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Resurrection of Christ by Matthias Grunewald, 1510-1515  

   Sun Archangel Michael

                Raphael-Saint Michael Trampling the Dragon 1518             We often hear people speak in a rather sentimental way of conflicts of the soul. But where are the men who of their own free will make their inner being into a field of battle? Those who know that the conflict between God and the devil has to be fought out in their own soul- who consciously sustain within them this super-earthly warfare. If it is true that to be a man means to be a fighter, then to be a Christian means to be treble (threefold) a fighter. When man acknowledges Christ in this sense, not with the head only, but with the whole being, then he is ready to enter the Order of Michael and will one day behold their leader face to face.

Friedrick Rittelmeyer (11) The Holy Year

Gloria ~ Mass in B Minor by J.S.Bach

Christ Michael-Language

When with inward, heartfelt feeling we realize the mission and deeds of Michael and those belonging to him, when we enter into all that they are in our midst, then we shall be able to maintain our human connection with the Divine and Spiritual origin, and understand how to cultivate the Christ-Language about the Cosmos. For to understand Michael is to find the way in our time to the Logos, as lived by Christ here on Earth and among others.

Anthroposophy truly values what the natural-scientific way of thinking has learned  to say about the world during the last four to five centuries. But in addition to this language it speaks another, about the nature of the human, about their evolution and that of the Cosmos; for it would 'fain' speak the language of Christ and Michael.

If both these languages are spoken it will not be possible for evolution to be broken off or to pass over to Ahriman before the original Divine-Spiritual is found. To speak only in the natural-scientific way corresponds to the separation of intellectuality from the original Divine and Spiritual. This can indeed lead over into the Ahrimanic realm if Michael's mission remains unobserved. But it will not do so if through the power of Michael's example the intellect which has become free finds itself again in the original cosmic intellectuality, which has separated from humans and become objective to him. For that cosmic intellectuality lies in the original source of humanity, and it appeared in Christ in full reality of being within the sphere of humanity, after it had left man for a time so that they might unfold their freedom.

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts,Rudolf Steiner - 1924 (4)


So we may say: the old Rosicrucian Movement is characterized by the fact that its most illumined spirits had an intense longing to meet Archangel Michael; but they could only do so, as it were, in dream. Since the end of the last third of the nineteenth century, men can meet Michael in the Spirit, in a fully conscious way.

Michael, however, is a Being with this peculiar characteristic: He reveals nothing if we ourselves do not bring Him something from our diligent spiritual work on Earth. Michael is a silent Spirit- silent and reserved. The other ruling Archangels are Spirits who talk a great deal- in a spiritual sense, of course; Michael is taciturn. He is a Spirit who says very little. At most He will now and then give brief directions. What we have to learn from Michael is not really the word but, if I may so express it, the look; it is the power, the direction, of His gaze.

This is because Michael concerns Himself most of all with that which men create out of the Spiritual. He lives with the consequences of what men have created. The other Spirits live move with the causes; Michael lives with the consequences. The other Spirits kindle in man the impulses for what he ought to do. Michael wants to be the spiritual hero of Freedom; He lets men do, and then takes what becomes of human deeds, receives it and carries it on and out into the Cosmos to continue in the Cosmos what men themselves cannot yet do with it.

image of ahriman carved by Rudolf Steiner
battle with Ahriman

the fiery Cosmic Triad

The earth plane is under preparation for the incarnation in the mortal body of Ahriman -- the third member of the Cosmic triad involved in Earth evolution. The occult sequence is the incarnation of Lucifer in Asia four millennia ago; the incarnation of Christ in the Middle East two millennia ago.

Dr. Rudolph Steiner has stated that ahrimanic goals include total control of the Earth, the making of the world wholly ahrimanic. Destruction, rigidification and enslavement characterize the advance toward ahrimanic control. Actions directed towards world control are all around us, cunningly masked by idealistic fronts, and we should be sharply aware that ahrimanic aims and agents always come to us as that which they are not. Those who are dismantling and undermining America purport to be impelled by common sense and idealism.

Trevor James Constable Cosmic Pulse of Life (1976)

Aerial photograph 2002 property of Lucy Pringle located Aug 15, 2002 over the hill from the magnificent cathedral in Winchester, south of England

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but
still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION.
August 18-19, 2002 - a letter from an Earthfiles viewer. "A large part of my full time job is decoding ciphers and reverse engineering communication protocols: Suggestion 1. The circle partially overlaying the Alien visage, Appears to contains digital information comprising of ones and zeros. (Either flattened or erect corn.)

in the Mind of God
By Lucy Pringle,2002

Chilbolton Face and Arecibo Message Aug. 2001
The Chilboton Arecibo message Formation by Paul Vigay, 26th August 2001

It was not until I was at the photographic lab later that day that my printer said `Oh, there's a face!` The picture has to be viewed at a particular angle for the 3D face to become startlingly apparent.

I immediately scanned the pictures and emailed them to computer expert Paul Vigay ( requesting his identification of the `computer chip`. Within minutes he telephoned to say that it was not a computer chip; he had instantly recognized the `chip` as having a striking resemblance to the Arecibo message sent to globular star cluster M13 in 1974 by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

above graphic copyright 2001 Dustin D. Brand- l 'We Made Contact'

The message was pulsed by the radio telescope in binary form, consisting of 1679 pulses. 1679 in a unique combination of two prime numbers, 23 and 73. Binary being the universal language used when attempting to communicate with other intelligences. This message, found on the 20 August, contained a large amount of encoded information about life on planet earth and its inhabitants.

Paul identified several discrepancies, notably in addition to the five atomic numbers that consisted of the necessary elements for life on this planet of Phosphorus, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Hydrogen, a sixth atomic number, namely no 14, depicting Silicone had been added.

It has been suggested that if there are other intelligences, they could well be silicone based as opposed to us earthlings who are carbon based.

Furthermore there were discrepancies in the DNA, in particular an additional strand on the left of the double helix. The height of the humanoid was not only considerably smaller (approx: 5ft 9ins in the original message, now approx 3ft 4ins) but had a larger head. The population figure had increased quite markedly and the solar system instead of highlighting only the third planet from the sun, Earth, also highlighted Mars and Jupiter, the fourth and fifth planets.

"Could it be a 'big brother' scam job, employing sophisticated airborne/ space borne technologies, intended to steer the real benevolent crop circle situation in a certain direction? Indeed, is there a technology that could do such a thing? All we could say for sure is that somehow this amazing work is there and was almost certainly created from above, (CFPR personal opinion).(CFPR)


Anthroposophy above all should help us in this. It will lead us into that spiritual land, described in ancient Tibetan writings as a remote fairyland, which means the spiritual world, the land of Shamballa. Not in a trance but in full consciousness man should enter this land under the guidance of Christ. Even now the initiate can and must go often to the land of Shamballa in order to draw from there new forces. Later, other human beings, too, will enter the land of Shamballa. They will see its radiant light, as Paul saw above him the light that streamed from Christ. This light will stream toward them, also. The portals of this realm of light will open to them and through them they will enter the holy land of Shamballa.

The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, Rudolf Steiner - 1910 (52)

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