New Earth

Dominic Arena Daley

Dedicated to my mother Elizabeth Arena Daley

 Galactic Center - photo courtesy of NASA

They stepped lightly out on the starry plateau bound,
 in thick gases surrounding them all around.
 Then lions roared out from the center of these great starry fields 
 as they laid to watch the Earth's unfolding fate.

                1.  A Lions Heart
                2.  The Mothers
                3  Gamma Radio
                4  Shaman's Work
                5  Souls in the Balance
                6  A Turn in Time
                7  The Room Upstairs
                8  Snow Geese
                9  Classroom Earth
                10 Through Around
                11 Council of Light
                12 Home in America


Chapter 1

A Lion's Heart

Earth 2012

"If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black,
you mustn't seek to show that no crows are;
it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white."

William James

Eleven thousand years ago there was a land called Atlantis. It now sits on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. When this fabled land fell into the ocean depths it left behind an image in the sky of a lion at the heart of our galactic center. It has many names, a few of which are 'Ariael' the Lion , Archangel Auriel known also as the Fire of God, the Green Lion of the alchemist or the Lion of the Lord for this royal celestial countenance. This Being is seen today on the boarders of the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio where Sagittarius arched arrow point meets the Scorpion's tail stinger. It was the homing beacon for the lightworkers returning to the galactic center. Seen by spiritual travelers in the great Mother's milky galaxy, it was Lord over all matter and the fairy worlds of the glimmering globes that fly about creation to this day. Now the world they had known was again changing as it had many times before. The people of Earth were rethinking their story. The world's weather was calling out for a direction, the clouds were gathering in great masses and the lightning was loud and constant. New colors were being seen in nature, and the genetic codes in the DNA/RNA double helix were now changing during a persons lifetime. With human beings changing, one's domain was expanding rapidly. Only the brave and stead fast were witness to this change, more were gathering by turns of the round. Matter was becoming refined, electric currents were changing the chemical world around all the living.

The beauty of the Earth was great and its song was sweet as its many colored grasses. Yet it's peoples were busy with the affairs of day to day living. The Earth was spinning in cosmic, electrical, chemical whirlpools that were changing fast, with cosmic rays showering it constantly and cooking this primordial batch of life, transformed. Many young lions of creation stood on rocks, adjusting to the fluxes of this fierce fury felt just off the rim of this cosmic whirlpool, watching and working for this world called Earth and it's continuing balance.

The four corners of the starry spheres were held up by four Archangels. Michael governed the fall season and was known as the Dragon Slayer but really controlled and transmuted the dragon and did not destroy it. Gabriel in the winter season allows us to attune to love, experience illumination, and then the life of our own celestial body of the Soul. Raphael governed the spring season and is the Archangel of brightness and healing. Auriel governed the summer season and it's name means also 'God is Light'. Auriel guides vision in the etheric realms, the lights, fairies and inspired visions experienced by many humans. As these times unraveled the Archangels seeded many wondrous dreams shared within a web of liquid lights, inspiring Ideas needed for Earth to evolve. These lights vibrated across this world's energy fields as a bow across the sting of an instrument, or the strings of a harp plucked by wisps of fingertips, these uplifting sounds carried through to the envelope's edge. These bright luminous orbs were the pride of the skies and wandered the fertile fields of the Lord in love and wisdom. They were in the spirit, inhabiting the internal work realms, constructing a City of God and now seen in the world at large. The floor was shifting and nothing could keep these conscious plasma balls back. They flitted about like butterflies, fireflies and zipped away like humming birds. Only then to become dolphins in seas of liquid lights, as plasma waves of light moved in- field back towards the Lord of Creation. The few, really only a handful of malignant manipulators, could not keep them caged any longer. The world was opening to the young lions in creation and no force in this world would keep them from moving forward. Change was here and the gates at the galactic center were open wide as the New Earth was setting up shop.

Just yesterday White Crow and Quick Walker were in the mechanics shop up on a lake in Canada. The Archangels Gabriel and Michael were working on wondrous machines that could remove CO2 from the atmosphere, in fact they even dropped a few down in Puerto Rico where the proto-type was being developed further, and being used right now. They also worked on an ozone remediation programs that incorporated the micro organisms of the planet as workers like green algae to capture and absorb the C02. The lightworkers knew that man on Earth was very entrenched in a business as usual mindset but adapting new technology for the planet was necessary for it's survival. It was their lives work, their destiny.

As they visit with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel for a short time Gabriel turns to  W.C. and says:

"Bet you five pounds of spinach and cauliflower seed that you can't  levitate for 5 minutes."

"Great with that much protein I can levitate for hours" and started floating around the shop.  As he moved about the Archangels periodically asked him what he was doing, to which he replied the following.

"I got a five pound bet of seed that I can or can't float about the shop for five minutes. Hey did any of you guys see Michael Jordan drive, leaping from the free-throw line to the basket to stuff it awhile back?"

Gabriel who was a huge fan says:" he was the first to glide, floating like a big bird. Years later many would float like birds or float like your dolphins, but Michael set the standard in professional basketball,  still followed today. He was the first to fly in the N.B.A."

"We Native American Indians long ago called this floating like a bird technique 'magical running'" Quick Walker said. "In the early 20th century anthropologists wrote about us, Native Americans who traveled in 'the old way' and documented that our tracks were spaced far apart and that our footprint's impressions upon the earth seemed to barely leave a mark in the dirt. A pale skin anthropologist named Carobeth Laird observed it first hand when living among our peoples in North American and wrote about it in the 1920's." 

"I see you have learned your lessons well" Quick Walker says to White Crow. Turning to the others: "we now call 'the old way' riding the vacuum's wave. It is like the 'quintessence' that the star gazers now observe in the universe with their telescopes. We have learned to use gravity's repulsive field that seems to fill the void of space and time. The energies of the universe are in a vacuum but are now discovered to be speeding up once again. We are just riding the wave of this accelerating dark energy in a rapidly expanding universe. It is something like looking into a mirror that reflects, or rather inverts the image of a gravity field into a complementary levitation field. The flat space of the universe becomes somewhat curved, like a wave, in the opposite direction. It propels us in the power of our own visualized intention, allowing us to ride the dark energy of the universe. It is just another force of the universe that we have learned to attune to and understand."

"More food for the masses, and of good protein, just for floating. Can't beat that." White Crow smiled and landed softly by a work bench.

They went about their work, a most important work. Building machines for free energy and healing, ponds of algae to reclaim and do the necessary bio remediation the earths atmosphere needed. The thrust of their work was to free the human being from the tyranny of exploitation and reverse the Earth's slow death, freeing all souls to the bounty of Creation. Raphael walked in. He is the Archangel of brightness and healing. His work was with a machine that linked the mind and heart for the healing process. He was from Mexico City living now at the center in Canada. His work too included healing the Earth. He is the Archangel of science and knowledge. He monitored the volcanoes of Mexico and the world at large and attempted to slow the eruption rates with the use of an earth tectonic plate stabilizer he invented that massaged the Morphic fields of the near future. The SO2 emissions of the volcanism was followed and he attempted to reduce and transmute the gases trapped in Earth's lower atmosphere with the use of induced circulation flows using figure eight flow forms to clean the liquid atmosphere of the earth's air flow.

Chapter 2

The Mothers


Their work spanned time and space. Constance Grace was a librarian of Irish descent, Rose Armstrong was an African-American elementary school teacher and Sophia Steel a Russian immigrant was a married mother working as a nurse in a nursing home. Ruth Kidd was a housewife and mother of one. They met weekly to visualize the world on a path of empathy and love. It was not unusual for them to talk late into the night about the state of the world and what they could do to make it better. Constance and Rose did not have children of their own but spent most their days helping them. This Saturday night was like any other for the women. A brief review of their weeks activities, laughs and then they would get down to their work.

"Wow, what a week! I got 27 term papers in shape, helped get 3 books started and, who knows how many questions answered, as to and where to find what. Babes in arms all of them. Don't you love it?" They laughed, reaching out, touching each other like school children on an outing.

"My children were bouncing off the walls this week. Probably the moon plus a bad movie week. I swear I believe that movies today are intended to produce dysfunctional children. Put enough garbage in and what you are going to get is garbage out. Makes my job harder I know that much." Rose said.

Sophia responded: "Yes it was hell on wheels at the nursing home too. I felt like I was all things to all people, with get me this, I'm hurting there and are you sure that was my son who visited me yesterday? Sometimes I think its just pills, preserve and pay! Quality of life is questionable when you can't remember who your family members are, or what your name is, or where you are. It just breaks my heart."

"I agree with you Sophia it just doesn't seem right," Ruth says. 

Sophia continued, saying: "my  husband- 'the doctor' says that 40% of what he does with his patients does not even work. More of his colleagues are secretly seeking alternative therapies for their own medical needs. Just last week he went to a hyperbaric chamber center to cleanse his blood stream. He is a doctor who marches to a different drummer, I guess, but medicine is so demanding and the stress he is under just wipes him out. He says medicine is going to kill him if he doesn't take care of himself. Told me he has a colleague who travels the country teaching people how to breathe. Says he does more good for his audiences than he does for his own patients."

"Any other comments? All right, lets get down to work women, we have visions to visit and time is precious." Rose says

Their work was a group meditation, an active form of steering the ship of state called planet Earth on a steady course through the obstacles of a world winding down into a morass of contentious disagreements. The chill upon the earth was being felt now by many, like an ill wind that meant no one any good and needed the warmth of inspired hearts and minds to reverse this chilling trend. At least that's the way they saw it, their work was about changing all that. They worked for a better world for all people, like a group of women would naturally be inclined to do. They used the positive power of their own energy and initiative to tune to the true sources of knowledge. A new revelation was needed by the world and they were working towards that hallowed ground.

"I have the image ready" Rose said." Lets lay on the floor and get the chemistry flowing." 

They laid on the living room floor and when all were comfortable began flopping about like fish out of water. This technique was introduced to them by Constance-ever the scholar. She saw the technique used by a famous violinist during an interview on T.V. years earlier and knew immediately what he was doing. He was lymphsizing, meaning he was stimulating his cardio vascular system and flushing his lymph system with oxygenated blood or simply put, exercising the lymph system. She thought it would be a great way to start their meetings and she was right. The women loved the tingling feelings it left them with after they stopped the flopping about and just laid there for a couple of minutes. This was a meditative technique that allowed them entry into a timeless realm and seemed to bring a still calming effect to their emotions. After what seemed an eternity but in fact was but a couple of minutes Rose spoke again.

"The globe is spinning on its axis, lets now see the earth slowing down. Now with these feelings of peace and fuzzy warmth lets surround the globe in invigorating light. Surrounding all the nuclear power plants through out the world, all the world's people and all of nature, enveloped in our peace and tranquility for all life." 

The room fell silent. The active meditation speaks to, and envelops the entire planet. 

Gaia responds saying: "good of you, women of light, you take the sick and infirm and strive to make whole." It was good and time had come to a standstill as though a force was being unleashed upon the planet that was evolutionary, slowly moving out surrounding the entire globe. An hour of so later the group was brought to an all alert status with the sounds of someone snoring loudly. Ruth had fallen asleep, as she was inclined to do occasionally, and was now snoring, sewing her seeds in the land of non- locality, somewhere in the interconnected universe.

Some of their best work was done in the sleep state so the women allowed Ruth her space and quietly moved about the living room until she awoke a few minutes later.

"Wow, I must have dozed off" she said, "what a dream I had. It was snowing to beat the band, I'm talking 6 feet of the stuff. So I put a slow melt on it as to not cause flooding. Scary really but I managed." 

They loved dreams and talked about Ruth's dream for the rest of the evening. To them the dream was as real as any child in need of help or man and women in need of attention, and just as mysterious as all three.

Chapter 3

Gamma Radio Waves


Quick Walker knew Earth was experiencing things that were unprecedented in its history. Things were being seen, experienced, and felt by many people that had no physical explanation. The Sun was erupting in solar flares and coronal mass ejection's. These sunspots had minor effects on the solar emissions, but the magnetic activity produced pronounced change in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray emission levels. But these changes during the solar cycle were having an impact on the Earth's upper atmosphere. Beyond our own solar system the universe was emitting Gamma rays from huge celestial bodies that were going super nova and even hyper-nova. X-rays and laser emissions were emitting their pulses from our solar system. Those who looked up and out beyond the blinders of scientific materialism that dominated the worlds cultural mind set, knew we were undergoing nothing short of a global transformation and the warning signs were issuing in upon us all. It had to be worked with, because it could  not be halted. These were source's for the transmutation of circuits needed by the "terrible child walking" as the Anglo Saxon was known by Quick Walker's people. These people, as well as the world's peoples, would need to become stilled, like the waters of the big water snakes to move on to the new world of paradise on Earth. Prayer, divine intervention, and a call to heal the Mother Earth was their only hope to turn things around.

Quick Walker was a native American, of the Blackfoot tribe but his home was now the Moon. He was working between worlds, living at some hot springs on the Okanogan Lakes in Alberta, Canada. He practiced an ancient ceremony assisting the Mother Earth with its spinning and birthing into the next phase of its being. He was concerned that the numbers needed for the light work were being fooled into complacency by the thought control police that dominated the media and academic institutions of planet Earth now. His concerns were well founded. 'Frank was not being frank' as he liked to say. Truth was not the collective goal of the 10 or so people who controlled 60% of the planet's resources and wealth, rather world domination was their visionless mission. Thus misguided understandings of the Darwinian axiom of a 'survival of the fittest' was leading the people of the Earth into a materialistic lifestyle that excluded their own planet as a living, breathing  entity worthy of their respect and love. Never in Earth history were so few people with so much material wealth so perplexed and misguided, and the trickle down wealth that so many on the planet shared in did not seem to bring them any closer to a true understanding of the meaning of life.

"You folks think that you can dominate all life on the planet and keep walking in balance with the stars, the big water snakes, and the circles of the spirit you call crop circles. Your physics is nothing but the study of the Creator. The force takes form. All men are created equal Jesus Christ said, 2000 years later you still do not listen". 

He said this as he was preparing for his daily soak in the hot springs, sipping a green tea he picked in the wild as he arranged his crystals in sacred geometric forms. Burning Sage sticks filled the air with their pungent odor.

"If 12 of your people would work with the Great Spirit to heal the earth and right your wrongs with the brothers and sisters of the land and oceans- especially the whales and dolphins, you would then walk hand in hand with the Great Spirit and witness the birth of a new world. You must release your captive dolphins from their prisons, dismantle your nuclear weapons and phase out your nuclear power plants entirely. Learn to use your plant kingdom for methods to absorb your nuclear waste materials. Your minds have done great things, yet your hearts are not flowing in harmony with Earth  You must believe that the mind of human is a great tool that can heal the Earth and prepare you for your birthright, the passage to a new Earth. Only fools will tell you your weather has made you rich and science is not sure if your warming trends are good or bad. Your planet is about to reject your species and you had better start using your mind power to correct your problems now. Global warming is real."

Over the span of times past Quick Walker and many others could be seen on the Moon flashing about as luminosity's of a soft peach color. The Native American clans along with other indigenous peoples of the world had been there since the time when the Moon had pulled apart from the planet Earth to become it's satellite long ago. Their concern for the Earth was great. Sounds from the Earth were chilling, with high pitched sounds of cousin whale and dolphin shrieking above the rest in panic. The oceans and the great Pacific have become polluted with man-made waste and a noise pollution that did not belong in the waters. Man was losing his grasp, the gyre was wobbling and only the light workers could bring the ship of Mother Earth right.

"You will pay for these wrongs, the paradise of light waters calls for your attention. If you do not pay attention many of you will have to walk on the entwined path up into the howling winds of strife, confusion and great sadness. Better to change your ways now and spiral up into the waters of light, course set towards a  future of community within the Great Spirit now here in this paradise we call planet Earth ."

He removed his clothes and got into the hot spring, his mind went to the Great Spirit, and he danced to the drum beat in eternity. Few here on the Earth heard the drums but the sounds were strong and unencumbered by the 'terrible child's' noise and confusion. These people of the planet were not able to listen as they were a flood in noise. What could be heard were the sounds of  talking from  radios, televisions, computers, movies, sporting events, politicians, professors, industries all contributing to a dizzying whirl of random static that had no center, no heart and very little rhyme or reason. The Earth was awash in muddle and knee deep in self interest, resulting in a dysfunctional world populace that was in need of a major intervention before it was retarded back into a mindless docile species similar to a green algae. This world culture was becoming undifferentiated and dangerously restless.

"Quick Walker, do you think there is a group here on the earth that wish us ill and want the future for themselves only and have little concern for the rest of humanity?"

Quick Walker soaking in the hot springs sat quietly for awhile before answering me. Finally he said: "White Crow do you remember when you were a child and you found the baby owl in Riverside?"

"Yes, very clearly."

"It was taken to the San Diego Zoo where it lived out the rest of it's days. People of the Earth are like that owl, free in youth but soon trapped in a zoo where eventually most forget what the price of freedom is, they lose their vision of freedom, to die like a caged animal with no memory of the great journey life is or the purpose for their being in the first cause. Your keepers wish this for their own self interest, believing they can keep the thrust of evolution of the spirit in their hip pockets like a wallet, crushing all individual soul vision from human's heart's. The young owl would have died if you had not found it, returning to the great round of existence. Your help only thwarted its purpose. You were only a child and did not know better. Look at your life now White Crow, as you too have been caged and the keepers would like you to forget your mission, and give up broke and sad."

It was clear that so much more was going on here on Earth than our world view and science really did not understood. Large numbers of people were constantly seeing things, feeling things and no explanations were forthcoming. It was confusing as to why we were not being told this and why it was happening. Rather we humans on Earth were being treated like cattle to be experimented with and devoured at the tables of old fat cats,  a world war gone terribly subterranean. It was time to meet with the Shamans to see what could be done to turn the tide in a conscious way, away from the collapse of world civilization.

Chapter 4

Shaman's Work


Drums could be heard in the distance, the air pulsed in a plasma of light. White Crow was approaching the realm of the shamans. A spinning vortex pulled him towards a point of singularity, where everything seemed condensed and coded into a point of light. A trunk is opened and air rushes in to fill the vacuum. Then in total quietude a tension was felt. A soft wind was blowing, drum beats washed through the light. Like a stirring  glass of water the vortex gets deeper like water draining from a bathtub it gets faster at the center while slowing at the edge of this cosmic whirlpool. Suddenly the air is sucked out by gravity and  replaced with nothing, negative pressure. Now W. C  was in the world of antimatter intending the homing tension to draw him to the shamans.

The whirlwind vortex is what our planetary solar system is also. Guides through the whirlwind was necessary for safe passage and survival of souls journeying back to the Other. They assisted the souls who became disorientated at the moment of physical death assisting them on their journey's back up into the upper realms of what many refer to as the astral plane.  Explorers of the ethereal realms, chart a course through a trunk into the cosmic seas of antimatter.

White Crow was greeted warmly. He had been in touch with these beings since he was a child growing up in California. His earliest memory was soon after he was born. At home on St. Andrews St. his parents had a respirator set up in his room. Late that night a fire started in his room and was suffocating him. A ball of light appeared and then went into his parents room and with a beam of light focused on his father's head woke him up. Waking he smelled the smoke, got up and went into his son's room to discover the fire. Putting the fire out, he took White Crow into his bed for the rest of the night. Over the years these balls of light were to appear in times of need in his life. Coming from a good Catholic family the boy never talked about this with anyone.

The traveler was asked to join a drum circle. White Crow sat with the others and began beating his drum which was stashed here for such occasions. The vibrations filled the air with an almost hypnotic quality but one's focus was nevertheless steeled to each beat in a nowness that was timeless crossing time and space. The vibrations filled the universe and reverberated back to the circle, they were awash in a plasma of light that usually occasioned these circles and touched many on the planet of Earth.

Over the span of time hatred had so filled the helms of the spirit that it had become harder to expel the hatred with the healing love plasma. This was one more of the tasks the shamans had to deal with and it was getting harder. Love and good were qualities that counter balanced hate and evil yet when the hate in a world was predominating, love and good suffered. The work of the shamans, spiritual hierarchies, and the angels was now hanging by a thread. A wing and a prayer were not enough to turn things around, what was now needed was a complete transformation of the world as we had come to know it. When ignorance reigns you better be careful and know which pole is positive and which pole is negative. Because when you go to charge the battery, it could explode in your face.

Now was time to tell story. "So White Crow what have you to tell?"

 W.C. began with story of person's who were in his dream for the last year or so." They are musicians, actors, comedians, journalists, athletes, and family who have passed over, all with shamanic skills of the dream vision."  W.C. was a dreamer, known about the spheres, and the visitors were individual's that had some degree of success and notoriety over the last few years on Earth and were reaching out to him now. "I was visited by one in particular that was in dream performing his music then traveling on a bus and wished for my company. Then his wife and he presented me with a prayer stick one night. This musician had written very beautiful songs about love and family that had touched me in prior years. He played a bagpipe as he walked the track outside my home in waking time and even joined with his other musician friends swimming as dolphins and whales below my window in the dreamtime. I have been very shy about all of this and the idea of traveling to the city of story will take all my courage to accomplish. Telling story,  participating in the Earth's transformation is very important to me as well. So, as in a web of the finest ethereal substance known to creation, weaving a story of truth and transformation to save story seems, to me, a good thing to try to accomplish."

The shamans listened quietly. After some time they spoke.

"It is well White Crow. They were reaching out to you and when you did not respond they did what most would do, they figured you for a fool or worse, a liar. They did not understand your staying close to your hearth, protecting your son and seeing him off to warriors camp, or your tenderness directed to your mate, who's feelings and heart you have had to deal with knowing your lives will be changed for the better yet not sure how that will manifest once in the show time town. You have let the vision and opportunity come to you and now you do not force the issue. Do not concern yourself, as your life has remained simple and unaffected as the leaves or the grass. The world of entertainment is not simple and can be very invasive. It can steal you vision quickly and leave you addicted for attention and adulation. Also hard drugs can blanket the vision, great robbers of soul vision, the powders and pills of a great American appetite. Ever wonder why you see some souls in your vision and not others? Tend your garden, keep spirit and your soul as your ground and beacon, the rest is just 'pomp and circumstance' as the English say. Understand that your visitors are doing the work of reconciliation and preparing for your arrival, you are a product of your growing up, you can not change that now. They too are seeking, all on a quest, in a world none are sure where it is heading. How different are they from the rest of us really who do not contend with your media's spotlight and the pressures of popularity? And is not love the greatest art of all? Go to show time and let it be. Your table is set, your place secured, go, it will work out. Dream on, can you feel the love for the wild flower of soul? Remember, a diamond is a diamond, but a diamond with history is very special."

The winds picked up over the waters, the drums sounded dimly, now fading away. White Crow was on his way back home to his family up on a high desert plateau 2500 feet above sea level looking out over the snow covered mountains. Soon all would be revealed to those that listened. As the universe was vibrating in a cosmic whirlwind, gasses filled the envelope seeking shape in the souls of 'child terrible walking'. Could they smell a change, or hear the plight of billions of humans? Was their wing broken, their prayer silent? The shaman's work was never done until all were in paradise. Yet those few who would have us looking elsewhere for the truth, where working overtime as well. It was a time to be careful and bold. Story told could change the world for the better of all.

Chapter 5

Souls in the Balance

Hollywood 1958

I grew up in Hollywood, California in the1950's in a big pink house with his three younger brothers and my parents. It was a wonderful time to live in Southern California. We lived on the corner of Ogden and Selma two blocks off of the Sunset and Fairfax intersection and a block away from Hollywood Blvd. Both my parents were native Southern California's. They were Catholics and we attended Mass every Sunday. I was a very happy child with walks to the Manns Chinese Theater up on Hollywood Blvd. for Sunday matinees, trips to Knotts Berry Farm to see the animals and when Disneyland was built we made regular trips to the theme park to ride the monorail and see Mickey and his friends. You could say it was a child's paradise.

The neighborhood had a variety of fruit trees stringing through the yards for miles. Orange, plum, avocado, tangerine, apricot, lemon, persimmon, grapefruit trees and even banana trees were scattered about. Many people who worked in the entertainment industry lived in the area. 

"There goes Steve McQueen driving up Ogden Drive again, the man does not know the speed limit" my mother would call out to anyone in hearing distance. Or : " Sunny and Cher just drove by, man she is so young and what pretty eye's she has, did you see that, she smiled at us!" my brothers and I  would be really excited after they had driven by. We all thought she had the nicest and for real smile".

"Loretta Young attended mass at Blessed Sacrament Church up on Hollywood Boulevard and it was a family story that our father dated her before she became a star. My brothers and I  figured that they would have been well suited for each other, both devout Catholics and a natural balance for each other. Her calming disposition and my fathers Irish temper would have worked well. Guess our mother was from a more established family and that is what our father was really looking for, not a movie star to marry. Some things just don't happen for a reason we figured".  

"Richard Bronson and his wife of then Jill St.John were about. I remember them pulling up to us at the intersection on Sunday mornings as we were going to Mass. They sat so close to each other in their car, you could see that they loved each other very much. Seemed they wanted to get to know us but that was of course out of the question, they were after all actors and we were, well, 'middle class' and did not associate with their types.  Funny how over the years entertainers would become like royalty in America but when we were growing up I can tell you it was not like that at all ". 

"John Wayne went to U.S.C,  and married a woman that my mother went to Immaculate Heart High School with. My mother would often say: 'should have never divorced that woman, she is such a good person. Actors, don't know from dogs most of them.' It was clear to me and my brothers that show biz was not destined in our stars for us as children, as both my parents seemed to shy away from that world and often held them in contempt. As kids we watched them on T.V. or the big movie screen but never were we allowed to dream that one day we might be just like them. It was not an acceptable goal for an Irish Italian middle class family to think of. A salesman, a priest, even a cop or teacher were acceptable occupations but never an actor". 

"They lived like dogs, only dog's lived better" my grandfather would say to us when he came to visit. The deck was stacked, so we just enjoyed being entertained and never dared thought of entertaining.

Yet the stars were everywhere, school, church, restaurants like Schawbs down on Sunset  Boulevard or Barnies Beanery on Santa Monica with its infamous "No Fags Served" sign. Right! like they needed Barnies, even then L.A needed them to run their often tedious business, the entertainment industry without the workforce of the 'gay' community would probably be a complete chaotic mess. The attention to detail would drive most, quote normal people, mad. 

"See that sign, do you boys know what a fag is?" Dad asked as he pointed it out to us whenever we ate there which we did often for some reason. Guess he liked the flavor of the place, and was just educating us to the realities of our home town while he was at it. It did not help our appetites especially I remember. We soon came to realize that being a "fag" or "homo" was not going to keep them out of most restaurants in Hollywood or Santa Monica. We did understood his concern however, but the fact was, it seemed every 10 th or so person in Hollywood at that time was gay". 

"Anyway living over a block was Jay North known to T.V. watchers as 'Dennis the Menace'. Jerry Mathers- the Beaver was a classmate in high school. Jackie Du Shannon attended mass at our local church as did Jack Lavine- Walt Disney's personal manager back then. Rock and Roll bands were forming, practicing and recording. Hollywood then was like one big extended family really, but we maintained our distance. My parents believed that to give children a happy childhood was a gift that would carry us through rough times as we grew up. They were probably right about that. Anyway acting and show biz was to be watched and enjoyed but not to be participated in. They knew to many in the business that were not very happy or for that matter, balanced individuals. The consensus feeling was that just being normal was bad enough without the added burdens and pressures of being in show business."

"With the joy of childhood for a foundation we were able to withstand the pains of life that where to follow. We were lavished upon by our very generous Grandfather who purchased season tickets for the Dodgers when they arrived in Los Angeles around l957. I was able to see Sandy Kofax pitch no- hitters several times and even saw him throw a perfect game. Don Drysdale pitched in a state of barely concealed rage and threw sidearm as well, clearly it took lots of nerve to bat against him. When the Giants came to town Willie Mays was really a treat to watch play center field and how he could chase a fly ball down. Willie swung a happy bat as well, rarely seeing a pitch he didn't like. Hammering Hank of the Braves was so strong and compact a player. Seemed he was the expression, in mo of no wasted. He flowed at the plate, like rippling muscles perfectly tuned, waiting to pounce. My favorite though was Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates who would swing the biggest bat I had ever seen. It looked like a telephone pole from the 20th row were my Grandfather had his seats. I saw him swing at pitches that only Roberto was capable of hitting. He too never saw a pitch he did not like, the man was a swinging machine, pitch after pitch, and what an arm from right field he had, often throwing out runners at third base. That always got a cheer out of the crowd even though it was a Dodger that got thrown out, greatness was great to see no matter who it was. Pete Rose was influenced by the great Clemente  I figured.  Charlie Hustle for the Cincinnati Reds swung a big bat with great abandon in his early years, only developing an eye for good pitches as he matured as a player. Baseball at it's finest and there I was between home plate and first base watching to my heart's content the finest players in the world. Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs  was so smooth with his glove and what 'wrist action' with his bat. He was like a skinny kid who, when one game was over, looked so fresh that he could play another. Stan the Man Muscial of the St. Louis Cardinals was poetry in motion with a stroke so smooth it appeared effortless. Big Bob Gibson also with the St. Louis Cardinals was fierce on the mound and it seemed no one relished the job of  batting against him. And Leo Durocher, called "Leo the Lip" was absolutely a very funny guy to watch manage a ball club. He had a face that only mothers and amorous fans could love, and his arguing with the umpires was legend, even kicking Jocko Conlin one afternoon. It was a time when baseball was full of characters who were bigger than life".

"At home my Dad did not spare the rod when he deemed it appropriate. Figured we had a great life and we had better know right from wrong at a young age or else we were going to end up spoiled by time we reached our  teens. He was a V.P. at his father's printing company. Seemed to us children that when he had a bad day at the office we should lay low on the home front for often he was in the frame of mind that some discipline was in order. His punishments were serious business and sitting down at school for the next few days was a problem. But these pains would soon pass as we went about being children in the wonderland of Hollywood, California which was really a beautiful place to be a child growing up. Dad built us a batting cage and bought a pitching machine that was set up in our backyard. My brothers  and I could always improve our hitting now. He was very involved with his children's activities and afforded us the best opportunities that he could come up with. We had a ball, batting in our cage, batting practice with the pitching machine until it was to dark to see".

"As a child I developed abilities to remember my dreams. I also had the belief that as I played in my backyard I could prevent accidents that were about to occur. When I heard skidding vehicles approaching each other at the busy intersection of Fairfax and Sunset I would call out "no" and to my amazement the accident would not happen. Now this was occurring in the mind of a six year old so it is understandable that magical thinking was as real to me at that age as going for a swim down the street at my parents friend's home the Monty's. The accidents had such a loud, horrible sound that I could not bear to hear them. This logic of mine was shaped and  formed from attending Mass for years and hearing about the lives of saints and the existence of angels. The stopping accidents ability was seen by me as completely possible, if fact I was doing it regularly. I also liked to think himself flying on my way home from school. I would jump up the pavement and suspend my descent for what seemed minutes and move into a slow motion picture frame as I slowly glided up Ogden Drive to my house on the corner. I did not speak about these things with his parents or brothers as they would not really believe or understand me. Yet I was improving my  jump from two asphalt squares in the sidewalk to 3 on up to 8 by time it was noticed by neighbors. I was then being watched as an unusual child to be puzzled over. It seemed I was blowing my cover so I stopped my little floating game. Yet the flying dreams never left me and I continued to work the accident patrol for years to come. Life was sweet and full of adventure."

"As we grew up baseball became my first love and I played up into the college level. Music was also very much appreciated as well. Rock and Roll was big then and I also discovered Classical music which seemed so uplifting to me and elegant like a fine meal in a four star restaurant. As time unfolded in the Los Angeles area drugs began to spill into the area through organized crime, governments, military and c.i.a. all using the entertainment industry as a portal for their poisoned witches brew. Soon they were being used among my friends, children that I was growing up with and even my own family. It was soon to become an epidemic and many lives would be changed for ever. Death, addiction and 90 degree turns in destiny along the road of life occurred and today many would wish those times had never occurred. An evil conspiracy to rob America of  the best bred, fed and educated children up to that time that the world had yet seen. Or just an unfortunate timing of events, I could not be sure. I did know that my families lives would enter a period that was as night to day from where I had come from. Children would die in the neighborhood, heroin would rear its ugly head and become synonymous with Hollywood and the magic would recede into calmer waters. The '60's of love and peace became the '70's of a pale, itching stupor. Suicides, broken families, and despair were all around".

"The sympathies and antipathies that ran in my  heart were enough to break it. But a very important lesson was learned from these events and times. The heart is like a musical instrument and it can play a sad lament or it can sing the praises of creation in all its wondrous beauty. The choice was mine. The quality of  feelings were the pallet of my soul. For it is the joy and sadness that bring color to the very being of individuals. The heart is the seat of the soul and without the color of red their could not be green. The red of one's fires burning in desire and passion with  the greens of nurturing and consolation both needed to balance the scales of lives lived in the full bloom of life. The light of yellow's insight complements the deep blue of our introspection and night vision. The balance in this fire is what allowed me the experience of my own soul. Those who would stand mute on the nature of soul, yet inflict great pain and hardship upon others, were but silent teachers. I was a pilgrim with the light of love illuminating my heart, the toil revealed a great treasure, my soul. This long suffering was transformed into a jeweled crown, for understanding the heart's place in our soul's awakening and development".

Chapter 6

A Turn in Time

Our Future as a Morphic Field

White Crow was working on time in space within his own imagination and discovering that it was a dimension where he could predict and effect coming events. He did this with his pet dog as he was coming home from his journey collecting healing plants. He would send his dog the thought that he was coming home and his wife Still Waters would tell him the exact time that his dog would start barking and pawing at the door in anticipation of his arrival. This was a fourth dimension and White Crow enjoyed working in this space and felt with others they could change the further for the good of all. He even heard a talk show radio host doing the same thing. There was a field effect that if done for good seemed to alter the future but the spiritual hierarchy did not permit this gift to be used for the harm of others or the planet.

His favorite writer on this subject was an English author by the name of J.W. Dunne. His 'An Experiment in Time'. W.C. read  many time's dealing with time. Dunne wrote that in your dreams you could in fact glimpse the future and it you were of the mind could in effect change the future. He also wrote that you could go back into the past and re-experience the past too but only the future could be altered. His experiences and logic held that their was a multi-dimentional space and time continuum that we could avail ourselves of if we learned a few simple techniques. The dream state was a space that these methods could be used to access this multi-dimentional time. He felt that immortality of the soul could be confirmed while in this lifetime and that the experiences of this lifetime could be accessed in afterlife as in a second time dimension.

To White Crow time was becoming a type of space and his dog was reacting in space to his timed messages sent to him as he was returning from the Arcadia fields. Time in the here and now contained a threefold presence of the past, present and future. For most people though time was broken up into three distinct parts - past, present and future and they had very little living connection with each other. The actions of most people are geared to behavior that tries to affect the future but for the most part is viewed as unknowable. As the future unfolds before them any sense of shaping the future is seen as an illusion with only feelings of joy or sadness for what has come to be manifested in the present now. The past is but memories. So the future within the here and now is what White Crow had come to understand as the willing, with the present as related to the feelings and the memories of the past as the pictures we hold in our minds as to what we see the world as having been. To White Crow it seemed that most people lived in the world of the past and this was called thinking though past.

It was becoming evident to W.C. that as consciousness evolved in this world of variable futures we all could help to shape our worlds destiny it we conceived perceptions that nurtured a positive world view and beingness. The importance of seeing a future was that we then inherited one that we had a say in and participated in achieving. We were the writers of our own history. With many humans participating within a worldview realization rather than a few with their own agenda the world turns out differently than if only a few were attempting some manipulation of  the worlds future via economics, movies or the prevailing scientific materialism. A world of conscious willing beings could create crop circle art,  free energy devices or it could cower in fear of an uncertain future. The choice was ours. Our minds were our future, thinking constructive, creative thoughts was medicine for all the Earth.

Time and consciousness go hand in hand. With the onslaught of computers, cell phones and electronic gadgets seemingly endless in number for the foreseeable future W.C. saw humans coming back to square one. Consciousness was the key and the heart was the lock with our will's unlocking the future. It was time to lighten up and truly live as cosmic beings willing a positive future for us all. To see life as a continuum and connected with huge resonating morphic fields available for our attuned minds to use and participate in creation.We can create a world of freedom and beauty if we will it.

Chapter 7

A Room Upstairs

The Future Now

The whole life of this place was different. The life forms here were changed due to the changing conditions of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It was cold and explosive eruptions were heard in the distance. The place had an orange, green and yellow coloration with lots of brown from sulfur vents that were steaming. . The visitors seemed adapted to this new world and were comfortable.

Ruth, Rose, Constance and Sophia now arrived. They had just missed a super storm with a visualization that seemed to put the events off until 2035. Yet in these fundamental changes time dates had become plastic and malleable to the dictates of those who created demand on the Earth's organism for new life forms. What the women discovered in there work was that the entire fabric of life as we knew it up to then was now undergoing development of new species on Earth. Hard as this was for many to accept or think about Constance and the others were there already and knew that new qualities of life were unfolding and the Earth itself was entering a new physical state. The planet was evolving due to biosphere qualities. They knew that only a deep understanding of what was happening would allow them to be a part of this evolutionary thrust being seen through the biosphere conditions.

The four corners folded in. The Archangels work was very necessary for the smooth running of the celestial speres.Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Auriel have been at their tasks for eternity and honestly they were tired of never being able to close their eyes. Think about it. Our seemingly silent partners never ever were able to close their eyes and take a little nap. You see creation had gotten so riotous and just plain contentious that they, our own Archangels have been pushed to the virtual limits of their capacity to keep the intended order of the Creator in the forward direction upwards to the 10th hierarchy. This is man's rightful place on Jacob's ladder leading to the next level of evolution for mankind. Auriel's work was now in full bloom however with the angels working in the Scorpio constellation allow individuals to focus their energies for goals and  purposes while his angels in the constellation of Sagittarius allowed individuals to prepare, distribute, purified energies to an ever widening circle within ones life. Things were very busy now at the galactic center with great assistance for our own evolution's now unfolding. Seems the twelve months, the twelve signs of the zodiac and the planets of our solar system were the paths that the angelic beings use to distribute their diffused energy throughout the Universe. As we  humans on Earth become more in tune with these rhythms, we are able to communicate with these realms of being and thus able to help share the blessings received with the rest of the planet.

These were the representatives of the New Earth Jupiter. These evolutionary changes required an intent focus and great courage. To endure the new climate, and the new living life form, this consciousness we humans had become, required an understanding of community. That is necessary for all evolution to continue on its upward thrust in the DNA-RNA double helix ladder. We now follow Jacob back to the Godhead or Source or really to an evolving consciousness community.

The Sun and its great Solar Archangel Christ had reached its Solar Maximum in the years 1999 through 2002. The X-Ray flux flares that we began to see then let us know that this large scale frequency of these super-flares was a message to us all that the world as we knew it was changing before or very eyes. The cosmic light was shinning bright. Christ was illumined and raying all creatures great and small with His light and warmth. He too is working overtime with so much cosmic raying descending on the planet Earth he has had to spend a great deal of time just reflecting laser, hyper-nova and mega flares from his own domain out away from Earth so that we did not get radiated out of existence. You see now, their is much more to existence than at first meets the eye. I assure you though that we all are watched and reached out to when we reach for the promised land.

New Earth Jupiter is being birthed now and the situation had become very serious back in the years l999-2000. A growth was occurring in the transmission abilities of the interplanetary environment. Jupiter's hemispheric systems functioning was growing, and in the room upstairs this was already done with one of its moons Io enveloping a plasmosphere around Jupiter. Archangel Auriel governed Jupiter and the fairy kingdom was now very active. The lightworkers and orbs of light were working to connect the spiritual with the physical. Now ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen are being sent to Jupiter from the volcanoes of Io . Jupiter's magnetic process is being affected and stimulating a plasma birth of this evolving world which the orbs of light monitored closely. The magnetic field intensity on Jupiter is causing it to become new states and new processes doubling the fields intensity since the '90's. The Jupiter magnetosphere became excited producing massive plasma generations like the release of the Solar Corona Emissions seen in 1999-2000 X and M class flares. The aurora changes were great and also the changes in the Jupiter-Io currents. Archangel Auriel was unfolding New Earth Jupiter as more lightworkers appeared.

Quick Walker entered the room and greeted his friends.

"We are together now because the Earth's Atmosphere is changing to a new physical-chemical makeup and mechanics. Our ozone is passing over to this new chemistry. This is very important because this change in Earth's atmosphere will bring great temperature changes on the Earth. The winds will become great and you will see rains and fires like you have never seen on the Earth. An abrupt cooling of your European and North American Continents has happened and now the world is as Jupiter. Frozen expanses, geological volcanic activity, and a changed sky with lightning and plasma orbs flashing around your earth. Do not fear these changes they are really just the round of our planetary systems thrust of evolution, and we are all a part of that process. If you don't like this future will it changed. Breathe out, breathe in, at the point between an exhalation- inhalation a dimentionless point appears, go into this portal to the future. Here you could work with the Morphic fields to affect a positive outcome for the Earth and its people. It is within the realm of possibilities. Work with the spiritual hierarchies, together we can create a better world."

"Your atmospheric layers the stratospheric layer, troposphere layer, and the earth's surface layer are all under bombardment. They are now being changed and will not ever be the same again for the next 10,000 years.  Scientist call this "photodissociation" where chemistry breaks up into simpler parts. Our ozone controls the oxidizing in the troposphere. In the new world we have a special atmosphere and the physical and chemical constitution of carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrocarbons are changed into a new chemistry. Yet your ozone concentrations has become greater in the troposphere layer and the understanding of ozone's oxidizing capabilities to alter the gas and physical state of Earth's atmosphere had only begun in the mid 1990's".

"Our sun to earth relationship and the planets to earth interactions have accelerated. The New Earth Jupiter is magnetically conjugate to our planet. The planet is now in an excited state as is our entire Heliosphere. The solar system is a living organism and it is now expanding before our very eyes. Plasmas and self-luminous formations are announcing the birthing of  interworld processes. Your crop circles are announcing this transformation of Earth. Our world is the borderland between the physical vacuum and the physical world.Conscious light is now speaking to us, can you hear it"?

W.C wanted to understand the liquid light that was filling the room and the luminous balls of light that seemed to move in some manner that was not understood in the old Earth science.He asked Quick Walker to explain these things to them.

"These are the interworld processes that move between the energy and matter exchange existing between the ether or etheric substance and your own three dimensional world.  The suns activities with solar mega-flares and large amounts of CME's are part of this interworld unfolding. What you are witnessing is a change in the Space-Earth relationship, a great transformation. Man has achieved saturation levels in its gas plasma envelope. Think of the Earth as having an electromagnetic skeleton and with the geomagnetic field shifts occurring and the ozone changes and rising hydrogen- the results were a changed Earth."

Lee Etta spoke up and asked Quick Walker:

 "could not the power of prayer prevent these things from occurring in 2035 and just hold the processes in check?. Do you feel it, He is near, The Lord is close. Let our prayer heal the earth now. And I know Constance we can't go back in time to change things but we can go into the future and if aware enough intentions are manifest then we can will our own futures better.!"

"These changes upon and around the Earth were just being seen then but the work of the lightworkers needed to step up. These are now viewed as being climate and atmosphere and biosphere and adaptive processes that were inevitable. Your prayers  helped save many lives but the unfolding was becoming more severe. And the frequency of the events were on the increase, we were and are in the eye of the whirlwind of continuous creation. It could be agitated or worked with but these processes can not be stopped entirely. Awareness of these conditions came to late, but miracles should never be ruler out. Time in the future is fluid and can be changed but the past is fixed. In the present you must do your work, then only can your future be of benefit to all humankind."

"The Christos was present. He normally lived on the Sun where he ran things as the Solar Archangel but has taken up serious residency on the Earth about 2000 years ago. Jesus in Christ together etherialized the Earth. You might say He made it a kinder, gentler place with his sacrifice. That was the plan and still is". 

"So as you can imagine Christ became a threat to the established religious traditions of his time. This was a great threat to the people who collected the taxes and taught in the religious institutions of 2000 years ago. So he was crucified but he was known to many of  the Christian initiates long before this crucifiction. Christ had descended from the heights of the Sun and further back still was Zarathusta who was the first one to see him in the Sun. Then this force went into the rays of the Sun. The Egyptian initiates then saw Him in the sun's rays Then the power was living in the environment of the Earth. Now the Greek initiates saw Him. Now it was the time to see Him as the one who walked the Earth. He was seen as manifest in the rising clouds, as splendid as the most beautiful crystals and His presence  felt in the green verdant lands of the earth. That those who wanted to visit with him or receive a healing from him could do so then and now".

This was big for us on Council Lights. Intuition as we call it today, your still, quiet voice with-in was aglow now. Jesus was always welcome at the Council and was held in the highest regard. He did his light sweep of the room to bless all and bring the dark forces to their knees beseeching forgiveness. This Son of Man made you proud to be as human, compassionate and long suffering. He was beautiful, big and bright as the Sun with long brown hair flowing down his back. Together our Christos filled the New Earth Jupiter with its warmth and light. Christ as a mystical fact- self evident and luminous in the Halls of Wisdom was happening. "All are Created Equal" reverberated the round, Anthony and Peter Easy were there, Paul, Eugene and Louie too. Rene and the basketball team were present as were Goose and George. Many from Mexico and Africa were now pouring in. Matthew and friends needed to pull out the stops to break the top 20 for the 2000 year season. They joined the circle of light. Musicians were arriving, Crazy Horse and his tribe, the Classical Composers of the15 Century made their presence known too. They returned for one more life on Earth to teach us love before leaving this realm of the Earth evolution for new venues beyond in Jupiter. The lame and halt danced and the love shone through their eyes, and they were loved and were love.

Our world was one of cold frozen expanses with volcanoes erupting continuously. Orange, yellow, blue, green, sulfur stains producing a beauty like the landscape paintings of VanGogh. The New Earth Jupiter was warming up in its icy oceans, new life forms were evolving around its many volcanoes. The orbs of light moved about quickly, 'Ariael' the Lion , Archangel Auriel and all the progressive angels were busy with evolution now.

Chapter 8

Snow Geese


The base was located on the Okanogan Lakes in Alberta. The mechanics set it up for research with machines and learned to work with the animal kingdom developing communication techniques and some genetic engineering experiments. The mechanics were working on free energy machines as well. They had about 25,000 geese. 10,000 were translated to a hybrid goose along with the other 15,000 geese to preserve the gene pool.. The hybrids were all called Scooters and they wintered in the wheat fields saved by an electric current box that Raphael Arch and Kid Able invented keeping the harvest remains edible and snow free.

The Scooters patrol flew the entire jet stream some 30 miles up in the tops of the stratosphere.The others called the Goose patrol or norms for short, flew in the lower atmosphere of the troposphere to about the 20 mile strata in the stratosphere Sometimes the Scooter patrol formed triangle shaped ships and slowly glided for thousands of miles viewing the Earth and the whirling plasma lights that seemed in constant movement around the globe. They saw the humans not talking to the Earth any longer, rather they were rushing about busy, not even looking at the stars at night for fear of the terrible lightning that was occurring regularly now. They also noticed the orbs of light that were moving about making crop circles and building, seemingly always building forms. They definitely liked figure 8's.

The mechanics were working with them to carry devices into the jet stream to reduce the SO 2 in the upper atmosphere. They had been at this experiment since 1999. They had stalled the front but it was a slippery slop. Michael Arch and Kevin were working at their benches. They devised a shield  that the geese carry aloft to redirect the planetary waves, the catabatic planetary waves--huge air movements from the Arctic pole. These high downward winds could have wavelengths of thousands of miles. Here at ground level Kevin, Ruth and many of the others could not notice any disturbance in the air. Michael Arch could hear it howling and would send a picture to the mind of Kidd Able. He in turn would send a thought to the Morphic field of the norms who in turn relayed it to the Scooters. These downward winds were a grave concern to the Archangels, angels and they conspired to help the mechanics as much as they could. These atmospheric gusts are created high up in the troposphere and as they descend into the lower and thinner atmosphere of the mesosphere they become unstable causing them to break. This produces an energy that in turn creates huge winds that shear through the mesosphere sucking up air from below forcing a cooling in the upper atmosphere. An ocean current the North Atlantic trench is affected due to non salinity of ocean waters due to polar melt mixed with the ocean currents allowed for increased water warming. Radical temperature changes occurring in the Arctic- up radically then down as quickly are signs. As warm winds from the south are blowing, suddenly it becomes very cold. The North Atlantic trench trunks with enormous weather systems formed, and dropping 1/2 the planet into yet another ice age. Only thing was this ice age was in potential the largest the planet Earth had seen in some four and half billion years. The geese communicated with Kidd Able and Raphael Arch as to the atmospheric conditions. A control center was established in a large Quonset hut out on the shores of the lake.

The crew of about 50 men, women and children lived in cabins.  They were a very industrious group and worked round the clock on their projects. Sunday was a mandatory day off for pot latch and story. This Sunday as was his practice Quick Walker showed up with wonderful stories of the big water snakes in the lake. He lived at the hot springs and fasted on herbs and water. He greeted the Arch's Michael and Raphael, Kevin, Ruth and Kidd Able, and Dr.Chem R.Klas. They hugged and gathered in a circle to say the meal prayer. After the blessings they mingled around and visited while serving themselves. Story was shared about the big water snakes with some resent sightings by Ouick Walker that got them all excited. Now Kevin mentioned that he had some concerns about the weather patterns thinking they had taken a turn for the worst. He asked Quick Walker if he thought they could continue the work with the animal kingdom to assist them with their work on the adaptations occurring in this new world. Hydrogen, solar emissions, sulfur and ozone were mixing to create a very powerful gaseous weather system with clouds of  plasma belts now visible.The question of genetics and what the environment was doing to both the goose and the human were of concern to them all.

"Yes your genetic altered cousin goose is a concern to them. You must never lose your pool of normal geese and keep them in the greater number. If you keep this balance the Scooters will be accepted by their norm cousins. Your communication work with them is paying off too. They understand your work and enjoy doing it for you. They are of the understanding that this work is what is destined for them. For them the ladder of evolution and the human being are entwined in their belief that together we all evolve to be the New Human.You must honor their trust in your good faith and actions. You too are genetically changing with the flux of electromagnetic bombardment that we are under now. Jupiter's pull is affecting everything. Archangel Ariel is working with you and the geese to weave the fields of Earth and Jupiter in a harmonious way. A few of your "child terrible walking" species have attempted to close down the communication between your conscious and unconscious minds. These devious individuals have intentionally blocked information about your crop circles, the ease of good health through your breathing and diet, the dire straights your world planet Earth has arrived at with your environment and most everything else that's worth knowing about on your planet now."

Michael Arch spoke saying, "We will wake up one morning with  6ft of snow, then the geese will be the only ones able to get out of here and me and my Arch friends will have to find other work. I think you better get that triangle ship fired up. We may need to spread our wings soon too." He went back to the shop and his bench where he was working on a device that the geese would be taking up into the upper atmosphere strapped on their broad strong backs. It was a mini ozone release valve that they had been perfecting over the last ten years.

"You think the geese will accept the weight."

"Yes I do," Michael Arch replied. "It is only 6ozs. and some of these birds weigh up to100 lbs. with an average weight for the  Scooters at about 65lbs. I think it can be tolerated well. The norms won't be using them. Their role will stay the same, pull warm up drafts from the lower atmosphere to the upper atmosphere using our wing foils. Has worked so far."

Kidd Able was15 years old now and had grown up at the center. He was a natural empath and worked closely with all the geese and Archangel Raphael. It was even said that to a single goose the kid knew every goose at the center. Seems he saved the geese when he was just a 6 yr old. The story goes that during one especially long and deep snowfall the geese got stuck up in the stratosphere where they could not break the negative gravity tension that was holding them and was slowly pulling them apart. Story says the Kid Able walked out on the star observation deck on a bitter, cold and lightning filled sky and played his bagpipes. The vibrations of the music freed up some warm air that was available in the troposphere from the lightning and carried it into the upper atmosphere. The trapped geese were freed up with a trunk that opened up around them. They were pulled on air that was filling the trunk. Then slowly at first then faster all the geese were pulled into this whirlpool and swooped back to the center. They talked long about this, as only geese can do, and from that day forward the man-animal line was demolished. Kid Able and the geese were as one field and he was its first legend, embedded in their genepools. Raphael Arch and Kidd Able were the closest of friends.

Kidd was different. Nice, self contained and yet easy to talk to. Like the others he was an inventor. One of his  inventions was an air glider that the Scooters pulled, riding the jet stream. It was so effective that with some matter to chemical transference engineering he got the thing to pull the geese to the moons of Jupiter and back. Seemed he had made a discovery that the magnetic poles of Jupiter were changing and coming into the Earth's heliospere as a gravity form never seen before. It pulled towards Jupiter and he managed to harness it and harnessed his invention on the Scooters wings. His favorite thing of all was taking rides on the backs of the geese into the starry night skies. Now that he was older and heavier he could not do it quite as often or go as high. But for years as a child he flew around his home lands, and could be heard laughing as they flew overhead. He even invented a seat that fit on Great Cloud's back. Great Cloud, one of the few geese left who was strong enough to still carry the Kid on his back- he was part of the Scooter patrol and seemed to show signs of affection for the Kid, unusual for a genetic to do and very much watched.

In 2012 the geese covered the entire New Earth Jupiter round.They were truly the lords of the high skies. They could fly up in the tops of the jet stream and reach speeds of 500 miles an hour, faster if the jet stream was turbulent. But that was their job to manage the troposphere and keep a flow of warm air moving into the upper atmosphere preventing it from locking up cold. The big chill has altered Earth's environment and they were reclaiming the layers that SO2 had chemically changed over the last 12 years. With the help of Kid Able the center was able to develop a sophisticated telepathy program with the geese. It had reached a point where the geese had become keen observers of the atmospheric patters and were able to communicate that to the members of the center. Kevin, Michael Arch, Quick Walker and the others often laughed that the geese were pushing them up the evolutionary ladder as they came up with new inventions.

Long ago they had come up with a high protean diet that reduced all fecal matter to an edible food source for the giant rat population. A nazi experiment that went terribly wrong back in the 50's. The giant rats ate the genetically altered fecal deposits of the geese and over generations were now tiny rats and a great food source for the otter and beaver populations that relished the little fellows.

Chapter 9

Classroom Earth


Rose Armstrong has taught at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School for 19 years. She is a fixture of the place and is seen by the children as the best teacher at the school with a reputation for being hard, no make that very hard. Anyway she teaches the 7th grade, a mixed class of boys and girls. She started her teaching career at Our Lady and never left. Sure she could have gotten a better paying position with the public school system or even a private school for that matter. She just found her place at Our Lady of Fatima and never bothered looking back. Now she was an institution, a fixture as I said before.

The room was stuffed stem to stern, port to starboard. Cozy, warm colors all around, pictures of the woman in the redwood was popular, and other socially involved persons too.Current affairs articles covered the walls. Three computers, a stuffed owl- donated by a parent 10 or so years ago, Geo the class dog, and much more. This years class had 21 students a far cry from her overloaded classrooms of the past. In the past her class size average was 35 students, one year she had 42 students and survived that crop. The room was arranged so the students could work at different study areas in the course of the day. These were called cells and kept the children busy allowing shifts in activities to keep her students interest levels regularly rekindled. She was a master teacher and they knew it but she was hard, very hard.

Her class was multi- ethnic as she herself an Afro-American was super sensitive to what that meant in an academic setting.Rose was no bodies fool and the nuns left her totally alone, she was greatly appreciated. Anyway she had children from England, Canada, Russia, India , Japan and China. They were a serious group and worked hard at their studies. As an acknowledgment of the diversity in her classroom she devised an activity that brought students parents into the classroom to discuss the kinds of work they did. It was an activity that allowed the children to learn about the many different jobs available to them in a rapidly changing world if they pursued their goals steadfastly. She wanted the children to understand that the world was made of people from various cultural backgrounds. People in a lot of ways were different from us White Christian people, with different cultures and belief systems entirely foreign to ours here in America. Now they were here in America with us and Miss Rose Armstrong. She left no doubt in any of her students minds that she was an inspired teacher. Her 7th grade classroom was preparing them for the world at large. "That big,.. bad ass,... world,.... out there" as she was prone to say, voice tailing off at the end. Kind of made you nervous and usually heard when confronted with someone's performance- academic that is, nothing else seemed as important to her as our minds. Rose took her work seriously, she was a force.

As was her custom she greeted her students at the door each morning, shaking their hands, greeting them warmly. This afforded her a quick scan as to her students state of mind that morning. Warm hands was a good sign, cold hands had variables that needed to be assessed and worked with during the day. This technique served her well over the years to help children with difficulties at home or with fellow classmates to get issues resolved, acting like a kind of bio barometer. Today she had 28 warm and willing hands, 2 in the neutral zone- she would have to get them involved early, and 5 with cold hands- these she would have to work especially hard with as their was something bothering each of them she felt, as it was a warm Southern California day.

When the students were seated Miss Armstrong asked a student to lead them in the morning prayer that they said every morning. The student stood up and moved to the front of the class. It was a prayer that her class wrote themselves many years ago and had become a class tradition. They all stood and in unison said the following words:

"Jesus and the Angels wish for all the world to know
All people are made in the mind and image of the Godhead
to be treated with respect and seen as children of God
Respect the beliefs of others and their spiritual and religious traditions
Never forget to see the spiritual side of nature in the world around you"

The children then took their places and without a moment's loss Miss Armstrong spoke up.Children were quietly finishing some earlier interrupted conversations and then turned their attention to their teacher in short order. Soon she had command of the entire classrooms attention span.

"As you all know this is the day we have parents come in to speak to us about their jobs. Before we get started I would like to introduce a friend of mine Ruth Kidd and her 3yr old son Able". They walked into the classroom with a wave from Rose and smiled at the class. Able pointed to himself and proudly declared, "I Able", the students laughed and some even cheered. These seventh graders were able to spot intellectual talent at any age but the younger, the easier. Geo ambled up to Able and nudged him, it was love at first sight for all concerned. Able was an absolutely wondrous child who seemed to have his Ego already firmly established at the age 3. Rose said our friends are here to listen to our guest speakers too.

"Please give them your full undivided attention if that's humanly possible. Thank you." A few children chuckled at her joke, as they marveled at this young, little boy who seemed more like a gnome than a child. Then the visitors were introduced by their children.

First was Emily Turning who presented her father. He is an inventor and was born in England. Mr.Bob Turning spoke to the children about machines that would provide free energy, keep people healthy, and clean the air and water of our planet.  Then Hans Klas introduced his father who is a doctor who uses the medicine that is the life-and-health-giving-forces of their own bodies, to overcome the diseases which now still harass mankind. He grew up in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Mr. Chem R. Klas was a little, very hairy man, who  practiced a medicine that encouraged the patient to become his own healer using his or her own body mechanisms. He got the class laughing when he talked about his research on the Aids virus with his explanations about exposing himself to the deadly virus. It was a colorful presentation with not a dry eye left on board when his presentation was completed. Then Sita Awanni  introduced her mother Gopi Awanni who grew up in India.  She learned to attract the right souls and get them their right bodies for women and families who wanted to bring into the world evolved souls that were able to be more angelic then before when only by using unguided births was the norm of procreation and birth. Mrs. Awanni uses her intuition to know which constellations of the stars, and when to conceive a child that will allow for the birth of a more harmonized and more spiritual child. There were the most questions for this speaker. They wanted to know if you could end up with the wrong parents in a lifetime and was this a way to chart a way to stronger better parents in lives to follow. And were their any children around now whose parents had used this method already?

The talks were fascinating and really exciting for the children to hear. Seemed to them that people from around the world had so much to contribute to the rest of the world's population. The new ideas that they heard about this morning filled them with enthusiasm for the world and its opportunities. After the talks and question period were over it was then time to cover Wednesday's subject- weather. William Lilly has done some research on the Greenhouse effect and SO 2 build up in our atmosphere. He had some very concerning information for his teacher and classmates.William was one of 8 children who were conducting a research project over a 6 week study block on the greenhouse effect. He was ready to deliver to the class their findings.

As was the tradition in Miss Armstrong classes William Lilly had to first quote the references that he and the other 7 students used to draw their conclusions. NASA, Cal Tech, MIT websites, names and papers published both in journals and online were cited and a bibliography sheet was passed around to the class by members of the reporting team. Now the presentation could proceed and was to be no longer than 30 minutes and could be as short as 5 minutes. Any overtime, a request had to be made to the class, and it almost always detracted from a groups final grade- no more than 10 minutes was alloted.

William began their report. "We have startling information to report. From our research we reached the conclusion that the greenhouse affect is in full display on the Earth today. Our observations are all follows. The ocean currents which is really only one very large complicated body of water flowing the span of the earth in constant motion is undergoing a warming trend called. The North Atlantic drift is beginning to cave in due to the atmospheric and planet mechanics. This is our studied opinion as to how it works. The stratosphere is the layer of our atmosphere directly above the troposphere and extends from about 10 miles to 30 miles above our planet Earth. Now this is where the layer of ozone is located that protects us from U.V. rays of  the Sun. We have discovered that with the accumulation of the SO2 gas is now increasing at 1000 times the rate as previously thought in our atmosphere. We will trigger a cooling in the stratosphere if we do not repair this situation in our troposphere. The mechanics are as follows: gases as trapped heat in lower atmosphere mingles with the warming treads of the ocean currents, snow and rain run off mixed with ice melting from polar caps. All meeting in combination switching off the North Atlantic drift. Then suddenly the temperatures rise to unheard of warming temperatures to be followed just as quickly in a season or two with our temperature dropping to freezing temperatures with massive snowfalls and a possibility for the next ice age. The North Atlantic heat pump collapses allowing cool air from the stratosphere to be sucked as a great wind from our upper atmosphere down into our lower atmosphere with cool freezing air that produces winter storms that none of us have ever seen before.

A chill passed through the entire group including Miss Rose Armstrong. Then from the back of the room a child's voice was heard to say: "I Able fix." The class was now very quite. William Lilly and his fellow researchers returned to their seats as there were no questions. Once again the Kidd Able said, "I Able fix".

Above the school very high up in the sky geese could be heard faintly honking, beating their wings while heading on their long journey back to the north country. Seemed early for the geese to be leaving but that was just what they were doing. The room was very quiet until once again Kidd Able spoke up.


Geo barked in agreement and the class broke out laughing.

Chapter 10

Through Around

Los Angeles 1957

Through around the office and out the door the orb of light went. It appeared to him every time he visited Dr. Hun Drillk his dentist. The orb of light visited White Crow many times over the years. It was in times of high stress that it seemed to appear the most often. His dentist visits had reached a near crises mode in the boys mind. Today he was there on a blustery, Santa Anna winds day to have two cavities filled. It struck fear and loathing in the childs heart. The orb of light, some called it ball lightning, ushered itself in the front door of the office. Slowly it moved along the walls of the outer waiting room where the boy was seated coming to a rest under the boys feet. There were other people in the office but only the elderly man sitting opposite him noticed the orb. He smiled at the boy and nodded, looking at the orb. The man seemed somehow different, like one of those aborigines that he had recently seen in a National Geographic Magazine article. Or even an American Indian whose image he had seen in the movies.

Rumor was that Dr. Hun Drillk was an x-nazi, if there was such a thing- x that is. He had settled in Los Angeles via Brazil via Berlin some five years earlier. He had become his family dentist as he lived across the street from his Grandfather's house and kind of just let himself in. Soon he was a regular at family gatherings and was considered a member of their large extended family. The problem was that Dr. Hun Drillk found the young W.C. a threat. The child was too quiet and did not smile enough nor laugh at his lousy jokes. He became a marked child and nobody could have guessed what that would mean to the young child. The doctor was a handsome man with a sonorous voice which he used to command the attention of others. The family was often reduced to speaking in pleasant niceties as a form of conversation because the guy was so smooth and so dam smart. They had all become his captive audience.

"The doctor will see you now." A rush of fear ran around his head like a halo, glowing red. He slowly got up, head bowed and  went into the dentist office. "How are you today buddy." He always said the same thing, like he was some sort of machine, not even human. "Fine" he said hoping to get this over quick. "Well did you keep those brothers of yours in shape?" he asked, I guess because he did seem to fight with his  three younger brothers a lot and Dr. Drillk thought that was somehow a relevant question to ask a 9 year old boy. W.C. felt he was about to get more Novocain pumped into him with what seemed a 5 inch long needle than most mortals could probably tolerate. The orb followed him into the office, Dr Drillk never saw the orbs. Guess he was to self possessed to notice anything accept the slightest possibility of a cavity, then he was a Zeus with plenty of lightning bolts to shoot into ones mouth. W.C. had seen Zeus in a book at home in the family library and thought that must be what it is like to be a dentist. He also had came to the conclusion that evolution was about bigger, stronger people doing whatever they wanted to smaller, weaker people. Evolution had nothing to do with better thinking, balls of light, psychic abilities, deja vu, or the dreams he had about flying with flocks of birds. It was about total domination, a bad power trip if not caught in time. Dr.Hans Drillk did not get caught and today he was going to drill around through two of his molars and W.C. was only 9 years old.

His hands were enormous. As he gave W.C.  the shots of Novocain, and the numbing set in. He could hear the ducks quacking at the near by park. Echo Park was full of ducks, geese and fowl of every imaginable sort. Over the last few years he and his brothers would walk their pet duck on a lease around the block in Hollywood with Lee Etta their live in maid. Lee Etta was like a second mother as she had been with his family since W.C. was only a baby. She got a laugh out of walking Quack their duck on a leash up and down Sunset Blvd. They loved doing it too. When the shit from Quake got to much for his parents they took Quack to live at Echo Park. Now he thought he could hear him as he began to rise as on a cloud above the dentist office. Several orbs of light joined him and the sounds of the ducks and geese increased. Dr.Drillk was now using a drill on W.C.'s teeth, he did not answer his questions about pain. They did not seem genuine to him, anyway he was in good company now and safe. There smiling at him was the man he had seen earlier in the waiting room, he spoke to him saying:

"Hello, my name is Quick Walker and I would like to go to the park with you." He was game and like birds of a feather they were off.

Chapter 11

Council of Light

Los Angelas early in the 21st Century

They were meeting at Ruth Kidd's apartment tonight for their Saturday meditation meeting. She lived in a beautiful apartment that over looked the Wilshire Country Club. On clear days you could see the Pacific Ocean. She lived there with her 3 year old son Able. Her husband was an inventor who was establishing a research center up in Canada. He hoped that Ruth and Able would join him when he got the center established.

The doorbell rang. It was a Mozart Concerto and ran on for minutes until the door was first opened and then closed. In about 3 shakes of a lamb's tail Rose Armstrong was in the apartment and closed the door behind her. The concerto was then shut off.  It was warm for late December. Not uncommon in Los Angeles this time of year but it was very dry as well. "Talk about warm for December, think somebody better turn off the heat and turn on the cold, I mean it is the end of December, right! Second thought lets not turn on the cold rather just monitor this situation closely." Constance and Sophia agreed, it now needed paying attention to.

Ruth was getting the living room ready for the evenings meditation. They were excited about the nights gathering because they had two very special guests coming tonight. The man White Crow and a doctor named Dr.Chem R Klas who was a native of Prague in the Czech Republic. He practiced a new form of medicine that stimulated the internal healing mechanisms and fostered the individual's internal clock to timed responses to any invasion of micro-organisms, virus or bacteria. He was the front line in the 21 century medicine's approach to physician heal thy self. Both were eagerly anticipated visits.

The doorbell rang again, this time it was W.C. who knew the building well. His aunt Rosemarie had lived there some 10 years before. The apartment building was in a well cared for area of Los Angeles and had spectacular views of the city. It provided a doorman at the entrance and all visitors were announced before being allowed to pass by the doorman's station. W.C. was glad to be there once again. Soon after he arrived Dr.Chem R.Klas showed up. Seemed he lived just two doors down the hall.

W.C. and Dr.Klaus had much in common as it turned out. The women knew that already but then they often did. They both were familiar with the healing principals of self healing. They also dreamed conscious laughing, though Dr.Chem R. Klas was a galaxy respected laugher. W.C. was waking better at this new initiation. It was a permutation in dreaming arts seen first in the universe when the Three Stooges sounds and images reached the Alpha Dracon. Seems it infected their evil scheme to conquer the Earth and subsequently lead to excessive laughter, in turn quickly driving them into madness. Seems the devil got very upset with the whole affair as well. Seems happy, light hearted laughter was the antidote for negitive, creepy, vibes. It also hated to see humans making love passionately, this drove them buggy. Anyway, once in a while they were seen driving  l965 black Cadillas and wearing black suits with matching black ties. Reduced essentially to a harmless but nevertheless still around alien species.

When Able set eyes on Dr.Klaus it was all he could do to keep his balance. "I Able" he said to the Dr. as he fell on his butt. Picking himself up he quickly ran over to Dr. Klaus. He  had visited Ruth and Able many times before and Able was very comfortable with him. W.C. watched Able from across the room and thought he knew him from somewhere else but that didn't  make much sense to him as he was considerably older than Able and had never he thought seen him before. Soon Ruth spoke up saying, "o.k. seems we should probably start shaking down to get into meditation mode." The others started quieting down and soon they were shaking about on the floor like fish and then laying perfectly still. Dr. Klaus ran a few serotonin jokes up the pole seemed such a waste not to. Then they stated the visualization.

Sophia had been picked to lead the visualization tonight. "Let us see the planet in synch with the other planets in our solar system. Now let us see Jupiter and Saturn in the multi- dimentional force fields of our Earth and in phase.We move in harmony with the rest of our solar system now. We see the Earth congealing and evolving in a field of light that carries it spinning upwards and forwards into the heart of participatory creationism. A plasma of light protects us from all harmful electromagnetic energy surges from the multi-dimensional time and space quadrant of our galaxy. We feel and see a harmonious flow of energies and forces surrounding our planet flowing in our jet stream. Planet Earth is in balance with the rest of our solar system and all energy around our Earth is transformed to the highest vibratory rate. Earth needs our hands and hearts now for balance and a course. Be of steady hands and a sure heart. Be Still And Know Thou Art as Gods shinning in Creation."

They were now quiet. Each had plugged into the Council of Light. Quick Walker arrived as did Lee Etta, Kevin and Mike. They greeted each other in the circle of light they now resided in. Norman Adam was there too. He had appeared early last year at the edge of  W.C.'s bed, naked and sitting cross legged like a Buddha. Norman kept looking out his window and back at W.C. who tried to go back to sleep. When he opening his eyes a few minutes later there Norman Adam was still waiting for him to journey out his window. Now there were12 of them in a circle of light and more arriving every moment. Soon the circle was expanding rapidly. Family, friends and all manner of conscious connections were appearing in the field that was now speaking back in the meditation with an active visualization experiences happening for all.Seems they opened the flood gates and now many were finding the path back to the source.

Waves of love and light poured over the galaxy. The vibrations healed the tears in the fabric of the universe and acted as a source of continuous melodious sounds that emanated from the center of the galaxy. A great lion could be seen in the stars and it seemed to have a smile on its face. The whirlwind of force pulled the existing light into what looked like an upside down trunk and then out into a world that was on an ecliptic to the spiral they had just been in. There were beings flashing about as the orbs of light they had seen so many times before. Yet their was a distinct form to these beings. Long blond hair, big chested, sea horse shaped maidens all. The sounds were of a great proportion and depth. First fast winds, then the sound of many bee's, then finally voices- many voices singing what sounded to W.C. like millions of voices singing in unison the praises of the Creator in a kind of Gregorian chant. It was magnificent and beautiful. The group was conscious of being together, seeing each other, and smiling or laughing, even crying. Brave hearts all, and their presence was acknowledged by the celestial beings of this realm. None of them wanted to leave. Able stood there holding Dr.Klaus hand and smiling. Dr. Klaus smiled back at him.They all were filled with a light that shone from within out into the deep spaces of Creation.

An hour later Ruth gently brought the group back to the apartment. They were all very quiet. Able was fast asleep on the floor and W.C. was still laying very still. Ruth went to the kitchen and prepared some coffee and tea. The others slowly streached and then got up, moving to the couches or other rooms still very quiet. Dr.Klaus broke the silence.

"Aqueous energy in the Creational flow, in walls to walls around sound! Loved the decor, star on field, my favorite. Was it my imagination or were we packed tonight? Good ideas are like bubbles, hard to keep down." They all laughed and slowly began comparing notes and the wonder of it all. All could be well in the potential of the Earth tonight.

Chapter 12

Home in America

Hollywood 1957

I ran out to the corner to see the honking geese flying over head. I could not get Maurice Ravel's Bolero out of my head. Mom bought me the album and gave it to me this afternoon. God Bless her. As was her nature, long suffering, I subjected her to months of continual Bolero.That incredible drum crescendo carried me up into the heights with the geese slowly flying North.  . She asked me if I wanted to get his Mother Goose Suite next, I think my obsession was getting to her.

There was a quiet pond in the backyard of a house a block and over. It was on Orange Grove St.  I think an illustrator owned it. While sitting at the pond I spied Alfred sneaking in and out of the house by the back door. He had a freckled face, big ears and a gap between his two front teeth. I knew the face. Living in Hollywood was like living on another planet. My neighbor buddy Eugene was acting in Cecil Bee's10 Commandments and had to shave his head. The pond was so beautiful, with lilies and large multi- colored carp. I went there many times to just appreciate the beauty of the place. It seemed that it was built for people to sit by to feel good. I loved that pond.

More geese flew overhead. Their honks could be heard for miles, the flaps of their wings carried aloft. I stood in Alfred's backyard and watched them soaring up the coast. I watched them as long as I could. Lee Etta was calling me. I looked up one more time and was gone. I was not sure where I was going but I was flying North and I liked my present company so what the heck. I did get home late that night, the geese wings flapping, ringing still in my ears.

America was a promised land then. It was the land of milk and honey, probably biblical in its significance for the world. Perhaps one of the top five cultures that had graced the face of the Earth over the last 8 thousand or so years. With all that understood by even me a 9yr. old I wondered what the charm was with my country. Answers to this question were not easy to come by. Perhaps the nuns at school could give me a clue, or even my parents for that matter. It did seem that we were special and yet were not even sure why. I needed some answers.

That night I had a dream with Quick Walker. He instructed me in the metaphysical significance of America's destiny. His instruction informed me that a more spiritual culture was about to blossom in a very short time. That the human being was about to recognize his cosmic being and would then experience his spirit-ego that followed the humans soul through all lifetimes.World becoming, his abilities heightened the new human unfolds. But great disharmony appear to prevent this illumination. Their feeling as a being on the Earth and the knowledge that they were of cosmic origin caused great strife in their hearts. This struggle prepares the human being for the vision of the Christos slowly appearing, seemingly out of the cosmic mists. The human would now see into the spiritual worlds.Yet the forces that wish to keep the human enslaved to the Earth work hard to deceive the humans thus hindering the possibility of their evolving to greater heights of being. Christ is now in the etheric body of  humanity but Ahriman wishes to keep humans unaware, with thinking constricted to physical reality making hearts hard and their thinking dry.The openness in America to the Christ Jesus is so great that Ahriman seems determined to keep this awareness from dawning on the people. He is called the devil by many and will attempt to steal the spotlight for himself with his supposed coming. He will even give some the gift of prophesy who call out his appearance. Then humans will see him rather than the Christos. His preparation is very considered having worked out his plans since the 15th century. This is why America is so very important to the rest of the world. America is where the pictures of the Archangels and angels are allowed, and still able to bloom. American's must know this and prepare themselves for this most important event. The coming of the Christos is upon us now."

A few months later on a warm, windy fall evening the Santa Anna winds were blowing. I loved nights like this. I laid in bed and listened to the wind blowing through the trees. The rustling of the leaves sounding like ocean surf washing in, then out, surging, pulsing. I could not sleep for hours. I just watched the leaves moving outside my second floor bedroom window, which was directly over Dad's study and our library. I finally fell into a deep sleep and immediately had the following dream.

On the side of David's house across the street, a two story mural unfurled. It was a shimmering picture that seemed to be alive. Archangel Michael slaying the Dragon. I had seen the painting before in books and the theme was a common one in Christianity. The only problem with the image in my dream was that the Archangel was underfoot the steed which was ridden by the dragon. The colors of the dragon and horse were red and black, both foaming from the mouth. The Archangel was in mortal combat with the dragon. It looked like the dragon was going to crush Archangel Michael whose wings were outstretched, his face contorting in pain. I ran out my window, jumping off our roof, running over into David's yard. The picture began to change as I stood in front of it. The dragon pulled hard on the reigns of his horse and it stood on it's hind legs, they released their hold on Archangel Michael's body. Michael quickly jumped up, looked at me without expression. Thanking me in thought he receded into the nighttime sky. The dragon and its steed roared into the night sky, writhing in frightful contortions, then fading from the wall, disappeared.

It was very dark... as I walked home a light from within lit my path. From the shadows three lion cubs bounded forward, nipping at my heals. We now seemed to glid, surrounded in clouds of warmth. God Bless and keep us all free.



The hurly burly of life is what tumbles the stone into the colored egg. Rabble, edges, struggle are the stuff of creation, invention, answers and the truth. To fault the process is to miss the point. Life is creation and unfolding, foods for our souls. We are change agents in a 14 billion year old universe. Young stars, with so much more life ahead in worlds of Creation. As conscious beings we become as young lions in the universe, this is a great gift.

White Crow was 87 yrs old now. Living on some lakes in Canada. He walks on a beach with Quick Walker and Kidd Able that shimmers with quartz and garnets. The winds are blowing hard, off in the distance two kinds of great water snakes undulate through the turbulent water. The snows have receded from the edges of the shoreline, steam and gases rise from the hot springs. Watching the ancient ones move through the water not a word is said, lightning flickers around them. A great bear walks past them, felt as a good sign. A moment later Black Swan flies in to join them. His wing span is 12 feet. From the top of his dome to the bottom of his boats he stands 10 ft. His eyes are brown with flakes of blue running through them. He is now the point leader of the Scooters. The swan sat with them. Quick Walker and the others stop on the lakeshore and start to play their drums softly, saying prayers and giving thanks to the Creator. They communicate telepathically, the talking drums weave into the light.

Across the lake orbs of light are making a crop circle on the hillside. It is a big bird, a goose. They laugh, Black Swan honks late into the evening. The sky is a peach blossom green color. It is snowing hard. A large white swan approaches them on the lake. Rabbits scamper about.

Put all sadness from thee, for it is the sister of doubt and anger. It is the most mischievous of all spirits and the worst to the servants of God. Learn now, O unwise man! how it troubleth the Holy Spirit; remove therefore, sadness from thyself and afflict not the Holy Spirit which dwelleth within thee.

The Shepherd of Hermas, A.D. 142-157 (22)


The End and Beginning


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