Intending Migrating Light
'dedicated to our feeling souls'
Dominic Daley
Started February 28, 2008- last writing April 23, 2008


Soul is a feeling, feeling deep within
Soul is not the colour of your skin
Soul is the essence, essence from within
It is where everything begins

Van Morrison - Soul

Light Divine
Christ - Sun
The Spirit of the Elements hear it.
From East, West, North, South
May human beings hear it. (R.S.)

Home, home, o high , o aspiring
Daughters of Night, aged children, in blithe processional.
Bless them, all here, with silence.

In the primeval dark of earth-hollows
held in high veneration with rights sacrificial
bless them, all people, with silence.

Gracious be, wish what the land wishes,
follow, grave goddesses, flushed in the flamesprung
torchlight gay on your journey.
Singing all follow our footsteps.

There shall be peace forever between these people
of Pallas and their guest. Zeus the all seeing
met with Destiny to confirm it.
Singing all follow our footsteps.

Euripides' by Aeschylus 458 BC - Athenian - a song of peace (1)

Epic Verse

'Do Good Now Forever'

Impelling Nature Spirits, millions of years in plants, insects, animals- hominoids evolving souls 13.7 billion years star's expanding Universe.
Dwelling ancient rivers carry endless war's spores, ancient sententious debates revolving molds of fears to steer life's meaning careening averse.
Music and poetry flower like well tended gardens as Angels crafts that inspires Human hearts and minds to try for best of ourselves congealing.
Tone poems power melodious like Romantic's words, both place of 'feeling souls', as sylphs small rusty terns fly north in elements revealing.
Dark theory has the Spirit displaced by technology; robin-wake awake reflecting light of Sun, dove's love cooing turns in 'I AM' source milk.
Spark peace plains place to heal passions of our warrior's pain mad from war; cool a families moans heard burning in their high % loans bilk.

Sowing impressions from Heaven to Earth first 7 years Moon sphere time phase, go to sleep watching changing smile on night's glow buddy.
Knows stage to a higher evolution is learning: 'The direction of the mysterious way goes by the way of the inner," where Novalis knew to go.
 Muse beget: 'sit! awhile, yearned your selection of my place for a visit share' then in wisp gossamer breeze I hear: 'yes lots of joy still to sow.'
'With Horus on our heads, its wings around our ears looking into the distance' is for new organ of perception, hear sounds joining your eyes.
  For us to project good voice told not bound to yells, boasts; a 'Staretz' hut brooks iron seeds in blood as soul's secret maturity star fall cries.
 Porous lives 100 years later see Turner's paintings died 1851, read Blake died 1827, Goethe's Theory of Color died 1832 'anew think' arise.

Creativity calls for our positive thoughts and prayers for our politicians which can protect us all, most gossip and witticism untoward pitch.
Negativity rides, hides in the back of planes, up to no good, so ride up front or first class, reject a chasm of sarcasm found in an arrears ditch.
Walk backwards to feel your own beings space and eat healthy foods, betwixt elementals and angels talents between us help with our chores.
Talk thankful Moon to Mercury 7- 14 in Hollywood is good by me, change of teeth, puberty, thank lucky stars walking through these doors.
We ask for living in historic times as I would come to understand in 40's, our Ego to Destiny is even able to make better begetting as we go.
See 14 angels about heads giving minds creativity, 1 is hot set up, 0 is cold set down, find warm balance, take gravity to levities soul show.

Strewn threw out weeping willow trees Infinity of Mother's Milk Citizen Heavens leaves, weaves webs designs flowers, children, animals move.
Tune sung long ago tells of our Will's plea ask woven light smiling Michael, son Jesus to visit Earth with some manna higher Powers groove.
Showing up later for my own youth on a blue skies spacious coast of sea shells sparkling sands, sublime senses conciliatory fusing well minds.
Growing expanding presence of 'light lasting' ball climbs hills Mercury to Venus age 14- 21 lands rinsed soft rains Elysian fields "I AM" finds.
 Flowing formulas sown, Isaac Newton's apple drops to center then Wolfgang Goethe plant grows to periphery as Rudolf Steriner's mind united.
 Showing old school humility changes a world, organic living Universe growth arises as merging mighty celestial and material insights ignited.

Love and Soul...had sought and,
after some trials, found each other,
and that union could never be broken.

E. Hamilton
Cupid and Psyche In Mythology

When 18 years old my mother and father have taken me to England to visit old thatched roofed cottage of famous Bard at Stratford on Avon.
Then mom: 'go, walk around, look in the rooms,' 'bit' shaken 'I say 'it's small, cold', she snatched goofed on look, as if  an ingrate knave on.
 As she leaves later: 'son, not a horrid eyesore or yoke in his writing Elizabethan sonnets or coin 1,700 words in this residents inspiring light.'
 William Shakespeare weaves light dream, he stands in a oak paneled chamber loft beside four poster bed where young Ann reclines this night.
Tall chrome dome shines quick silver, brown full hair hangs like collar croft round shirt lapels, bold head's bright face smiles at his best fan.
 'All tones we hear like souls really, stream fair longing, desire for infinites' Bard shares, compels in mind, heart space my elements soul quest.
Far we have come on lands once belching in wrenching earth's volcanoes much like my 20's of drink and wenching, hormones mass eruption.
 Mars minds 'maya' never desire's fire quenching, 'in my I lived in my experiences' of free love, father never condoned, felt troubles a corruption.
Drugs, ufo's, visions all can deceive yet some are true most host of delusion, lies that choke our mirth, even 'greening' of  good Mother Earth.
    Plugs 'supersense' receiver, at 27 Nature's forming over; rainbow fusion gates birth and death, life meaning not based on consumption, worth.(10)
  Rainbows, dreams important, first 30 years you live out past lives karma in 'book of life' into Sun- Mars to a 'book of knowledge' unique ridge.
 Gain shows streams intend to rivers comport deep wonder, 'elementals love for Wisdom as elders of this Earth,' graces us with rainbow bridge.

A grassroots grows many white and red roses from the farms of peasant's ground to gracing modern's citizen's steeples, thriving market spaces.
 Say 'ICH' or "I AM" knows of cahoots some telling of 'War of All against All' just bound for a break out, people's civil war's mix sect's races.
 Dark angels malice chalice reduces humanity; Islam, calm qualms, seeds of compassion's 'hudna's' reconciliations let words rise, occasions all.
 Spark circumstances produce upwards waves, resist political in fights points to Saturn roots, Sun leaf , Moon flower, Earth fruits cosmic maul.
Nook in 'new heads organ, gland develops at the Threshold of Creation' then the sylph breeze: 'earth skin glows and flowers, their secrets tell'.
 'Look! 14 angels around your head' florid fresh substance envelops elementals light, thought's hearing powers: 'the child of heaven dreams well.' 

Ma Crow woman sings rhymes clear, 'Children of Abraham' let us be biblical, moving our mind's psychology in compassion for all resign.
Smash protons to time travel ahead of extreme fundamentalists, do stem cells umbilical cord healing biology as in hands of a God's design. 
Iran! Cyrus the Great white horse chariot rides, 'asha' Truth of  Zoroaster calls 'no' 'War of All against All' do Heaven's peace play, no fears!
Stand tall Palestine as Wall of Jericho never hides, Dead Sea Scrolls tell Truths, Great Pyramid of Giza, all leavens old as 8 thousand years.
 Children, women, civilians die in non-logical drama as palls of the fundamentalist, had mass lemons smash to lemonade, fruit trees uprooted.
When Ahura Mazda 'one uncreated Creator of all' silently calls for 'asha' Truth, do not war's 'druj' of lies, crash for cash, sweet shoots looted.

Religions of the world, please look to a Kiss of  the Mother's feet for surviving, so all our Wills can reveal to us our Creator's Heavens above.
From Morocco to Turkey from Indonesia to Malaysia, miss no dialogue, striving into fields of soulful white roses as peace lights white dove.
Sufis dance, turning, tuning Perso-Islamic fundamentalism rages from bout of extremes in doubts, pass to talks of logic suggestive of  healing.
 Some prance, holding old strict texts with frayed pages that condemns women who dare walk routes alone is not as progressive ways dealing.
Deep sad qualm woman's body as her lips of red season feel your mutilation, see her body cuts declare this harm by tradition, needs get clear.
Keep family Islam 'One God' let logic, reason and dialogues Freedom; uncivil wars ancient white war horse hooves in four places history near.

The Gypsy Patron Saint Mary Egytian is buried now in a Church of France as are Mary Magdelene died in France and Mary Cleophas, good
 friends 3, matrons 'a dream that we are on a high mountain, then carried back to awake we are in a valley', a call: 'back!' hope prayers would.
 Schemes of words Ahriman's fancy to Lucifer's imagination living shades of gray, human's face a choice, 'to be or not to be' 'Christos' balance. 
 Dreams are biography given for our soul lives, 21 to 42 Sun sphere 'teacher we are the teaching' outer supersensible sun to inner light talents.
We know reams more asleep then when awake, destiny is evolving Earth planet reflecting sun light to it's own inner light,... a star awaking.
 See to doing some good deeds, ego habits pictures take our star's revolving glow, Mother's Milk Citizen's Heaven human's lanterns making.

When I aged into my 30's, saw beliefs punctilious with treason as ancient texts of dubious origins become diet of pernicious repast resulting. 
Then killing the chiefs, slaying messengers of logic and reason, seen as seditious for a Commons riot, thoughts spiral back to a vicious past.
  Decrease fundamentalist extremists, as we sense gathering nearing of furies sneering in wings as Sun '30's ''I' lived in my thought's' of arranges.
 Release subconscious fire, fears of AngelHuman unions, leering rather than veering towards tolerance an ounce for the needed smile up changes.
Ritual contrition said daily in a devout prayerful way Brothers and Sisters of Islam, Be 'I AM That I AM' laying oceans furry down as bound.
Cultural isolation binds head and heart, baleful psychologies of perception see consumers shelling out, hope Gypsy Mary Egytian hem found.

Sparrows are singing new music while the Crows need intelligent discourses, it seems they broke through to other side of  Darwinian niche.
 Narrows science view only visible, while sylph grows flowers cosmic music courses through dark red roses heart tones special musical pitch.
Sylph of air in India as China entire parts moving, as weeping willows Infinity leaves breeze silver greens seen in a sunrise yellow glowing. 
Salamander of fire, all fragrances, clouds, lightening, thunder are a trinity, clouds easiest way to work in an elementals red surprise showing.
Gnomes of earth, amethyst their stone, do like dogs and mathematicians, love cars too and will help us, thank them with some blue stones.
Undines of water, aqua marine stone, are in flowers that help souls leave body to 'Banks of Thanks' for not coming back to a funeral's bones.

Archangel Michael
Rudolf Steiner (from a notebook 1924)

Michael brings will, strength, courage.
He is a sun spirit
and wishes to be seen.

He works with the results
not with the causes.
Michael is silent,
He does not give answers.
He is there.

He wills.
He either approves or disapproves
of earthly happenings.
But only in as much
as they are just
in the face of the spiritual world.
For in his cycles
he has never participated in
earthly activity.
He turns away from languages.
First he wants the thought.

 Dorian Gray

Offspring of all the worlds! Thou in a form of Light,
Firm framed by the Sun, with Luna's might,
Endowed with sounding Mars' life-stirring hymns,
And swift-winged Mercury's motion in thy limbs,
Illumined with royal Jupiter's all-wiseness,
And grace- bestowing Venus' loveliness,
That ghostly Saturn's old-world-memorized devoutness
Unto the world of Space and Time thee hallow.

'Offspring of all the Worlds' by Rudolf Steiner 1924

Lived on American river among great live oaks, Fair Oaks, California Venus- Sun age 21- 42, take History Classical Music class these years.
 Ludwig van Beethoven 'the I' 1802 Romantics rage, loyalty Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms; Wagner's music meld four elements spheres.
 Berlioz, Chopin stands up to state Nationalism and Franz Schubert died at age 31, 'he incarnated very loosely, able, an ethereal music make,
 a cosmic breathing.' Franz Schubert had 'inner wideness, slept late with his glasses on so he could write music down from his dreams' take.
 'Cosmic Waves' of his music could fill the air bright, Bruckner was beginning of the transpersonal sphere but in the realm of a tonality' pyre. 
    Wagner's Tristan was to be a cord mystery as he prepared to write opera about Buddha while with Tristan we learned 'all tones have desire.'(4)

 Haydn had a difficult time composing the music as his temperament of 0 had no tendency to build form with spiritual laws, dour of  body.
 Kandinsky and Stravinsky from '1909 to 1912 create new climate in Europe', then Sibelius 4th Symphony is the full power of this period. 
Handles Water Music lets life force flow through the upper body, it strengths our bodies just like birch leaves or listening Classical Music
it works on our bodies lymph system, good sound a healing and Beethoven is healing for liver, digestions heaves, Mozart for the kidneys.
   'Classical Music we can listen to with our solar plexus while doing bead work which can bring these elemental fellows peace around to us'.(2)
Salamanders glisten pianos, as the Sylphs reeds and wind instruments blows, as blue Gnomes cello mellows soul, as Undines wet violins.

Josef Mattias Hauer first 12 tone and colors supersensible, Schonberg 12 tone scale 1917 same year machines came into war, did compose.
  Hindeman wrote Concert of the Angels knew Kepler when alive, visited before death, Stravinsky an old England, Russian folk souls knows.
    Transpersonal sphere in Classical Music opens wide 'doer of Philosophy' as Initiate, Russia learns from Middle Europe 'to come to your self.'  Stockhausen has some complex aspects that guide to the important things, but not the mighty stirrup for riding to inner mission for world,
 human personality ditched at 'Threshold', Beat Music '60's meditations tumble worlds of  Love, approach deaths gate, humility at attention.
 Approach Sun Gate in pitched sounds and light colors to free our etheric potential, childlike humble, slow dates feeling the others intention.

    Hone voice Christian Morganstein enchants quality one tone, 'The Fish' going up M, M, M,.scale, imagine bees in room, tone on forehead.(4)
Tone, 'like a light kernel' 'is and has to come,' rings echo true or said 2nd hand? 'precious thing this life forces of tone' sail on sounds ahead.
 At the plum blooms reception, if we touch it, it dies and 'so tone is as a boat, out of sound comes tone' on this as in natural reverb abounds.
 Looms Ideals of  conception qualities to help us at these musical turns of spheres rounds evolving procreating spirals edges as anew grounds.
As voice says 3,3,3 up octave scale then metering down the octave scale while feeling it in the neck as an 'intending migrating light' quivers.
 Choice of patterns as our bodies are hale musical instruments, breathing is healing so suck it up you sublimate hot air like the startle shivers.

The Clay Jug by Kabir
version by Robert Bly

Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine mountains,
and the maker of canyons and pine mountains!
All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars.
The acid that tests gold is there, and the one who judges jewels.
And the music from the strings that no one touches, and the
source of all water.

If you want the truth, I will tell you the truth:
Friend, listen: the God whom I love is inside.

The animal can reach out and is taught by its organs as the spider, wasp or beaver who builds dams, but not of a nobleness to match he/she.
We Humans in balance can teach our organs to speak and speak well, listen sing even teach us how to swim, drowning will not have to be.
Talking to memorize all a quiver, leak when you have an antipathy, so then can have a sympathy feeling to then bring it around once more.
Walking along river telling children stories that have some factual matters about us, to encourage rings again of their own true stories for us.
    Tune a Sun to Mars 42- 49 Consciousness Soul '"I" naked 40's 'stretching is refreshing, breathing healing, 'thank God presses you to Destiny.'3 Soon hear threshing music, big choirs withering in heat of converging cultural stresses, as American's exercise their Constitutional intensity.

Comedy and Tragedy are the pallet of our souls in that where a tragedy pulls at the astral body due to pain, but the etheric body cries I learn.
Comedy lets our astral body expand out besides ourselves, there allows the etheric body to heal itself, even Doc's laugh this is as good turn.
Romantics period so very spiritual with poets Shelly, Keats and Wordsworth; Luther and Hegel both German forces for a freedom's thinking.
Semantics of 'Fraternity, Liberty and Equality' Queen Ann shouts out,: 'these are the Count of St. Germain's words rising up, not shrinking.'
1776 American Revolution of Great Ideals striven for then ascribed to the 1789 French Revolution with La Fayette arrives; then Mr. Dickens, 
inspired humanities solution to Industrial Revolution so well described, writing of  Bleak houses work dives, sharing all his 1800's pickens'.

Great Nations are defined by their Laws, Arts, Cultures so understand that English is a melting pot, least structured of tongues to be so vast
    Mate, bend words, is 'language by 'intonation and implication,' as 'rat!' who says it?, 'don't tread to close' big lungs yell is only a loud cast (3)
Pray innocently to our prayers might reach the Creator, as old languages have more magic to work immediately, not dazed as a new concept.
Sanskrit's play of words layers language, Indian Vedas told of time 40 thousand years ago, epopee blazed of Epic Earth they came too accept.
    Sea 100 billion galaxies all black hole seeded heaven History, historic evolution share helm, 'fairatman' sympathetic attunement for other takes.4
   Be above noise, Samuel Coolerage knew: 'we are one in the realm of ideas', snare 'own ideas' can 'queen bee of error', speak so our soul awakes.

'Be a man' as it's not a Hearst out there or the worst thing that's ever happened to you; had your chance, don't rock the boat or 'will bury you.'
 Times my bubble burst under pressure of low vibrations, yet translucent double across eddies dance, as sylphs help carry us over fortress moat.
    So spread spirit fields 'gossamer thread of thought' that lifts all points as 'feeling souls' blue birds fly, rising over oceans mist spans impasses. (9)
Do good now forever reap a peace of mind, not a blue Gnomes cruel fuel, hemp not oil, hard dope powders and pills can be like herd's lashes.
Gracious land water all peoples Freedom increase, Labor day Pierre Teilhard de Chardin born May 1, 1881, died April 10, 1955 Easter Sunday.
 Spacious as our lives ahead of us, so intone peace, Idea's time slip of Liberation arrives to shake things up, Freedom applied to Humanities way.

Saying goes 'in your 50's you have the face and body you deserve' then a Gregor Samsa in asbestos factory bugged metamorphosed a fire flies.
 Slaying Jesus Christ, his pace railroaded at crossroads of humanity, parables and miracles got him mugged, yet power prayers he still applies.
 As red rooster royal: 'planet hood cutting way back,' 'cost saving measures,' the birds can't hide empty stomachs, migrate North in harm's way.
'Head off spoil of soil, water' Pete folk songster, Tony hipster soulful tunes are Muse tones still live pictures of blessed good charms sleigh play.
Intend inner wideness Van Gogh light weaves 'Cosmic Breathing,' I outer light to We inner light, old hunt teacher, healer doctor see Priestess.
'Pretend again!' beat by parents age 9, 'I saw angels!' William Blake; in 'trial and travail' thinking sweet thoughts of our times, relative at least.

Seven spherical forces all, outer planets Mars to Jupiter 49- 56 look back liberated from prior experiences of life, paint Friday best way I know.
 Heaven plays a spirit road song as I see salamander's dark, spark less eyes, decide to change it up, dumped place stepped out, open fields stroll.
Friends are tall trees, big as mountains, first mates oceans touching, sharing story of new discoveries and amusing Muses under stars by a fire.
Bends in rivers freeze, a 'supersense experience' heals hearts in a light's warmth caring for others, slowly hope grows, aspire, attend own desire.
 Feral cats ate Celt elf, while spirit-worlds windows opened by the farming scholars, compost breaks down sun's energy as weeds can get hustle.
  'Peril of hate kills children of God' folks: 'Free up compassion grow together' weeping willows Infinity leaves weave memories in heart's muscle.

Spark ways, shows glows of our Truth, not groan of spent years gone or fears of never finding lover or your death going down with who knows.
   Dark red rose sways a nose, leads to unique tone qualities of scent; 'the soul nature of color' hover around Infinity sound in death scents repose.(9)
Giving us a way, Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf  Steiner bridges all of inner and outer work of the teacher to meeting a child in the middle.
Living today, grow from great expanse of space to aging in small fenced yards, inner self to outer world ends living in Rome playing old fiddle.
Strife as love like poet Robert Burns words about our sensual pleasures: 'being like snow dropping on the river, white for a moment then gone.'
Life is good as meals shared with those we care for, or Ice Age cycle measures taken for human's harmonious multitude, not just an angry pawn.
So say some, youth to aging gracefully can nourish 'feeling souls' book of tides Epic Verse; now about the Archii above Archangels and Angels.
They are fire beings, Will forces that flourish above any personality to look after 'spirit of the time'; as great Dove not any race, creed, color, sex. 
Archangel Michael holds a Mantel of Sun told 'Christos' Mission', 'Do good now forever' as Jesus keeps moon patrolled, vigilant for any lunacy.
 Angels withdrawing, as 'see hear buddy' mold forms, our Moon to Saturn journey, life cycles gates 30's new way of  a 'no mo' controlled thinking.
Dream soul life Jupiter to Saturn 56-63 'freely mobile in universe' lucid dreams, 60 years friends rosy crossing, spawning 'Saturn flying dreams life.
Kiss Mother's feet, white, red roses tones recognition 'joy still to sow',' other time to space Father Titan 'intending migrating light' of bee's creams.


Love and Soul...had sought and,
after some trials, found each other,
and that union could never be broken.

E. Hamilton
Cupid and Psyche In Mythology

References and footnotes for 'Intending Migrating Light'

(1) 'The Eumenides' by Aeschylus - 458 BC  - Athenian - a song of peace.

(2) Henrik Bender, Maulsby Kimball quotes are from notes I took while attending a 3 day lecture series given Feb 25th, 26th, and 27th of 1983 in Sacramento, California. It was affiliated wtih Rudolf Steiner College which I attended in years 1983 and '84. The workshop was entitled: 'Healing, the Elementals and Color'. Henrik Bender was an Indian-European gentleman who was an anthroposophical Nature Knowledge Practitioner. Maulsby Kimbal was a world famous watercolorist and teacher at the college.
Henrik Bender
"Interiorization positivity and light necessary, must be quiet within, spiritual teaching a stillness, being quit with one's self."
"Quality of forms - weaving of elementals, Sylphs mixture of mind and soul, helps to develop warmth within and take people as they are, criticism forms the 'phantum', they can work in your dreams balance, you are able to confront your antipathy, able to wake up in dream."
"Salamanders are warmth, Michaelic elemental of warmth and light first, then higher knowledge can come to us."
"Light candels calling in the Salamanders, bees wax candels are the best, how can I be a human being is the goal."
Maulsby Kimbal
"Color the reality, early artists had instinctive inspiration" "Work in the fire realm" painting, listening to metamorphosis as painting, another color is another entity." "Eyes seek to green for example, yellow- orange- brings in opposing coolness with blue." "Element of gestures- spirits of the rotation of time- day and night, seasons and colors." "Salamanders - red, orange, Sylphs- yellow, orange, Undines - blue, green, Gnomes - blue, violet." "Warm red calming influence for very young."
"Sense impressions, everything on this earth, human being central influence on the world of nature. Enchanted into substance elementals, impressions substance is elementals- drive in country recognize beauty elementals released, redeemed through human being, perceived, aware of flowers longing of elementals satisfied if we notice them. Artist a bridge of color to spiritual world, archetypal world- astral world, world of imagination, etheric world formative forces - etheric world is home of elemental beings.

(3) Rene Queredo, Lectures on the Parsifal Legend, March 1983 -  Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California
"Parsifal - 1213 Wolfram Von Eschenbach prophet of the future, Arlesheim where Dornach is located, Grail Castle located possibly in Rhine, Vosges, Black Forest Country, Strasberg, Alses Lurein is France and Germany country- this is the Grail country. Parsifal starts at age 16, 17 at chapter 9 he is 22, or 23 years of age and has suffered enough to go the next step- the process moves from (1) dullness to (2) doubt - to an inner condition of inner certainty of soul."
"We each have a Parsifal, Kundry, Arthur within, Grail Castle is within us, an inner awakening this tale is about, not philosophical but done imaginatively done with images and pictures. Sleep, day time, then time between, tremendous amount happens in our dreams, next day dreams remembered soon after awakening."
"Jung legends, collective unconsciousness, lie below normal boundaries of consciousness, a supersensible experience we hear and see in our dreams but not with normal senses, take your dream life seriously."
"Things change, 'see what was not there yet.'" Goethe  "imagination of the Ego." Start smiling, get friendly bring something that might not have been there,.. in great and small things take the initiative." "Study the clouds, see changes 'becoming' - rain in a few hours." 

(4) Gail Davis, Lectures on Music, February 24, 1983 - Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California
'The Fish' voice exercise by Christian Morganstein, 'Golden Words' 'tone always have to be unheard but as a light kernel it has to come' 'singers joke eating a hot potatoes sublimated air, projection of voice can be done without screaming, Rudolf Steiner gave 6000 lectures in large halls without speakers, used his voice well. 'fair atman' deep diagnosis need, feeling the breathing- sympathetic attunement to the other person- 'fairatman' read, sympathize with another person, this word coined by Rudolf Steiner not yet used in English. Must prepare ourselves for the Threshold, Rudolf Steiner 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds' thinking becomes touch, comes to one interconnected, imagination - see it from another's point of view, 'parable' Goethe is the world '0' point deeper intuition, inspiration silence of the Buddha, responsibility and compassion. Symphony realm of music, surrogate to the empty feeling that people have about life. 

(5) Robert J. Sternberg - In Search of the Human Mind- pg. 298- A morpheme is the smallest unit of sound that denotes meaning within a particular language. For example, the word talked has two morphemes: talk and the suffix - ed. Linguists use the term lexicon to describe the entire set of morphemes in a given language or in a given person's linguistic repertoire. Example, by affixing just a few morphemes to the root content morpheme study, we have student, studious, studied, studying, and studies. One reason English has more words than any other language is the relative ease with which its vocabulary can be expanded by combining existing morphemes in novel ways. Some suggest that a part of William Shakespeare's genius lay in his talent for creating new words by combining existing morphemes. He is alleged to have coined more than 1,700 words (8.5% of his written vocabulary) as well as countless expressions- including accommodation, assassination, critical, dexterously, eyesore, horrid, initiated, pedant, and premeditated.

(6) Rudolf Steiner - 1950 by A. C. Harwood - The son of a minor official on the Southern Austrian Railway, Rudolf Steiner was born on 27 February 1861 at Kraljevic, then on the borders of Austria and Hungary, now in Yugoslavia. The modest schooling available made little impression on him but he was intensely awake to Nature, and to the personalities with whom he came into contact. A conviction as to the reality of the inner life, "a soul space in man" as he called it, which manifested itself in some clairvoyant experiences and was strengthened by a delighted discovery of the world of pure ideas in geometry, gave the first promise of his future activity...And in 1923 he founded the Anthroposophical Society anew, placing at its center the "School of Spiritual Science" for those who wished to follow a path of self-development. He died two years later, on 30 March 1925.

(7) Rudolf Steiner - 1924 - Where sub-conscious impulses of Will flow into the shadows of Thought, the free dominion of self-consciousness arises. In this self-consciousness, the human 'Ego' lives.

(8) The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren 1938 - Viking Press-  Introduction- Comfortable as Franklin's possessions and numerous as his achievements were, they were less than he was.  Whoever learns about his deeds remembers longest the man who did them. And sometimes, with his marvelous range, in spite of his personal tang, he seems to have been more than any single man; a harmonious human multitude.I used also sometimes a little prayer which I took from Thomson's Poem's, viz.:pg. 107

"Father of light and life, thou Good Supreme!
O teach me what is good; teach me Thyself!
Save me from folly, vanity, and vice,
From every low pursuit; and fill my soul
With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue pure;
Sacred, substantial, never-fading bliss!"

(9) Gladys Mayer - How Art Speaks - The Michael Press 1972 - The Temple Lodge, London W.6. (pg.7) ..Physical Science, which had deliberately left out all supersense experience. (pg.9) Rudolf Steiner had to cross the barriers that separate the inner from the outer, he came to define it to himself, his task was to unite science and religion; to bring God into science, and nature into religion. So that mankind and the earth could become whole once more.
(pg.10)  In this boarder-realm of the physical and soul worlds, Goethe was pioneer in recognizing the soul nature of color and its creative expression in art.
(pg.10) Though Goethe's concept of an organic universe has not yet reached as much maturity in outer forms as have Newton's mechanical concepts, the organic principle begins to be manifest in architecture and many other derived forms of art.
The third arrival in 1861, the late middle of the nineteenth century, was Rudolf Steiner. To realize what he brought into the world as an earth-transforming thought, we must cast our minds back into the darkest time of materialism, and think what the situation of a child would be who brought with him in the utmost clarity the perception of a supersensible world, whilst rejoicing, as son of the village station master, in the then quiet novel world of the machines, which were the real world of everyone around him. Of the supersensible worlds which he experienced, the dead who talked with him, the elemental beings who were visible around him in nature, of all this which was his real world he soon learned he must not speak, for no one else would understand him. So the child had first to learn how to keep silence. But the silence itself became unbearable, and compelled him to search always and everywhere for something in outer learning that could help to build a bridge between his inner and outer worlds. He defined it to himself as an experience of two kinds of space; one outside, which you could measure with instruments, and then in addition a kind of soul- space, inwardly perceived, which was immeasurable, mobile and filled with living pictures. The inner world indeed seemed the more important, because the mobile pictures interpreted outer events. But no one else seemed able to see them.
(pg.14) "Makarios", "Oh yes everyone knows Makarios but he is no longer a shepherd, nor does he live here." Eight miles farther on she came to a monastery from which she was guided to his dwelling.
A hut in a paradise like valley, on the shore of a still, transparent lake. A monk shows her the hut: "There he lives amongst his hens." She goes alone to the hut. The door is open. In an empty room, amongst clucking and fluttering fowls, stands a man with his back towards her, very tall but a little bowed,  dressed in a peasant's smock yet wearing a monk's hood.  She thinks: "He must be a Staretz" (wise, holy man), and one has to approach a 'Staretz' on one's knees." So she kneels. Over his shoulder he tells her "No need to kneel." He has his back to her and holds up high his open palms as though listening and receiving something through his hands. His face is ageless. Deep furrows spoke of cares but not cares for himself. His eyes did not seem to know sleep.
(pg.19) Dreaming is an inner activity which evokes in waking life as fantasy, artistic imagination and ultimately, Imaginative Cognition. It is a spiritual faculty which no art can do without.
(pg.20) The 'gossamer thread of thought' can span many an abyss. Scientific technology is spanning one between earth and moon. Rudolf Steiner has spanned one between earth and cosmos, or between earthly intellectual thought and cosmic wisdom. It is therefore not impossible. Art is likewise always attempting to span the abyss between science and religion, between intellect and faith, and its record, in inner and outer inspired picturing, may be read through the centuries as depicting what gave life to human's souls through all time. 
(pg.21) So art may speak with its own quiet meaningful voice, where deeper thinking is needed.
(pg.22) Worlds dawning in inner light. Our thinking may have slept to them but in our hearts we are always awake and aware. Art calls forth heart forces to illumine the intellect.
(pg.23) In art, the heart breathes a new air. Like Blake we begin to live with our angels and what mundane thinking cannot compass, becomes visible through inner light in which the angels reveal that one step farther than physical eyes cannot yet see. 
The outer light has created a world lying before us like a script full of wisdom, which through the faculty of thinking all of us may begin to read. Science can observe and record some of the marvels that are there to be read. But concerning the faculty of thinking, How, and above all Why, we have become thinking beings, science cannot explain.  
To reveal more, inner light, which was once a faculty of the human heart, has to be won again, either very painfully, through life's trials, or through the training of Initiation transforming our thinking.
The outer light is supersensible in its source; the sun is its outer picture. Likewise the inner light is supersensible in its source, but can be experienced as an inner sun.
(pg.28) In Rudolf Steiner's words comes the answer: "Offspring of all...'Easter: a Chapter in the Mystery Wisdom of Man', Dornach 1924
(pg.30) The ways in which human destines are interwoven into the forming of one great whole, extending in time and space to a kind of cosmic organism, illuminated by One supreme Spirit of Mankind is introduced in the first scene of the first play by a kind of modern "Vision of Damascus" which forms the connecting thread through all the later scenes. A fifth play which  might have depicted this impulse growing -- seed-like -- into a new shaping of social life, was projected but, hindered by war and subsequent disastrous events, e.g. the burning of the First Goetheanum and Rudolf Steiner's death, this was never completed.
(pg.31) Yet in the space of one life only we see the soul of the artist developing from imaginative fantasy to the penetrative vision of genius; the thinker, dry and thirsty in spirit for refreshment from his earth-bound intellect, seeking new sources of renewal of life's forces in the spiritual imagination of a simpler soul; the man of science, tormented by the irrefutable perceptions of spiritual realities which he cannot fit into the material patterns of his thought, feeling doubt, bewilderment and even despair over what he encounters. All these inter-related souls forming a pattern of destiny into which opposing forces weave the dark, or brilliant tones of spiritual arrogance or egotism, against which man learns the meaning of the age-old mantram: "Man know thyself!" Placed centuries ago at the entrance of the Temple of Ephesus, these words still serve to illumine a meaningful pattern which needs no further description- Crisis, doubt, suffering, despair, hope, joy and understanding are the steps by which man approaches his high goal, of ever further world's unfolding.  
(pg.34) Thinking in things, objects in space, which could be weighed, measured and appreciated by the outer senses, had run through its course, uncovering many marvels and training men's faculties to exactitude. But the new Michaelic thinking would teach man to hold his own in storm and stress, in movements in Time, and above all widen the boundaries of his thought to include the heavens as well as the earth and to include mankind, beyond his own racial inheritance. We now, having completed the first century of this Michael epoch (1879-1969), can see and feel the surging impulse of new forces moving in the thought of mankind- and we can also feel the mighty antagonism of the old forms resisting and fearing the new.
Michael, the warrior - with his keen fiery blade pointing upwards- is the guide of our age.

(10) George O'Neil and Gisela O'Neal - The Human Life - This is a gorgeous book, resources for scholarship unrivaled, starting with chapter title, sub-titles: 'An Affair of Everyman', 'Survey of  Life: Aspects of Body, Soul, and Spirit", 'Idealism- Flames of youth and Fires of Age', 'Polarities - Texture of Existence,' 'Transformation of Ideas into Ideals,' 'The Years of Metamorphosis.' 'The Genesis of Judgment,' ''The Human Life - Ripening of The Soul Forces,' 'Man the Balancer of Opposites.' Limited edition; a rare jewel.
(pg.7) This then is our theme. the inborn divine motivations of youth, their wonder and their fate. And the reborn willed-idealism of mature man 'humans'- the fully incarnated individual- its sources, the struggle, the achievement and goal.
Idealism breaks forth . A blossoming of the first part of life, as natural as it is for flowering to follow on leafing and rooting. Of course it can be smothered: soul-less education is stifling, premature encounters with realities can kill. But what a radiance, what a joy, when it awakens on its surrounding world. From whence does it come? Where is its source? Could we but know! We do bring it with us. We discover it buried within our bodily nature, pulsating in the blood.
In the late teens and early twenties, we find ourselves willing, and able without qualm, to dedicate our life to a holy cause. We can be filled with fervor, energy unlimited, with capacity for sacrifice, and an innocence and willingness to spend ourselves,  beyond belief. We want to serve, to make better world. Seeing the dream goal, we count not the effort, the time or sweat involved!
Wherever the flow of events has radically shifted its course, we find the young at the forefront, providing the enthusiasm and energy. Dominicans and Franciscans were youth movements, their ideal: the cleansing of the Church. Consider the age of the leaders at the Bastille. (Fortunately, the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not all unwrinkled countenances!)
This wonderful, fiery gift of youth! Inevitably lending to excess, yet in the end, serving the aims of mankind.
(pg.14) "Up until now we have experienced ourselves vicariously through others, as though in a mirror. It was the appreciation of myself by others, their recognition of what I did and how I did it, that gave me my worth. My role, my title, my position reflected who I am. Now as inner perception of the "I' dawns, a sense of identity. 'I am an I,' aside from all the external trappings, from all dependences- I exist! It is thus that we begin to peel off the onion skins of the personality.

In the twenties the 'I" lived in my experiences.
In the thirties the 'I' lived in my thoughts.
Now in the Consciousness Soul the 'I' is naked.

It is recognized as the inner kernel. It is experienced as the maker of my destiny. Nothing happens any more, unless I make it happen.

 Quotes from lectures by Rudolf Steiner Torquay, Aug. 16, 1924 'Initiate Consciousness' - True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigations-

Of Venus, physical love, and art: "In this period, when physical love arises in human life, the mysteries of the Venus-existence in the universe are spiritually inscribed in the book of life." Man "could not bring about in himself what he does bring about between 14 and 21 where, for instance , the mighty productive art forces enter into the human being, if he possesses karmic aptitudes for these- he would not be able to experience these things if he were not inwardly bound up with the sphere of Venus. 

Of the Sun- period: "Were we not bound up with the Sun-sphere, we would not be able to develop any mature experiential understanding of the world between 21 and 42, when we pass out of the school years and enter into society. In ancient times something of this nature had already been expressed. A man was an apprentice until his 21st year, he became then a journeyman, and only later a master workman. Everything which must take place in the human being between 21 and 4r2  is bound up with what lives in the Sun existence, in the Sun-sphere." 

Of Mars: "In this sphere the spiritual world begins to impart a strongly individualized character to ...the human being when they are on Earth.

Of Saturn: "All that occurs in the fading existence between the 56th and 63rd years is due to the fact that the Saturn-sphere is there.
(pg.10) Here it should be said that the phases of early life are the most typical, most generic. The influences of the outer planetary forces in later life are much more individualized. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn work in the lives of highly unique individuals. This is probably in accord with the dictum that Nature as such forms modern man only up to the age of 27, whereas the later years depend upon his own inner initiative. It is in this initiative that the cosmos can manifest.
Seen thus, the course of our life is only partly ours and to an even greater extent the creation of outer earthly forces, the shaping powers of the planets working in the stream of time. Infancy, childhood, youth, maturity, and age - all bearing the imprint of the Cosmos.
(pg.10) So, "We together with the Earth, are within these interpenetrating spheres. Seven spheres mutually interpenetrate one another, and we grow into this interpenetration in the course of our life, are thus bound up with it. Our life, from birth until death, evolves out of its basic endowment, while the star spheres in a certain sense draw us on from birth until death. When we have arrived at Saturn, we have then passed through everything which the planetary spheres through grace do for us and we then attain to what is called in an occult sense the life which is bestowed upon us freely mobile in the universe, which looks back upon the planetary life form from the standpoint of initiation, and which can be in a certain sense emancipated from necessities still existing in the earlier periods of our life.  

(11) Willard R. Esyp - Words to Rhyme With - Facts on File Publications 1986 - without which I could never have written this work. This resource rides like a Cadillac once you learn how to use it. Thank you good Sir for service so well rendered.

(12) E. Hamilton Cupid and Psyche In Mythology - 1942, p.100 - New York, Penguin

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