. I call it an 'ice box', air pockets insulate the meat and vegetables to preserve their quality. So what do you think?" Ben was surprised by the good taste of the deer meat and its surprisingly soft texture, even though it had been frozen for the last three months. The piece of deer meat was melting in his mouth to a soft tasteful morsel that he was able to chew. "Well Ben, tell me now, what the 'fuck' do you think?" Ben was momentarily taken back, as he had never heard the word 'fuck' and wondered its origins.

"Oh the meat is splendid Sir, finest sweet taste, a taste of yeast there,. like yeast gum I think. Your 'ice box' is capitol really." "Yeast gum you say Ben? Why what a wonderful, ancient really, idea. I'll get the kitchen on that idea. Anyway I.. ", before Sir Frances Bacon could continue speaking, Ben asked the great man, somewhat hesitantly.

"Sir, if I may interrupt. You just used a word that I have never heard before." Sir Frances Bacon looked at Ben, as only he could look at anyone, then asked him, "So what surprises you about that?" before breaking a small smile of deference to the second most famous playwright of their time.

 "Oh yes, I picked that up in France on my last visit there. Use it sparingly, only in house for now. It's a noun but so versatile that it can be a verb, a pronoun, heck Ben, it could be an entire sentence. Revolutionary really. Let's say it together." There they were on a cold winter's night eating his' ice box' kept deer meat and yelling out this new, most expressive word. He gestated vehemently, humorously even, stringing the same word along in sentences that had Ben laughing so hard that his ribs ached. The meaning of the word was incubating, like a secret code not yet broken, more a visceral feeling than a definite verbal meaning. Ben figured, being a freshly coined word, that its exact meaning was slowly gestating. Over the next 400 years this word would come to be used for many different meanings around the world. Then as quick as he had emoted, Sir Frances Bacon came to a quick, calm and quiet disposition again. He continued with what he was saying before being asked about this interesting new word.

"Apply this Scientific Revolution (1540 - 1687) we now have to the rising Age of the Enlightenment (1620 - 1780) that we are also blessed with Sir Ben Jonson" (1573 - 1637)."Don't miss these serendipitous times Ben! It comes only once, with a very long time of gestation to arrive at this pinnacle of a 'conscious reasoning' humanity, where we now find ourselves. Our  Empire of Time is now passing through the eye of our conscious individual reasoning abilities. We have evolved to the 'crowns of creation' here on earth Ben, able to embrace collective humanity with both our reasoning and our hopes for a better and more enlightened world. We have gained a vision of a humanity in potential, arriving at the experience of time as becoming more of 'our own time' now. We can now be free of this tyranny, the  Empire of Time."

Little did Ben know then, but this thin, vibrant man would specifically affect the history of the Western world for the next 200 years. Once again, on this particular night, Sir Frances Bacon (1561 - 1626) was prophetically speaking. A movement in the creative languages and arts called the 'The Lake Poets'  would congeal to create the Romantic Movement in England in the years (1800 - 1850). English poets Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772- 1864) and William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850) in 1798 published their work 'Lyrical Ballads, with a few other poems' in London. It sparked interest in poetry with the commoners just as the poets hoped it would. Writing in the advertisement for this revolutionary work of poetry William Woodsworth wrote the following.

'The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments. They were written chiefly with a view to ascertain how far the language of conversation in the middle and lower classes of society is adapted to the purpose of poetic pleasure." William Woodsworth 1798, London, England

Sir John Paul opened the door to the studio. The electro magnetic field was charged by the high body voltage and expansive heart space of the musicians in the room and made Ben think he was walking into a highly charged, bio-computer. The Irish Lark's Choir is gathered with the Bird Song Park Choir and Orchestra on a large stage in the middle of the hall. A large table with bowls of candies and what looked like pills to Ben, sat just to the right of the entrance way. Sir John Paul, pointing to the table, tells them, "Vitamin B12, 'Gamma Waves Neutrino Transmission' band swears by them." Ricardo walks over to greet Ben and tells him, "The B12 is a cobalt-based porphyrin. Great for reversible combinations with oxygen, an alien biochemistry you could say. The coboglobin runs deep amber in the veins, so we figured this could even be a way of becoming those amber green cups of the Holy Grail, Sir Ben" he said smiling as he took a vitamin and swallowed it with a drink of bottled water that was on the table. (42)

The Spanish guitar playing of Billy Byrd begins to fill the room as the others begin to gather around him. The music was so passionate that Ben felt he was riding a horse out on the plains of islands of soul. Sir John Paul tells them, "Got the world link up now, let's roll this thing out! On digital radio around the world we bring you, 'Playing for Change' going digital with the 'evolution revolution' now."

 From Mali to Dakar, Senegal, to Tamale, Ghana to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Jamaica on to Paris, France to Chennai, India on to Canada, New York City and Los Angeles where this great human potential is now, 'in potential', a digital world. The digital recording of the music and song three little birds begins playing through the studio speakers with melodies so true and clear, it felt as if they were right there in the recording barn with them. Baaba Maal from Senegal sings, "Don't worry about the things you had, everything is going to be alright." The children are dancing now as Joni and Eleanor join them moving about the great room.

Outside and far above in the upper atmosphere great cirrus clouds were moving quickly across the sky. Jackson Sundown, Waaya-Tonah-Toesits-Kahn (meaning Blanket of the Sun), looks up in the sky, watching the thin wispy streamers moving quickly above them now. He turns and looks at his band of Native Americans, Nez Perce, Hopi, Navaho, Sioux and Chinese along with Tibetan riders, standing there with their warhorses that had been gathered from the herds roaming the 'roof of the world' along the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau in northeastern China. They are hardy horses, short-legged with barrel chests which allows for their strength and great endurance. His riders are masters of the knot, allowing them to build a huge cargo net that would be placed over the back of the black Ariegeois stallion called Angel and the other horses when it was finished.

"Warming oceans melting Greenland as coastline of Siberia permafrost is disappearing as oceans are rising in the north.. In the south the Four Corners oil wells, coal mining in Navaho lands are releasing gas into the winds now. Weather is broken, time is growing very short. Time to break out." Then he was quiet, listening to the music carried on the air from the studio, while continuing to watch the sky.

Inside the great barn studio Ben laughs loudly, as if ecstatic. "The Seven Lively Arts are 'foregone, dead! 'they' say now Eleanor, but that is shear 'boulder dash'" Ben declared thrilled at the whirl of creativity congealing around them now.

Ben, at that moment, hears a voice clearly saying "Boulder dashing!" He recognized it once again as the voice of Jackson Sundown. The rain was coming down steady and adds a tin din to the studio digital broadcast that is being performed now. The Irish Lark's Choir begins to whistle softly, mingling assorted bird songs as the Bird Song Park Choir and Orchestra led by Orleans Patton begins reciting the revised text of the 'On Light Born Way' oratory as the Gamma Waves Neutrino Transmission' band joined in.

"The seed of my light
 built by the Sun and born in the mighty Moon
where the sounds of Mars are still alive
as wings of Mercury move in my limbs
  great balls of fire dance in orbs of light of Venus beauties loveliness.
In gas giants Saturn's old memories and Titan devotions
flowed Jupiter's wisdom that illumines dreams,
 to chillin' with ice giants Uranus and Neptune
out to 'dwarf planet' Pluto, so far from the Sun it lives in the dark.
Worlds of a space place, timeless,... in the Holy Hollows of Thee

"Life is a mystery, Sun in a human destiny,
Mercury aids the Sentient Soul to stretch my limbs,
Venus warmth of Sentient 'Feeling' Soul', Mother nature's hottest atmospherics
Earth birth in night of Woman's womb world, encoded forms of Light, 'New Wills' from ground forces of mineral, plant, and animal.
 Moon like etheric body unfurls in great 'glowing beams of Beings', mystical mirror of the Universe.
Mars the Intellectual Soul makes concessions that still endure
Jupiter our Spiritual Soul, thinker of planetary system, cultivates creative thought,
Saturn pale yellow, Spirit Self of cosmic memory, flows to a 'new moon' Titan as 'Consciousness Souls'
 Uranus Life Spirit Aquarian Spiritual Mind science revolution in freedom beyond boundaries
Neptune Spirit, Human Adepts of Cosmic Light, Celestial Warmth, 'indigo Lights'  (2)
Illumine Pluto were Sun does not reach with Lights of Consciousness, 'facets of the diamond Christos Mind' evolving as Consciousness Souls."

Outside, the rain was now steadily increasing as the music was echoing out into the stormy night. Jackson Sundown turns to his riders, "Build the net now. Use the silk rope and make it using those 'crazy spider knots'. Ride your horses around the lands and surround the buildings. Climb up on to the roof and spread the cargo silk net over the buildings securing the four corners of the net on the ground with your horses. Anchor the net with their weight, standing on the boarders of the net around the buildings. As the waters rise, hold your horses in place." Jackson Sundown rides his black stallion Angel around to the back of the property and up the hillside overlooking the home and studio. With 'crazy spider knots' used by the riders to build the silk ropes net, they take the thick lines and stand on their horse's backs then like nimble acrobats they scaled the walls to the top of the buildings. They quickly spread the net out across the roof of the interconnected buildings. Up on the hillside Jackson Sundown and Angel took up their position. The long tail of the net was brought up to Jackson. Taking it from his riders he then cross wrapped it around Angel's chest, under its front legs and across its broad back. Then he tied it off on the stallions back when Jackson mounted the great black stallion. He tucked his thin strong hands under the rope and held on tightly. The unfolding rambling, gamboling, sounds and frequencies that filled the surrounds now was a 'unique spectacle of a species', (37) unfolding around the gardens, home and studio. As 'On Light Born Way' is being performed, seen and heard around the world now, Jackson Sundown, his band of riders and their horses are holding the compound in place now as the storm unleashes a fury of a downpour in the steep canyon. The storm's sounds and power reminded Jackson Sundown of the deep muted sounds of the rolling boulders he heard once up on the great Yukon river when he was just a child.

The riders reigned in their horses as they dug their hooves into the rain soaked ground. The riders held them in place, as the silk rope net, acting like a great cargo net, is now holding the buildings in place. The net was able to change shape as dirt, rocks and boulders rolled down the hill. Tied with slip knots running down the mid seam of the great net, it was able to change its shape as the debris, earth's overburden, rocks, boulders began to be trapped in the net's web. Then the net construction allowed the smaller materials to pass through the thickly knotted, silk net. The strength of their net was incredible, holding back great boulders as the soaked earth turns into streams of thick mud flowing down the hillside now.

Later that night at 432 Sumer Way

The storm has passed, leaving the sky shimmering bright as the reflecting lights of Catalina Island are seen from the bay window of the master bedroom to the south, and outlines of the Channel Islands to the north. Deep in these glimmering waters the largest and heaviest mammals seen on the Earth today are swimming and singing in the thriving marine environment of the luminous bay. The California blue whales returned in greater numbers than seen in the last fifty years, to birth their calves in the warm waters of the world's largest ocean, the beautiful, teaming with life, miraculous, magical Pacific Ocean. Up in the hills, the dogs are howling and the horses are baying all along the ridgelines with their hoof beats silenced. In the ancient sycamore groves below the parrot's feathers are ruffled by the storm yet the ecstatic soundings from above can still be heard moving through the trees. Above them the clouds have parted and the stars line out in glowing webs, like liquid weavings of angels and our spiritual realities, their expressions across the star lit sky. Flowing vast sparking bio- gaseous luminosities, castings, shedding into skeletal webs, revealing the force field of a new evolving planet earth that spreads out, over, and beyond us! Creative fertile seed beds, where all are warmly welcomed into islands of the human soul, found above within the warmth and light of the 'Holy Dove of Love'.

Eleanor took Ben's hand and led him down the hallway to the master bedroom where she has slept for the last 20 years. She opened the door, then pointed to her bed sitting there in the dark cold bedroom. "It's a big bed Ben." Quiet for a moment, she continues, "You know, sometimes I think about that morning, coming very soon, when I won't be able to get out of that big, old bed." Ben laughs taking Eleanor in his thick arms and hugged her as only a bear of a man could, surrounding her in his arms and legs. Eleanor looked into Ben's deep brown eyes, "Oh rare Ben Jonson, would you share my bed with me on this very special night?" Ben smiled at the mercurial Eleanor Rosetip, holding her so warmly, so softly, surrounding her firm, substantive, steal strong body with the heat of his own fires. "Then, against the clock and the tides of time, we could embark celestial dear Eleanor!" Ben says, then charging ahead, pausing for barely a moment, he  acquiesces.  "It would be my great honor, you, most good lady."

Across the hemispheres of our mind into the world of soul this humanistic movement moves forward now from the West to the East. As de Chardin writes, ' Evolution is henceforth occupied elsewhere, in a richer and more complex domain, constructing, with all minds joined together, 'mind'. This mushroom of consciousness is beyond all nations and races. Now the whole of mankind is wired for a union with the cosmos which has now started.' (37) Today waves of self awareness cross over the collective mind of humanity with gamma brainwaves frequencies resonating above 100 Hz. This brain function holographically synthesizes all the bits of individual data from various areas of the brain and then fuses them all together into a higher perspective. The congealing of our holographic mind allows for our humanity to rise above global inertia, all the 'nit wit networks' silver tongued, glib, fruitless, distortions of the 'image of man' which lends to the decline of humanity with its false excitements, violence, a 'quickened' titillation' into further enfeeblement. This global, retrograde slide, with words of hate shaking the foundations of Democracy around the world. All this can be avoided by consciously evolving into the 'Spin Networks' 'maturing in the womb of the universal mother' (37) in a 'space time' discovered within a 'higher spiritual order'. A spiritual aesthetic looms now in bloom upon the evolving, physical to spiritual earth.

'Cosmic Powers' are receding! The descent into the worlds of our 'universe within', the inner self, the path revealed in this youthful Age of Light. Out of the 5000 year Iron Age into this infant Age of Light, 'self development', forging out our celestial orientation in our 'consciousness souls', has arrived. Life, is the rise of consciousness, no matter where we might find ourselves at this juncture of our lives. We must evolve, adapt, to move forward, walking in the natural science world of this unfolding, 'self- aware universe' that we live in. The receding ice of earth is occurring faster than our computer models and simulations used to monitor this change can keep up with. Adaption can happen, as we experience now the first symptoms of the aggregation around the earth of a higher spiritual order. The birth of some single center, with pads tied into the ropes formed from the 'convergent beams of millions of elementary centers'. (37) We have become and are now dispersed over the surface of 'a thinking earth' in this new Age of Light. Songs herald brilliant of 'Light Licht methane eruptions' upon our 'thinking evolving earth'. Then Shambhala is revealed in the etheric plant world, growing in the changed earth dirt, glowing in the dark, blood brown earth, the light and warmth of the sun, 'Christos' within, resurrected seeds, 'the risen one' grows . Within the clocks of time, the hands turn wheels of cycles of even greater clocks which turn above, beyond, out into eternity. A thinking, reflecting earth is here now, on this, our healed, 'risen earth', as the songs of birds and the music of humanity fills the air in this graced space of a place.

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony  No. 6 in F major " Pastoral" in 432 Hz
 (1770 - 1827)

Sleeping Giant in the Arctic May 15, 2015 -  Can Thawing Permafrost Cause Runaway Global Warming?
with Children's Choir singing "Cool the World"

The End

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(1) that at its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature,
(2) that philosophy can be used for spiritual purification,
(3) that the soul can rise to union with the divine,
(4) that certain symbols have a mystical significance, and
(5) that all brothers of the order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy.

Pythagoras studied properties of numbers which would be familiar to mathematicians today, such as even and odd numbers, triangular numbers, perfect numbers etc. However to Pythagoras numbers had personalities which we hardly recognize as mathematics today.

Each number had its own personality - masculine or feminine, perfect or incomplete, beautiful or ugly. This feeling modern mathematics has deliberately eliminated, but we still find overtones of it in fiction and poetry. Ten was the very best number: it contained in itself the first four integers - one, two, three, and four [1+ 2 + 3 + 4 = 10] - and these written in dot notation formed a perfect triangle.

... the following philosophical and ethical teachings: ... the dependence of the dynamics of world structure on the interaction of contraries, or pairs of opposites; the viewing of the soul as a self-moving number experiencing a form of metempsychosis, or successive reincarnation in different species until its eventual purification (particularly through the intellectual life of the ethically rigorous Pythagoreans); and the understanding ...that all existing objects were fundamentally composed of form and not of material substance. Further Pythagorean doctrine ... identified the brain as the locus of the soul; and prescribed certain spiritual practices.

Wikipedia - In mathematics, the Pythagorean theorem—or Pythagoras' theorem—is a relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle. It states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. The theorem can be written as an equation relating the lengths of the sides a, b and c, often called the Pythagorean equation:

a^2 + b^2 = c^2\!\,   where c represents the length of the hypotenuse, and a and b represent the lengths of the other two sides.

(8) Rudolf Steiner - The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity - ISBN 0 85440  259  4 - four lectures given in Berlin, Germany in 1913 and printed by Rudolf Steiner Press, London  1972 - ( pgs. 22, 23, 69, 70, 73, 74)  Legend of Parsifal and its significance today ( edit D.D.) - Whereas in the ordinary world one confronts an object, gazes at it, and the object makes an impression on the eye so that one then knows something about the object, when the point of Initiation which has just been described is reached, such a thing no longer happens. For the aspirant is not concerned with a reproduction of the ordinary world, but from a definite point onwards he must now have sufficient forces at his command to pour more out of himself. Thus, after he has spent force enough in becoming one with the world, he must now have sufficient strength to spin forces out of himself as the spider spins a web. You see how the whole process of the Mysteries shows the importance of developing strong inner energy in the life of the soul ; for one must have large reserves in order that all this may take place. (pg. 22)

Then the following may happen. The aspirant naturally has no physical eyes, for they belong to the physical body and he has long left this behind. But because he has poured out something from himself and can pour out still more, as the spider spins her web out of herself, something akin to organs is built up, and he can discern that together with what he is himself producing, something absolutely new appears. Things present themselves not as if, for instance, I had my watch here and my eyes there, but as if my eyes were to send out a ray which formed itself into a watch, so that the watch was there through the activity of the eyes. It is not a matter of constructing or creating a subjective world, but of spinning soul -substance out of ourselves, and the higher worlds we are beginning to live in have to choose this indirect way, in order that we may be able to confront them and recognize them. They must first infiltrate our own soul substance which we have placed at their disposal. In the physical world things confront us without our co-operation. In the higher worlds nothing confronts us unless we place our own soul - substance at its disposal. In the physical world things confront us without our co-operation. In the higher worlds nothing confronts us unless we first place our own soul substance at its disposal. That is why it is so difficult at this point to distinguish  the subjective from the objective, for what we spin out of our own soul-substance is bound to  be entirely subjective, and whatever uses our soul-substance in order to become perceptible is bound to be entirely objective. (pg. 22)

 I have brought forward these things so that you may experience a definite feeling that all training in the Mysteries consisted pre-eminently in a strengthening of the energies of the soul. That was the important thing -- to make the soul powerful, strong, energetic. From the outset the candidate for Initiation had to give up the hope that anyone would hand him the objects and entities of the higher worlds as though on a platter. He had first to develop himself point by point towards the higher worlds. Nothing without effort, absolutely nothing without effort! So it is for everything that has to be reached individually in the higher worlds ; so it is for everything that has been reached in the course of human evolution with regard to the higher worlds. (pg. 23)

This matter of ascending into the higher worlds is not such that one can say : To-day you are beginning your ascent into the higher worlds, and then you will mount upwards stage by stage. For him who wants to become an Initiate, things go forward unnoticed in relation to external happenings amid the affairs and events of ordinary life. He does indeed come stage by stage into the higher worlds , but from this sojourn in the higher worlds he must again come forth and live in the ordinary world. From the experiences in the spiritual worlds, however, he brings with him something into the physical world. He realizes, after he has become an Initiate, that while moving around in the physical world he is endowed with feelings and perceptions other than those pertaining to anyone who is not a seer. He need only train himself (and a correct schooling will see to this) not to be misled in ordinary life through the alteration of his perceptions and feelings. He must learn to be a seer only for the higher worlds , and not to bring into the ordinary world the characteristics and attitude of soul needed for the higher worlds. This must  be strictly avoided. He should be able to be a seer, while remaining as rational as anyone else in the ordinary physical world. (pg. 32)

In the last lecture we spoke of the experiences of the human soul in relation to the Mystery-principles of ancient times, the Eastern and Egyptian Mysteries. In a certain sense this brought us to the last step in the stages of Initiation, for in the first lecture we described as characteristic of all the Mysteries these four steps : Approach to the Boundary of Death ; Becoming acquainted with the Life of the Elementary World ; Beholding the Sun at Midnight ; Standing before the Upper and Lower Gods. ( pg. 56)

This Standing before the Upper and lower Gods comes about when the aspirant has to apprehend the forces which rule everything that belongs to the physical side of man, the part which remains behind in sleep as physical and etheric body  -- here we have to do with the Lower Gods in the widest sense of the word. We have to speak of the Upper Gods in relation to all the forces which are concerned with the innermost being of man ; with that which passes through the various incarnations, the ego and the astral body. (pg..56)

Let us enter into the tragic mood of one about to be initiated during the Egyptian epoch. We transpose ourselves into this mood and find that it originated from experiences that the aspirant could express only by saying to himself : "Formerly, when I entered the spiritual worlds, I found Osiris permeating cosmic space with the Creative Word and its meaning, which represent the ground-forces of all being and development, now the Word has become mute and silent. The God who was called Osiris has forsaken these realms. He is preparing to penetrate into other regions ; he has descended into the Earth-region in order to enter into the souls of men." ( pg. 57)

The Being who had been known spiritually to human souls in earlier days first became manifest in physical life when Moses heard in the physical world the Voice that in earlier ages had been heard only in the spiritual worlds ; "Ejeh asher Ejeh !" -- "I AM THE I AM, Who was, and is, and will be". And then this Being who, as the Creative word, had gradually become lost to the experience of the candidate for Initiation, transferred His life into the Earth- region so that He could gradually come to life again in the souls of earthly men ; and in this new life, rising to ever higher and higher glory, would consist the further development of the Earth, even to the end of the Earth-evolution. (pgs. 57, 58)

That is what is mysterious and so hard to understand in a nature such as Goethe's; but by the same token it brings to light many hidden aspects of the human soul in modern times. Everything brought about by the duality of human nature lays hold, in the first place, of the Intellectual Soul, and the Intellectual Soul divides into those "two souls", whereof one can sink fairly deeply into matter and the other can rise into the spiritual. (pg. 69)

Thus in the "Knights of King Arthur's Round Table" we are presented with a repetition of all that the candidate for Initiation had in a certain sense to experience through the Sentient Soul. In all that was grouped around the Holy Grail we are shown what can be experienced in modern times by the Intellectual Soul. Everything that a man must now go through, so that he may make one part of his double nature strong enough to penetrate into the mysteries of the spiritual worlds in modern times, must be enacted in the Consciousness Soul is  the new thing that has to be added, crystallized in the figure of Parsifal. All the legends connected with King Arthur and the Round Table represent the repetition of the experiences of earlier ages in the Sentient Soul ; all the legends and narratives which are directly connected with the Holy Grail, apart from Parsifal, represent what the Intellectual Soul had to go through ; and all that finds expression in the figure of Parsifal, this ideal of the latter Initiation in so far as this later Initiation is dependent on the Consciousness Soul, represents the forces which must especially be made our own through the Consciousness Soul. So the interaction of the three soul-principals in modern man is presented in a threefold legendary form. And just as we can discern deep secrets of the human soul in old legends, so can we now also sense in them deep secrets of the Mysteries of the modern age. (pg. 70) 

Consider what people have been learning for quite a long time now and what they think it right to instill into children ; consider what is accepted as the basis of modern education -- all this should not be judged in accordance with the views of someone who, believing he is very clever, says he understands these things and knows they are entirely correct. No, all this should be judged in accordance with how it influences and fructifies the soul, and in terms of the impressions it produces on the soul. And when a person becomes cleverer and cleverer, in the sense in which it is fashionable to call people clever today, he develops in his soul certain forces which in this incarnation may make him very well able to dominate the conversation in circles wedded to materialistic or monistic ideas ; but then certain vital forces necessary for the human organism are worn away. And when such a person has taken into himself only these typical dregs of modern education, in his next incarnation he will lack the forces that are required for properly building up the human organism. The "cleverer" a person is by the standards of the time we are now facing and the closer his intellectual attunement to it, the more of an imbecile will he be in a later incarnation. For those categories and concepts which relate only to the sense-perceptible outer world and to the ideas which hold it together -- these concepts set up in the soul a configuration which may be ever so fine intellectually but lacks the force to work intensively on the brain to make use of it. And to be unable while in the physical body to make use of the brain is to be an imbecile. (pgs.72, 73)

The brain is plastically modeled through thinking. If only such thoughts are developed as are customary today. If only the thoughts are not permeated by the wisdom of the spirit, then the souls occupied with thinking only about material things will find in later incarnations that they are unable to use their brains properly ; their brain forces will lay hold of things. A soul which today is occupied with calculating debit and credit, let us say, or with the usages of commercial and industrial life, or absorbs only the ideas of materialistic science, is filling itself with thought-pictures which in later incarnations gradually darken the consciousness, because the brain would be an unformed mass. -- as today in cases of softening of the brain -- and so no longer capable of being taken hold of by the forces of thinking. Hence for anyone who looks into these deeper forces of human evolution, everything that can live in the soul forces of human evolution, everything that can live in the soul must be permeated by a spiritual comprehension of the world. ( pg. 73)

So in this modern time the nature of man may still be two- fold. The forces belonging in particular to the Consciousness Soul must be infused with inner spiritual knowledge. Man must overcome the two regions through which Parsifal went ; he must overcome "apathy and doubt" in his own soul. For if he were to carry apathy and doubt with him over to a later incarnation, he would not make a success of it. Man must come to have knowledge of the spiritual worlds. Only through the fact that life widens out in the human soul, the life called Saelde by Wolfram von Eschenbach, the very life that pours out spiritual knowledge over the Consciousness Soul - only by this means can human soul - development advance fruitfully from the fifth epoch onwards into the sixth. (pgs. 73 -74)

These are among the fruits of the newer Mysteries; they are the important and significant results which must be drawn from these Mysteries, which are an after-effect of the Grail Mystery. But, unlike all ancient Mystery-wisdom, they can be understood by the generality of people. For gradually the unconscious and dead forces of the soul and of the organism must be overcome through a strong permeation of the Consciousness Soul with spiritual knowledge; that is, with knowledge that has been understood and grasped spiritually, not a knowledge built up on authority. (pg. 74)

 Now it may perhaps be true of many a modern man who is striving to attain to higher worlds that in the shape of his outer life something will still be visible of the "human, all- too- human", or of his efforts to raise himself out of it. Yes, it may well be that the "fool's motley" is still discernible through the raiment of the spiritual, as with Parsifal. But that is not the point. What matters is that there should be present in the soul the impulse which is inextinguishable in Parsifal and brings him at last, in spite of everything, to the stronghold of the Holy Grail.  (pg. 74)

In the whole picture drawn of Parsifal, if rightly understood, we can find all different methods of training the Consciousness Soul which are necessary to evoke from it the righty effects, so that the person can gain control of the forces which whirl in confusion and strife against one another in the Intellectual or Mind-Soul. The more present day man looks into himself and tries to exercise honest self-knowledge, the more will he find how conflict is raging in his soul; it is a conflict within the Intellectual or Mind-Soul. For self-knowledge is a harder thing than many people suppose, and it will indeed become more and more difficult. Someone tries to acquire self-knowledge, but even if he is able to discipline himself in many respects and to build up his character, he will very often notice at critical moments how in his innermost depths the most deeply hidden passions and forces are raging, and how thyue tear apart the domain of the Intellectual Soul. And how is it with a modern man who devotes himself seriously to knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge? The difficulties of the inner life may perhaps never dawn on people who believe that real knowledge is to be found in external scientific work and its fruits. But anyone who takes the search for knowledge seriously and from worthy motives will be in a different situation once he looks with real insight into his inner  being. He seeks in this or that field of knowledge, seeks and seeks, and seeks also in life to come to terms with the diverse aspects of human living. After searching for a while, he thinks he knows something ; but then he searches further. ...And a person who, having acquired a present-day education confesses to himself that in spite of all this education he really knows nothing, is often just the person who strives most earnestly and worthily for spiritual knowledge. (pg.74, 75)

Anyone who approaches the Mysteries today must feel that he is confronting himself in such a way that he will strive after the virtues of Parsifal, while knowing that -- because he is a man of modern times -- he is in fact someone else also, the wounded Amfortas. A man of our time carries within him this double nature -- aspiring Parsifal, wounded Amfortas. That is what his self-knowledge must lead him to feel. Then from this recognition will flow the forces which out of duality must make a unity, and so should bring man a little further on in the course of world-evolution. In our Intellectual Soul, in the depths of our inner life, there must be a meeting between Amfortas, wounded in body and soul, and Parsifal, whose task it is to cultivate the Consciousness Soul. And it is entirely true to say that in order to gain freedom for himself, a man must go through the "wounding" of Amfortas and become acquainted with the Amfortas within himself, so that he may also come to know Parsifal. Just as it was right for Egyptian times that one should rise up into the spiritual worlds in order to know Isis, so it is right for our times to start with the spirituality, the spiritual nature, of this world, and through it to rise into higher spiritual worlds. A wish to deny the Amfortas-nature is not a true characteristic of our time. It is because modern man is so fond of surrounding himself with Maya that he wants to deny Amfortas. For how delightful it sounds when we hear it said: "Humanity is always advancing!" Yes, but this "advance" follows a very tortuous path. And in order to develop the forces of Parsifal in human nature, the Amfortas nature in man must be recognized. (pgs. 76, 77)

(9)  The Permian Mass Extinction occurred 250 million years ago from global warming. Cause - a meteor skimmed along the Earth near Siberia, cut into earth's mantle and created a long rift called the Siberian traps. Subsequent volcanic eruptions with emissions of carbon dioxide heated up the earth leading to the Arctic Ocean's plugs melting, releasing methane hydrates from the heated Arctic ocean bottom sediments and fossil sea ice, this release caused atmospheric warming and then caused the tundra thawing of permafrost releasing more methane hydrates into the atmosphere. Today 2014 with the demise of the Arctic Ice cap towards end of 2015, as the sun and Gulf Stream warm the Arctic Ocean, the cold Arctic air will be confined to the Greenland Ice cap and the hot Arctic air with methane will flow south to the United States. Total ice collapse on planet Earth in 2015 - 2016, then run away, internally locked feedback loops will then lead to the 6th mass extinction here on Earth occurring in the very near term - a decade or two. There is enough Methane Hydrates in the Arctic - approximately 100 times the amount of Methane Hydrates needed to cause a Permian style major extinction event. Only 2% of these Methane Hydrates reserves need to be displaced to cause a Permian style mass extinction event. Temperatures will rise as a direct reaction of Methane releases from the Arctic Ocean up into the upper atmosphere. 97% of the Earth's heat trapped in the earth system is absorbed and digested by the oceans. Information provided by Jennifer Hynes which can be seen at youtube.com/watch?v=a9PshoYtoxo

(10) Malcolm Light - Feb 9, 2012 - Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm - The melt back of the Arctic ice cap is a symptom of the Earth's disease but not its cause and it is the cause that has to be dealt with if we hope to bring about a cure. Therefore a massive cut back in carbon dioxide emissions should be mandatory for all developed nations (and some developing nations as well). Total destruction of the methane in the Arctic atmosphere is also mandatory if we are to survive the effects of its now catastrophic rate of build up in the atmospheric methane concentration However cooling of the Arctic using geoengineering methods is also vitally important to reduce the effects of the ice cap melting further enhancing the already out of control destabilization of the methane hydrates on the Arctic shelf and slope

Developed (and some developing) countries must cut back their carbon dioxide emissions by a very large percentage (50% to 90%) by 2020 to immediately precipitate a cooling of the Earth and its crust. If this is not done the earthquake frequency and methane emissions in the Arctic will continue to  grow exponentially leading to our inexorable demise between 2031 to 2051.

Geoenginering must be used immediately as a cooling method in the Arctic to counteract the effects of the methane buildup in the short term. However these methods will lead to further pollution of the atmosphere in the long term and will not solve the earthquake induced  Arctic methane buildup which is going to lead to our annihilation.

The United States and Russia must immediately develop a net of powerful radio beat frequency transmission stations around the Arctic using the critical 13.56 MHZ  beat frequency to break down the methane in the stratosphere and troposphere to nanodiamonds and hydrogen (Light 2011a) . Besides the elimination of the high global warming potential methane, the nanodiamonds may form seeds for light reflecting noctilucent clouds in the stratosphere and a light coloured energy reflecting layer when brought down to the Earth by snow and rain (Light 2011a). HAARP transmission systems are able to electronically vibrate the strong ionospheric electric current that feeds down into the polar areas and are thus the least evasive method of  directly eliminating the buildup of methane in those critical regions (LIght 2011a).

The warning about extinction is stark. It is remarkable that global scientists had not anticipated a giant buildup of  methane in the atmosphere when it had been so clearly predicted 10 to 20 years ago and has been shown to be critically linked to extinction events in the geological record (Kennett et al. 2003). Furthermore all the experiments should have already been done to determine which geoengineering methods were the most effective in oxidising/destroying the methane in the atmosphere in case it should ever build up to a concentration where it posed a threat to humanity. Those methods need to be applied immediately if there is any faint hope of  reducing the catastrophic heating effects of the fast building atmospheric methane concentration.

(11) Aug. 18, 2014 - Intense earthquake swarm started at Bárðarbunga volcano, Iceland - information found at link http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2014/08/18/intense-earthquake-swarm-bardarbunga-volcano-iceland-august-2014/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+adorraeli%2FtsEq+(The+Watchers+-+watching+the+world+evolve+and+transform)

(11a) Abrupt glacial climate shifts controlled by ice sheet changes" - Xu Zhang, Gerrit Lohmann, Gregor Knorr, Conor Purcell - Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature13592 information found @ http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2014/08/21/minor-variations-ice-sheet-size-sufficient-trigger-abrupt-climate-changes/

(12) Julian Barbour. British physicist and author of 'End of Time' published in 1999

(13) Heirloom Roses.com - Old Garden roses are the predecessors of today’s roses. Some date back to the time of the Roman Empire when they were revered for their beauty and fragrance. Rose petals were used liberally by the wealthy at celebrations. Rose perfume was coveted by the very rich. Old garden roses have a delicate beauty and wonderful perfume not often found in modern hybrid tea roses. They are a diverse group from the stately albas with wonderful fragrance and great winter hardiness to the tender and lovely tea roses best suited for warm climates. Old Garden Roses comprise a multifaceted group that in general are easy to grow, disease-resistant and winter-hardy with most providing fragrance for the garden and home.

(14) Aug. 2014 - "We are sniffing methane" - vast methane plumes discovered escaping from the seafloor of Arctic ocean. Just a week into the methane sampling program and SWERUS-C3 Arctic expedition scientists have discovered vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope. Article found @ http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2014/08/01/vast-methane-plumes-escaping-seafloor-arctic-ocean/

(15) July 28, 2014 - "Vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor" discovered in Siberian Arctic Sea - Vast methane plumes have been discovered boiling up from the seafloor of the Arctic ocean on the continental slope of the Laptev Sea by a dream team of international scientists. Over the last decade a warming tongue of Atlantic ocean water has been flowing along the Siberian Arctic ocean's continental slope destabilizing methane ice, hypothesize the team of Swedish, Russian and American scientists. The research team will take a series of measurements across the Siberian seas to attempt to understand and quantify the methane release and predict the effect of this powerful greenhouse gas on global and Arctic warming. Because the Siberian Arctic contains vast stores of methane ices and organic carbon that may be perturbed by the warming waters and Arctic climate, Arctic ocean and Siberian sea methane release could accelerate and intensify Arctic and global warming. Article found @ http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/07/28/1317252/--Vast-methane-plumes-escaping-from-the-seafloor-discovered-in-Siberian-Arctic-Sea

(15)  The Parzival of Wolfram Von Eschenbach - http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/hchg/hchg52.htm - Parzival is a medieval German romance written by the poet Wolfram von Eschenbach in Middle High German. The poem, commonly dated to the first quarter of the 13th century, centers on the Arthurian hero Parzival (Percival in English) and his long quest for the Holy Grail following his initial failure to achieve it. 

The Grail Quest - (edits) found at Wikipedia

Book I opens with the death of King Gandin, Parzival's grandfather. His oldest son, Galoes, receives the kingdom but offers his brother Gahmuret the land of Anjou in fief. However, Gahmuret departs to gain renown. He travels to the African kingdom of Zazamanc, whose capital is besieged by two different armies. Gahmuret offers his services to the city, and his offer is accepted by Queen Belacane. He conquers the invaders, marries Queen Belacane, and becomes king of Zazamanc and Azagouc. Growing bored with peace, Gahmuret steals away on a ship, abandoning his pregnant wife. Belacane later gives birth to a son, Feirefiz (whose skin is mottled black and white).(15)

Book III tells of how the pregnant Herzeloyde, grief-stricken at her husband's death, retires to a secluded forest dwelling and vows to protect her new child, Parzival, from the ways of knighthood at all costs by raising him entirely ignorant of chivalry and the ways of men. His seclusion is shattered by three knights passing who tell him of King Arthur's court at Camelot. Enamored, he decides to go join Arthur's court. His mother is heartbroken at the news of his decision but allows him to depart, dressing him in fool's garments in the hopes that the knights will refuse to take him in. Soon after his departure she dies, utterly bereft.

In Book IX, we learn that Parzival fights for the good but suffers from his alienation from God. After nearly five years of wandering and fighting, from combat he gains a new horse, owned by a grail knight, and this horse leads him one Good Friday to Trevrizent to whom he introduces himself as a penitent sinner. He stays with this holy man for fourteen days and learns about the hidden meaning of life and the true meaning of the grail, and also is informed that his mother is the sister of the Grail King. He makes a step towards a life of spiritual understanding. Through his loneliness and through his yearning for the grail and for Condwiramurs he puts himself outside the world of Arthur. He is called to another world, that of the grail.

Books X-XIV tell of Gawan's attempts to win the hand of the maiden Orgeluse.

In Book XV, Parzival fights with a knight who is the first to seem more adept than he. Parzival's sword breaks but, instead of slaying him, the other knight sees no honor in such a feat and both retire to the grass. There they learn that they share the same father. "I was against my own self," says Parzival to Feirefiz, his brother from afar. Again Cundrie appears and proclaims now that Parzival's name has appeared on the grail, marking him as the new grail king.

During his journey to the grail in Book XVI Parzival reunites with his wife and takes Feirefiz as a companion. Feirefiz cannot see the grail, but he can see the grail maiden and promptly falls in love with her.

The last woman for Parzival is his wife, Condwiramurs. Her role lies in the “love of a devoted wife. She is interesting in that her vitality lies in what she is, rather than her specific guidance to Parzival. The time that Parzival must recognize his inability to possess her, he leaves her and does not return. Her symbolic significance allows her character to be a guide in terms of the readiness of Parzival. Ultimately, both the Grail and Conwiramurs combine to form Parzival’s goal. She spurs him on his quest, and like the Grail itself, is an inspiration and reward. In the end, her guidance is best represented by her name on the Grail as well as Parzival.

(15b) The Parsifal of Wolfram von Eschenbach found at http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/hchg/hchg52.htm - Parsifal, however, was still espoused only to the notion of adventure, on which he again set forth, this time to meet with the Fisher King and to learn that the Graal Castle was close at hand, like all things that are greatest. As regards his qualifications for the visit, it would seem that, even in the Holy Place, he thought chiefly of knightly combats and wondered how he should find them in such surroundings. The Fisher King was Amfortas, the Maimed King, and the procession was that which I have described previously and at needed length. The Castle was full of splendour and chivalry, but it was also full of sadness: the story is one of suffering and sorrow. The relation between host and guest was that of uncle and nephew, but as usual it did not transpire on this occasion. Parsifal also failed to ask the vital question, but it should be noted that, although grievous sin was attributed to him on this account, he had not been warned so distinctly--either here or in the Conte del Graal--that there would be a question to ask as he was in the Didot Perceval.

(16) The Templar Treasure: An Investigation by Tobias Wabbel - EBOOK

(17) Rudolf Steiner, Christ and the Spiritual World: The Search for the Holy Grail (1983 edition), pp. 97-98.

When the Christ Impulse entered into the evolution of humanity in the way known to us, one result was that the chaotic forces of the Sibyls were thrust back for a time, as when a stream disappears below ground and reappears later on. These forces were indeed to reappear in another form, a form purified by the Christ Impulse [2] Yes, a time is coming when the old Astrology will live again in a new form, a Christ-filled form, and then, if one can practice it properly, so that it will be permeated with the Christ Impulse, one may venture to look up to the stars and question them about their spiritual script.[3]

At this point Rudolf Steiner introduces two personalities whose soul forces were transformed under the influence of the Christ Impulse: the Maid of Orleans as a Christianized Sibyl, and Johannes Kepler as the one who was able to read the new stellar script. We may regard it as our future task to practice for ourselves the mode of thinking infused with the Christ Impulse as modeled for us by Kepler, and to learn to read the new stellar script.

Following upon this, Rudolf Steiner mentions an example from Wolframs Parsifal in order to make clear that at that time there was a searching for the spiritual stellar script: What sort of time was it, then, when Parsifal entered the Castle, where Amfortas lay wounded and on Parsifal's arrival suffered unceasing pain from his wound? What was this time? The saga itself tells us it was Saturn time. [Note in 1963 edition, p. 128:i.e.,a period when the forces of Saturn work with particular strength.] As it was on Good Friday that Parsifal had his conversations with Trevrizent, Wolfram notes in his review of this time: dö der Sterne Säturnus/wider an sin zil gestount, / daz wan uns bi der wunden kuont - When the star Saturn had returned to the zenith, we knew it by the wound.

Ocean temperature rise - Oct. 26, 2014 - Arctic News - "Sea surface temperature anomalies are at the top end of the scale in many places in the Arctic, as well as off the coast of North America. The danger is that the Gulf Stream will keep carrying ever warmer water from the North Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean, threatening to unleash huge methane eruptions from the Arctic Ocean's seafloor, in turn causing even higher temperatures and more extreme weather events, wildfires."

(18) "The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal by Arthur Edward Waite (1909) - http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/hchg/hchg00.htm - In the 13th century, over a few decades, a huge literature emerged around an unlikely tale. Survivors of the core of early Christianity make a perilous journey to Western Europe. They begin a hidden bloodline, preserve immensely powerful relics of the crucifixion, and carry a secret which, if revealed, would turn the established church on its head. If this seems like déjà vu, it is.

A.E. Waite gets to the core of the Grail legend, an interwoven mass of narratives which started with seeds of pagan folklore and grew into a massive allegorical Christian epic. This 700 page book will satisfy both the academic reader who wants a survey of the Grail literature, and the more mystically inclined who seek the Grail itself. Waite examines in great detail every known source text for the Grail legend. His literate style makes interesting reading for well-educated readers, despite the repeating themes and story lines. Unlike some of the other writers on this topic, Waite is organized, focused, and not hesitant to turn a critical eye on half-baked theories.

In the last two hundred pages, he attempts to make some sense of it all. He examines and dismisses 19th century theories which linked the Grail to the Templars, or Masons, as well as the unorthodox Cathars, Albigensians and Waldensians of Southern France. His conclusion is that there is an 'inner church' in Christianity: not a conspiracy or a subterranean sect, but a mystical core. Instead, Waite's concept of the hidden church is based on a deep comprehension of the sacrament of communion, and the Holy Grail is symbolic of this.

(19) Kundalini -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kundalini - The yogi reverses the searchlights of intelligence, mind and life force inward through a secret astral passage, the coiled way of the kundalini in the coccygeal plexus, and upward through the sacral, the lumbar, and the higher dorsal, cervical, and medullary plexuses, and the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows, to reveal finally the soul's presence in the highest center (sahasrara) in the brain.

(20) The Hidden Church and the Holy Graal by Arthur Edward Waite 1909 - pg. 156 - In Diu Crône by Heinrich, when the questing knight has beheld the Reliquary and the Spear, he does the opposite exactly, for he can no longer contain himself, and so asks his host, for the sake of God, to tell him what the marvels mean and who also are the great company whom he beholds. Even as he speaks, all present spring from their seats with a loud cry and the sound of great rejoicing. The host tells them to sit down again, and then he explains to the knight that he has seen the Holy Vessel of which he may say nothing, except that joy and consolation supervene upon his saving question. Many are liberated from the bondage which they have endured so long, having little hope of acquittance. There was a time when they trusted in Perceval, as in one predestined to enter into the knowledge of the Graal, as if through everlasting portals, but he fell away like a knight of no spirit who dared and demanded nothing. Had he done otherwise, he would have released many from their toil who remain in the semblance of life and are yet dead. The woe came about through the strife of kinsmen, "when one brother smote the other for his land." For this disloyalty the judgment of God descended upon him and his consanguinities, so that doom overtook them all. The living were expatriated, and the dead, under greater disaster.

 The Parsifal of Wolfram von Eschenbach pg. 383 - Kundrie, sorceress and messenger, carrying the news of Parsifal's election to the Holy Kingdom of the Graal. Thereat he rose to his feet and recited the secret story of the great Palladium, as he had learned it from the lips of the hermit; he told how none could attain it unless he were called thereto; and in virtue of that calling, in his own case, he took leave of the chivalry for ever. He reached the Consecrated Castle, beheld the Hallows therein, and asked the necessary question, to the king's healing and the joy of those who were delivered from the thrall; of his long suffering.

(21) Wikipedia -  William Byrd birth date variously given as c.1540 or 1543 – 4 July 1623, by the Julian calendar 14 July 1623, by the Gregorian calendar was an English composer of the Renaissance. He wrote in many of the forms current in England at the time, including various types of sacred and secular polyphony, keyboard (the so-called Virginalist school), and consort music. He produced sacred music for use in Anglican services, although he himself became a Roman Catholic in later life and wrote Catholic sacred music as well. In 1575 Byrd and Tallis were jointly granted a patent for the printing of music and ruled music paper for 21 years, one of a number of patents issued by the Crown for the printing of books on various subjects.

(22) gnosis.org - The Gnosis Archives -  Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In Christian, Islamic, or Jewish mysticism, mystery religions and Gnosticism gnosis generally signifies a spiritual knowledge or "religion of knowledge", in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight".

(23) The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum).[1] While it was not a true ice age, the term was introduced into the scientific literature by François E. Matthes in 1939.[2] It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries,[3] [4] [5] or alternatively, from about 1350 to about 1850, [6] though climatologists and historians working with local records no longer expect to agree on either the start or end dates of this period, which varied according to local conditions. NASA defines the term as a cold period between AD 1550 and 1850 and notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, each separated by intervals of slight warming

(24) Arctic Methane Emergency Group: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
TIME: Thursday, December 4, 2014, 12:00-12:30 PM

Subject: Arctic meltdown: a catastrophic threat to our survival
AMEG calls for rapid refreezing of the Arctic to halt runaway melting

WHO: John Nissen, Chair AMEG, supported by Professor Peter Wadhams, Cambridge University, co-founder of AMEG and world-renowned expert on Arctic sea ice, with Paul Beckwith, AMEG blogger

Summary: There is strong evidence of advanced acceleration in:
• Arctic warming and sea ice decline in a vicious cycle
• Substantial ice loss in Greenland with potential massive loss due to unstable glaciers
• Disruption of jet stream behavior, with abrupt climate change leading to crop failures, rising food prices and conflict in the Northern Hemisphere
• Rapid emissions of methane from the Arctic seabed, permafrost and tundra.

The tipping point for the Arctic sea ice has already passed. 

Our conclusions are:
• The meltdown is accelerating and could become unstoppable as early as Sept 2015
• Immediate action must be taken to refreeze the Arctic to halt runaway melting
• Greenhouse gas emissions reduction, however drastic, cannot solve this problem
• Calculations show that powerful interventions are needed to cool the Arctic
• Any delay escalates the risk of failure
• Arctic meltdown is a catastrophic threat for civilization.

AMEG therefore calls for the immediate setting up of a task force, specifically mandated to ensure that the Arctic is cooled as quickly and safely as possible.

(25) Water off Washington's coast is warming a third of a mile down, where seafloor methane shifts from a frozen solid to a gas. Calculations suggest ocean warming is already releasing significant methane offshore of Alaska to Northern California.  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/12/141209101257.htm

(26) Our only hope is to destroy the methane in the water before it gets into the atmosphere and simultaneously destroy the existing atmospheric methane using radio-laser systems (Alamo and Lucy Projects, Light and Carana, 2012, 2013). Scientists at Georgia Tech University have found that at very low temperatures in the ocean, two symbiotic methane eating organisms group together, consume methane in the presence of tungsten and excrete carbon dioxide which then reacts with minerals in the water to form carbonate mounds (Glass et al. 2013). This means that the United States must fund a major project at Georgia Tech to quickly develop the means to grow these methane consuming bacteria in massive quantities with their tungsten enzyme and find the means to deliver them to the Polar oceans as soon as possible. http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2014/02/mantle-methane.html

We have only a short time left. Be excellent to each other as we enter this time of worldwide strife, heat and unbelievably ferocious storms. You may make a difference to someone and it will not be forgotten, if there is the other side.

(27) There are many definitions of cybernetics and many individuals who have influenced the definition and direction of cybernetics. Norbert Wiener, a mathematician, engineer and social philosopher, coined the word "cybernetics" from the Greek word meaning "steersman." He defined it as the science of control and communication in the animal and the machine. Ampere, before him, wanted cybernetics to be the science of government. For philosopher Warren McCulloch, cybernetics was an experimental epistemology concerned with the communication within an observer and between the observer and his environment. Stafford Beer, a management consultant, defined cybernetics as the science of effective organization. Anthropologist Gregory Bateson noted that whereas previous sciences dealt with matter and energy, the new science of cybernetics focuses on form and pattern. For educational theorist Gordon Pask, cybernetics is the art of manipulating defensible metaphors, showing how they may be constructed and what can be inferred as a result of their existence.

(28) Understanding Your Brain - Jeffery Fannin Ph.D. - http://www.thoughtgenius.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/UNDERSTANDING-BRAINWAVES-White-Paper.pdf

(29) After many years of research on blueberry antioxidants and their potential benefits for the nervous system and for brain health, there is exciting new evidence that blueberries can improve memory. In a study involving older adults (with an average age of 76 years), 12 weeks of daily blueberry consumption was enough to improve scores on two different tests of cognitive function including memory. While participants in the study consumed blueberries in the form of juice, three-quarters of a pound of blueberries were used to make each cup of juice. As participants consumed between 2 to 2-1/2 cups each day, the participants actually received a very plentiful amount of berries. The authors of this study were encouraged by the results and suggested that blueberries might turn out to be beneficial not only for improvement of memory, but for slowing down or postponing the onset of other cognitive problems frequently associated with aging. - found at http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=8

(30) “Music based on C=128hz (C note in concert A=432hz) will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C=128 hz” Rudolf Steiner

(31) "An interesting consideration is the phenomenon of the octave. Why is it, when we consider the audible frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, we perceive a series of points along this scale that we can consider as having the same “quality” while patently being a different note? Part of the explanation may be that if we take a bi-lateral cross section through the cochlea, that part of the ear’s mechanism responsible for converting acoustic energy into electrical impulses, it reveals a spiral shape which can be described mathematically by a Fibonacci Series; the same maths govern the principles of the harmonic series. Neuro-pathology of the ear shows that octaves are decoded at the same point in each layer of the spiral. Some experts maintain that if the cochlea was a straight cone, rather than a tightly-wound spiral, we would have no perception of the octave at all; all we would hear would hear would be a series of successively rising tones.” - Chas Stoddard, “A Short History of Tuning and Temperment.

(32) http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2015/02/two-degrees-of-warming-closer-than-you-may-think.html Leon Rotstayn The Conversation explains that "results from CSIRO climate modelling suggest that the extra warming effect from a decline in aerosols could be about 1°C by the end of the century."

Present-day aerosol cooling effect will be strongly reduced by 2030 as more stringent air pollution controls are implemented in Europe and worldwide, and as advanced environmental technologies come on stream. These actions are projected to increase the global temperature by 1°C and temperatures over Europe by up to 2–4°C, depending on the severity of the action. This is one of the main research outcomes of the European Integrated project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interaction  project.

In 2011, NASA climate science chief James Hansen and co-authors warned that the cooling impact of aerosols appears to have been underestimated in many climate models and inferred that: "Aerosol climate forcing today is inferred to be −1.6±0.3Wm−2," which is equivalent to a cooling of about 1.2°C. In that case, they wrote, "humanity has made itself a Faustian bargain more dangerous than commonly supposed."

(33) http://lazzaropisu.com/brain-waves-2/ What are Brainwaves -  At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is the communication between neurons within our brains. Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.

Brainwaves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp. They are divided into bandwidths to describe their functions (below), but are best thought of as a continuous spectrum of consciousness; Delta being slow, loud and functional – to Gamma being fast, subtle, and complex. It is a handy analogy to think of Brainwaves as musical notes – the low frequency waves like a deeply penetrating drum beat, while the higher frequency brainwaves are like a subtle high pitched flute.

Our brainwaves change according to what we’re doing and feeling. When slower brainwaves are dominant we can feel tired, slow, sluggish, or dreamy. The higher frequencies are dominant when we feel wired, or hyper-alert.

The descriptions that follow are only broadly descriptions – in practice things are far more complex, and brainwaves reflect different aspects when they occur in different locations in the brain.

Brainwave speed is measured in Hertz (cycles per second) and they are dived into bands delineating slow, moderate, and fast waves.

Delta brainwaves ( .5 - 3 HZ) are the slowest but loudest brainwaves (low frequency and deeply penetrating, like a drum beat). They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing

Gamma brainwaves (38 - 42 HZ) are the fastest of brain waves (high frequency, like a flute), and relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas. It passes information rapidly, and as the most subtle of the brainwave frequencies, the mind has to be quiet to access it. Gamma was traditionally dismissed as ‘spare brain noise’ until researchers discovered it was highly active when in states of universal love, altruism, and the ‘higher virtues’. Gamma rhythms modulate perception and consciousness, disappearing under anaesthesia. Gamma is also above the frequency of neuronal firing, so how it is generated remains a mystery. The presence of Gamma relates to expanded consciousness and spiritual emergence.

(34) http://www.bethcoleman.net/gamma.html -  Extraordinary states -  In Man the auditory response includes brief "40 Hz transient responses" [18,25], which increase when the subject pays attention and which disappear with loss of consciousness during anaesthesia [14]. Repetitive auditory stimulation at ~40 Hz generates a large "40 Hz steady state response" [9]. MEG recordings in Man suggest that gamma rhythms can be very widespread [20], both during waking and dream states. Other MEG measurements in Man suggest that gamma rhythms may be organised to sweep across the whole brain, perhaps providing "temporal binding .... into a single cognitive experience" [15]. 

(35) Dr. April Benasich and her colleagues at the Infancy Studies Laboratory, Rutgers University, are taking a close look at how babies process sounds in their rapidly developing brains.  Their findings hold promise for helping at-risk babies and children with language development. 

Dr. Benasich and her team are at the forefront of this research.  They focus on the early neural processes needed for normal cognitive and language development, with specific attention to so-called gamma waves.  Until now, little was known about their role in infants’ brains (in adults, gamma waves bind together thoughts, memories, and perceptions in the brain). 

Their finding:  gamma wave activity between the ages of 16-36 months is predictive of later language ability. Children with higher gamma activity showed higher language and cognitive ability, better attention and inhibitory control, as well as the ability to follow instructions about their behavior, than did children with lower gamma activity.

She, (Dr. Benasich) is also the first to look at "resting" gamma power in the frontal cortex, the "thinking" part of the brain, in children 16, 24 and 36 months old. Research into the adult brain has shown that gamma activity is the 'glue' that binds together perceptions, thoughts and memories. And further suggests that lower levels of gamma power might hinder the brain's ability to efficiently package information into coherent images, thoughts and memories. Analyzing the children's EEGs, she and her research team found that those with higher language and cognitive abilities had correspondingly higher gamma power than those with poorer language and cognitive scores. This work offers significant new insight into the likely role that gamma activity plays in supporting emerging cognitive and language abilities during the first 36 months of life.

(36) Prof Peter Wadhams "The Arctic sea ice decline 'might' for more than a month from September 1st, 2015 on, be an 'ice free' Arctic sea. Sunlight that previously went into melting the sea ice, as well as sunlight that was previously reflected back into space by sea ice, would be absorbed by the Arctic Ocean instead. In other words, we can expect massive warming. The resulting temperature rise is likely to start wildfires all over the Northern Hemisphere, which would not only send huge amounts of greenhouse gases and soot into the air, but could also cause the grid to stop functioning, which would make electricity supply stop, industrial activity stop, traffic stop, etc. This in turn would make that the aerosols that are currently sent up in the air by such activities and that are currently masking the full wrath of global warming, will fall out of the air in a matter of weeks. Until now, about half of the global temperature rise is suppressed by such aerosols. Stopping aerosols release overnight could make temperatures rise abruptly by 1.2°C (2.16°F) in a matter of weeks."

(37) Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man - Harper Torchbooks  1961 - pg. 153 To detect what at this moment is maturing in the womb of the universal mother, let us make use of the index we have henceforward at our disposal. Life is the rise of consciousness, we have agreed. If it is to progress still further it can only be because, here and there, the internal energy is secretly rising up under the the mantle of the flowering earth. Here and there, within nervous systems, psychic tension is doubtless increasing...applying our 'thermometer' of consciousness to our somnolent nature. In what region ...? ...Of course we must look at heads.  . - 'The Convergence of the Person and the Omega Point' A. The Personal Universe , pgs. 258-259, We have seen and admitted that evolution is an ascent towards consciousness. That is no longer contested even by the most materialistic, or at all events by the most agnostic of humanitarians. Therefore it should culminate forwards in some sort of supreme consciousness. But must not that consciousness if it is to be supreme, contain in the highest degree what is the perfection of our consciousness - the illuminating involution of the being upon itself? It would manifestly be an error to extend the curve of hominisation in the direction of a state of diffusion. It is only in the direction of hyper-reflection - that thought can extrapolate itself. Otherwise how could it garner our conquests which are all made in the field of what is reflected? At first sight we are disconcerted by the association of an Ego with what is the All. The utter disproportion of the two terms seems flagrant, almost laughable. That is because we have not sufficiently mediated upon the three fold property possessed by every consciousness : (i) of centering everything partially upon itself ; (ii) of being able to center itself upon itself constantly ; and (iii) of being brought more by this very super-concentration into association with all the other centers surrounding it. Are we not at every instant living the experience of universe  whose immensity, by the play of our senses and our reason, is gathered up more and more simply in each one of us? And in the establishment now proceeding through science and the philosophies of a collective human Weltanschauung in which every one of us co-operates and participates, are we not experiencing the first symptoms of an aggregation of a still higher order, the birth of some single center from the convergent beams of millions of elementary centers dispersed over the surface of a thinking earth?  'The Spirit of the Earth' - A. Mankind pgs. 246 - 245, In the course of a few generations all sorts of economic and cultural links have been forged around us and they are multiplying in geometric progression. Nowadays, over and above the bread which to simple Neolithic man symbolized food, each man demands his daily ration of iron, copper, and cotton, of electricity, oil, and radium, of discoveries, of the cinema and of international news. It is no longer a simple field, how ever big, but the whole earth which is required to nourish each one of us. If words have any meaning, is this not like some great body which is being born - with its limbs, its nervous system, its perspective organs, its memory - the body in fact of 'that great Thing' which had to come to fulfill the ambitions aroused in the reflective being by the newly acquired consciousness that he was at one with and responsible to an evolutionary All? - ' The Ultimate Earth' - 2. The Approaches pgs. 277, 278, And now that man has become an adult and has opened up for himself the field of mental and social transformations, bodies no longer change appreciably ; they no longer need to in the human branch ; or if they still change, it will only be under our industrious control. It may be that in its individual capacities and penetration our brain has reached its organic limits. But the movement does not stop there. From west to east, evolution is henceforth occupied elsewhere, in a richer and more complex domain, constructing, with all minds joined together, mind. Beyond all nations and races, the inevitable taking-as-a-whole of mankind has already begun. 1. Axes of Belief - pg. 294 - Christ, principal of universal vitality because sprung up as man among men, put himself in a position (maintained ever since) to subdue under himself, to purify, to direct and superanimate the general ascent of consciousness into which he inserted himself. By a perennial act of communion and sublimation, he aggregates to himself  the total psychism of the earth. And when he has gathered everything together and transformed everything, he will close in upon himself and his conquests, thereby rejoining, in a final gesture, the divine focus he has never left. Then, as St. Paul tells us,God shall be all in all. This is indeed a superior form of 'pantheism' without trace of the poison of adulteration or annihilation : the expectation of perfect unity, steeped in which each element will reach its consummation at the same time as the universe.

(38) David Spratt  "Recount: It's time to 'Do the math' again" April 23, 2015  - Carbon Budget?

"The catastrophic and irreversible consequences of 2°C of warming demand a strong risk-management approach, with a low rate of failure. We should not take risks with the climate that we would not take with civil infrastructure.

There is no carbon budget available if 2°C is considered a cap or upper boundary as per the Copenhagen Accord, rather than a hit-or-miss target which can be significantly exceeded; or if a low risk of exceeding 2°C is required; or if positive feedbacks such as permafrost and other carbon store losses are taken into account.

Effective policy making can only be based on recognizing that climate change is already dangerous, and we have no carbon budget left to divide up. Big tipping-point events irreversible on human time scales such as in West Antarctica and large-scale positive feedbacks are already occurring at less than 1°C of warming. It is clear that 2°C of climate warming is not a safe cap.

In reality, 2°C is the boundary between dangerous and very dangerous climate change and 1°C warmer than human civilization has ever experienced.

In the lead up to the forthcoming Paris talks, policy makers through their willful neglect of the evidence are in effect normalizing a 2.5–3°C global warming target."

(39) Licht Research Group http://home.gwu.edu/~slicht/The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. A new fundamental solar process has been introduced. This STEP process efficiently removes carbon from the atmosphere and generates the staples needed by society, ranging from fuels, to metals, bleach and construction materials, at high solar efficiency and without carbon dioxide generation. By using the full spectrum of sunlight, STEP captures more solar energy than the most efficient solar cell or photoelectrochemical  processes.

(40) Algorithms - lie at the heart of computing. When you surf the web, you open up a web browser. When you view a website, your web browser takes the HTML file, which contains code, and then the browser uses an algorithm to convert the code into a page that actually makes sense to humans. When you listen to music on iTunes, the music player takes the MP3 file, which encodes the sound as 0’s and 1’s, and it uses an algorithm read the 0’s and 1’s and tell your computer speakers to output sound. When you’re looking for a particular song in your music library, you might want to search alphabetically, so you click on the Name column to sort your songs alphabetically. Your computer doesn’t magically know how to sort your library. It follows a precise set of instructions every time it’s told to sort something. @ https://nolaymanleftbehind.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/algorithms-what-are-they/ 

(41) Ronald W. Thompson II - Youth Development in Sports - P.O. Box 71171, Eugene, Oregon 97401 - Tel. 1-541- 988-3880 -  Middlebury College - Political Science - Willamette University - MBA for Business, Government and Not for Profit Management - University of Oregon - Sociology - 'Much like a Bengal tiger pacing the confines of a 19th century cage in the 21st century world, I owe an acknowledgment for his invaluable references and insights into how we can, in fact, create a better world for the future of all humanity.

(42) Extraterrestrial Blood - http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/B/blood.html - Worlds of David Darling - Life forms on other worlds might use various combinations of any of the above pigments to convey oxygen to their cells, resulting in blood of virtually any color. Yet the inventory of natural oxygen-carriers on Earth far from exhausts what might be possible elsewhere in the cosmos. Despite the fact that reversible oxygen binding is a fairly rare property, chemists have been able to synthesize Hb-like chemicals that are capable of reversible combination with oxygen. For example, a simple iron-indigo compound functions quite well in this regard, as do porphyrin complexes of manganese and cobalt unknown in terrestrial respiratory systems. A wide range of cobalt histidines and "coboglobins" have been investigated that might find use in alien biochemistries. In fact, there is some precedent for this on Earth: vitamin B12 is a cobalt-based porphyrin. Coboglobin blood would be colorless or slightly pink when oxygen-enriched, but dark yellow or deep amber in the veins. (Like hemocyanin, hemerythrin and coboglobin are not destroyed by carbon monoxide as is hemoglobin. Organisms with these kinds of blood pigments thus would not be poisoned by the gas, as humans are.) A molecule of coboglobin loses its ability to reversibly bind oxygen in less than a day, compared with weeks in the case of human hemoglobin.

(43) If you’ve dreamed of being able to hang out underwater without the tether of an oxygen tank, get ready for your dream to become reality. Scientists have created a crystalline material that can actually pull oxygen out of the surrounding environment, and it could mean no more oxygen tanks – underwater or on dry land. The material is made from cobalt and it can pull and release oxygen without the need for bulky storage tanks. Some are calling the material the ‘Aquaman crystal’ given that it seems to almost imbue an individual with superhero-like capabilities. According to the research, the compound is so good at sucking up oxygen that just one spoonful could actually suck up all of the oxygen in a room. Even more important, the material can hold that oxygen until you want to release it. “When the substance is saturated with oxygen, it can be compared to an oxygen tank containing pure oxygen under pressure — the difference is that this material can hold three times as much oxygen,” says Christine McKenzie, one of the researchers involved in the project. 

Cobalt gives the new material precisely the molecular and electronic structure that enables it to absorb oxygen from its surroundings," said Professor Christine McKenzie from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark. "This mechanism is well known from all breathing creatures on earth: Humans and many other species use iron, while other animals, like crabs and spiders, use copper. Small amounts of metals are essential for the absorption of oxygen, so actually it is not entirely surprising to see this effect in our new material." http://www.cnet.com/news/one-spoonful-of-this-stuff-could-turn-you-into-aquaman/

(44) Rudolf Steiner - Macrocosm and Microcosm, March 1910 - published by Rudolf Steiner Press - pg. 78 "The one and only help at this stage is self-knowledge. This knowledge alone makes it possible for the future decline of humanity into enfeeblement to be avoided, as well as the failure to fulfill its mission on the Earth.

(45) 'Raft to the Future' by Jaron Lanier - Discover -  The universe - or God, if you like - can be thought of as a mathematician revealing ever more of the fundamentally unpredictable structure of math, thereby giving rise to cosmically surprising patterns of rafts, or frameworks for geometric reality. This process could be what allows time to emerge.

It is such an odd concept that I'll try saying it in a slightly different way. Suppose the universe correlates with some patch of math. That patch cannot be complete and will inevitably bleed into additional math that is even stranger than the starting patch. If a correlation existed before, it ought to continue with new weird stuff. So, inherent in any reality correlated to math, there is an unstoppable passage into ever- increasing levels of weirdness. That suggest reality can be dynamic even without a dimension of time, which means there's something dynamic within which time can emerge.

(46) Archaeologists believe that the first inhabitants of China lived in caves more than 500,000 years ago. Remains of these people, known as Peking Man, were found in the 1920's in the northeastern part of China. They lived by hunting, gathering and fishing. They made tools and probably used fire.

Johan Sebastian Bach - Mass in B minor - 432 Hz.
(1685 - 1750)