Flaming Doors
 Dominic Arena Daley 











Chapter 1 - Just Folk 

Chapter 2 - Horns Heard in Cuzco

Chapter 3 - Southern Cross

Chapter 4 - Mexico City      

Chapter 5 - Out with the Major in with the Minor

Chapter 6 - Doubles Quiji Board 

Chapter 7 - A Door into Hell

Chapter 8 - Four Gardens  

Chapter 9 - Ireland

Chapter 10 - Sons and Daughters of the Sun’s Palladium

Chapter 11 - A Phenomenon of Light

Chapter 12 - Sun Day

Epilogue and References

The Nymph of Galatea by Raphael - 1512Introduction

Listen now to an ancient tale 'about devils, aspects all' a Sun mystery deep as all the seas!
Caught in the moon's glow, green snakes turned blue for they are now penned in history.
Pallas Athena's mantle of light, life and love are the stars shining from Pistis Sophia.
Palladium illumined 2nd death defeated, 2nd man now fine sun Christos blades!


Dedicated to the memory of Eleanor C. Merry (1873-1956)  

Our bloodstream is mixed with the blood of many peoples flowing in the river of humanity called the United States of America. There is nothing common in our heritage. We are a celestial mix of stardust roaring forward as sparks quickened. Looking upon the Earth, as from above, we can imagine a living body, with the head found in the East, providing us with the maps of ancient spiritual practices and texts. The heart is located in the center as Europe. Giving us Homer and the Iliad, the Renaissance of the14th, 15th and 16th centuries, the great works of cathedral architecture, literature, poetry, music, statesmanship and today, medical breakthroughs continue the heartbeat. Then migrating into the arms and legs of the West as will power for the individual's freedoms, civil rights and liberties. As if written in the stars, the strong hearts of this limb system have gathered in a ring of destiny. In fabled lands of long ago, called the America's and a new nation, the United States of America. 

Folk-spirits of the America's are inner spirits that recognize possibilities and dangers as well as to the place these nations hold in the collective of mankind today. The mission of folks and their countries is the realm of the folk-spirits and "the others" are their unconscious or instinctive minions doing their bidding, much as flies about a corpse. The elemental nature spirits do weave into the mix and fabric of nation states since forever, you really could say this, being earnest all the while.

Much tom foolery is done here, in the bowels of the spiritland, that is so close to us all that it can touch, tingling even the smallest of hairs upon the back of our necks. Some call this place Heaven others Hell, in the East the Bardo- realm of the trickster dead, even ouiji boards can connect to it. In Europe the paranormal phenomenology is legendary, ancient and does so mystify. Elementals in retrograde, do not serve us well, mischievous nature spirits counterfeiting the life force. The uniquely American innovations on the theme are unidentified flying objects, seen since 1947 in Washington and New Mexico, now seen throughout the world and still unidentified into the 21st century. That's because they are located in our seemingly twin galaxy Andromeda, waiting for us to arrive there. We are infused beings, the crown of creation here in our own solar system, on a rare Earth of shifting lands and many wondrous metals. Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions, as well as others, old and new, guide us forward to new transformed vistas on the edge of galaxies and creation. Get it, we have to take the next step up the ladder of evolution, joining the cosmos community. Do not be beguiled, a lot of most everything today is only contributing to the body of tom's foolery. Dear reader, be careful!  It is as gilding, excesses of grand illusions, smoke moving upon mirrors and will only bog you down, like tar pits that house ancient dinosaurs.

Now on to our tale of the devils and their mischief about the land. May we laugh them in check, putting them at heal in their rightful place, and return the round to balance and freedom in a spiral of upward mobility for all awakened souls. This is the goal, a most difficult of tales to tell, but the one that the progressive angels and the retro angels need told of them. As we prepare to pass through flaming doors, into our higher and better selves, we can see the fairy Lily Queen and a green snake meet once again! (6)

Between birth and death, as awakened existences, we all can rise above the fray singing our songs of transcendence and hope. As the progressive angels greet us with open-heart spaces as great as their starry domain above, the curtain shimmers below upon the stage of life in anticipation- can you see it moving about? Guests are arriving by the boatload for this tale of liberation. The body tingles, enlivened, electric as souls switched on, muted voices diminish. All are now in their rightful places. Let the show begin! Oh, do remember that there is an upper room of love and light go there often in your thoughts, meditations and prayers, as we defeat these devils at their own game. Let us now begin to entwine the ethereal white Lily to the blood red Rose of Earth. As the tale unfolds, we all will step through the flaming door of consciousness. Our conscious choices can bring compassion, love and other attendant mutations into our D.N.A. coding. We can then be inspired to aspire for the betterment of all.

Chapter 1

Just Folk

Build firewalls of the soul, temper a golden blade.

Around 3000 B.C.

We are beings of space seeking balance as souls in the fields of spirit. They moved above the moon that was glowing in their reflected light, looking out on the blue, green and brown orb of Earth below. They spoke, communicating silently, as they passed into the horizon. The sky was fiercely luminous like a lion at sunrise. Back at the galactic center of the Milky Way, Lucifer roared out: "you really want me to go down there because I lost a war to you and Archangel Michael? That is cruel, searing through the fine wired web of my being!"  

Lucifer the archangel was angered by the battles outcome, now arcing and raying askew. Christ calmly said: "go on Lucifer be gone, get down there. It will be your task and sole domain to fire the enthusiasm on this rare Earth of human beings, helping them to lift their heads to see their great Sun and the stars as their own mirror reflections. Your fire will temper the various metals of these beings makeup, aiding them in the forging of their own souls celestial atoms. This will allow you to regain entry with the spirit wave of returning souls to the Creator's pasture of consciousness, in the warmth of the infinite Feminine Sophia, where there are many rooms in the light of our Father's house."

Ari Man, the anti-Christ, was glad to see Lucifer go and thought that it would wait until the written word and a future mainstream media was established on earth by it's inhabitants before it made an appearance. It would be so easy to sway the masses then with science, materialism, technology and their outcome, atheism. China and a land called Russia would be ripe then for its profits for values deals, as the West would be compromised by materialism's words, wars and general electromagnetic energy wave mischief. It had serious reservations about Lucifer though. Ari Man felt that 'thinking for yourself ' might foul things up with these unruly beings on earth. Christ spoke again: "it's time to go my vanquished warrior." Ari Man did not like to think about the Christos Light either, yet it dogged the dark of Ari Man like a midnight sun.

As if caught in a whirlwind, Lucifer spiraled away on the wings of an eagle, pulled towards this planet as repulsed by the great light of Christ. It called back to Christ and its legions of angels and archangels.

"From Pan animist to Christos light, right Christ? A bit self-serving don't you think? And what do Shiva and Krishna of Mother India think about this? Lucifer continued, agitated, saying: "You are throwing me into the molten ash can of Creation to uplift these unruly rabble-rousers! Where is your worlds renowned compassion Christ? Cast into Indra's net of hot irons, bronzes, coppers, silver, gold, palladium, the many metals mixed, caught in and soon pulsing hotly in my electric being, is that it?" Soon this presence faded, spiraling, winding, descending down the trunk of creation until finally condensing into the atmosphere of a blue, green and brown jewel, planet Earth, with its fallen retro legions.

From the tip of Chile in South America on up to the Arctic ice sheet in the far north of the North American continent electrical currents swirl at right angles to the earth's surface. Soon they are as portals to transpersonal manifestations, as lightning currents travel for miles along the horizon then shot straight up into the upper atmosphere some thirty three + miles up in the sky above. The earth is now glowing electric in the fury of electrical storms. The electricity is coming from deep in the earth with its magnetic poles shifting as they have many times before. Huge right angle waves are rolling along the surface of the planet then shoot far up into the sky. Some geese are seen flying south in the spring. Compass needles moved to the west off fixed north at the 40th parallel line. The upper atmosphere is pouring out a flood of snow, as it falls towards the earth it congeals into snowballs the size of grapefruits then for the first time, the size of human skulls.

The air smelled of ozone and the sky was a peach blossom color. The winds were blowing 369+ miles an hour as the jet stream touches the earth's surface. Human beings 33 thousand years of seeking revealed buried in our noggins, in the tissues of our cerebral cortex, a land called the mind. Cro-Magnon man had painted on his cave walls and the mind as sanctuary for a new reality; a new understanding of life was now rising. It unfurled in the light far above the earth's surface, in the stratosphere some 33 thousand feet above.

Lucifer, like a bright falling star, tumbling through space, wind blowing loudly, for what seemed an age, eventually landed in Asia Minor. With him he brought a gemstone of the stars from the galactic center. This asteroid had mixed in it fine green crystals and stones. It was kept safe within the walled city of Troy. Hidden away in a statue of a dark winged being, it had a muted shinning quality that emanated from inside the dark statue. The winged being stood 12 inches, and was placed on a hardwood stand. It was believed that this statue with the sacred object would keep Ilium, called Troy by the Greeks, safe from invaders. The Greeks called it a baetylus and the Semitic origin of the word was (bethel). It was known as the Palladium of Troy. (1)

He grew up in Troy during the Early Bronze Age (3000 to 1900 BC) on the narrows called the Dardanelle’s Strait, a 38-mile long body of land that separated Europe from Asia Minor. The Aegean Sea located on one side, the Black sea on the other. This region would later be called Constantinople and in very resent times Istanbul, Turkey. He grew up ringed by the Ida Mountains and fed by its many springs and soothed in it's hot springs. In Troy about 2920 BC. he came to enlightenment at the age of 40, amazing the high priests and spiritual teachers of his time with new spiritual revelations. This was the time of the earliest Troy settlement. There would be nine different settlements of Troy from 3000 BC until 400 AD. It was a small city, a fortress really, enclosed by a strong wall. Houses were built using stone foundations. Clay brick was used for the walls. The inhabitants of the ancient city had knowledge of copper and it's uses for tools and weapons but used bone and stone more often than the metal.

As a child Lucifer lived in a small clay brick house that looked out on the Aegean Sea from lower Troy. He lived alone, no one could remember ever seeing his parents. He had two rooms that looked out over the windy, deep blue Aegean waters. In one room he slept and studied, in the other he prepared and ate his meals, as well as taking in guest and visitors. He was of dark complexion as were the people of this region. He had a pet lion named Authades who grew up with him for his first 40 years. His best friend was a black shepherd named Hermes Trismegistus, who lived on the islands in the Aegean Sea. Together they walked long distances over the plains herding their sheep and goats while talking philosophy. They lived for long periods in the caves honeycombed through the base of the mountain range. They reinvigorated their spirits at the many hot springs and cleansed their bodies by drinking from the abundant fresh water springs. The archangel seemed to grow up fast and before anyone in Troy knew it, he was leaving his homeland. Authades walked with him out through Troy's well-built stone walled city to the coast and his boat, to see him off. Hermes Trismegistes was always with him in spirit and available upon request. The writings of Hermes would later inspire Moses in Egypt and Orpheus in Egypt.

As Lucifer walked with his friend Hermes Trismegistus he said to Lucifer: "As above, so below." Lucifer turned to his friend and said: "Not yet Hermes, but that's what our work is about, right? Helping the human being to get to their own individuality so that they can remember the Holy Spirit, this time in free will. Then, as you say, it will truly be 'as above, so below'. Hermes said: "See you in Egypt my old friend." "As long as below is not at the bottom of the sea you will,” Lucifer said. Hermes and Authades watched him get in and hoist the sail of his boat setting off for the lands of the Mediterranean. As warm coastal breezes blew now they waved to each other a long time, then Lucifer and the sailing boat faded from Hermes view.

Landing on the coast of Lebanon he continued through great Cedar groves into the lands of ancient Persian where he taught them about the coming of Zoraster and to see the Sun as the God of Light and dark called respectively Ahura Mazdao and Arihman. He taught them about the Midnight Sun and the spiritual beings who were connected with the Sun. He taught them about the sun and the development of their own brains and the importance of the sun for their own frontal lobe development. He taught them about the currents that ran up and down their spines and the effects of the Moon on this energy. He never missed a chance to bad mouth Arihman as well.

"When Arihman and his army of darkness, bent on obstructing our views of the sun and the destruction of our sacred fires, shows up, do not take his dire warnings of fearful events to come in exchange for your fires to the sun. He will spread discontent among your numbers and you will lose your strength to stand against him and his frantic frenzy of hate, fear and revenge. Just keep your heads cool like I showed you, say your prayers and go about your lives. I know the guy; he's like my shadow. I bring independence and light for the individual, Ari Man as I like to call him, brings his hordes like locusts spreading his lies of a world with no Creator or human souls, just his oppression. He has his place though, just keep it in balance with your own points of view." This fallen archangel Lucifer, from the Sun once long ago, then taught these primitive peoples about mathematics, the integer 0 and fractal forms. (17)

He then moved into the lands of Egypt where the Sun was seen as the God of Life and death. Here he met up with his friend Hermes Trismegistus once again. Together they introduced the Hermes Initiation were the warmth and light of the stellar script is revealed to the desert peoples of Egypt. (18) The initiates are able to meet the Being that guides and illumines their souls in the astral world for life to life choices regards parents, nation and destiny. On the cosmic shores Isis gives birth to the Horus child and the Sphinx is built in Egypt to represent a reflection of the poles of Life. The sun is experienced as the divine source of Life. Now concepts and feelings bring in the experience of sympathetic affirming and antipathetic negating between the poles of the brain and the heart. This was the Sentient Soul development period.

His pilgrimage continues into ancient Greece where the Sun was seen as the reflector of Love. It is here that Apollo the sun god meets Eros god of love. The Greek in the experience of love now experienced the physical self. This was the Intellectual Soul development period. They brought Art and Philosophy and the seeds of a representative democracy to the Greeks. (1) Lucifer and Hermes did great work leading the human being to important focal points in their lives that helped them to gain self knowledge. It was a stabilizing force that ran in the Folk spirit of Nations and was a source of inspiration for them. Living conditions for the humans were harsh then so meanings to life were important for World Civilizations to advance. (1)

The living form of human beings was now understood as souls in the web of spirit. In their ocean depths pricks of conscience surfaced, streaming up from the ground of the unconscious will like tiny bubbles, hardly noticed. A battle was about to begin for the conscious will, up from these inner, unconscious depths. Now the lightning Lucifer was about to meet up with Ari Man, the pig headed materialist once again. The fallen archangel could hear it, and feel its presence on the round, smell it in the air of the globe now. It was ready, seasoned as it were.

2000 A.D.

Lucifer was happy with its domain as powerful electricity was effectively used as its port of entry into the human’s nervous systems by way of the spinal canal. Shocked into delusions of grandeur propelling them to great deeds upon the planet Earth since its arrival in northwestern Turkey of Asia Minor in Troy on the Aegean Sea some 5 thousand years ago. The work he was appointed to do propelled the human species to see beyond their blinders and rise above the mundane to have a conscious experience of the cosmic. Only problem is that Lucifer went overboard forgetting whom it worked for, wanting a complete ontology for itself, which was never in the grand scheme of things. Its part was peeking ego consciousness in a still dull homosapien. Sometimes it stepped over the line leading them on into the fairy dust land of grandiose delusional thinking. As a result Lucifer loved egomaniacs, power mad dictators, movie moguls, billionaires and those who believed their press, letting it go to their heads. All press was good press for them and increased its legions among the retro angels by the scores. Lucifer loved these humans, so vain glorious, full of themselves and ready to ignite at the drop of a hat with any reproach perceived as bringing them down a peg or two. Knighted in their own minds, they were Lucifer's playground for the fantastic, bearing it's electric light is style.

The three beings could be found on Earth today. Each with a task, and each with a preordained time to appear in the world. Lucifer came to Earth in electricity seen in the phenomenon of thunder and lightning first, sparking the minds of human beings some five thousand years ago. Christ came two thousand years later as the spirit of light in a physical body. It was seen in the sun and clouds as well as the earth itself, embodied in the beautiful crystals and the teal green fields. Jesus experienced Christ Consciousness at the age of 30. Last come Ari Man, the anti-Christ and its troops of spirit-folk fools who arrive now in the West and known by the others. His time of great deceptions is now, beginning young at age of 20 or earlier. Earth bound age and aging were not parameters that he or the others work in though. They work in periods of history and Ari Man's time is now. Words of hate and electronics will help to bear the cold forces of entropy and death. Found now in the slag heaps and rock piles of the earth, the dying away forces of life, and the human's cold materialist worldviews. Since the middle of the 15th century with the mechanical view of the universe seen as a great machine introduced by Galileo and Copernicus, and his economic signature with Tulip bulbs from Turkey to Holland, Ari Man has been preparing the world for it's arrival. Terrible wars are the karma of this soulless materialism, plaguing the planet for hundreds of years now. It has the mission to keep human beings ignorant of the facts that the universe is a seamless, multidimensional sphere of reference, between the individual’s soul and the great spirit of the cosmos. Ari Man chains the human being to the earth with these great wars capturing their etheric bodies. Then it uses this etheric energy beyond the grave for its own unconscious and instinctive uses. The life the retro- elementals and Ari Man gain is from the illness and death of others, they are vampires of the life force not yet spent. Cemeteries are a favorite haunt, best food in town.

All 3 forces of these beings would have to be understood in the cosmic history of planet Earth for it's spiritual evolution to continue. Like a pendulum, Christ is dead center, a counter balance between Lucifer and Ari Man. It is here that we can experience the human being's spiritual place in the cosmos.

It was a very cold day when the thunderous cracking was heard from above drumming in a newfound religion for those with the eyes of senses newly found. As fog, ash and gases enveloped the earth for days the inhabitants of the planet knew something was up. Then again the heads of humans were hard, just not hard enough to withstand the impacts of 10 lb.+ snowballs. Mother Nature was announcing her birthing into another dimension of creation. Nothing to worry about just her web unraveling to reveal a greater portion of the fabric of our existence called the eternal return, no longer a myth. It was clear that the earth was in transition and its inhabitants were evolving to a higher awareness of life beyond their own limited self-interests.

Chapter 2  

Horns Heard In Cuzco

2000 A.D.

Julian Houser was putting his helmet on to take a bike ride. Hopping on his 12 speed racing mountain bike, he started riding through the early morning streets of Cuzco, few people were moving about yet. He rode out of the city onto a long rocky mountain trail that ran along the ridgeline of the Andes for 500 miles north and south. It was an ancient trail, and had engineering features that made it almost level with only a 5%-7% degree change for the entire length. Julian Houser rode the trail, to out run light. He would get up a wind of speed going, then sudden as the blink of an eye, like a warm Santana wind blowing in to and turning into a cold spell, he would be in the sweet spot of the universal mind, the time and space continuum. It was here, that he worked on his inventions and theories. He was famous among the Indians and was held in high esteem. To them, it was as though he flew, while riding his bike. He taught anyone who was interested, and even started a bike club among the residents of Cuzco. Sometimes as many as 12 children, adults and a few of the ancients could be seen riding bikes along the trail, heads down, steaming along the well worn, beautiful trail. Laughing, yelling and then suddenly they all slid into a shared, faster than light speed experience.

Cosz Houser and Sophia had been together 18 years. They lived in town, in a building built by the Spaniards in 1555.  It was set back on a gentle sloping hillside overlooking a lake. By all accounts they were a wonderful couple, hard working, spiritual by inclination, keeping mostly to themselves and the local farmers in the community at large. He spent most his time writing, reading and hiking in the mountains. His favorite writer was Frenchman Gustave Floubert (1821-1880) . Like Floubert he too had a blackboard that he wrote every word, of every sentence, of every paragraph and labored upon, before setting the work to printed manuscript form. He was born in Cuzco, Peru and was considered one of the America's great writers of the 20th and 21st Centuries. His best friend was Will Ulysses who ran the Good and Evil Studies Center in town just down the street from there home. Will also just happened to have a homunculus by the name of Mars. Julian Houser was their only child. He was a research scientist in the fields of bio-remediation, alternative energy sources and geo-remediation of the ozone hole.

Julian Houser's father grew up in Cuzco, Peru. His mother Sophia was an Afro-American, growing up on a farm in the state of Virginia in the United States. Julian was like a strong pony, soft brown skin and deep brown eyes. He loved his work and was inspired.  He rode his bike everyday of the year, snow or not. Loved the speed and time dilation he could catch, saying: "I ride out to the edge of our galaxy on that 12 speed bike. Exercising, biking real fast, I can out run light, slowing the speed of light from its 186,000 miles per second down to 38 miles per hour. Colder the better, like the cooling of sodium clusters, that in turn slows the arrow of light, caught and slowed in the elements- cold fusion. Light, trapped in this vortex of my body, in the elements fields, then an optical black hole is created for me. I slice on out, ahead of the speed of light then, sailing on to our galactic edge, through the window of my mind. I can see the Andromeda Galaxy, islands in a sea of chaos, a new geometry, radiating patterns so huge and beautiful in a free universe. On the bike club we call it the "treasure chest of Creation" as we bike on out there, they think I'm an Atlantean guide back to the source. Freed of the of the Newtonian, 4 dimensional 'space-time slot machine universe, take the hand you are dealt, victim of the cruel fates, machine.' "My logic is that it should be equally as possible to right the physical ship of state, slowing it down and repairing our damaged environment." He smiled to no one in particular as he finished. Then he sang a short song to himself, it went like this:

"James "Cool Papa" Bell of the old Negro Leagues...
sooo fast, stole two bases on one pitch." (12)

Julian was working with others trying to chemically repair the ozone hole. His research on the Internet alarmed him regards the condition of the ozone holes at the poles of our planet now. Seems that the lowest ozone value seen in the Northern Hemisphere occurred 10/30/1999. Its measurement was 165 Dobson Units (DU) measured between Scotland and Norway. The average ozone layer was about 1/8 of an inch thick or the size of two stacked pennies. The stratosphere is where 90% of our ozone is located, it is found 10 to 50 km (32,000 to 163,000 ft.) above the Earth. Ten percent of the ozone is found in the troposphere, which is the lowest part of the atmosphere, where all our weather occurs.

With a team from Japan, the young scientist was also working on an experiment along the coast of South America to produce more plankton. Along with some scientists from Australian and Japan they were attempting to slow down, then stop the global warming by fertilizing the ocean off the coast of Chile with nitrogen. Their thinking was that it would stimulate biological processes in the ocean that would absorb carbon dioxide from the ocean. Julian was working with Professor Jones of Sydney, Australia who had the idea of pumping fertilizer into coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean to produce phytoplankton. During the photosynthesis process it would use CO2 that was dissolved in the water and as a result stimulating the ocean to absorb more CO2 out of the atmosphere. The C02 is pulled to the ocean bottom imbedded in the skeletons of plankton and other sea life. With more nitrogen pumped into the ocean the result would be a reduction in our atmosphere's CO2, the gas driving our global warming presently. That was their hope anyway. It was worth the effort, a planet could be saved if it worked.

Sophia spent a great deal of time outside hiking and communing with nature. She was of firm build, born and raised on a quiet valley farm in Virginia. Her parents built a 50-acre horse farm, settling there after being emancipated to freedom. They worked hard and prospered. Sophia spoke little, was even reserved, usually seen with a smile on her face as she found life charmed and amusing. Sophia grew Peruvian Orchids raising them in greenhouses around Cuzco. She had about 100 children working for her, and attending her school she established for them, many of the children were homeless. The region suffered great poverty, and Peru's newly established representative democracy of the '80's was still very shaky, bordering on corrupt. Sophia had become a major employer and presence in the Cuzco community. They helped her run 10 growing rooms that Mars Jack the homunculus and others had built over the years. The children foraged near and far for the bulbs and plants. They had crews that packaged the bulbs for shipping and tended the plants in the greenhouses. They learned to use the computers to run the business online. Her online business was responsible for introducing most of the Peruvian Orchids that were now sold in the U.S. Her knowledge of the plants was surpassed only by the children, indigenous native folk and travelers that she employed to help her. It was a community effort all the way, and Sophia Houser was recognized as the guiding light, it was self-evident.

She did etheric body studies and research as well. Studying the mobility of the etheric energy as seen in the lives of plants, the action of water and the silhouettes of frozen images on the windowpanes of the greenhouses. Her concern was that most people did not understand their own etheric bodies and she hoped to do work that would inform people about their different bodies. In the etheric world the law of change is the constant and not fixed as in young, middle aged and the old person. Rather a constant flux where old can become young and young can become old suddenly and just as sudden become middle aged again. It is like a flowing stream, perpetual movement in the currents of time. The will gets fired young; the mind gets old in hardened thinking and between in the feeling heart conflicts interpenetrates. She could see the movement of thoughts, like ice figures or shapes on the greenhouses winters windowpanes. She had perfected her research methods and was now working with the etheric energies.

Sophia said: "These are like the results of our thinking, feeling and willing. Look what is happening now as the sunrays hit the frozen image on the windowpane. It is warmed away into a glowing transparent etheric body now, see it disappearing? As these rays of the will fill this flowing stream at one moment a chilling, cold, and fixed perspective then into the next moment as a ray of light catching the freezing form melts it away in the warmth of it's light. This is the way the etheric works in the feeling space of our hearts. I find working with the Orchids gives me a great opportunity to teach others and myself more about the etheric body of the human being with observations like these".

They love each other deeply and Cosz shared many dreams with Sophia in their nighttime sojourns. They shared lucid dreams together and moved ahead in time often. They went to bed far before midnight, always, so the angels could work into their astral bodies and give their dreams guidance. After midnight, the angels were unable to visit their sleeping worlds. She said that Cosz was the only man she knew who dreamed in colors not seen by her before. She knew this because she shared many of his colored visions in their mutually shared dreams. Cosz said he thought in color and that is why they shared these beautiful colors. Cosz often said that the dream state was the most real place where they could be their true selves. A place where the sliver, the blade of consciousness can shine, and if we have any wisdom about us it will surface in our dreams. They shared their dreams every morning over breakfast. They were free souls, knew it, and all the slings and arrows of life were as no thing to them. They were free souls and had dreamed themselves awake into the green fields of awakened souls in the vast expanses of the cosmos.

They were soul mates; their cycles of karma and reincarnation were winding down, as they learned the art of not taking on negative karma for themselves. Soon they would be allowed to come back one more time as any animal of their choosing if they wished before departing on into the next upwardly spiraling spires of creation. They loved all the Creators animals, so as a gift to soul they could return to the earth one more time and see the world through the eye's of an animal for its lifetime here in the material world, even an ant for a day, and then depart for level two astral living, on and in the evolving Earth's electromagnetic fields. Initiations into angelhood are team efforts in the participatory creationism with creation and the Creator. The spiritual hierarchies, humans, animals and the living earth itself are all interconnected and reflect back what we project intellectually and emotionally. We evolve together or like lands and times of past we devolve into dissolution in the ebb and flow of civilizations past. The Houser’s knew this and worked to evolve in synch with the Earth itself, they had discovered that the thinking and feeling of humans were inextricable linked with the evolution of the planet Earth. Out in the ends of a spiraling arm, on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

To Cosz Hauser words were colors transformed, vibrations that filled the universe like a music of the spheres. They were stepped down to a slower vibration to appear as letters of words that were in turn used to express thoughts. He felt that people did not really understand that speech was in fact just that- colors put into form for the ease of communication but that most people forgot the colors and saw the words only as gray tools of commerce and man's laws. These words are gray and of little life force, sterile. Poets spoke in colors using words but to most humans the poets were seen as wild-eyed crazies driven mad by a non-sensible world. Cosz Hauser had made the discovery that the word was as powerful a tool as any that the human had at their disposal. Ari Man used words too but his were to imprison humans solidifying materialistic thinking, provoking unruly passions while Cosz Hauser used the written word to free his fellow humans. They were mortal enemies, the poet and writer against the poison pen.

As our world turns a spiritual battle of the human being is seen in the old spiritual traditions of the East passing like a mantel to the West. The Will of the West is standing up now. The current entwined the earth as this consciousness rises in the limbs of the West. The souls upheaval erupts as a volcano, the luminosity radiates warmth out into the icy domain of the surrounding spiritland. The inner forces of the Americas were awake and quickened like the summers fireflies found in the Mid-West regions of the U.S. The right angle electrical energies that ran on the North South axes along the mountain ranges providing zero point portals into the parallel universes was hated by Ari Manic. The earth was his ground control central and it did not want these humans leaving its cold analytical vicinity of the emotional plagued lands for the Luciferian blue skies of joyful abandon. Ari Man ran a tight ship and all exits were viewed as mutinous worm holes to luminous spaces of independence from his estate, the slabs of a dead or dying Earth.

The Andes Mountains are home to an Ancient Brotherhood of Light, beings who interacted with the indigenous peoples since the earliest times of their cultures. He works with archangel Rafael on volcanism issues as well as bio-remediation and geo- remediation projects. Seems they... the volcanoes wanted equal billing with the deplorable state of modern psychiatry in the West as story. O.K. there is a place for psychoanalysis and its contribution should not be ignored here in the West but volcanoes...  Well volcanoes felt under recognized as a sulfur and ash-bearing source of discontent and angst, as much as any penis, that is. Souring the human dispositions with clouds of ash, and smelly gases gathering in the mind of man was really a loop, a self returning chi circuit loop and seen as a figure eight, looping back in on the psyche of the collective unconscious as stinking thinking. The spiritual community appreciated the work of Jung who did give Mother Nature her due, recognizing in nature a reflection of the human being's psyche and the fabric of his substance, his being.

Seem psychologists in the self-help and human potential movements had usurped the torch from the Psychiatrists and the supposed efficacy of psychoanalysis. Carl Jung seemed to be the only psychiatrist that seemed to have a handle on the big picture. The collective unconscious, manifesting in our male or femaleness as the anima and animus and seen through archetypes gave you a grand view of the human being. God recognized in psychology was good psychology and helped humans stay well and face their emotions. The volcanoes were now spewing in no uncertain terms their poison to both Rafael and Julian. If their emotional plight were not brought to the attention of the America's folk they would uncork a volcanic eruption that would shape the humans worldview more than any psychiatrist. Seems that they did not appreciate the phallic symbol comparison. And found most of modern scientific thought short sighted.

The penis was no longer an issue in the West for most, you either have one or you don't, but some individuals emotional, hot churning funk, was definitely an issue with the volcanoes. Seems if humans continued their petty bickering and bogus penis envy syndromes seen as the source of much of man's woes in the West now, then they would deliver a big gaseous message not seen since the good Arthur and the knights of Round Table in 536 A.D. Only the Native Americans were on speaking terms with the volcanoes of the Pacific Rim as well as those of our oceans floor. Few Anglos of the U.S. could be found any more who talked to electricity, snow, oceans, jet streams, rain and volcanoes. The last ones anyone could remember were last heard to be in the Andes living among the indigenous peoples or working in greenhouses scattered throughout the Americas growing flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not many shamans were needed but to few here in the West was a major problem.


It was a warm day at the Good and Evil Studies Center in Cuzco, Peru. Cosz and Sophia were holding a conference. Mars, with Julian's supervision had constructed a beautiful dome constructed of materials he had gleaned in the area. The native shrubs, trees and rocks were all incorporated into the construction of the center. A fine mesh wire screen was covering the inside of the structure. It was to protect them from unwanted electrical and other radiations. It was a comfortable but functional building a large main room with enough chairs and couches to sit comfortably and a big kitchen area to eat from for a period of time. 12 guests were at the workshop today. As the evening sets in a motorcycle can be heard in the distance.

Construction was completed just in time for the 23 rd solar maximum and its coronal mass ejection's cycle. Every 11 years the Sun reverses it's electromagnetic poles and the show of celestial lights is beautiful. The night sky was aglow in greens, oranges, purple's and yellows of incredible beauty. The Inca's saw it as a sign of coming events. Will observed that Mars Jack the homunculus was very agitated about the electrical static, said he felt it was bombarding him like a warm rain. He was riding his motorcycle up in the mountains at great speeds trying to cool him, to no apparent avail. A great cooling was coming, the Inca's would say to Julian.

Mars Jack the homunculus called out to no one in particular as he raced up and down the mountains: " feel warm waves shower tingle, feel warm waves shower tingle, feel warm waves shower tingle." Seems Mars Jack was sensitive to the solar plasma emissions now being ejected from the sun. Felt this night as though carried in the beautiful colors of the solar rays flashing above.

Inside the Good and Evil Studies Center Will said: "what is the most important is for us to grasp ideas that will sustain us into the 21st Century. He compared us to children that take bad falls yet get up unhurt or not seriously injured. Why? He asked his audience. Because we are like those children of a celestial mother and father who protect us from harms way. Now is the time to join the school of Michael and the progressive angels and help the souls of humanity to rise above the differences that separate people today. It is the progressive angels and Archangel Michael that fight the retro-angels now. Will concludes that if it were in the hands of man alone to save the planet into the 21st Century we probably would have never made it this far. It is only by the grace of the Great Spirit and the organic unconscious minds counter balancing act, as a web that connects us all and righting our ships of state that we are even here today. Once we know this as a spiritual fact then we can begin to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Ideas that sustain the Earth and prepare humanity for the next step up the evolutionary ladder is what the consciousness soul is about. We are in potential about to go into the greatest period of the human race with breakthroughs in nuclear waste disposal with fungi, medical breakthroughs with computers crunching chemistries lattice works and in potential a disease free world in the next 20 years. All within our grasp and yet we have to become conscious of our organic, night time sides or else we could slip into the black- out of an all out emotional plague that blankets the planet."

Cosz Hauser then delivered his talk. He was a smallish man, born and raised in Cuzco, Peru. He knew this city like the back of his hand. Today he is delivering a talk on the power of the word. As a writer he has a theory that language and reality cross- sect to create our realities. The unconscious mind that becomes exposed to the light of illumined ideas through the artistic use of language is what could help the planet to come into and through the 21 Century intact. He says: "Music is a force derived from vibration, consonance of vibrations, and the quality of selflessness, in self surrender, in the levels of selflessness is what evolution is about. Follow me? (10)  "No lack of morality is noted in the philosopher, in a subjective level playing field. We might spiral into 'seeking perfect persons only land,' by who, or what standards? This could complicate the political process in our great-fruited lands in staggering ways, a political arena full of moneyed liars only. With there pre-packaged right answers ready for our consumption. The truth is the farthest thing away from this market place of the supposed, ongoing, public debate."

"Can you feel the love here today? If you can't then you need to shake yourself, wake up and feel the love now! Do you think we can survive on this planet without knowing that feeling! Come on, get a grip, we are doomed if we don't acknowledge the importance of willing love on our planet today. Now what I am going to talk about this afternoon is the magic of the written word. As we said about music and the consonance of vibrations, so the written word has in it love and a light heartiness, and can lumen even the environment where it is played and heard. You see we are self-regulating systems that respond to language and the psycholinguistics of the news, advertising and all other forms of the written word. We are, as we perceive, our conscious choices to feel love and the light of empowered ideas are our wills in action. It's not the bank account that makes the person; it is really your thinking. You can create worlds in your D.N.A. with your will and consciousness. See we are like transmitting stations and if we send out love and light, then you are as beacons for a better world and spin in the etheric light worlds a new better world web. Can you feel the love? It can fill the air like a glowing, sparkling, blanket of charmed angelic beingness in the air and moisture surrounding the earth. I made the discovery that the written word can effect change in the morphic fields of a people, or even a continent, or the world for that matter. This is a great breakthrough. Speak and write well, and you help to make the Earth a better place, amazing but true."

Cosz Hauser was an energetic man and loved his work, writing. He made the audience smile, laugh and think thoughts that helped to transform the world we lived in. He was a joy to listen to and ponder with as the light of his thought reflected from him out into his audience. He was easy to understand and the response to his address was organic and visceral.

"The one thing the devil hates is language that lifts us up and out of ourselves for awhile, like what good poetry does for us or reflective compositions. The anti-Christ wants to write the story and keep us at heel, but that is not my mission. I wish to write words that can free us of our earthly prisons of materialism and free us into the worlds of thought and ideas. Here we can defeat the devils and their gray prisons of materialistic, existential nothingness. Wow we can be free in our minds no matter how much Ari Man and his school of dour slave drivers tries to pull us into the bowels of the Earth bound. With our wills we think differently. We affirm life as a conscious choice, the retro-angels and Ari Man hate that."

"The Word as the Christians calls it. I call it the Bird's Songs as in rising above. Bird's Songs has a more animistic and nature feel to it. I love animals and plants and even the rocks as much as I love people. You could say that is funny, but what it is for me is a way to put my thinking and words into action. You see, I speak to the plants around the animals and us too; even the rocks are as friends who enjoy conversations with us humans. As a result I get the opportunity to talk a lot, engage in using the tool of language and words to a captive audience. It works for me this language with others, you see an 'I in others', the humans, and you see an 'I in the collective of Mother Nature'. This Bird's Songs I call it can free you. Sophia Zoë the ancient Mother receives us as the new born suns we are."

The audience liked that and clapped, an affirmation that his thoughts were taken seriously. After the conference was over he would go back to his blackboard, computer and write some more words adding to these ideas and be at peace with the world. He did enjoy the applause though, he could even feel the love directed towards him. He was a pixie looking man, almost mercurial, puckish you could say. The sparkle warmed him now, and the light filled the dome.

"I have a short story about the importance of language and a culture. In my story a conspiracy is afoot to fool an entire population regards the spelling of a word. The word was gray. Over the course of 5 years the presses of an entire country began printing the word gray- grey. It took exactly 3 1/2 years for the entire culture to be spelling the word gray, grey. England strikes another blow against the run away colony. That is pretty much the story, point being the word is our fortress or it can become a pen for the "sheeple," as marching ducks to a pond or font of wisdom. We do have to stay ever vigilant of our freedoms with the language of our culture or we start to lose our rights in very subtle and ominous ways. English is the language of the Internet and the world today, uses it well. Remember the human being has been around a million years on the plains of earth; democracy has been around just 5 thousand years. Starting in ancient Greece, moving to France and then just a few hundred years ago to the America's United States of America. It is young and fragile, protect it however you can, or we could lose this great experiment to great deceptions." As Cosz left the stage he was given a standing ovation.

Chapter 3

The Southern Cross

On the shores of the majestic lake the Incas, Quechua Indians and a variety of others come out of their caves, tents, small standing structures and a few stone dome shelters. They gathered plants, refreshed and adjusted their planet medicine wheels. The medicine wheels were divided into four equal parts colored red, yellow, black and white. Star maps were made identifying the planets of the solar system and the neighboring constellations. They were the keepers of the ancient priest- astronomer myth traditions and constructed their astronomical calendars from an array of colored stones, various metals, feathers, plants and powders shaping the outlines of animals, connected to each other by colored wool string. The last great Inca emperor Huyana Capac before his death in 1525 believed as the ancients long before him that the sun was the Godhead. (7) He stood nine feet tall but with his discovery in around 1500 that the sun had spots he felt somehow diminished; it was never the same for the emperor after that, even affecting his mind. History would soon after in 1532 bring the Spaniards Francisco Pizarro landing on his recently departed shores.

The ancient ones were said to be from the stars in the cross-fixed above, the elders of space, while others said they were from the lost land of Atlantis. Their origins were hidden in the mists of time yet their presence was known in the mountains throughout the villages. They lived around the ruins of Machu Pichu, 50 miles outside the city of Cuzco, oldest continuously inhabited city in the America's. The indigenous Indians viewed the Milky Way as a river to the planet Earth and a pathway traveled by the gods and their ancestor’s spirits back again into the heavens. It was believed to be a path to the supernatural, the place we all come from and return to. They lived there high in the Andes Mountains as long as anyone could remember, somehow managing to survive into yet another century. Their home in the stars was called the "Chacana". It's six stars shone like a beacon on a far off shore, still measuring a time long past, yet shimmering and not forgotten. (13) While fixed above, all was felt to be well with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Will Ulysses who established and ran the Good and Evil Studies Center in Cuzco, Mars the homunculus and Julian Houser were out on a research project up in the extensive caves of the Peruvian Andes just out of Cuzco.Will was an American who grew up in the Great Lakes region in the state of Michigan. He was a tall, handsome man, wore a mustache, was honest to a fault and usually spoke only when he was spoken to. His manner was easy; he could be seen smiling often as though he were holding court in some unseen university. He loved his work; you could honestly say that he was married to it. He believed humans had 12 senses and all of his were now "senses seeing." He was known as a shaman among the inhabitants of the region. He has lived in Cuzco, Peru on and off for the last 12 years. He was in his forties though no one really knew his age, as he was so youthful looking. Will Ulysses did have a timeless quality about him, seems he had suspended his own aging process. He wore a small, copper, figure 8 around his neck.

Julian Houser and Will Ulysses' were working on a project as to the effects of untransformed thinking in the America's as seen in social unrest, violent weather patterns and increasing geophysical activity. Their concern was the effects it had on the psyche of youth as well as adults of a planet. The youth's social direction was turning violet as their wills had been inundated with bad thinking, hard drugs, designer drugs, murder, unwanted pregnancies, parents broken marriages and air waves full of news about the social chaos around the globe. Like a carrier wave, youth had a great pain in their hearts that drove them to feel that their culture they lived in was totally devoid of a true meaning to life. Their wills had been crushed along with their hearts so now they rebelled in a burst of rage and excess.

The fellows at the Good and Evil Studies Center were working on an approach to healing the collective unconscious of the West. They called it geographic medicine or medicinal geography. The social underpinnings of life for many had become limp, with individuals souls being awash in the electromagnetic frequencies that filled our atmosphere and a world of cold, impersonal brain-bound as well as earth bound thinking.

Julian was unloading the llamas, looking out on the rough, snow capped mountains, here at the 12,000 ft. level of the Andes. He saw foxes running skittishly from spot to spot like the grasshoppers in early spring. Overhead Andean Hummingbirds flew about in the low laying cloud forest that now hung on the mountains. As he unloaded his 12 speed, racing, mountain bike Julian turned to his friend and fellow scientist Will Ulysses and said:

"Doing geographic medicine studies it dawns on me that the essential cause of all things that happen here on earth is not out there in nature but inside of us folks here now. To prove this premise I first use deductive logic stating that the consciousness of man, his earthly consciousness, if it is to transform to a cosmic consciousness, to the next level, we must see the earth as a living entity that is made in our own image. I then see the planet Earth as the face of the human being and that our moral impulses can shape our actions and go hand and hand with shaping the living planet earth bio sphere. Then I use inductive logic, going from the inside out to my conclusions, imagining that the earth is affected by the moral achievements and conduct of the human being. As a physical human living on a living physical planet, my digesting of life's processes, challenges and life changes is reflected into the world at large and is seen in nature, earth, sun and stars. We are the source point, the cause of all that happens in nature here on planet Earth. In summary, if we forget that, or choose not to believe this, then the Earth will seek out our higher selves in the unconscious mind to heal the rift between the human being, our planet and Mother Nature. If that fails, then our spin, like a top, slows down into this death throes, with the incumbent transformations resulting in the losing of our anchor points we now have in this the great expanse of a living universe. Logically it makes sense to me Will."

Will replied saying: "The Scotsman James Clerk Maxwell's (1831- 1879) most important achievements were his extension and mathematical formulations of the Englishman Michael Faraday's (1791- 1867) theories of electricity and the magnetic lines of force in the 1850's with a few relatively simple mathematical equations demonstrating their interrelation. Michael Faraday's research set the foundations for electro-technology and his experiments led to the invention of the electric motor, generator and transformer. In 1865 Maxwell proved with mathematics that electromagnetic phenomena move as waves through space at the speed of light. He then theorized that the phenomenon of light was an electromagnetic phenomenon."

"Maxwell wrote Faraday about his thought-images in a letter, Maxwell said: 'Faraday, in his mind's eye, saw lines of force traversing all space where the mathematicians saw centers of force attracting at a distance. Faraday saw a medium where they saw nothing but distance... Faraday's methods resembled those in which we begin with the whole and arrive at the parts by analysis, while the ordinary mathematical methods where founded on the principle of beginning with the parts and building up the whole by synthesis."(11) "In his mind's eye", "from the whole to the parts" sounds like the way German writer and scientist  Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) proceeded with his research. However Faraday wrote Maxwell back and said: "I perceive that I do not use the word 'force' as you define it, 'the tendency of a body to pass from one place to another'. What I mean by the word is the source or sources of all possible actions of the particles or materials of the universe." (11) "Obviously fans of the deductive approach to research, however Julian I think you are in good company either way you approach our research." Will said.

Will continue: "as points of conscious lights the humans now number 6 billion plus on the Earth today. We have a combined energy focus as never seen on the planet before. This life force energy is what shapes the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms as well as the planet itself. Consciousness is interconnected, without boarders, though it appears differently. (4) As more people realize this unitive consciousness and simply think positive, uplifting thoughts they can participate in the evolving Earth process. The night's stars are shinning Ideas, beings that can now be recognized in the sky above. An Austrian philosopher named Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925) writing about Goethe and his fairy tale 'The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily' says the following:

"In the man who is on the way to become a free personality there are three soul forces in alloy: Will (Copper), Feeling (Silver), Knowledge (Gold). In the course of existence the revelations of life experience give all that the soul assimilates from the operation of these three forces. Power, through which virtue works is made manifest in Will: Beauty (beautiful appearance) reveals itself in Feeling; Wisdom, in Knowledge. Looking at the metals we see that earth is a metals rich planet and the ancients like Dionysus say the Celestial Beings are made of brass and electron- an alloy of gold and silver- mixed with many colored jewels. In his 'Celestial Hierarchies' text he describes electron like both gold and silver, and is like gold with its resistance to corruption not spent nor diminished and its brightness. He describes it like silver in its shining, a heavenly shine. Then brass is described as resembling gold or fire. He writes of the many colored stones with their meanings: white that represents luminous, red to fire, yellow to gold and green to youth and vitality. And of course the animals come into it. The lion as the power of sovereignty, and the ox strength and vigor, the horse’s obedience and the white horse 'with clear truth assimilated into the Divine Light'. The eagle signifies royalty and soaring, the vision that gazes on the Divine Sun. And the chariots! The Gel,Gel- the winged wheels, revolutions to revelations, the mysteries are made clear to them, the highest illuminations are brought down to man then." (3) (19)

Will and Julian realized that the thinking had to transformed in their lands of the West but yet the true nature of the will was not really understood by many in the West. They had devised scientific experiments to recognize the phenomenon of the willpower affecting the environment.(5) It was their belief that if it could be proved that the human could affect his environment with the use of his thinking, feeling and willing then they could introduce ideas that could bring about a fundamental evolutionary change in the human race. If this was in fact true then the wars could be stopped, if they were wrong then the earth was in for a rough ride ahead the next 12 years.

Will continued saying:" The Celestial Orders have joy, rising above our known passions. Rather they rejoice with God over finding what had been lost. They are mild in nature and experience a beneficent joy in finding this 'providential salvation of those who are turned to God' and the resultant bliss they participate in while the illuminations of God divinely appears. That is how Dionysus the Areopagite in his Celestial Hierarchies explains these beings. He lived at the time of Jesus the Nazarene. What is divine about our life here on earth really is our place in it all. Did your realize Julian that we are on a metals rich rare earth planet with a possibly metals rich sun? Seems a good time to test one's metal, the positioning just seems right for that brazen an attitude about putting your love and action of Ideas into the mix. Know what I mean Julian, my good man?

Julian listened closely to all that Will had said. He then slowly replied with his favorite refrain shaking his head in agreement.

"James "Cool Papa" Bell of the old Negro Leagues...
sooo fast, stole two bases on one pitch." (12)

Together they set up camp. A machine that produced energy that was used to power their computer chip as well as a power plant that powered their lights, portable cooking stove, ozone generator and some other health devices powered the campsite. Julian and a friend John B. constructed this machine that produced outputs of energy that exceeded the input from basic materials. It was made with a lead-acid battery and powered a D.C. motor while turning a magneto-like dynamo, providing an output energy to an electronics storage pack, which then sends timed pulses back to a battery for a fresh charge. They could use the machine to charge dead batteries starting with only one good battery; the charged battery would then charge the other three dead batteries. The inventors believed they were using zero point energy.

For years now Will and Julian had mapped out the America's continents from the tip of South America up to the Arctic Circle. They then cross referenced the thinking of the regions as evidenced in new laws, social activism, new achievements in athletics, justice honestly dispensed, breakthroughs in bio-remediation and geo-remediation with occurring regional events. Genocide, oil exploration, animal populations, ocean temperatures, hurricanes, volcanism, earth quakes, cloud formation, serial killings, child pornography rings uncovered, the stock markets and laundered money inflating stock values, drug trafficking murders and politics were all monitored. Then a graph was worked out that pin pointed retrograde social activity and corresponding destructive geophysical activity.

"Look at this Will." Julian had graphs and datelines up on his computer monitor. "The total volcanic eruption rate over the last five years is here on the left- averaging 16-20 over those years. Now here in this field look, by May 2000 the planet has had 20 eruptions so far. We are on track for 50+ eruptions by the years end. This is unprecedented in modern volcano logy over the last century, the planet is overheating now, releasing tremendous energy." They looked at the data and cross referencing social unrest, humanitarian breakthroughs, medical and technology breakthroughs, with geological processes and saw that things were definitely breaking out around the globe now.

Their findings were staggering. When they attempted to get their findings published no peer review journal would touch them. That seemed to be a big part of the problem, careers would be ruined, and Liberal Arts Education's would be seen as both relevant and transforming for the social hygiene of the West. A flood of the simple, elegant and very robust principals and theories would deluge PhD’s and lots of crow would have to be swallowed. Shudder the thought.

Quantum thinking and conscious choice experiments proved a relationship between the will of the individual and the field. Still this knowledge had not yet penetrated the ivory towers of academia to any appreciable extent. Yet the insight into the make up of the human was flowering now in the arts, films, music, television shows, commercials, the capacity to love, medicine etc.. You could see it in college and professional athletics, athleticism over all, was better now around the world. Bicyclists who ride, out distancing time, into the healing pools of the life force itself. Visible relationships seen between the unconscious minds, conscious choices and crop circle formations, examples again of this participatory creationism between individual and field. Microchip technology breakthroughs, turning out new innovations every 18 months now. Sunday weather and the power of prayer relationship, bio-remediation is happening using fungi and micro organisms, geo remediation of the ozone hole is not far off, new colors seen, as the color spectrum is expanding to our eye, healing arts are here to stay, while computers are crunching the matrixes of complex chemistry, unraveling the molecules of D.N.A.s secrets... These are great times to be living in, if we can only survive them!

Here is what they had pieced together from their research. Seems untransformed thinking was like a weather system that runs up against the will that has no spiritual grounding and lacks the balance of the heart. They observed that the mountains of the entire regions ran on the South-North axis and the cold winds of the Arctic region blew unobstructed into the hot air of South America then joining the hot air flows from the Gulf of Mexico moving North. Here the battle rages, as great snow storms descend, tornadoes and hurricanes develop with winds howling at 200, 300 and even greater miles per hour being recorded. The only structures able to withstand the winds were cement and rock dome homes. Mars was trained to build these and was known through the Andes for his skills. Seem the extensive cave systems that ran through the Andes provided unlimited building materials for his flourishing business.

Julian and Will hypothesized that the cold pole of the intellect strikes the hot pole of the will, resulting then in geophysical and social upheavals of great destroying forces. Once released these forces take on a life of their own. Grand speeches, or a perceived as "new" technology explosions, were not really the answer. Rather a warming trend in the hearts of the America's was now needed, to prevent a great tear in the fabric of humankind. They rode the wave of their insights, and watched, as humankind stood on a precipice looking into their multiple futures. The learning curve and the price to be paid was now steep, steep as the mountains they were camped in. A medicinal geography was needed to heal the rift between the haves and the have nots, between the mind and the heart and alas between the retro and the progressive angels. Time was speeding up, time to slow it down Julian and Will think.

The relationship between Will and Mars was.. special. A homunculus was a... well a human being who became so materialistic when he lived that upon his death he stayed on earth in the body of somebody else who had just died. In the twinkling of an eye up to three minutes time the entities of this homunculus Mars were just residing in the body of the person who just died. Over hundreds of years they got good at moving from shell to shell doing the bidding of who ever. Usually in the past bad guys but in this case Will Ulysses was a hard working, honorable scientist. Mars was lucky this time around. His last occupancy went bad; he liked the nickname Jack... He had bonded to Will like gosling to goose. The imprinting that Will had done on the homunculus was remarkable, break through research. Even taught Mars to ride a motorcycle. (8)

A double as human’s call it was living in Mars now. The only difference between the creature and human souls was that humans had made deals with the devil to get here occupied then by an entity called the double. Mars the homunculus was an intentional creation on the part of Will and part a conspiring spirit combine or a group soul as found in the animal kingdom that took occupancy of the recently deceased corpse. Mars was a shell occupied by spirit rather than an individuated soul forged in the fires of lives struggles rendering an awakened, though be it, wearied soul. There was something to the crucifix symbolism that pervades the walls of the West but it had more to do with this battle, you know transmuting the dragon with in, archangel Michael, than any personality cult it later devolved to. Mars had no conscience and was under the complete control of instinct. It possessed endless energy, like the ocean tides and earth's jet stream.

That night the stars were unusually bright. Will and Julian both understood that they were the stars and that thinking living ideas as heart felt appreciation of the stars beauty allowed they to experience this knowledge as the ancients had done for the last 10, 000 years. To know that stars were also glowing beings, alive as their own beating hearts, was the notice that the Age of Aquarius had arrived.

A buzz was heard thru the mountains that Jesu Nave was in the area now. He was known as the Initiate, the Sun Initiate, around before the great floods of Atlantis. Now residing on the Moon as well as in the humus and crystalline structures of the earth. The 'golden blade' he carried was known by the Inca 2000 years ago. The sky that night was filled with beings of intelligence and will who where bound as stars in reflections of their inner activities. The Earth and sky were in a quickened stage of transformation.

Chapter 4

Mexico City

During Mass on this Sunday the clouds overhead are like a forest, thick and imposing. The prayer to cloud relationship was known long ago by the local residents. In no other city on the contiguous landmass of the American continents did the dead have a greater presence. This Sunday the light mingled, glowing in the clouds at 12 noon for an hour. It was a sign in the skies known by those who pray. The huge sun shone through the clouds that now filled the sky.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe, the mystical rose, was glowing a soft blue light that filled the air around this ancient city. The volcanoes bowed before her, as the clouds covered them in her full blue and red glory. She was with her children, protecting them, as the fruits of her bounty.

Julian Houser and Will Ulysses are here for a conference: "Individual as a Quantum Consciousness, The Dead, and Say Hey, You Got A Meaning to All This Sailor, or are you just looking for something?" Mexico City is a perfect place for the seminar. It is a city that prays and has an active relationship with the dead that no other city in the America's has. On Sunday the people of Mexico City read to the dead, pray for the dead and sing songs of the dead. Sunday prayers carried up into the clouds that covered the volcano tops on this beautiful day. A powerful force, a medicine not to be trifled with, rather participated in and studied as a phenomenon.

Seems this was perhaps the greatest workshop on this matter ever held. All the notables are here and would be announced this afternoon. The dead are in attendance too recognized by the key characteristic of luminosity in their faces and beings footless. They shone but not so brightly that you could not make out their features, rather like a fine portrait painters rendering with so soft glowing cheeks, white, muted glows with in their brows illuminated their fixed understanding smiles. Their vibration was one of contentment, no angst or distress noted almost to the one. Orbs of light moved about the museum. There were reds, yellows, blues and oranges, peach blossoms of the flesh tones, the colors of the earth's inhabitants interestingly enough.

The workshop is held at the Mexico City Natural History Museum. The guests are arriving now and the anticipation is electric. The topics covered are as follows. "Bad Thinking: Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, John Dewey and Alfred Kinsey works moving 21st Century Education and Democracy away from the Creator beliefs of the America's." " A Laugh for Health and Medicine in the 21st Century"- from complicated and expensive to the simple - sitting in the sun, drinking clean water, saying your prayers, meditation and breathing clean air, given by Dr. Chem R. Klas.

Jose Arial on Vance Packard's prophetic vision as in identified moving objects wearing out did not show up and no explanation was given as to his whereabouts. Seems his flight fell off the radar screen, no word yet. Gallows Humor showed up though, speaking to the audience about his discovery of the virus he created awhile back. A market bull rushed into the museum China shop- looked like a big Trojan horse in a copper Faraday cage built to protect delicate matters from electromagnetic detection or the light of day.

A notable in the entertainment industry spoke on oxygenation of the blood. Everyone knew him, said he was in remission from cancer and he did it simply by oxygenating his blood. He told the audience about a machine that helped him heal. It was an ancient concept out of China, then with Japanese know how and inspiration resulted in a German engineered machine that allowed you to flush your bloodstream of toxins. "You lay on the floor, put your ankles up on a yoke and turn the baby on. Your body undulates back and forth, much like a swimming fish. The motion produces a purging of your lymph system resulting in an extended life span in a disease free body, like the carp that lives for a hundred and 50 years".

His talk was: "From Cake to the Stuff of Transcendence." He talked about television saying: "All good shows are written with a moral compass setting the course, not heavy handed, even subtle, yet an ethic runs through them. With a touch of the ironic, good entertainment creatively deals with the ridiculous situations that life can throw at us. Dante had it right. We live in an inferno that really is a divine comedy. Who would have ever thought? In conclusion he said: "Look at Rosie, Jane and others now. Women who could do anything they wanted and they chose to use their celebrity to help others. That is grace in the star light and should be recognized as good work for the planet, effecting the fields for the better of us all." The audience applauded loudly as he left the stage.

A basketball star named Vince out of U.N.C. now playing in Toronto, Canada and a Mexican soccer star named St. Martin were in attendance to speak on athletic abilities and the mind as the shaper of abilities. Gary and the Berkley Kidd were in attendance speaking about point guards and they’re taking the game of basketball to the next level. Kid Kobe was in from L.A. to give an update on the envelope of quantum basketball today. He delivered: "Mind as a flickering field phenomenon and the "I of the Other." More players were flowing in synch with each other and within each other and the morphic field then ever before. Like a liquid blue, white glass, faster than the speed of light, flowing smooth on the court. He said this was due, for one thing, to the envelope being pushed in the human's physical skills level. Also because of the mind of matter, light and wave forms coming together, and crossing as players ran their plays during the game. His work and understanding of the game was considered cutting edge in the field of  physical sports meeting quantum physics in performance. Appears also that the gray fox's slight of hand is quicker than the eye, 12 ways to forever.

"Children as sacred, friends of the Creator" was given by Cosz Houser using the Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel's work entitled "Forbidden Passion Fruits" based on his masterpiece "Solitude of a Soul" as a backdrop. The work deals with a teenage girl, used as a sexual slave by her grandmother. Her name was Philia and her talents become legend in the land, as she is used by dozens of men nightly. She meets her true love and together they conspire to murder her grandmother, thus escaping her wholly unholy servitude. However they discover that grandma is practically indestructible, with a lust for life rivaled only by Philia's callers.

"We have to understand that negative judgment leads to the land of nothing, in a great sea of darkness, silence. We see nothing and perceive nothing. Life affirming judgment leads to light and life. Remember that! Think big, epic, the gods need you, why not! It helps give us a deep, as the river flows, feel for our own personal lives. My electromagnetic charm is even acknowledged by my wife Sophia. I love her very much. Live, affirming the lively light of life, everyday of our lives. This is a good way to live, prepared for the inevitable." As Cosz leaves the stage a hum is heard in the museum now, it was in anticipation of the next speaker.

Gabriel walks on stage to a great standing ovation. He smiles out on the crowd, waves and after a few minutes for the audience to quite down he then begins his talk. His keynote talk is on the multi-dimensional nature of reality and the importance of story in the America's 21st century and the workings of good and evil in society today. He is now in his seventies and lives in Mexico City.

"Hello dear friends it is a privilege to be here at this conference. As you know I am a writer of the fantastic and surreal. My life is a paradox. I live a simple and quiet life in my gardens, with parrots and my friends for company. However my work has looked at the human's unconscious minds, diving down into our soft under bellies, chronicling the tormented turns we have taken to get to this place we call the 21st Century."

"It is clear to me that if John Dewey had spent more time here in Mexico City and less time in China and Turkey he would never have stuck the U.S.A. or the America’s with establishing schools for the betterment of the state rather than children. He would have never written his "The Humanist Manifesto" which was nothing more than an Americanized version of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto. A school system tailored after the Prussian Army is now dumbing us all down. Dewey should have laughed more and marveled at the mystery of existence and the splendor that the human being is in potential then how to produce the most regimented and regulated human being."

"You see dear friends he saw the collective aspect of societies like Russia and China as the important thing. The individual was secondary to the state. His larger picture had nothing to do with a vision of the transcendent or of the lover’s ability to withstand the fray, rising above all. Rather that the larger society was to be stayed in step with to the exclusion of our individuated selves and our personal rights. Dewey's humanism and positive change for the better comes from a "group think mentality" and the poet, writer and dreamer are as disposable noise to be silenced."

"In a way my characterization of Philia is a metaphor for the individual who is forced to give up their individual rights to a state system embodied in her grandmother. Crimes against children are the vile heritage of a godless society, a specter that haunts the halls of our civilizations today."

"I am sure you remember the Kinsey Report from Alfred Kinsey in the '50's up in the U.S.A. This individual was acknowledged as the sexual expert for our Northern brothers and sisters. This man studied pre-pubescent orgasm, with graphic descriptions of the event. He actually masturbated these children. If this were not so terribly sad it would boarder on the surreal. World-renowned sex therapist is actually a pedophile. He had to strap these boys down to a table otherwise they were having nothing to do with his twisted research. Kinsey and his followers who tried to provide proof that Freud’s work was correct took Freud’s notions of childhood sexuality to the next level of delusional thinking. Their beliefs were that children actually desire and in some twisted logic known only to Alfred Kinsey and Freud that the boys benefited from the genital stimulation with the adults".

"I have taken this Kinsey individual and written a short story about him. My character works as a Y.M.C.A. counselor, shower room attendant and is also a Boy Scout leader. He becomes suspect when he is eventually running a PhD Psychology Dept. but keeps working at the Y.M.C.A. He enters a sham marriage to a woman named Kitty Kidwell who works as a topless dancer and works at an institute for blind boys. She is greatly loved and her research is top notch. The boys are allowed to work on their reading skills with her as she performs for them wearing Braille embossed outfits. As expected most the boys like her body, as in legs, breasts and no feely, touchy Y.M.C.A. councilor could rig this fact. She had the touch; her hands on learning techniques confirmed this and the boy’s learning curve accelerated like wild fire. Her husband was a pathetic shipwreck of an excuse for a man with a PhD. and impotent. As a sex researcher he worked his perversions into his research protocol and even viewed his behavior as part of a scientific endeavor. He then took his bogus data and promoted an acceptance of pedophilia in Washington D.C. lobbying for laws that would make it legal for hapless adults to fondle consenting youth. These adults needed legal protection to shield themselves from the harsh ramifications that the youth lobby now had which in my work has become the most powerful lobby in the Western world. A handful of enlightened women out of Los Angeles, Miami and New York stood tall for the children of the West and helped them to get their lobby established and laws for their protection written and passed. Children then wielded a big stick and used it ruthlessly putting the fear of God in all adults who dared pick this forbidden fruit. The adults never got their legislation passed but a tacit agreement existed among them that their dirty little secrets would remain private, festering as boils in need of lancing but under cover of privilege and a planets retro cultural affectations managed to continue."

"Of course we know this is a tale and the truth is that the America's children are under siege and need our help as responsible adults willing to stand up for the rights of children. We have been fed such faulty thinking from Freud, Kinsey and Dewey that it is hard to know who is right and who is a tool of behind the scenes, prior agreements to the dominating belief systems to be used in the West. We must never forget what is the right thing to do and what is wrong. We must honor the conscience and with truth, fight for right and not be hood winked by the "supposed experts." It never ceases to amaze me how age-old habit patterns seem to take on a life of their own, and thus, become like dragons. Hard to take down when their time is long passed, as seen today in our modern world civilizations, with the ancient tribal conflicts still firing peoples passions."

"The multi-dimensional nature of reality and the importance of story in the America's 21st Century and the workings of evil" is my opening theme for our workshop this afternoon. The examples I have given you this afternoon are a sad testament to what happens to civilization when the splendor of life is distilled into a box of words called language. "

"The human being is 1,000,000 years from living in the trees to our current democratic institutions of the last five thousand years. From the Golden Age of ancient Greece, to the French Revolution of 1789-99 to the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776- Democracy is very youthful. The English language has spiraled downwards since the 1590's when playwrights and poets reigned supreme. The U.S.A. gave the world the Transcendental movement like a brilliant flash in the night skies in the 19th Century, then television and movies in the 20th Century. However there are factions in the West today that wish to keep English-speaking peoples in a position of world dominance. Thus the language of these peoples and their thinking gain in power and world domination via this medium. Today the Internet and the English language can be used as tools of liberation if used constructively. Choice is ours, these are great times!"

"So in our materialistic age the thinking is contained in language, in written and spoken words. As a result most people in English speaking lands think usually in words and not thoughts. This alone has chained the souls in an afterlife with words as their guides and not thoughts. The fight of the dead then is one to escape the prison of words and free themselves up into the land of thoughts. So you can see that modern physics with its breakthroughs in quantum mechanics and individual consciousness as process is stifled in the world of words that masquerade as inspired but are like skeletons of an old decrepit script long since by passed with the revelations of physics and the transpersonal experience. As a world newly discovered we are as sailors upon seas yet so barely charted and must strike out from word characterizations to an experience of our souls and the majestic spiraling upwards of an enlightened, self-aware infused becoming. To write this story is really all our work to be done now while we have our clocks of time in this mortal realm for soon many will be watching reruns of The Life of Riley from the other side and be none the wiser for it."

"Our dead are with us here, now. They are not the frightened and terrifying visages of one's imagination rather they are hungry for truth as conveyed in thoughts of a lofty nature. They wish to be read to, spoken to and yes nurtured. We have in the America's as else where relegated the dead to a world cold of warmth, devoid of exaltation and imprisoned within words of a monotone, droning on with uninspired sermons from the pulpits of churchmen who know not of what they speak. As slaves are emancipated so must our souls be freed from lifeless language allowing the community of humans to embrace all the living here and elsewhere. The dead are alive and call us to free them from their earthbound chains of dogma and sterile language that are as traps keeping the celestial bird caged upon an earth that was meant as a ladder and not a dungeon. Can you see them, they wait for our inspiration as they are now frozen in the cold world of words that have been used to snare the swift of spirit, imprison the free thinking visionary and in the end killing what is most precious in all of us- our Wills to Be."

A silence fell over the hall. Then applause erupted and as it died down the air was scented with the fragrance of flowers. The dead in attendance were whirling about like dervishes and the poets, the disenfranchised, seers and progressive angels all cheered the address. The folk-bound earth language was served up in a fire, fanned great by archangels, who had established an inside track on group thinking, the Idea that penetrated humanities consciousness. A door had been left ajar; it was the work of the artist, philosopher, enlightened public servant, inspired scientist and others to keep it open. The dead were now so bright that it flooded the hall in a glorious, soft light and music was heard of the most angelic quality, it brought tears to the eyes of the corporal in attendance. Outside, the volcanoes that surrounded the city stopped their continuous venting in honor of these communications, now being communicated with all the cities inhabitants. This ancient city, struggling, was again whole in the worlds of love and light, a city of souls now, moving, shimmering just five feet off the surface of the earth.

The next speaker was Dr. Chem R. Klas from Los Angeles. His topic was "Humor as a Medicine for the 21st Century." He had just been scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez with its incredible variety of aquatic life found in this 720-mile sea. The coral reefs and pinnacles were home to species of sea life found nowhere else in the world. Dr. Klas loved swimming with the colorful fish, sea turtles and dolphins that populated the sea.

"When diving in the Sea of Cortez off Baja, California I saw a loggerhead sea turtle that was probably over 200 pounds in weight. The marine biologist I was diving with explained to me that these turtles make one of the longest migrations on record, some 6,500 across the Pacific to some islands of the coast of Japan. I want everyone in here now to hold your breath, go on now. .. 30 sacs. 1 minute, good, I see we have some deep divers in the audience, pearl divers perhaps? There you go 1 and 1/2 minutes for the big chested among us, well not all the big chested but some. Now think about not eating for a month, oh god who is this guy? You’re saying now. Well I'm a sea turtle that can fast for a very long time without food and can hold their breath underwater for more than a month. So what, you say. Well their life spans can be up to 175 years that we know of and possibly longer. When he was telling me this I marveled at the tranquility of these great creatures and wondered what we human beings could learn from them."

"Well one thing is that when it comes to food, these creatures are telling us something about our eating habits. They would probably appreciate us not eating them and their eggs. But beyond that I watched them swimming through the water and realized that they were stimulating their lymph systems with the motion of their fin action. Similar to what we just did together. Another thing that struck me is that breathing when done slower will extend one's life as displayed by their long life spans. Makes sense for the loggerhead sea turtle, why not us. Seems to me that the loggerheads long life span is in part due to exercise that stimulates the immune system and a diet that has of course fish oils in it, the omega oils complex."

"In Medical school I was taught nothing about nutrition, diet, exercise and the importance of breathing. Rumor has it that this has changed in Medical school today but the work pace is so frantic that they have little time to breath, much less eat well. In my time we were listening to pharmacology reps. and not covering these mundane topics. Follow the money in medicine, it is a trail of pills, cancer research, to the tune of billions, and simple health care plans, no matter how robust in effectiveness do not get promoted. Listen, sitting in the sun, drinking lots of water and breathing fresh air and saying your prayers is good medicine."

"You could easily say we are at loggers head with our own health care professions today. We eat more than we need to eat and too much starch in our diets contributes to excess fats in our bodies? Also are we all usually in a state of rushing to and fro, using up our allotted breathes before our time. I'm sure we are all familiar with the expression "every hair upon or head is numbered?" The same can be said about our breathing; slow it down and we live longer. Sea turtles know these things, we can learn from them. Aquatic creatures exercise their lymph systems via the swimming they do, so be as the fish and swim about like fish in your homes, at work or the gym. Do the fish flop about and then lay still, it works as we may have noticed today."

Chem paused, smiling out at his audience, he continued on now about dolphins. "The dolphin has been revered as a mythological creature since Plato and the Greeks. In Plato's Republic he writes about a mythical land called Atlantis and tells us about the dolphins. Seem they were once viewed as a species more evolved than human beings even saving sailors who had been thrown overboard in rough seas.

"What is happening now to the dolphin is bad medicine for us and harbors very bad blood for our species. You see my friends I learned that the dolphins are travelers. Not in the traditional sense rather into the world of dimensions. They say there are 10 dimensions possibly more that they travel in at leisure, and this can be taught to us it we don't kill them off. Seems they are very concerned about our states of mind and think we are out to kill not only them but our oceans as well. They think we human beings are on a suicide mission and are following this closely even sending us messages upon our coasts all around the world with their beached corpses. The magnetic fields of the planet are out of whack. Strange isn't it, they still love us and want to help us even though we treat them as unthinking and unfeeling animals even killing them indiscriminately. What does that tell us about us? The human beings who can not even get along with his own much less other species." He waved and said good night turning the stage over to Kidd Able an inventor out of Canada.

Kidd Able gave a semi- humorous, semi- factual presentation on nuclear waste disposal as it related to the metaphor of geese shitting by the quart yet providing the golden eggs of cheap energy. In his presentation the geese died while giving birth, resulting in large patches of the terra firma being rendered useless. His research discovered that particular plants and microorganisms like sunflowers, fungus, mustard plants and of course stinging nettle could help to neutralize the effects of this nuclear waste problem but was found cost insignificant thus unworkable commercially. Big money needed big up front investments for future big money returns or huge write-offs. Results were a by-product and secondary to the bottom line of expenditures in the world of quantum finance. Kidd lived and worked on a research facility somewhere up in Canada and had invented a jet stream foil sending warm air up into the upper atmosphere warming it up and preventing the next mini ice age.

Ari Man was depressed. Humans were catching on at last. Its place was being clarified in the grand scheme of things and this it did not like. Had it not given the world Frederick Nietzsche, proving in words that god was dead, was not Darwin's work good enough for these animals, and whoever would think that animals had rights. Look at all the sex it freed up for the reading and taking, as found in the example of its disciple Alfred Kinsey. All this for these unappreciative, inhibited Puritan retches, who now had the audacity to think as enlightened gods and even worse, who was going to be left to do its poison pen writing. Woe to those who dared think for themselves. Fly high, burning in the sun, all. As family against family, tribe against tribe spirals to nation against nation. Here it would hurt the courageous, as Air Man still lived well in the earthbound burgeoning bourgeois, who spoke well but thought little. Its only hope was, that the dumb would continue to stay misinformed in misinformation and disconnected from the world at large and especially from their own hearts.

No small parts in this drama, only small players and their roles would soon be caught up in the whirlwind of the greatest show upon the earth. The coming of Jesse Nave a rebel rouse out of a small fishing village in the Middle East, originally residing on the Sun and now on the Moon, after his appearance on Earth some 2000 years ago as Jesus Christ. This consciousness being was about to change the world again. Seers, astral dream travelers and shamans said the moon's luminosity was due to his presence. The now slowing pendulum was about to swing to the center between Air Man and Lucifer. They knew Christ was the counter balance to all their schemes of speeding up time, creating societies of work alcoholics, with the accompanying deceptions of productivity, all the while, turning the humans now unfolding 12 senses away from seeing. These secrets were surfacing however, and it could not be stopped, only hindered, with wars, deceit, psychobabble, divisive tactics, hatred and stupidity. However the second coming was now occurring in the minds, hearts and wills of enlightened humans around the world. A conscious choice was occurring in the Will of the America's, their metals now fired hard, a blade sharp as the edge of our spiral-armed galaxy. They were standing up, as destiny mingled in the stars like a glue of hot churning metals, in what seemed an aware universe now. The air was rarefied, shimmering, sparkling in the joy of a lost then found sun path, lighting the way for the children of the stars. Like our great sun, it shines on all, its healing rays for those who care to love and believe or not. The clouds were as a forest now, illuminated from within, glowing upon he city. The lost were found as the pilgrims returned.

Chapter 5

Out with the Major in with the Minor

2 weeks later in Los Angeles

In the courtyard stood a statue of Pallas Athena. The Greek Goddess of the arts, of just war, industry and later on wisdom, which makes perfect sense. She was the favorite child of Zeus, birthed from his forehead. He gave her his thunderbolt and shield for protection. In her outstretched right hand, bent at the elbow, she held a dark winged being. Her left hand rested on an upright shield of copper, brass and iron bands binding it together. She wore a silver crown, stood 9 feet tall and was carved of translucent, ivory colored marble. A fine gold trim outlined the entire figure. It was a copy of the work by Pheidias that stood in the Greek Parthenon around 430 B.C. This particular copy arrived in Los Angeles around 1879 from Rome. It had one very odd feature; it glowed at night, seemingly conducting electricity and heat that then illuminated the statue in a variety of colors.

The courtyard was surrounded on four sides by an English Yew hedge with a small arched entrance. Once inside the lobby, you noticed a small painting of St. Dennis and the Dragon hanging on the wall. A doorman sat in a small booth just to the left of the main entrance, announcing arriving guests on the house phone system.

On the ground floor in apartment 123 lived Rose Armstrong, a Professor of Asia Minor and Far East Studies at U.S.C. She grew up in California, teaching for 20 years at the local Catholic Elementary School, Our Lady of Fatima, before accepting a position at U.S.C. She lived alone with her pets, a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula and a black cat named Firfus. Her apartment looked out on an enclosed patio, looking through the patio entrance you saw the statue of Pallas Athena. She requested this apartment due to its proximity to the statue. She has lived in this apartment for 9 years, and has several good friends who live in the building too. Ceridwen Hu, up on the ninth floor, is one of her best friends.

Rose was a scholar of life and its rhythms, she found something almost magical about spiders, so she had made a study of them since her high school, on into her college days. She felt their 300 million years here on earth was probably just the last leg of a very long journey through the winding strings of life forms, in the history of the evolution of the universe. Her spiders name was Art. She named him after the fine arts of the world. Her other passions were ancient Troy and the Palladium.

In her spacious living room, on the wall, is a sunset painted by the Englishman Joseph Turner (1775 - 1851). She liked the colors, and thought that there was something climatic about the pallet that Turner painted with. The painting depicts the story of Pluto, the god of the underworld, who abducts the maiden Proserpine for his wife and the queen of Hades. The scene represents the moment when Pluto's fiery chariot erupts overhead, scaring Proserpine's attendants below. Rose thought the colors looked like ash from a volcano, refracting the light rays, giving the sky its colors. Turner was simply painting what he saw at the time of his rendering. She was doing some research on the Internet, sitting at her computer, as she listened to Duke Ellington (1899 - 1974) on her c.d. player. You are the Sunshine of My Life was playing now from a collection of his work.

As she sat at her computer she pulled up some information on an eruption on Anak Krakatau Volcano. She said half aloud: "wonder if this guy was venting, erupting when Turner was painting." She was beginning to research this when the doorbell rang. She did not mind, she loved her friends and the art of conversation was not lost on Rose and her talkative friends.

Rose answered and it was Ceridwen Hu, Lisa K. and Constance Grace, a librarian. They were gathering at Rose's for an outing to the Art Museum this afternoon. As they entered Rose's apartment Firfus jumped off the couch and ran towards the newly arrived visitors. "Hello Firfus" Constance said, "slept on any good books lately?" The cat began rubbing against her legs, Ceridwen laughed and said: "yes, 'Miss Kitty goes to Paris.'" 'Just look at that affectionate little guy, "Rose you have to get him out more, I think he's like, lonely or something else." They all laugh, hugging and smiling at each other. They were the best of friends and had known each other for years. The friendship club they liked to call themselves.  

Ceridwen Hu, black Irish, was a screenplay writer and ran a second hand shop down on Melrose Ave. with two friends Joan and Debbie. In her spare time she wrote treatments for possible television series and was working on a novel that was well on its way, out the door and into parts known only to her muse. She has sold numerous television scripts through the years and now she had a script for a movie that she wants to show to friends of Rose Armstrong's in the film industry. Constance had worked at the Hollywood branch of the Los Angeles County Library for years, knew the library angels well and had a reputation for finding any book you needed, if it was in the building or the entire system for that matter. She laughed about it, but it was true. Constance Grace and the library angels were close and her ability to research on the Internet only enhanced her already consummate skills in the world of books and Ideas.

Ceridwen then spoke up to the others about her book, " O.K I want to share with you my latest story, "The Son of the Sun in a Virgin of the Light." It is about a monk named Nate, "he lives on the island of Iona. His abilities are to read the patterns seen in the flights of birds, in the mists of the oceans sprays and the reflective light of the Moon and Sun. This enables him to foretell the future. He sees the coming of a Son of the Sun, out of a Black Madonna. The gift of his nature knowledge, allows him to observe the Suns reflective light that is caught in the sea's mists as he walks along the coastline. What do you think?" The others said they thought it was great and wanted to know when she thought she might have it completed.” Who knows, it just keeps growing" Ceridwen replies.

Constance is listening closely then says: "Ceridwen, Rose have either of you heard of a book entitled "The Transcendental Universe" by Harrison written in 1894." Ceridwen and Rose think for a minute or two then say: "no never have, why?"

Constance continues saying: "Well two men in traditional Muslim dress, dark skinned men, came in this week looking for a copy of that book. I check our listings, no luck, so I see if any of the other branches have a copy, but still no luck. The two men said they would look around while I continued my search for the book. They were so striking and when they smiled at me and spoke like English gentlemen I was immediately captivated."

"Sure Constance I think we can understand that." Rose interjected smiling wide, they all laugh

"Anyway I could not find a copy in our system so I tell someone working at the counter with me that I'll be right back. I walk back finding them in the Art History section talking quietly to each other. As I approach them, they seem really excited and as they turn to see me they smile real big. I said: "I'm so sorry really but we do not have that book you requested. I think perhaps some of the book finder services here in town can help you, it's an old book and I'm afraid it is out of print.  That title "The Transcendental Universe" would do Emerson, Whitman and Thoreau proud." She smiled at them. One of the men reached out and took a book off the shelf directly in front of him. He handed the book to the other man who looked at it for a moment, smiled at his friend, and then handed the book to me. "I would like to check this book out please." It was the 100-year-old book, the "Transcendental Universe" which of course was not in our system at the time but he somehow managed to walk right to it. They worked with the library angels just like I do."

"I went back to the front desk as the two men walked on slowly looking at the books. As I was checking the book out to a Mr. Hermes Trismegistus, now that's a name, as the library card identified the man I noticed something totally, well strange. A fine mist cloud form of an air and water life form took on the appearance of all things, spiders. Wherever the two men stopped for a few minutes this fine mist would swim around the books and then swarm over their entire bodies. They seemed unawares or unconcerned with the spiders as they swarmed in and out of their nose and ears. It was very funny to see these like ancient yet traditional looking guys standing there discussing the different titles and sections while these clouds of spiders crawled all over them."

After they had left the library a very well dressed person comes into the library looking for the same book. When told that it was just checked out, he has a fit saying: "that book will free up a lot of souls, bad omens how could this be!" I said to him: "listen sir, if that book can do all that you say it can don't worry it's good that it gets out...." The slick looking guy looked at me with a pained expression. "No, that is very bad and puts me at a huge disadvantage with my plans for you."

I looked at him and said: "listen I don't know who you are but you do not have any plans with me. I am busy tonight and in fact am pretty busy for a while so I think you better make plans with someone else. I went on with my work. He left the library really upset."

Lisa K. and Ceridwen were now standing by the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula home, an old aquarium set up for the spider. Ceridwen said: "Spiders naturally give me an uneasy feeling, but if you get to know them, even handle them, they are not bad. Seems like they like curiosity in people, as well as creativity and thinking. Maybe the spiders like the atmosphere at the library, as long as they don't tie the books up, I guess its o.k." They laugh.

Lisa K then said: "I know, they are giving us a sensitivity training in seeing the beauty of difference. Does that make sense? Maybe the two men and the spiders are just now opening the door to a parallel universe where the color of one's skin does not matter and what seems ugly is in fact a path to understanding and experiencing beauty. The heaven of a parallel universe, where consciousness is the mother lode, you know, streets paved in gold, a pristine environment and a school of wisdom that we could attend."

"Sure, sure but here and now on planet Earth we are still living in a 'consciousness of kind' world" Rose said. She continued: "I notice that people don't really handle the race issue very well yet in this country or the world at large for that matter. We have passed laws to ensure our civil rights, yet most Americans still are not comfortable communicating openly about matters of race. Like Art here, most people see the surface image and turn away, not facing their own projections and the initial shock wave they receive when they look at the spider or a person of color. Most folk have not moved through to a deeper understanding of the essence of what it is to be a human being, going beyond the 'consciousness of kind' experience. Now I see what you mean Lisa K., it is like a 'parallel universe'. Only it seems that for many people giving up their hates, prejudices, and fears is that world you talk about and they just do not want to go there. Look what has happened to every major or even minor spiritual leader to come down the high road, in their messages of love, acceptance and transcendence they embody ideas that scare people. Love and acceptance of others is a challenge for most folks even today. And the witch hunt in the middle ages, women if they were appealing, alluring in any way, they were accused of being witches and burned, 7 million women. No that spider reminds me everyday that there are issues we as a community of humanity have to face and deal with regards our relationships with the peoples of color and women of the planet today. Fact is the 'browning of America' is happening now. Uncomfortable for some, yes, but our great country is a crucible, a melting pot. We just have to work with that and not turn our heads pretending it is not happening." She put on some Jamaican Reggae music and asked her friends if they wanted anything to drink before going off to the museum for their afternoon outing together.

Rose's apartment was filled with books, a few potted palms, some big comfortable bean bag seats, comfortable chairs and a big couch overlooking the enclosed gardens outside her apartment. She loved multiple sensory stimulation as she corrected papers, and prepared for her next days work. Smells, sounds and great music all played a part in her creative process. She also had this great machine that she used every day. It was an oxygen exerciser that allowed her to oxygenate her blood, releasing serotonin into her bloodstream, passing through the blood brain barrier directly into the tissues of her brain. She found out about it from Ceridwen's second hand shop. They had taken one in on a loan and the person never returned for it, so Rose bought it. She was writing a paper on the Palladium, which she planed to submit to a peer review journal of Asia Minor Studies. She hoped it would inspire some debate in academic circles on the issue of ancient knowledge having a significant relevance in today's world.

Ceridwen Hu wrote to inform, infuse and inspire as well. She had a wicked sense of humor as Irish were know to possess, acquired from her mother. She refrained from vitriolic writing, concentrating rather on surreal perspectives, with over riding humorous themes. That, she got from her father, who was a funeral home director for 20 years in Los Angeles before departing to the other side 5 years ago. Write what you know, she knew this was the process, bedrock for effective writing. She was working on a satire about a couple of frustrated devils, and their legions machinations about this hemisphere of the world and her own homeland, Ireland. Being a devout Irish Catholic and living in Los Angeles, Ceridwen Hu felt this would give her an added insight into the nature of the devils.

They left the building together, walking to the museum. It was only a 6-block walk from the apartment building. They stopped to look at the tar pits. "Here for millions of years, then in the flash of a metal rock, gone" Constance said. Makes you wonder if we are in an extinction zone of our galaxy?" They stood looking at the black tar, fossils, and bones poking out of the tar in one last gasp before being stuck in place, for good.

Rose then said: "no, we are to far out on a spiraling arm of the Milky Way Galaxy to be in the mass extinction zone, but we do have a huge sun to contend with. In fact, we are probably in greater harms way from our own sun than any asteroid or to a less degree, a meteor for that matter. " Rose was quiet for a moment. Then she looked at the others and said: "you know what the really interesting thing is about our location in space?"

The others were quite for a few moments then Lisa K. said: " our planet it is as close to our galactic center as it is to our galaxy boarder." Rose stared at Lisa K. for what seemed minutes, turned away and looked at the fossils then said: "Your right Lisa. And what I find so interesting about that is that we are in the boon docks of our Milky Way Galaxy and yet we are only 26,000 light years away from our galactic center. And so far out in the spiraling arms that we are only 26-28,000 light years away from the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. That, to me, is divine geometry. "

They were quiet as they started walking towards the museum. Lisa said: "hot today, maybe we should learn how to eat the stuff, like those masters in the East, who live on just breathing air and drinking water. Sunlight does have vitamins in it you know, like vitamins A and D or was that E and D, oh I can't remember, but as long as I'm not hungry I guess its o.k. As hot as it is now I'm probably getting stuffed with the stuff anyway." Constance said: "The ultra violet rays will cook those vitamins to a crisp in about 33 minutes."

Ceridwen Hue listened quietly, then turned to the others," I think we better get into the now museum before we melt out here, never know when a hyper nova will be flashing through as hot as it is now. We will be safe inside." They laughed as they stepped inside the museum.

It was a show of French Impressionist painters. As soon as they started looking at the paintings something very odd occurred. Rose was the first to notice it. "Look at that, over one of the Claude Monet  (1840-1926) Water lilies paintings." They all looked and saw a large spider moving quickly over the top of the frame of the first, of three framed paintings. It climbed down the painting and moved quickly on the floor to the next of the famous, ornately framed, Water lilies paintings. It climber up the wall and sat atop the frame.

Lisa K. said to the others: "that spider is as big as Art! Seems to be right at home here really. Weird, very weird, it seems to take as much interest and pleasure in the beauty of the paintings as we do!" The large spider began to walk across the painting slowly, stopping for a minute to look about the art, then continuing until it had crossed the entire large work. Spinning a web, it dropped quickly to the floor and amazingly went over to the third of the three-framed works. It then climbed up the wall to the frame climbing along it's lower boarder stopping dead center to, what appeared to the women, to appreciate the work of art by Monet some more. Constance said: " Am I really seeing this, or is it just a collective hallucination we are having here. I mean this is really strange; those are the spiders I saw at the library this week. Look at that a big old ugly spider that has an appreciation for art." As Constance looked away from the spider she noticed how beautiful the paintings were... look how beautiful this one is. Such beautiful blues and greens don't you think?" They turned to see a black man in Muslim traditional dress looking at a painting intently. Rose said to the others: "look at that man over there, do you see anything strange about him. The others looked and suddenly Lisa K said: "Oh man that guy has spiders crawling in and out of his nose and ears but he does not seem to mind. Now that is an art lover if I have ever seen one."  Constance turned to see the same man she had seen in the library earlier that week. Again the spiders were of an air and water constitution, misty looking and constantly changing their appearance. The man turned slowly, and looked at them. Smiling, he turned away and went around the corner of the display hall, the spiders ran off quickly disappearing in the air and reappearing on the wall of paintings, moving as a fine mist of webs on down the walls of the halls art.

Along Santa Monica beach of Southern California it was turning from a very hot day into a blustery, rainy day. Will Ulysses and Dr. Chem Klas were walking along the beach. They met at a conference several weeks earlier and Hem invited him up to Los Angeles to meet with some folks. They were interested in his work in Cosec, Peru high up in the Andes Mountains. It was called the Good and Evil Studies Center. They were discussing Chum's experience swimming with dolphins off the coast of Costa Rica that summer.

"You know Will I really felt that swimming with the dolphins was a psychic experience for me, as well as them. You know when you see a group of birds shift as though in unison, on a dime and change their direction as in synch. It's like a field phenomenon, you understand what I'm explaining."

"Yes Chem. that is a very familiar phenomenon observed in the fields of biology- the hundredth monkey phenomenon when finally one gets it then all of them get it, spreading from island to island like wildfire, expanding geometrically out to totality. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about? Expanding ripples on a pond radiating out like the numbers 3,6,9,12... so on into infinity."

"Sure" Chem. responded.

Will went on: "in physics it is referred to as the point in field phenomenon. A morphemic field as Rupert Sheldrake has coined this field phenomenon that you are describing with your dolphins experience. A mind to mind connection and it excited you and got your serotonin flowing, a neural transmission flush, where everyone feels like a rich man in paradise. This chemistry runs up your spine like an electrical current. The Hindus call it Prana. Do I got it so far?"

"Nailed it. Where I go next is the communication I received while dialed in, so to speak. They say or rather transmit that there are 10 and possibly more dimensions than our own perceived 4 dimensions. Now I look at the dimension issue like this. We have length, height, and depth, then time for the fourth dimension and then a fifth dimension, the mind. With me so far? Moving on down this glass bead string, looping like beads of a rosary, we move on out to the mullet-dimensional aspects of the electrical, chemical and physical realities that comprises 10 or more dimensions. Are we in synch now?"

"Yes I would say that is all true and empirically solid or as solid as we can be in the world of quantum gravity, with quantum foam at our feet, dolphins swimming out there, not far off shore too, the universe is self aware through us."(5) Will responded.

Chem looked out to sea. To his utter astonishment there were not just a solitary few dolphins swimming a 100 yards off shore. There were 200 + dolphins swimming a 100 yards off shore. People stopped in their tracks to just watch them swimming and jumping charging down the hill. They were very big and very strong, swimming south in the choppy, rough ocean.

He gushed: "Good holy gods, what have we here. Perhaps the tectonic plates are slipping again. You know how dolphins are with sound, probably hearing rumblings out there, telling them of upcoming events."

Will say: "I think we just communicated with them now. They are telling us something very important. I will have to run some cross-reference checks to see what surfaces. Lots of rain, cooling treads in the ocean currents, with the melting of the Arctic ice cap, then warming treads on the planet, increased volcanic activity, ocean warming and now lots of dolphins swimming off the coast, a synchronicity perhaps telling us things are out of balance in nature."

Chem. replied: "I have a friend I want you to meet. She's an Irish gal, Ceridwen Hu, and is writing a screenplay. Friend of Rose Armstrong's, has a second hand shop down on Melrose she runs with a couple of friends. You know the Irish, always got a story or two they can tell you. Anyway I think you would like her and maybe even share some of your research with her. She's writing a satire about the devil and is attempting to write it 'high road,' difficult write though. I think you could be of help to her."

"I would be delighted to meet her and help in any way I can. Perhaps she would like to learn about my homunculus named Mars. He rides a motorcycle, did I tell you that? How is Rose by the way?" Chem replied that she was fine, got an Assistant Professorship at U.S.C in the Asia Minor and Far East Studies Dept. "You know, Troy, the Palladium, Homer and the Iliad, the Pallas Athena and the Bronze Age of Greece, woman is obsessed with antiquity. She documents that history is rewritten about every 100 years, and has been for the last 4,000 years. As a result she says someone has to do the research to discover just what happened way back when, why it happened and where it happened. Rose is really a one person army, defending the rights of ancient history in a world today that is moving so fast that today is tomorrow, and yesterday is just a vague memory, much less what occurred 4 thousand years ago. Revisionist history is one of her main concerns and it's effects on world cultures at large today." Rose Armstrong was known and loved by many people in the Los Angeles community.

"A scholar of ancient happenings, that are reverberating in our own times. I look forward to seeing Rose again, still have Art, her pet Mexican Red Knee Tarantula?" Chem replied: "yes, says it has become a good friend. I did not know about Mars cycling prowess however, does he do dishes by chance?"

"No, doesn't have good fine motor skills, more brute strength, heavy on instinct."

Off they went, walking down the beach. Walking towards them way down the beach was Jay Big Bear. He was now looking at these dolphins that were now swimming past him heading south. There were hundreds of them. No one on the beach that afternoon had ever seen so many dolphins at one time. It was as eerie as it was beautiful.

Returning from their trip to the Art Museum they were gathered in Ceridwen Hu's apartment awaiting their guests. It started to rain. Her apartment was filled with books, a few potted flowering jasmine plants and a pair of zebra finches. She was taking the high road with the subject matter of the devil and bestiality, necrophilia and the skinning of cats were out of her league anyway, with no real appeal or humor found there for her. Her research would lead her were she needed to go, writing a scholarly satire on this very delicate, and frankly difficult subject matter. Chem Klas had said he would try to get Will Ulysses over to give her some pointers; she was excited about the possibility. Lots of childish, old world misinformation on the subject had been written, making her research on the subject of paramount importance. Being a writer, Irish and black Irish at that, and in possession of the required rye sense of humor, she felt up to the task. It was a challenging, even an exhilarating job, and she felt she could do the subject matter justice with even certain flair, but she needed some guidance.

Lisa K had a Ouiji board she brought into the apartment after their outing to the museum."

Let me get you all something to drink, have a seat, I have juice, water, tea. Ceridwen then asked Lisa K: "what in gods good name is that under your arm! Let me guess. A game for the fool hardy! did the spiders get the better of you."  Laughing as she said it.

"You got it. Big spiders and the Parker Bros. now that is a union made in hell. Are you interested in such triviality?" Lisa K asked her friends." Ceridwen answered: "hell yes, Barker Bros. no." She continued saying: "girl, those things scare me."

Rose said: "Banshees are bad enough, why complicate the mix, right Ceridwen?" Ceridwen said: "yes, here let me sprinkle some holy water from Lourdes on that bad boy" as she faked the motions of sprinkling the holy water on Lisa's board. Ceridwen continued saying: "baby, baby you got a lot to learn, so let me help you. Do not play with fire. These things are as loaded Guinness stout. Not good medicine at all. With that said, our friends coming over this afternoon, will chime in too with their studied opinions about these things I'm sure. I call em' we gee whiz boards- like in what is that dark figure in my kitchen tonight, must just be a shadow. No girl I do not "we gee" but like I said we are expecting some company shortly. See what they think.

"What a nice place," Lisa said. "Your view is spectacular. In the heart of L.A. and you can see what seems forever." She wished she had never brought the damn game over, but it told her to. Constance said that the library had a board once but that it just disappeared one day; the library never got another one. Funny how that happens sometimes, Constance said: "lose the bad boy, gain a few more good books."

Ceridwen changed the subject as they sat down on a couch: "See that telescope over there? I can see the whitecaps on the ocean with it on a clear day like this morning. Today in fact, this will blow your quantum consciousness; I saw dolphins, lots of dolphins heading south. Now you tell me, is that not wild or is that not wild! I mean Athena out there in the courtyard is smiling cheek to cheek right now and she will be a glowing tonight."

"Nice to be here Ceridwen. I love the Zebra Finches, so easy to raise, and they will have baby finches, count on that. They love to breed. I do like them very much, nice song. Glowing tonight, Athena?" Lisa was not sure she had heard Ceridwen correctly when she said it the first time.

"I love their chirping too... yes, a glowing Athena, you heard me right. And no the cat belongs to Rose, just tagged along for the vibes."  Nothing more was said and Lisa sat on the coach in the living room looking out over the city to the west and towards the ocean, which was about 15 miles out from the apartment. After a very hot day, it was now raining very hard. A good night for the spirits to come out she thought to herself. They loved the rain, as did dolphins. Ceridwen put on some Celtic harp and string music then sitting down to enjoy some more conversation with her friends Lisa, Constance and Rose. Firefus jumped up on the coach sitting among the three women, quickly taking a nap.

The women are talking as the doorbell rings. Ceridwen excused herself, getting up to answer the door.

Chapter 6

Doubles Ouiji Board

Chem and Will stood in the hallway, on the ninth floor of the old building. It was kept in immaculate condition. It smelled of a quiet tranquility, the odor of flowers filled the hallway. They ring the doorbell; it opens to a smiling and radiant Ceridwen Hu.

"Hello Chem how are you and Will Ulysses, up from the Good and Evil Studies Center in Cuzco, Peru, great to see you two. Come in and meet my friend's Constance, Lisa and her Ouiji board. Rose Armstrong is here as well."

They laugh together and walk into the apartment through the narrow hallway that then opens into a spacious living room. It was nicely appointed with forest green walls and a portrait of the Irish writer Bernard Shaw hanging in the living room. It was very bright with 50 % of the wall space taken up in windows looking out on Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills. A large couch sat in the middle of the living room, with big, comfortable Louie the 5th chairs scattered about. It could have been the home of a Dr.Ben Johnson or Ann Marlowe, comfortable, to the point of a timelessness having set in, a world unto itself. It felt like being in a warm cave, fire burning, situated in a deep green forest glen.

Will said: "Ceridwen Hu, now that is a name. The seeking soul, the observing principal is Ceridwen, and the hidden spirit of Hu is the sound and light that meets the soul from the spiritual world. Ceridwen is the great Goddess of Celtic mythology. Honored to meet you both, names of the Irish passage to initiation into the mysteries of God."(6)

Ceridwen listened to Will then said when he had finished speaking: "Thank you Will, knew about the Goddess naturally, just was not clear on who the Hu is besides an undertaker, but suspected that the specter and banshee worked their way in there somehow. Thanks again for the definitions. You are quite the fount lad, best be keeping my eye on you." They all laugh. "Let me take those jackets, stand by the fire and warm up. It suddenly got nasty out there today, did it not? Oh, you will never believe what I saw today in the scope" Ceridwen said moving on to the next topic of discussion. She was focused on Will however as she spoke, she knew that he could slow time. Slowing time, as in a game, and letting new outcomes slowly manifest in the near distant future. Like ships of good fortune seen in the mists of time coming into port. Like the good coach he slows his club down, speaks calmly, slowly, as time slows, so his teams chances of winning get better in the unfolding of times deliberate pacing. Seizing the returning moment they win.

"Yes we would, Chem piped in. I think we saw it too. Yes, the weather is ridiculous now, kind of like fast changing marriage weather."

Ceridwen says: "Seen that weather, friends you understand! So you men were at the beach, yes? You saw the dolphins I do hope? It was amazing, tell us all about it, what you saw. Want something to warm you up, wet the whistle, coffee, tea?"

"Sure, some hot Yak butter tea works for me" Chem says laughing. Will says some green tea would be great. Chem agrees with the green tea choice as well, Ceridwen takes their jackets, putting them in the closet and then goes into the kitchen.

Chem starts about the dolphins as he greets Lisa K, Constance and Rose. Ceridwen calls out: "oh sorry I didn't introduce you formally, can you handle the pressure?" Will introduces himself to Lisa who he did not get to meet in Mexico. The others he knew from before the workshop. They laughed, extending hands while getting comfortable in the living room. Will sees the Ouija board and asks whom it belongs to.

Lisa answers: "I can't believe I brought that thing today but as I told Ceridwen, it made me do it."

"The devil made meee... do it defense." Chem chimed in, using his possessed voice imitation.

"About like that, how did you know? Oh you use these things too, don't you?" Lisa K said smiling.

Chem, slowly shaking his head, said: "Ah, sorry my dear, normal is bad enough for me. The Ouija board and I blow out building electrical systems. Building managers who get wind that I'm in the same room with an Ouija board call the police before I can do any damage. No, I do not use Ouija boards. I presume you do, you innocent you."

Ceridwen returned with tea and crumpets for the guests. Crumpets? Anyway they toasted Dave's return to the air again, and then went about their business of educating Lisa K about the Ouija board.

Will said: "it lets the elemental will get in the door. This is an unselfconscious energy or force that is stuck in the magnetism of the planet and unconsciously in our own nervous and metabolic systems. Did you know that the Ouija has been driven out of most countries? It is essentially a psychic toy and has a highway of wreckage strewn along its way. I have found better results with automatic writers than individuals who use the Ouija board but both are risky business. It is listening for whisperings from the spirit and most people are fooled into thinking that these mischief-makers are angels, passed on relatives when in fact they are demons in disguised outfits. Folks should leave these forces alone. Now about the same time in China, where by the way the Ouija originates, the I Ching was also developed. It is a safe and useful bio-computer, the Ouija is base stuff compared to the Ching."

"I love the Ching myself " Chem interjected, " and use it all the time. That is a good book, like a lot of others I can think of. "The good book", I love that one, you mean there is only one, the one good book! Sounds like the only good person left on the planet. Better have that character meter working or you might miss 'em. Anyway I do think the I Ching is a very misunderstood text, and it does seem to portend the future."

Will responds saying: "Yes, the Ching is a powerful tool for charting the present into the future. I also find the Bible able to do that as well but in a different way. I find inspiration and insight reading the good book as it is called in circles through out the Western world today, for that matter, the world at large today. Its presence cannot be under estimated in the world today. A powerful testament to the being of Jesus Christ."

"I like Jesus too." Lisa K says

"He thanks you for that girl, I can hear the angels cheering now." laughing, then Ceridwen continues. " I find my solace here as well, with the Christ experience being like a lighthouse for me, guiding lost ships to safe harbor. I mean we all need something to guide us through this veil of tears otherwise it can get pretty weird out there. You know, we are surrounded by a lot of pirates around here in L.A. and I would prefer the skull and crossbones to be working for me and not against me. The Knights Templars of our collective misty past used the skull and crossbones as their flags emblem when they were sailing the Caribbean 2000 years ago. They were financing joy and revolution through out the, then known, world up until the 14th century. That reality of Christianity works for me, but it's hard to get a fix on all that anymore. So I have faith and keep on keeping on. "

Chem then says that: "It is weird, even schizophrenic bordering on collective psychosis. I mean when you can not get a mutually agreed upon disarmament of nuclear weapons going because your politicians have decided to throw wars in Bosnia or Iraq, that is sad and very dysfunctional. A shield is even being proposed now. An energy plasma weapon, like a bolt of lightning that travels at close to the speed of light that could protect us from the much slower ICBMs, The shield we need really is a fine mesh metal shield to protect us from unwanted electromagnetic fields energy like microwave radiation's, radio frequency energy and the ultra low frequencies that are bombarding us now. I understand the concern though; there are a lot of rouge elements in our world today. Protection is a good thing but where do we draw the line between safety and self-destructive tendencies. But I believe that the time to plow these ICBMs of mass destruction into the ground and call it good is now. The time has arrived to get on with debt relief, cheap and effective health care and alternative sources of energy allowing us to get off the petroleum wheel of karma. The soldiers must be thinking that the politicians should man these weapons now because they are the ones proposing new one's without effectively ridding us of the old one's. Feed the world I say!"

Will reply: "Jung saw the human being living in a schizophrenic world of his own making. That was 50 years ago, today we are reaching a crescendo. The world needs to know about the spiritual world and the individuals place in it," Will said. "Archangels are very important, Michael is the one in particular that people should learn more about here in the West. Pallas Athena out there is holding an archangel in it's right hand, not an angel or sibyl. That was the Greeks gift, among others, to us. Atlantis did happen and the folk spirit of that period worked into the Golden Greece era (450- 400 B.C), and then into the West. The Archangel Michael is the warrior who defeated Lucifer and is in preparation to fight Ari Man. It was a tremendous battle, and now another is looming, just as our sun flashes solar flares."

He continued saying that: "the climax of the spirit's battle will by fought by Archangel Michael and his school against Ari Man and its forces that are residing just below the surface of the earth. Archangel Michael started a spiritual school after his victory over Lucifer. It has flowered in the recent past, the 15th through to the 18th centuries. His gift was allowing the spiritual connections to elevate for the students, so that they could evolve into an intelligent consciousness. Then over these l00's of years the students moved into a consciousness soul. Ari Man was not going to be outdone and started it's own school of the spirit just under the surface of the earth. This allowed for the preparation of its incarnation around 1998-2000 A.D. Athena glows probably because the Michael school is alive and well here in Los Angeles." Will said.

Ceridwen then said: "Fine! Welcome to Los Archangeles, glad to hear Archangel Michael and his school is here now. What is up with the spiders though! You would not believe what the girls and I saw today at the Art Museum. I am talking about a big, old, ugly spider walking around like he was some damn art critic or something. What is up with that?'

Will smiled and said: " The spider has been around 300,000,000 years. Before that he was on Ancient Saturn. They are the life forms that hide in the world of the arts. Where there is creativity, the arts and creative individuals, you will find these ancient elementals. They perform the function of antipathy. When a person is struck by the appearance of ugly, then they have the ability to feel the opposite pole, beauty, and a sense and appreciation for beauty. Seeing them at the museum this afternoon is not all that unusual, that's where they hang, so to speak. The fact you saw some though is very unusual, because they are very secretive, as I'm sure you can understand. They are found flitting around individual's heads, when humans look at the beauty found in the arts. These ancient elementals are also seen around individuals who are creating art as well. However they are rarely seen by the artist, but are very much around them, crawling about the floors, walls and even the artists themselves. They live on creative energy, and it is their place to engender the lead weight like feelings of ugliness, so that the light beauty of creative art can be as a counter balance to the repulse of the seen or felt ugliness. Remember, the soul is an energy electrical phenomenon that grows through the sympathies and antipathies found in its environment. The arts are necessary for the human to evolve; spiders are the guards at the door of great art and artists. In an artist studio, with spiritual seeing, a person can see these small as dust elementals, moving in air and water mists forms, moving busily about in the studio like I said before, all over the place."(14)

In was quite for a minute then Ceridwen said: "Anybody who knows that about spiders is o.k. with me, women any seconds on that?" they all laugh and agree their new acquaintance seemed to know his stuff. "O.K. so not to savage all Ouija board users or folks with mortal fears of spiders, hurting them irreparably for life with this information, let's go over that one... one more time about the Ouija boards. I personally don't use them, as a person of faith with spiritual practices in tact and working. However I think people need to know that things like Ouija boards in the end serve no valid function except for parlor tricks and possibly worse. Not even worthy as the subject of a TV. show or movie, due to the dumb flash that could manifest, putting folks in harms way. The phenomenon of writing in trance is of a slightly higher vibration or magnitude though. This writing does not bring the person into the basement of such murky and crowded territories. Is that pretty much what you were saying earlier?"

"Yes it is" Will replied. "I would add, rather than Ouija boards, people are better served learning about their own elevated spiritual connectedness and thus be able to will good things for all. It is an empowering experience and not a draining experience. That's why one good movie about an angel on the Internet or a poet or a social reformer is better than all the dabbling that people can get into very easily if given the misinformed prompting. If you just have to use a Ouija board then protect yourself with prayers, and the light meditation, just don't jump wily nilly, you could get vampired or occupied by an entity that is located in a ground basement dialing zone."

"Thanks for that Will," Chem replied, "well said. As I said earlier in the day while walking along the shoreline, Ceridwen is working on a screenplay and is interested in these subjects. Your breadth and depth regards these subjects I'm sure could be of great assistance in her efforts to write a work on the devil and evil. Would you give her work a look-see and perhaps work with her on her project? It is such a tough subject to tackle, lots of folks would prefer this tale not be told, shown the light of day, if you know what I mean."

"I do know what you mean. These Ari Man and Luciferic retros are beings with their own schools, they are just as busy as we are, and will wage battle with anyone who wants out and into a greater spiritual connectedness. I would be honored to look at Ceridwen's work, and help where I can."

Ceridwen said: "I am honored. How long you in town for friend?"

"Several weeks, 10 days or so.  I hope to meet some people who would like to work on a project with me. I am building a research facility in Cuzco, Peru. And am looking for some interested parties to get involved with the building of a research center."

Rose Armstrong spoke up saying: "I know a whole lot of folks who are interested in the Andes and the ancient cultures found up there. I understand that the Inca's have been in communication with an ancient race, some think ancient Atlantis. Oh man we love that stuff here in Hollywood."

"I would like to learn more about the double. I think you mentioned it earlier in the evening. What is it, can we like see it." Ceridwen asked Will.

Will was silent for a few moments and then said: "You can but you don't want to. Very scary because you see your double. It goes back to Ancient Rome and an ancient initiate named Vitzliputzli a sun initiate in ancient Mexico. This was a serial killer and had murdered many people. He advanced with the knowledge and advanced to the greatest secrets. At the age of 30 he stood before a "great decision" which is an initiation in transpersonal reality, the juice of a continuing initiation. This person had dialed into the source and was about to enter the 4th and the 5th post Atlantean epochs. That would have given Ari Manic the upper hand a long time ago. He was thwarted and Vitz was driven along with Ari Man underground into the bowels of the earth."

Lisa, who really knew more than she was letting on to up to that point, asked Will:" what is a continuing initiation?"

Will said: "In ancient Rome Ari Man and his school tried to build in the Roman Empire a rigid and mechanistic life leading to blind obedience and a machine state. A strict centralist government was their goal. If successful it would kill all individuality. This force, energy or unconsciousness plague came from Atlantean times where they tried the same thing and now were trying to do it in Rome. But the human beings development had already begun with its ego hood and their plan did not work. It moved on to Germany in 1933 where it tried to establish a new Roman Empire with Ari Man and his school. It's mission was to remove all individuality, and thinking for yourself. It was specifically fighting the etheric Christ dialed in to return appearing in the clouds, and the electromagnetic field around the earth. The nazi movement did great damage at that time even preventing the planet from experiencing this second coming of the Christos. The conscious choice of civilization to arc upwards was thwarted with a terrible war less than a decade later."(8)

He continued saying: "However the Ari Man and his school were foiled again. Yet the "ghost of the Roman Empire” lived on. Now that is the outside view of this phenomenon called the double. Inside it works like this. The doubles of humans do not like death and leave a person just before they die. In fact they have to leave the body before it dies. But this is always a disappointment for the double because they want to conquer death but they have failed again. This ego less character actually want to stay in the body after it dies. Can you imagine that house odor, wow! That would be a high achievement for the double, a high attainment in this realm of the spirit world. In conclusion they have not achieved this yet. So that is the double, we all have one but for the most part they are held in check in our civilized society. Wars, genocide and thwarted evolutionary thrusts to a higher consciousness of being are part and parcel of the shadow.  Creepy yes, and well, what one needs to understand to run an institute that specifically studies evil. It is my work. I study it well and take it very seriously."

Smiling and moving restlessly on the couch Lisa blurts out eventually: "I can't really think of anything else right now." She got up and walked into the kitchen.

"The room is aglow with this stimulating conversation, uplifting stuff really." Chem says this as he gets up from his chair walking to the center of the room where he lays down to use the oxygen exerciser. "I love this thing, talk about a great rush. The body electric, Walt Whitman would have loved it. Really makes you feel better emotionally- a heart space medicine. Very nice Ceridwen, again a testament to your exquisite taste for the obscure."

Chem lies on the living room floor for a l0 minute treatment. When the machine shuts off, he lays perfectly still on the floor and feels the tingling of the neuro transmitters swirling throughout his body. His brain is now releasing serotonin passing through the blood brain barrier. "I have a mind, I can feel it now. Wow, what a revelation. The mind as aware and not just a brain looking for it's next flight or fight surge." His talking cut off the serotonin release for the most part but he still laid on the floor feeling the residual effects of the chemistry flow moving in his motionless body.

Will and Ceridwen talked about getting together to look at her work. Lisa sipped some green tea looking out on L.A. as it rained. Firefus was still napping on the couch; the finches were flitting about their cage. Chem stood up now and asked Will if he was ready to head out and over to his apartment. Chem lived in the same building as Rose and Ceridwen. Will was his guest for his stay in Los Angeles. They said their good-byes and left for Chem's apartment down the hall on the ninth floor.


Chapter 7

A Door into Hell

As they walked down the hall to Chem's apartment, he confided to Will something he had not told anyone before.

"Will there is something in a basement several blocks from here that I think you would find very interesting. It has a floor door that leads into a network of tunnels. Does that sound like something that might interest you?"

"Absolutely. Los Angeles like Cuzco, is honey combed with underground tunnels that are a complete mystery. If you have an entrance to them you are very fortunate. I would like to explore them with you anytime."

They arrived at Chem's apartment and let themselves in. Geo, Chem's dog greeted them at the door. Geo was a communal dog with multiple owners. He lived with Rose too, however when Firefus came on the scene about a year ago Geo preferred the company of Chem. Chem loved the dog and was more than happy to accommodate the shifting tides of its likes and dislikes. Chem was, after all, an accommodating individual and that included the animal kingdom too.

It was facing out the same side of the building as Ceridwen Hu's apartment. It was appointed in wall-to-wall books and chairs, with a big couch in the living room. On an end table was a standing, framed, small print of the Good Shepherd. He held a staff in one hand and the baby lamb in the other a very popular composition during the15th century Renaissance in Europe. Will commented on it to Chem, how much he liked that particular rendering of Jesus Christ.

Chem replied that: "It is the only rendering I have of Jesus in my apartment. At lease he's with a lamb and not hung on some cross. Sorry, but it is too much pain for one man to bear and I don't have to be reminded of it. Holding a lamb is tolerable; I like the theme as much as anything. The religion and church is what I have a problem with anyway, not Jesus the Good Shepherd. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes I do. That was the original symbol of the Christ in the tradition of Christianity but with the Roman Catholic Church the crucifix became the official motif. Its historic relevance is accurate enough though with torture, duplicity and the struggle of the human condition today being similar to a crucifixion. Nevertheless the Good Shepherd picture is much more nurturing for my heart and mind too."Will was shaking his head in agreement.

Chem said: "here let me get you squared away with your room. Please make yourself at home; I am enjoying your company so much that I am grateful that you looked me up while in L.A. I think you will enjoy your stay and help us all to learn some things that are really very important to all thinking people today."

They walked through the apartment to the guest room. Will put his suitcase in there and put his toiletries in the bathroom. He was very comfortable here, feeling that he was at the right place at the right time. Soon they retired for the night but before they did Chem had something he wanted to show Will Ulysses.

"Before we turn in for the night I want to show you Pallas Athena. I am going to turn the lights off and show you the statue as it looks at night." When he turned the lights off you could see a luminescence outside the window, very faint but visible. When they walked over to the window and looked down at Athena it was glowing up a storm this night. Will stood there transfixed, his heart was like a liquid crystal oscillator, pulsing in synch with the now yellow glowing Athena. It was the Palladium of the gods, the most mysterious sculpture ever carved on earth. Will said nothing for a long time. Chem knew that Will knew what he was looking at. He did not invade his thoughts, or ask for his opinion, but let the experience simmer for the time being.

They turned in for the night, and up early the next day. Chem prepared the breakfast, as they talking about the basement and the mysterious door that Chem had discovered. It was raining hard now. After breakfast they were off for this basement. Will had a backpack with him. Taking the elevator down to the ground floor they then walked two blocks over to an abandoned Odd Fellows Hall. Getting in through an unlocked back door, then down a turning hall way that was no more that four feet wide turning 3 times before opening up into a large room. It was filled with freight boxes, a few tables, and miscellaneous furniture- nothing special. Chem walked to the far wall and behind some crates in the floor was a door. It was 3 x 3 and had a brass and copper ring door handle. The thick dust appeared undisturbed for a very long time.

"The brass- copper handle is out of Cuzco, Peru, I recognize the craftsmanship. It is very old maybe 5,000 years. It was common for the Inca boxes used for storing ceremonial clothing and paraphernalia to have these brass ring handles. They are also found in Mexican ceremonial artifacts and art. I think what we might have here is a doorway to the underworld. We should say some prayers first, do some breathing exercises and discuss the ground rules here before opening this door" Will said.

"I think that would probably be a good idea. I mean we got a glowing Pallas Athena out front why not a door to hell in the neighborhood, makes perfect sense to me. Prayers sound in order for the occasion, breathing? Does hyperventilating count? Chem asked Will. Do I have time to call my mother?" They laugh a little and then both go silent. After a minute Will begins saying the Our Father, a very common prayer for protection from the Luciferic school and used for the last 2000 years for just this reason- protection from the devil and its minions.

Though technically Will and Chem were about to be going to the world of the retro-angels and their school grounds embedded in the earth's electric-magnetic grids...and not the world of chemistry and bad chemistry at that, as seen in devilish -bad vibes chemistry, nothing of the carbon based world is found here. No this world, that lay behind the door is an entirely different animal. It lives in the America's North South running mountain ranges. Strange, you say? Have you ever seen lightning running on the North- South axes of mountains tops before? Yes, most people have, well that is what we are going to be visiting in a few minutes, that being called Ari Man who's work has never ceased and in this very day is waging a war with human beings souls. This being lives in the Rockies of Colorado, the Sierra Madre's in California that run into Mexico and the South America's, and the Pacific Range in California that runs down into Mexico and the Central America's. It is ancient, as old as the human’s presence on this earth. Its residence is just below the surface of the earth and covers the entire Americas. Will Ulysses was among a handful of human beings today who explored this world working as a spiritual scientist. He had a partner in this work named Julian Houser who was presently in Cuzco, Peru supervising the building of a research center. Will learned long ago that this work was better done with others. Two was good, providing a cross threading of electric field phasing, like a figure 8 to help insulate the spiritual scientists from influxes unwanted or iu's as they called it.

Will set his pack on the floor and took out two gas masks. "Here put these on. The dust in this world can be troublesome. Microorganisms are found here but the masks keep them at bay. Not particularly robust but can be dangerous if not prepared for. This is a world of electricity, phosphorus and materialistic thinking excluding all else. But you must take steps for other sub players like the dust that carries its own world with-in this world of glittering angst and torment seething for battle."

Will continued. "Now the ground rules. Ready?"

"As I will ever be. Lay 'em on me."

"Good! Rule number 1 is never ever show fear. Don't let it touch you ever, acknowledge it and let it pass quickly. It is an illusion, a picture and noting more. Remember this above all else, it will make your work almost pleasurable after a while. Otherwise it could be a long day. O.K. with that?"

"You say that so assuredly that how can I not but close the door on fear. It would be uncivil of me to do otherwise"Chem joked nervously.

"Now you got it, uncivil entirely. Now Rule number 2 is do not go any further than 10 paces once inside. 10 paces is our ring of protection and all our work today can be done in the 10 pace radius. Understood?"

"Understood. No fear and 10 paces only"Chem repeated.

" Rule number 3 is never let go of my hand.. And rule number 4 is the Phantom is Christos Light. Got it now?

"Rule number 4 is the Phantom is Christos Light, what do you mean by that?"Chem asked Will.

"It will be self explanatory, just remember it, o.k.Chem?

"You is the Doctor and who am I to argue at this point. Odd fellows is your turf, I'm now in your capable hands. I got it. No fear, 10 paces no more, hold my hand, and the Phantom is Christos Light! Sure thing, sounds easy enough, just hope it, they, whomever sees it that way!” they laugh.

"They will, it's time tested and been refined over the last 500 years. Just keep the four rules up front in your mind and do not under any circumstances forget the 4 rules, or it could shock us back to the Stone Age. Got it" Will ask.

"Got it by the short hairs at this point. Think I'll keep it that way. I'm ready."

Will takes a knife from his backpack. He opens it, the blade is hammered out gold, it shines in the basement. The blade is 7 inches long and etched with a picture of women riding a dolphin on one side and a man holding a sun on the other side. They put the gas masks on. Will took the knife and began to run its blade along the edges of the door frame, first on top and then down both sides finishing with the bottom. He worked deliberately, and very slowly.

Chem was going over the rules, doing a breathing exercise and listening to the rain pounding the roof. The building was 12 stories and outside it sounded like a river was running down its sides. It did not add to Chem's peace of mind but he put it out of mind and concentrated on the rules. Show no fear, 10 paces only, hold your partners hand, and ... the Phantom is Christos Light. Got it. Will was now grasping the brass and copper ring to open the door.

Slowly he pulled at it... the first thing they saw was a phosphorus luminance that broke through the doorframe as it was cracked ajar. When he got the door opened they saw what looked like a large tunnel that ran East- West out towards Santa Monica Bay. It was very long, with a depth of field that was somehow telescoped out, and seems to run for 20 miles. They lay on the floor looking into the tunnel; it ran directly under the building and continued on fading into darkness. The tunnel's size was like that of a coliseum's entrance, used by the contestants who entered and left the fields of athletic events. The tunnel looked like it either stopped or turned direction where the light faded away.

Will climbed in first with Chem following. It was very cold and the walls were granite with quartz seams running thru the rock. It crackled like a fly- zapper in an early mid- west spring. The sounds of charged particles electrified the cave. It sounded like a railroad switching yard with boxcars going down long tracks at 3.a.m., screeching, exploding, in low then loud frequencies. A great compressing feeling was felt from the granite walls. Not a friendly or happy place really. Chem was having second thoughts when the rules hit him like a ton of bricks. "No fear- pilgrim!" It got his attention; he was suddenly fearless, observing the phenomenon objectively. He felt Will's grip tighten, then slack off, around his hand. Hands firmly grasped now, they slowly took several steps, into the tunnel.

They have entered the abyss. A dim clairvoyance filled the charged air as though their presence was recognized but nothing was done about it, this world was of one web, undifferentiated, and of a pale phosphoresce luminosity without warmth. They took three more steps. Will nodded to Chem to look over his shoulders, he did so. The same scenes appeared to them both, one of bankers running about changing money and notes in a frenzy.  Upon closer inspection they all looked the same and impersonality was very evident about them, bumping into each other, saying nothing, just rushing on with their business. The currency, the capitol was running these visages to and for, with not a whiff or a sign of an individual personality noted. Chem felt not the least bit of fear here but rather an emptiness emanating from the moneychangers picture. Will turned his gaze back to Chem and nodded to step with him. They took 3 more steps, now at 8 Chem calculated; Will shook his head in agreement. It seemed to Chem that Will could read his mind. Will shook his head in agreement again.

Now the picture changed and as they looked over each other’s shoulders they saw before them animal gnome forms. Ugly to the eye they were as lizards, snakes, and what looked like apes all standing upright around Vitzliputzli, the sun initiate of ancient Mexico. He was seemingly unawares of their presence and very agitated at what he was seeing, speaking out loud to his dull and spiritless crew. The spirit folk of fools towered over the small gnomes then changed shape into small specks that flew into the heads of Vitzliputzi's victims.

"These humans are now all of them fat, their intestine's are making me sick, how can I take hold of the will of these America's without strong stomachs, intestines and metabolic systems so sluggish. Fat cats most, making my work most futile, the devils work is not what it used to be when lean and mean atheists and materialists were my fair all, now it seems I only have these fat greedy USA's to deal with." As it cut out the stomach of a blithely smiling victim, with contents of a stomach full of pastries, diet soda and sea turtle steaks. Chem found Vitz kind of humorous, yet felt slightly nauseous at the victims diets though. Chem's grip of Will's hands tightened. Will responded by tightening, then loosening his grip of Chem's hands again. Chem turned away and looked into Will's eyes. They were calm and peaceful, he smiled at Chem; Chem returned the smile. His nausea evaporated. They looked out now, seeing many tunnels running off to the right and left sides of the main cave. On the north south axes long granite tunnels seemed to run down the cold, granite caves into the dark.

They stepped out to the 10 pace line and held steady. The sounds were loud geological processes working, sounding like huge boulders rumbling down a river or a churning stomach, or the steaming hot molten lave flowing unimpeded like diarrhea and gas. Muffled cries and aching could be detected but the earth's sounds were the dominant din. The phosphorus light took on a green hue. Chem was thankful for the gas masks, and realized that Will knew his stuff and that he was in safe hands. The next picture was almost more than he could bear though. Off to the right and left were entrances to what looked altogether like small alcoves. In them were these animal like creatures standing upright cutting into the flesh of human beings. These animal gnome creatures were taking pleasure in the pain of the tormented victims. These knaves had, what appeared to be, smiles of masochistic slave drivers, merchants of death- arms dealers and drug cartel leaders, record company accountants and used car salesmen. Cutting into their flesh with knives, while enjoying watching the pain on their victims faces. This was very hard for Chem to watch, he turned away many times. Will caught his gaze, and sent him the thought; these are the planets worst plague. Those who take pleasure inflicting physical pain while enjoying haggling over trade-ins and informing their customers that the market just crashed, while they having just sold short their own holdings. Chem got the message loud and clear. He was not sure how much more of this he could stomach- so to speak. Muffled in the sounds, were the furtive screams of the buyers bewares and the "sheeple" led to slaughter.

Out of the long tunnel approaching them was a large figure some 21 feet tall. It was now approaching them quickly; Chem squeezed Will's hand so hard that it was all Will could do to hold on. The thought came to Chem, remember rule number 4, which he did immediately, now seeing the Phantom Christos Light approaching closer. It was now up to them and looked into their faces, it was the body of the resurrected Christ being, an embodiment of the awakened individuality, and glowing golden as a muted sun. Emanating a light from the region of its heart, warmth that actually could be felt by the two men. Can you keep your heart open in hell, was the question Chem asked himself. He was not at all sure he could but the Phantom seemed to understand and exuded a calming influence over the both of them.

The Phantom Christos Light then faded before their eyes and was gone. Will turned to Chem sending him the thought that it was now time to go back. Chem had no arguments with this suggestion and returned immediately with Will to the door. They scampered through the doorway climbing back into the basement. Closing the door firmly, they looked at each other and said nothing.

They left the hall and walked the two blocks back to Chem's apartment, taking the elevator back up to the 9th floor. Geo greeted them at the door none the wiser, but was very hungry. They had been gone 10 hours. It surprised Chem as it was now dark outside. It was still raining, so he built a fire in the fireplace. Neither had much of an appetite but Chem did have a lot of questions about what they had just seen. As they looked out the apartment window, they saw that Athena was unusually bright this night.

"Tell me about this Odd Fellows Hall, Phantom Christos Light?" Chem asked Will.

"This is the keystone of Christian mysticism. The Phantom is the resurrected body, a spiritualization of the human blood, and it is in the astral plane that the true beings exist and events are reflected in to the thinking world of the human being. In the hearts of humans "spiritualized substances of the finest sort stream with the blood to a particular place in the brain, and show themselves there, to spiritualized vision, as a glimmering light."(15) This penetration of spiritual forces into our lives while on earth is the bearer into existence of a cosmic consciousness. It is a consciousness soul that was prepared by Christ at the time of Jesus Christ's crucifixion, as timeless today as it was 2000 years ago. Christ prepared a place for a spiritual body with his etheric body being transformed into his astral body and was able to live beyond death. Ari Man is also preparing for etheric bodies, giving human beings life force an unindividuated life in this realm, just beneath the earth's surface. In the light or Christos, the human soul moves from its etheric body in three days time, now transformed into their astral bodies in the cosmic consciousness of the Source."

Chem Klas thought about this then said: "So this Phantom is the Willing into awareness of a consciousness that has an individual personality component, you call it a consciousness soul, and it can move about in the spiritual worlds. We each have a consciousness soul but need to develop it? Yet Ari Man has this Phantom body too, but it is trapped energy, fixed in the etheric body of the earth. Ari Man desires the human being to be preserved in an earthen etheric body for the life after death. That is the world we just visited, and the pictures we saw are like frozen snapshots, moving out of time and space, repeating patterns of living etheric bodies that never die into the arcing upwards, transforming etheric energy into the astral body and on into the cosmic consciousness, as enlivened thinking that can open itself up to the cosmos."

You got it, Will responded. "As we develop our senses beyond the traditional five, we are evolving a consciousness soul with 12 senses. The last sense developed is a sensing of the "I of the other". This is the sense that liberates us as free autonomous souls capable of navigating the lands called the physical world of Maya and the materialistic delusions in this veil of tears, while also capable of helping others on their way to liberation. It is the gift of seeing the good in others, and a protection from those who would do us harm. It has been called intuition, but it is a more rarified sense than that. Called again, the sense of the "I of the other."

"Wow I had no idea about so much of this stuff. Knew I did not like crucifixion depictions but now I understand even that one better. Not to go into any length regards such, but these self-gratifying killers seem really to be the underlining in the belly of this beast like dragon. Now trapped, doomed to repeat these patterns until the end of time. That is scary."

I'm afraid you are right, Will said.” It is an emotional plague upon the planet, much like weather systems gone mad or hatred of peoples against peoples, or wars. Courage is the operative word here. Love and compassion will free you spiritually, courage will free you now to break the chains of materialistic thinking but we do need to take a stand to effect change here on the earth. While here on earth we have to try to bring all folks to the table, then soon our time and work here is done. As Jesus Christ said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will not pass away." But Ari Man wants earth to continue on forever, so it creates it's own world keeping the materialist thinker and those who think there is no meaning to life, and allowing the retros the freedom to do what ever they please to others. They are woven into the earth's etheric web so Ari Man can be the Lord of the earth. Creating it's own world on the future slag heap of the earth, where many illumined beings have evolved beyond as a consciousness soul to higher ground."(8)

"Thanks again Will, you are fine company. Say do you horse back ride? You do, great, lets go riding tomorrow. I keep some horses out at the beach. You will enjoy riding out there I'm sure, it's very beautiful." Chem was smiling at Will and thought that he had never met such a scholar in all his time.

"I would indeed like that very much. I enjoy riding horses." It rained on and off for the next three days so they did not go horseback riding. Instead Will met with some friends of Chem and Rose, discussing experiments that Will, Julian Houser and his parents had done. They were with agriculture, electricity and some machines that Julian had invented up in the Andes.

Will has purchased a digital camera while at the Denver Airport last year. Learning how to use the new movie camera, he shot the entire Denver Airports mural and art collection. It took him two days to do it, but he found the murals and art so compelling that he had to record them. When back in Cuzco with his friends he began putting the digitally recorded mural into a montage, with the work that Sophia Houser had been doing with agriculture, in particular the relationship of plants etheric bodies and the etheric bodies of humans. It was this research, and their analysis of it, that Will was about to show Chem, Rose, Lisa K. and Ceridwen Hu. He put in a C.D. and they watched Will's home movie.

The scene now changes back to Cuzco, Peru and we witness this research as it is recorded with the digital movie camera of the Denver Airport's interior design of mural's, sculpture's and Sophia's gardens. This is the work that they are now watching in Los Angeles having been recorded over the last year in Denver and Cuzco by Will, with Sophia, Cosz, Julian, General Malo Grande and Mars the homunculus.

Chapter 8

Four Gardens

Cuzco, Peru- a digital movie made one year earlier, now being viewed in Los Angeles

Will at the time was visiting Cosz and Sophia at their home in Cuzco overlooking a lake. They were discussing the new digital camera that Will had just purchased up in the U.S. at the Denver airport while there for a conference. They put the compact disk in the computer tower and looked at his fledgling efforts to record the art murals and sculptures that covered the walls and filled the corridors of this new airport. In unison they gasped when the images began pouring through the computer monitor. Besides visuals, the digital recording had a sound track as well.



"Good God that is a startling statement! The antipathy in this work is hurtful and obvious. Somehow I do not get a warm feeling about this art, kind of macabre actually. Negative pole cats are represented here I'm afraid. Must have had a lot of money to throw at this project" Sophia is recorded saying seriously.

"The drug lords are the only ones with enough money to create something like this with an airports interior design" Cosz said. "The garish aspect to it all is self evident, ill gotten gains spending. It had a polyglot pride about it.  Hey gargoyle keep an eye on my bags I have to launder some money, be right back. Nice flowers on the sea turtles grave, poppies by chance?"

Julian spoke now saying: " looks like somebody's attempt at making a statement against the genocide that has plagued the America's peoples since the time of the Spaniards landing. Paid for with legal grants, loans and most likely laundered money. An attempt at stating the obvious sordid history of the America's while putting a pretty facade on it. As though it were a statement of contrition for deeds done and now this talented muralist Leo is recruited to create an image, but strikes back telling the truth in his depiction's. His benefactors had their eyes on other balls however. Leo hits home against those involved in perpetuating crimes against the indigenous peoples of South and the Central America's via drug cartels, the child slave trade and the underground Ari Man school of retro angels. Vitz is alive and well here."

The digital recording slowly pans the mural, it is as a barometer measuring the heat and pressures in the lives of the brown skinned peoples in the America's history. Was this a picture of someone's future imaginings they wondered aloud, and not just the past of man's resent history. The food is abundant, yet the children are looking above for help. Their faces are concerned. The over riding theme is one of oppression and death. A small child is dressed in Swiss alpine gear, laid to rest in a coffin. Something is very disturbing about these images of childhood and life in general. The child holds a book.

Sophia spoke up saying: "I want to get some of my work with the gardens on this recording. I have my 4 parts garden that I have been working with for the last few years. I think it will be a powerful juxtaposition to this mural as an example of plants and humans etheric bodies. A comparison of the plots of Mars the homunculus, Julian's, General Malo Grande from Columbia when he comes up to survey his crop this spring and Cosz's plot. Four parts and four very different growing patterns. Lets record that into this Denver Airport mural digital recording you have Will, and then do a comparison of etheric energies found in the garden plants and sections with those portrayed in this homage to death, this striking and sad mural. These are desperate images, and do not strike me as positive message for the future."

Living in the South American Andes, Cosz and Sophia had come to a deep understanding of the contributions these indigenous peoples had made to the America's at large. The Inca's had a science much older than the U.S.A. or for that matter Ancient Greece. Living among the indigenous Inca culture offered them a view of the world that the West in general was lacking for them. Sophia found the region to be like an agricultural experimental station, with sustainable and ecological methods used by these Inca's that belied their humble circumstances and seemed to her to rival any culture in the history of the world. (13) As though they were the recipients of an age-old wisdom knowledge that was imparted to them from a race of elders. Most of the food consumed by the world today was developed in these Andean regions agricultural experiments. The world was indebted to this part of the world but had forgotten on the way to Burgerville. Much could be learned from these people about survival in harsh conditions of which the northern brothers and sisters knew little of up to now. However the dominant attitude in the States was a general disrespect for the Inca's and their Andean culture preferring to see Agra-business as the way to feed the world.

In this land of clean air and hardy people, their ancient center was located in Tawantinsuyo the name of the Inka nation, meaning 'four directions or parts". Learning this Sophia devised the experiment, dedicated to this name, with a garden planted by four different individuals, just to study the etheric fields of humans in relationship to the etheric bodies of plants. She is safe doing this research here because in the states a mentality exists that calls her work esoteric. This is a knee jerk reaction to words, used to scare off interested parties. However she was working with energies that the West in general was just now beginning to acknowledge but still was not comfortable talking or writing about. The word witchcraft was often used to describe what she and her companions were doing. The scientists of the West were like chicks just hatching from their eggs.

Cosz replied: "that's a great idea Sophia, I will get started immediately. Can't hide the light under a bush forever."

Will looked at Leo's mural "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" for a long time and then spoke up.

"I think it is important to say here, again, that we mean no harm to anyone who might read or hear of our research via the Internet but rather that we are attempting to promote a vitalization of the human consciousness with language, much as inspired musicians do with their music or poets do with the word or film makers with movies. It is like a supersensible light, a creative power of the will that engenders in the human being living thoughts. To believe in God is a living thought, to believe in the soul is, again, a living thought because they are true facts. To walk into a room of plants or into a garden and pull plants up by the roots all the while telling them you hate them, well they pick up these vibes and respond accordingly, panic, wilting, stunted growth patterns, as Sophia has documented over the years. This is a phenomenon that occurs in the etheric body of the human as well as the plant kingdom."

"The human being takes in food and digest it" Sophia said.  She continued: "this takes place in the metabolic processes of the intestines, these are the will forces at work in the human being. But evil is done when these unconscious sleeping will forces are brought to the light of day and used by individuals to control others with what should have remained a force of the digestion processes. This is a wrongful use of the will and the Ari Man retros neutralize the otherwise leaders and gifted of nations this way, with a thinking that is cruel and essentially of the dying processes. What we need is an intelligence that is connected with our wills in the feeling realm. An unfoldment of a spiritualized heart, that flowers like a healthy, well-tended garden. With in this heart is a clairvoyance that can bloom, like a great sunflower. It is what our America's need the most, the will to a heart felt thinking and doing. Not giving each other heart attacks or grief. The earth is a beautiful place, it is people who unconsciously or consciously spoil this paradise with their dead wooden thinking and actions, bowel movements as thinking, or stinking thinking."

Off camera now could be heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. It was Mars the homunculus riding up to the Houser's place. The scene now changed from the Denver Airport to shots of Mars cruising up the road. As he approached the house you could see that Mars was rough honed to say the least. He was big and well, very unpleasant looking. A bit crazed, with a dark beard, a ready smile, he managed with a limited vocabulary. He was chewing coca leaves, which he liked very much. He was there to work in his quarter of the garden. He smiled and waved for Will and his movie camera.

"Hi" he called out to no one in particular. "Garden." Waving again for the camera he walked to the garden like a big foot and began to swear at his patch, weeding furiously he appeared to be getting agitated with what he saw.

Will called out to him: "hey, Mars those are your potatoes you are pulling up!"

Mars replied: " Mars hate weeds!" Seemingly unaware of the difference between the weeds and his potatoes.

Back in Los Angeles in Chem's apartment Rose, Ceridwen, Lisa K. and Will watched in utter amazement. None of them except Will had ever seen a homunculus before and were not really sure what to think. The movie continued with Will's narration about their experiment with the etheric bodies of plants and people, Mars was included in the people category.

Off in the distance a black Cadillac with three jeeps trailing behind could be seen coming up the mountain road out of Cuzco. It was General Malo Grande and his footmen coming to inspect the coca found in the hillsides and work on his quarter patch in Sophia's garden. The quality of the digital camera was really quite amazing and was going to revolutionize the film industry.

The general was a big man with a tight fitting uniform and a hat that was slightly to small. He got out of his Cadillac, waving briskly to Sophia. Looking like a big goose he immediately walked to the garden. Surveying it closely, he then walked over to the dome where Cosz and Sophia were standing just outside their homes entrance.

The general was gloating at Sophia as he approached her. "See, see my quarter is as healthy as anyone's! Your little etheric energy manifestation experiment is obviously a shame, shithouse. Hell, the homunculus section grows well despite his shit brains. Maybe you got those Atlanteans living here too!" The general had his passions. He liked to wear dresses when out of uniform and barbecue meat. In fact, he loved meat.

The general continued, saying he had to go now with his men and inspect the mountainsides for his cash crop. Turning to Cosz Hauser as he was walking away he said sardonically:

"Oh hello Senior Cosz, how's your sad assed, golden ass! Can I shot you or perhaps you would prefer I just cut your throat putting you out of your artist ass misery."  With a manic laughter he continued saying: "I'll invite the family for barbecue!" He laughs more now looking to his men for approval, sparking an infectious nervous laughter among them. Walking away like a silly goose, waddling out into the hillsides, he turned back and yelled to them:

"I will get to the garden later, it needs some weeding!" he laughs hysterically. The general was his own best company. As he passed Mars, he flipped him off in great fashion. Mars just stared at him; instinctively he recognized the evil the general seemed to embodied.

Sophia and the others watched them walk off. Julian spoke first. Mars went back to working in his quarter patch muttering and kicking at the soil.

"Archangel Rafael says he's going to spew ash on him if he doesn't get the picture. That would be a hot ash electric light bath for the guy. A micro- waved General Malo Grande, sorry, but I just had to say that." Julian had been working on ash and its electrical composition, seemed to him that electricity was the ash of light, so he was working on some new technology to covert common ash to an electricity source. He could not help the spirited jab against this mean spirited military man. The general was an inhibited slave driver, a killing machine and a very frightening person, especially when he was drunk. You did not want to be around the general when he was drunk. They had seen him shoot many Inca's for simply being around when he was drunk. It was the shadow at it's worst. Scary guy really.

Sophia said to no one in general as they retired into the dome:

"That is instinct at its full blown doppelganger best. A case study in the shadow unleashed, raw and awful. If he were not so ridiculous he would be my candidate for Ari Man the anti-Christ himself. But that evil one is a child right now, becoming older by the day, as his time here begins to unravel. But this guy, on a gut level, I can see him, as a baby who just needs to be disciplined real good. A child terrible walking, striking fear in the hearts and stomachs of all whom cross his path. I would love to get him in a ring with Mars, and have him box the general's silly head to a nub. Of course, General Malo Grande would then shot me and eat me, so I would have accomplished little, but it is inviting."

They laughed when inside and Cosz had closed the door. Once inside they went back to the digital camera, loading the C.D. in the tower and watched the picture on the computer monitor they had set up in the dome room. They watched what Will had just recorded. These cameras were the absolute real McCoy when it came to a revolution in the visual image arts world. No wonder movie stars were making 5 movies a year now. The digital camera breakthrough has now putting movies and film making back into the hands of the people and taken it out of the hands of the big movie companies. Soon actors, in many cases financially set, would again be working for scale by choice, money would not be an issue. Movies will become a people’s medium once again. It might be the greatest period yet in this, the USA's favorite art form- the movie. The general played great in digital, a very animated and funny guy. You could feel the evil, it was palpable.

In Los Angeles Chem, Rose, Will , Lisa K and Ceridwen were laughing uproariously at the general's threatened dietary measures. All was well in the world tonight. Outside Athena was glowing bright.

Lisa said: " Mars is absolutely adorable."

She was informed by Will that he probably instinctively would be attracted to her but it would require close monitoring. Mars was a big baby. He could get attached easily.

Lisa thought for a moment or two while looking at the images on Ceridwen's big screen t.v.system and said:

"Oh." The digital video recording continues playing.

Now we see Sophia and Cosz going back out to the garden to look at the 4 parts garden, with Will recording these events. Julian's patch was thriving, showing richly colored leaves and lots of melons and what seemed a bumper crop of potatoes. It is a well-tended patch with marigolds and a few weeds on the gardens boarders. Will slowly paned the patch, then cuts to Julian who speaks into the recorder and says: "this patch has been given my best efforts, weeding regularly, projecting positive vibes while doing the work and I think it clearly reflects in my patches hardiness and productivity." He smiles broadly into the digital recorder." I enjoy working in my patch and I think it shows." The recorder than pans a second patch, the generals and it is clearly noticeable that the generals garden is smaller in plant size and the amount of fruit and vegetables is not even close to that of Julian's in terms of productivity or its evident luster. The General Malo Grande is seen returning to the garden, yelling at the researchers as he approaches them. The guy is a very loose cannon, and owed cautious respect.

"Look at those potatoes and squash, they are beautiful, and hell I just threw the seeds on the ground and look now, as nice a garden as any of you. So what do you mean about this "etheric body of plants," mine are doing great! See?" as he waves his arms flagrantly.

The fact was that the general's patch was only slightly better looking and more productive then that of Mars the homunculus. The patches of Cosz and Julian are the hardiest with lots of blooms and runners filling their patches. On the other hand the patches of the general and Mars were a far cry from the others. Mar's patch was a complete mess but he did have some pumpkins coming in along with squash but for the most part it was in disarray, weeds mixed in with the vegetables to the point that you could not determine what it was he was growing. The general's patch was growing lots of vegetables, few weeds; he was a good weeder yet the luster of his garden was flat. His productivity in the patch was very low and it seemed the plants recoiled when he approached the garden. He spent most of gardening time yelling at the patch and did not care in the least as to the possibility that his patch might be responding to his tirades.

The general continued:  "See what I mean. It's only food and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Grows, gets pulled up from the ground, then cut up in many pieces, boiled or fried, then devoured. End of story. You and your experiment can go to hell. In fact I might be able to get you there. He laughs loudly, and beckons to his men that it is time to go. Walking to his black Cadillac he calls out to one in particular more time: "I will be back in a few days, don't touch that garden or I'll make you all eat weed salads for a week. Oh yea, Sophia probably already eats that crap." The general, laughing hysterically, gets into his Cadillac, leaving in a cloud of dust. Will with his recorder captures all the action.

The digital recording is now recording the Denver Airports murals and sculpture. A weird assortment of art, pretty much wooden, dead images with very little life enhancing qualities about them. They watch the big screen web t.v. as the recording closes with Sophia, Cosz and Julian standing out in the fields with the Andes Mountains in the background, they wave and Sophia holds up a garlic chain, Julian yells out:  "we use it to protect us from bad gardeners, peace and long live the earth and it's people." The digital video recording catches some humming birds flying past, landing at the feeders that Sophia has built for them. The recording ends with the hummingbirds feeding.

Back in L.A. they are quite for a minute or so then, Chem speaks up saying: "That is such a beautiful place but the military and other interests have really reeked havoc on it haven't they? Seems that your lives are in constant peril there Will! Are you sure setting up a research facility down there is such a good idea?"

Will responded: "I moved from Michigan 12 years ago. It is my home now and the ancient truths are still in place and practiced there now. We have the best of the human’s impact upon the planet there and we have the worst of the human's impact on civilization there as well. It is really a perfect place for a Good and Evil Studies Center."

Ceridwen, listening attentively now, asked Will if he thought he could review some of her work. "Will I have an outline prepared and I would like some input. With our North South running mountain ranges here in the America's and the electromagnetic fields so active, Denver even has signs posted: "Shocking Lucifer- Radio off" or something to that effect, but the place is maximum electric and I do not like electrical static at all. Anyway I have researched places that have some mystical traditions, away from the America's and I came up with my own homeland, Ireland. Seems the Irish have beliefs and story that contribute to an understanding of the human beings nature and it's spiritual make-up. I was wondering it you could shed any light on this enchanted land and its place in the unfolding drama of our soul life. Being Irish and living in Dublin until I was 8 years old before immigrating to the U.S., I am, of course, very interested in the emerald isle- Ireland."

"Sure I can Ceridwen and I think your choice of countries is excellent. There is much more than meets the eye about Ireland and its esteemed place in the misty past of antiquity. Ireland is actually the place where we can get a good handle on what the double is all about as well. It has been one of my main interests for years, having traveled there many times. I would be happy to share with you what I have learned of Ireland."

As he is speaking you could practically see the green isle appear in your mind's eye. It is clean, fresh and very green with a charm about the land that is unrivaled most anywhere on the globe today. This is a world of water and air illumined in the rays of the sun.

Chapter 9


There is an ancient myth that tells of the time when it was archangel Lucifer's time to be demoted to Earth. This was about 5 thousand years ago and at that time Earth was a flowering, watery paradise recovering from a great flood. The ancient land of Atlantis brought on the catastrophe. It was destroyed because of their "misuse of growth and reproductive forces." (10) Before he was cast into this turning, twisting deep blue, green and brown orb of spiraling, churning waves he had to make the Creator one promise. There was a spot on the globe, a land of very transparent, translucent greens and of a watery nature, a jewel of rare beauty. Lucifer had to agree that this one place on the planet, still in the mists of reforming once again, called Ireland, was to be the only land where it could not hold sway with its electrical influences. It agreed and the rest of the world was separated from this island of Ireland, electrically this land of emerald was free of his electrical light force influences there after. The inhabitants were allowed to grow in their individuality, protected from the rest of the world’s domination by Lucifer. They became the land that harbored the courage to love and nurtured a relationship with the elements of water, earth, air and fire. This emerald jewel of land and sea was a shelter from the maelstrom that Lucifer then unleashed to spark civilization forward. So it was written in the stars. (6)

Will Houser loved Ireland. He had visited the country many times. He began to talk about the phenomenon Ireland. "The orbs of light, balls of conscious electric plasma, colors of reds, yellows, blues and oranges, peach blossoms of the flesh tones, the colors of the earth's inhabitants interestingly enough. It is thought that they are the souls of the ancient Greeks and the individualized Irish folk soul. It was the one place on Earth over the last 5 thousand years that was able to hold humanity in its upward growth pattern towards the development of a conscious soul life. (6) The green hills are home to crop circles and flying about in loose formations are the orbs of light that flit about like sparks from the Makers anvil. If you have been to Ireland then you have probably felt and perhaps seen some of this phenomenon." They all nodded in agreement though saying nothing. Will continued.

"In life today many people feel like they are in a battle between the powers of light and dark. Here on this green isle between the East and the West we find Saint Columba known as the "Royal Bright Star" of Hu, Iona. His story is about a time when the Creator was still sensed in the fields of Paradise. It goes like this. Saint Columba and a very old monk named Odrun- meaning a rune or mystery and some other monks were busy building the first church on Iona but demons prevented its being completed. It was told to Columba that unless a living sacrifice was buried under the foundation of the church they would never succeed. Columba thought on this and decided that they needed to put roots down so they recruited Odrun for the job of sacrificial lamb. He was affable, old and ready for a challenge so he agreed to do it. He was buried but after three days Columba could not take the suspense and dug Odruns grave up again."(6)

"To all's surprise Odrun was still alive and said the following. "There is no wonder in death, and hell is not as it is reported to be." Columba was not the least bit impressed and in fact a bit put off that Odrun would dare to share such profound truths with anyone in earshot and had him covered up once again. Columba blessed the grave and said "Let our roots go down deep here in the earth. And earth into the mouth of Odrun that he not speak again. This is a legend of deep significance" Will said.(6)

"These two- Columba and Odrun were tight friends in allegiance against the retro-angels. This is usually how the deepest mysteries work, as companions working together in the mysteries tradition. Friends to initiates have a certain responsibility in life as Odrun found out. This community and their communion with the spirit are very hard to break but the demonic forces never weary of their task to prevent humans from their true evolution. These were the new mysteries of Christ. Christ! You say, are we not before his time. Well historically by date yes but a Christ presence was already being felt by these Irish initiates 500 years before his actual ascent into a physical body here on the Earth. How did they do this you ask? They read the signs in the wind as it moves on the waters surface, in the clouds shapes and in the flight patterns of birds. For that reason Iona was referred to as the Isle of the Holy Spirit."

Will explained that Odrun's burial was a three-day initiation. It was a mystic death and afterwards he was commanded to a silence for life. The old Hibernian mysteries were coming to a close now. That was the great secret of Odrun's death. Now the great teachings of esoteric Christianity could take root in Iona. And it was there that the first church to Christ was built 500 years before the birth of Jesus.

Lisa Kidd, Ceridwen Hu, Rose Armstrong and Chem Klas had all visited Ireland over the years and shared their thoughts and feelings about the emerald isle. They reminisced about the sea's mists and foam. Chem went on for a minute or so about the wonderful little sprites that he saw dancing in the sea's spray as he walked the craggy coastline. Ceridwen talked about being a child growing up in Dublin and the great drinking toast she still remembered from her childhood. "To the immortal memory," "to what memory or to whom the toast was directed to did not seem to matter" she said, they all laughed about this. She continued saying:" It was as though the beauty of the storms and the charged atmospherics of the wind gusts, the softness of the sunlight, spoke to me when I was a child, or rather sang to me."  To all concerned it was like a land that was still enchanted to this very day. The country, much like a child even today, still beautiful and precious. The old crosses found in the rose covered Heather over the hillsides with solitary individuals walking about gave one the feeling that this was a place entirely different from the rest of the world.

Rose commented on being in Dublin again. "The only thing more black in Dublin than the soot on the buildings was the black clothing the Irish wore, clergy and civilian alike. They got a thing with the black." They all laughed and agreed the Irish liked black and had a hands on relationship with the world of spirits with the devas and elementals often seen in the twilight passing into the night. Seemed if you got people taking about Ireland, it was good for the night. A food for charmed and entertaining conversation. From the characters met in bars and villages far away from the din of towns, to the green fields, hallows, caves, to the ancient carved stone Irish crosses that were scattered about the landscape. There was something special about Ireland and they all knew it.

"Hey guys look at this." Lisa K was standing by the window in Ceridwen's apartment looking out on Pallas Athena. They walked over and looked out. Rose and the others had never seen it do this before. The Athena was glowing a soft green, chartreuse luminosity this night. They stood transfixed, marveling at its soft hue. Will and the others were spell bound by the beauty. Will knew it was the Palladium, the Pallas Athena of Troy and the sight of it inspired him. He wanted to share the Palladiums story with his new friends but he was concentrating on Ireland now and did not want to confuse them with the tale of this 5000 year old luminosity, this fabled statue of Ilium, long since missing, until now. It was a statement to the heralding in of the Age of Archangel Michael, a warrior of Ideas, thoughts and pictures, with the dawning of a new age.

As they walked away from the window Will walked over to the windows in the living room and looked out towards the coast.  As they sat down he stood by the window and started telling them more about Ireland.

"Ireland has the phantom darkness that steps into the soul out from the heart of the sunset. Death is all about, or the shadow of death, calling from the seas, then hidden in gentle breezes. It is the land that we go into every night in our deep dreamless and dreamed sleep. These monks, solitaries and folk believed that in deep sleep the soul was free of the earth bound body. It was light and free of sorrow and the irritations of life on the firm earth. They believed that down there is a body on earth today, it is injured, and a vessel for shadows. The experience of this great brightness had a name from these initiates, it was Tir-nan-og, the name of the mysterious West, land of the young, where death was overcome."(6)

Will turned, walked over to a chair and sat down. Then he continued saying:

"These humans were still in a watery state of consciousness. For them the world of awake body consciousness was a world falling apart and then the world of deep sleep seemed the other world of death. Life and death, we come and go with temporary housing provided. The soul returns from the deep sleep to partake of the earthly life once again. At this time they felt like life was divided against itself, the affairs of the day and the world of deep sleep. Remember this is the world free of Lucifer but very receptive to the double. Let us go on. The soul is one but when it sees the body, it sees a dark mirror. In this dark mirror the soul sees it's double, the physical body, and knows that it must be in its company until death."

"The soul is like the Lily offered to humans, as it arrives at your house, it greets death at the door. The residents greet the soul in worry of it dying and water is called for the Son of the Sun. Life is a paradox to the soul because what lives in the house is what is truly great, the Sons and Daughters of the Sun. We feed this sun everyday and nourish it yet dying in the process. We die daily as Children of the Sun. That was the main experience for those on the Isle of Emerald Ireland some 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. They came from above, a world of beauty, exquisite, pristine and charmed beauty to the Isle of Iona. Voices called out to them but are now coming from the Earth, and they are here as caught in a vortex."(6)

Will continued saying: "the shadow man living in our instincts would keep him away from his own freedom and individuality. An individual with his or her own love, thoughts and deeds was not what the shadow in man wanted. A great hiding occurred now about the double. Remember us talking about electromagnetic energy found in the north south running mountain ranges? Well these currents affect the soul as well as the body. Long before Christ was born the Vikings- Norwegians were sailing back and forth to the America's continent. Electromagnetics was the main source of medical practice then and they had the body precisely mapped. The Vikings had the relationship of the earth to body processes clearly delineated and the humans relationship to the earth was well understood. The electromagnetic frequencies used for bodywork and the earth grids were charted, their relationship to the body was known then. These frequencies could be used for good or evil it was discovered. These forces reside in the unconscious mind as well. Add to this the fact that the earth is alive and it communicates to us everyday in various ways. With this electricity, with the magnetic fluxes, we can adjust our own electromagnetic fields to be in synch with the earth and in turn effect the earth's own vibration. We can bring these energies into conscious use up from our unconscious minds. The choice is ours usually. Today with 6 billion + people on the earth we need to be aware that thoughts are living things and can help to heal the earth or the opposite take the planet into a tail spin."

Ceridwen Hu interrupted, asking Will if he felt that the Great Mother was anywhere nursing this developing consciousness. She continued: "my research shows that the Virgin-Sophia was also called the Virgin of the Night Sky. The Polish revere the Black Madonna, and Mary Magdalene was a companion and close friend of Jesus. Longing for the shinning land of our origin is what the story of the traveler meeting the shadow of Bride is about, also called the Woman of Tears. I have discovered that this being can also grow great in size and inhabit the dark night sky like a sun. This aspect of the Sophia occurs due to a lost ancient wisdom, which now will only be gained with the individual’s efforts. The days of natural clairvoyance are gone. The old is now passing over to a new day. The ancient Egyptians knew about this vision of a human that was free of desire and did not know disease. They were still able to see in the temple while sleeping, this Great Mother of the human race with a child in arms that was a Sun born yet not conceived through any human action. This is the birth of a consciousness, the dawning light of awareness, am I close here?"(6)

Will replied that Ceridwen was correct and he apologized for not including the Great Mother in the equation from the beginning.” From Sophia, Shiva, Isis, Athena, Mary, the Green Tara all going back to the birth of creation we are as suns born of an infinite feminine" he said.

He continued saying: "This Woman clothed in the Sun gives birth to all humans. She has reigned supreme in many religions up to this time. She is called by many names as we said. Pistis Sophia, Isis, Kwan Yin, Bride, Mother Mary and others. Today she works in healing work, is found in the plants, minerals, spiritual insights of life and the human soul. Yet she is still seen by only a few and not until she is known to carry the Child that redeems the earth will she be known by the many. This secret wisdom over the following centuries came under the hand and power of Rome. The idea of the son of the sun born of the Woman clothed in the Sun grew weaker and all but faded when an interesting thing happened. Raphael painted his Sistine Madonna, which to this day has the ability to heal and inspire the individual. He caught the vision before the Church and Rome could push it aside and into the foggy past. The forces of the double did not prevail, as this great work of art kept alive the wisdom of the Sun born in the human which many yearn for today. The light of a consciousness soul is born."

Will continued saying: "the predominate belief system of the peoples of the earth at this point was that the soul is heaven born. Coming here to the earth physical plane we take on a double, which is nourished by electricity. The planet Earth is a living geo, electrical, magnetic sphere and it rays back to our bodies, our doubles then take on a life of there own. They are generated, created in the nervous system and can destroy our own sense of thinking for ourselves, feelings for others and even the willing of one's self to action. Organic disease occurs here where your vitality for life and who you are is usurped. So if we can learn to observe nature, gain self-consciousness, learn to know good from evil, we are educating our souls. Then the double drops down into the unconscious and becomes, from within to the outwards, able to work with electricity and magnetism. This double is very old dating back to the time of Britain after the Atlantean catastrophes. The Greek philosophers Plutarch and Plato wrote about these events."(8)

"The earthly forces of the double were opposed to the people dwelling in Ireland at that time. Their character was as like their soil, damped down ego qualities. The land here worked against their being assertive. Atlanteans lived here keeping their secrets of geographical, electrical, and psychic influences hidden away. The initiates still had the spiritual knowledge and the healing arts but their real goal was awaiting the coming of Christ. The soil and closeness to nature allowed these people to sow seeds that were healing and liberation was felt in the salty air of the coming Christos. A lack of the materialistic ego allowed this preparation to flower and they were as cast upon a cosmic sea guided by a great light from within and another coming soon from the heavens. This was the greatest mystery school, found now, on this Isle of Emerald."

"Today we are in for the fight of our lives against evil. If we can find this divine and pure wisdom, the Pistis Sophia we have a great ally. But it is not easy today, knowing where to look. Universities and NASA do not seem able to give us what this ancient wisdom could and still can provide for our souls. This Woman Clothed in the Sun is our mother; we just need to find her again. This bearer of the Christos light is here now working into our imaginations as Archangel Michael announces the coming of a new day. It is a new age now, the Age of Aquarius."

The Pallas Athena with her outstretched right hand, bent at the elbow, held the dark winged being.  Her left hand rested on an upright shield of copper, brass and iron bands binding it together. The silver crown with a fine gold trim outlining the entire figure was now illumined in a soft teal green.

Chapter 10

Sons and Daughters of the Sun's Palladium

Los Angeles

Jesse and Michael moved in while Ceridwen Hu was down in Cuzco delivering her talk at the Good and Evil Studies Center. They were a striking couple. The Pallas Athena statue glowed a soft peach color when they arrived. They were the buzz of the building. Seems they moved into the apartment building to study this intriguing phenomenon of the irradiated form in the apartment courtyard. The word had gotten out, Internet probably, and there they were. The couple seemed to have a pleasant sense of the ironic about them. They expressed it to each other often, laughing out load. They were angels at heart, soon being archangels.

The landlord Dolf was an over extended bridge to prosperity and position. Dolf said to them as they were walking to their newly rented apartment and seeming agitated by their very presence: "You know what? You folks are real good at looking me in the eye but you got to learn to answer questions with a simple yes or no. Like, you guys writing a book, or a series or something?"

The couple were unfazed by the remark, sending him love, lots of love, as they knew the cat needed it and they could feel this in his furtive, non- sensible, dump talk. They sent him the love in waveforms to wash his aura in satori, Christos, enlightening vibrations of sound and light. It surges like an ocean. Jesse and Michael could see the river pouring around Dolf, it was his turbulent and ill at ease world. Dolf now hated his tenants, and even his long time associates were not free of his overflowing polarized bile. His unconscious was pulled to the surface and was now erupting. They recognized that the buildings owner was in need of a World Haters Clinic. They were now franchised so he would have no trouble getting in for some meetings. Arriving at Apt. 369 Dolf said to them:

"Here we are, enjoy your stay. Anything I can do for you please let me know, o.k." He smiled, then walked away with a slight list to port, seems he liked that beer.

Jesse and Michael began unpacking boxes, enjoying their apartments views of the city. They did not speak aloud rather communicated entirely telepathically even laughing silently. The only time they spoke aloud was in the company of humans. It had been a long day for the couple so when they got their bed assembled they retired for the night. God Bless You, God Bless You, falling asleep almost immediately they went into a deep, dreamless sleep. Around 3 A.M. Jesse had the following experience.

Lisa K. showed up. She was like a golden orb, smiling and showing Jesse three blank pages of a script unwritten as yet. Jesse was impressed with the light around his nighttime visitor and was moved by the fact that she seemed in tune with his research into the meaning of the luminous Pallas Athena outside in the courtyard. She sat with him at a table and while smiling showed him the 3 blank pages and continuing to smile, sends Jesse the thought that it was time to get something down on paper. Jesse agreed and first thing in the morning he would examine his dream and see if he could move the images into something firm as part story and part of his research.

3 days later

Ceridwen Hu walked into the courtyard with Cosz and Sophia Houser and Will Ulysses. Jesse watched them from his apartment window. Cosz was gestating looking at the Athena and Sophia was standing in front of the statue looking at it real hard. Michael came to the window and watched them with Jesse.

Jesse said: "I think that's Will Ulysses down there with the others. He is a renowned scholar on evil and the retros on Earth today. It's good to see him."

Michael replied that this was a good time to be here because so much was happening. Jesse agreed. Angel talk. Thoughts quick, with honest replies. It started to rain.

They walked into the building and soon after the three were in Ceridwen's apartment. Led to the guest bedrooms where they put their bags, they then settled out in the living room. The sparks were flying. This was a unique group of people and they seemed to know it. Ceridwen toasted the occasion with glasses of a rich burgundy wine; in turn they toasted each other. "To the Immortal Memory" Cosz announced, as the others laughed to none or nothing in particular.

The doorbell rang and it was Chem. They cheered his entry, as all living things or most loved him anyway. Dolf was perhaps the only human being on the planet who did not like Chem. He was ecstatic to see that Cosz Hauser was there.

"Hello Ceridwen good to see you. Did your trip prove provoking?" Chem asked to which she responded.

"Absolutely, I got to hike the caves and ruins with some locals and Cosz took me out on the town in Cuzco. He is quite the peacock you know?"

Chem. turning to Cosz: "yes my friend it is nice to see you again." Then turning and addressing Will Ulysses he says: "hello Will, up to study our Athena?" Everyone laughed and it looked like Will blushed a little as he replied: "Yes". Will was a dyed in the wool bachelor. The static charge was so strong in the room now that when Sophia went to pick up a metal box off the living room table to examine it closer she received a loud, shocking jolt of electricity. "Wow, what do you have in here Ceridwen, Lucifer's umbilical cord or something?" they all laughed.Ceridwen said: "no, something better than that!" They laughed again.

Someone was now knocking at the door. Ceridwen went to answer the door, it was Rose Armstrong. "Hello friend glad you could make it." "Good to be here" she said, " sure beats grading exams." They walked into the living room. Will said: "hello Rose just the perfect timing as usual."

"Going to talk to us about our lady down there Will?" Will replied: "yes I am, and I am so glad you could make it up." "Please continue, I'm all senses." Will began speaking about his understanding of the Pallas Athena statue that stood in the courtyard down below.

"I think the Pallas Athena is beautiful and how lucky you are to have her here in Los Angeles."  Will said.  It was now raining very hard with lightning filling the air. Will was not really looking for romance now but his working relationship with her led to the inevitable- a deep heart felt love for her being. Will was beginning to find Rose the one woman that he could relate to person to person about this ancient knowledge. Her research into the region of Asia Minor was cutting edge. He felt they were simpatico regards matters of the spirit, soul and the son of the sun. Besides anyone with a Red Legged Mexican Tarantula named Art was all right by him.

Chem. feeling the static electricity himself asked Will a question: "You like and understand lightning I know, and understand the place of electricity internalized in the human beings mind and body for health and/or possible abuse. Europe is a "cup runneth over" with electromagnetic- chemical medicine today. Positive and negative poles, ray out warmth and a lightness of body. You know what I mean Will, I'm sure you understand. Magnetism and positive attraction? We are conductors of this electricity it appears to me. What is happening here?"

It was raining outside now and the lightning was flashing wild. Will knew it was time to unravel the Palladium mystery. He walked over to the window as the others were talking and looked out at the Pallas Athena. She was now pulsing with an electrical current running in figure 8's, meeting at 7 different points up and down her sculptured form.

Downstairs on the third floor Jesse and Michael sat in their apartment with the lights out, watching the lightning. Michael thought about the battle long ago with the black magician Vitzliputzli the sun initiate down Mexico way. Now isolated under the earth's surface at the Odd Fellows Hall in Hollywood working with Ari Man and the retros. The progressive angels subsequent victory allowed the humans to proceed along in freedom to discover a hard earned self-awareness. Now the lightning of insight had to once again fight for higher ground. What had in the past regulated the breathing and automatic nervous system, a sleeping will in the dark of night, was now coming to the surface in the waking state of the humans will. The deep secrets of the human being and their waking will here on Earth were announcing itself for everyone to see. Like a mountain of many metals, the souls of the planets population were now raying out into the electromagnetic fields poles of positive and negative forces, sympathies and antipathies, loves and hates. The pull of poles, waking and sleeping will power was now creating a pull upon humans that could only be called a global transformation, a sea change of consciousness was occurring.

As they looked out at the lightning you could see the faint outline of a lion in Jesse's face and in Michael's could be detected ever so faintly the face of an eagle. They were archangels now. Ideas were flashing both good and bad across the sky and they were on patrol, ever vigilant to the tricks of the Lucifer and Ari Man schools. Freedom was flashing with a loud metallic thunder with a slow sizzle after zone.

The Athena was glowing orange and Will now realized what the relationship was between the people in that apartment and the statue. And for that matter what it held for anyone on a quest in the West.

He began to answer Chems question."What we are seeing here is the weaving of ourselves into the divine activity in life. Darkness is pulled towards negation, light is pulled towards affirmation. Sound towards an affirmation, silence towards a negation. This divine fabric of life weaves through the round of us all. Winding into us is light and dark flickering, sounds are playing us. If we affirm to the feeling of love we are drawn towards the light, if we negate towards hate, petty bickering, we are drawn to nothing, darkness, silence."

"When we look at Athena here you actually are seeing your light pulled towards an affirming of wisdom. Like the statue we are now encased in ego's that shut us off from the external world of nature. The ego brought us into an intense experience of living in our bodies. The Greeks saw the Sun as the divine source of Love, Eros. They felt the Sun was the bearer of love into all life. That was 5 thousand or so years ago and that belief was all but lost and buried. That is until I decided to look into it about 17 years ago. The Church buried the sun-nature of the human being as reality. It can only be plumbed from the ocean depths of the soul today. Few have ventured there. The Guardian of the Threshold stands at this flaming door. This is the world of forces and powers that form and guide the universe."

"So the flaming door is like an initiation portal into a conscious spiritual experience?" Rose asked.

"It is the threshold between the material and spiritual worlds. Yet this wisdom has sunk into organic activity and even into the sub-particles and atoms of the body mechanics. It is the goal of a spiritual science to bring a consciousness soul forward out of the Roman-Greek intellectual soul. Then the whole mind, conscious and unconscious, is in synch with nature again but this time with the guiding light of an inspired consciousness. Poles of influence must be recognized- Constantine's Rome and America's 21st Century are like the shadow and the light in our world today."

"At that time Christ was a sun being, a god, an Apollo. This Sun Mystery was considered the crown jewel of the human being. A statue known as the Palladium symbolized it. (1) With a gold trim, a shield of silver and copper the Pallas Athena represents what is best in the human being. The legend is that when Lucifer was cast from Heaven he brought with him a metal contacted to a stone, it was called a baetylus by the Greeks and the Semitic word for it was a (bethel). The rare Earth with fifty different metals shifting under our feet provides us with the stuff of the sun and stars. With this understanding of the metals and their effect in and on our own make up, iron in our blood, copper affecting our nervous systems we begin to understand that gold, silver, palladium, mercury and the other metals found in our earth are ringing out as fire bells in the night calling us onwards. However with civility and civilization slipping away, while technical advances are freeing us from Nature with mechanical technological know how and science, we find ourselves in need of an upward transformation, transmuting to our higher selves. If the Divine, our spiritual origins, and evolution are forgotten, then Ari Man and the retro-angels will control this realm with a cold, gray, materialism. The Palladium will oxidize away in the ignoble gases of the retros, in entropy and dissolution."

"The battle that Athena readies us for is crossing that portal through a flaming door in conscious awareness. She carries an angelic herald in her right hand and a shield of metal in her left hand. Archangel Michael is the spiritual warrior who fights for the Ideas of the Folk soul and he is with the America's today. The Science of Spirit allows us to create another sphere, a world affirming light, love, music, and joy... Knowledge of spirituality frees us from the steel shackles of materialism and a misused science. The ancient Greek Dionysius the Areopagite in Paul's school at Athens started the spiritual training. Asclepius set up healing centers where you could go and stay for days. While sleeping individuals would experience healings. The door into the mind was opened then, now we must keep it open, stepping again into the light with our hearts open in this crucible, forging souls of living light, as luminous metals in the fiery universe of the Creator. White or light represents the soul's image of the sprit" as a Spiritual Scientist, said once. (9)"

They were all quiet. Could this be the fabled Palladium sitting in their courtyard? This glowing statue that seems to conduct light and electricity, seems bemused with their attention. Ceridwen got up from the couch going into the kitchen to make some green tea, and coffee. Chem. jumped on the oxygen exerciser while Will and Lisa visited. Cosz and Sophia sat on the couch and watched the lightning. Like suns all, reflecting on the positive, in hope of adventures to come.

For the future evolution of the Earth hope was required. Understanding and using the sonic frequencies and the electromagnetic poles and grids for the good of all was imperative. Will knew that stealth weaponry was being used knowingly against unknowing populations, and that used on animal or man, this was usually if not always wrong. Low frequency aquatic acoustic frequencies are harming, even killing our dolphins and whales today he thought. External knowledge about electricity, magnetism, sound and radio waves does not get one in touch with the fire in your soul he knew. And it cast a man made web of entanglement, hard to extricate ourselves from once we are embedded in its ubiquitous presence. A web of  l.f., u.l.f., e.l.f.s., mircro waves frequencies and now low aquatic acoustic frequencies bombard our seas, our limbic brains in the back of our skulls are flooded now, the adrenals depressed. As sons and daughters of the Sun, Will felt that the work to make the world a safer, better place began with the understanding of our own electrical then stepped down to a chemical make up. He knew the light body of our minds and the warmth body of our hearts working with a conscious will summoned in our limb systems could illumine the earth and its own electro magnetic field for an arc upwards in our planetary evolution.

"When you think about it" Will said, "it really would be better to go back to earlier civilizations where the relationship with the human and the Cosmos was understood. We are slipping and sliding away from that understanding. The tasks ahead for us are here now. Electricity has been thought of as the very core of nature. It must be seen for what it is today. Nature recycled into a sub- nature. We have to be aware of what the human being is doing with this electrical sub- nature world now. The discovery of electricity was seen as the Spirit of Nature but the technical advances from this discovery moved the human being into mechanistic and scientific worldviews. The Spirit has gone out of the view of Nature and replaced with a sub- nature embedded in the technology of the technical civilizations we live in today."

Will and Rose walked over to the window and looked out on the evening. They were holding hands. Firefus jumped up on the couch next to Cosz and Sophia. Sophia began petting the cat while Cosz visited with Lisa K while sipping his green tea. Rose turned to Will and said quietly: "the light is moving like the chi in our own bodies, a figure eight, the positive and negative poles are balanced". That's right Rose, Will responded: "she is reflecting what those who are focused on her are raying out. The Pallas Athena is like a mirror of our own energy patterns. Or like crop circles, formed from the unconscious and conscious thought projections of individuals, intending upon the surrounding environment."

Chem spoke up saying he could hear Geo barking and had to go tend to his needs. (2) They all laughed knowing that Chem and Geo had that animal human bond that allowed for psychic communication between them. It appeared that they were talking and Geo had prevailed upon Chem to return home and serve dinner. He excused himself and left Ceridwen's apartment.

Chapter 11

A Phenomenon of Light

Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit (Calling or no calling God will be present) Delphic Oracles

Los Angeles- the next day

It was one of those windy days that clear the air and allow one to see Los Angeles. The air was so clean you could see the ocean out one window of the apartment and the snow covered San Gabriel Mountains from another. It was a crystalline, sparkling day. The residents in the building were beginning to stir, it was Sunday morning.

Jesse and Michael, archangels, were drinking glasses of water and arranging things in their new apartment. Michael turned to Jesse and thought: "someone is at our door". A few seconds later the doorbell rings. It is Lisa K.; they’re just moved in, next-door neighbor. They greeted her at the door and invited her in. She has some fruit, teas and a cake she just baked.

"I hope this is not to early for you guys, I just moved in myself, next door, and wanted to introduce myself. Here, I want to give you some home warming presents too. My name is Lisa, what's yours?"

Jesse and Michael introduced themselves to her, thinking between themselves, this woman is an angel. Lisa picked up the thought and said: "You think so? How thoughtful of you to say so, or think so." They smiled at her, beckoning her into the living room.

Jesse and Michael were surprised, asking aloud: "did you just pick up our thoughts?"

"Sure" Lisa said aloud back to them, she looked around at all the unpacked boxes and wondered it they might need a hand getting their stuff sorted out. They shot back the thought: "would not mind a bit".

"O.K. I'll help you folks get sorted out here." Within minutes everything was in place. It seemed too quick for Lisa's perceptions, this sorting of boxes into the apartments rooms, but what happened next really surprised her. No sooner were the boxes in their proper rooms, then they were unpacked and everything was in its proper place. Seemed like someone, or something else, was helping them get the job done.

"Helps to have friends, I always say" Lisa said aloud, half joking and half serious, hoping that her next door neighbors might give her some insight into what was going on with the unpacking of their belongings. Soon, three paintings were hanging on the walls as she stood there. One portrait in the living room, another hanging now in the hallway and the other portrait was now hanging in one of the bedrooms. One was Gabriel, the archangel of love and hope. It was surrounded by angels and looking over a snowy mountain range. It was now hanging in the living room. The next painting that just seemed to appear, was of archangel Raphael, with a large sun raying out from around its head out into space, his features were barely visible. The last painting was in Michael's bedroom, and was of the archangel Auriel in a summer scene, standing tall over the landscape. Its name Auriel meant, "God is Light."

"You guys are just moving maniacs I guess. Sorry, poor choice of words, but really things just seem to fly together in your apartment. Wish that old "snaggle puss" Dolf had told me about this apartment, said some weirdoes rented it though. Would have really kept the moving in time down to a minimum. You are not weird though, just lucky." She was talking out load, not yet comfortable talking to her new friends telepathically. She was enjoying her visit very much, feeling warm, her cheeks were flush.

They sent her the following thoughts. It is good to meet you Lisa, we are archangels. The paintings are of archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Auriel. They work with Michael, inspiring the folks of the planet and the four seasons weather patterns, to mention a few of their tasks.

"I knew you guys were different, I mean who drinks water in the morning and moves in without a discouraging word said! Not normal you know. Anyway, thanks for the insight, you are a nice addition to our building. I will have to introduce you folks to my friends here."

They sent her the thought, they were there to meet certain individuals and she was one of them. The others, they would meet soon. Thank you for your nice home warming gifts, we think that was a good idea. They were silent now. Lisa sat looking out the window towards the mountains, feeling a very warm healing glow around her now. It was still before noon, yet the Athena was glowing a soft, very soft, violet.

Downstairs Rose called Will at Chem's apartment. She said: " look out the window at Athena." As Will looked out the window of Chem's apartment he saw the statue of his deep interest, glowing a soft violet.

Rose said: "In ten years living here I have never seen her glow such a soft violet and during the day. Something is happening, but I'm not sure what the heck it is. Something or someone is here, close by, and is having an affect on the surrounding environment. I think Pallas Athena is feeling love now and responding."

Will stood quietly looking at the statue for several minutes. Then he said to Rose: "They are here, now. Just in time too." He said to Rose that she was right: "we are experiencing the love of archangels here and now in Los Angeles. The lightning of Lucifer has been caught by Archangel Michael and the Pallas Athena has been illumined in the Palladium wisdom." Rose said "yo, ho, Troy!" Will said: " yes yo, ho, Troy." He continued: " The dark archangel in Pallas Athena's right hand is now illumined in Los Angeles, the battle is turning to the light. These are great times!"

Back on the third floor with her new friends, Lisa was wondering about something she had thought about for a long time. The Holy Grail, and just what is it. Why not, she thought the question to see if they would pick up her thoughts. "Hey you know, I was just wondering, do you folks know what the Holy Grail is and what that's all about?"

In a flash Jesse sent the following thoughts back to her: " It is the flight of souls to the Wisdom of the Grail. The wisdom is in the Grail Castle, a symbol for our world. The Wisdom of the Grail was first to be found in the study of the stars and believing that the human being was spiritual in nature first, coming from a land of the spirits in to the material world. The cup was a deep, green emerald, knocked from the crown of Lucifer. This emerald chalice was at Golgotha and caught the blood of Jesus at the foot of his cross. Mary, Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene then spirited it away through France into England. Joseph was a wealthy tin merchant and a great uncle of Jesus. He carried a staff and when he got to the monastery in Glastonbury he stuck it in the ground just outside the entrance and to this day it still blooms a beautiful rose. The emerald chalice said to be a jewel brought by Lucifer from the galactic center possibly falling from his crown, ended up in the hands of the Knights Templars. Today this chalice represents the human being. Jesus of Nazareth was another conduit of this electrical light that illumines, transforms the blood and body of the individual. When Jesus walked through the flaming door of death in consciousness he changed everything. He incorporated the dragon into an unfoldment of the life after death for all human beings to experience. The white Lily of the spiritual worlds wisdom was to become one with the red Rose of the Earth with the death of Jesus on the cross. The red blood of a heart's love for all folk is pulsing through the earth now, as drops of his blood fell to the earth. It runs into the cracks of the dirt, feeding the weeds as well as the fruits, wheat's and herbs. A rosy cross."(6)

The three of them sat in the spacious living room, and looked out over the city. Out of nowhere it seemed, large rain clouds moved in. A loud clap of thunder filled the warm afternoon air. A huge bolt of lightning struck the sixth hole green on the golf course, just across the street from their building. The lightning seemed to rise up from the Earth strangely, etching itself in the sky above, as it moved slowly along the surface. It was the planets electromagnetic pulse from deep inside the earth that was now moving west, off the north south axis by 6 degrees of the compass now. Offshore a volcano was venting hot gases. Along the entire coastline the ocean's water temperatures were rising. The planet Earth's plates were humming, like whales singing a new song.

The archangels sent Lisa the following thoughts. It was a good time for conscious choices, mutating our D.N.A. to a new world of minds, hearts and the wills to grasp evolution with both hands and shape it into a better world for all sentient life forms. Lisa K. liked that thought, and immediately saw the electrical currents working within her own minds eye and cleansing the waters of her system. Her heart felt like a liquid crystal oscillator, her emotions were warm and light. She then saw the Athena form moving through the atmospherics, like a lightning rod discharging all the negative static that was pooling like huge dark clouds just above the ground a few hundred feet. Then as if floating through an ocean surrounding the Earth she was far above the earth now. She saw that these waters surrounding the entire globe began to sparkle, like mists caught in the rays of a morning sunrise. She felt a surge of warmth running through her now, like new codes of a switchboard turned on for the first time.

The human being is wired for change, she seemed to realize this instinctively now. She liked it and thought that it was like moving from the software of her heart to the hardware of the electrical make-up of her mind. This was it! She thought, and now this experience is helping the earth itself to participate in these winds of change, consciously. She was told that it did help. She was given an equation to understand the mechanics of nature. It was this: force f = cc = e = motion = mutations.

"I understand now,” she said aloud. Realizing she did not need to speak out loud to the present company, she had the following thoughts, in rapid succession. The way the planet and the human being will advance to their futures is through love and action. As we refine what is within, the earth is refined without. Eventually the good beings or progressives are forced up and the retros are cast out into a separate world of their own making. This dissolving of matter is done through love and the sun's Christos warmth. By taking love into our hearts and souls, the more warmth we bring to bear on matter, the greater our ability to transform matter. The planet Earth will become an astralized globe. Just like warm water dissolves salt, so love can transform matter.

Lisa K then turned to her new neighbors and said: "You know when I went to church as a child I would pray and it was as though a door would open, or a window dark and dusty would suddenly become clear, and my senses would become far reaching. I actually believed I was light and that my light was contributing to the world's light." She was quiet now, smiled peacefully and wondered at the simplicity of her being.

The Palladium of Pallas Athena in the courtyard was now glowing in a luminous, soft white light. Electricity, seen as white light, undulated up and down the form, in familiar figure eight's, surging through her silver crown and back down through her shield. The dark winged sculpture of Archangel Michael in her right hand, the Palladium of ancient Troy, pulsed in the light. Seems after all, life was a multiple-choice phenomenon, always had been and always would be. The will power of the America's and the U.S. working for humanity, and a better world for all the folk, was a distinct possibility now. The circuit was made. The choice ours.

Chapter 12

Sun Day

Build firewalls of the soul, temper a golden blade.

The next day a new tenant moved into the building. He was immaculately dressed, had a pencil thin mustache, and a lock of hair that came to a point on his brow. Walking quickly, while glaring at Firefus, Rose Armstrong's black cat who had stopped in it's tracks to study the stranger a few moments, before continuing on its way, and crossing the new tenants path. Entering the building he walked down the ground floor hallway to Dolf's apartment. The apartment had a sign above the doorframe that reads: "Mad about You!" Dolf thought that was funny as he was often mad at somebody. Dolf was never one to worry about what others thought of him or his humor. He immediately hated most people he had ever met. The new tenant knocked at the door and waited for the manager. He looked at his watch twice while waiting, seemed like for a tempest to slowly materialize.

Several minutes later Dolf answers the door. "Good heap of humus aren't you a patient one! You must be my new tenant Mr. Ari Man. Sorry about the delay; I had to intestinal tract for a few. Heard you knock, did not figure it would take that long, knew it was you though."

"Relieved, yes I can be patient when necessary. I find it pays well, in the end. Do you like clubs? I have one over at the Odd Fellows Hall that I would like you to be my guest at sometime soon. I have come by to pick up my apartment keys now.

"Sure thing. Let me get them. Got one for your basement storage space too. You got much stuff?" Dolf asked.

"Yes, I have a library, some spirit- folk of fools, Tulip bulbs from Turkey, and some poison I use for wells. Basement storage is great, can use all the space I can get really. Never know who will show up you know."

Dolf had left to get the keys and did not hear what Ari Man had to say. Returning he said: "I'll take you up. It's up on the sixth floor, number 666. Oh you know that, you asked for that specific numbered apartment. Have to tell you Mr. Ari that was a first, someone wanting apt. 666." As they walked to the elevator he continued, saying: "the last guy who lived up there worked on a game show here in town, he jumped out the window early this spring. Guess he just couldn't take it anymore. Seems he never got the right answer but the viewing audience loved the guy anyway and just for that reason. Guess he didn't want to be famous for that reason alone." Dolf laughed out loud as he told the story, seemed to relish the irony of it, they rode the elevator up to the sixth floor. Getting off they walked down to Apt. 666,  Dolf asked Ari Man if he had any reservations about renting an apartment were the last tenant had jumped out the window, in just what seemed like yesterday to Dolf.

"No death and dying don't bother me at all. I remember the guy you are talking about. I thought he was very funny, guess he knew it too. I lost him, he prayed a lot."

Dolf was puzzled by Ari Man's remark about "losing him." He thought to himself: "this guy is very weird, think I will check his club out. Probably lame but then again, if it's as weird as he is, maybe its some sort of sex club or something equally as wild and sporting" he thought to himself.

"Yes sure, you would like it."Ari said as he stepped into his new residence. Dolf suddenly felt faint and decided to excuse himself. Ari Man said "good bye" closing the door. Dolf rode the elevator back down to the ground floor, returning immediately to his apartment. For some reason Dolf liked his new tenant even though he was suddenly sick as a dog.

That afternoon arriving from Cuzco, Peru, Julian Houser walked into the courtyard with a woman named Pistis Sophia. They stopped to look at the Athena. Pistis Sophia marveled at the beauty of the statue and said to Julian: "the sculptor has brought to light the hidden beauty in the marble here. Like humans we can bring light to that which is shadowed, and into the splendor of light life's beauty. This Athena is an approach map to the Light unapproachable, the Pleroma." Up on the ninth floor in the Chem Klas apartment Cosz and Sophia Hauser, Rose Armstrong and Will Ulysses were visiting. A large gust of wind suddenly caught several windows, slamming them shut.

"The bloomin' noumenal springs anew!" Chem shouts out. The doorbell rings. Chem walks to the door, opening it, is greeted by Julian Houser.

"Hello Chem!" Julian says as he stepped into the apartment of his host. Julian greeted and hugged his father Cosz Hauser and Will, then introduced Pistis Sophia to his friends. Pistis said she thought that the winds were greeting them all now. Chem laughed and asked if she "knew the "furies" of Natura personally?" As a winged light appeared around her head, another gust of wind buffeted the building. Chem quickly said: "That's good enough for me, you lovely charmed woman. Please, say no more. Can I get either of you anything of the sustenance realm, super essential here you know. Don't want to give folks the wrong impression you know." Chem was smiling port to starboard at a perfect 180. They smiled, declining his offer while walking into the living room.

Recognizing his accent Pistis asked Chem if he had been to Prague lately as they sat down on the couch. Chem said he was there just last summer and had a great time. "The flames of freedom, joy and revolution are burning bright in my old stomping grounds" he said. "But the fall of Communism and the new capitalism have reeked havoc on the landscape. Evil is alive and well in Russia today. Prague is lucky with all the mythological figures incorporated into the buildings, town squares and fountains. There is some charm still found there. But outside the city are brothels with kidnapped women working as white slaves really. The houses run for blocks in sections of towns, hauntingly lit with the neon streetlights. White slaves caught by criminals running a new capitalist system in a very primitive cultural setting. Sad."

Pistis Sophia responded to Chem. and the others saying: "never before has the world needed the divine lordliness of will to dwell in the human heart. In this land, grace and truth will meet one another, righteousness and peace will kiss one another."(16) Quite now, they said nothing.

Will listened closely as she spoke. He knew whom Pistis Sophia was and was thrilled that Julian had made her acquaintance, and bringing her up from Cuzco to meet them in Los Angeles. She was an ancient, rumored to have been around at the time of the great flood and even further back into the mists and gases of time. She held her age well but then ancients were able to do that. She was here for a reason and Will suspected that the progressive angels had a lot to do with her visit. He deduced that Ari Man and the retros were about to be recognized for what they were and thus contained before they could turn the world in on itself, imploding into an existential and materialist plight that would set humanity back centuries.

Cosz asked Julian about his ozone remediation machines that he had set up in Costa Rica. Julian said: "they are working from the satellite photos coming in now but it was, is, and will be a race against time. My data shows a relationship between the warming trends of the Earth, possibly from the core of the Earth itself, and the oceans warming with an increase in the volcanism now occurring around the world now. We have a fighting chance to correct this apparent ecocide but we need to act now or like the frog in a slowly boiling pan of water we will eventually be cooked. It is solvable but again the time to do it is now. Industry and the U.S.A. seem to be reticent about taking the necessary steps to do the job. Weird, but when we discover that it would be good for business to save the planet for a marketplace, now that Idea could catch on real quick." He laughs sardonically and then catches himself. The others think about what he's said.

Cosz replied: "said like the affirming optimist you are by nature Julian. I think we can change possible future outcomes for the better in our time and space we presently occupy. In a nonlocal wave, crystalline protean structures in our cells are reaching out to the Creator and surfing the fields of heaven. Like the trout swimming upstream, waiting for the right moment to leap to the next level. The trout swimming up stream is an actual living metaphor for what we humans could do if we suspended our doubts and took the next evolutionary leap forward. Like a turbine, we are powered forward from within our electrical, cellular minds. The wisdom of the ancients has come home to roost. When the two become one, the exterior like the interior, do we then evolve. Time to get on that bike and move on out faster than the speed of light. "

Cosz was cooking now: "Look at basketball players today. Hang time baby, time and space suspended in the fabric and wiring of one's cells and minds. Like Sufis in their Paradise bodies, turbans ablaze, free of gravity. Talk about catching waves, those guys touch flight for some good seconds." Chem obviously liked the game and put on it, his understanding of quantum mechanics and his love of dance. "Don't look back, just look over the field as you ride the crest. I do love the moves these guys make today and think it is exactly what you are talking about Cosz. Like the local phenomenon expanding out to the perimeter instantaneously, as a nonlocal phenomenon. Faster then the speed of light! Like the tails of comets. Float like a butterfly..., chaos!..., slam-dunk. Or hearing Geo bark while I was out, guess I forgot to feed him before leaving." (2)

"That's it Chem" Will said: "You must find medicine to be much the same thing, don't you? Wholistic, all-inclusive and a matter of choice as to how you and the patient see their condition. Embrace the disease rather than "fight" it. A frequency, attitude system that rays out an influence and permeates the entire body, healing itself in the course of this organic geometry of chemistry. Anger and attitudes are the disease not the chemistry."

"Yes, oh yes, that is it exactly. A new model of the universe has evolved over the last four or so years thanks to quantum mechanics and physics. The mind of the universe, God is revealing itself to us once again through our minds. The relationship between frequency, geometry and chemistry is becoming clear now, and the power of prayer and the individual's attitude can not be under estimated."Chem said in mutual excitation.

Pistis Sophia said to Cosz, "I know you are a writer, why not write of a better world for the planet? Words of change that empower a conscious earth and universe." Cosz thought about that for a few minutes as the others went off into their own conversations. He walked over to the window. While looking out he saw Ari Man leave the building with Dolf. He called Will over to see them passing by the statue quickly, walking out under the Yew hedge entrance and then out of sight.

Together they looked at the thin, well-dressed man walking quickly with Dolf out of sight. Will turned to Cosz and said, "that's him, that is Ari Man with Dolf. Lets follow them, I think I know where they are going." Just then the doorbell rang. It was Lisa K. Chem explained that they were just leaving but she was welcome to join them. She agreed asking where they were going.” Off to the races" Chem replied, then introduced her to Pistis Sophia who knew Lisa K. well, though Lisa K. was not quite sure where they had met. She turned to leave with the rest and caught Julian's eye. She went timeless as he extended his hand out to Lisa in greeting; she was still in a zone and did not immediately respond to his gesture. Finally she came to her senses and extended her hand saying "great to see you again." Ceridwen saw them leaving the apartment together and thought she would join up with them.

Julian walking briskly with the others out of the apartment building turned to Lisa and said the feeling was mutual. Will caught sight of Ari Man and Dolf on Santa Monica Bluv. walking into the Odd Fellows Hall. As they approached the building Will held up his hand and said to the others “let’s get on the same page here. This is Ari Man's domain; Chem and I have been here once before, it's not pretty. We are at a door to hell here, no offense intended Odd Fellows, and Ari Man is working its vile bile into the system of the collective unconscious as I speak."

Lisa K spoke up saying "you mean this is the anti-Christ that we have heard so much about on the radio?"

"That's right Lisa. It's here, now and my work is to bring this fact to the clear light of day. To fend off it's sinister plans to take control of the entire planet with its emotional plagues and an existential worldview that life is meaningless. The human being is the pivot that the evolution of the cosmos turns on. It is not a coincidence that computers and the Internet arrive here in mass at the same time as Ari Man. It wishes to cast a web of hate and foster the old, outdated existential plight that life is meaningless via these tools. On the other hand the computer and Internet can be used for research and even the enlightenment and liberation of the collective life forms here on our planet.

Pistis Sophia was smiling at the others; she had waited for this moment for ages it seemed. Lisa decided to venture in where angels cannot fear to tread. They held hands and said the Our Father prayer together. Will then told them the 4 rules necessary to do this work when they entered the world of Ari Man's death phantom.

"Good! Rule number 1 is never ever show fear. Don't let it penetrate you, acknowledge it and let it pass quickly. 

Rule number 2 is do not go any further than 10 paces once inside. 10 paces is our ring of protection and all our work today can be done in this 10 pace radius.

"Rule number 3 is never let go of each others hands. Cross them in figure eight's, right over left.

And rule number 4 is the light is the Phantom of the Christos Light. Got it now? They nodded in agreement and stepped inside the building through an unlocked back door.

They walked down a hall way that was no more that four feet wide turning 3 times before opening up into a large room. It was filled with freight boxes, miscellaneous furniture. Chem walked to the far wall and behind some crates in the floor was a door. It was 3 x 3 and had a brass and copper ring door handle.

Will set his pack on the floor and took out six gas masks. "Here put these on. The dust in this realm can be troublesome. Microorganisms are found in there but the masks are effective protection. These organisms are not particularly robust but can be dangerous if not prepared for. This is a world of entropy, phosphorous and the effects of lifetimes of materialistic thinking by the individual human being. Poisons of the unconscious mind, but you must take steps for other sub players. The dust that carries its own world with-in this world of glittering angst and torment, seething for more frozen life forces, or trapped etheric energies."

Handing the gas masks out Pistis Sophia said she was the Guardian of the Gate and would remain there while the other went in. The others put the masks on and paired up. Cosz joined Sophia, Julian with Lisa K. and Chem with ... suddenly they heard someone coming down the hallway. They looked at each other wondering who it could be, when around the corner came Ceridwen Hu.

"So, on an expedition are we? Can I join you? "Sure," Will said. Ceridwen explained that she saw them leaving the apartments as she looked out her window. Seeing them follow Dolf and another individual, whom she had never seen before, she got curious as to what was going on. Will said: "you can partner up with Chem."

"Sure" Cosz said standing next to his wife Sophia.  They went over the rules one more time for the benefit of Ceridwen and their own clarification. She understood the rules and then Will asked her: "scared of spiders." She replied no, she actually had gotten to know Rose's spider Art pretty well over the years, was even able to hold it, and felt pretty comfortable around them now. "Why do you ask?"

"We may see one" Will replied, he opened his bag and took out the golden blade. It was beautiful, with the blade hammered out of gold; it shone in the reflected light of the basement. The blade, 7 inches long and etched on both sides, with a picture of a women riding a dolphin on one side, a man holding a sun on the other side. Will took the knife and began to run its blade along the edges of the door frame, first on top and then down both sides, finishing with the bottom. Chem had seen him do this before, this time the door was not sealed shut, but looked as though it had just been entered, with finger prints still fresh in the collected dust around the door ring. He worked with the same deliberate manner as he had last time, though it was obvious that he was not freeing the door open, as the seal had already been broken.

Chem asked Will: "are you performing a ritual here with the opening of the door?" Will replied that: "it is necessary to use the golden blade to open the flaming door, it will stay open for our return. Pistis Sophia and the golden blade will see us back safely. With 8 in our group, we can use all the help we can muster for this exposure".

Pistis Sophia was surrounded in a mist and around her head. You could see large, beautiful wings of the softest peach glow. She smiled at them all, and said: "go in peace, I will be here on your return".

Will then said: " we should say some prayers first, and do some breathing exercises." Will begins saying the Our Father, a prayer used for protection from the retro-angels and elemental factions. He explains to the others that this prayer has been used for over 2000 years now just for this purpose. The others join him in the prayer. When finished they proceed ahead.

They began to go through the door. Will went first, then Rose. Cosz and Sophia went in next, followed by Julian and Lisa. Chem and Ceridwen Hu were last to enter the basement cave. When they were all on the cave floor and upright, they took their partners hands. They now stood face to face with the world of the spirits organic and inorganic life processes. Here is the world of unconsciousness, entropy and the etheric bodies of dying life forces. A phosphorus luminance filled the cave and tunnels. The odor was potentially overwhelming but the gas masks neutralized the odors, keeping the gases out. They all thought about that, then immediately it was noticed that the others read their thinking minds. Now they were like spiritual soldiers in this war zone of the dying life forces. The cave had a faint yellow color and was cold, very cold.

Animal like gnomes of unpleasant, distorted features, were busy toiling about like fools, unawares of the eights presence. The spirit-folk of fools stood in the cave, tall then shrinking to the smallest specks of dust, flying into the ears of the dying life forces of these human forms. Will then told them in thought: "they are phantoms, the phantasmagoria that does Ari Man's work. A total warp and weave of illusion however. This is the retro elemental kingdom, totally harmless, unless that is, one is fearful, then they can be as a hell in ones mind. Said another way, this is the unconscious mind of those who never believed in anything. Yin and Yang of the Far East, as the flow of the electrical currents generate magnetic fields and back again, this world is the bardo, the unconscious mind, stuck on pole, and in state."

Ceridwen replied: "that works for me, retro elementals and not my unconscious uncles!" They laughed, all of them. Together they took their third step into Ari Man's world. They were in synch with each other now, reading Will's thoughts loud and clear. He told them if they looked closely they could see Dolf just ahead, enmeshed in a hot, searing, molten copper web, struggling to free himself. He called out to Ari Man,: "I hate bad wiring, what the hell you doing to me, trying to electrocute me?"

They noticed, when they looked at the walls of the cave, it revealed images of buildings, very large buildings. Animal and gnome like figures were snared, along with humans, to the buildings, automobiles and some large rock piles. Big spirit folk of fools walked about, lumbering like bodies of lead, dead weights, as the life of weighty and cleaver thought, but lifeless as ideas. The eight of them were not noticed by the gnomes or the spirit folk of fools, the creatures seemed unintelligent, going about their assigned tasks with a great fury, with an obvious foolish relish. Dolf was now out of sight, only a yellow, phosphorescence was left, where once his image had been. Like an echo, his voice could be heard screaming: "I hate... what the hell you doing to me?" He repeated this over and over, his voice, very soon, faded away. They knew nothing could be done for Dolf, his fate was sealed.

The air was charged, in this sickly, yellow, phosphorus glow. The sounds were screeching, metallic, like railroad cars braking, skidding along the tracks, with cars banging into cars. In was loud, then quiet for a few moments, then loud again. The sounds were in both the low and high frequency ranges. In the abyss the eight of them found their sensibilities were stretched, they now were comfortable in their shared mutual clairvoyance. Now they saw human beings and semi-human gnome like animals running in a frenzy, they were changing money in financial institutions, buying and selling notes, doing lots of eating, drinking and laughing. They were all caught in a gaseous cloud, and seemed to be transferring life-force energies along the entire body of the cloud. On closer observation, it was seen to be recycling the life forces and regenerating what should have died away after three days, the body, the negative pole, dissolving in the earth, while the positive pole, the conscious and unconscious mind union go into the astral world of spiritland. Into the retrograde realms the currency of the life force was now being extracted from the recently departed by these horrible visages. No individuality or consciousness was noticed anywhere, just foolish repetitions, unconscious minds sucked out of them all and recycled in this, the world of hell on earth, the instinctive and base.

Together now, they took three more steps. The picture changed, and as they looked, they saw before them a variety of animal forms. Lizards, snakes, and the animal like gnomes swarmed around Vitzliputzli, the sun initiate of ancient Mexico. Unawares of the 8's presence, he was very agitated. A volcano appeared before them, erupting from the surface of the cave, sending ash and gases into the surroundings. Then they saw that tunnels ran off the main tunnel, to the right and left. Vitzliputzli was cutting out the intestines- stomachs and livers out of his victims, in disdain he threw the contents on the cave floor, the animal forms quickly devoured them, or carried them to little alcoves, off to the sides of the cave. The animal like gnomes looked particularly ugly here, fighting with each other for the intestinal scraps, wailing and screaming all the while.

They stepped out to the 10 pace line. The sounds were very loud now. The geological processes were working aloud, the plates of the earth were sounding like huge boulders rumbling down a river, tremors of a volcano about to erupt or that of a great, churning stomach. The steaming, hot fumes flowed like a sickly gas. They could hear muffled human cries but the earth forces were the dominant dins here.

Off to the right and left were entrances to what looked like the small alcoves seen earlier. In them were the animal, gnome like creatures standing upright and using knives to cut into the flesh of human beings. This animal, gnome like creatures were taking pleasure in the pain of the tormented victims as Will and Chem had seen them do before. These creatures had the smiles of masochistic slave drivers, duplicitous record company accountants, compromised politicians and used car salesmen. These creatures enjoyed the cutting into human flesh with knives, as they watched the pain on their victim’s faces. This was very hard for Will and the others to watch and they turned away many times. Will sent the spiritual scientists the thought that: "these are the planets worst plague. Those who take pleasure inflicting physical and emotional pain on others, while enjoying it themselves." They got the message loud and clear.

Suddenly the Phantom Christos Light appeared. It was 20 ft tall and moved slowly towards them, looking into their faces; it was the resurrected Christ being. The spirit folk of fools giants and the gnomes ran quickly for refuge. It was glowing golden as a sun. Emanating warmth from the region of its heart that actually could be felt by the eight spiritual explorers. With their hearts open, in the abyss of hell, the Phantom Christos seemed to read their hearts and rayed out a calming and healing influence over them.

Slowly a figure began to emerge. Will know immediately who it was." Jesu Nave" he silently spoke to the others. He was a small; brown skinned man and was wearing a blue, green and brown wool cap with colored threads falling down the right side of his face. His face was round as a grape. At his side was a long sheathe with blade. Slowly he drew a 12-inch blade. It was gold, and reflected the sparking flashes of the cave into their eyes. Placing it over his heart he sent them all the following thoughts.

"The soul is thinner than the blade of a knife. Your left aspect is Lucifer; your right aspect is Ari Man. The middle is our ground, our stage, the place they meet, the double being and 'your golden blade'. Ari Man is behind us and Lucifer is in front of us. Ari Man is in the spinal column, Lucifer under the breastbone. In between, only the width of a blade, there is our space, in the breast basket of our chest. There we have surfaces, you are surface beings, and you are planes. Within directions of before and after, the human being has a space. Define your consciousness."

The rays and reflected lights were as 12 pulses, catching their eyes for moments then moving to the next until all twelve pulses had rayed thru each of their eyes. They were now on the edge of Creation's blade, conscious of a vast world as souls, as conscious egos looking out onto God's splendor. As above the firmament looking out on rivers of fire, glowing bronze then of many beautiful colors of gold, silver and copper mixed, flowing here in the camp of God. A song of blessing echoes over the undulating folds of the molten colors, in the distance a roar of the cosmic sea is heard. The song of praise is loud now, and then as from one still small voice within them all, they hear Jesu Nave speaking to them once again.

"It is Maya to see yourselves as form and figure. There is a war between the two, this process is important to understand. Set up a wall; enclose a space, where they cannot enter, to carry on their battle within your sacred space. Build firewalls of the soul, temper a golden blade. The left and right wars are waged in the world of thought. They blow in like 'north winds' then meeting in the middle, they become cosmic thoughts on the surface, but a phantasmagoria below. From behind and before the fight takes place in the feelings realm. Here they do not get in so easily. On this edge in space, between them, we have our perspective, our own feelings, and a place where we belong to ourselves. It is here, in our own feelings that we can be true to ourselves. Our land ladder, into an unfoldment as the citizens of the great Cosmos. The frequencies and geometry in your chemistry will set you free."

Then Jesu Nave projected a hologram before them at eye level, of three rotating planes outlined in yellow, red and blue colors. Art was now centered in the middle of the intersecting triangles. The planes moved over them, intersecting in the space that was at the base of their spines, and then slowly moving up to the space just beneath the breastbones of their chest, at hearts level, then slowly moved to the tops of their heads. The forms energized their metabolic systems, releasing a tingling flush, now awash through their entire bodies. Suddenly, as figure eights, lemniscates of their energy were now passing through the tops of their heads, through the cave and into the sky above. Rising far above the earth before looping, like a string of lights, back into the cave and passing in to their bodies again, starting at their heads. Then the energy of the figure 8 moved down their bodies, out their feet and deep into the core of the earth, coming out on the other side of the planet. Now, going high up in to the sky and looping, in return, to the earth, and back to the spiritual scientists, now starting at their feet and moving up their bodies. They experienced doing this figure 8 visualization 3 times. It felt good, for the earth as well.

Jesu Nave stood there a minute or two smiling at them. They were in the presence of the Initiate; it was warm in the light. Then slowly he faded away along with the hologram. Shackled to a wall of granite was Ari Man. Its arms were like the wings of a bat, locked into the rock and running in quartz and gold veins. With an angry, cold expression Ari Man looked at the Phantom Christos Light as it now passed by. Like the frozen lines of an image on a winter windowpane, the warmth of light then melted away this cold visage. The Phantom faded away in a soft peach after glow.

Now in the distance a low rumble could be heard, it grew louder. It was rolling thunder. Suddenly bolts of lightning began striking Ari Man as he reappeared before them, running up from the floor of the cave as well as thru the roof down into its body. Like arrows it was moving along it's outstretched arms, the gold veins glowing hot, moving slowly, sizzling. Ari Man looked at the eight of them as the electricity flowed through it's rock face, wings, and entire body. The expression turned to one of excruciating pain. It was glowing white, with the torrent of arrow like currents surging up and down the entire cave now. Will called out to them telepathically and calmly:

"Show no fear".

They held each other’s hands tightly and some even closed their eyes to not see this frightening phenomenon. A low hum filled the air. The gnomes scurried away into the alcoves off the main cave; the hum seemed to affect them. The entire electrical phenomenon now stopped but the hum continued. Frequencies, radio and microwave, seemed to resonate from within to the outer environment. The energy did not seem to be of a natural makeup though, but something that was created as a type of life form control. All the animals and sub humans, gnomes and spirit folks of fools were now stopped in their visages, affected by this energy that was filling the air. The eight of them observed this, but were not affected by it, as protected by an energy field of a fine shimmering light.

Will turned to the others, saying it was time to go. They turned towards the entrance, moving away from Ari Man who was now humming in frequencies that none of them could even hear. Undulating and oscillating to the unheard but felt nonetheless. Upon reaching the door they climbed out, one by one, until all were out. Sophia was standing in the midst of a large stellar lion that was luminous and emitting strains of a celestial music that was as the harmony of the spheres. The vision faded and then Pistis Sophia stood there a solitary figure, smiling warmly into all their faces.

"You did well. Now you understand what the Earth is up against today. I will be with you always. Remember, it is a great picture, our Universe. Participate in its creation."

She then began to fade from sight. Julian and Lisa hugged each other for a long time, as did the others. After some time Chem. broke the silence saying,

"Geo is hungry, I can hear him barking now. Got to get home. Lets get out of here now." The others agreed, it was time to go home. They walked briskly back to the apartment building. As soon as they stepped into the courtyard, Julian turned to Lisa K.: "want to bike?" he thought. She smiled, shook her head yes, and then they were gone. The others walked on towards the entrance.

"I hear Firefus laughing now!" Rose said, as she laughed out loud. "There you go," Chem chimed," in morphic merriment, no doubt." They all laughed at his joke as they arrived at the apartment building entrance. (2) Rose said to Will walking into the apartment:  "I have something I want to show you. Why not come on over now so we can talk." Will smiled wide and said: "yo, ho, Troy, I'm all senses ready for that Miss Rose Armstrong, perhaps we can get Art to tell us about his little adventure while we are at it?"

Chem Klas turned to Ceridwen Hu as they were walking down the hall to the elevator: "Care for some Hawthorne Tea, Miss Ceridwen?" She said: "Heart sure needs it, thanks Chem, sounds fine to me" as they stepped into the elevator. He smiled at her, she smiled back. The Housers, Cosz and Sophia were quiet as they all walked back to Chem's apartment up on the ninth floor of the building. 

That evening Pallas Athena glowed like a sun filling the entire courtyard with it's luminosity. Rose and Will sat in her living room looking out on the statue, knowing the battle had been declared. It was a war for the souls of the human being and nothing could stop it, nothing except the will of humans. Pallas Athena, the mantle passed to the free world, has caught Lucifer’s lightning. Now like focused beams of light, the world could be warmed to conscious choices of liberty, equality and fraternity for all. A battle for the rights of the human being against devious manipulations of technology, outdated moral contracts and the wave of written words of hate was now being waged. Or the world could let continents perish, the environment disintegrate, and continue living on in blissful abandon, consuming it's way over the cliff. As caught and silenced in the beam of a Mack truck's headlights, frozen stiff like a deer quietly grazing straight ahead. The choice was ours, the time was now, and the future was malleable like plastic still.

Will and Rose talked about how odd it was that in the land of the free only a few hundred scientists and academics studied paranormal phenomenon but thousands worked at curing cancer. Will said 'perhaps a bicycle ride through light into a union of melding forces, could bear greater fruit now'. They spoke about time passing into a quantum field of the eternal now, and saving medicine in America in the "nick of time", sending a morphic wave of healing through out the world's people. They agreed that it seemed there was a fear that the human being would learn of their own innate, natural, god given, healing powers. It was palpable now and they felt that humans were in the process of evolving new senses.

They talked long into the night about matters of the heart. An owl was heard hooting down below, seeking shelter in the Yew hedge that enclosed the courtyard. It rained very hard, lightning illumined their warm bodies, glowing, flickering as they moved into the starry worlds far from the storms below. We are beings of space seeking balance as souls in the fields of spirit.

"After the natural structure of the immortal beings had completely developed out of the infinite, a likeness then emanated from Pistis (Faith); it is called Sophia (Wisdom). It exercised volition and became a product resembling the primeval light. And immediately her will manifested itself as a likeness of heaven, having an unimaginable magnitude; it was between the immortal beings and those things that came into being after them, like [...]: she (Sophia) functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above."

On the Origins of the World
Nag Hammadi Texts

Listen now to an ancient tale 'about devils, aspects all' a Sun mystery deep as all the seas!
Caught in the moon's glow, green snakes turned blue for they are now penned in history.
Pallas Athena's mantle of light, life and love are the stars shining from Pistis Sophia.
Palladium illumined 2nd death defeated, 2nd man now fine sun Christos blades!  

the end and beginning

Epilogue: to live in the sun

Today on our planet, normal really is bad enough. The planet is questing, peaking towards a transformation. The warmest winters on record since such things have been recorded rest at our doorstep, 3 years running. Our Sun is in maximum solar corona mass ejection cycle 23 and will be for year 2000. The Earth is heating up. Our physical make up consist of electricity first, chemistry second, so why not ask a few questions first before rushing for fortunes in the microwave frequencies filling our planet's envelope? A wireless revolution is ongoing now, with only a rear view mirror's worth of research being looked at to guide us forward, into a brave new world! Maybe cell phones are bad for us? Do we really have a clue? Maybe we should look to Sweden for more than a mature approach to sexuality, and seek guidance regards cell phone technology too while there is still time to do both. Where is our brain trust on this? Or can we trust the brains behind this revolution at all? I understand it is invisible, but that does not mean it is not here, now, bombarding us to saturation levels that probably are not healthy. Think we better keep an eye on energy and electromagnetic field phenomenon, or we might just get burned. "Prioritized" to impotent dullards via microwave frequencies and pulses.

All this as we experienced the close alignment of the planets in our solar system May 5, 2000. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and five comets lined up within an arc of span only 27 degrees relative to our own planets position. This will not happen for another 12 or so years. It is a lending in the constellation of Taurus with a potential ushered in for global cooperation with debt relief for poor nations, new found understandings of what wealth is in terms of the human family in the 21century. It is time to realize that our home, planet Earth, is part of the whole solar system, which is part of the entire galaxy, which in turn is interconnected to the entire 12-15 billion year old universe. We have choices, minds that can affirm the oneness, and the interconnectedness of the electromagnetic fields with all life and nature or negate this primeval wisdom of the ages. We are on the cusp of an evolutionary step forward or we could be on the slippery slope sucking us down into the spiraling cold soup of a negating reality. We can work together civilly now or hypnotize ourselves into destroying the planet out of misplaced religious and/or political loyalties later. The conscious choice must be ours; it's called willing a better world for all now. How we adapt to the weather and environmental changes all around us now could be our legacy for the 21st century.

Folk souls of Nations need to come together, rising above blood traditions. Negative and outdated cultural mores, wicked pleasures fearing the future are the ancient and accepted traditional moral codes of many we do business with now. They are definitely in need of evolving, transforming in conscious choices made for the better of all humans. 88 constellations in the Milky Way Galaxy surround 180+ nations on our beautiful small blue, green, and brown metals rich planet. A thousand tongues known, call out intently.10 + dimensions discovered, like glass beads looped on a string running through 12 zodiacal constellations, created by us, seen in our earth's sky dome.12 ways of seeing the world in religious- philosophical traditions, established long ago, to 3 more recently established. 12 senses now evolving in human beings, moving like currents in the sea of humanity through the 12 months of our calendar year. As days follow nights, I do like those 12's, I do. 

This satire is written in honor of all the folk’s traditions. I honor you all. The perspective I write from are the three cultural traditions that have shaped my personal point of view and influenced my own belief system. The source of my inspiration is the Americas and the United States of America as bedrock. Going back in time to ancient Troy then to the Wisdom School of Greece where the sacred knowledge is passed along into the misty, green "land of the white Lily and the blood red Rose" Iona, Isle of Ireland. This nature knowledge is cultivated and protected by the seafaring monks, wanderers, free spirits, souls and the colored orbs of lights, known through the ages as angels, fairies, devas and pixies. Our tale continues into Ancient Rome- the Early Christian period of 1 to 400 A.D. where the Palladium is still known about. Our tale ends in Los Angeles where 8 spiritual scientists encounter the battle for Earth between Archangel Michael and the Anti Christ. No bones to pick here, this is a story of challenging proportions, because it's about the mystery of what the human being is.

Collectively, we human beings are living in a world that is possibly 200+ years behind where our potential, and a focused intent on an aware learning curve could have taken us by now. Speaking socially, politically and economically we need to arc raying out and upwards to the next level. So near in potential angelhood, the human being is capable of transforming Earth into a paradise at any time. Our unconscious or subconscious minds if you prefer, want a better world for all and are working towards that goal. That is an amazing fact, considering the circumstances we find ourselves in with our global environment today. Lucifer, Christ and Ahriman are as three points in a triad firing within and without our spiritual bodies, turning as times past and times to come. (8) The retro angels in their attempted neutralization and negation of the human's will to be"as the stuff of angels," they do destroy themselves. As compost in victory gardens over entropy and death, the white Lily and the red Rose entwine rising "Phantoms of Christos" bodies and the etherisation of the blood. Now the dying in the etheric body after three days is transmuted to rise into the astral body- conscious. We affirm life and negate death in hope and love for the creations we are. Conscious souls rising above, into the rounds of lights. Joining the progressive angelic others in an upper room of light, while we are still on Earth. Simple as that. Go America's, go United States of America, shine on into the transformed world of Ideas, the will of the folks be heard! Let the show continue with an unfolding best for all.

Dominic A. Daley
June 26, 2000 - last additions, edits and writing ~ May 25, 2001
Second Draft October Tenth Two Thousand and Two

                                                                                   references and inspirations

(1) Rudolf Steiner The Sun- Mystery in the Course of Human History - The Palladium- 6th November, 1921 found at
http://www.elib.com/Steiner/Lectures/SunMystery.phtml pgs.6, 7

In truth, Julian the Apostate and Constantine stand before us as two symbols . . . Julian the Apostate was bent upon preserving
those ancient memorials of the world which could, in a certain way, have made it possible for the true Sun-Mystery to find its way to men. Indeed during the first centuries of Christendom, Christ was still a Sun-Figure -- an Apollo.

This Sun-Mystery was felt to be the greatest spiritual treasure possessed by mankind. And it was symbolized by what was known as the Palladium. It was said that the Palladium had once been in Troy and that the priests of the Mysteries there saw in it the means whereby, in sacred ritual and cult, they revealed to the people the true nature of the sun. Then the Palladium was taken to Rome, and its presence there was a secret known to the initiate in Rome. The initiated priests of the Romans, and even the first Emperors -- Augustus, for example -- worked in the world out of a direct consciousness that the greatest of all treasures was represented in Rome, at all events in an outer symbol, inasmuch as beneath the foundations of the most venerated Roman temple, lay the Palladium, its existence known only to those who were initiated into the deepest secrets of Roman existence and destiny. But in a spiritual sense it had become known to those whose task it was to bring Christianity to the world. And out of the knowledge that the Palladium was guarded in Rome, the early Christians made their way thither. A spiritual reality lay behind these journeys.

But when, under Constantine, Christianity was secularized, the Palladium was taken away from Rome. Constantine founded Constantinople, and he caused the Palladium to be buried in the earth under a pillar erected there by his orders. Thus it transpired that in its further development Roman Christianity was deprived of the knowledge of the Sun-Mystery by the very Emperor who established Christianity in Rome in its rigid, mechanical forms. In the secularization of Christianity brought about by Constantine, the cosmic wisdom was lost to Christianity -- and this comes to expression in the removal of the Palladium from Rome to Constantinople.

    pg. 7

"Only those "Washingtons" that speak with the tones of the spiritual world -- not conferences looking for the darkness
that surrounds the Palladium, for an open door for trade in China -- only those conferences will bring salvation which are
conducted in the West in such a way that the Palladium can be kindled once again to light. "

(2) Rupert Sheldrake London, England-  morphic fields- theorist- "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals" Hardcover - 352 pages (October 1999) Crown Pub; ISBN: 0609600923

(3) Rudolf Steiner author of  "Goethe's Standard of the Soul" published in 1925 by the Anthroposophical Publishing Company, London- "Homunculus, therefore, is a man but without the element of materiality that is essential to man. He is brought into existence by magical methods in the laboratory."

..." The time has now also come when the soul is able to build abridge between the nether and the further regions of the river. This bridge is built of the Snake's own substance. From now on, life experience has no separate existence; it is no longer directed merely to the outer sense world as before. It has become inner soul power which is not consciously exercised as such, but which only functions in the reciprocal illumination of the material and supersensible like of man's inner being. This condition is brought about by the Snake Yet the Snake by itself cannot impart to the Young Man the gifts whereby his is able to control the newly fathomed soul kingdom. These gifts are bestowed on him by the Three Kings. From the Brazen King he receives the sword with the command: " Take the sword in your left hand and keep the right hand free." The Silver King gives him the scepter with the words: " Feed my sheep." The Golden King sets the Crown of Oak on his head, saying, "Acknowledge the Highest." The fourth King, who is formed of a mixture of the three metals, Copper, Silver and Gold, sinks lifelessly to the ground. In the man who is on the way to become a free personality there are three soul forces in alloy: Will (Copper), Feeling (Silver), Knowledge (Gold). In the course of existence the revelations of life experience give all that the soul assimilates from the operation of these three forces. Power, through which virtue works is made manifest in Will : Beauty (beautiful appearance) reveals itself in Feeling ; Wisdom, in Knowledge. Man is separated from the state of "free personality" through the fact that these three forces work in his soul in alloy; he will attain free personality to the degree in which he assimilates the gifts, each of the three in its specific nature, in full consciousness and unites them in free conscious activity in his own soul. Then the chaotic alloy of the gifts of Will, Feeling and Knowledge which has previously controlled him, falls asunder.

(4) Michael Talbot - may his soul rest in peace - "The Holographic Universe" , Harper Perennial, 1991, ISBN 0-06-092258-3, pgs.66, 61

Like Pribram, Wolf believes our minds create the illusion of reality "out there" through the same kind of processes studied by Bekesy. He believes these processes are also what allows the lucid dreamer to create subjective realities in which things like marble floors and flowers are as tangible and real as their so-called objective counterparts. In fact, he thinks our ability to be lucid in our dreams suggests that there may not be much difference between the world at large and the world inside our heads. "When the observer and the observed can separate and say this is the observed and this is the observer, which is an effect one seems to be having when lucid, then I think it's questionable whether (lucid dreams) should be considered subjective, says physicist Fred Alan Wolf.

pg. 61

Or as Bohm puts it, "Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one."

(5) Amit Goswami, Ph.D "The Self-Aware Universe, how consciousness creates the material world"  with Richard E. Reed and Maggie Goswami, A Jeremy P. Tarcher/ Putnam Book Published by G.P.Putnam's Sons, New York; 1995, ISBN 0 -87477-798-4, pg.141

I propose that the universe exists as form-less potential in myriad possible branches in the transcendent domain and becomes manifest only when observed by conscious beings." "Once we recognize that biological mutation is a quantum event, we realize that the universe bifurcates in every such event in the transcendent domain, becoming many branches, until in one of the branches there is a sentient being that can look with awareness and complete a quantum measurement. At this point the causal pathway leading to that sentient being collapses into space-time reality. John Wheeler calls this kind of scenario the closure of the meaning circuit by "observer-participancy". Meaning arises in the universe when sentient beings observe it, choosing causal pathways from among the myriad transcendent possibilities.

(6) Eleanor C. Merry (1873-1956)
author of  "The Flaming Door-The mission of the Celtic folk-soul"
first published 1936- ISBN 0-86315-504-9

The legend of the Rose and the Lily, told in the last chapter, was a secret record of the search for a way- undertaken already in the ninth century- of uniting esoteric Christianity, still imbued with the best elements of the old Mysteries (the 'Lily') with the 'Rose'; that is, with that part of the spiritual life of man which is destined to be the builder of external civilizations. But the twelfth century demanded an intellectual development in which this spiritual union was not possible. Outwardly, the strife between Church and State was for a time the pivot around which all political events turned.

The Lily is not so perfect as the Rose.

The Angel Gabriel carried the Lily to the Virgin as the sign of the coming of the Rose ; the most perfect flower, Love, was to blossom not in the Heavens like the white Lily of an unearthly wisdom, but on the Earth. This was the lesson mankind had to learn.

(7) George Blattmann (1938
author of "The Sun, The Ancient Mysteries and A New Physics"    
first published in English 1985 by Floris Books- ISBN 0-86315-029-2

It is obvious that the origin of sunspots is not an isolated occurrence, confined to the sun, anymore than the change in the weather, atmospheric magnetism, the northern lights or the movement of the earth's crust are isolated independent phenomena ; but that the fluctuations in all these different realms can be referred to a common cause, that in all these members of the universe, however far removed from each other they may seem, a common pulse is beating, the rhythm of a holistic planetary organism.

(8) Carl Stegmann (1905- 1993 approx. dates)
author of the two part series The Other America- The Western World in the Light of Spiritual Science
published as manuscript in Carmichael, California in 1983

The Gospel reports that at the moment of Christ's death, the "veil" before the Holy of Holies in the temple, which only the highest priest could enter, and then only once a year, was "rent in twain". With the tearing of this veil, the Holy of Holies in the temple, in which the old initiations were fulfilled, was open to all men. It is with this that the Christ path of mankind began. The Christ-path of mankind is a path of initiation which leads through death to spiritual resurrection.

The event of the Second Coming of Christ, which is beginning today, will, according to the words of Rudolf Steiner, ever increasingly take hold of human beings in the next 3000 years, will lead them to seeing the Christ, will become stronger and stronger in its working upon earth. It will accompany us right up into the sixth cultural epoch, the epoch standing under the sign of Aquarius, the age of an American spiritualized culture, along with the development of Spirit - Self in the East of Europe.Whether this can come about in the West depends upon the events now, at the turn of the century; it depends upon whether the spiritual stream will succeed in attaining a spiritual breakthrough in the West; and it depends upon whether it succeeds in planting spiritual seeds into materialistic civilization. Rudolf Steiner put the question: "Will a sufficiently large number of men be found who feel the responsibility that into the culmination of materialistic domination the growth seeds of spiritualized life be implanted." If one surveys the few human beings who today stand up for a new spiritual science here, then one can raise the question of whether it is already a "sufficiently great number of human beings", when one thinks of the gigantic area of America and the almost invisible number of human beings who here bring their influence to bear in behalf of the spirit. These few human beings are, to be sure, extraordinarily active in the most diverse fields of science, sociology, bio-dynamic agriculture, the Waldorf School Movement, artistic activities, eurythmy, the Movement of Religious Renewal, and, very particularly important, in the central Anthroposophical work in the branches and groups. Here, one constantly carries the question of Rudolf Steiner in one's heart: will a sufficiently large number of human beings be found, who are so willed as to take upon themselves the responsibility for just what can come into being here; who see the inherent spiritual talents of the West can give to mankind in its totality? When one looks upon the working of the adversary powers, this is a difficult but also a very significant task.al

(9) Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925) author of "Colour" Rudolf Steiner Press" lectures given in May 1921, published in 1971 ISBN 0 85446 310 8

We have the same relationship to light that our "I" has to the world; yet not quite the same, since we cannot say that because the light fills us we gain our "I". Nevertheless, for us to gain this "I", light is essential if we are beings with sight.

What underlies this fact? In light, which we have said is represented by white (we have still to learn the inner connection between the two), we find what really fills us with spirit, connects us with our own spirit. There is a definite connection between the , "I", our spiritual being, and this experience of the light shining through us. If we grasp this feeling- and all that lives in light and colour must first be grasped as feeling- we may say: there is a distinction between light and that which appears as spirit in the "I". Nevertheless the light gives us something of our own spirit. In such a way we shall be able, through the light, to experience how the "I" becomes inwardly aware of itself by means of the light.

To sum up, we can say that the "I" is spiritual but it must experience itself within the soul; this it does when it feels itself filled with light. We may express this in the formula:

White or light represents the soul's image of the sprit.

(10) Georg Unger author of "On Nuclear Energy and the Occult Atom" 1982, published by Anthroposophical Press- ISBN 0-88010-010-9 pgs. 9, 40

The first comment is that the wave aspect of electricity is mastered with the help of the equations of Maxwell. These have arisen out of the search for a mathematical theory of light.

I have come to the conclusion that, rather than light itself being of the same nature as electricity, the original kinship of electricity to light expresses itself in the mathematical formulae. That can be attributed to the Luciferic aspect of electricity . On the Ahrimanic side, then, the particle aspect aspect belongs to the polarity of the wave and particle appearances, as mentioned in the previous lecture.

pgs.36, 37

Our Age (since the beginning of the Fifth-Post-Atlantean Age) is distinguished by the stormy development of science and technology under the predominance of the Intellect. However, its actual task is the unfolding of the forces of the Consciousness Soul- that is, the ability consciously, under the mastery of the ego, to turn one's development to the spiritual. This Fifth Age is a decisive one; either for or against the spiritual unfolding of culture and of the individual. And thus technology presents us with a temptation: it offers us comfort and external well-being, and promises to a certain degree a paradise on earth, although it destroys Nature in the process. Two aspects are inseparably bound up with this decision: the assumption of an external technical responsibility for the entire earth ( a "global responsibility"), and the study and propagation of the insights which can really lead to a spiritualizing of humanity.

There are many active groups working in the wide field of ecology which experience the first part of the assignment. There are many people among them who can sense the need for a spirtualizing of life, without perhaps being aware of all the necessary conditions.

(11) Ernst Lehrs author of "Spiritual Science, Electricity and Michael Faraday" 1975, published by Rudolf Steiner Press- ISBN 85440 296 9

pgs. 14, 15

If we consider the nature of Krishna's teachings as contained in the Bhagavad Gita, we realize that their entrance into European consciousness, simultaneously with the occurrence of the other events of that time, is no outer coincidence. Krishna, as 'Lord of the Yoga', indicates the Yoga-path, with the aim of  freeing the soul from being tied to the 'field' and hence recognize his own true being. The 'field' in Krishna's teachings is characterized by the three different possibilities of union between Being and Substance, in the meaning of the three 'Gunas'- Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The call going out to man from the Bhagavad Gita may perhaps be expressed in the words:

O man, turn your senses away from outer existence so that the knowledge of   your soul's divine origin may be preserved within you.

Just when - to its great surprise- European consciousness learned to know this, it was the very moment when, through the possibility of making use of electricity, man's subconsciousness was pervaded, as it were, by the rival call:

        O man, concern yourself not with your soul's being. Take hold of me and I shall give you dominion over the field of sense-existence.

And also at the same time Goethe appeared on the plane of the general quest for knowledge- as it were, midway between the other two- opening the way which leads through the illusion of the senses to the comprehension of the spirit working therein. His call to mankind, derived from his own experience, resounds in his won words:

        A man is well-equipped for all the real necessities of life if he trusts his senses, and so cultivates them that they remain worthy of being trusted.

With this there began to be active in humanity, for the first time, something which points back to another event of the Lumurian Epoch: the healing of the human sense-organs. This took place at that time through the first of the three Deeds of Salvation of the Being Who incarnated at the Turning Point of Time in Jesus of Nazareth in order to become the vessel for the incarnation of the Christ. Spiritual Science reveals that it was this Being Who spoke through Krishna in the way described in the Bhagavad Gita.

pg. 26

As was pointed out in part 1, it was in the year 1785 that humanity came into possession of three widely-differing discoveries in the sphere of knowledge: the Bhagavad Gita, through its first translation into a European language; electricity proper, through Galvani's observations; and the supersensible realm of nature working into the world of the senses, through Goethe.

In the present context, some stress has to be placed on the presence of the concept of the "field" in Krishna's teachings. It is due to Faraday that, in our time, this concept again entered the mind of humanity, albeit pertaining to a realm of the world entirely opposite that from which Krishna had spoken. In this connection, reference was necessary to the healing Deed performed in the Lemurian Epoch by the Sister-Soul of Man, which had preserved its primeval innocence; to whom we owe what is kept spiritually healthy in our senses; and who had been the One that spoke through Krishna.

What has been said with regard to Goethe, in whom this healing Deed became effective for natural science, also applies in a certain way to Faraday, on whom the 'sound instinct for knowledge' had thereby been bestowed. It is as if Faraday's destiny caused him to reach up with one hand to the height of Krishna's teaching, and with the other hand down to the depths of electric phenomena, so that both regions met within his own being. The pre-condition for this was his strictly ethical nature, which enabled him to experience within himself the spiritual proximity of the lofty and innocent Being of Mankind. And - seeing that Faraday was ( in Rudolf Steiner's words) 'one of the greatest minds of all times' - why should this have been otherwise?

(12) (physics) – Lene Vestergaard Hau-   Bose-Einstein condensation in a 4 Dee trap Study of condensate/non-condensate interactions: Phys. Rev. A 58, R54 (1998) Ultra Slow Light Non-linear optics using BEC Speed of light in BEC reduced to 38 MPH: Nature 397, 594 (1999)

(13) "Expanding our Worldview to Other Dimensions" by Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. Suecia 589, Cusco, Peru          http://www.ratical.com/LifeWeb/Articles/washdc95.html

What I would like to show is that the universe is composed of ten or more dimensions, known to most cultures, while the western scientific worldview limits itself to four. This limitation necessarily obscures most of the existing universe. When phenomena of other dimensions insistently intrude on the four-dimensional world, they are seen as magical, miraculous, fearful or dangerous or they are denied existence and thus viewed as the fantasies of disturbed minds. Readers familiar with "Flatland," the hypothetical world of two dimensions, will recall how magical the passing of a three-dimensional ball through that world appears: a point appears from nowhere, expands into an ever-growing disk, then shrinks back to nothing and disappears. There is no way in a two-dimensional world to properly perceive or explain a three-dimensional  phenomenon. Likewise, fifth- dimensional  phenomena   (such as As Baba's materialization of objects from apparently thin air, are mysterious and inexplicable to those who live in a four-dimensions-only world. And so, if inter-dimensional visitors suddenly appear in our skies and then disappear again, we find it hard to accept them as real. Should we encounter beings who simply  "cannot be here," we are likely to encounter them with fear and hostility. This will continue to be the case until we can accept the normalcy of passage in and out of our four dimensions from or by way of others.

What do I mean by "from or by way of other dimensions?" Most people nowadays do believe that there must be other star systems that have planets with intelligent inhabitants. Serious scientists such as Carl Sagan and many others have for some time been engaged in various projects trying to contact them. I share the belief that they exist, but I believe that the only way they can transport themselves about the universe is by entering and exiting other dimensions that have no space time limitations. It is simply not possible to travel the distances involved in three-dimensional ships using three-dimensional material fuels. I further believe that the only way they are likely to communicate over interstellar distances is by using other dimensions for that purpose as well. That is, they will communicate telepathically, as is the experience of most contactees, or by some other interdimensional technology, and not by radio telescope, as in our projects still being initiated-- the biggest and newest begun in Australia within the past year. Such projects will likely seem very primitive to those we are trying to contact.

To sum up, interdimensional and interplanetary travels and communications are not possible, in my opinion, within a four-dimensional world.

(14) "Man and the World of Stars" by Rudolf Steiner, The Anthroposophical Press, Inc. New York 2nd printing 1982- ISBN 0-88010-008-7 pgs. 70-71

Man's enthusiasm for what is beautiful arises on the foundation of ugliness. That is a cosmic secret, my dear friends. The spur of ugliness is needed in order that the beautiful may be made manifest. And the greatest artists were men who because of the strong bodily constitution could endure the invasions of these spidery beings in order to produce, let us say, a Sistine Madonna, or the like. Whatever beauty is brought forth in the world has been lifted out of a sea of ugliness through the enthusiasm in the human soul.

(15) "The Etherisation of the Blood" by Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 4th edition 1971- ISBN 0 85440 248 9 pgs.21, 22, 38

Moral qualities are revealed very distinctly in the particular colouring of the streams which flow into human beings during sleep; in an individual of lower moral principles, the streams are quite different from what is observable in an individual of noble principles. Endeavors to dissemble are useless. In the face of the Cosmic Powers no dissembling is possible. In the case of a man who has only a slight inclination towards moral principles the rays streaming into him are a brownish red in colour- various shades tending towards brownish red. In a man of high moral ideals the rays are lilac-violet in colour. At the moment of waking or of going off to sleep a kind of struggle takes place in the region of the pineal gland between what streams down from above and what streams upwards from below in the form of currents of light; and what is of moral-aesthetic nature streams downwards from above. At the moment of waking or of going off to sleep, these two currents meet, and in the man of low morality a violent struggle between the two streams takes place in the region of the pineal gland. In the man of high morality there is around the pineal gland as it were a little sea of light. Moral nobility is revealed when a calm glow of light often extends as far as the heart. Two streams can therefore be perceived in man- the one Macrocosmic, the other, Microcosmic.

pg. 38

This is what I wished to impart to you today as a help in answering many questions. Self knowledge is difficult because man is such a complex being. The reason for this complexity is that he is connected with all the higher Worlds and Beings. We have within us shadow-images of the great Universe and all the members of our constitution- the physical, etheric, astral bodies and the ego- are worlds for Divine Beings. Our physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego form one world; the other is the higher World, the Heaven World. Divine-spiritual Worlds are the bodily members of the Beings of the higher spheres of cosmic experience.

Man is the complex being he is because he is a mirror-image of the spiritual world. Realization of this should make him conscious of his intrinsic worth. But from the knowledge that although we are reflected images of the spiritual world we nevertheless fall far short of what we ought to be- from this knowledge we also acquire, as well as consciousness of our worth as human beings, the right attitude of modesty and humility towards the Macrocosm and its Gods.

(16) Pistis Sophia- Translated by Carl Schmidt and Violet MacDermott, http://www.webcom.com/gnosis/library/psoph1.htm

Now when these things had happened, the pure light-power within the Sophia began to sing praises; but she sang
praises to my light-power which had become a crown on her head.

She sang praises, saying thus :

1. 'The light has become a crown on my head and I will not be (left) without it, so that the emanations of the
Authades do not steal it from me.

2. And even if all the materials move, I however will not move.

3. And even if all my materials are destroyed and remain in the Chaos - these which the emanations of the Authades
see - I however will not be destroyed.

4. For the light is with me, and I myself am with the light.' But the Pistis Sophia said these words. Now at this time let
him who understands the thought of these words come forward and give their interpretation." Mary, the mother of
Jesus, came forward. She said : "My son according to the world, my God and my Saviour according to the height,
command me that I give the explanation of the words which the Pistis Sophia said." But Jesus answered and said :
"Thou also, Mary, thou hast received form which is in the Barbelo according to the matter, and thou hast received
likeness which is in the Virgin of the Light according to the light, thou and the other Mary, the blessed one. And for
thy sake the darkness exists and furthermore, from thee has come forth the material body in which I exist, which I
have cleaned and purified. Now at this time I command thee to give the interpretation of the words which the Sophia

However Mary, the mother of Jesus, answered, she said : "My Lord, thy light-power once prophesied about these
words through Solomon in the 19th Ode and said :

1. 'The Lord is upon my head like a crown and I shall not be without him.

2. They plaited for me the true crown , and it caused thy branches to sprout in me.

3. For it is not like a withered crown which does not sprout; but thou livest upon my head and thou dost sprout upon

4. Thy fruits are full and ripe, filled with thy salvation'. " Now it happened when Jesus heard these words which
Mary his mother spoke , he said to her : "Excellent, well done.

Truly, truly, I say that they will bless thee from end to end of the earth , for the pledge of the First Mystery was
entrusted to thee. And by means of that pledge all those of the earth and all those of the height will be saved. And
that pledge is the beginning and the end."

(17) "The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt- Hermes / Moses" Edouard Schure,  Multimedia Publishing Corp., Blauvelt, New York, 1973. LCCCN 72-150260; pgs. 38, 39, 61, 40, 41

The black race which succeeded the southern red race in dominion over the world, made Upper Egypt its main sanctuary. The name Hermes-Toth, that mysterious first initiator of Egypt into the sacred doctrine, doubtless refers to an initial, peaceful mixture of the white race and the black race in the regions of Ethiopia and Upper Egypt, long before the Aryan period. Hermes is a generic name like Manu and Buddha. It designates man, a caste and a god at the same time. As a man, Hermes is the first and great initiator of Egypt; as a caste, Hermes is the priesthood, the depository of esoteric traditions; as a god, Hermes is the planet Mercury, including in its sphere a category of spirits and divine initiators; in brief, Hermes presided in the supraterrestial region of celestial initiation. In the spiritual economy of the world all these things are bound together by secret affinities as by an invisible thread. The name Hermes  is a talisman which sums them up, a magic sound which calls them forth. Hence its prestige. The Greeks, disciples of the Egyptians, called him Hemres Trismegistus, or three times great, because he was considered king, legislator and priest. He typifies a period when priesthood, magistracy and royalty were united in a single governing body. Manetho's Egyptian chronology calls this period the reign of the gods. At that time there was neither papyrus nor phonetic writing, but sacred ideography already existed; the science of the priesthood was inscribed in hieroglyphs on the columns  and walls of the crypts. Considerably improved, it later passed into the temple libraries. The Egyptians attributed to Hermes forty-two books dealing with esoteric science. The Greek book known by the name Hermes Trismegistus, indeed includes altered but infinitely valuable fragments of ancient theogony which is like the fiat lux from which Moses and Orpheus received their first enlightenment. The doctrine of the fire-principle and of the word-light contained in the Vision of Hermes will remain the climax and center of Egyptian initiation.

(18) "The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity" Rudolf Steiner, The Anthroposophical Press, Spring Valley, N.Y.  1913 ISBN 0 85440 259 4

pgs. 38,39

This, then, was a third experience common to all the different Mysteries. Common to them all were, and are, the "Pressing forward to the boundaries of Death", the "Experiencing of the Elementary World", and now "Seeing the Sun at midnight". But it must be clearly understood that at the moment when the seer feels himself isolated and as though sun-like or star-like in relation to his own etheric and physical bodies, he no longer feels the Sun and the Stars only in their physical substantiality but becomes acquainted with the spiritual beings and worlds belonging to them. The experiencing of the Cosmos is an experience in the spiritual worlds- one must be quite clear about that.

Now in order to grow up correctly into the higher worlds, and to have the experiences which correspond with the spiritual realities, it is important and necessary that one should first gain acquaintance with the quite different nature of the spiritual world as compared with the physical world. One learns enough of this when, as a seer, one can test and observe the consequences of indolence, or of a lack of death and a new birth, and much else besides. Through these things the seer must, so to speak, open out his soul for conditions essentially different from those on the physical plane. Only then is he ripe for gaining living experience of the spiritual Cosmos, for recognizing the inner connection of the ego and the astral body with the Cosmos. Directly one comes to the experience that man, in regard to the highest members of his being, belongs not only to the Earth but is at home in the whole Cosmos, then all previous theorizing is seen as a mere playing with words. One knows then that every person, when on going to sleep in the evening he passes out of his physical and etheric bodies, enters into participation with cosmic forces. He seeks strength for himself out of the whole universe, and on reawakening brings back the forces he has gathered during sleep in order to use them in the physical world. The connection with the Cosmos is experienced at a quite definite stage of the Mysteries. From this stage we will go on to-morrow.

(19) "The Mystical Theology and the Celestial Hierarchies by Dionysius the Areopagite" Published by The Shrine of Wisdom, Fintry, Brook, Nr. Godalming, Surrey first printed together in 1949- copy used here found at Samuel Weiser, Inc. N.Y.C.

pgs. 74, 75 referenced in Chapter 3