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Is it not of great significance that the world of the stars permeates all movements of water, that water infuses all earthly life with the events of the cosmos, that all life processes are through water intimately connected with the course of the stars? Wherever there is moving water- in the trickling stream, in the rolling river, in the rhythmical ebb and flow of the waves, in the foam of the breakers- everywhere it is illumined by the world of the stars. Thus water becomes an image of the stream of time itself, permeated with the rhythms of the starry world. All the creatures of the earth live in this stream of time, it flows within them, and, as long as it flows, sustains them in the stream of life.

Sensitive Chaos - The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
Theodor Schwenk (32)

(1) The Flaming Door-The mission of the Celtic folk-soul- Eleanor C. Merry, Floris Books in Edinburgh reprinted in 1983. ISBN 0-86315-504-9; pgs.12, 25, 32, 33,34, 158, 38-39, 254, 255, 166

Up to about the thirteenth century the Virgin was thought of more as the Queen of Heaven - throne in majesty among the stars. 'Later, she drew nearer and nearer to the more immediate life of human the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries becoming more and more an image of human womanly love and charm. Then she entered completely into the realm of human feeling. The Minnedienst (Minnesingers) is rooted in this Mary-worship.'

So in Chartres, saturated with the atmosphere of the Mysteries of the West and of Greece, and crowned with the star-radiance of the Virgin of the World, a Christianity and a learning could be nurtured during the tenth, eleventh and twelfth centuries that still carried in its heart the afterglow of a vanishing and inspired wisdom.

The legend of the Rose and the Lily, told in the last chapter, was a secret record of the search for a way- undertaken already in the ninth century- of uniting esoteric Christianity, still imbued with the best elements of the old Mysteries (the 'Lily') with the 'Rose'; that is, with that part of the spiritual life of man which is destined to be the builder of external civilizations. But the twelfth century demanded an intellectual development in which this spiritual union was not possible. Outwardly, the strife between Church and State was for a time the pivot around which all political events turned.

The Lily is not so perfect as the Rose.

The Angel Gabriel carried the Lily to the Virgin as the sign of the coming of the Rose; the most perfect flower, Love, was to blossom not in the Heavens like the white Lily of an unearthly wisdom, but on the Earth. This was the lesson mankind had to learn.

The secret underlying all the ancient Mysteries in some form or other- but especially and clearly in the Hibernian Mysteries and in the essential characteristics of Hu and Ceridwen- was this passing out and in of the soul and spirit of the human being, not only in sleeping and waking, but also in the greater rhythm of dying and being born. It was the secret of Incarnation and Resurrection. And for this reason, the greatest Incarnation the world has ever know, that of Christ Himself - the Sun-Logos - which, though clearly foreseen, was still wrapped in the obscurity of the future, was not an incredible or incomprehensible event in the wisdom of Hibernia, and its offshoots. pg. 166

(2) The Second Man In Us- Maria Roschl-Lehrs, Henry Goulden Limited, East Grinstead, Sussex. 1977. ISBN 0 904822 07 9 - Distributed in North America by the St. George Book Service, Spring Valley, New York, 10977, U.S.A. pgs.67,80,62-63

First of all there is the great cycle of transformations along each individual's path of development, the transition from a purely spiritual existence to physical life on earth. The earth and the universe work together here also, when a human ego, ready for its task on earth, takes possession of the physical body prepared for it. Its body of light and warmth approaches union at birth with the physical body that is already pulsating with life and has been prepared for it on earth through the workings of destiny as the seed, the bud for its impending earthly activity.

This body of light and warmth is in particular the vehicle of a person's individuality. It has its being in the world of the spirit. And in its spiritual state it existed in tune with entirely different laws. The transformations are enormous which this spiritual being undergoes when it leaves the world of spirit to inhabit the world of matter.

If we are to kindle true spiritual life on earth, if the light that unceasingly incarnates from the spiritual into the earthly world is to win the victory and prevail, then we must gradually extend our consciousness to that world which is the home of the man of light and warmth, of the spiritual second man in us..

We have already seen that the present epoch, as the first phase of the Light-Age, stands out in human history because in it we are gradually beginning to perceive the forces coming down out of our home of light. The second man in us is entering our consciousness more and more. If we understand him, we can experience this human metamorphosis, or at least we can divine perhaps some gentle intimations of it. If human development is to continue in the right way, the oil must be lit in the earthly lamp in order to shed light and warmth on the deeds of men. The lamp must not be left standing empty and dark, while the oil wastes itself in flames elsewhere.

That is what we are struggling for. We must learn in full consciousness to unfold thoughts that are spiritually true, which are more and more able to build a bridge between the second man in us and our ordinary earth-conscious selves. Then these living thoughts will begin to kindle our soul-experience, and the great human task of our time, the metamorphosis of consciousness, will be carried through.

The second man in us had his own forms of experience, his own laws of life, before he embraced earthly existence. The memory of them lingers on in a child, but a child cannot raise them into consciousness. When the second man completely unites with the earthly man at puberty, this faint afterglow of spiritual existence usually dies away. It is the experience of the Fall of Man: the gates of Paradise close tight.

(3) The Theory of Celestial Influence: Chapters 3 - 4 - 5 by Rodney Collin, Samuel Weiser, New York, 1975; chap. 4

According to many ancient systems of philosophy, all phenomena that exist, from the gods downward, arise from the interaction of three forces. One is described as of an active or creative nature; the second as passive or material; and the third as mediating or formative.

In Christian philosophy these three forces are expressed by the three persons of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - which create the universe. In medieval alchemy, all things were seen as varying mixtures of salt, sulfur and mercury. In Indian Sankhya a similar role was assigned to the three gunas - Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. In Hinduism the forces were again personified as Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu; and in China they acquired metaphysical cast in the interplay of Yin and Yang over seen by the Tao.

In all these systems, the nature of the three forces was universal, that is, they were regarded as entering into everything, everywhere, and on every scale - from the world of maggots to the world of stars, and from the effect of light to that of thought or aspiration. No such general idea of three forces exists in modern philosophy, though specific instances are recognized, as for example in the proton, neutron and electron of atomic physics, or in the reactant, reagent and catalyst of many chemical processes. (chpt. 4)

(4) Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts - Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge - The Michael Mystery, Rudolf Steiner, 1924-25, ISBN 0-85440 268 3, Rudolf Steiner Press 35, Park Road, London NW, pgs. 54, 58, 84, 85, 174, 204-205

79. on page 54. Spiritually, we can approach the Third Hierarchy (Archai, Archangeloi, Angeloi) by learning to know Thinking, Feeling and Willing, so as to perceive in them the Spiritual that works in the soul. Thinking, to begin with, places not an effective reality, but only pictures into the world. Feeling lives and moves in this realm of pictures; bears witness to the presence of a reality in man, but cannot live it or express it outwardly. Willing unfolds a reality which presupposes the existence of the body but does not consciously assist in its formation. The spiritual reality that lives in our Thinking, to make the body the foundation of this Thinking; the spiritual reality that lives in our Feeling, to make the body share in the experience of a reality; the spiritual reality that lives in our Willing, consciously to assist in fashioning the body- all this is alive in the Third Hierarchy.

(5) Mind Mastery Meditations A Workbook For The Infinite Mind by Valerie V. Hunt, 1997, Malibu Publishing Company, Malibu, California, ISBN 0-9643988-2-6; pgs. 26, 2

In this book we envision consciousness on a continuum from subconscious to intellectual cognitive consciousness and to super consciousness. Any level can blend in or out with another level. Because consciousness is awareness and awareness occurs on numerous levels there is no such thing as unconscious behavior. There is non-cortical behavior but as long as life exists there is always awareness of the level of consciousness that exists at the time.

How do we know these things? We scientists who have redefined the mind have discovered vibratory frequency patterns that coexist with patterns of consciousness. Here the mind is found to exist in the field rather than in the denser tissue of the brain. It exists in organized energy containing information from the soul's experience in this and other life- hoods. The field permeates all tissue and radiates around the body. We have simply called it the aura. From such new ideas we can start directly understanding consciousness.

(6) The Occult Christ, Angelic Mysteries and the Divine Feminine, Ted Andrews, 1995, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul MN. ISBN 0-87452-019-2; pgs. 5, 3, 4, 72, 73, 11

Never before has humanity been in a position to receive the ancient wisdom teachings to the degree that they are becoming available. This availability is increasing as we move closer to the Aquarian Age, It is because of this general availability that special preparations had to be made so as to insure their receptivity upon the planet, while lessening the opportunity for their abuse. Because of the kind of energy that will influence the earth as we move into this new cycle, special preparation had to be made on a more cosmic level to insure that these energies would be expressed within an environment of love, wisdom, and dedication to the good of the whole.

One legend teaches that this process was inaugurated by Metatron- the Cosmic Christ at the time of the end of Atlantis. This high civilization that evolved over 850,000 years ago was a society in which great knowledge of the energies of the universe was available. That knowledge and the energies associated with them were abused, resulting in a number of great cataclysms upon the earth, the last of which occurred in the year 9564 B.C., according to information given to Solon by the Egyptian Priests 2 There were groups that survived it, and they carried the ancient teachings and wisdom to safety in various parts of the world. (2) Schure, Edouard. From Sphinx to Christ (Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1982)

(7) Principles of Spiritual Science, Carl Unger, Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York 1976, pgs. 80, 75

Wherever true reality acts upon our consciousness, there it appears as contradiction; it mightily juts down into our lives from out of the higher worlds. We must freely strive to incorporate it in our true being, otherwise, it acts as an external might. We must learn to sacrifice our ordinary consciousness in order to fulfill the meaning of human becoming. The sway of the higher worlds, whose last creative act is the human ego, even as it is at the same time the first creative act of man, does not allow the ego to grow rigid in being, and places death in the midst of life as the strongest expression of the true reality that is to be found in the higher worlds alone. We are able to understand that death is the true reality of life. Thus also for the life of humanity, true reality signifies the death that stands at the center of its becoming: The death on Golgotha.

(8) A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems ,The Web of Life, Fritjof Capra, An Anchor Book, published by Doubleday. ISBN 0-385-47675-2; 1996 pgs.140, 150, 151, 152, 153

Since the Mandelbrot set appeared on the cover of Scientific American in August 1985, hundreds of computer enthusiasts have used the iterative program published in that issue to undertake their own journeys into the set on their home computers. Vivid colors have been added to the patterns discovered on those journeys, and the resulting pictures have been published in numerous books and shown in exhibitions of computer art around the world. Looking at these hauntingly beautiful pictures of swirling spirals, of whirlpools generating seashores, of organic forms burgeoning and exploding into dust, one cannot help noticing the striking similarity to the psychedelic art of the 1960's. This was an art inspired by similar journeys, facilitated not by computers and the new mathematics, but by LSD and other psychedelic drugs.

The term psychedelic (mind manifesting) was invented because detailed research had shown that these drugs act as amplifiers, or catalysts, of inherent mental processes. It would seem therefore that the fractal patterns that are such a striking characteristic of the LSD experience must, somehow, be embedded in the human brain. The fact that fractal geometry and LSD appeared on the scene at roughly the same time is one of those amazing coincidences- or synchronicities?- that have occurred so often in the history of ideas.

The Mandelbrot set is a storehouse of patterns of infinite detail and variations. Strictly speaking, it is not self-similar because it not only repeats the same patterns over and over again, including small replicas of the entire set, but also contains elements from an infinite number of Julia sets! It is thus a super fractal of inconceivable complexity.

Yet this structure whose richness defies the human imagination is generated by a few very simple rules. Thus fractal geometry, like chaos theory, has forced scientists and mathematicians to re-examine the very concept of complexity. In classical mathematics simple formulas correspond to simple shapes, complicated formulas to complicated shapes. In the new mathematics of complexity the situation is dramatically different. Simple equations may generate enormously complex strange attractors, and simple rules of iteration give rise to structures more complicated than we can even imagine.

The great fascination exerted by chaos theory and fractal geometry on people in all disciplines- from scientists to managers to artists- may indeed be a hopeful sign that the isolation of mathematics is ending. Today the new mathematics of complexity is making more and more people realize that mathematics is much more than dry formulas; that the understanding of pattern is crucial to understand the living world around us; and that all questions of pattern, order, and complexity are essentially mathematical.

(9) Light, Medicine of the Future Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D. Bear Company Publishing, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Published 1991, ISBN 0-9396808-7 pgs. 29, 31, 40

The theory that color affects our lives was eloquently developed in 1840 by famed philosopher and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His book on color theory, Farbenlehre, was considered the definitive work on the subject until the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1921, Rudolf Steiner, a Goethe scholar and authority on the subject of color, stated in his notebook:

To live in colour :
From the colour only the representation spread out in the organism.
From the representation of colour, feelings.
From the felt and represented colour, impulse.

Steiner clearly states that colors give rise to the feelings that lead to our actions. Color has always been the thread that weaves us into the fabric of life, for all color is light, and light is life itself.

Color's profound effect on life was probably first recognized by humans when we realized that our existence was dictated by two factors beyond our control: day and night, or light and darkness. All living things are vitalized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of daytime, and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos, and violets of nighttime. The observation of this fact was probably the first realization that the red end of the spectrum is energizing, while the blue end of the spectrum is restorative. Using this information, Egyptian healers prescribed the wearing of certain colors to cure both mental and physical ailments. The well-known Greek philosopher Pythagoras (whose theorems served as the basis for architecture) used color therapy 500 years before the birth of Christ.


(10) Where Science and Magic meet: The Psychology of Occultism Serena Roney-Dougal, Publisher by Element Books: ISBN 1852304464, 1991

(NOTE: The word occultism as used herein, refers to hidden yet-to-be understood knowledge. It has nothing to do with satanism.)

What I am suggesting is that the chakra points are the very places where the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are connected the most. When we work with the spiritual, we also affect the physical, emotional and mental. And when we work with the physical, we affect the emotional, mental and spiritual. We cannot separate the spiritual and the material, they are intimately united. Spirituality is nothing that happens far away somewhere, unrelated with everyday life. How you function in the world depends on how you relate to the spiritual.

(11) The Holy Year Friedrich Rittelmeyer, Reprint- The Christian Community Press 1951 pgs. 23, 31, 32, 22, 24

: therein lives the last revelation of all the worlds. He who hears the holy I sound forth in all life and being, stands upon the highest mount of revelation. As the I lies hidden in the very sound of the word light, so abides in the depths of all things the great I that would speak with us and reveal itself to us.

The light speaks of the great transmutation. Transmutation is the deepest of all the events that take place in history, the change of the light into I, of I into light. The light would become an I : that was the life of pre-Christian times. The I would become a light : such is the life of the centuries since Christ came. This is the divine will that moves behind all world history

(12) Macrocosm and Microcosm, Rudolf Steiner, 1968 by Rudolf Steiner Press, eleven lectures given in Vienna 21st to 31st March, 1910 . ISBN 0-85440-512-7; pgs. 68, 69, 70, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 180, 181, 197, 202 

Imagine the Earth only slightly altered and man in his present form simply could not live on it. The air must be constituted exactly as it is and substances combined as they are. We cannot picture present-day man as a being with a physical body without picturing the whole Earth as it is. If, therefore, reference is made to an earlier stage of man, to the earlier heart-man, we must picture him connected with a different planetary condition; and if at some time in the future man acquires the faculties which the spiritual investigator of to-day already possesses, we must again picture him on a different planet, not on our Earth as it is at present.

Picture to yourselves that such transformations can only take place as a result of all conditions in the human kingdom being changed. During the Old Moon-state it was the forces of the World of Spirit that flowed into man; during the Earth-state proper the forces flow from the World of Reason; in the Jupiter-state the forces of the World of Archetypal Images will stream in. The influences from spiritual worlds upon these three states are in each case quite different.

I have shown you that the structure of man must be in conformity with the structure of the Earth. Our present Earth is only possible at a certain distance from the Sun and in a definite relationship with the other planets. If anything whatever were to change in the solar system, man too would be quite different; with the transformation of the Old Moon into our Earth, the whole solar system changed.

So we see that a connecting thread can be found between the transformation of the Microcosm and of the Macrocosm. Beings are active in both cases. When our Earth becomes Jupiter the whole solar system will change. The change will be preceded by a kind of darkening; outwardly it appears as if there were a mist or fog in which Beings from the realms of spirit are perpetually at work. Before our present solar system came into existence there was an earlier system out of which Beings brought forth the present one.

(13) Introduction To The Multidimensional Potential Of Human Beings

Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach, Superpowers of the Human Biomind.

Multi dimensionals have shown that cosmic light, including sunlight, is the ultimate cosmic information transmission system. Earth has always received cosmic information transmissions. Humans have always received cosmic energy knowledge transmissions, but have repressed this knowledge from conscious awareness, relegating cosmic information input to deeply buried mind dynamics of the subconscious.

(14) The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot, Harper Perennial, 1991, ISBN 0-06-092258-3, pg.66, 285, 220

Like Pribram, Wolf believes our minds create the illusion of reality out there through the same kind of processes studied by Bekesy. He believes these processes are also what allows the lucid dreamer to create subjective realities in which things like marble floors and flowers are as tangible and real as their so-called objective counterparts. In fact, he thinks our ability to be lucid in our dreams suggests that there may not be much difference between the world at large and the world inside our heads. When the observer and the observed can separate and say this is the observed and this is the observer, which is an effect one seems to be having when lucid, then I think it's questionable whether (lucid dreams) should be considered subjective, says physicist Fred Alan Wolf.

(15) The Self-Aware Universe, how consciousness creates the material world, Amit Goswami, Ph.D. with Richard E. Reed and Maggie Goswami, A Jeremy P. Tarcher/ Putnam Book Published by G.P.Putnam's Sons, New York; 1995, ISBN 0 -87477-798-4, pg.141

I propose that the universe exists as form-less potential in myriad possible branches in the transcendent domain and becomes manifest only when observed by conscious beings. Once we recognize that biological mutation is a quantum event, we realize that the universe bifurcates in every such event in the transcendent domain, becoming many branches, until in one of the branches there is a sentient being that can look with awareness and complete a quantum measurement. At this point the causal pathway leading to that sentient being collapses into space-time reality. John Wheeler calls this kind of scenario the closure of the meaning circuit by observer-participancy. Meaning arises in the universe when sentient beings observe it, choosing causal pathways from among the myriad transcendent possibilities.

(16) Soma Web: Aldous Huxley's Divine Ground - Perennial Philosophy

(17) The Reappearing of Christ, Evelyn Francis Capel; Published by Floris Books, 21 Napier Road, Edinburgh, Distributed by St. George Book Service, P.O. Box 225, Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977;1983, ISBN 0-86315-002-0, pgs.35, 15

Elijah had rightly expected to recognize the revelation of the Lord in the storm wind, the earthquake or the fire. So had the power of the Lord in fact been expressed through the ages of time up to that moment. Now the great change had come. That which had been known from outside was to be sought within. That which had been powerful in its magnificence had now become a quiet, small voice speaking from within the human heart. Elijah had become the most remarkable of prophets. He had heard for the first time the new revelation of the godhead which would be made known within the temple of man, an inner voice heard within each human heart. God had given to mankind a new gift. The conscience had been born. It was necessarily a long time before such a new organ of the spiritual life could be made known everywhere. Elijah was a prophet whose prophecies would be fulfilled much later.

(18) Colour and The Human Soul, Gladys Mayer; New Knowledge Books, 18 Elizabeth Crescent, East Grinstead RH19 3JA, Sussex (U.K.) 1961,- 1978; Printed by F.H. Brown Ltd., Litho Division, Helena Street, Burnley, Lancs., U.K., B3M/10/78, pgs.22-23

(19) Love and Its Meaning in the World, Rudolf Steiner; lecture given in Zurich 17th December,1912, Rudolf Steiner Press . ISBN 0 85440 254 3, pgs. 12, 13 -

Interest in all existence is man's bound duty. Let us therefore long for and love the sun with its creative power, its love for the well-being of the earth and the souls of men! This interest in the earth's evolution should be the spiritual seed of love for the world. A Spiritual Science without love would be a danger to mankind. But love should not be a matter for preaching; love must and indeed will come into the world through the spreading of knowledge of spiritual truths.

Love mediated by way of the senses is the well-spring of creative power, of that which is coming into being. Without sense-born love, nothing material would exist in the world; without spiritual love, nothing spiritual can arise in evolution. When we practice love, cultivate love, creative forces pour into the world.

The higher the stage of development reached by a man, the more does the impulse of love in him increase in strength; wisdom alone does not suffice.

(20) Main Menu - Solar Activity - Solar Cycle Status Report, Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage

Everyone now agrees that we have finally observed the birth of solar cycle 23. We have probably been immersed within this new cycle for some time. The new millennium should be ushered in a BANG! Periods of solar activity will be observed that will be capable of literally shaking space!

(21)-(1) Star Wisdom, Moon Religion, Sun Religion and (2) The Easter Festival and Its Background, Rudolf Steiner, April 12, l924, three lectures given at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, Published by Rudolf Steiner Publishing Co. 1950; pgs. 26-(2), 15-(1), 36-(2)

In every plant we see Sun forces and Moon forces working in alternation. In a field of growing plants we behold the deeds of Sun and Moon. I told you that the fashioning and shaping of the physical human being when he comes into the world, is dependent on the Moon ; inner forces which make it possible for him to transform his own character, come from the Sun.

Man is composed of physical body, ether-body, astral body, and the The Moon influence works upon the astral body: the astral body, of which a man is not normally conscious, is influenced by the Moon. But in Christ, the Sun influence poured into the I - the free and independent I !

Death is not ever-present; beings have to pass through death but life is the essential reality. Life is everywhere victorious over death.

(22) Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood edited by Mary Strong, Harper San Francisco, copyright 1948, ISBN 0-06-067758-9; pg. 61, 22

Walk in immortality now.

(23) Society for Scientific Exploration:A Possible Discovery Regarding ESP James Spottiswoode, 1997

(24) The Sun, The Ancient Mysteries and A New Physics, George Blattmann, Floris Books, 1972- First published in English in 1985.ISBN 0-88010-148-2 ; pgs. 188, 224, 225

It is obvious that the origin of sunspots is not an isolated occurrence, confined to the sun, anymore than the change in the weather, atmospheric magnetism, the northern lights or the movement of the earth's crust are isolated independent phenomena ; but that the fluctuations in all these different realms can be referred to a common cause, that in all these members of the universe, however far removed from each other they may seem, a common pulse is beating, the rhythm of a holistic planetary organism.

(25) The Apocalypse of St. John, Lectures on the Book of Revelation, a cycle of twelve lectures given by Rudolf Steiner from 17 to 30 June 1908, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, England, Fourth Edition 1977, ISBN 0 85440 307 8 (cased) or 0 85440 308 6 paperback ; pgs. 144, 145, 146, 168, 169, 170, 211, 217

So you see that we have on our earth seven evolutionary epochs, seven epochs of development. The first two were absolutely unlike our epoch;  the third partly ran its course in a region lying between the present Africa, Asia and Australia, in ancient Lemuria. In the very last Lemurian race there was again a small band of the most advanced. These were able to emigrate, and from them developed the seven races of the Atlanteans. The fifth of the Atlantean races founded our cultures, of which the sixth will found the future civilization after the great War of All against All. And the very last of those cultures will have to found the one which is indicated by the seven trumpets. (pg. 144)

After that, what will happen? Our earth will then have reached the goal of its physical evolution. All the objects and all the beings upon it will then have been transformed. For it we have had to say that already in the sixth epoch men will show good and evil in their faces, we shall have to say all the more of the seventh that the form of man and the forms of all the other beings will be an expression of good and evil to a much higher degree than in the sixth epoch. All matter will bear the stamp of the spirit. There will be absolutely nothing in the seventh epoch that can be hidden in any way. Even those belonging to the sixth epoch will be unable to hide anything from him who has the necessary vision. An evil man will express his evil, a good man will express the good that is within him; but in the seventh epoch it will be quiet impossible even by speech to hide what is in the soul. Thought will no longer remain dumb so that it can be hidden, for when the soul thinks, its thought will ring forth outwardly. It will then be just as thought is to the initiate today. To him thought now rings out in devachan. But this devachan will have descended into the physical world, just as the astral world will have descended into the physical world in the sixth epoch. Even now the sixth epoch can be found in the astral world and the seventh in the heavenly world. The sixth epoch is the descended astral world, that is to say  the images, the expressions, the manifestations of it. The seventh epoch will be the descended heavenly world, the expression of it. And then the earth will have reached the goal of its physical evolution. (pg. 145)

The earth, together with all its beings, will then change into an astral heavenly body. Physical substance as such will disappear. The part which until then will have been able to spiritualize itself, will pass over into the spirit, into astral substance. Imagine all the beings of the earth who up to that time will have been able to express what is good, noble, intellectual and beautiful in their external material form; who will bear an impression of Christ Jesus in their countenances, who in their words will show an expression of Christ Jesus, who will ring out as resounding thoughts- all these will have the power to dissolve what they have within them as physical matter, as warm water dissolves salt. Everything physical will pass over into an astral cosmic globe. But those who up to that time have not progressed so far as to be a material and corporeal expression of what is noble, beautiful, intellectual and good, will not have the power to dissolve matter; for them matter will remain. They will become hardened in matter; they will retain material form. At this point in the Earth's evolution there will be an ascent into the spirit of forms which will live in the astral and which will separate from themselves another material sphere, a sphere which will contain beings unfit for the ascent because they are unable to dissolve the material part. (pg. 146)

We know that the earth will be followed by its next incarnation, Jupiter. When man has reached Jupiter he will appear as a different being. The Jupiter-man will have thoroughly worked from his ego upon his astral body. And when today we say : The Earth-man who stands before us in the waking condition has developed physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego,-we must say of the Jupiter-man: He will have developed physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego, but he will have changed his astral body into spirit-self.- He will live at a higher stage of consciousness, a stage which may be characterized as follows : The ancient dim picture-consciousness of the Moon, which existed also in the first epochs of the Earth-consciousness, will again be there with its pictures as clairvoyant consciousness, but it will be furnished with the human ego, so that with this Jupiter-consciousness man will reflect as logically as he does now with his day-consciousness on earth. (pg. 211)

(26) Synchronicity An Acausal Connecting Principle, From the Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 8, Bollingen Series XX, 1960. ISBN 0-691-01794-8;pgs.101-102;pgs. 85-86-

Synchronicity postulates a meaning which is a priori in relation to human consciousness and apparently exists outside man.71 Such an assumption is found above in all the philosophy of Plato, which takes for granted the existence of transcendental images or models of empirical things, the (forms, species), whose reflections we see in the phenomenal world. This assumption not only presented no difficulty to earlier centuries but was on the contrary perfectly self-evident.

(27) Reincarnation As A Phenomenon of Metamorphosis, Guenther Wachsmuth, Ph.D. translated by Olin D. Wannamaker, Philosophic-Anthroposophic Press, Dornach, Switzerland, copyright 1937 pg. 306 - 307

Rudolf Steiner also designated the knowledge of the significance of the Christ impulse for the evolution of the cosmos, earth, and man as one of the fundamental questions of the spiritual-psychic transformations through which humanity passes: The illumination which the Christ event receives under the presupposition of the truths of reincarnation and karma is the essential thing. He described the Christ as the leader through the portal of death, through the spiritual existence and the earthly life. The illumination of these central forms of knowledge is to be found in his works. Through a consciousness of these spiritual realities, man may become, not only one who knows Nature in her spiritual aspect, but also a Christophorus. In the human being advancing through repeated births, there meet destiny, grace, and freedom. Just as the human being in the past knew the vision of the deeper forces of Nature, in the pictures of the myths, as united with Balder, and has since lost that knowledge, man can again learn to behold the spirituality of the world through the power of the Christ.

The future metamorphosis of the human being will be marked especially by the fact that a reversal will occur in the previous relationship of the creative organization of formative forces to the physical-corporeal organism. Evolution up to the present has been characterized by the fact that the organization of the formative forces submerged more and more deeply into the physical corporeality; was there imprisoned, as it were, which resulted in a subduing of human consciousness in relationship to the spiritual and cosmic impulses during the earthly life. Although this was a necessary process for the intensification of the earthly consciousness, yet it was a descending line in evolution. The future metamorphosis of the total structure of man must gradually bring with it a reversal of this relationship between the creative formative forces and the physical organization, an ascending line of evolution. Rudolf Steiner says, in regard to this: We really live in the epoch in which the most intimate permeation has already occurred between the ether-body and the physical body; we are already living in the reversed direction of evolution. We are entering into a time in which the ether-body is gradually passing out of the physical body. This is the normal evolution of humanity toward the future: that the ether-body gradually leaves the physical body again, and times will come in which the human organization will again have the appearance that it had in hoary antiquity; so that we shall again see that the ether-body extends above the human physical body. We are in the midst of this process.

If wo/man, as one who knows, becomes a conscious participant in the molding of his/her organization through the formative forces, if s/he is enabled to stretch out into the world of the cosmic forces, impulses, and thoughts lying at the basis of the whole world organism, not only the feelers of his/her soul but also the knowledge of his/her spirit, s/he will then her/himself become an important organ in the plan of evolution of the whole universe. Evolution as a whole would thus have begun a mighty stride forward in the development of a being, of who/man, capable of living in full consciousness on this side and that side of the threshold to the spiritual world, and of uniting within him/herself through reincarnation both cosmic and earthly consciousness.


(28) The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt- Hermes/Moses, Edouard Schure, Multimedia Publishing Corp., Blauvelt,New York, 1973. LCCCN 72-150260; pgs. 38,39,61

What is that shining, far distant point which appears imperceptible against the black background of the shadows? It is coming closer, it is growing larger, it is becoming, a five-pointed star, whose rays include all the colors of the rainbow, and which shoots into the darkness discharges of magnetic light. Now there is a sun which attracts it into the brightness of its incandescent center. Is it the magic of the masters which produces this vision? Is it the invisible which becomes visible? Is it a foreboding of celestial truth, the flaming star of hope and immortality? It is disappearing, and in its place a flower blooms in the night, a flower not of matter, but sensitive and endowed with soul! It opens before him like a white rose; it spread its petals, he sees its living leaves tremble and its shining calyx blush.- Is this the flower of Isis, the Mystical Rose of Wisdom which enclosed Love in its heart? But now it is evaporating, like a cloud of perfume. Then the ecstatic one feels flooded with a warm, caressing breeze. Having assumed strange forms, the cloud condenses and becomes a human figure, the figure of a woman, the Isis of the hidden sanctuary, but younger, smiling and radiant. A transparent veil is wrapped around her and her body shines through it. In her hand she holds a scroll of papyrus. She softly approaches, leans over the initiate lying in his tomb, and says, I am your invisible sister; I am your divine soul, and this is the book of your life. Its written pages contain your past lives, its blank pages, your future lives. One day I shall unroll all before you. You know me now. Call, and I shall come! As she speaks, a ray of tenderness streams from her eyes....Oh presence of my angelic counterpart, ineffable promise of the divine, wondrous fusion in the impalpable Beyond!

But everything bursts; the vision fades. With as horrible rending, the adept feels himself hurled into his body as into a corpse. He returns to a state of conscious lethargy; bands of iron fetter his limbs; a terrible weight presses upon his brain; he awakens...Standing before him is the hierophant, accompanied by the Magi. They surround him, make him drink a cordial, and he arises.

You are resurrected! exclaims the prophet. Come and celebrate with us the agape of the initiates, and tell us of your journey in the light of Osiris. For henceforth you are one of us.

(29) Social Ecology- Exploring Post Industrial Society, Martin Large, self published by Martin Large, l981, printing by B.P. Hawkins Limited, Stround,Gloucester-shire, ISBN 09507062 21- pg. 88

...a brief outline of this new map of society will be given as a guide. This conception of society was suggested by Rudolf Steiner, a non-politician, in 1919. Here is the threefold social order.

...Rudolf Steiner's description of society as being formed by three functionally distinct but integrated systems- the cultural, socio-political and economic systems- is a useful basis for a how approach. Steiner's model might be compared to the integrated yet functionally distinct systems which make up the totality of the human body.

Steiner saw three macro-social systems interacting to form a society, each with a leading developmental principal.

The economic system develops on a global basis in producing and distributing goods and services to meet human needs. People are involved as co-workers and as consumers. There are two orientations of efficiency: the economical, environmentally sound use of the planet's resources, and the appropriateness of meeting a specific need. The leading developmental condition is brotherhood or the joint collaboration involved in working together, in agreements on costs, delivery dates and production targets.

The cultural system enables people to develop themselves, their skills, ideas, beliefs, abilities, talents and creative potentials. People are involved as individuals and freedom is the basic developmental condition. Scientific, religious, therapeutic, educational, artistic and leisure activities help to make up the cultural system or culture of a society.

The social-political system involves people as citizens, with equal rights before the law. The leading developmental condition is that of equality. The boundaries are set by states which uphold the rule of law within their territory. The functions of rule-making, legislation, arbitration and inspection help make up social-political systems.

(30) Understanding the Human Being- Selected writings of Rudolf Steiner,edited by Richard Seddon, Rudolf Steiner Press, Bristol-1993; ISBN 1 85584 005 7 pgs.66,67, 99

Even the outer senses discern that the Earth planet is in a process of pulverization, and will at some future time disintegrate into dust. The Earth-body will be cast off by the spirit of the Earth, as the human body is cast off by the individual human spirit. What will remain as the highest substance of the Earth when its goal has been reached? The impulse of Christ was present on Earth as 'spiritual substance', and will be absorbed into men during the course of Earth's evolution. But how does it live on? When Christ was upon the Earth, like man, will be a fully-developed being, a meet and fitting vehicle for the impulse of Christ.

But from whence are the three sheaths of this impulse of Christ derived? From forces that can be unfolded only on the Earth. Whatever has since that time unfolded on Earth as the power of wonder, whatever comes to life in us as wonder, passes finally to Christ, weaving the astral body of the Christ impulse. Love or compassion in human souls weaves the ether body of the Christ impulse. and the power of conscience, which lives in and inspires the souls of men from the time of the Mystery of Golgotha until the goal of the Earth is attained, weaves what corresponds with the physical body for the Christ impulse.

The true meaning of words from the Gospel can only now be discerned: 'Whatsoever you have done to one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me' (Matthew 25.40). The forces streaming from man to man are the units integrating the ether body of Christ: love or compassion weaves the ether body of Christ. Thus when the goal of Earth evolution is attained, he will be enveloped in the threefold vesture woven from the powers that have lived in men- and which, when the limitations of the 'I' have been transcended, become the sheaths of Christ.

Now think how men live in communion with Christ. Man grows more perfect in that he develops as a being endowed with the power of the 'I'. But men are united with Christ in that they transcend their own 'I', and through wonder share in forming the astral body of Christ. His ether body will be fashioned through the compassion and love flowing from man to man, and his 'physical body' through the power of conscience unfolding in human beings. Whatever wrongs are committed in these three realms deprive Christ of the possibility of full development on the Earth- that is to say, Earth evolution is left imperfect, it cannot reach the goal of its evolution. The principal of egotism must be overcome in Earth evolution.

(31) Meru Foundation: The God of Abraham: A Mathematicians View of God, Stan Tenen, 1993

(32) Sensitive Chaos - The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air, Theodor Schwenk, Schocken Books, 1976; N7438.S4513, pgs. 68, 92

The heart, then, a rhythmical organ, is formed from the intertwining, spiraling fibers and surfaces, which consolidate out of the pulsating, flowing movement. In this process the movement is not altered; rather do the surfaces grow into what has already been invisibly pre-formed.

Besides the rhythmical activity we may also expect to find the quality of sensitivity in the blood stream of the heart. An examination of the formation of the nervous system of the heart will show, that even in simply constructed hearts the sensitive places are to be found just at those points where in a stream of liquid we would expect to find sensitive places. These places occur wherever the stream contracts and has to pass through a narrow space, creating as it does a moving layer of surfaces. Here too it is as though an organ, at first concealed in the flowing stream of blood, becomes consolidated into a finished form. Various receptive centers, points sensitive to the different qualities of the blood stream and its composition, may be found in the heart. It is permeated through which it takes account of the messages brought to it from the organism by the blood. It is like the sun center of the organism itself, which hears and speaks in order to co-ordinate the whole organism with its inner reciprocal relationships into the living rhythms of time. No wonder it is connected via the rhythm of breathing with the rhythms of the cosmic sun year, which for its part co-ordinates the systems of planetary movement to form an organism.

(33) Theosophy, An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man, Rudolf Steiner, April 1922, translated by Henry B. Monges and revised for this edition by Gilbert Church, Ph.D. l961, copyright 1971 by Anthroposophic Press, Inc., Library of Congress Card No. 78-135997; pgs. 10, 31, 32, 37, 4, 5, 39, 87, 88, 89

Through his body man is able to place himself for the time being in connection with things; through his soul he retains in himself the impressions they make on him; through his spirit there reveals itself to him what the things retain for themselves. Only when we observe man in these three aspects can we hope to throw light on his whole being, because they show him to be related in a threefold way to the rest of the world.

In this way, man is a citizen of three worlds. Through his body he belongs to the world that he also perceives through his body; through his soul he constructs for himself his own world; through his spirit a world reveals itself to him that is exalted above both the others.

(34) Rosicrucianism and Modern Initiation, Rudolf Steiner, six lectures given in Dornach, 4th- 13th January 1924; Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1982; ISBN 85440 381 7, Third Edition (paperback),pgs.70-71,91, 93-94,59-60-61, 28- 29

So we may say: the old Rosicrucian Movement is characterized by the fact that its most illumined spirits had an intense longing to meet Archangel Michael; but they could only do so, as it were, in dream. Since the end of the last third of the nineteenth century, men can meet Michael in the Spirit, in a fully conscious way.

Michael, however, is a Being with this peculiar characteristic: He reveals nothing if we ourselves do not bring Him something from our diligent spiritual work on Earth. Michael is a silent Spirit- silent and reserved. The other ruling Archangels are Spirits who talk a great deal- in a spiritual sense, of course; Michael is taciturn. He is a Spirit who says very little. At most He will now and then give brief directions. What we have to learn from Michael is not really the word but, if I may so express it, the look; it is the power, the direction, of His gaze.

This is because Michael concerns Himself most of all with that which men create out of the Spiritual. He lives with the consequences of what men have created. The other Spirits live move with the causes; Michael lives with the consequences. The other Spirits kindle in man the impulses for what he ought to do. Michael wants to be the spiritual hero of Freedom; He lets men do, and then takes what becomes of human deeds, receives it and carries it on and out into the Cosmos to continue in the Cosmos what men themselves cannot yet do with it.

pgs. 59-60-61

The development that came later was attributed to the fact that Man had allowed to awaken within him to deep an urge, too intense a desire for the earthly and material. Thereby he forfeited his connection with the Sun and the Cosmos, and could only fine his existence on Earth in the form of the stream of inheritance. And that gave opportunity for the Demon of the Earth to begin his work. The Demon of the Earth would not have been able to do anything with men who were Sun-born, Sun-born Man of Earth would have been in very truth the Fourth Hierarchy. If one were wanting to place Man, one would have had to say: First Hierarchy: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones; Second Hierarchy: Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes; Third Hierarchy: Angels, Archangels, Archi; Fourth Hierarchy: Man- three different stages or graduations of the human, forming together the Fourth Hierarchy.

But because Man gave rein to his strong impulses in the direction of the physical, he became, not the being on the lowest branch, as it were, of the Hierarchies, but instead the being at the summit- on the topmost branch- of the kingdoms of Earth. Mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human kingdom- this became the picture of how Man stood in the world.

Moreover, because Man has not found his proper task on the Earth, the Earth herself has not her right and worthy position in the Cosmos. For since man has fallen, the true Lord of the Earth is not there. What has happened? The true Lord of the Earth is lacking, and it has become necessary for her place and course in the Cosmos, not being regulated from the Sun; so that the tasks that should really be carried out on Earth have fallen to the Sun. The man of medieval times looked up to the Sun and said : In the Sun are certain Intelligences. They determine the movement of the Earth in the Cosmos; they govern what happens on the Earth. Man ought, in reality, to do this; the Sun-forces ought to work on Earth through Man. Hence that significant medieval conception that was expressed in the words : the Sun, the unlawful Prince of this world.

And now reflect, my dear friends, how infinitely such conceptions deepened for medieval man his feeling for the Christ-Impulse. The Christ became for him the Spirit Who did not want to find His further task on the Sun, Who was not willing to remain among those who directed the Earth in unlawful manner from without. He wanted to take His way from the Sun to the Earth, to experience Earth events, to follow the path of Earth evolution, sharing the lot of man and the Earth.

Therewith, for medieval man, the Christ was the Being- the one Being- Who saved for the Cosmos man's task on Earth. There you have the connection. And now you can see why, in Rosicrucian times, again and again it was impressed upon the pupil: O Man, thou are not what thou art; the Christ had to come to take from thee thy task, that He might perform it for thee.

(35) The Work of The Angels in Man's Astral Body, Rudolf Steiner, lecture given October 9th, 1918 Zurich; Rudolf Steiner Press London, ISBN 0 85440 255 1- combined quotes used on Angel's Eye page - pgs. 11, 13, 14, 17, quotes below 16, 20, 21, 22

The essential point is that at a definite time- depending, as I have said, upon the attitude of men themselves adopt it will be earlier or later or at worst not at all- a threefold truth will be revealed to mankind by the Angels...(1)by a sudden impetus a certain secret will be inspired into man from the spiritual side, namely, what the other man really is, made in the likeness of the Godhead.(2) From the spiritual world the Angel will reveal to man that, in addition to everything else, the Christ Impulse postulates complete freedom in matters of religious life, that the only true Christianity is the Christianity which makes possible absolute freedom in the religious life. (3) An unquestionable insight into the spiritual nature of the world.

As I have said, this event ought to take place in such a way that the Spiritual Soul in man participates in it. This is impending in the evolution of humanity, for the Angel is working to this end through the pictures woven in man's astral body.

But let it be emphasized that this impending event confronts the will of man. Many things that should lead to conscious awareness of this event may be and indeed are being left undone.


(36) Theosophy of the Rosicrucian, Rudolf Steiner, fourteen lectures presented March, 22nd- May 6th, June, 1907; Rudolf Steiner Press, London, Reprinted 1981, ISBN 0 85440 401 5 pgs.100, 101, 154, 168

This is the way which was given through the Founder of the Rosicrucian esoteric stream, known to the outer world as Christian Rosenkreuz. It is not an un-Christian way, rather is it a Christian path adapted to modern conditions, and lies between the actual Christian path and the Yoga path.

This path had been partially prepared long before the time of Christianity. It took on a special form through that great initiate, Dionysius the Areopagite, who in the esoteric school of Paul at Athens inaugurated the training from which all later esoteric wisdom and training have been derived.


Rosicrucian Theosophy does not wish to revel in feelings, it wishes to bring the facts of the spirit before your eyes. The pupil must take part, must let himself be stimulated by the facts which have been described, feelings and sensations must be aroused in him through them. In this sense Spiritual Science should become a powerful impulse for the sphere of feeling, but at the same time be that which leads us direct into the facts of supersensible perceptions, which lets them first arise as thoughts and then leads the seeker upward into the higher worlds.

(37) The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical Constitution of Man, Rudolf Steiner, three lectures presented here were given in Dornach, December 17-19, 1920 ; Anthroposophic Press, Inc.1958 2nd Printing 1979, ISBN 0-910142-03-3; pgs. 43, 44, 45, 42, 9, 11, 26, 32, 62, 63

(38) Verses and Meditations, Truth-Wrought Words, Rudolf Steiner, verse- Life is akin to fire

(39) Michaelmas and the Soul-Forces of Man, Rudolf Steiner, Four lectures given in Vienna, September 27th to October 1, 1923, Anthroposophical Press, Spring Valley, New York, 2nd Printing 1982, ISBN 0-88010-007-9 pgs. 66, 23, intro., 68, 69

At the moment we will go on to say that in the human being there dwells the force I have described as the force of the Dragon whom Archangel Michael encounters, against whom he does battle. I indicated that this Dragon has an animal-like form, yet is really a supersensible being; that on account of his insubordination as a supersensible being; he was expelled into the sense world, where he now has his being; and I indicated further that he exists only in man, because outer nature cannot harbor him. Outer nature, image of divine spirituality, has in its innocence nothing whatever to do with the Dragon: he is established in the being of men, as I have set forth. But by reason of being such a creature - a supersensible being in the sense world- he instantly attracts the supersensible elemental forces that stream toward man out of nature and unites with them, with the result that man, instead of releasing the plant elementals from their spell through his soul, unites them with the Dragon, allows them to perish with the Dragon in his lower nature. For everything in the world moves in an evolutionary stream, taking many different directions to this end; and the elemental beings dwelling in minerals, plants, and animals must rise to a higher existence than is offered by their present abodes. This they can only accomplish by passing through man. The establishment of an external civilization is surely not man's sole purpose on earth: he has a cosmic aim within the entire world evolution ; and this cosmic aim is linked with such matters as I have just described- with the further development of those elemental beings that in earthly existence are at a low stage, but destined for a higher one. When man enters into a certain relationship with them, and when everything runs as it should, they can attain to this higher stage of evolution.

(40) Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric World, Jochen  Bockemuhl - Editor, Anthroposophic Press, Inc. Spring Valley, N. Y. 1977, ISBN 0-88010-115-6; pg. 171

Much research has been done concerning the connection between body and soul. Most researchers have concluded that this connection does indeed exist, but that it is impossible to grasp it in a clearly demonstrable way, even in terms of brain physiology... Steiner was the first to make clear where it lies: between the psychological and the somatic level lies a realm unto itself, essentially different from the other two, a realm that can be apprehended neither by external sensory observation nor by psychological introspection: it is the activity of life. Its autonomy has stood the test of all the spontaneous generation experiments and is thus already- in pragmatic scientific terms- among the most quantitatively secure data we have. Humans themselves experience this realm unconsciously, subconsciously...In keeping with an ancient usage, Steiner calls them the realm of the etheric. This is a realm that exists neither physically nor in the realm of the soul, but rather effects and constitutes the connection between body and soul because it communicates with both- something that material and psychological processes can never do directly.

(41) The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joatildeo de Deus, Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, Published in 1997 by Triad Publishers Cairns, Queensland, Australia

(42) Ascension, Friedrich Benesch, Published in English in 1979 by Floris Books, 21 Napier Road, Edinburgh, ISBN 0-903540-19-3; pgs. 34, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

(43) Goethe's Standard of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner, London, Anthroposophical Publishing Company, 46 Gloucester Place, W.I. 1925, pgs 68, 10, 24, 25, 27

Homunculus, therefore, is a man but without the element of materiality that is essential to man. He is brought into existence by magical methods in the laboratory.

(44) The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Liberation Through Understanding in the Between translated by Robert A.F. Thurman, forward by H.H. the Dalai Lama, composed by Padma Sambhava, discovered by Karma Lingpa; Bantam Books, January 1994 ISBN 0-553-37090-1; pgs. 262, 244, 47- 48

All-around Goodness. In the Natural Liberation and in the teachings of the Nyingma Order in general, the Buddha Samantabhadra, in male and female forms, is a kind of Ur-Buddha or primal Buddha, a Buddha-form very close to the absolute reality of the universe. His/her name means All-around Goodness to indicate that the deepest reality of everything is freedom itself, that which allows the happiness of beings and therefore that which they consider utter goodness. Samantabhadra is a famous Bodhisattva in the Universal Vehicle literature, who is already associated with omnipresence, having the special tendency to manifest himself simultaneously and infinitely in all subatomic particles of all universes while maintaining his presence in his ground dimension.

(45) The Angelic Doctor, The Life and World of St. Thomas Aquinas by Matthew Bunson, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. 1994, ISBN 0-87973-552-X, pg.103, 130, 131, 84, 85

In studying such maxims as Reason in man is rather like God in the world, one finds a deep spirituality within. Like all saints, Thomas's core was the search for Christ, and his pursuit of philosophical science was his means of making that discovery. To deny this mystical heart of Thomas is to render meaningless his entire life work and his one true ambition.

I have learned more in prayer and contemplation than I ever did from books or men.

O'Salutaris Hostia

O saving victim, open wide
The gate of heaven to man below,
Our faces press firm on every side,
Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow.
To thy great name be endless praise
Immortal Godhead, One in Three.
Oh, grant us endless length of days,
In our true native land with thee!

St. Thomas Aquinas
1224 or 1225- 1274 (March 7)


(46) Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying, An Exploration of Consciousness with The Dalai Lama edited and narrated by Francisco J.Varela, Ph.D, Wisdom Publications, Boston; Mind and Life Institute, 1997; ISBN 0-86171-123-8, pgs.129,130

Once you are able to recognize the clear light of sleep as the clear light of sleep, that recognition can enable you to sustain that state for a longer period. The main purpose of dream yoga in the context of tantric practice is to first recognize the dream state as dream state. Then, in the next stage of the practice you focus your attention on the heart center of your dream body and try to withdraw the vital energy into that center. That leads to an experience of the clear light of sleep, which arises when the dream state ceases.

The experience of clear light that you have during sleep is not very subtle. As you progress in your practice of dream yoga, the first experience of the clear light occurs as a result of focusing your attention at the heart center of the dream body. Although the clear light state during sleep at the beginning is not very subtle, through practice you'll be able to make it subtler and also prolong its duration. Also, a secondary benefit of this dream body is that you can be a perfect spy.
H.H. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama

(47) The True Nature of the Second Coming, Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1971. ISBN 0 85440 246 2; lecture given in January - March of 1910 ; pgs.44, 45, 73, 74

The will of man must be fired by the divine wisdom, and the most powerful impulse for this will be if to those who have truly prepared themselves the sublime ether-form of Christ Jesus becomes perceptible. To a man in whom natural clairvoyance has developed this will be like a Second Coming of Christ Jesus, just as the etheric Christ will appear again to men when they realize that they must use to this end the faculties with which evolution itself will equip the human soul.

(48) Madame Blavatsky's Baboon- A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America - Peter Washington, Schocken Books, New York, 1996 Random House, Inc. ISBN 0-8052-1024-5; pg. 387 ....Many teachers and spiritual groups have gone Green in the last decade, identifying preservation of the planet as the chief spiritual task of mankind- in marked contrast to the unworldliness of older mystical traditions.

One consequence of this shift in opinion has been the reappearance of Anthroposophy, which has emerged as the unexpected victor in those long-ago guru wars between Besant, Tingley and Steiner. For although the Anthroposophical Society itself grows only slowly and has like Theosophy a largely elderly membership, its influence has increased out of all proportion. This owes something to the spiritual revival of the later twentieth century; and something to the carefully structured organization established by the founder; but most of all to Rudolf Steiner's interest in Green issues and the central place taken in his philosophy by the relationship between ecology and religion.

The major strength of Rudolf Steiner's teaching- notably lacking from Theosophy - is its practicality. If Steiner has a theory for everything, he also has a way of putting that theory into practice. Relating grand cosmology and psychology to ecology, he situates mankind at the heart of a complex universal eco-system in which spiritual and biological forces have equally important roles to play; but he also takes account of physical existence at the mundane level: eating, sleeping, farming, making. Encouraged by the successes of the Green movement, the Anthroposophical Society has recently set up its own bank to lend al low rates of interest to ecologically sound projects: organic farms, small light industries, crafts and heritage projects. The movement has also invested heavily in Steiner's educational, therapeutic and medical enterprises, all of which sit well with contemporary attitudes to ecology, relying as they do on natural systems and materials.

(49) Mystical Theology and the Celestial Hierarchies by Dionysius the Areopagite published by The Shrine of Wisdom, Fintry, Brook, Nr. Godalming, Surrey first printed together in 1949 by Unwin Brothers Limited, London and Woking - pg.12, 7, 26, 27, 74- copy purchased at Samuel Weiser, Inc. Booksellers

Who was Dionysius?

Modern scholarship has settled the fact that Dionysius the Areopagite, although confused with St. Dionysius, or St. Denis, the martyr and patron saint of Paris, has no historical connection with him. It has, too settled the fact that The Mystical Theology and the other Dionysian writings did not come into existence until centuries after St. Paul's Athenian convert. In fact, it is almost certain that the writer was either a pupil of Proclus or, as is more probable, of Damascus, the second in succession from Proclus, and one of the last teachers of the Athenian school. It was natural that when he became a Christian writer he should assume a name which had sacred memories of Athenian faith, and which was also a link with Greek culture. pg. 7

Introduction pgs. 26-27

The down-flowing Life of Providence has a threefold operation : It is perfective, illuminating, and purifying. These qualities characterize the activities of each triad, through the work of the highest is said to be essentially perfective, that of the middle more definitely illuminative, and that of the lowest triad purgative.

Thus, while the Celestial Hierarchies are the transmitters of Providential Life to all below them, they constitute for the aspiring soul which unites itself to them a spiritual ladder of ascent from Earth to Heaven which is seen to correspond with the threefold Way traversed by all great mystics - the Active Life through the Way of Purification, whereby men may become true servants of God ; the Inner Life, the Way of Illumination and of real son-ship with God ; and the Contemplative Life, which is the Unitive Way whereby men may attain to true friendship with God.

The Purificatory Way lead to the Immutable Good ; through the Illuminative Way is revealed the Sacred Majesty of Truth ; and in the Perfective Way union is attained with the Supreme Beauty.

(50) The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity by Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press 1972 ISBN 0 85440 259 4; four lectures given in Berlin, 3rd - 7th February, l913 pgs.64,65, 66, 67, 70

When the Initiate of the Middle Ages wanted to present in picture form what he had to learn in order to permeate with the new wisdom the part of his soul that had remained living, he spoke of the Castle of the Holy Grail and of the new wisdom- which is in fact the Grail that flows out from it. And when he wanted to indicate that which is hostile to this new wisdom, he pointed to another domain, the domain wherein dwelt all the beings and forces which had made it their task to gain access to the part of the body that had become dead, and to the part of the human soul that had become unconscious. This domain, into which were justly transferred (justly is here used in an occult sense) all the successors of the evil spiritual beings of earlier times who had preserved the worst forces of oriental magic (not the best forces, which also had remained)- the domain which was the most vicious and hostile to the Grail was Castle Merveil, the gathering-place of all the forces which attack man in this part of his body and soul and have undergone a karmic fate such as has been indicated. Spiritual wisdom can be carried anywhere to-day, because we have reached a transition stage leading towards the Sixth Epoch and these things are no longer tied to particular localities, but in the Middle Ages it had to be sought in certain definite places, as I have shown in my book, The Spiritual Guidance of Man and of Mankind. Hence when in earlier times it was said that one had to travel to a particular neighborhood in order to receive a certain teaching, this was not meant in any figurative sense. In our own time it must be said that wisdom has less of a local character; for we are living in a time of transition from life in space and time into more spiritual forms of time.

Whereas it has been said that the Castle of the Grail is situated in the West of Europe, the stronghold of hostility to the Grail must be located in another place, a place where, on account of certain spiritual forces there, a person can have just as great and powerful and good an impression as he can have also of its opposite, through other forces which have remained there to this present time like an Akashic after-effect from those opponents of the Grail of whom we have been speaking. For at that place one can speak of the very worst forces, and they are still perceptible in their after-effects. At one time evil arts were practiced in that place, arts which penetrated right into physical life and thence launched their assaults on the part of the human soul that had become unconscious and on the portion to the human organism that had become dead.

All this is closely connected with a figure who glimmers across from the Middle Ages as a legendary being, but is well know to anyone acquainted with the nature of the Mysteries: a personality who was quite real in the middle of the Middle Ages, Klingsor, the Duke of Terra de Labur, a district we have to look for in what is now Southern Calabria. From there were carried out the incursions of the enemy of the Grail, especially over to Sicily. Even as to-day, if we tread Sicilian soil and have occult sight, we are aware of the Akashic after-effects of the great Empedocles still present in the atmosphere, so we can still perceive there the evil after-effects of Klingsor, who allied himself from his Duchy of Terra de Labur, across the Straits of Messina, with those enemies of the Grail who occupied the fastness known in occultism and in legend as Calot bobot.

In the middle of the Middle Ages, Calot bobot in Sicily was the seat of the goddess called Iblis, the daughter of Eblis; and among all evil unions which have taken place within the Earth's evolution between beings in whose souls there were occult forces, the one known to occultists as the worst of all was between Klingsor and Iblis, the daughter of Eblis.Iblis, by her very name, is characterized as being related to Eblis, and in Mohammedan tradition Eblis is the figure we call Lucifer. Iblis is a kind of feminine aspect of Eblis, the Mohammedan Lucifer, and with her the evil magician Klingsor united his own evil arts, through which in the Middle Ages he worked against the Grail. These things must needs find expression in pictures, but in pictures that correspond to realities; they cannot be expressed in abstract ideas. And the whole of the hostility to the Grail was enacted in that fastness of Iblis, Calot bobot whither the remarkable Queen Sibilla had fled with her son William, in 1194, under the ruler-ship of the Emperor Henry V1.

Everything that was undertaken by a power hostile to the Grail, and whereby also Amfortas was wounded, is finally to be traced back to the alliance which Klingsor had contracted with the stronghold of Iblis, Calot bobot; and all the misery and suffering which we see embodied in the Grail legend through Amfortas is an expression of that pact. For this reason the soul must still be strongly armed even to-day when it comes into the neighborhood of those places from which can emanate all hostile influences related to the Mysteries of the Grail and the advancing evolution of humanity.

(51) The Other America, The Western World in the Light of Spiritual Science, by Carl Stegmann Published as Manuscript in Carmichael, California- Part 1 and Part 2; pgs.11, 12, 14, 15, 66, 48, 49

Rudolf Steiner draws our attention further to something very significant in connection with the deeper knowledge of the will. When the human should ascend into the higher spheres of existence after death, then above all else the consciousness of man changes. Man attains an all-comprehending, highly will-imbued cosmic consciousness which becomes constantly brighter. Through this he gradually becomes one with his own higher spirit-being. Later there comes once again his descent into a new earthly life, and here a reverse process takes place. When man or woman descends again to a new incarnation on earth, then in stages they lose their brightness, the strength and breadth of their cosmic consciousness. Shortly before they unite themselves with the germ of a new embryo, their consciousness's become totally dimmed and the spiritual forces of consciousness thus released are transformed into the forces of growth of the future man and women. "There where we have received the first illumination for the spiritual world, in a more wakeful consciousness than we can have on earth, just there on our return to earth, the consciousness is dimmed, until it is so far dimmed down that it is then nothing but forces of growth.

Something tremendously important is expressed by this. The inner relationship between consciousness and life is made clear! Especially important is the fact that life and growth processes are related to consciousness forces. "Everything that expands in us as growth is at the same time will-related; externally observed in the body, it is growth process; observed in the inner soul life, it is will. This brings us to the conclusion that the expansion of growth, everything that is any way expresses itself within the forces that lie in growth, in nourishment, in life, is will-related. When we observe this from the point of view of the soul, then we must say, that is connected with the will."

And here we come very close to the secret of the will. The will contains the secret of life within it. Will is life; life is transformed higher consciousnesses. When one bears this in mind, then here in America one immediately thinks of the land as such, with its rich original forces of growth. Everyone knows that here there are giant trees which were growing even at the time of Christ; you can carve a tunnel in them large enough to drive a car through.

Powers of growth are dimmed down powers of consciousness. Where strong powers of growth are at work in humans, as in the small child, there is little consciousness. The child at first lives in the will-saturated powers that build up the body. Only gradually does it awaken to consciousness, and to that same degree as it grows up the forces of growth become freed from the body. In this, one can find a wonderful confirmation of what was said above, that forces of growth transform themselves into forces of consciousness into forces of growth.

(52) The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, Lectures by Rudolf Steiner in 1910, Published by The Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York, 1983, ISBN 0-88010--017-6 pgs.96, 100, 101

We occupy ourselves with spiritual science so that these newly appearing facilities, which are at first barely perceptible, may not be overlooked and lost to humanity and that those blessed with this new power of vision many not be considered dreamers and fools but may instead have the support and understanding of a small group of people who in their common purpose may prevent these delicate soul seeds and soul qualities from being roughly trampled to death for lack of human understanding. Spiritual science shall indeed prepare the possibility for attaining this development. Recently, I explained that these new qualities give us an insight into the land of Shamballa, through which we may learn to know the significance and true nature of Christ, whose second coming indicates a maturing of humanity's cognition. (pg.96)

At that time such a deceptive belief did not do so much damage. Now, however, when one with more advanced facilities should be able to recognize that it is a mistake to believe in Christ's second coming in the flesh and that it is true that He will reappear in the etheric body - now it is necessary to distinguish such things plainly. A confusion will have serious consequences. An alleged Christ who reappears in the flesh is not to be believed but only a Christ Who appears in the etheric body. This appearance will take the form of a natural initiation, just as now the initiate experiences this event in a special way. (pg.100)

We are thus approaching an age in which man will feel himself surrounded not only by a physical, sensible world but also, according to the measure of his knowledge, by a spiritual kingdom. The leader in this new kingdom of the spirit will be the etheric Christ. No matter what religious community or faith to which people belong, once they have experienced these facts in themselves they will acknowledge and accept the Christ event. The Christians who actually have the experience of the etheric Chris are perhaps in a more difficult situation than adherents to other religions, yet they should endeavor to accept this Christ event in just as neutral a way as the others. It will, in fact, be man's task to develop, especially through Christianity, an understanding for the possibility of entering the spiritual world independently of any religious denomination but simply through the power of good will. (pg.100)

Anthroposophy above all should help us in this. It will lead us into that spiritual land, described in ancient Tibetan writings as a remote fairyland, which means the spiritual world, the land of Shamballa. Not in a trance but in full consciousness man should enter this land under the guidance of Christ. Even now the initiate can and must go often to the land of Shamballa in order to draw from there new forces. Later, other human beings, too, will enter the land of Shamballa. They will see its radiant light, as Paul saw above him the light that streamed from Christ. This light will stream toward them, also. The portals of this realm of light will open to them and through them they will enter the holy land of Shamballa.(pg.101)

(53) Karmic Relationships Vol V1, lectures by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, London, first edition 1971, ISBN 0 85440 242 X pgs. 131, 132

A kind of magic breathed through the School of Chartres when Alannus ab Insulis was giving such teachings to a few of his chosen pupils. It was as if the ether-world all around were set astir by the surging waves of this mighty Michael teaching.

And so a spiritual atmosphere was imparted to the world. It spread across Western Europe, down into Southern Italy, where there were many who were able to receive it into themselves. In their souls something arose like a might inspiration, enabling them to gaze into the spiritual world.

But in the evolution of the world it is so that those who are initiated into the great secrets of existence as to a certain degree were Alanus ab Insulis and Bernardus Sylvestris - such men know that it is only possible to achieve this or that particular air to a limited extent. A man like Alanus ab Insulis said to himself: We, the Platonists, must go through the gate of death; for the present we can live only in the spiritual world. We must look down from the spiritual world, leaving the physical world to those others whose task it is to cultivate the intellect in the Aristotelian way. The time has come now for the cultivation of the intellect. Late in his life Alanus ab Insulis put on the habit of the Cistercian Order; he became a Cistercian. And in the Cistercian Order many of these Platonic teachings were contained. Those among the Cistercians who possessed the deeper knowledge said to themselves: Hence forward we can work only from the spiritual world; the field must be relinquished to the Aristotelians.

These Aristotelians were for the most part, in the Order of the Dominicans. And so in the thirteenth century the leadership of the spiritual life in Europe passed over to them.

But a heritage remained from men such as Peter of Compostella, Alanus ab Insulis, Bernard of Chartres, John of Salisbury and that poet who from the School of Chartres wrote a remarkable poem on the Seven Liberal Arts. It took significant hold of the spiritual life of Europe What had come into being in the School of Chartres was so potent that it found its way for example, to the University of Orleans. There, in the second half of the twelfth century, a great deal penetrated in the form of teaching from what had streamed to the pupils of Chartres through mighty pictures and words - words as if they were of silver- from the lips of Bernardus Sylvestris, of Alanus ab Insulis.

(54) L. Colour, Collot d' Herbois part 1, A textbook for the painting group "magenta", Stichting Magenta, private publication 1979, limited edition pgs. 7, 90, 95, 96

from the Preface: Although the artist Liane Collot d'Herbois has taught since many years parts of the contents of the book in her courses, the present vision evolves in an attempt to understand from a new point of view even more deeply the inner being of colour. To experience colour as bringing together heaven and earth, man, woman and the world around them.

To get to know its power of converting the human soul.

By this the artist reveals at the same time the spiritual fundaments of her own work as a painter.

Just as Philip O. Runge in the past century replied to Goethe's Theory of Colour with his own work, this book is an echo or a testimony for what Rudolf Steiner taught about colour, going a step higher than Goethe.

Newton considers only the physical plan. Goethe moves into contemplation of the world of the etheric forces ('Bildekrafte'). His work mirrors the laws of the world of life. Rudolf Steiner rises to the level of colour as expressing what lives in the soul. He penetrates into those worlds, where beyond space and time the creative forces of the soul and the spirit reign.

pg.90 -  What is in front of the light - green - carries more darkness within, quicker moving colour, the power of creating intervals easily, especially together with the light blue-green. This is only true in the atmosphere, not in the paint box where a vermilion red and green do not make a yellow, but a 'fallen down' blue: grey (which is a smell!).

This is one of the essential and basic results of the concept of light and darkness as creative activities; the results of the meeting of light and darkness are visible in the atmosphere or 'Trube'. The form of earthly substance is secondary - the colour - theories based on the paintbox (blue and yellow mixed make green, etc.) are secondary. Through a connection with colour, which can pierce the maya of the sense-world on the one hand, to where one will live in the inner light of one's heart and conscious feeling on the other hand, a path of development lies. This leads to the Cosmic soul inner and outer, both reaching the infinite.

This attempt to living by experiencing the atmosphere in all its manifestations and rhythms leads to a greater ease on the path to Imagination.

pg. 94 Thereby reaching and achieving another consciousness and the light becomes a colour between peacblossom and green (Rudolf Steiner). We have then another spiritual dimension seeing the colours with greater luminosity vividly translucent and shining with warmth until eventually we achieve what is described in the akashic records as creating colour in the outer sense-world.

The thought of a colour is a reality, (and) will be a visible reality.

Times of the Day


Imagine an early dawn:
the slow suffusing of the great background of darkness by a gentle green, greening itself - peaceful greening of sky and sea, of land and sky, hushing, bringing composed stillness, and transparent lightness, wherein the planets have a quiet resplendence.
Light-rose clouds are wafted into our vision, movement moves, a lost wandering wind circles the trees hesitating, and light-yellow steals in. - Out of these colours morning-dew is bestowed on the waiting earth and the deer drink.
Nature is smothered in a band of gold and azure which is passing around the earth - carrying the morning always.

Again on looking in the opposite direction - opalescent mauve, light- magenta lies over the sea; above it turquoise moving to blue- blue is tin the early morning and evening harder to see; because of the weakness of the light one needs very awake consciousness in order to see the absolute blue, the boundary of the sense-world bluing itself slowly again and again.
In time the blues rise, becoming darker and deepening in the clear atmosphere as they rise. All colours behind the light accompany this movement.
Whereas the roseate colours in front of the light tend to sink into the density of the atmosphere in front of the light.
So that one has an interchanging movement with green (seldom seen) holding the balance between above and below, between circumference and center, between cosmic sympathy and cosmic antipathy. For from this point of view, the sunrise radiates antipathy: forming finishing and carrying beauty, where it touches the darkness; and the sunset as cosmic sympathy carrying, enveloping and developing a new begin.


Imagine or remember, when standing 2000 meters high: the far high mountains in the midday-light, the heavy sun is playing on the shining snow of the distance, thereby arises a slight densifying on the shining snow of the distance, thereby arises a slight densifying of the atmosphere, and lying behind this atmosphere are the red mountains, the illuminated snow playing the part of light behind darkness; above the sky is a violet, sometimes a violet black as seen on looking upwards through the utterly clear atmosphere above 2000 M.
Or imagine over the sea on a hot day an impure cobalt sea, on the far vague horizon lies a band of vermilion. Through the intense light at midday the colours in front of and behind the light are washed to the limits of the sense- world.


After 5 o'clock the slow sinking of the colours behind the light begins. For example the intense blue on the near precipice, the untramarine on the far high hills seen in a clear atmosphere of winter. The sky turns then turquoise; and orange comes to the lower clouds. This movement continues in time to the hushed atmosphere of twilight, and visitors form the distances gently lower themselves upon the earth. The violet of the heights of the midday- sky sinks, enpurpling air, trees, and heightening the glow of flowers; stilling the birds and the winds in its ambience.

Glowing burnt sienna rises before one and red carries the last remnant of light, moving upwards to yellow-green, lighter green, turquoise.

And so, between the surging colours of morning and evening from the change of above to below, where the colours have risen to the far distance of midday from the first virginal light-green of the pre-sunrise balancing in perfect harmony night and day- from that wings the changing rainbow of the Cosmic soul day by day by day, blessing the soul.

(55) The Four Seasons and the Archangels lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in 1923, Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, London, first edition 1947, ISBN 0 85440 452 2 pgs. 10, 14, 15, 87, 88

If anyone today is able to penetrate into these astral realms, wandering through them as one may wander among woods and mountains and find "signposts" at crossroads, he may find "signposts" there in the astral light, inscribed in spiritual script. But these signposts have a quite special characteristic: they are not comprehensible without further explanation, even for someone who can "read" in the astral light. In the spiritual world and in its communications, things are not made as convenient as possible: anything one encounters there presents itself as a riddle to be solved. Only through inner investigation, through experiencing inwardly the riddle and much else, can one discover what the inscription on a spiritual signpost signifies.

If, however, we are to participate in this waning of nature, just as we do in nature's growing time, we must learn to experience the dying away of nature in our own inner being. For if a man (or woman or child) becomes more sensitive to the secret workings of nature, and thus participates actively in nature's germinating and fruiting, it follows that he (or she) will livingly experience also the effects of autumn in the outer world. But it would be comfortless for man (or woman) if he (or she) could experience this only in the form it takes in nature; if he (or she) were to come only to a nature-consciousness concerning the secrets of autumn and winter, as he (or she) readily does concerning the secrets of spring and summer. When the extents of autumn and winter draw on, when Michaelmas comes, he (or she) certainly must enter sensitively into the processes of fading and dying; but he (or she) must not, as he (or she) does in summer, give himself (or herself) over to a nature-consciousness. On the contrary, he (or she) must then devote himself (or herself) to self-consciousness. In the time when external nature is dying, he (or she) must oppose nature-consciousness with the force of self-consciousness.

And then the form of Michael stands before us again. If, under the impulse of Anthroposophy, man (or woman) enters thus into the enjoyment of nature, the consciousness of nature, but then also awakens in himself (or herself) an autumnal self-consciousness, then the picture of Michael with the dragon will stand majestically before him (or her), revealing in picture-form the overcoming of nature-consciousness by self-consciousness when autumn draws near. This will come about if man (or woman) can experience not only an inner spring and summer, but also a dying, death-bringing autumn and winter. Then it will be possible for the picture of Michael with the dragon to appear again as a powerful Imagination, summoning man (or woman) to inner activity.

It is there that the door opens for the entry of souls who are returning from pre-earthly to earthly life. It opens only during the period from the end of December to the beginning of spring, when Gabriel hovers above as cosmic Archangel, while below at man's side is Uriel, carrying cosmic forces into the human head. In the course of these three months the souls who are to be embodied during the whole year come down from the cosmos towards the Earth. They remain waiting there until an opportunity occurs in the Earth's planetary sphere: even the souls who will be born in October, let us say, are already within the Earth sphere, awaiting their birth. Much, very much, depends on whether a soul, after it has entered the Earth sphere and is already in touch with it, has to wait for its earthly embodiment. One soul has a longer wait; another, a shorter one.

The particular secret here is that - just as, for example, the fructifying seed enters the ovum at only one spot - the heavenly seeds enter into the whole yearly being of the Earth only when Gabriel rules above as the cosmic Angel, with his mind, loving look and gesture of benediction, while below is Uriel, with judicial gaze and warning gesture. That is the time when the Earth is impregnated with souls. It is the time when the Earth has its mantle of snow and surrenders to its crystallizing forces; when man can be united with the Earth as the thinking earth-body in the cosmos. Then the souls pass out of the cosmos and assemble, as it were, in the Earth sphere. That is the annual impregnation of the Earth's seasonal being.

(56) (12) Macrocosm and Microcosm, Rudolf Steiner, 1968 by Rudolf Steiner Press, eleven lectures given in Vienna 21st to 31st March, 1910 . ISBN 0-85440-512-7; pgs. 199, 200, 201, 202

Through our heart we make ourselves men and women: through the larynx the Macrocosm makes us men and women. When in a new incarnation we grow into the Microcosm, we grow into an organism of which the heart is the center; but this organism, this bodily constitution, is unceasingly maintained by the Macrocosm, the forces of the Macrocosm stream into it. Through the larynx there streams into us from the Macrocosm something that is a supreme manifestation of the spirit. There we are linked with the Macrocosm. We not only receive into ourselves influences from the Macrocosm but in a certain sense we also give them back, although we still have no individual control of them. We are born into a folk-language; we have as yet no individual control over what is innate in the folk-spirit. Hence a great truth is contained in what is said at the very beginning of the Bible: that man's earthly evolution waited until there could be created for him the crowning structure of his breathing apparatus- the larynx which is created by the spirit, bestowed by God himself. "God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul." This is an indication of the point of time when there flowed into man and woman that which is connected with the divine, with the Macrocosm. The Human is connected with the heart, the Divine with the larynx.

In that man, woman not only breathes but can also transmute his or her breathing processes into song and speech produced by the larynx, he has in his breathing a faculty capable of the highest possible development. Hence there are good grounds for saying that man and woman is always developing, that he or she will rise to higher and higher stages of spirituality. In Oriental philosophy the highest member that man, as Sprit-Man, will develop in the future is called "Atma"- a word derived from "Atmen" (breath). But man must himself participate in the development of speech and song in which, as a transformed breathing process, there are infinite possibilities.

Having this in mind we shall realize that as soon as man or woman can produce an actual effect upon his or her breathing process, this will be a very potent influence. It may therefore all the more easily happen that with his breathing process, this will be a very potent influence. It may therefore all the more easily happen that with his present constitution man is not yet ready for it. If exercise that may be undertaken include any that have to do with regulating the breathing process, the utmost caution must be applied to such exercises and the teacher must feel the greatest possible sense of responsibility. For it was the divine-spiritual Beings themselves who in their wisdom modified the breathing process in order to raise man and woman to a higher stage, and because he or she was not ready they were obliged to place speech outside the control of his individuality. Intervention in the breathing process means penetration into a higher sphere and this demands the very greatest sense of responsibility. It may be said quite objectively that all the instructions given so lightheartedly nowadays about this or that mode of breathing really make the impression of children playing with fire. To intervene consciously in the breathing process is to invoke the Divine in man and woman. Because that is so, the laws of the process can be derived only from the very highest attainable knowledge and the utmost caution must be used in this domain. At the present time, when there is so little consciousness of the truth that the spiritual underlies everything material, people will believe all too readily that this or that breathing exercise can be advantageous. But once it is realized that everything physical has a spiritual foundation it will also be known that any revelations of the spiritual in the physical; it should be associated with a mood of the soul that is akin to prayer, where knowledge becomes prayer. Instructions in these matters should be given only when the knower is filled with reverence, with the realization of the grace bestowed by those Beings to whom we must look up, because they send down their wisdom from the heights of the Macrocosm- heights far greater than we, with our ordinary knowledge, can scale. The ultimate outcome of Spiritual Science is that there rings out like a prayer :

Many of God's protecting rays of blessing
Pervade my growing soul,
That it may everywhere lay hold
Of strength-bestowing forces.
My soul shall vow 
To waken in itself
Life-giving might of love,
To see thus God's strength
Along life's path,
And, with all it owns,
To work God's will

(57) Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life by Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997 *Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, and Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences. Expert on Global Ecology, and Fast -Processing Earth Events. Russian to English Translation and Editing: by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett
Summary Paragraph

Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes.


Current, in process, geological, geophysical, and climatical alterations of the Earth are becoming more, and more, irreversible. At the present time researchers are revealing some of the causes which are leading to a general reorganization of the electro-magnetosphere (the electromagnetic skeleton) of our planet, and of its climatic machinery. A greater number of specialists in climatology, geophysics, planetophysics, and heliophysics are tending towards a cosmic causative sequence version for what is happening. Indeed, events of the last decade give strong evidence of unusually significant heliospheric and planetophysic transformations [1,2]. Given the quality, quantity, and scale of these transformations we may say that:
The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth (through a tightly connected feedback system) are directly impacted by, and linked back to, the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System. We must begin to organize our attention and thinking to understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part, or link, in a whole chain of events taking place in our Heliosphere.
These deep physical processes, these new qualities of our physical and geological environment, will impose special adaptive challenges and requirements for all life forms on Earth. Considering the problems of adaptation our biosphere will have with these new physical conditions on Earth, we need to distinguish the general tendency and nature of the changes. As we will show below, these tendencies may be traced in the direction of planet energy capacity growth (capacitance), which is leading to a highly excited or charged state of some of Earth's systems. The most intense transformations are taking place in the planetary gas-plasma envelopes to which the productive possibilities of our biosphere are timed. Currently this new scenario of excess energy run-off is being formed, and observed:
In the ionosphere by plasma generation.
In the magnetosphere by magnetic storms.
In the atmosphere by cyclones.
This high-energy atmospheric phenomena, which was rare in the past, is now becoming more frequent, intense, and changed in its nature. The material composition of the gas-plasma envelope is also being transformed.

(58) Sleep, an unobserved element in education by Audrey E. McAllen- published by Rudolf Steiner Press and Bookshop, 38 Museum Street, London, E.C.1, 1981,pgs.2, 4, 17, 42, 43

Prophetic dreams have played their part in our life, both personal and historical- from the warnings of the Guardian angel of danger through a dream, recounted in fairy tale and legend, to dreams which have had an impact at an historical level such as Constantine's well known dream that he should fight "under the sign of the Cross".

A study of dreams points to the fact that mankind in his historical development undergoes a change of consciousness. In pre-Christian times, the priesthood experienced direct contact with Spiritual beings who revealed to them their intentions for the guidance of mankind. Remnants of this consciousness are recorded in both Old and New Testaments, Herodotus and many others.

Our present mode of consciousness usually only allows dreams of an organic or desire-anxiety nature to enter consciousness. Nevertheless, that we can bring something of a positive and objective nature out of sleep is evident from the common experience that we have of finding that a solution to a problem is there on waking: many artists, poets and scientists share the experience that inspirations are present if we can catch the moment of waking. So in sleep there must be states of consciousness which are objectively valid, and which have to do with processes common to everyone.

Carlos Castaneda in his initiation training describes how he is taught to control his dreams, so that they become objects of consciousness; this is something which many people experience who take up a spiritual training. To enter into sleep with a trained consciousness can lead us to distinguish the stages of sleep and the world behind the sense perceptions of the day.

(59) The Soul's Code- In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman, published by Random House, New York, 1996, pgs. 247, 58

For adequate rituals we substitute rigidities and formulaic fixes like "three strikes and you're out." Without exorcisms that attempt to separate the Devil and the daimon, we have only eradications that get rid of both. Rituals not only protect society from the demonic; they also protect it from its own paranoia, from falling prey to its own obsessive and vicious measures of purification, that ever-present American myth: the return to innocence in a Puritan paradise.

Innocence is America's mystical cloud of unknowing. We are forgiven simply by virtue of not knowing what we do. To wrap ourselves round in the Good- that is the American dream, leaving place for the evil nightmare only in the "other," where it can be diagnosed, treated, prevented, and sermonized about. A history of this habit of the heart has been exposed by Elaine Pagels (in her important study The Origin of Satan) as a disastrous, perhaps "evil" essential, an inherent bad seed, in Western religious denominations, making obligatory as countermeasure their relentless insistence on "love."

A society that willfully insists upon innocence as the noblest of virtues and worships innocence at its altars in Orlando and Anaheim and on Sesame Street, will be unable to see any seed of any kind unless it be sugar-coated. Like Forrest Gump eating chocolates and offering sweets to strangers before he ever looks into their eyes, studid is indeed as stupid does. This idea of the Bad Seed, the idea that there is a demonic call, should startle our native intelligence, awakening it from the innocence of our American theories so that as a nation we can see that evil is attracted to, belongs with, innocence. Then we might finally recognize that in America, Natural Born Killers are the secret companions of, are even prompted by, Forrest Gumps.

(60) The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden published by Hay House USA, Carlsbad, California, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4019-0570-5 (hardcover) pgs; 206, xxii from introduction: It is in this section that I also share the 20th century research that led to an advances in quantum physics forcing scientists to revisit the original experiment that told us everything is separate. This includes three representative experiments showing the latest scientific documentation of a previously unrecognized field of energy. briefly, these findings demonstrate the following

1. Human DNA has a direct effect on the stuff that our world is made of.

2. Human emotion has a direct effect on the DNA that affects the stuff that our world is made of.

3. The relationship between emotions and DNA transcends the bounds of time and space. The effects are the same regardless of distance.

(61)  Human Energy by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1971, p. 163. Henceforth science recognized itself as a means of extending and completing in man a world still incompletely formed. It assumed the shape and grandeur of a sacred duty. It became charged with futurity. In the great body, already coming to birth, of a humanity grouped by the act of discovery, a soul was at last released: a mysticism of discovery.

(62) The Human Life by George O'Neil and Gisela O'Neil - What does it mean: the human race today matures "by nature" up to the age 27? It means that without the stimuli from the external intellectual milieu, without effective schooling of thought, and without a continued personal striving in self education to bring out his or her latent capacities, a person today remains what they are at 27. They level off. Culturally, they come to a standstill.

This can be seen all too clearly in the soul configurations all about us, in the people we meet coming and going. Note their types of recreation, their use of time, the heroes they admire. The media, in fact, the cultural nourishment of the masses, in order to survive must pander to the sentient-soul life, to its instincts and egotisms, its self-preoccupation, fads and fashions, fears and desires.

Many careers are the picture of this arrested soul state. Successful politicians, if burdened by intellectual and moral maturity would find their profession impossible.
Anyone rising to the level of statesman is increasingly subject to a populace that makes choices on a sub-30 level. Journalism would seem an improbable career beyond the mental age of 27. Any expression of judgment or evaluation immediately displaces a newsperson into the role of commentator!

Reflections such as these should serve as nudges to further observation only, the big world is full of illustrations. As to the little world, the world of striving humans, the longing is there to go far beyond. To fulfill in thought and dream at least, when not possible in fact, the goals of mankind. We can understand in part the divine plan when we realize that what we have brought with us and what nature provides as a base are simply the starting points of what we ourselves can achieve. This "27-ness" is where we as modern souls shall begin. Our task from then on is to keep the learning process alive, to work diligently at further education, which becomes now education of the Self, to wrestle with new skills and new faculties, to discipline the inner life and thinking forces, to teach ourselves to study and read effectively, to write and speak with some intelligence.

Of course, this is not the way it goes. The obstacles seem overwhelming. No time Too busy! Exhausted after the day! Low vitality becomes a hindrance. And those eternal social demands! We all know the list; the excuses are worn and threadbare. We as Anthroposophists are supposed to meditate, to do our exercises. Our dedication was to go the path. What is it we are up against? In a word, the answer is priority.

To reach into this "beyond," to keep our promise with ourselves, we must first clearly separate the inner person from the outer. We must learn to live two lives. And to begin with, give priority to what we do alone, not with others.  At first in minutes, later in hours.; We have to learn to wrestle ourselves gradually free from excessive outer demands: the lures of togetherness, the addiction to instinctive community, total job absorption; and achieve some degree of independence from the demands of the Gabrielic family life. These are all "worths" of the aesthetic years when sentience rules. They provide only the soil for individual growth. Unless we grow, we have little to give to our companions in destiny; and, in time, we may even lose what we have.

So the priority goes now to commitments with oneself. The deliberate cultivation of the inner life becomes a rendezvous with the Self.

(63) The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by Dr. George Washington Cary and Inez Eudora Perry, published by Samuel Weiser, Inc New York, New York - ISBN 0-87728-143-2; first published 1932 - Third Impression 1977; pgs 200,201

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